Feature Writer: Regis

Feature Title: Another World, So Close To Home

Published: 28.11.2022

Story Codes: Young Ones, WS

Warning: The following story features girls of elementary school age, who embark on an adventure that is filled with sexual excesses, disturbing images and activities nobody should expect to survive, and none do. Now that you’ve been warned, expect the worst, and you will not be disappointed. It’s important going in to recognize the people and events, as well as the locations, are entirely fictitious, and that any resemblance to reality is not intentional, but purely coincidental. In a world like ours, only despots would ever dream of having anything like what is described here really happen.

Another World, So Close To Home


Lolita, Carnie and Cunnie were not their real names, but new names given to them by their grade three teacher Mr. Cunningham. He had convinced the girls that this was an opportune time for them to run away from home, because he knew of a place they could go where everything was taken care of for them, and where they could have endless adventures.

At the age of eight the girls felt moving on with this opportunity of a lifetime was worthwhile, with the chance to exercise their independence from controlling parents. What Mr. Cunningham was doing was giving them permission to run away from home, with somewhere he promised them they’d like to go.

He called it, “Girlie World,” where young girls could do whatever nasty things they wanted during their free time, and do all kinds of exciting things while they performed at the, “Boom Boom Gun Club.” They all knew of it. The club with the strange name was a private organization located not far from where they lived.

To the best of their knowledge, children were never allowed to go into it, let alone adults who were not members, to see what it was like. None of them had any idea what it was about. They were mildly curious, but with no way to discover its secrets, there was no sense in pursuing it.

Big muscular men in shiny dark suits always stood outside the discrete front door, and they looked like guards, to protect the club. They only admitted members, and nobody else, ever. It was the same when it used to be called the, “Paradise Club,” which was owned by the same group of people.

The girls, like everybody, knew it was a very special place, but had no idea why. There were rumors, of course, but nobody could believe all the terrible things they heard about in the rumors. From the outside it didn’t look like such an evil or dangerous place, but who knew what went on inside? That was the business of the members, not the public.

A few years ago it had undergone major renovations, and the delivery trucks brought what looked like a lot of insulation or soundproofing material, which was the kind of thing commonly used in a sound recording studio, or where there was a need to contain extra noise, but otherwise it pretty much looked like a regular club with a showroom.

Apparently it had a large developed space in the basement, but nobody ever got to see what that looked like or to know what it was for. People were curious, but the walls were closed off quite quickly, so from that point onward only workmen got to see what was inside, and they didn’t talk about it.

Mr. Cunningham had admitted the three girls into his special classes he called, “Advance Sex Education,” which were so private he conducted those classes privately at his home every afternoon right after school. Only virgins were allowed to attend his classes.

These were real sex classes, where all the girls were allowed to get bare naked, and to maintain their virginity while they received special practical instruction. What they received was exclusively oral sex, and their teacher was careful while probing their vestibules to not put excessive pressure on their hymens, to ensure they remained virgins.

They had a nickname for Mr. Cunningham. They called him Mr. Cunnilingus, because he liked to lick and tongue their vaginas, and taught them that word for it. He was really good at it, and although they were quite nervous about such intimate contact with the mouth of their teacher, they soon liked it a lot.

He even licked their starfish rectums, but first he made them clean themselves really well before their class started, because real ladies always kept themselves, particularly their groin area, meticulously clean, he told them. He said it was very important they always acted like real ladies.

Mr. Cunningham gave them a rubber bag and a thin hose to use to give themselves an amana, or whatever he called it, but they didn’t want to use it. They preferred to use their personal flavored douche sprays, the kind they used to flavor their vaginas for when he licked them, and were right when they guessed he would like that better.

He had given them all peach flavored spray, because he said that was best when he sucked their pretty little peaches. The girls tried it on each other, and had a lot of fun spraying each other inside and out, and then practicing oral sex on each other. This was a great advanced course!

At the age of eight, Lolita, Carnie and Cunnie felt very mature, having run away from home with the help of their teacher. It was the kind of thing that seemed to happen quite often, with girls from several schools running away like this, and they felt they were joining an elite group of girls.

