DIVINITY by Cradle

Feature Writer: Cradle

Feature Title: Divinity

Published: 23.11.2022 / This is an original work

Story Codes: Erotic Horror, Bisex, Ritual, Supernatural

Synopsis: A ten year old boy who likes puzzles

Disclaimer: This story is for adult readers only. Do not read if you are under the age of 18.

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“As above, so below; as below, so above.” — The Three Initiates, The Kybalion

Everyone said my dad was crazy. Especially the other kids in my class. I got bullied a lot even before dad started saying weird stuff. One time, he yelled at my homeroom teacher about a dream he had at the PTA meeting. Billy Stitcherson had a field day with that one. I couldn’t feel my ass for a whole week after he ripped my underwear off in the bathroom. I think Billy liked me, though, because he kissed my cheek after doing it, and not in a cheeky asshole kinda way. It’s strange how some bullies would act that way sometimes.

Anyway, even though everyone said dad was crazy, he somehow convinced a team of people — experts as he called them — to travel all the way to Turkey to find some old rock that he said my dead mom told him about in a dream. The trip lasted a couple of days. After we got my new passport, Dad dragged me half asleep to the airport to meet his team of pirates — ahem — I mean experts.

His right-hand man was Banthus, a guy that looked and sounded like he came from a Final Fantasy game. He was big and burly, tan skinned, bald. He had this x-shaped scar on his right cheek. There were two other main members. Tommy was thin and scrawny, bespectacled, the opposite of Banthus. Dad always said he was super smart, but he acted super weird.

He was always asking me about my favorite colors of underwear. Then there was Mary, who looked nothing like the virgin. She chain-smoked and wore her red hair down low, almost to her ass. The shorts she wore never extended past her knees, even in cold weather. Just before we got on the plane, she whispered something in my ear that made me blush even though the thick cloud of cigarette smoke made me gag.

“See you on the other side, chosen one.”

I didn’t know what that meant, but it had me thinking during the plane ride. What kind of trip were going on? All based on some wild dream my dad had. I was only ten, but I could understand a lot. Puzzles were my thing. I loved cracking codes and figuring out new ways to solve things. But dad was one puzzle I could never solve.

I could barely understand his dream when he explained it to me. He said mom spoke to him from some faraway place that looked like Egypt. According to him, she said we had to travel to some place called, “Halicarnassus,” and dig up an ancient rock that would tell us how to find her.

Things were never the same after my mom died. Sometimes it just felt like dad wasn’t there and then it felt like too much of him was there. Like he developed some strange type of bipolar disorder. His mood swings threw me off so much, especially as a kid. I was probably going through some mental trauma myself, just from dad’s unpredictable behavior.

Every time he had some new idea or he felt like she said something from beyond the grave, he would shout it out like he was high on her ectoplasm. I distracted myself with crossword puzzles as much as possible, but it didn’t always work. I think he just couldn’t let her go. Sometimes I wished he would just let her stay dead.

We arrived at Bodrum Airport, at ten o’clock in the evening. Dad pulled my jet-lagged butt out of the seat, and I dragged my suitcases into the terminal. A whirlwind of lights and sounds barraged my senses. Turkish signs flew by me as we marched through the airport to baggage claim.

My bag was wet, but dad wouldn’t listen when I tried to complain. I looked up at him and he had this strange look in his eyes. Like he was in a trance. Nothing could distract him. He said maybe one or two words to me every so often as we moved from one location to another.

The hotel wasn’t far from the airport. After about a thirty minute drive, we were riding an old rickety elevator up to the eighth floor of a run-down, rat-ridden one-star hotel. I had to shake off two of the dark grey fur insects from my foot as we walked to our room. Thankfully, the room had two beds; I really didn’t feel like sharing a bed with dad. As flat and uncomfortable as the mattress was, I plopped onto it and fell asleep without even changing. I vaguely remember Dad saying something about leaving early in the morning before drifting to sleep.

