Feature Writer: Alluring Ali 25
Feature Title: Demon Seduction
Story Codes: Erotic Horror, Demon
Synopsis: A frustrated girlfriend is seduced by a demon.


Demon Seduction

Night after night, I tossed and turned in bed. I would break out in cold sweats before feeling the heat of desire in between my legs. My mind would flash with visions of depraved sexual fantasies. If only I had not mouthed off to that witch a week ago in the market, then she would not have cursed me with a demon of the night. Seven days, I just had to last the week and then he would go away. Tonight was the last night and I fear my will was breaking. My boyfriend looked at me with great concern as I took a sip of hot espresso and midnight.

“You don’t really intend on staying up the whole night, do you?” He questioned.

I glared at him. “That is exactly my intention.”

“So you fear you are too weak to fight of the advances of the demon any longer?” He spat out distastefully.

I gripped the cup in my hand until my knuckles turned white. I held my tongue. Damnable witch, she was right. My boyfriend, Derrick, and I went to market together. We got into a fight. The witch told me to escape toxicity. I told the hag to fuck off. Now look where I am. I was on the brink of giving Derrick a piece of my mind when the lights flickered. I remained calm while he jumped like a coward. No wonder I was no longer attracted to him.

I heard my name, Morgan, being whispered. I turned to see if Derrick had noticed, but clearly the calling was only meant for my ears. My boyfriend muttered he was going to bed. I remained silent and headed out into the living room. The fireplace was crackling. I sat on the couch and covered up with a blanket. I tried to distract myself by reading a book, however, there were little things that bothered me: a sudden gust of cold wind made the hairs on my arms stand up, whispers in the air, and shadowy figures out of the corner of my eyes.

I put the book down and gasped startled. There he was, the demon that had been plaguing me all this time. His skin had a purplish tint to it. Horns jetted out from the top of his head. His tail with a pointed tip eagerly swayed in the air. My eyes trailed down his muscular body to see his rock hard erection. I swallowed hard.

“I didn’t welcome you into my home.” I said.

It was the only rule demons followed. They were only allowed entry into the home and body with permission.

He flashed a wicked smile and showed his sharp teeth. “Your mouth may not have beckoned me, but your body most certainly did. I can smell your arousal from here.”

I flushed and realized my panties were quite damp. I was in a long gown. My nipples hardened against the silk fabric the more I gazed upon him. He was monstrous, yet, there was a undeniable attraction. He slowly approached me. I had half the mind to beckon him to leave, but there was a part that was curious about the pleasures from the creature of the night. He grabbed my blanket and slowly pulled it away from my body.

His body towered over me as I found myself leaning back on the couch to create distance between us. However, I put myself in a more vulnerable position. I shuddered as his claws lightly scraped my delicate inner thighs. My damp panties were exposed to the air. I could feel the heat rise to my face even more.

I groaned as he lifted my gown higher, exposing my torso. His skin felt coarse against my flesh. I bit my bottom lip to prevent from moaning as he landed a tender kiss right above my panty line. My breathing started to quicken. The blood rushed through my veins. I felt as if my heart were going to burst from my rib cage.

“Just one more day….” I muttered as he continued to rain kisses on me.

His glowing yellow eyes were intense as he looked up at me. “Tell me to leave then.”

“I…I can’t…” My voice trailed off as he hovered above me.

Our faces were lined up perfectly. I could feel his stiff excitement pressed against my panties.

“Then tell me what you really desire.” His voice was deep and silky.

“Fuck me.” I whispered.

That was all the demon needed to hear. He ripped my gown into two. My breasts were exposed to the air. He captured a nipple in between his teeth. I gasped from the sharp pricks. It was not enough to break skin. I moaned in delight when I felt his forked tongue perfectly encompass my nipples. My back arched. I wanted him to take all of me.

He carefully caressed my breasts as he switched back and forth between nipples. My hand dove underneath my panties. My clit was already swollen and sensitive. I parted my lips and slipped two fingers inside with ease. I was dripping with desire. I felt the demon’s nails slice my panties open. The cotton fabric fell away. I was completely exposed. He pushed my legs aside without much effort. I was willing to give my body to him. I removed my fingers from my sopping wet hole.

His forked tongue on my clit caused me to cry out. The sensation was different from anything I had ever felt in my life. The demon rapidly flickered his tongue. My hole was yearning to be filled. I could feel myself clench around nothing. His eyes were intense as he devoured me. I tossed my head and moaned. I shuddered and reached my first orgasm.

I felt him climb on top of me. His swollen bulbous head rubbed against my slippery lips. His claws slightly grazed the outside of my legs.

“Allow me to be inside you.” He whispered in my ear.

I pressed into him. I felt the tip pop inside me. I gasped as I grabbed his hips, slightly nudging him to go on. Every inch stretched me out. I felt a firm hand around my throat. We locked eyes as he pumped in and out of me with a bit more vigor. I shuddered as I could feel my creamy juices swirl around his demon cock. My eyes rolled back in my head. Every wave of pleasure was a shock to my nervous system. I felt as if electricity were running through my body.

His hand ventured from my throat to my hair. He grabbed my locks and yanked back. He kissed me firmly on the lips. I found my tongue dancing with his forked tongue. I moaned into his mouth as he bucked his hips wildly into me. His body tensed up. I clenched tighter around him. Suddenly, he ripped himself from me and came all over my tits and stomach. My canal felt empty and for a moment, I wish he would have finished inside me.

The demon happily sighed and disappeared leaving only wisps of smoke. I used my rip gown to clean the demon seed before passing out. I had no dreams of the demon. I awoke to my boyfriend standing over me. There was a look of disgust from my displayed naked body. I got to my feet.

“It’s over.” I stated simply.

His shouts of protest were drowned out as I marched up the stairs to pack my suitcase. I was in a world of my own. I had to leave for the witch who cursed me with the demon had already ventured into another town. Witches never stay in one place for long. I had to find her. I needed to see the demon again. Perhaps that was the worse part of a demon curse. If one succumbs to the pleasures of the demon, they make it their life’s mission to have a taste of it once more. Maybe I was an insane fool for pursuing a creature of the night. My heart raced with excitement. Better than sticking around here.


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