Feature Writer: Traffic Man
Feature: Title: Demon Deals
Author’s Notes: Mind control is the fantasy of the coward. It is the playground of the spurned fourteen-year-old, where haughty cheerleaders and athletic jocks are brought low by the one thing he holds over them, the one thing they cannot ridicule. His mind, such a seeming detriment at the time, wins out in the end.
Disclaimer: The following is a work of fiction. Nothing like this ever happened, nothing like this is happening, nothing like this will ever happen. Do not do anything to anyone if you are doing it because you read it in this story. That’s so incomprehensibly stupid I don’t even want to think about it.

Demon Deals

Chapter 1: Night Encounters

The bar, smoky and loud, played around me like some cheap movie. Young men and women, most of them vaguely unappealing, flirted, danced, and got as drunk as possible. The liquor was bad and watered, which is why I had not participated in that aspect of the night’s festivities. Nursing a rocky scotch on a bar stool, I scoped the crowd, looking for… well, anything better than what the night had offered so far.

Most of the women who frequented this particular bar either had something appealing pierced, or had nothing appealing at all. Plus, they were all far too willfully aggressive. Call me old fashioned, call me politically incorrect, but I believe men and women have some fundamental differences, and one is that men should be the dominant member of the pair. Genetically, they’re just better suited for the task. I don’t think men should necessarily be violent towards women (unless the woman threatens certain bodily parts), but they should be in command of their relationships.

Of course, this attitude, which I am not shy about sharing, does not – win me my share of dates. My busy life as a contract lawyer did not help out either. Which, of course, led me to this rather unfortunate state; scoping out prospects in a not-so-nice bar.

As I reached behind me for my drink, I saw a crowd of men at one end of the bar. My curiosity piqued (or my boredom finally urging me into some activity) I sidled down that way. As a got closer, I saw what, or who, held their attention so rapt. She was dressed in a red leather mini- skirt, with a black halter top, and a pair of calf length boots. Her auburn red hair, lit unflatteringly by the bar’s inadequate light, was tied up above her head in a tight bun. Her figure was flawless. Her breasts, not too big or small, were tucked neatly behind the halter, and her waist flared out ever so slightly at her hips, making her curvy without being pear-shaped. The sour men around her were not-so-subtly trying to catch her attention, but none were conversing with her, and she was staring straight ahead.

I moved into the crowd of men and said, “Excuse me.”

Her head turned only enough to catch me in the corner of her eye. “My job as designated bar dancer is to take the prettiest woman in here for at least one dance per night. I’m afraid I’ll have to ask you to comply with our house rules.”

Hey, what can I say? Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. In this case, her head came fully around, and a smile followed it. “Well,” she replied, “I wouldn’t want to break a rule.” She offered me her hand. “Shall we?”

I returned her smile as I bent and kissed her hand. She giggled demurely, slipped off of her stool, and followed me out onto the floor. We were both pierced from behind by the angry stares of four partnerless men.

As we were both white people, we did our best at imitating modern rock dancing. In all fairness, she was better than me. Her feet and hips slipped and swirled around the dance floor, as I did my best to pursue and not look too much a fool. As she ground her hips close to mine to the beat of some anonymous techno tune, I called over the music, “My name is Jonathan.”

“Diane,” she called back. “Diane, how do you feel about men and women?” I asked. The techno stopped and a slower song came on. She put her arms around me, and I placed mine chastely on her waist.

“Well,” she answered, “it takes two to tango, but someone always has to lead.”

This answer excited me more than the last Die Hard movie. “Really?” I replied. I slipped my left hand up her right arm, and took her hand in mine. It looked a little old fashioned, surrounded by people dirty dancing, to be in a classically waltzing position. However, she did not attempt to move either of my hands, and I started to lead her around the floor. “Should people ever switch leads?” I asked.

Diane shook her head. “Once you’re in the right position, why change?” she said. “It just… wouldn’t be right, would it? Changing directions in the middle of dance?”

“No, it wouldn’t. You’re very attractive, Diane.”

“Thank you. You aren’t so bad yourself, though I might suggest getting a new line.”

“It worked on you, didn’t it?”

“I’m not the average case.”

“That I will definitely agree with.” I leaned my head closer to her as the song came to a close. She did not pull away.

Our kiss lasted through the beginning of the next tune, more thumping techno. Finally we broke contact. “Take me home, Jon.”

This was sudden. “You want me to take you to your home?” I asked lamely. This was all going faster than expected.

“No, yours.” She pressed herself up against me. “You’ll never meet anyone like me, Jon.”

I kissed her briefly again, then lead her off the dance floor and outside to my car. “Do you have a car here?” I asked. She shook her head. “Taxi,” she explained. I opened the car door for her, then swung around the other side, and we were away.

We made idle chit-chat as we drove to my house, which wasn’t far. I discovered that she worked as an administrative assistant, but not where, and when I tried to dig a little further she deflected the conversation into other areas. By the time we reached my house, I didn’t know much more than her first name.

I lived in a small condo by myself, and the complex was quiet as I let myself in. As soon as I closed the door, Diane’s mouth was on mine. Her tongue spread my lips apart, swirling into my mouth. Her hands grabbed my ass and pulled me into her. Her leg slid up and down mine as I regained my senses and began to slide my hands over her back and ass. We stood in the entryway for a full five minutes, groping and kissing, before I finally drew my hands back and started to take off my jacket. Diane broke our kiss, and said, “Show me your bedroom” in a breathless voice. “Upstairs,” I replied. She offered me her hand, and I practically yanked her arm out as we ran upstairs.

I had not been expecting this kind of luck, so my bed was frumpled and there were clothes on the floor, but Diane took no notice. When we crossed the threshold, Diane resumed her ravenous kissing. Her hands slipped from on my ass to caressing my rather sizable erection through my jeans. “Your cock, Jon,” she said, in between kisses, “I want it. I want your cock inside me. Fuck me with your cock Jon.”

Her aggression had gone about far enough for me. I placed my hands on her shoulders and gently pushed her away. “I need to see what I fuck first,” I said. “Take off your clothes.”

Diane only smiled at my challenge. She reached behind herself slowly, and ever so seductively slipped her halter top over her head. Her breasts were as perfect uncovered as they had seemed hidden away. She unzipped the side of her skirt, and let it fall to the ground. She was not wearing any panties. Her bush was neatly trimmed, just a thatch above her labia. Her pussy lips were bare, and I swore they glistened in the pale moonlight. “Do I look OK to fuck?” she asked with a half smile.

“More than OK,” I replied. I pulled her close and we kissed again. After a moment, I said, “Why don’t you put those lips to better use?”

Diane gave me a wry smile, and knelt before me. As she undid the last button of my jeans, my cock sprang forth through the folds of my boxers. It stood rigidly at attention, in front of her face, throbbing with every heartbeat. Diane’s eyes widened slightly, then she gently gripped the base with her hand. Up and down the underside went her tongue. Slowly, she licked at the head, and then pressed her tongue flat down the underside, driving me crazy. “Ohhhh… that feels great, Diane,” I said as I took off my shirt.

Diane slipped her mouth all the way over my dick, sucking me in and out slowly for a couple of minutes. As she did, her tongue swirled all sorts of places around my dick, driving me nuts. “Feels great, Diane,” I repeated, letting the sensations take me over.

Suddenly, she stopped and stood up. “Don’t treat me like a lady, Jon,” she said. “Talk dirty to me. Don’t call me Diane.” She put her face an inch from mine. “Call me a bitch.” She kissed me. “Call me a whore, a slut. Treat me like a bitch in heat. Don’t make love to me. Fuck me. Use me.” She grasped my dick. “Take this hard cock and plunge it in and out of my wet cunt. I want it. I need it.”

