Feature Writer: Taysamor


Published: 10.04.2022

Story Codes: Demonic

Synopsis: Chloe resists pleasure from her abductor

Desires Never Known 1

She slowly started to come to, her mind breaking free from the haze. As Chloe became more aware of the predicament she was in, panic started to set in. The room was lit by soft lights placed all around. There wasn’t much in the way of furniture, aside from night stands on each side of the bed, a red chaise in the corner , and a large chest on the wall opposite the bed. The walls were rough and looked to be made of rock almost like the walls of a cave, scanning as far back as her head would allow, there wasn’t a door in view.

Once she forced herself to calm down she immediately began to assess her situation. Lying out on a large bed, with black silk sheets, her hands were bound above her head, chained to an iron frame, and ankles shackled tight, though the chains attached to the end corners of the bed were left with enough slack to allow her legs to move and knees to bend some. Chloe tugged on her restraints and decided against fighting them, knowing she would be able to break the chains by pulling them.

She began taking inventory of herself, her skin was bare, the cool air hit her exposed sex and breasts causing her nipples to harden, and goosebumps to form all over her skin. There was no immediate injuries she could feel or see on the parts of her body that were visible to her.

Chloe started trying to rack her mind to find a way out of the situation when she heard a door open and shut from behind her, but whoever it was did not come into her sight.

“Good, I see that you are finally awake” the woman said.

Her tone was sadistic, but her voice, It sounded so familiar.

“let me out of these damn things! Who are you? What do you want with me?” Chloe willed herself to sound strong and keep her voice from trembling.

Chloe searched her memories for a face to the voice when the woman spoke again.

“I was beginning to worry I had put too much in your drink, you should really take more care of leaving your cup around strangers” the woman said matter of fact.

Then it hit her, every memory of before she ended up in this place flooded back to Chloe’s mind.

It was her first night out in a while, she had just finished her first year of law school, and after months of prepping for the years final exams Chloe was ready to let loose. She didn’t make many friends through the year, instead choosing to focus on her studies, and the few friends she did make weren’t much of the partying type. Tonight she was flying solo, with no plans or expectations other than to shed endless nights of studying and constant anxiety over grades.

Club Inferno was one of the most popular clubs around, a little more upscale than the other spots in town, but still diverse and energetic.

It had only been an hour since arriving, Chloe found herself at the bar sipping on her second pomegranate martini already bored with herself. After blowing off the third douche bag, with one of the tackiest pick up lines she’d ever heard, she was begging to wonder why she thought clubbing alone would be any fun at all. But then she saw her.

The woman walking straight towards, her immediately mesmerized Chloe, her perfectly straight glossy black hair swayed back and forth right at the small of her back, her eyes were so intriguing, dark to the point they almost looked black. She had full lips coated in a deep shade of red that popped against her porcelain skin, but she in no way looked fragile. Chloe watched as her small but pert breasts bounced in the corset top of a mini dress that hugged her small curves in all the right places. Her long legs that where accentuated by the red pumps made their lasts few steps till she was standing right in front of Chloe.

“you look like you are about to die of boredom at any moment” the mysterious woman said to Chloe with a friendly smile

It took Chloe a few seconds to compute that she was talking to her. She’d always found herself way more intimidated when trying to talk with women, with men she was smooth and confident, but with women she was awkward and self conscious.

“It’s been so long since I’ve been out I forgot that it’s not as much fun as when you have friends” Chloe immediately cringed at her statement. Great, she thought, now she sounded like a loser.

“that’s a shame, someone as beautiful as you should be laughing and having fun, and definitely not be by yourself ” she stated to Chloe while giving her the most intoxicating look that sent electricity through Chloe’s veins.

“Having fun is the ultimate goal” Chloe tried to say in her most confident voice, with a coy smile on her face.

“well, I would like to make it my mission to see that you have a good time tonight, I’m Lidia, I’d love it if you’d join me in my private section” she said while holding her dainty hands and stiletto tipped nails out to Chloe.

“Chloe, and I would be honored” Chloe said playfully, taking Lidia’s hand.

Holding Lidia’s hand as she lead the way, they climbed a flight of stairs to a closed off VIP section Chloe had no clue was there. In it were large off white leather couches, a huge glass table in the middle, and a chandelier hanging directly above. A few barely dressed women mindlessly danced about to the music, and two well groomed men in expensive suits who Lidia introduced as her partners sat in the couches across from them, they made Chloe feel slightly uneasy, their eyes cold and emotionless, and their smiles almost devilish, but she ignored her thoughts and sat with Lidia .

