Feature Writer: ReWriter
Feature Title: Dangerous Bargains
Story Codes: Demon, Supernatural
Synopsis:  A college girl makes a deal with a demon.


Dangerous Bargains

“So do we have a deal?”

Ashley didn’t answer right away. She had hoped more than anything that this would work, but now that it had she was having a difficult time accepting the cost of the offer.

“You don’t have to agree, of course, but I am busy. If this you’re turning down the offer then I will be on my way.”

She suddenly looked up from her shoes and to him. “Wait. Don’t go. I… I accept.”

“Wonderful, then let us get started.”

“I thought everything was already in place, what else is there to do?”

“Oh, sweet Ashley, you may have managed to call me to this place and we have reached a bargain, but if you want what you just sold your soul for then there is still much left to do.”

It wasn’t the first time tonight that Ashley felt nervous. The entire idea seemed like it might have been doomed from the start, but after every step, it seemed like she had already invested too much to stop there. Over a year of research, stealing the needed components slowly over the last three months to not raise suspicions. She had given what little bit of a social life she had to dive deeper into the lore, finding out exactly what she had to do and what she would have to give up for what she desired. Even with the research dropping her somewhat average grades down another letter and slowly losing the few friends she had, Ashley was hesitate to go through the last step. Fear held her back, but she had given up too much not to at least try. She still didn’t fully believe that it would work, summoning a demon was hardly a realistic goal, but it had somehow worked.

Ashley had spent the last few weeks cleaning out one of the storage rooms in the science building on campus. There were a dozen or so of them in the basement and given that the one she had settled on had been housing decade-old textbooks it seemed a safe bet that it wasn’t being used regularly. She had emptied the space out and began drawing the necessary seals. And tonight she had finally finished them. With the campus all but empty on a Sunday she had decided that tonight was the best time to do it, less risk of her somehow being caught. As prepared as she would ever be she ignited the seals with a candle, burning them away and leaving blackened markings in their wake. Ashley had no idea what to expect. She was left standing in the poorly lit storage room, humiliation slowly building in her. She had wasted a year on this, a foolish idea that she had taken too far. She had lost what little bit of a lift she had and was now left with nothing. She was about to begin cleaning up the mess she had made, the last thing she needed was a janitor finding it when she heard a voice.

There was someone else in the room, they had appeared silently, the door was still closed. “And what bargain are you looking for?”

Ashley turned around frantically, spotting the figure. Her heart nearly stopped. She couldn’t make out all of its features, the shadows in the room hid it too well. It was tall, perhaps six foot six, it looked mostly human. She couldn’t see much more than the upper half of its silhouette, the main reason was that its skin was black, not brown, but a full deep black that blended in with the shadows behind it. A pair of white horns rose from its head, curling back and running alongside its scalp. Grey medium length hair was swept back and its eyes were a bright, very human blue. While it was tall it seemed to be of a more slender athletic build and from all features, she could make out it seemed masculine.

“At a loss of words?” He said, his voice was fairly light at the moment, slightly amused if a bit impatient. He looked around the room, “Hardly the most pleasant place to be called, but I can see the need for the privacy.” From behind him, Ashley could see what could only be a tail moving side to side. He didn’t step forward but his eyes moved along the seals she had drawn. “You have a steady hand, I rarely see this amount of precision for a first timer, which given you state I assume you are.” His eyes moved back up to her, “What may I help you with, my dear? I can only assume you have a bargain you wish to make, given the research, you must have down to arrange this meeting.”

She was slow to find her tongue, her disbelief in the current situation slowly fading, “I… want power.”

He smiled, showing a very human set of teeth, if on the sharp side, “Of course, but you’ll have to be more specific. I can offer many boons, what is it you desire?”