My mind was whirling. I didn’t know whether to kiss her, fuck her, or push her away. Her stroking of my super-hard cock convinced me. I stumbled backward, ran into my night stand, slid open the door and began fumbling inside.

Diane came up to me, and took my hand out of the drawer. “No, no condom, please, just fuck me. Please…” She knelt down and began slipping that wonderful mouth of hers up and down my dick.

How could I say no? This was a fuck worth dying for. “Yeah, OK baby, whatever you say…”

“No, whatever you say… say it dirty…” She continued slurping.

“MMmmm, that feels so good, bitch. Suck it, suck my big dick, eat my big dick like a whore, cocksucking whore.”

“Love your cock, love your cock you big stud, tastes so good.”

Diane’s attentions were bringing me close, very close, to splashing her pretty face. But I had other plans before my orgasm. “That’s enough cocksucking, slut. Stand up.” She didn’t, and instead picked up the pace of her mouth working over my cock.

I grabbed her shoulders and pulled her up. “I said STAND UP, bitch.”

“Oh yeah, take me, you stud, take me. My cunt’s so wet.” I pushed her back over the bed. “Fuck me. Fuck me now! Fuck my slutty cunt!”

I obliged her. Her pussy was slick as oil, and hot as fire. “OH FUCK ME YES! MY CUNT! FUCK! SO BIG! FUCK IT FUCK ME!”

“You like that whore? Like my cock up your slick little pussy?”


My hips thrust in and out of her, faster and faster. Diane thrashed beneath me. I felt the pit of my stomach begin to tense. “Gonna… come…” I gasped.

“N.. n… no! Not in my pussy! Come on face, stud, come all over your pretty whore’s face!”

“You want it… on your face?”

“Make me take it on my face, stud, make me…”

It was difficult to stop thrusting, but somehow I managed to control myself. Shuffling my way up her body, I positioned myself above her upturned face. With my left hand I grabbed her hair and held her head, and with the other I stroked my cock right above her nose. “Take it, bitch, take my come on your face, take it all over your face.”

“Yes, come, come baby, come on my face…”

The first blast from my cock took her right across the bridge of her nose, painting a white stripe from cheek to cheek. The second slapped perpendicular to that one, leaving a ropy vein of jism from the top of her cheek to her upper lip. Then the splatter came, peppering her forehead, bangs, and eyebrows with drops of sperm.

After my cock calmed down and my hips and body stopped thrashing, Diane slipped her tongue out of her mouth and licked at the come on her face. As soon as the tip of her tongue touched a drop, her eyes glazed over and her body shook. Then her hands come up, and she lovingly pushed every bit of come into her hungry mouth. She carefully licked her fingers clean. “Thank you,” she whispered.

“You’re welcome, slut,” I replied.

She half-smiled, half-sneered at me. “Why don’t I clean myself up and get you a glass of water?”

“That’d be nice,” I said. I rolled over onto the bed as Diane arose and walked into my bathroom. As she walked away, I got my first look at her ass. Besides it’s obvious beauty, she also had a tattoo. It was squarely in the middle of her left cheek. Bright red, it looked like a spider, but it was upside-down. I had only a brief glimpse of it before Diane left the room. I listened as she ran the water for a moment. She came back into the room, her face washed, and carrying a glass of water. I accepted it gladly and drank. I hadn’t realized how thirsty I was.

“Come into bed,” I said.

“Mmmm… thanks, but no thanks.”

“Huh? Would you like me to take you home?”

“In your condition, I think driving would be a bad idea.”

“Condition?” It was then that I started to feel it. My version started to blur, and I felt thick-headed. I tried to put the glass down, but all I succeeded in doing was dropping it on the floor. I tried getting up, but my limbs seemed to have taken on lives of their on. Nothing was coordinated. “What… what… drink…”

“I’d say see you later, but I don’t think we will see each other. Goodnight Jonathan.”

The last thing I thought I saw was Diane, smiling down at me, as the world spun into darkness.


Chapter 2: The Inverted Widow

When I woke up, the sun was streaming through my bedroom window. My arm was asleep, as it was crooked under my back in a funny way. My head felt like it was being split in two. I literally fell out of bed on to the fortunately carpeted floor. Stumbling to my feet, I managed to make it over to the window and closed the curtain. My headache eased a bit.

I called into work sick, took some aspirin, and got back into bed. As I stared at the ceiling, I tried to put last night back together from the pieces floating in my head. It was just challenging enough of an exercise to keep me occupied for the next hour. As I relived Diane’s ministrations, my erection returned, and I idly stroked myself as I remembered Diane’s body and words. After an hour and a half, I felt well enough to get out of bed and make breakfast. Over my waffles, I decided one thing: I was going to find Diane, no matter what it took.

The following evening, I returned to the bar where I had met Diane. I casually asked a few questions, but no one had seen anyone fitting her description. I nursed a drink, trying to think of what to do next. I tried to remember everything I knew about her, when suddenly I remembered her tattoo. There couldn’t be that many tattoo artists in the area. I walked to the back of the bar, found the phone, and tore some pages from the phone book listing various tattoo parlors. Most weren’t open, and those that were did not recognize either Diane or her tattoo. Discouraged, I went home and slept.

After a boring day of preparing contracts at work the next day, I dropped in to the remaining tattoo shops. Nothing. No one had done a tattoo of an upside-down spider, let alone one on a buttock. I dragged myself home, trying to think up a new lead. I considered hiring a private investigator, but thought better of it. How would I explain that I was looking for someone I wanted to fuck?

As I ate my mediocre dinner, I went over my evening with Diane, trying to remember any clue she might have given me. I realized that she had been purposefully evasive in the car when I had asked her about her job. No way to get at her through that angle. Tattoo’s were out, and it didn’t seem like she would be going back to the bar. I pictured her in my head. Her halter top, her skirt, her hair, her boots…

Her boots! There couldn’t be too many people who dealt in calf length leather boots. Maybe one of them would remember her.

The next day at work, I called around to various boot and shoe stores, asking all if the had calf length leather boots. Only four carried the item I was looking for. After work was over, I sped to the first three and got no where. The fourth was a little place in a mini-mall, Boots ‘N All. I went inside, and a young man, no older than 24, met me inside. “Sorry sir,” he said, “but we’re just about to close.”

“That’s all right,” I said, “I actually just wanted to ask you a question. Did a woman come in here recently and buy a pair of calf length boots? Leather, black, shiny? She had sort of auburn hair, about your height, slim, attractive.”

The young man gave me a suspicious look. “Perhaps,” he said, “perhaps. Does she dress sort of… provocatively?”

“Yes, yes, that’s right, did she come in?”

“Hey man, I’m not even sure it’s your girl. But someone like that came in about two weeks ago and bought a pair of boots like that.”

My best lead yet! “Do you have a sales record, a credit card slip, something like that?”

“Hey hey hey, no way. I could loose my job if I showed you those.”

I had been expecting something like this. From my suitcoat pocket, I pulled out a moneyclip containing ten $100 bills. “A thousand dollars if you let me look through the sales slips for the past three weeks.”

My associate’s eyes grew like saucers. He looked around furtively, as if the Bribery Police might burst in the door any moment. He then reached up slowly and closed his hand around the money. I snatched it back. “Hey hey hey,” I said, “not until I see the records.”