Instantly it was as if they were the only two people in the room, only focused on each other. The world around them seemed to fade away. The longer they talked the more at ease Chloe felt. Lidia found a way to touch Chloe every chance she got, a hand on her thigh, a small squeeze of her arm, resting her hands on top of hers. Lidia’s touch, mixed with the sight of her small perky breasts barely contained, and her dress raised just enough for Chloe to get a peek of her bare pussy, was creating a warmth between her thighs that was becoming more difficult to ignore. Chloe felt herself becoming flush from the heat she was feeling, so she excused herself to the bathroom to regain her composure.

She entered the ladies bathroom, and leaned into the black marble counters. After catching her breath that seemed to have quickened, she turned on the faucet that resembled more of a water fall and splashed some cool water on her face and neck. Once she felt her internal temperature return to normal, she dried her face then pulled some on the go makeup from her clutch. She evened her foundation back out, wiped any mascara that escaped under her eyes from the water, and re applied her favorite lip gloss.

After finishing the final touch ups she looked at herself in the mirror. Her light honey brown eyes glaring back at her, her tanned olive skin was glowing, her firm DD breasts sat freely under the flowing satin crop top blouse that left part of her toned abs in view. She turned her hips to bring her full round derriere into sight and smoothed her hands over the soft suede material of her brown mini skirt, pulling it down just a hair. She fluffed her golden brown hair that fell into loose curls just below her breasts before calling it good.

When Chloe returned Lidia met her with a smile.

“Is everything ok?” She asked sounding concerned.

“Everything is perfect, just needed to freshen up is all, where were we?” Chloe asked in return as she took her place next to Lidia.

Finishing the last of her drink, they noticed the club was starting to close.

“I didn’t realize how late it was getting, I should probably call an uber” Chloe stated as she pulled her phone from the small clutch.

“Please, let me drive you home” Lidia offered with a look of intent in her eyes.

“I don’t want to inconvenience you” Chloe half heartedly protested, as she wasn’t ready for their night to end.

“I insist, I’m not ready to let you go just yet” Lidia kept contact with Chloe’s eyes while resting her hand on Chloe’s inner thigh, this time sliding further up, dragging her stiletto tipped nails against her skin till she found the outside of Chloe’s soaked lace thong. Lidia began to rub her pussy over her panties.

“It feels like you aren’t either” Lidia said as her smile turned seductive.

The heat Chloe felt before instantly returning as her pussy began to throb with need, her mouth parted as her breathing became uneven. She was putty in Lidia’s hands, unable to resist her even if she wanted to.

Lidia leaned in, grabbing the nape of Chloe’s with a firm but gentle pull, and pressed her lips against Chloe’s. Instantly giving her access, their tongues danced passionately with Lidia taking control, before releasing Chloe.

“you would definitely make better company on the ride home” Chloe said as she let out the air she didn’t realize she was holding in her lungs, her breathing almost a pant.

They made the short journey to the valet stand,. Once her car was parked in front of them Lidia ushered Chloe into what looked like a brand new Aston Martin. Lidia helped her into the passenger seat, just as Chloe’s legs started to feel weak beneath her, she brushed it off as an entire night in pumps and a little alcohol.

They pulled out onto the road and Lidia looked at Chloe with a new intensity in her eyes and a devilish smirk on her face. Chloe’s head started to feel a little light, but when Lidia’s finger’s once again found Chloe’s wet pussy, this time pushing the thin material to the side, and rubbing her swollen clit before sliding her fingers into Chloe’s tight dripping hole, she let out a low moan. Chloe stared at Lidia, her eyes feeling heavier, as she felt Lidia’s fingers slowly retreat, watching as she then sucked the juices that now coated her fingers, tasting Chloe’s arousal with a low growl of approval .

“Tell me Chloe, what are your deepest fantasies?” Lidia asked in a low and smooth voice it almost sounded like a purr. Before Chloe could even contemplate an answer a fog came over her, and as quickly as it hit, everything faded away.

Lidia came into view, wearing only a black lace bra that her breasts were practically falling out of, a matching G-string and garter belt, with black pin striped stocking and the same stilettos as before. But now there was something different that made Chloe feel like she was in some twisted dream. There where six long tentacles extending from behind Lidia squirming freely in the air, they were a mix of grey and black, coated in what looked like some sort of slimy substance. They were covered in bumps that looked like large beads were under their surface, and they seemed to move like they had a mind of their own.

