A Gift of Satanic Filth by GarySix – Non-Fiction

Writer: GarySix

Subject: A Gift of Satanic Filth (A Graphic Altar Post)

Link: LS666 Email / 28.11.2022 / Publication VIRG TWO

A Gift of Satanic Filth

A gift of Satanic filth for my Christian friends. How amazing it was to find this illustration. Here we have the cock sucker son helping his whore mom show off her spread cunt. Look how proud he is showing her cunt. This is an excellent graphic altar for you to masturbate cum offerings to Satan. BTW if any of you have photos or illustrations of Mary as a slut and especially with her fucking son, please send them to me.

2 thoughts on “A Gift of Satanic Filth by GarySix – Non-Fiction”

  1. Great little story Gary love watching boys fucking their mother’s their cocks going deep inside their mother’s hairy bush

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