When I woke that morning, I got one of my first real clue. I mean a real one. My eyes barely opened when I heard whispering from outside the room. Rubbing my eyes, I got up and shed my sweaty clothes. It was hot, even for six o’clock in the morning. My sweaty ten-year-old frame was soaked even down to my undies.

The sweat from my moist tank top dripped down my underwear, sinking into my ass crack. The sensation made me shiver. Groggy, I staggered to the bathroom and took a leak. The bathroom door was still cracked open. Whatever discreet conversation my dad was having with whomever, it was still happening. I pricked up my ear and listened as soon as the toilet quieted down.

“… Too dangerous…”

“Don’t tell me what’s dangerous, Banthus. I don’t care about that. Do you have any idea?”

“What if he finds out?”

“That won’t happen …”

Padding to the front door on my socked feet, I peeked through a crack in that door. Dad quieted down immediately, as if he knew I was there. Slowly, he turned around. Before his eyes could meet mine, I darted from the door and jumped back into bed. The sweat-soaked sheets re-clung to my body as the door creaked open. I heard the soft, vague sounds of dad’s footsteps creeping back into the room. The sheets covered my head, but I could swear I felt him leaning over my bed, checking to make sure I was asleep.

Later that day, we traveled to the excavation site in a convoy of two vans and four sedans. I rode in the front with my dad. It took a couple of hours to get there. We stopped for gas twice. At one of the gas stations, I got these weird looks from strange adults on my way to the bathroom. Especially the men. It was as if they had never seen a little boy before. I could have sworn one of them grated against my ass on purpose, but when I looked back no one was there. That place gave me the creeps, so I ran out of there with my chips and soda almost falling out of the bag, my heart pounding.

When we got to the city, my mouth fell open, the soda dripping from the bottom of my mouth. It was huge, and I mean huge. The buildings, though ruined, were the size of modern-day skyscrapers, half their foundation torn off by the cruel hands of time.

The sun blinked at me from behind these colossal structures as it climbed higher into the sky. It was half past noon by the time we passed the touristy area. We drove to the southernmost tip of the city, where a pile of ruins lay in wait for us. An advance party was already there and had prepped the site with enough digging to reach some of the caves the ancients built. They explored a few of them, but they led to dead ends, and no one found anything of value.

Little me, in love with mystery and exploration, immediately bounded into these caves, leaving my dad to do his little archeology thing. Some of Mary’s smoke trailed in my wake, and her red hair lingered in my mind as I dove into these dark unknowns. The caverns expanded into deep mazes that I got lost in for hours. I always wanted to see how far they would go. How deep. Every time I found a new hallway, I explored it. Once I reached a dead end, I turned around and looked for something new.

The site had something like twenty caves, and I explored all of them. The last one was the most interesting. After traversing hallways for a couple of hours, I stumbled on a big set of double doors. Their shiny golden surface reflected from the glow of my phone light. Strange hieroglyphics populated both doors in about twenty rows. Dad had taught me some hieroglyphics, so I was familiar with some symbols, but none of the symbols on this door registered. Shrugging, I turned to go when the corner of my eye caught something.

A small symbol in the corner of the door on the right stuck out to me. I crouched in front of it and leaned forward slightly. The symbol was of a woman with red hair. An aura of light surrounded her entire body, seemingly illuminating the space around her. Five smaller symbols glowed around her in similar fashion, arrayed so that you could have drawn a star over the woman. I blinked and stared at these symbols for a long time. I think I stared for so long that it started to morph and twist in my mind’s eye. By the time I got up and walked away, the image felt burned into my brain.

The way back felt longer than the way in. Some corners popped up to me that I couldn’t remember. As I passed hallway after hallway, a phrase kept repeating itself in my mind that helped me solve my first Rubik’s Cube. Right is left, and left is right. It repeated so much in my head that by the time I reached the cavern exit, I realized I was whispering it out loud.

“What’s that mean?” Banthus stood outside the cavern entrance.

It was dark out now. The sun finished its descent below the distant horizon. I had to shake my head before answering Banthus.