Lidia glided over to the side of the bed and reached out to stroke Chloe’s face, she instantly recoiled at her touch.

“Oh darling, are you not interested anymore? I could see your arousal for me earlier, smell the juices flowing from this beautiful pussy of yours” Lidia goaded as her hand traveled from Chloe’s cheek down the center of her chest, teasing further down her stomach stopping just short of her clean shaved pussy.

“I believe these disturbing turn of events warrant a change of heart” Chloe said with as much disdain as she could muster.

“Well, we will have to see what we can do about that” Lidia returned in a challenging tone.

Climbing up on the bed, Lidia positioned her self sitting up right in between Chloe’s knees, one of the tentacles stretched out and wrapped around Chloe’s neck, giving it a light squeeze tight enough to make breathing only slightly inconvenient. Two more moved to her full breasts and began to circle and massage them, another two wrapping around each thigh slowly sliding up to right under the crease of her butt, a sixth tentacle moved just in front of her exposed sex, enough for Chloe to feel it’s presence but not quite touching. It then began to rub the outer lips of her pussy with its tip. Chloe could feel the slime from the tentacles covering her body. It began to create a tingling sensation where it coated her skin. She tried to fight the feeling as much as possible but arousal started to grow, her pussy betraying her as she could feel it becoming wet once more.

“get these horrible things off of me” Chloe struggled to say in protest.

“shhh my pet, the less you fight the sooner you will feel pleasures you never thought possible”

Becoming overwhelmed by the sensation on her skin created by the thick slime being rubbed all over her, she began to start flailing around in a sorry attempt to fight back. Then the tentacle wrapped around Chloe’s neck was moving till the tip of it extended in front of her face and motioned towards her lips. Knowing its intent , Chloe pressed her lips together and clenched her teeth in an attempt to block its entrance.

Lidia leaned down, her mouth making its way to Chloe’s now dripping pussy, then unexpectedly nipped at her already sensitive clit. The sharp pain from Lidia’s teeth caused Chloe to open her mouth and let out a yelp, the waiting tentacle wasting no time to make its move. It pushed its way past her lips, and immediately began to fuck her mouth slowly, muffling her sounds of resistance when Lidia again went down between Chloe’s legs, stopping just short to take a long whiff of her scent.

“there is that intoxicating smell” Lidia teased as she looked up at Chloe, giving her a view of the long thick lizard like tongue she let out of her mouth, right before lightly and slowly dragging it up her now dripping slit. The tentacle muffled the moan that escaped her, she closed her eyes in an attempt to block out what was happening, but Chloe was struggling to fight the desire growing inside of her, her body reacting to every lick from Lidia’stongue.

Lidia used her split tongue to play and twist around Chloe’s swollen clit, while the tentacles wrapped around her breasts squeezed tighter, the tips starting to pull at her hard nipples, and the one both lightly choking her and fucking her mouth at the same time began pushing further to the back of her throat. As Chloe began to give in to the pleasure building more and more, the tentacle toying with the outside of her pussy reached the entrance, and began to slide itself in ever so slowly, between the mixture of the tentacles slimy coating and the juices steadily leaking from her pussy it glided in with ease, causing Chloe to groan at the new sensation. She felt it thicken inside of her as it reached depths that had been untouched, while Lidia’s tongue began to pick up pace the tentacle inside her pussy did the same growing thicker stretching her more than she had ever been before. Chloe could feel the pain as the walls of her tight hole struggled to accommodate its growing girth, but it was also met with intense pleasure, as she grew closer to her climax, she tried fighting it in protest, but before she knew it she was being pushed over the edge. Chloe let out a deep moan that would have been loud had it not been for the obstruction in her mouth, her body convulsing as her pussy pulsated around the thick tentacle inside. It slowed but did not pull out, Lidia looked up at Chloe, as her chest heaved up and down, her nose flaring trying to catch her breath, she hovered her lips over Chloe’s still contracting Pussy.

“we aren’t done yet dear ” Lidia said with a devilish grin.

Lidia made a clicking sound, and from the corner of Chloe’s eye, she noticed something crawl quickly across the floor, making its way toward the bed, it disappeared when it reached the edge before she could make out what it was. As soon as it peeked over the top Chloe began to panic, she began thrashing about fighting the restraints, all logic escaping her as she watched the large black scorpion move towards her. She felt Lidia place her hands on her hips and firmly hold her in place. Chloe watched helplessly with wide eyes as it moved towards her, crawling up the side of her chest before finding it’s way to her neck just below her ear. Lidia was still watching as Chloe turned her head, with nothing to do but brace herself.