As it turned out, like the others who had run away from home, they had also quit school, although awareness of that took a while to sink in. After all, they were in the care and protection of Mr. Cunnilingus, and as a trusted adult he was giving them his full attention.

They had come to his home after school on a Friday afternoon, and it was already Sunday afternoon when the nice lady introduced to them as Ms. Sacring came and took them away in a big beautiful black limousine. Even though she was dressed very smartly in a dark suit with a very short skirt and spike heels, the driver was not.

The man wearing jeans, sneakers and a t-shirt that looked far too small because of his bulging muscles. He didn’t drive very far when he turned the limo into a narrow runway that took them into an underground garage. They all got out, and another man dressed like the chauffeur helped him take the girls into the building down a long hallway that led into another hallway and then another,

Finally they got to a big carpeted room without much furniture where the two muscular men told them to get undressed. Their tone told the girls what he said was not a request but a requirement. It was eighty-five degrees in the room, so the girls didn’t complain. They were smart enough to obey a big strong man with such a serious look.

When they were naked the men took their clothes and the nice woman called Ms. Sacring came into the room. She had removed her suit, and wore what appeared to be a cross between a brown leather girdle and a harness. Her large firm breasts were fully revealed and supported, as was her cleanly shaved groin, but it was quite different.

The girls’ eyes nearly popped out of their heads when she revealed her naked groin. Instead of a vagina, she had a large male member, that when rude, they called a cock. It was huge, and it stood up and proud, with large veins visible crossing its length. Behind it was a similarly large scrotum, which was filled with large testicles.

The huge ball sack was stretched down by several rings that pierced the bottom of her scrotum. They appeared to have no function other than as decoration, much as women would often pierce the side of a nostril, or a group of rings along the edge of an ear. She looked stunning with her big cock, balls and her spike heel boots.

Leather straps crossed her hips and ran through her groin on either side of her pubic mound. Her erection was rigid, and appeared to have been masturbated, as it had an outstanding shape, standing up and erect, and the pierced flesh of his lower scrotum hung down, weighted by the rings through it.

Her stiletto heels now looked far sexier, and her posture was assertive enough to tell them she was in charge. In her hand was a riding crop, with a two-inch wide flat of leather on the end. A leather punch had been used to put holes in the flat, and the girls couldn’t yet know this, but this was a particularly perverse medieval design.

The intent of the holes was that when the pad on the end of the crop struck flesh with a hard blow the skin would go into the holes momentarily, with the potential to produce blistering welts. This was a formidable weapon, and the sexy looking woman with a cock, which they later learned was a shemale, who they had at first thought to be nice, appeared capable of wreaking havoc with that horrible crop.

“Welcome to Girls’ World at the, “Boom Boom Gun Club,” young ladies,” Ms. Sacring said with a full voice that showed more authority than friendliness, “You’re going to love being here, because you get to do anything at all I want you to, anything I require. Since you have all proven you love doing the kind of things your parents would call very naughty and some of them nasty, you’ll see we’re going to have an amazing time!”

“What kind of things will we be doing?” Cunnie asked.

“Ya, what will we need to do?” echoed Carnie.

“Really fun things,” was the answer, “You will start by being cuntail waitresses. A cuntail is a drink you serve that comes out of your pretty little cuntlet.”

“I’ve never heard of that,” Lolita chimed in.

“The members of the Boom Boom Gun Club have developed some unusual tastes,” the woman told them, “All centered around their liking for pretty young, including little, girls. They like bare-naked girls twelve-years-old and younger, as long as they haven’t started to grow a set of boobies.

They need the girls who serve them to be showing their round bums and bulging cunnies, like you are now, and wearing only high-heeled shoe like mine. I’d guess none of you have ever worn high heeled shoes yet, but I know you’ll love it, when you get used to it, because they make you look very sexy.

“The members and guests here have a particular fluid they like to drink. It is a special liquid delicacy, a warm drink developed at, “D-Ring Casinos,” that they call, “Amber Wine.” Girls who have not yet reached the age of puberty and so have no breast development and no body hair are waitresses at their casinos.