“Oh, it’s just something I think of when I’m trying to solve a puzzle, like a Rubik’s Cube or something. It reminds me that anything I do to one side will reflect on other sides.”

“… I see. You’re a very smart boy. You take after your father.”

“Thanks … Aren’t they supposed to be packing up?”

Banthus sighed. He took out a pack of cigarettes, fished one out.

“We’re not leaving yet.”

I swallowed.

“But it’s dark out.”

“Your father found something,” Banthus said as he lit his cigarette.

“Really?” I blinked against a spotlight that turned on in the distance.

“Yup. It’s got him real excited.”

After rubbing my eyes, I shrugged.


Slowly, I turned back toward the cavern.

“Hey. Don’t go wandering in those caves for too long. You might get lost.”

Banthus’ voice, which echoed down the dark corridor, made me stop for a second. I turned my head back and smiled.

“Don’t worry. I won’t.”

Then, I skipped along into the darkness, the light from my phone bouncing to my step.

I couldn’t get that door out of my mind. I had to find it again. There was no signal in the cave, so I couldn’t do a google image search for the symbols, but I was convinced I could figure out how to open the door. Dad once taught me how to decrypt some simple messages using ancient symbols. Of course, I couldn’t remember all of it since I was only eight at the time. I could recall enough of it, though, that I felt I could use it to open that weird door.

It took me longer to find it than before. It was like every time I went into this cave, the hallways changed. New passages opened up that weren’t there before. My memory could have just been faulty; I was only ten after all. I still felt like the halls had changed somehow. During this second outing,

I realized for the first time that the hallways were surprisingly clean and made of high-quality material. A far cry from the adobo and dust structures that outlined some of the surrounding areas, these walls shined with the gleam of a pristine and sturdy type of brick. When I stopped for a second to look at the structure, void of any cracks or impurities, I saw that my phone was nearly dead. Then, when I turned, it was right there. Right in front of me. The door to untold mysteries.

My body shook with excitement. Or fear. Either way, I ran to the door and crouched down over the symbol in the bottom right. It was so conspicuous that it seemed like the only thing that could open the door. I did everything that I could think of to get it to open.

From tracing the five-pointed star and a pentagon over the symbols with my finger to pressing the symbols in to pressing the symbol of the woman with red hair. All efforts failed and I slumped to the floor. I looked at my phone. A thin line of red within the battery rectangle sat next to a flashing,”One percent.” I sighed, turned the phone off and got back up. That’s when I noticed it again.

The glowing yellow lines that formed a star over the scarlet-haired woman. I leaned in and saw what looked like arrows at the ends of these lines. I traced these lines with my finger one more time. Once my finger reached the end of the last line, the ground shook, planting me on my ass. I crawled away on my back and looked up.

The two doors lurched open slowly, clouds of dust swirling from the floor. I blinked as I sat up, squinting my eyes to see through the layer of dust that covered the open doorway. I could see shadows of people. They were moving in weird ways, sort of gyrating and grinding against each other. I stood up and walked toward the doorway to get a closer look. The smoke dissipated and then cleared completely as I approached. My eyes flew open and my jaw dropped.

The room was full of people. They were all naked. About half of them were adults, the other half small boys around my age. Some of the boys were bound and gagged. Most of the men were large and muscular, but some were lean or skinny. They ground their hips against the boys, plowing their crotches into the kids’ asses.

Some men had their rock-hard members lodged deep in a boy’s throat. Some boys stayed silent, others screamed with intense pleasure … or agony. I couldn’t tell amidst the whirlwind of movement. There were a few women, but they all sat in the background and watched the unholy orgy ensue. A couple of them masturbated, vigorously rubbing the tops of their crotches and throwing heads back with ecstasy.

My hands drifted to my temples, clutched my head. Unable to process what I was seeing, the only response I could think of was to scream, but my vocal cords froze. My entire body froze, my blood running cold. Slowly, I stepped backwards, fighting for every inch of silent space I could take. After a couple of steps, I turned to run. A hand gripped my shoulder from behind, cementing me in place.

“Edward,” said Banthus, “Good of you to join us.”