There had never been a moment in her life that Ashley hadn’t been second best. She was pretty, but only just. Not ugly enough to be scorned by classmates, but not enough to ever be pursued. She was five four, with somewhat lackluster blonde hair. Even with working out and carefully watching her diet she had never reached a figure she had been happy with. Her coursework never excelled, even when she put in the extra effort she could barely manage above a B. Her social life was lacking as much as any facet of her life, a few acquaintances she had been forced to get to know from group projects. An older sister that had always done better than her didn’t help. Katy had gotten a full ride, graduated at the top of her class, and was already engaged, all achievements that Ashley was woefully short of completely herself.

More confident now she looked up at him, “I want to be better, I want to succeed at anything I attempt, I want to be beautiful, I want to be everything that I’m not now.”

He nodded along with each demand. “I see. I think we can make a bargain then. My name is Uandan and what is yours, my dear? There are rules that have to be followed after all. You are versed in some of our rules are you not?”

She was, in all the reading she had done she had learned a lot about how demons operated. From the strict hierarchy, they obeyed to how they couldn’t lie while making a deal. “My name is Ashley Doorn.”

Uandan grinned at her, “Then Ashley, you know what the cost of this deal will be?”

She nodded, “Yes, my soul.”

“More than that my dear, you will be bound to me, in life and after. You will keep your freedom, for the most part.” He paused at seeing the horror on her face, “Now, before you say no, understand what I am offering you. You will have the power to accomplish anything you can dream of. You can be whoever you wish, long life, beauty, you can have whatever, whoever you desire. Aside for but a few constraints, you can do anything.”

It seemed too good to be true, but the cost also was unbelievably high. “I have some questions.” She said.

“Of course, ask whatever you like.” He said, “I appreciate your caution.”

“What limits would there be on my freedom?”

The demon nodded, “Very few, your body and soul will belong to me, you cannot trade them to another demon or ever contact another demon. I am very private about my contracts. You are not to interfere with anyone else that I have bargained with if there is a conflict of interests between two of you I will settle it.” That actually sounded far fairer than she had thought it would be. “And there is one more constraint,” Uandan added.

“What is that?” Perhaps it had been too good to be true after all.

“Once a month you will have to do exactly as I wish for a full day.”

That gave her pause, “What would you have me do during these days? I’m not going to do anything… evil for you.” Ashley didn’t know how else to put it.

That brought a laugh from the demon, “You don’t need to worry about that, my dear, a demon of my rank isn’t allowed to meddle with humans that haven’t made a deal with me, it would be against the rules for me to ask you to harm another human.”

“And what would be the limits of my powers exactly?” Ashley asked, “Could I fly, shape-shift?”

Uudan nodded, amused by her first idea. “Yes. Much like the constraints, there are few limits. You won’t be able to bend or twist reality, and of course, time travel isn’t allowed. You can’t break your contract and the last limit is that you can’t interfere with other demons or their contracts. It would hardly do to have you all battling in the street, far too much attention.”

That all sounded reasonable, she hadn’t even thought of using time travel, so not having that as an option wasn’t a big loss. “So I’ll be able to change my appearance, to whatever I want? I could pass all of my classes?”

“Of course, your concern over the small things is endearing, Ashley. So do we have a deal?”

“What else is there to do? The deal is done, right?” Ashley was immediately concerned that she had fallen into a trap of some sort, she was in over her head but everything seemed to have been fair so far.

“There are two things, my dear. Firstly I must gift you your powers and secondly today will the first day in which you will serve me directly.”

That sent alarm bells off in Ashley’s head, but she had already agreed, and Uandan had said he couldn’t make her hurt anyone. “What do you want me to do then?” She asked slowly, nervously looking at him.

The demon stepped forward out of the shadows for the first time and Ashley was able to make out all of him. He appeared much like she had thought he was, but up close she could tell that even with his demonic features he was quite handsome and he easily had the best figure of any man she had ever seen. She barely had time to take him in before her eyes moved lower and she saw that he was completely naked. A thick jet black shaft hung between his legs, it wasn’t currently erect but Ashley immediately looked away in embarrassment. She had just assumed the demon had been wearing clothes.