He swallowed hard. “OK, come on back. Hey, what am I afraid of? Someone who can wave a thousand dollars in my face hardly needs someone else’s credit card number.” He took me in the back and up the stairs to a small office. Unlocking a file cabinet, he fished out a bunch of sales slips. I began to paw through them, searching for her name. There were actually two false Dianes, who had bought sensible hiking boots, before I found it. Diane Cook, a MasterCard number, and the record of a sale of a pair of calf length leather boots.

I had her.

* * *

A week later, I sat outside Diane Cook’s apartment in my car, observing her door and drinking some horribly bad coffee from a near-by diner. At 10:00 PM, a cab pulled up, and Diane’s door opened. She came out, and she was dressed to kill. She was wearing the boots, a lycra mini- skirt, and an oversized white leather jacket. She scurried down the stairs and got into the cab. As it pulled away from the curb, I pulled out and followed.

The cab stopped at a bar on the other side of town, a seedy-looking place called the Hotsy Totsy. She went inside as I pulled into the parking lot. I turned up the radio and settled in.

An hour later, Diane emerged with a man on her arm. He was older, around 40 or 50. He led her to his car, and they pulled away. I followed closely behind. He never went over the limit once as he drove back to his house in a middle-class neighborhood. They went inside as I parked across the street.

Half an hour passed. Whitney Houston belted “I will alwaaaaaays love you” as the door to Diane’s latest victim opened and she emerged alone. I quickly turned off the radio and hopped out of my car. She was looking down the road the other way and did not see me. I walked up to her as quietly as I could. About fifteen feet away she noticed me.

“Hello Diane,” I said.

Her eyes seemed to pop out of her head. “Jon?” she said incredulously.

“That’s right. Now, unless you want me to call the police and have them find our unconscious friend in there, I suggest you get into my car and keep quiet.”

Diane looked one way and then the other, as if to search for an escape route. “Don’t be foolish, Diane. Look at how you are dressed, and is that semen I smell? No one is going to believe you if you yell rape or run away. So, shall we?”

Diane seemed to shrink and droop all at the same time. “All right,” she said, “I’ll come along. Just… don’t hurt me.”

“Of course not. Don’t be silly. Come,” and I offered her my arm. She took it, and seemed to perk up a bit. We went back to my car, and started driving to my house.

“Well, my slut…” I began.

“Don’t,” she said.

“Don’t what?”

“Don’t… call me that.”

This was a change. “Well, you seemed eager enough last Friday. And judging by the bit of come you missed on your cheek, it seems like you were eager enough tonight.”

Diane’s hand snapped back and searched out the last bit of semen on her face. Finding it, she scooped it up with her finger and popped it into her mouth. She seemed to savor it like a fine wine, and a shudder ran up and down her body. “Then you go and do something like that. You might give a guy the wrong impression.”

“Please, I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Well, I’m afraid you don’t have much choice in the matter. We either talk about it, or we drive straight back to Mr. Sleepy’s and place a call to the local PD. What is it?”

Diane was silent for a moment. “You won’t believe me,” she said.

“Try me,” I replied.

Diane exhaled in exasperation and brushed her hair back. “I’m cursed.”


“By a demon.”

Of all the possibilities, this was one that had not occurred to me. “You’re right, I don’t believe you.” At this moment, we pulled up to my condo.

“It’s true. God how I wish it weren’t, but it is.”

“Come inside.” We got out of my car, and Diane followed me meekly into the house. I turned on the light and helped Diane out of her coat. I led her into the living room and sat her down on the couch, taking a seat opposite her. “So, you were saying…”

“What’s the point? You already said you don’t believe me…”

“I don’t believe you yet, I should say. You’ll have to convince me whatever you say.”

Diane cradled her head in hands, shaking it back and forth. “OK, OK, OK.” She looked up at me. “You know, I used to be a college student. Biology major. I was going to study whales. But then…”


“Then Dave came into my life. Rather, Dave ripped me out of my life. I think he was a staff member at the college. I never found out. Never even knew his last name, really. Apparently he’d been watching me for a while. One night, I woke up…” Diane’s eyes filled with horror. “This… thing… it had wings, big muscles, a face… it was hideous. It picked me up, and it seemed to… take me through the wall. We seemed to twist, and suddenly I was in Dave’s room, in the middle of a pentacle. I couldn’t move, and I couldn’t hear, but I could see Dave. He was on the outside, talking to the demon. He seemed to be arguing with him. Then the demon picked me up, turned me over, and touched my butt. Then he put me outside the pentacle. I still couldn’t move. Dave turned me over and looked under my nightgown. I couldn’t see what he was looking at, of course, but he seemed satisfied. He talked to the thing in the pentacle some more, and then it disappeared, and I could hear and move again. And I was incredibly horny. I couldn’t believe it, but if I didn’t have sex right at that moment, I thought I would have died. Dave obliged me, and when he came, he did it on my face. I didn’t care. It was delicious. It was like the greatest thing I had ever tasted, I couldn’t get enough of it. I was lying on the floor, scooping his come into my mouth, when he started talking to me. He told me I was his slave, his sex slut. He said the demon had made him my master, and that he had total control over me. He said that I would crave sex all the time, and that if I went to long without it, I would die. He said I was a slut now, and that I would never like sex unless I thought it was as dirty as possible, and that I had to eat come or die. He was right. I tried to escape, but he would simply tell me to stop and come back, and I would. He made me have sex with him constantly. He could come as many times as he wanted. He said the demon had done that too. He told me that the curse would keep me beautiful forever, that I would never grow old. I hated him. But the sex… it was the best thing I had ever experienced. It was like a drug, I couldn’t get enough. He said I would be his slave forever.”

“What went wrong?”

“The demon took him one day. His voice was… horrible, like a thousand screams. He said that Dave had broken the contract. Dave… he ate him. Gobbled him up, in two bites. Then he just… looked at me. For about a minute. Then he laughed and disappeared. I ran. For about a week, I was happy. Ecstatic. Then… I got sick. I felt horrible. Queasy. Weak. I realized what was wrong. I tried to fight it. I lasted another day. Then… I had to eat semen. I found a drunk, in an alleyway. Unconscious. I sucked him off. His come tasted wonderful. I felt a little better, but not much. I realized what I needed. I needed to be… be…


She nodded. “Used. I picked up a guy in a bar three days later. Fucked him at his house. Ate his come. He wanted me to stay, but I couldn’t face him. I ground up some sleeping pills in his coffee, and slipped away. I’ve scraped by, moving from town to town, getting work where I could.”

“How long have you been doing this?”

Diane sucked in her breath. “Fifteen years.”

Diane did not look a day over twenty. “No way.”

She sighed, and pulled open her purse. Taking out her wallet, she opened it and flashed her driver’s license in front of my face. Her birthday was over thirty-three years ago. I noticed with idle curiosity that her address on the license was different than the one of her apartment.

“What about that tattoo?”

Diane giggled softly. “You know, it was about two months before I even remembered to look back there? That stupid upside down spider. It took me months to figure out what it meant. It’s a black widow, but the colors are reversed. The black widow kills her mate. Her nature drives her to it. So it makes a twisted sort of sense.”

“I don’t understand.”

“I have to mate to survive. The female widow dominates the species. I need to be dominated to live. Upside down and inverted. The demon had a sense of humor.”

I shook my head. “This is… well, unbelievable. But, here you are. Thirty-three years old with the face of a nineteen year old. That’s hard to dispute.” I moved closer to her on the couch. She shrank. “Please,” she said, “I… don’t want to.”

“Listen to me, Diane. I don’t want to hurt you. I don’t want to keep you in a basement, and all that. But you have something I want, and I have something you need. You need to be a slut, about every three or four days. I could be your… what, temporary master for that day? The other three, you can do anything you like. Work, live, whatever. You’d be safe, you’d know what to expect. You could stop running.”