“These specially selected young girls work nude in heels, and have to drink lots of apple and cranberry juice to get their kidneys working so they’ll have to pee quite a bit. They also drink some light white wine, but not enough to make them intoxicated. That would never do.

“The naked little waitresses get a slender plastic tube inserted into their little pee hole, and it is then pushed right up into their bladders. Through it, their bladder is filled with white wine with a wine bellows. While they’re mingling with the guests, their kidneys are active, and their own urine is slowly mingling with the wine they carry inside.

“The longer they wait before serving guests, the more of their own pee there is in the product they will serve. Also, the longer they wait the more uncomfortable it becomes. You all know what it’s like to have to take a pee and you can’t, but of course I know you understand that for entertainers it’s all about the pleasure of the guests, not the discomfort of the serving girls, isn’t that right?

“When a guest is ready he or she holds a glass forward, a naked young waitress will come and stand over it, line her cunt up and pee into the glass. The longer it has been inside her the stronger it is, and more color it has. It’s mostly white wine, but the young girl’s pee is mixed with it because it comes from her bladder. Isn’t that fun?”


The three girls giggled at what she was telling them, imagining what it would be like. They were certain she was just teasing them, to get a reaction. They had all tried tasting their own pee as well as each other’s, and although it was radical, they had all decided they liked it. They also liked hearing adults talk about dirty, nasty things like this. It was just a hoot.

“That would be fucking amazing!” Carnie squealed.

Her high voice squeal turned to a sudden sharp shriek as the naked woman’s riding crop slashed accurately up between her open legs, the perforated flap striking the tender meat of the inner lips of her exposed virgin vagina.

“That’s the talk of a whore!” Ms. Sacring said, “You will all speak like proper ladies, not common whores while you are at the, “Boom Boom Gun Club!”

Before they could move their knees together to protect their uncovered genitals, the riding crop quickly found its way to Lolita and Cunnie’s naked little pussies, and there was a chorus of painful shrieks.

When decorum was restored, Ms. Sacring continued, over the tearful whimpers of the little girls with the stinging cunts.

“We have a novel variation of that approach that does not require a catheter, as you will not have your bladders loaded, but instead you will simply produce your pee on demand. It will be virgin pee, as we use only virgins to do this work. You will have lots to drink, but no alcohol goes into you, just juice. Whether or not a client wants alcohol in the glass, he will indicate what he wants and you will add it. It will be a virgin drink because of the source.

“I did this work when I was your age, and I can tell you how special it is. While working the floor I got to watch, as you will, most of the club’s special action. As I know you will, I found it very shocking the first time I saw it, but I got to understand that it’s really a natural thing, as nasty as it sounds. I need you to show me that you are happy to drink your own pee. Bend all the way down, so that you rest on your shoulders with your head between your legs.”

The naked little girls complied, giggling, as they weren’t sure what to expect. They were sure that whatever she needed them to do, it was going to be fun.

“Now get your legs apart, knees bent, and raise up on tiptoe, then get your mouth open under your cunnie.”

They saw what was coming, and were excited to get started.

“Okay, get your mouth as wide as you can, and I need you to pee, and catch it in your mouth!”

This was what they were expecting, and each began to squirt out a stream of piss. They were not perfectly aligned, as this took practice, and all three had the stream of urine hit them between the eyes. They quickly adjusted, and soon all three were capturing and swallowing their own amber liquid flow.

“That’s perfect, girls! You will all have to do pee-pee drinking displays regularly, to get the members in the mood to taste it too, so whenever you get a chance, you’ll want to practice doing this just as you’ve done now. The members will do some things that will definitely shock you.

“They just act out the natural difference between males and us females, and once you get to understand that, you won’t puke when you see it happen, but that will come soon enough. In the meantime, just keep your noses clean, keep a smile on your face and your pretty little cuntlet on display, pee on demand and you’ll do fine.