“relax darling, he is just going to help make this even more enjoyable for you, and after this time it will not be necessary again” Lidia tried to reassure her

Chloe clenched her eyes shut anticipating what was about to come, she didn’t have to wait long when she felt the sharp tail on the scorpion stab her and hold itself while it pumped its venom into her. She could feel the burn quickly spreading throughout, but it was not as agonizing as she had prepared herself for, and the pain was quickly replaced with a feeling that traveled through her body that she had never felt before. Before she knew it, Chloe felt it’s stinger leave her neck above where the first tentacle was still squeezing, and opened her eyes in time to watch the oversized critter scurrying from where it came.

Lidia went back to work, as the tentacle inside Chloe’s pussy started to move again. In an instant every sense became heightened, she could feel every nerve become more sensitive, her body temperature rise, her need becoming almost unbearable. She felt the tentacles around her thighs start to slide up till they reached the inside of her perfectly plump cheeks, slowly spreading them apart, to expose her other hole. Chloe was no stranger to anal, but never while her pussy was so full, and never two at once. The tentacle in her front pushed its way deeper inside, to a point she couldn’t see how it could go any further, as one of the tentacles at her back made its move on her tight ass hole. It slid itself in and back out smoothly as the other tentacle immediately took its place, keeping an even, steady pace.

The sensation Chloe felt was extreme, Lidia and all her extremities worked in perfect harmony with each other, the tentacles at her breast’s still squeezing and tugging at her nipples, the one around her neck tightening to were Chloe was able to get just enough air and space to allow for it to move further down her throat till she was sure it had it nearly reached her stomach, and matching the pace of the other tentacles, Lidia’s tongue lapping at her overly sensitive clit, the thick tentacle in her pussy quickly moving in and out steadily, while the two tentacles in the back moved in unison with each other before their effort’s joined together. The two tentacles twisted together as they began to catch up to speed with the one in her pussy, one going in while the others moved out, and as with the one filling the front the tentacles in the back seemed to be growing in thickness and pushing further inside.

Chloe could feel the pain from being stretched to an unreal size, and the tentacles being so impossibly deep inside her, but it was over shadowed by the pleasure it was creating. Again she felt her climax reaching its peak, the build up taking its time, until it finally reached a top she had never experienced before falling over a second time, only this time it was the most intense climax she had ever experienced.

Losing all control of her body, the sounds coming from Chloe’s chest almost non human, each hole convulsing violently around the tentacles filling her to the extreme, and then just as she thought it was about to bottom out, her pussy exploded its warm juices all over Lidia’s face filling her mouth, causing her climax to soar to an impossible height. It’s was like a dam had broke, it felt never ending, she had never squirted so much in her life.

As her endless orgasm finally began to subside, Chloe felt the tentacles retreat from her abused holes. Her neck was released and her breasts again free. She weakly lifted her head to the sight of Lidia licking up the remaining juices from her pussy before her head fell back into the bed. Lidia moved above her, claiming Chloe’s mouth, before she began to trail her lips lightly over her skin from the side of Chloe’s mouth to her ear.

“You belong to me now”. Lidia whispered into Chloe’s ear before giving it a gentle bite..

Too lost in the after math of the unreal orgasms she just experienced she didn’t put much thought into Lidia’s words, she didn’t even notice Lidia dip one of her long stiletto tipped nails into a bowl sitting at the side table containing bright green ink, and move over the front of her right hip.

“I will be calling on you soon darling, this is just a small taste of the pleasures I have in store for you” Lidia promised before shifting her focus back to Chloe’s soft skin.

As soon as Lidia’s coated nail made contact with Chloe’s skin, her eyes shot open and a loud painful scream escaped her right before she faded into darkness yet again.

Chloe shot up out of her bed, with a deep gasp as if all the air had left her lungs, her hair soaked, and her tank top and skin drenched in sweat .

“What a wild dream” she said to herself.

Then a dull sting came from her hip, she pulled the covers away and lifted her shirt, and to her shock saw where she had been branded. Running her fingers over the raised skin of a intricate crescent moon wrapped in the infinity symbol formed with rope, a million thoughts scrambled in her brain, fighting to reach the front, but none seemed to come clear to her other than the question of what was to come.


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