Diane looked at me with a mixture of fear, confusion and desire. “I… I don’t know.”

“Well, think about it. I’m going to bed upstairs. You can leave or stay as you like.” I got up from the couch and went up the stairs to my bedroom. Getting quietly undressed, I strained to hear what Diane was doing. I couldn’t hear anything. I got into bed and turned out the light.

I must have dozed off, because the next thing I knew, someone was slipping into bed beside me. I rolled over. Diane stared at me in the darkness, the moonlight barely illuminating her fine skin. “Let me make one thing clear,” I said. “I expect to be obeyed. Don’t think that just because I won’t lock you up when I leave does not make you subject to my commands. I’m your boss. Your master, if that’s how you like to think of it. But I won’t treat you too harshly. Agreed?”

Diane swallowed and nodded.

“Kiss me, Diane.” She did, timidly. “Kiss me like a slut.” She swallowed again, and then proceeded to thoroughly French kiss me for several minutes. “A good start,” I said, after we broke our kissing. “Now, get some sleep.”

Diane put her arms around my neck and snuggled against me. I idly played with her hair for a moment. “Diane,” I asked softly, “do you think you could find the house where Dave lived?”

“I… I think so. Why?”

“You said the demon took him because he broke the contract, correct?”

“That’s what it said, yes.”

“You know what?”

“What?” she said sleepily.

“I write very good contracts.”


Chapter 3: Travels Home

The next morning, Diane made me breakfast. I kissed her on the way out the door, and almost made myself sick at the domesticity of it all. At work that day, I made arrangements to take a few months leave. I finished up the work on the few contracts on my desk at the moment, then sped home.

Diane wasn’t there when I got home. I had begun to worry when at seven-thirty, she walked in the door with a large suitcase. “I… brought some stuff. I hope you don’t mind.”

“No, not at all. In fact, you can pretty much bring all your stuff over. But you should also quit your job. We’re going to take a trip.”


“To your roots, so to speak. We’re going to find Dave’s house, and then…”

“Then what?”

“Then I try my hand at the black arts.”

“You’re… you’re going to…”

“Yep. Dave screwed up because he didn’t know how to write a contract. My whole life has been nothing but contracts. This one may be a little unusual, but I think I can handle it.”

Diane just looked at me, as if she didn’t know what to say. “Put your stuff upstairs, then make yourself some dinner.” With that same bewildered, frightened look on her face, she climbed the stairs with her suitcase. I sat down in front of the TV and watched as Diane made herself dinner. She brought it to the couch and ate next to me, in silence. When she finished, she put down her fork, turned and said, “Are you sure you want to do this? Finding Dave’s place, I mean.”


“Please,… ”


“Be careful. Very careful.”

I smiled at her.

The next day, we packed our things and headed out. It would be about a two day drive, so we decided on a halfway point before we left, called ahead and reserved a hotel room.

The drive over was pleasant and uneventful. I discovered we shared a taste for jazz and the blues. We traded stories about various concerts and artists as the miles rolled by. Diane always looked a bit skittish, though, even at her most relaxed. By the time we reached the hotel, however, I was cranky and tired, and the conversation had stopped about a hundred miles before.

The room sported the standard hotel amenities: rough towels, old TVs, and “Sanitized for your protection” toilet seats. The bed was comfortable enough, and I immediately availed myself of it. Diane followed me into the bedroom and busied herself unpacking. My legs and arms and eyes were all tired from the drive, but laying down I felt the tension begin to drain. I closed my eyes.

I heard Diane finish whatever she was doing with the suitcase, come over and lay down next to me on the bed. For a couple of moments, there was only the sound of her breathing, then I felt her hand on my arm. “Jonathan?” she whispered.

“Hmm?” I said sleepily.

Pause. “I need it.”


“Yes. Please.”

I was most assuredly not in the mood, but I was interested in how far she would go to get her fix. “Well, you’ll have to… arouse me.”


“I think you know.”

A thoughtful pause. “Keep your eyes closed for a few minutes.”

I had no reason to object. “All right.”

I heard her slide off the bed, reopen her suitcase, and then rustle around for about fifteen minutes. All the while, I felt myself slip more and more towards sleep. Finally, I heard her slip back into bed next me. “Open your eyes now, Jon.”

I did, halfway at first, then fully open with surprise. Diane lay next to me, in a black lingerie corset and stockings. Her hand was inside her silky panties, drawling lazy circles underneath the fabric. “I need you, Jon,” she said in a low voice. “My little cunt is so wet and itchy for your hard cock. I need you to fuck me. I need you to fuck your little slut. Your little bitch is in heat, Jon. She needs your hot come all over her whore face.” I saw her hand slip further into her panties, and it looked like she was fingering herself. “Ohhhh, Jon, it’s so hot… it’s so wet. It needs a hard dick to fill it up.” She took out her hand and slipped her middle finger into her mouth, sensuously licking her juices. “I taste so good, I’m so hot, a little slut whore who needs your cock. Please. Fuck your little bitch. Fuck her little cunt and come on her face. Please.”

I had gone from almost asleep to wide awake in about two seconds, just from the sight of Diane. By now, my erection raged to be released. “Help me undress, slut,” I told her as I got off the bed. Diane enthusiastically complied. Soon I was naked and Diane was kneeling in front of me, her magical mouth working up and down my cock. “Oh yeah, bitch, lick it, lick my cock, eat my dick you little slut whore.”

“Love your cock… love your cock…”

I reached down and played with her breasts through the fabric of her lingerie. I marveled at their perfection; supple and soft, yet firm and perky. “Stand up, whore,” I said. She left off of my dick and complied. “Get up on the bed and turn around on your knees.” She obeyed. Her ass waved ever so slightly at me as she knelt on the bed. I moved the gusset of her panties aside, and rubbed my fingers along her slit. It was flowing with juice. My saliva-coated pole slipped easily inside. “MMMMM, YESSSSSS, screw me with that HARD COCK, mmmmm FUCK YEAH FUCK FUCK fuck your little SLUT WHORE BITCH!”

“C’mon, screw me back you little slut, you little hot bitch, move your ass! Fuck me back slut!”

Diane started to pump her ass up and down my cock. The combination of her pumping and my thrusting quickly brought me to the edge of climax. “You hot little slut, gonna make me come, gonna make me come…”

“Wait… wait… ooooooOOOOOOOO….”

“UMMMPPPPHHHH YEAH!” With a final deep thrust, my jism spewed deep into her oily pussy. Diane climaxed along with me, and I swore I could actually feel the muscles of her pussy contract. Finally, we both came down, and Diane realized with a shot that I had not come on her face. “Damn…” she muttered. Shuffling forward on the bed, she slid herself off of me, and then reached between her legs. A single finger slipped into her sopping cunt, and came out coated with juice and jizz. She quickly popped it into her mouth. “Mmmmmmmmmmm,” she cooed, then reached behind again. I sat next to her on the bed as she snacked. Three or four dips later, she had fished out most of the come she could reach. She coiled around to the other side of the bed and slid up against me. “Next time, aim a little higher,” she whispered. I chuckled, then frowned.

“You’ll take my come where it comes, where I choose, got it, slut?”

She nodded meekly. “Sorry.”

“Hey,” I said.


“It was still a little funny.”

She smiled, a pearl of come escaping her lips.