His massive form bore down on me as I looked into his eyes. Those beady black eyes bore into mine. They looked hungry. A sudden silence washed over the room as I looked back in. Everyone stared at me. All the gyrating, humping, and grinding ceased. The women stopped masturbating. They all looked at me.

Someone whispered, “He’s here.”

“The chosen one is here,” someone else said.

I felt the sweat bead down my forehead. It was hot in that room. I didn’t realize how hot until Banthus grabbed me, began ripping my clothes off. I struggled, but it was no use. His thick, toned limbs completely overpowered my frail ones.

Someone else appeared and produced some rope. Before long, I was naked, my hands tied behind my back, the ropes digging into my wrists. They also tied my ankles together. All I could do was squirm and scream for help. A thick piece of cloth silenced my screams.

I bit into it and kept moaning muffled cries. A layer of salt and musk touched my taste buds, as well as an odd combination of some other elements. A trace of sweetness, mixed with sweat. Banthus picked me up with both arms and carried me to the center of the room. I bucked against his chest to no avail.

Realizing escape was hopeless, I laid limp in his arms, a tear dripping down my cheek. I looked back behind Banthus. The man who brought the rope was Tommy, the scrawny researcher I had met at the airport the day before. His glasses gleamed, and that’s when I noticed the torches that lined the walls, filling the room with flickering luminescence.

A pedestal suddenly rose in the room’s center. Banthus set me down on this platform on my knees. When I looked around, I noticed the other small boys had crawled away to some dark hallway. I watched them disappear into the darkness. Their bodies looked like they twisted into some deformed creatures that hopped around on the floor.

My blood ran cold again at the sight, which said nothing of the atmosphere. It seemed like the room became hotter. My nude form was covered with a thin layer of sweat. I felt a single bead drip down my back and drift into my butt crack. A wet finger quickly followed.

A gasp flared my nostrils, cooling my nose. I felt the poke and prod of that wet finger push into me, making my stomach turn. The sphincter grabbed hold of the invading digit, as if sucking on it. I bucked and shivered as the man’s finger entered me. My guts churned, sending waves of heat through my body. It felt like being in an oven. My whimpers echoed through the large rotunda. I looked around, tears leaking from my eyes.

A group of large, well-endowed men surrounded me. The harsh breaths through my nose quickened as I surveyed their manhood, which, though of slightly varying lengths, were all very large and thick. The thought of them entering me made me shiver just a bit more when I felt a second finger shove inside. That ripped a moan out of me, stifled by the dirty cloth that bit into my puffed, red cheeks. A hand fell on my sweaty shoulder, holding me in place while the fingers slid out.

My anus stayed open for a split second, but that was all he needed. Less than a second later, something much larger replaced the fingers. A filling sensation accompanied a piercing sting that electrified my senses. I screamed with pain through the gag.

My head flew up over my arced back. My belly felt full, like I had just eaten a big dinner. Then, it emptied and filled again as the stinging sensation raked my butt. A soft, meaty slap, like when I’m eating macaroni, pushed the phallus in and out of me. Filling my belly again and again.

My vision blurred. Soon, I started seeing two or three of everything. The heat was unbearable. It felt like I was going to pass out. Then, a burst of energy flew through me, surging inside me in waves like a tsunami. The filling and emptying sensation quickened. The slaps against my buttocks were faster, harder.

I felt the man’s grip on my waste tighten, heard his moans of pleasure rise in volume. At last, after he pounded into me a few more times, he grunted loudly and held his hips against my butt. Warmth flowed into my stomach. I shivered and felt another burst of electricity. Suddenly, another part of me felt moist, wet. I looked down through the V of my arms and saw a clear liquid leak from the tip of my penis.

Suddenly, I felt much emptier than before. When the man released me, he whispered something I couldn’t understand. His naked footsteps reverberated through the room as he padded away. I looked behind just in time to see another man take his place behind my gaping anus. It was at that point that I realized I no longer felt pain there.

