Homosexuality by Forever666-666forever – Non-Fiction

Writer: Forever666-666forever

Subject: Homosexuality

Link: Tumblr / 26.11.2022


Did you know that homosexuality is as old as mankind itself. Because already a short time after the, “Fall,” there were reports about horny gays who wanted to abuse the messengers of God (angels). But since God would not allow this, they were given a few boys, who then fucked them all night.

Screw Allah, screw Christ. Only the great mighty Satan is our way, our truth, our freedom and our hellish life. Come and surrender your life to Him so He can turn your minus into his plus. Satan is the real, true God, who alone is worthy to be worshipped by us, with every cell of our being. Hail Lord Satan  – The God of this world. 

7 thoughts on “Homosexuality by Forever666-666forever – Non-Fiction”

  1. Satan has granted us freedom and carnal lust, we crave His lust every day enjoying hellish pleasures! Hail Dark Lord, Hail Satan, we long for your gifts.

  2. Thank you Satan for allowing me to lust little girls. I love Amanda blonde and her lust

  3. I gave myself complete to Satan and I’m so thankful he has transformed me, body, mind and soul into a 100 percent cock loving homosexual man. I no longer have any desire for women!!!

    1. Hail Michael – Satan doesn’t limit you in any shape or form. Love is love. You can love cock or cunt or both — he wants to be free — and use your free will to do as you will. XP

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