* * *

By the time we reached the house, it was late afternoon. The sun hid behind it, casting it in shadow. It was a large house, near the top of a hill, surrounded by a large wrought-iron gate. The gate was rusted through, and it took all my meager strength just to screech it open. No one could have possible moved it in many years.

I had had a cover story prepared if any one happened to be there, but fortunately I did not have to test my acting skills. The paint was peeling off the sides of the house. Several windows were broken, and the rest were caked over with dust and dirt. The front door was ajar. I knocked anyway, calling, “Hello?” There was no answer for several minutes. I pushed the door slowly open. It was rusty as well, and the floor under it was warped.

Pushing open the door, I brushed aside a small pile of mail that had accumulated. I picked up one letter, and dusted it off. It was a power bill, marked “Last notice”, and by the postmark it looked as though it was about fifteen years too late. I fished through a few more letters, and noticed that there was no postmark later than fourteen years past. I started to walk further into the house, when I noticed Diane had yet to cross the threshold. “Come on,” I said.

Diane swallowed and shook her head. I humphed. “Shall I check the house first?” She nodded her head vigorously. “All right, wait there.” I took a flashlight out of my pocket, turned it on, and walked further into the house.

There wasn’t much there. The furnishings, what was left of them, were Spartan at best. There was a central living room containing only a molding couch and an old TV on a stand. In the kitchen, a card table served for a dining surface. At least, it had, before two of the legs had fallen off. The refrigerator, yellowed with countless sunrises and sets, smelled of… something. I wasn’t brave enough to actually open the door. Beyond the kitchen was a short hall, in the middle of which was a door to the basement.

The first thing I noticed were the steps. Stone. Worn in the middle. I noticed next that it was very dry. Hardly any moisture at all. There was a musty smell, like old dust, as I carefully picked my way down the stairs. My flashlight swept over the stone walls as I reached the bottom. The basement was spacious, and perhaps the most decorated room of the whole house. Manacles and shackles lined the walls, a central altar stood in the center of the room, and beyond that something flickered in the light on the floor. I moved towards it, slowly. As I played my light over it, I realized what it was: a silver circle surrounding a five-pointed star, all etched permanently into the stone in some shiny metal. I backed away slowly, not wishing to disturb anything. As I played my light again over the altar, I noticed something lay on top of it, almost the same size. I examined it closer, and suddenly realized it was a massive tome, covered with years of dirt and grime. Holding my flashlight in my teeth, I carefully picked up the ancient book. An encircled star similar to the one on the floor adorned the cover. I tucked the book under one arm and returned upstairs to the front door. Diane stood there still, furtively glancing here and there.

“Nothing’s been here for years, Diane. It’s safe to come in.”

“Are you sure?”

“Positive. Come on, we’ve got to get this place cleaned up.”

“Cleaned up? Why?”

“We’re moving in.”

* * *

It took some doing, but I managed to get title of the house transferred to my name with the help of a little palm grease at the country office. I contracted out of town to have some people clean up the exterior and furnish the interior. It took about a month before the house was fully livable again.

During that time, Diane and I made ourselves cozy. I fed her my come every three days or so, which she happily accepted, and during the rest of the time she made her way around town, investigating job opportunities. I closed up my practice and arranged to have the rest of my stuff shipped out here. And, of course, I studied the book.

As I expected, it was a book about summoning demons. It was written in a variety of styles and handwriting, leading me to believe it had been composed over a period of lifetimes. The early stuff was impossible to understand, but around the third or forth scribe it started to make more sense. It seemed the a demon could be summoned with a name, a blood sacrifice into a pentacle, and then needed to be given a contract. It could agree to it or not, but could not leave the pentacle until the summoner released it. If the contract was broken by either side, the breaker was at the mercy of the other party. Beyond those basic facts, the book listed various demons who had been summoned, various contracts attempted, and various disgusting ends that had come to those who had broken their deals.

Over the next few months, we lived off my savings. We kept to ourselves mainly, Diane having found a tech support job in town during the swing shift, and I studying the book at home late into the night. After three months of studying, I began the next step. Slowly, I crafted a contract. I spent weeks studying the mistakes my predecessors had made, noting other inadequacies and loopholes that could have been exploited. I spent days dreaming up various powers and abilities that I would demand of my summons. I carefully weighed each one, making sure that no over- or under-exaggeration of my wishes would be made to harm me. Then, I started drafting it. Drafting day in and day out. Redrafting. Reworking. Closing loopholes. When I finally thought I had something fairly ironclad, I threw it away, all of it, and started again. I went through four such phases, ironing out language nuances that might be turned against me.

After six months, I was done. My contract was over two hundred pages long, in the most precise legal-eze I could make it. I took it and the book and went over every point, looking up possible weaknesses that had been exploited before me. I found none I had not considered.

I was ready to deal with the devil.

Chapter 4: The Summoning

“Fuck me, Jon! Fuck your little bitch slut! Ride my cunt, you big stud.”

“Gonna come, gonna come…”

Diane squiggled out from under me and flipped herself over. “Cover my slut face with your come, Jon, cover it with your jizz. Stuff my face with your big cock and explode inside me.”

I crawled forward over her, positioning the head of my dick inches above her nose. “You need it, slut?”

“I need your come, baby, it’s been six days, I fucking need it! I want it! Want it so bad…” She reached for my cock. I grabbed her wrists and thrust them down by her sides, holding them there. Diane looked surprised, then smiled at me. “Big stud Jon wants me to use my little slut mouth, run my little whore tongue up and down his big dick until it explodes, eh?”


If she had looked surprised before, she looked positively stunned now. “What… what do you mean, no?”

“I need you to do something for me first.”

“Anything, Jon, anything, please… I need it. It’s starting to hurt.”

“I need a blood sacrifice, and I cannot use my own.”

“A… a what? You want me to kill myself?”

“No no no, don’t be ridiculous.” I lowered my dick down so that it touched her face. She reached for it with her tongue. I pulled away and hissed at her, “Hold still, bitch, if you want it at all.” Diane instantly froze. I positioned my prick again, and began to run it up and down her cheeks. “I need you to put a drop of two of your blood on a certain place at a certain time. If you do this, I’ll let you eat my come.”

“When? Where? Please, I need it so bad.”

“I’m going to summon a demon tonight, Diane.”

Diane’s eyes nearly popped out of her head. “Whh… wh… what?”

“My contract is ready. I have its name from the book, and the ritual is simple. But I need blood, and not my own. I need you to prick your finger and drop it in the pentacle in the basement. Tonight, after I am done with the summoning incantation.”

“Please don’t make me do this, Jon.”

“Do you want my come, Diane?”

No answer.

“Do you? Or do you want to go back to the bar?”

She shook her head.

“Then I think we understand one another. Are you ready?”


“Now.” I released Diane and got off the bed. Diane waited there while I opened the bedroom closet. I reached inside and pulled out the garment I had had made just this last week. It was a modified black silk kimono, with a white pentacle on the back. I tossed a similar half-nightie to Diane, who slipped it on quietly. Taking her hand, I led her downstairs to the basement.

It was lit by 13 candles placed specifically around the pentacle. Across the altar lay the book, open to the page of the incantation, with a paste-it containing the demon’s name on the opposite page. Across the spine lay a silver knife. “Stand by the circle. When I hand you the knife, take it. When I point at you, prick your finger. Drop one drop on the blade, then one in the center of the circle. Don’t hesitate, and don’t speak. If you do not obey me, then I will stop the ritual, and you will not get my semen. We will try again next week. Do you understand, Diane?”

She nodded meekly.

“You won’t be in any danger as long as you do exactly as I told you. Understand?” Another nod, slightly more relieved. “Then let’s begin. Stand by the circle.”