He didn’t seem the least bit concerned with his current lack of clothes as he walked up to her extending a hand. Without so much as a sound a choker appeared in his outstretched hand, it was black almost blending in with his skin, it was edged and clasped in silver. “Wear this for the next twenty-four hours and every time I call on you. It will seal our bargain and give you the powers.”

Ashley pulled her eyes up from the floor, the redness still on her cheeks, settling on his hand and trying not to focus on his muscled chest directly in front of her. She managed to keep her hands from shaking as she took it, bringing the choker up to her neck and doing the clasp. It fit her perfectly, snugly fitting around her neck and not restricting her, but she didn’t feel any different after putting it on. “Did it work?” Ashley had no idea what to expect of course, but she had thought something would happen, sparks, a flash of light, a glow, anything.

Uandan let out a chuckle, “Yes it worked. You didn’t see a light show when you successfully call me did you? Magic doesn’t need to be as flashy as you think it does.” As if to prove his point he raised a hand up and with a flick of his wrist a full-length mirror manifested in front of her. It was a beautiful work, the frame was ornate, inlaid with precious metals and the glass itself was seemingly flawless. “Why won’t you give your new powers a try?”

She took half a step back at it suddenly appearing, looking from her own reflection and back to him, “What do I do exactly?”

“Magic is incredibly complex of course, but since you don’t have a few centuries to learn it I passed on a much simpler rule set onto you. Easy enough that you should be able to do it without much effort, but difficult enough that you won’t accidentally use your powers. You spoke about not being satisfied with your appearance, then change it. Think of what you want to happen, focus on it, and see the results.”

This all still sounded too good to be true, but Ashley did as he said, stepping in closer to look at herself. There were a million little flaws she saw in herself every day, but at the moment there was a very clear one. A pimple on the center of her forehead, all but staring back at her. She did as Uadan instructed, her blue eyes both staring at the reflection of it. And then it was gone, completely vanished in an instant. Ashley gasped, bringing a hand up to it and feeling the skin, it was totally smooth now. It had worked, it had been a simple thing, but the magic was real. Within a second she turned her attention to another part, her hair. It was a dull blonde mess that she had never been able to work with properly. Before her very eyes, she saw it change. Her hair grew, reaching down her mid back. The dull lifeless mess transformed in a shiny soft length of beautiful hair, it looked like it could have come straight from a shampoo commercial. This was real, and it worked. Ashley started making dozens of changes to herself, from the removal of a small scar on her cheek to slightly brightening the shade of her eyes. Small adjustments to her nose, her lips, turned her face some just slightly pretty to beautiful.

She wasn’t done there though, now after a lifetime of disappointment when she looked into the mirror behind her she turned her attention lower. She was dressed fairly plainly at the moment, a logo t-shirt for a local band and jeans, neither which did her figure any favors but she also didn’t have one to show off, yet. She tugged her shirt up, exposing her midriff as she watched the freshman fifteen vanish from her. More than that though, her hips widened as her waist narrowed, finally adding some curve to the straight lines that had defined her form. The front of her shirt swelled as well, and with a thought she made the B cup bra disappear as it constrained her new, more fitting chest. There were a few more changes for her to do, the most important one being giving herself an ass she could be happy with, at the moment it was as flat as the rest of her had been, now she could feel it straining against in jeans in a most pleasant way. She could almost cry looking herself in the mirror now, it was everything she had ever hoped for, but it was also only the simplest of things she was capable.

Ashley was in debt, without getting a full ride she had to pay for school herself and that meant taking out loans. She thought about it, her debt being settled, completely paid off. She pulled out her phone, going to the loan offices website and checking her account. She couldn’t help but laugh, the five digit number was gone now, with only a zero left in its place. There were still so many changes she had to make with her life, her grades, her dorm room, even her car was used and on its last legs. Every aspect of her life could be improved. This was the best decision she had ever made.

“Having fun then?”

Ashley jumped, she had almost forgotten that Uadan was there, standing almost completely blocked by the mirror. “Um, yes, thank you so much for all of this, it’s exactly what I wanted.”