“Some girls get picked by the manager to get sex training, so they can perform with one or two fuck studs, guys with thick and long pricks they drive into you, with one going up your cunt and the other up your ass, but when you’ve been well trained you’ll get to enjoy it. At least most do.

“Not all members like wine, but prefer hard alcohol. Instead of being bladder-loaded with wine, you will wander the club with a bottle of alcohol in hand, each of you something different. Some will carry gin, some bourbon, some scotch, and others a sweet liquor, each to satisfy the individual needs of the club members and their guests.

“You will pour them a single or double, depending on their request. A virgin single has an ounce and a half pour, and then you will pee into their glass to fill it. A virgin double will have only half an ounce of alcohol, with the extra urine making up the difference.

“A virgin straight up means you will only urinate in the glass, with no alcohol, for those who like pure unadulterated virgin girl pee. That means in this case not diluted with alcohol. Only members who have been here a long time prefer pure virgin urine to drink.

“They love to drink it warm, just like it comes out of you, never on ice, always served directly from the pretty vagina of their cuntail waitress. That will be you. Are there any questions?”

The girls had none. They were fascinated by what she was telling them, not able to imagine that people could ever enjoy drinking their pee. Their excitement was growing again, because this was so very naughty, and they’d be doing what Ms. Sacring, the lady with the big cock, described.

They discussed this new fun activity as one of the men brought a large box into the room. It drew their attention, and when he put the open box on the carpet, they saw it contained girl-sized open spike heeled shoes. They got to their knees and pulled out several pair, looking for their size.

At last all three girls had found a perfect fit. They stood in them, and realized wearing them to walk would require some practice. These were really adult, and they felt very adult but unsure standing in them. It was a new experience, and they weren’t sure what to do.

The riding crop found their bare round buttocks, and they yelped as they stood tall in the new unusual shoes. This was getting very uncomfortable, and they wondered what they had got themselves into. They weren’t smacked like this at home, but Ms. Sacring with her big tits and big cock seemed to be enjoying spanking them.

“Get walking, kids!” Ms. Sacring commanded them, “I need you all to practice until you walk like a lady. You can’t look like incompetent sluts when you walk! Turn frequently, and when you do be certain to lead with one leg so that your cunnie is regularly visible to the audience.

“They need to see cunt, and you’ve all got what they want to see. Just be sure to always make it visible, so they can enjoy the sight of your naked pissy pussy whenever they see you. They think of you as sexy cunts, and it’s your job to give them what they want to see. Now get walking!”

The naked girls started to move around the large room with tentative steps. When one of them stopped to rest, the riding crop snapped against her bare round bum, she screamed, and then sprung back into motion. What had seemed impossible when they started, soon began to impressively improve.

In less time than any of them thought possible the three nude eight-year-old girls became more adept at walking in the high heels, and in half an hour they were starting to demonstrate they were becoming comfortable in them. The young girls were moving well and striking erotic poses with ease.

They were also getting quite good at flashing their naked cunts, providing a clear view of their pouting little pussies, proving that little girls can learn the ways of the world quite fast when necessary. With the riding crop as an incentive, the children were proving to be good students.

Ms. Sacring was handed what appeared to be a professional camera, and she moved around the room as the girls walked with growing pride in what soon became confident strides. She took high and low angle shots of the naked girls in their heels, to catch the curves of their slender hips, their shapely legs and their pouting vaginas.

She also found angles to capture the enhanced maturing form of their heel-lengthened shapely bare legs, the erotic arch of their bare feet, and the marked change in their posture thanks to the open sandal-type heels. It amazed her to see how sexy these eight-year-old nude girls could be.

She was confident that when it was time for these youngsters to perform naked on the runway before a horny crowd, the men and few women in the audience would all be eagerly masturbating just watching the nude children move, knowing what was to come, which the children of course did not.

But that was looking ahead. For now, her objective was to make these beautiful little girls, so well recruited by their grade three teacher, into effective and entertaining nude cuntail waitresses. If any of them failed, they would be promoted directly to the runway.