The man positioned his rod over my hole, slipping it easily between my shaking butt cheeks. My eyes fluttered as he filled me. He started faster than the one before. His flaps against my butt were rapid, a lightening fast pace. This accelerated my excitement, made me that much hotter instantly. Saliva soaked my gag and dripped down my undulating chin.

The man, his slightly paunchy belly flapping against my backside, seized my hair and held my head up while holding my hip in place with his other hand. He finished soon after biting my neck and hearing me moan. More warmth flowed into my butt, made me shiver with delight.

Once he was done, another man stepped up to the plate. The men had me in sequence, going around the circle. It was very ritualistic. Each man whispered something under his breath after he finished with me.

When the man finished, he took his place back in the circle, and the next man would step forward. During the sex, through the haze of my forced stimulation, I could hear a soft chanting all around me. I could understand some of the words that queued me into the fact that they spoke in Latin, but I didn’t hear enough of it to know what they were saying.

The amount of pleasure that came to me both shocked and excited me. I could barely think straight. I knew nothing at that time except the pain in my knees from being in that position for so long, which barely registered to me compared to the men that came up to me one by one and took advantage of my small body.

A sliver of doubt entered my mind for a split second. Do these people even know they’re fucking a ten-year-old? That doubt evaporated as the fifth man entered my now numb anus. They knew exactly what they were doing. They knew I was a small boy and that they were having sex with me. Filling me. Re-arranging my insides.

I recognized some of the men who stepped up to me. They were the same men who stared at me at that gas station where we stopped earlier that morning. The shock of this recognition flew my eyes back open right as one of these men penetrated me. This one held the back of my neck as he slapped his cock into my rectum.

His member was thicker than some of the others, which widened my hole. I moaned just a little louder when he came inside me. I had lost track of how many times I had ejaculated, with little knowledge of what an ejaculation even was. I came to know that’s what it was whenever that electric feeling shot through me. It happened when one of the cocks rubbed my insides a certain way, as if it rubbed something inside me that triggered that electrifying sensation. I learned later, of course, that this was the prostate.

That, “Love button,” as some like to call it was pressed many more times as the men in the circle had me one by one. It was as if they played out their own, “Circle of Life,” one man after another filling me, making my cock-let ooze spunk as they unloaded inside me, then passing me to the next man. The last two men I recognized all too well.

Tommy stepped up to me, but he did something different this time. He grabbed my head and lifted it by the chin, then pulled the cloth out of my mouth. As I gasped for air, I inadvertently sucked in Tommy’s thick meat in the same breath. I coughed softly on the taste of salt and sweat. A low gurgling rumbled at a rhythm from the back of my throat with every punch it took from Tommy’s cock. My blinking eyes caught a darker form move past me.

Banthus, the hulking form that he was, stalked to my backside. As his member, the biggest yet, slapped onto my buttocks, the shaft slipping in between my slick butt cheeks like a banana split, I shivered. A guttural rumble growled deep in my stomach and pulsed to my heart, elevating my heart rate, making me shake more. I momentarily spaced out on the cock assaulting my throat, my attention focused on the gargantuan meat slab that positioned over my worn anus. Without warning, the hulking, dark-colored member pushed inside me, dilating my rectum with every meaty inch it stole.

“Mmmmmgghhh!!!” I screamed a throaty, raspy scream against Tommy’s thrusts into my throat.

The thrusts cut my screams into sections so it sounded like … “Mmggh — mmmghhh — mmmgghhh!!”

Banthus inched his monster dick farther inside slowly until it reached the apex. Then, he backed out a little faster and shoved it right back in, tapping his hips against my soft, moist buttocks, tiny against the man’s massive waist. It was the biggest, and hardest, cock I had ever taken in my young life, and have ever taken since.

There was a renewed stinging when he first entered, like he popped my cherry again. That sting quickly evolved to enormous pleasure, a pleasure that matched the size of the man’s rod. My eyes fluttered shut. I let the double team have me, let the feeling slide my body back and forth across the stone pedestal. All pain was gone at this point. An overwhelming surge of ecstasy consumed me as I was filled from both ends. My small, frail body was a double-ended sheath, a sleeve to be worn by these cocks. Worn again and again until …

“Ohhhhhh,” Banthus’ low moan of satisfaction rose from deep within his stomach.