“Good, I’m always happy when a deal is mutually satisfying.” He had one hand on the top of the mirror and was peering around to look at her. His bright blue eyes looked her up and down, following along her new curves.

She was nervous under his gaze, one because of who and what he was, and two because she simply didn’t really know how to handle such intense attention. “You said that today was the day I would be serving you directly, what did you want me to do?” Given the power, Uadan had she couldn’t imagine what he would need her to do.

Ashley got one last look at herself in the mirror before it vanished as silently as it had appeared, leaving nothing between the two of them. She was forced to look along Uadan’s handsome features, her eyes following down his chiseled chest for a moment before they fell down back between his legs. This time she actually did take a step back from him, her heart pounding in her chest. He had been fully exposed to her before, but he had become fully erect since she had last seen him. The pitch black cock was easily the biggest she had ever seen in real life, dwarfing any of her previous relationships. Ashley quickly looked away from it, trying to meet his eyes again but her own were slowly drawn back to it.

“I imagine you’re getting an idea of what I want.” He said simply, stepping closer to her and raising a hand to lift her chin up, forcing her to look back at his face. “I have desires as much as any man, but the rules don’t allow me to interfere with humans unless they have bargained with me. It’s not every day that a woman such as yourself offers herself so willingly.” His fingers lightly caressed her cheek. “Your soul and body are mine, forever, and you will slate my desires and offer yourself to me.”

Desire and fear battled inside of Ashley. She hadn’t thought this would be part of the price she had to pay, but she also wasn’t entirely opposed to it. Even with his strange features, Uadan was handsome, and far more attractive than anyone who had ever shown any interest in her. Given how she was handling the situation she was actually flattered in a way, she felt more desirable than she ever had before in her life. She nodded, swallowing down what nervousness she could, “I will serve you as best as I can.”

He smiled, almost kindly to her, “I know you will.” His hand moved further up her cheek, his thumb pressing against her bottom lip, teasing it and pushing it slightly into her mouth. His other hand came forward, traveling down her waist and landing on her new broader hip. He tugged her forward against him, his naked cock pressed between them, pinned against her stomach.

Her breath caught at his touch, instinctively kissing his probing finger, looking up at him. His hands were so warm against him, it was like he was setting her on fire. Ashley let out a soft murmur around his thumb as she felt his cock pressing against her. Even though her shirt the heat coming off of it was unlike anything she had felt before. She was almost panting already and he had down so little to her.

“If you want something then go for it, my dear,” Uadan smiled down at her. There was something she wanted, at this instant more than anything. Ashley pulled back from his hand, her own tracing down his chest, her fingers running along corded muscles as they traveled lower. “I knew that you would serve me well.” He murmured as her fingers wrapped around his shaft.

It was even hotter in her bare hand, if it was any warmer she might have pulled back from it, but at the moment it was perfect. Ashley looked down between the two of them, her other hands joining the first and slowly stroking him. Everything about it seemed perfect, it was by far the hardest cock she had ever handled, and she already wanted to feel more of it. With both hands wrapped tightly around it, she moved to get on her knees in front of him. With mere inches between her and the demon’s cock, she could barely hold back. She licked her lips, her eyes taking in every detail of his length as she admired it. Ashley tore her eyes off of it for just a moment, looking up at him, her desire apparent on her face. Uadan gave her a simple nod, smiling down at her as she leaned in closer.

Her lips pressed against the underside of his cock head, tasting him for the first time. Ashley gasped at the heat against her lips but didn’t pull back from him. The content murmur from him was all of the encouragement she needed. The concrete against her knees was a distance feeling as she rose up slightly higher, opening her mouth wide and wrapping her lips around his cock head.

“Ashley.” He breathed, almost a growl of pleasure, looking down at her as she took him into her mouth.