The runway was the final stage of a girl’s career at the, “Boom Boom Gun Club,” and all new youngsters were most efficiently utilized by delaying that phase for a while. That was just good economics, and the manager always rewarded good economics. Doing so was just good business.

Ms. Sacring left the two men with the girls, telling them to teach them how to pour one-and-a-half and half drinks accurately. Girls who have chosen to become grade three dropouts are not always the brightest lights on the Christmas tree, but these three were clever well-bred cuntlets, had proven they could learn quickly, and all of them did.

The next chore for the young recruits was to learn how to turn on and off a stream of pee accurately, without pissing on the hand of the person holding the glass. All of the girls made unfortunate mistakes at first, and were thankful the riding crop had gone with Ms. Sacring.

The two men teaching them surprised the children and proved they were long time Club workers when they eagerly licked their hands clean of the girls’ spilled virgin pee. Like all curious youngsters, the girls got the men laughing when they made sure to get some of their own pee on their hands to see what was so special.

After their last pouring lesson of the first evening the girls were taken to a large underground room with stout vertical poles everywhere, anchored to the floor and ceiling. Strung between these were dozens of hammocks, most of them occupied by naked young girls, many their age but some as young as six, and also others up to twelve years of age.

Beside the foot anchor of each hammock were two large eye-bolts screwed firmly into the poles. The three girls quietly got into side-by-side empty hammocks, and taking off their shoes, put the long heels through the steel loops, as they saw others had done.

These simple shoe hangers proved to be a very effective way of storage and keeping track of the properly fitted and nearly identical heels. With so many things to absorb, their minds were busy, but the excitement of the day had tired them, and the girls quickly fell into a deep asleep, and rested well.


Two days later the three girls joined a dozen other girls who were also eight-years-old for dance lessons. There were three professional strippers as teachers, and they were as naked as the youngsters, and all of them nearly adults at the age of more mature grade eight girls.

All three of these thirteen-year-old teachers had grown their breasts and were old enough to menstruate, but were not presently in season. They were real professionals, with their bare cunnies shaved clean, and they also wore only spike heeled shoes. That seemed to be the official uniform of this highly unusual private club.

By now the girls moved more confidently in the four inch heels, extremely high for girls of their age. Standing on tiptoe in them affected their posture all the way up, and in a very positive, sexy way. They oozed sexuality as they moved, and Ms. Sacring was certain she had three new winners in her charge.

The three professional pole dancers/lap dancers who were already thirteen worked with the children to teach the younger girls the finer points of sexual pulchritude and sensuality in erotic movement and enticement. Their success with most was apparent early.

They then concentrated on the slow learners, getting them to focus on how they stood, posed, moved, lifted a leg, spread their thighs and displayed their cunts, until they had these provocative nude eight-year-old girls where they needed to be. The girls learned it was all about appearance.

Boys from a private school, all of them fifteen, were brought by enclosed van from a field trip to the zoo to judge the girls’ performances. They used the main theater with its long central runway. It was well organized, and clear to the girls these people knew what they were doing.

One boy at a time would sit with his fly open beside the runway while a girl wearing only her heels pranced and danced in front of him. His penis was out, but he was not allowed to touch or otherwise stimulate it as he watched. The girls’ task was to get the penis of the boy watching her to reach erection.

First it would emerge, then rise, become rigid, begin to pulse when he was highly stimulated, and then the boy’s penis would ejaculate as she really got down and dirty. The boys, having no idea where they were, were willing participants, and proved their hormones were in full bloom.

They all performed admirably, ejaculating in a timely manner watching the virgin girls performing like harlots without the pumping assistance of their fists. When the young girls got down on their shoulders, with their head between their thighs and peed into their own mouths, the boys would immediately begin to ejaculate, and spurt great gobs of their semen.

The schoolboys were told they were the ones being tested, and left with the promise they would get to do the same again in another month. They were led to believe a university was testing them psychologically to see how well they could perform an inspired air fuck without use of their fists while watching younger sexy naked dancers perform.

The strippers said the researchers wanted to test them again four weeks later to see if they would be able to cum sooner as they matured. The boys eagerly agreed to participate again. These experienced ladies were highly convincing in the fine art of spreading a thick layer of bullshit.