I could feel it. His satisfaction poured into me in buckets. The cream shotgun-blasted from his member and piled through my intestines. It felt like my belly was going to burst. A puddle of mixed sweat and cum pooled and flowed over the surface of the pedestal.

The smell of dying enzymes filled my nostrils as the creamy taste of cold gravy poured down my esophagus. Tommy just sighed as he unloaded his testicles into my mouth. My throat was open so wide I could do nothing but swallow. Breaths cycled through my snot caked nose so fast it felt cold against the sweltering heat of the room.

Slowly, the men released me to lay in the small pond of bodily fluids. As I lay there, my small, panting ten-year-old body, hearing the chants of the circle around me rise in volume, my eyes fixed open. From one ear, I heard a soft grating of stone against stone.

The chanting reached a fever pitch. As soon as the grating stopped, the chanting halted. Silence filled the rotunda, accompanied by a bright yellow light. I rolled to my other side so I could see the source of the light. For a moment, I was blinded. Through squinted eyes, I saw two shadowy figures emerge from the open doorway where the light poured in. The shining light dimmed slowly as the two figures came into view. I lifted my head and my cum-stained mouth fell open.

“Hello, son,” said Dad.

He was naked save for a pair of thin black boxer briefs and an ornate looking headdress. The men in the circle began a softer chant at a lower cadence as they parted to let him through. The women who sat along the outer wall stood up and walked toward the center of the room, creating a semi-circle with their concerted walk.

Dad walked up to me and sat me up on my knees. I looked behind him and recognized the other figure instantly. It was Mary. Her flaming red hair flowed down the front of her chest. She wore a golden tiara along with golden panties and a gold bra. Pale golden makeup adorned her lips and eyelids. Sexually exhausted and numb as my preteen body was from the ritual gang-bang, Mary’s voluptuous form did nothing for me. Nothing has really since that night.

“D-dada… w-w-what,” I sputtered.

“Shhhh, calm down,” he whispered, “I’ll explain everything.”

My throat was too sore to be able to say anything coherent, so I sat back and listened.

“The real reason I brought you here tonight, son, was to induct you into your birthright. All of these things will become clearer to you during the Ascension, but all you have to know right now is that you’re the descendant of a god. Yes, a literal God — his name is Hermes Trismegistus — that means he’s the, “Thrice Greatest King.” He was resurrected twice, meaning he lived three lives. His third rebirth happened when you were born. You are the chosen one. You are the one who will take on the next mantle as Hermes Trismegistus. As the name and meaning suggests, you are the third and will most likely be the last, which means you will be the most powerful.”

The men and women around me fell to their knees and said a different chant that I couldn’t understand. Slowly, however, their words gained meaning.

I understood that they said, “Hail … Hail … Hail,” just not in English.

I didn’t know how it was possible for me to understand them, but I did. My head threatened to spin when I felt another hand under my chin. I looked up and the Scarlet Woman, Mary, stood over me and looked into my eyes. A flickering fire burned brightly within her pupils.

“This ritual was to prepare you for your Ascension, Great One,” she said, “The seed these male disciples offered to you will make you strong and help guide your spirit. Now, with one final offering from me, you will achieve your ascension.”

Her shadow darkened everything as she lowered her head to mine. Our lips touched. My eyes flew open, and I saw everything. The all presented itself before me and filled me. There was a floating sensation, like I was being lifted high into the air. A blinding white light blanketed the room.

Within seconds, then milliseconds, then beyond the tiniest syllables of recorded time, the all and Everything became clear to me. My spirit sat upon the all, and I took my place upon the throne of light. I was forever changed, evolved beyond the physical form. I sit there now, aware of everything, contemplating everything and nothing all at once. It seems funny to me now, my initial resistance to the Ascension. Of course, none of that matters now. All that matters is the all.

The all within the all, and the all in the all.


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