The sound sent a thrill through her that she couldn’t believe. Not only did she want more of his praise but also more of his cock. Her tongue pressed against him, circling around the tip of his shaft as she moved to take more of him into her. Her teeth lightly grazed long his thick length as she struggled to open her mouth further to accommodate his mass. Her hands continued stroking further along him, attempting to give him pleasure however she could. Ashley had no experience with a shaft this big but she tried her best, taking him into her mouth until he hit the back of her throat. She bobbed up and down along the first half of his shaft, adorning it with her attention, her tongue and lips working him as well as she could. Saliva dripped down his length, coating it as her hands used it to glide along him.

A hand came down to rest atop her head. Uadan didn’t force her further onto him, instead, it seemed more reassuring or possessive than anything. Her efforts were being rewarded with continued moans of pleasure from him, his fingers gliding through her silky hair as she took another inch of his cock down her throat. “I’ve never had someone so eager to serve and pleasure,” he grunted. “You are something else.”

The praise only spurred her onwards, eager to prove her worth to him. Trying her best not to gag she moved down more and more of him, each inch filling her up even more. Ashley made it more than halfway down him before she had to pull back. She moved her head off of him entirely, continuing to stroke his length as she looked up at him, spit running down her chin. “Thank you,” she murmured, her breathing heavy. She couldn’t keep her eyes off of his cock for long though, ducking down to lick along his length. “I want all of it.”

“Let me help you then.”

Ashley gave him a nod, moving her lips back around his cock head. The hand running through her hair took a firmer hold of her and she did her best to relax against his touch as he guided her forward onto him. The first few inches were nothing new to her but Uadan quickly pushed her passed them, his cock pressing in and down her throat as she was made to take him. She panicked for a moment, feeling so much of him down her mouth, her hands having to leave his shaft as her lips pressed down further along him. For a moment she wanted to pull off of him, but the demon held her there, forcing her to take the last two inches. He held her there, pinned against him with his cock down her throat, for a few moments and then released her. His hand stayed there, caressing her hair but he didn’t stop her from pulling back if she wanted to.”

“There, you have taken all of it, my dear,” He sounded impressed and his breath was surprisingly heavy, the pleasure she was giving him clear given his tone, “I must say you look beautiful like this.”

She didn’t pull back from him as she was released. He might have had to force her to take all of it, but she wanted this. Ashley stayed there, Uadan’s entire cock down her throat, fighting her gag reflex to last as long as she could. She moved her eyes up from the base of the pitch black cock that was down her throat and up to his face again. The pleasure was written all over his face and Ashley had never felt more proud of herself. She did, of course, have to eventually pull off of him, but she was able to do it slowly, her lips caressing every inch of him as she did so. Uadan shivered against her as Ashley moved back until only the head of his shaft was still between her lips.

“Let me see all of you.” It seemed as much an order as a request, but if he wanted to strip her naked he certainly could have.

For a brief instant, Ashley didn’t want to, not because she didn’t want to do as instructed but that pulling her shirt off would mean leaving his cock and doing that for even an instant wasn’t something she wanted to do. Then she remembered why she was in this position, to begin with, her powers. It took more focus this time, considering that she was bobbing her head up and down the demon’s shaft, but she was able to make her clothing vanish with a thought. Previously this was a step in a relationship that she was always nervous about, her confidence had never allowed her to strip naked in front of a man without any shyness but not things were different. First she was now confident in her body, and second, she had never been more aroused in her life. She was willing to do anything to earn more praise from Uadan. Her clothes were completely gone, her shirt, pants, socks, and shoes and even her panties vanished leaving herself completely uncovered before his eyes. Even Ashley hadn’t truly seen what she looked like yet, but the sudden swell she felt in the demon’s cock was all indication she needed to know that her changes had been successful.

“You have excellent tastes,” He praised, his fingers stroking through her hair, “and are a beautiful creature. This may be the best bargain I’ve ever made.” As she traveled further down his cock again, he let out a growl, “And fair warning, my dear, if you keep this up you’ll have me cumming in no time.” Instead of slowly this only had Ashley moving faster along his cock, moving almost all the way to the base without any assistance. There was a sharp intake of breath above her, “And be warned, the seed of a demon is different than what you’re used to. I wouldn’t expect you to swallow it on your first try.”

