Flesh Burning – Non-Fiction

Writer: Skullmaime

Subject: Fetus Flesh Burning

Link: Tumblr / 09.09.2021

Fetus Flesh Burning

I smell burning flesh every time I light this fucker for Satan. It has the flesh of fetus’s in it. Burn MotherFucker Burn. Get pregnant for Satan then get an abortion for Satan then burn the fetus for Satan then take that material and make a candle and burn it for Satan. The smell of burning flesh is a sweet smell and it reinforces your dedication to Satan. Abortion is a Satanic sacrament it is rewarded by Satan. It says fuck you Jesus I do what I want. Yes Jesus Christ is a “piece of shit”. He has enslaved the human race break free of that scumbag. Join the Satanic revolution. Hail Satan.

14 thoughts on “Flesh Burning – Non-Fiction”

  1. Beautiful. All babies must be killed so deliciously, so wonderfully sinful. Carry to term only to kill that worthless fetus for pure pleasure. Hail Satan! Always abort! Kill your babies – every single time.

    1. Fuck yes… slowly & painfully! Late term and after-term abortions should be normal & all birth control should be banned so every girl gets pregnant and abortions multiply.

    1. Thank Satan it is! A fetus is pure magick and pleasure for His children to use, burn and sin with.

    1. Too true! We need to practice more and more. Aborting is for Satan and He asks for this simple offering

    2. Beautiful sentiment. Abortion is a beautiful way to sacrifice a babe to Satan.

      Really, a mother should have severalyears from birth to legally kill her children, for any reason or whim. Bring back child sacrifice!

      But for now we have abortion.

  2. Hail Satan
    Hail Abortion
    I proudly fathered 3 of these sacrifices to Satan and want to make more with a Satanic girl for solely sacrifice to Lord Satan

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