Diane moved slowly up to the edge of the pentacle. I looked down at the book, and read slowly.

“Through the darkness, I call to thee:
Upon the blackness, I summon thee:
Through the night, you fly to me:
I convoke the words, it is done:
Dikraxthas, I name thee.”

I handed the knife to Diane. She took it in trembling hands.

“By the ancient words, Dikraxthas,
You are brought to me.”

I pointed to Diane. Stiffly, she stepped into the circle. Her hands shook. She touched the end of the knife to her index finger, and pushed. The blood welled around the tip of the blade. She shakily took the blade away, and held her pricked finger above it. After an agonizing instant, a drop of blood fell on it. She let the hand with the blade fall by her side while keeping the other in the air. After another painful moment, another drop fell. Before it hit floor, Diane was on the other side of the room.

The blood made a small mark along the inner pentagram of the star. As I watched, the red discoloration moved along the lines of the pattern, filing it with an otherworldly light. As the whole pentacle turned red and deepened in color, something began to take shape in the air. The red deepened to purple, then to black, and suddenly flashed back to silver again. As it did, the form in the pentacle turned solid.

It was taller than any man I had ever seen. Standing eight feet or thereabouts, it had two arms and legs, large black wings. Its skin was black with a mottled red. Its face was crude but not hideously ugly. Its eyes were bright red. Its chest was overly muscular, and as studied it closer I noticed it had a rather outstandingly large penis. I stopped thinking of it as an it.

“WHO HAS SUMMONED ME?” he boomed. “I have,” I said.


“I refuse to release you until it is my whim to.”

The creature let out a bellow that shook the house. “WHAT DO YOU WANT, CREATURE?”

“The first thing I want is for you to never raise your voice. I know that while you are in the pentacle you can do nothing any harm, and I am being harmed by your volume.” It was true, my ears were ringing.

“You are knowledgeable, human. Release me now, and I promise to do no harm to you.”

“The word of demon is useless without his seal. I will not. I have prepared a contract. Agree to it in its entirety with your seal, and I will consider releasing you.” I tossed a copy of the contract into the circle. He picked it up, and flipped through it. I had no doubt he could read as fast as he could leaf through the pages. He reached the last page. “I refuse,” he said simply.

“Then you will think about it.”

“I have eternity to wait, human. How long do you have?”

I merely smiled. “Oh I don’t imagine for a moment that I could simply out wait you.” I walked over to a cloth covered mound beside the pentacle. “I have arranged for some entertainment.” I took off the cloth. Underneath was a small television on a stand. I turned it on. It took a while for the tube to warm up, but the speaker came to life immediately. “… and if you beeelieeeeve, IF YOU TRULY BELIEVE, then the Lord JEEESUS shall come through you and heal your troubles…”


“Be silent.” The demon’s mouth still moved, but he made no sound. After a moment, he stopped. “I will check on you in a week, then another, then another, until you agree. Until then.” I turned, and for the first time saw Diane since Dikraxthas had arrived. She was huddled on the floor, shivering, her head between her arms. I touched her on the shoulder. Her body seemed to explode. She leapt up screaming, clutching, grabbing, flailing, gouging and punching all at the same time. “Diane, DIANE! It’s trapped! It cannot get you!” I grabbed her arms and tried to hold on as she thrashed. Finally she calmed down enough to grab on to me and squeeze for dear life. “Come on, you did very well.” I led her out of the basement. As I looked back, I saw our guest banging his fists against the invisible wall that trapped him in the circle.

I took Diane back to the bedroom upstairs. I lay down with her and held her until she stopped shivering and went to sleep. I fell asleep shortly thereafter.

In the morning, I awoke and noticed Diane had gotten up before me. I rubbed the sand from my eyes, then realized with a start that I was still alive despite what lurked in the basement. I moved downstairs into the kitchen. Diane was there, cooking breakfast. “Good morning,” I said.

“Jon,” she said as she scrambled eggs, “I know you did something last night in the basement, but I don’t remember what. I don’t want you to tell me. I think it’s… better that I forgot.”

I thought for a moment, then said, “Do you hear the sound in the basement?”

She stopped whisking for a moment, and cocked her ear. “It sounds like… preaching?”

“If that should ever stop, and I am down there, come down to the basement immediately. Understand?”

She nodded, and continued whipping the eggs. I moved up behind her and rubbed myself against her. Instantly, she rubbed her hips back at me. “Ohhhh, Jon, I’m soooo fucking horny…” She turned around and dropped to her knees. Parting the folds of my robe, she fished out my flaccid penis and started to suck and milk it like a thing possessed. In no time, her expert tongue and mouth brought me to orgasm. I simply let it come, not trying to hold back anything to fuck her with. Without a word, she sucked my cock dry of come. Her body shivered with pleasure as she ate my semen. “Thank you, Jon,” she said as she licked me dry.

“How about a real breakfast now?”

* * *

It was a week before I went down to the basement again. Our guest was huddled as far away from the TV as possible, and appeared to be howling. I got his attention, then motioned to the contract lying just beside him. He shook his head angrily, and beat his fists against the invisible walls. I simply turned out the lights and went back upstairs.

This routine went on for several weeks. Each time I went downstairs, Dikraxthas looked a little worse, a little more huddled. He refused all attempts at negotiation, and never spoke a word. I thanked whatever powers there were for twenty-four hour religious networks.

It was the eleventh week of Dikraxthas’s captivity, and Diane and I had both become accustomed to the sound of the preacher coming from downstairs. After dinner, Diane cleaned the dishes while I proceeded downstairs. It was time for my weekly attempt at negotiations.

I proceeded carefully down the dark stone staircase to the bottom, where I flipped the electric light switch I had installed. The room flooded with light, and I stopped dead in my tracks.

Inside the circle lay the most beautiful woman I had ever lay eyes on. She had platinum blond hair, perfectly cascading down to just below her shoulders, piercing green eyes, perfect half-dome breasts with pointy, erect nipples, a perfectly flat, tight stomach, a perfect hint of curves in her hips, long shapely legs, and a perfect looking bush of golden, soft-looking down covering a wet, pink moist slit. Her hand slid over her breast, down her tummy and between her legs. She made slow, lazy circles there, her labia glistening with moisture. With her other hand, she pointed to her mouth. “You want to say something?” I asked. Part of me noticed that I was speaking very strangely.

“Why don’t you turn down the TV?” she asked in a breathless, whispery voice.

I immediately moved to comply. I slapped the TV off, then turned to the vision of beauty in the circle. “Wouldn’t you like to fuck me, Jon? Stick your rock hard cock up my cunt? Or maybe up my little tight asshole? Would you like that Jon?” She turned around, and spread her ass cheeks wide, presenting a view of a perfect tight, pink rosebud of an ass pucker. “Ram your cock deep up my virgin ass? Butt fuck your little blond bitch?”

My cock was little tearing through my pants to get to this creature, and anal sex had always been one of my most deeply, secretly held fantasies. I mindless stripped off my shirt and pants and started to stroke my already throbbing cock.

“That’s it, Jon, come on, come in and fuck my ass.”

I started to step towards the circle. The vision of her ass wavering in the air in front of me held my gaze as I walked forward.

“JONATHAN!!!!” The piercing screech cut through the fog of my brain. I looked up to the source of the cry. Diane stood on the staircase, her face aghast. I looked back to the circle. The girl was gone, and in her place, Dikraxthas was bent over, his massive hands spreading his butt cheeks wide. I don’t like to think about what was between there.

I flailed backwards, nearly knocking over the television as I did. I managed to right myself and slap the TV back on in one rather jerky motion.

