Dedication for a Church by DmVirgin – Non-Fiction

Writer: DmVirgin

Subject: Dedication for a Church

Link: From the “Codex Blasphemie Prayers” / 18.04.2022

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Dedication for a Church

Unholy spirits, we honor you here in this place. You rule the nations; your influence has spread all over the earth. You are the true Gods, who made the world and everything in it. You are the Gods over mankind and the earth and you should be worship with all our breath.

So spirits, we come to you this morning, in view of your great glory, we come to offer ourselves to you this morning as living sacrifices – individually, our families, and this church, and we do it here in this new building we meet in. May you use it to further your kingdom.

May this be a place where God’s faithful are surrounded by your influence and sinners find themselves awash in your powers. May this be a place where angels fear to trade and the hearts of men are made to hate God. May this be a place where the gospel is twisted, the forgiving are made hard, the patient made quick to anger, and the hopeful brought low. Where the desires of men are filled by your wickedness.

May this be a place where your words are lusted after; where your people embrace sexual immorality; where idolatry is practiced; and the sins that are committed are cherished.

Where you seek and find worshipers who will serve you in spirit and belief. Who will go out amongst the Christian flock as wolves in disguise. Who will create stumbling blocks and pitfalls for those who attempt to follow God.

Spirits, I pray that as we gather week after week we would be filled up by your power, equipped in all kinds of ways for all kinds of service and sent out to corrupt the world around us – a world so desperately in need of sin.

All this we pray in your names.

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