Lolita, Carnie and Cunnie were among the top performers, getting the boys they faced to show pulsing spasms of their firm erections within a minute of their start, with the heads of their penises flaring with excitement, followed by the early spouting of their semen.

Fifteen proved to be an ideal age for boys to use in testing the naked girls in heels’ provocative performances. There was no better statement that the girls were successful in stimulating a sexual response, the required criterion, as an early erection and a sustained ejaculation.

Three of the girls were unable to get the boy they faced to ejaculate. The boys did get stiff, but the girls were unable to engage them to the point they let go of their nervousness, and get fully into the exercise. These three girls were those least comfortable in heels, and their discomfort showed.

Try as they would, the individual boys in front of them did not even develop a gleam on the head of their erections. All boys participating in the exercise had proven they could masturbate to ejaculation, so it was clear the failure was on the part of the three sex-dancing girls.

These three nervous young ladies were given an instant promotion, and they automatically progressed to go on the runway in what was called a fashion-less show that very evening, as lovely nude innocents to do a sexy dance, a crowd-pleasing special gun fuck with a rifle, and would learn of the gun’s fiery discharge that was as close as a weapon would come to an ejaculation.

As they performed, a man would insert the barrel of a rifle into their vagina, and they would be required to continue their hot dance, their hands clasped on top of their heads, fucking the cold metal shaft until it warmed from the intimate contact of their inner body. This would get the men in the audience masturbating forcefully.

Only the men in the audience were aware, as the girls would not be, that the gun was loaded, and the safety switched off. In addition, the guns used for this kind of performance had been specially altered to have a hair trigger. If the stock happened to bump the runway the weapon could fire itself.

The members of this club were inveterate gamblers, and would wager on all kinds of things, but experience had taught them to never place a bet on the survival of a young girl dancing for them while performing a gun fuck. Their chances would be no better than those of the pretty naked entertainers in their spike heels.

The other girls paired up with a boy, not the one they had danced for, and were taken to the “Studio”, a downstairs room that was equipped with two small cots and multiple video cameras to record any action that happened in this room. It was to be a public performance. There was a small gallery that seated a dozen members, and all of the seats were taken.

Carnie and one of the other girls were instructed to kneel on the cot, and the boy who had come with them, once he had stripped naked, was told to mount the girl he had paired with. The young boys were, of course, eager participants, and for many of them it would be their first sexual hook-up with a female.

How many boys could claim their first sexual engagement with a girl, one not old enough to have her tits, would happen with an audience, and be a side-by-side mounting beside another guy? And how many boys could claim that their experience was being live-streamed on a kiddie-porno website, with several thousand people watching?

How many boys their age were able to claim thousands of the men watching them fornicating with these pretty young naked girls were soon ejaculating, producing thousands of times the volume of semen the boys produced into the girls when they reached orgasm?

Most of these girls had never had a boy enter them, although they had all used a carrot or a small cucumber to move their fantasies to some kind of reality, but never with the warm flesh of a boy’s penis. Three of the girls had been to bed with their brothers, and their fathers had regularly mounted two others when their Mom was out.

Two of the girls, sisters, had experienced being mounted and taking into themselves a flesh penis, but it had belonged to their family’s German Shepherd, so although they did it often, and had taken pictures of their secret activity and posted it on a fake Facebook page, that experience didn’t really count as being fucked.

Two by two the girls got onto the cots to be mounted by boys, and two by two the boys enthusiastically got out of their clothes and climbed onto the kneeling girls. They giggled as they did as they had been told, and the people in the audience, all but two being men, cheered them on in their rapid fucking of the accommodating eight-year-old girls.

When they climbed off the cot after their performance, two of the girls displayed tiny drips of blood on their legs, and it was not menstrual fluid. They had been virgins, but had in a few minutes been made into women. All of the girls had squealed as they had been mounted, but these two had screamed, letting the audience know what was happening.