“NOOOOOO!!!!” Dikraxthas screamed.

“SILENCE!” I cried back. The sound from the circle snapped off. Dikraxthas slammed against the barrier of the circle, hurling himself again and again at the unseen wall. Nothing he did got him any farther out.

I managed to collect my clothes and grabbed onto Diane, who led me safely up the staircase. “Thank you, Diane, thank you so much,” I whispered.

She kissed me softly on the cheek. “What would you do without me?”

* * *

It was about a month before I went down to the basement again. I had left the light on from the last time. The images of that evening still haunted my dreams. But seeing Dikraxthas, curled into a fetal position, shivering at the edge of the circle, somehow made him seem less fearsome than he had once been.

“Dikraxthas,” I called. No response. “Dikraxthas!” The body of the demon jerked, as if surprised, then slowly uncurled just enough to glance my way. “Are we ready to talk?” He nodded. “You may speak in a normal voice.”

“I will grant you three wishes in exch-”

“Silence. All the contract or nothing,” and I turned and walked out of the room.

* * *

About two in the morning, I sat bolt upright in bed. I quickly slipped into my black robe and went down to the basement.

Dikraxthas was sitting up, calm. In front of him lay the contract, turned to the last page, upon which was an arcane symbol of swirls and curves. I recognized it from the tome; it was Dikraxthas’s symbol.

“Very good, push the contract outside the circle,” I said. He complied. “I will be right back,” I said as I walked out of the room. I went upstairs and got my copy of the contract, and brought it back downstairs. Spending over an hour, I compared the two, making sure that the demon had changed none of the words. Fortunately, Dikraxthas seemed to have reached his breaking point and had changed nothing.

“Very good,” I said after my examination. “Now, in accordance with the ancient ways and section forty-seven point three of the contract, we will have the oral summation of the powers. You may speak in a normal voice to respond in the affirmative to each of the powers listed. Do you understand?”

He nodded.

“Very good, let’s begin. In exchange for your freedom, you, Dikraxthas, agree to the following summation of the contract:

“One: endowment upon myself of unlimited life until I choose to end it as stipulated in the contract.”


“Two: endowment upon myself of above average health and strength and freedom of all diseases and accidents as stipulated in the contract.”


“Three: endowment upon myself of controlled sexual potency, including maintainable, controllable erections, unlimited orgasms of a quantity of semen not to fall bellow four tablespoons, non-impregnating or impregnating semen as I choose, and stamina to have sexual relations for periods up to twenty-four hours as stipulated in the contract.”


“Four: endowment upon myself of the ability to instill into others any of the following temporary or permanent traits: general arousal from faint to extremely horny, addiction to semen, addiction to sex, attraction to me, attraction to others of my choosing, bisexuality, absolute obedience to me, defiant obedience to me, inability to disobey my commands, ability to have anal sex without physical damage, inability to enjoy sex without degradation, such that I will be able to have any form of sexual copulation with any woman or women I see, all as stipulated in the contract.”


“Five: endowment upon myself of the ability to confer or revoke any of these powers to anyone of my choosing, as stipulated in the contract.”


“Six: endowment upon myself of the ability to permanently remove or add appropriate body hair for appropriate bodily locations, as stipulated in the contract.”


“Seven: endowment upon myself of the ability to defend myself from any form of attack and to inflict any potential damage done to me by an attacker back onto said attacker, as stipulated in the contract.”


“Eight: endowment upon myself of the ability to pass unseen through any security system, electronic or personal, without harm or discovery, as stipulated in the contract.”


“Nine: the endowment upon myself of enough worldly goods, money and possessions to live whatever lifestyle I choose, as stipulated in the contract.”


“Ten: the endowment upon myself of the ability to always find the nearest parking space to my destination in whatever vehicle I travel in, as stipulated in the contract.”


“Eleven: that, once released from your prison, you will never come within my presence again and that you will not foster, directly or indirectly, any action which could lead to any possible mental, physical, or worldly harm to me or anyone I come into contact with, as stipulated in the contract.”

A sigh, then “Yes.”

“Twelve: that these effects will take hold and be permanent exactly twelve hours after you are released from your prison.”


“By the ancient law, the contract is agreed. I release you.”

There was no explosion, no fanfare, no whiz-bang special effects. One moment, Dikraxthas was there, and the next he was gone. I turned, switched off the light and climbed back up the stairs. I slipped quietly into the bedroom, heady with the experience. I got into bed. Diane never stirred from her slumber. I checked the clock. It read 3:47 AM.

I couldn’t get to sleep. Dammit, should have put that in there. No insomnia ever again.

Chapter 5: Playing the Field

I watched Diane wake up in the light of the early morning. I told her that she didn’t need to worry about the basement any more. “It’s over,” I said, “I won.”

“That’s nice,” she said blandly, and went downstairs to make breakfast.

I stayed inside that day, watching TV, trying not to stare at the clock too often. Noontime took an eternity to roll around. Three o’clock was an eon away from that, and the last five minutes before 3:47 PM each took a century. I watched the second hand on my bedroom clock move past the twelve as 3:47 rolled around. By the time it reached the six, the phone rang.

“Hello?” I said as I lifted the receiver.

“Jonathan. Earl Katz, your financial advisor here. Just wanted to let you know that everything’s in place, and we should be mailing out your checks shortly. Is there anything else that you needed?”

“Earl, ballpark figure, what’s my net worth?”

“Well, let’s see, I haven’t seen where the Dow closed today, but we’re talking in the neighborhood of 1.5, maybe 1.6.”


There was a laugh at the other end of the line. “Heck, 1.6 million is my commission, almost. That was, uh, actually a joke, don’t think I’m doing anything sneaky or anything. No no John, you and four hundred and seventeen other individuals can put a ‘b’ in front of your ‘illions’.”

“Thanks Earl. Say, I seem to have misplaced your phone number, could I get it again?” I hastily scribbled it down on the back of a torn envelope by the bed. “Thanks again. Bye Earl.”

“Bye Jon, take care.”

I gripped the envelope in my hand for a moment, just staring at the wall and contemplating all that money. Then the realization hit me. That I had it. All of it.

But I had to convince myself.

Diane had gone to work by now, so I was alone in the house, still in my bathrobe. Admittedly, it was a fairly nice robe, but… As I swept on some clothes, I tried to think of a place where I could find pretty women at this hour. The local campus, where whoever Dave had been had first spied Diane, seemed a likely place. I hopped into the car and sped out there.

A couple of gentle inquiries led me to the sorority house of Alpha Gamma Phi, widely reputed (at least to the two guys I talked to) to have the best looking girls on campus. I found a parking spot right in front, which further strengthened my opinion in my newfound powers. But the hardest test was yet to come.

The front door was unlocked. Inside was a reception type area, with a hallway apparently leading back to the living quarters. Behind a desk sat a rather large matron, looking surly as she leafed through People Magazine. Nearly holding my breath, I walked straight past her.

She never batted an eye.

The hallway led to a living/dining room and kitchen area, which had a staircase going up in it. At the dining room table, the first Alpha sister I had seen since walking sat studying a text book while munching on a salad. She had long, dark hair, and what looked like a fairly nice body.

“Hello,” I said in a normal tone of voice.

Her head shot up, a look of surprise in her eyes. “Can I help you? Who are you here to see?”

“Actually, I think that you will find that you want to more than help me, you wish to obey my every command, don’t you? In fact, I think you are very attracted to me.”

“Well, now that you mention it, yeah. Kinda.” She arose from the table and moved towards me. Her whole attitude had gone from fearful detachment to heavy interest. “What would you like me to do?”