That sounded like a challenge to Ashley and more than anything she wanted to succeed at it. She had only swallowed loads from a few boyfriends before, she had managed it but it hadn’t been the most enjoyable thing for her. Now she wanted to, no needed to do this. She rocked back and forth on her knees, taking his cock from tip to halfway up the length as she bobbed her head up and down him. Spit dripped down her chin and fell to the concrete floor beneath her as she worked. Her hands returned to his length, stroking him faster than ever. Her own arousal was mounting higher and higher and if she wasn’t so focused on him she would already have a hand between her legs.

The demon took a sharp intake of breath, only managing to groan out a simple “Ashley,” as he got closer.

She could feel his length twitching in her mouth, the thick length pulsing as his short warning came to pass and he erupted in her mouth. He had cautioned her about the taste, but she wanted to prove herself. She hadn’t truly been prepared though. The first shot of his cum splashed against her mouth and tongue, her eyes widening at every aspect of it. She had thought that his cock had been hot, it almost felt like his cum was boiling. It didn’t burn her but it felt like it was bubbling along her tongue. The flavor was perhaps even more bizarre, there was no hint of saltiness instead it was almost sweet and creamy. The thick load clung to her as she tried swallowing the first splash of it down, but before she could there was a second and a third. Ashley managed to drink down some of it, feeling the thick load slowly dripping down her throat but there was simply too much of it. She was forced to pull back off of the pitch black pole, but Uadan was far from finished. His climax continued, the next shot splashing against her face, painting her face in this thick white load, looking more like paint than a human’s seed. With the cum landing on her face, she could actually see that it was bubbling her as it slowly ran down her nose. One last blast of cum was unleashed from him, splattering along her chest. She continued stroking him, trying to get every last drop that she could even as she looked down, seeing the sheer amount her had unleashed on her new busty chest. The white bubbling load dripping down her cleavage.

The demon was left panting for a long few moments, not speaking as Ashley continued to stroke him, looking up at him passed his still stiff shaft. “You really are something.” He finally said, “trying to swallow the first time is impressive.”

“I didn’t manage to do it though,” Ashley answered, disappointed in herself. She had thought she could do it, she wanted to do even better than Uadan had expected. She looked down, admiring her new naked figure and the way Uadan’s seed dripped down it.

“Hardly a problem.” He replied, his blue eyes were admiring her as much as she was herself. “You continue to impress.”

Then she had an idea, with a thought, using her new powers the cum she hadn’t managed to swallow floated up and off of her body, leaving it completely clean and collecting in a golf ball sized sphere in front of her. With a smile up at him, she leaned forward, sticking her tongue out and taking the entire flavor orb into her mouth and feeling it travel slowly down her throat.

The demon outright laughed at that, “You truly go above and beyond,” His hand had yet to leave her hair, “although you should be cautioned, consuming too much demon seed can affect humans.”

Ashley licked the last drop of it off of her lips looking up at him, intrigued. “What do you mean?” She hadn’t read about anything like that in the lore.

“Demons don’t reproduce the same way as humans. Consuming a demon’s seed binds you closer to them, strengthening the connection if you consume too much of it than you begin to manifest demonic features and will eventually become a demon as well.” He explained, “Of course it’s against the rules to force such a thing upon a bargained. One of the reasons I’ve chosen to limit our potential meetings to once a month.”

“Am I at risk now?” Ashley wasn’t alarmed by the news, but it was fascinating. She had just gotten her powers, but she had no idea what it would be like to be an actual demon. “How much is too much?” She asked slowly, “because right now I want more.”

Uadan laughed again, “So very very eager.” His cock hadn’t softened at all. “It’s far more than just a single load, but if you did this every day it would be too much, it does depend on the person of course.”

“So… ” She said slowly, “you’re saying we can continue then?” She asked, looking hopefully up at him.

“Yes, my dear.” He murmured unable to keep a smile from his face, his hands moving down to help her to her feet, his tight hot grip moving down along her naked curves.


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