The boys were then taken in the enclosed van back to the zoo, so they would have a convincing cover story for where their field trip had taken them. It was important that the boys know nothing of where their remarkable and unique experience had occurred, with no idea what it was all about.

The following morning the girls were given a very unusual lesson. They were taken to the showers after breakfast, nude, and were given frozen Popsicles. They were instructed to push them into their vaginas, and to work them as if a boy was again fucking them.

They did as they were told, giggling at the rudeness of what they were doing, and at the coldness. Then they were told to pull the Popsicles out and produce a burst of pee. This was more embarrassing than being mounted by boys, but they did as they were told, knowing there were no other options.

They all applauded as the last girls produced their shower of urine, and then were told to put the Popsicles back in. After they had repeated this cycle three times there was not enough left of the sticky frozen sticks to use to masturbate. Now their little cuntlets were not only cold but were sticky inside and out from the melted ice candy.

They were still required to pee, and the cold that had made it an urgent need was now gone, and they were on their own. Having already done so made it easier for the girls to spread their legs and produce a brief stream. Some had to work at it, and all of them were able to do it eventually.

The rest of the morning was taken up with naked sex dance lessons in their high heels, and all of the girls were doing better, after the fun experience with getting the boys to spurt semen. After lunch they were back into the showers and given frozen Popsicles again, and once more did the pee exercise.

The coldness inside themselves assisted with their bladder pressure and the urge to discharge, and when the frozen sticks had melted inside them, they were all able to produce spurts of urine upon demand. These youngsters were at the ideal age to learn the physical lessons being taught them.

They were mastering the skills required to make them ideal nude runway dancers, to stimulate the audience with their nakedness, wearing only custom-made spike heeled shoes, performing raunchy lewd moves, openly and aggressively presenting their pretty hairless cuntlets, and producing a spray of pee on demand.

They delightfully eager young nymphs had no idea the people they were entertaining now fully owned their rights. They had yet to learn that they were now nothing but legal property of their new guardians, the, “Boom Boom Gun Club,” or that their lives meant nothing to the horny lusting members.

They had no idea how they would soon and fatally complete their entertainment of the horny members. The Club was in the business of demolishing fresh young cunts, usually with a high-powered long gun, and these young girls were at the very best, their temporary livestock.

Immature girls dancing nude in heels was the Club’s specialty, featuring schoolgirls from grade four to six. It was something all of the girls brought here got to experience at the peak of their stay. They were to be provided first-hand knowledge of what happens when a rifle discharges inside a naked young girl.

The rifle makes a loud bang, only partly dulled by its barrel being inside the child’s vagina, ejaculating its fiery cum into the womb of a pretty naked underage girl, quickly killing the pretty child as an innocent sacrifice in the ultimate act of extreme erotic show business.

As always, her womb and viscera are pulverized, and the bullet expands in her tender meat, blowing a path through her inner gonads and tender intestines before forcing its way up through the meat of her stretched tummy causing a large exit wound as her bloody parts spread across the room.

This conclusion is always very messy, but is to the taste of the Club members, who are rapidly pumping their own members, who upon the gun’s discharge begin a creamy discharge of their own, spurting semen in short and sometimes long arcs in the air, spattering it to the floor to announce a satisfactory kill.

Lolita, Carnie and Cunnie all performed on the runway late that evening, entertaining the Club’s members with their highly provocative nude dancing in their spike heels, displaying their most intimate charms as they had been trained to do, and each of the girls died in the same fashion.

Each of them completed her dance with a stout penis lodged in her throat and the steel barrel of a rifle tightly gripped in her delightful little vagina. They had come into the world as cunts and left with the same definition. They each left understanding that cunts, which is what they were, were for killing.

In short, their lives were ended with purpose. They all died entertaining the lust and feeding the passion of important men and a few women. They died to momentarily satisfy the members’ desire to witness the sexually oriented destruction of vital young girls in a total abomination of most human values.

The only human value not abandoned was that of assisting, in fact directly contributing to, the members of the, “Boom Boom Gun Club,” getting their rocks off. They had, thanks to their own need to find exciting new sexual experiences in life, in every respect entered another world.


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