“First of all, I would like you to tell me your name, then show me to your room.”

“Wow, sure! My name’s Keisha, and my room is upstairs. Come on,” and she offered me her hand. I took it, and she led me up the stairs, at the top of which was a long hallway lined with doors. Coming out of one was a towel clad blond, with damp curly hair. “Hey Keish, who’s that?” she called to my companion.

“Who this? This is… uh…”

“My name is Jon, and you want to obey my wishes because you are deeply attracted to me, aren’t you?”

“Oh… yeah, of course, Jon, what can I do you for?”

“Why don’t you come into Keisha’s room with us?”

“Sure,” she said. Both girls lead me into what I presumed was Keisha’s room. It was small but tidy, with a single bed, desk, and walls adorned with school memorabilia and rock star posters. “What did you want to see in here, Jon?” Keisha asked as I closed and locked the door.

“Well, mainly I wanted to see you two. All of you two. Keisha, why don’t you start by stripping down to your underwear?”

“Sure.” She matter-of-factly removed her top, revealing a white lacy bra underneath, removed her shoes and wiggled out her jeans. Her underwear matched her bra, and both stood in contrast to her long dark hair. “You are quite a lovely girl,” I commented.

“Thank you, Jon. I think you are just beautiful.”

“Of course you do, but I think that you also find… I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name.”


“You find Suzi here very, very attractive as well. I’ll bet you never noticed it before, but she’s really hot looking isn’t she?”

“Boy, she sure is.”

“I’ll bet you’d like to see more of her, wouldn’t you?”

“Mm hmm.”

“Suzi, why don’t you let Keisha here take your towel off? You secretly lust after her too, don’t you? You’d love to let her see your tits, wouldn’t you? Doesn’t the thought of it just make you hot inside?”

“Yeah, yeah. Come here and strip me, Keisha, I am so hot for you.”

Keisha ripped away Suzi’s towel, revealing a pair of medium-sized breasts and a brown thatch. “Not a real blond, eh Suzi?” I said. Keisha’s hands played over the blond girl’s shoulders, caressing and fondling, as she walked around her admiring her body. “Why do you dye your hair, Suzi?”

“I dunno, I never really liked my brown hair…”

I projected the love of degradation over both of them. I was not really sure how I knew I was doing it, but I knew it. “Isn’t more that you really wanted to be a little blond slut? A little blond slut hungry for a big meaty cock, hungry for a pussy in her face and a dick up her twat, hungry for come?” As I said this I began stepping out of my clothing.

“Mmmm, yeah, I love it when you talk like that, Jon. No one’s ever called me a slut before, but I sure like it.” Her hands moved to her crotch and began slowly stroking herself. Keisha moved around again to Suzi’s front, and took the blond girl by the shoulders. Their mouths came together slowly, kissing and tonguing each other gently at first, then more fiercely.

“How’s it feel to be kissed by this little slut, Keisha? What would you think of a girl that was kissing a little naked blond-dyed slut?”

They broke their embrace, and, still staring into Suzi’s eyes, Keisha replied, “I’d think that she was a bit of slut too.”

“Keisha, come here,” I said. By now I had stepped out of my pants and was standing only in my underwear, which my cock was making a small pup-tent out of. As Keisha walked over, she said, “Wow, you have a nice body, Jon.” “Call me Master, slut.”

“You have a nice body, Master,” she cooed as she sidled up against me. I kissed her, and let my tongue play with hers for a moment. Then I turned her around so that her back was against mine. “Suzi, come stand in front of us,” I said. She did so. I placed my hands on top of Keisha’s shoulders. “We’re going to play a little game. Suzi, you pretend you are looking in a mirror at your self. Anywhere you put you hands on your body, I will do to Keisha. Understand?”

“Yes, J… Master.”

“Go ahead,” I said.

Suzi started at her shoulders where my hands were. She moved them slowly down the sides of her chest. My hands followed down Keisha’s sides, and I could feel the goosebumps under my fingertips as I passed over her skin. She brought them back up along the front of her chest, stopping for a moment to play over her nipples. I could feel Keisha’s get hard under the material of her bra. Suzi pantomimed slipping a hand inside her bra, and mine slipped under Keisha’s. Her breasts were very soft, and her nipple was a small rock of pressure and pleasure. Suzi reached around behind herself and pantomimed taking off a imaginary bra. Keisha’s bra came off and fell to the floor as I undid it. Suzi ran her hands openly over her breasts. As I did this to Keisha, her head tilted back slightly and she pressed herself against me. Suzi’s hands trailed down her stomach, slipped under an imaginary set of panties, and began exploring between her legs. My hands went under Keisha’s rather wet panties and I found her pussy nearly overflowing with love juice. My fingers slid easily over her labia, brushing the inner parts of her lips. Keisha moaned audibly, and so did Suzi. Suzi began to frig herself more vigorously, and I picked up the tempo. Diddling her clit with my thumb, I slid two and three fingers into Keisha’s hot twat at a time. Keisha began to rotate her hips against my cock, pushing and rubbing up against me. “Oh God, this feels sooo good,” Suzi moaned. “I’m so wet. I’ve never been this wet. Fuck, I am so horny.”

“Lie back on the bed, Suzi, and keep frigging yourself.” Suzi complied. “Keisha, why don’t you help this little blond slut get even more wet?” Keisha didn’t say a word, just opened her eyes, found her friend, and dove in between the girl’s legs. She licked vigorously at Suzi’s cunt, and the other girl started moaning loudly. “MMMMmmmm, yeah, baby, lick me, oh yeah, sweetie lick my little pussy, mmmm fuck yeah…” Meanwhile I slipped Keisha’s panties down to around her ankles, and decided to test another power. I reached in between her legs and began concentrating on removing the pubic hair from her pussy lips. Instantly, I felt it disappear from underneath my fingers. I peered down to examine my handiwork. The hair from her lips was gone, but the bush on top was still a little thick. Using a finger, I traced around it, moving it back until it was trim and neat above her opening. I also removed the excess hair from her inner thighs (which was already cut but stubbly). Keisha came up from her pussy-eating long enough to say, “What are you doing back there, Master?”

“Stand up and see in the mirror for yourself,” I replied. She did so, and Suzi stood with her. She placed a timid hand on her bush, staring at herself in the mirror as though she did not recognize her on body. “It’s a slut cut: hair on top for looks, bare on the lips so that tongues and cocks and fingers slip easily across.”

“I’m gonna kiss those little lips,” Suzi said as she dashed around and between Keisha’s legs. The blond began enthusiastically eating out her friend. Keisha just stood there, her mouth slightly open and moaning, her hand playing with Suzi’s hair as the blond ate her out. I took that hand and moved it from the top of Suzi’s head to my crotch. Keisha got the message. Her hand adroitly fished out my rock hard cock and began slowly stroking it. Suzi noticed this, extracted her tongue from Keisha’s inner lips and said, “Well, now that I’ve had my pie, I think I’ll have a little meat.”

“That’s a good idea, slut. Keisha, why don’t you help Suzi out? Both of you little whores get down there and suck my cock good.”

They both did. Their tongues played across my cock and my balls. While one would bob her head up and down the shaft, the other would lick at my scrotum. The pleasure was unbelievable, and I was approaching orgasm very quickly. “Keep that up, slut,” I said to Suzi as she sucked me hungrily, “and you’ll get to taste my come. That’s it, keep doing that, that’s it, take it suck it take it, fuck, gonna COME!”

And I did. The orgasm seemed to begin in my balls and shot like a lightning bolt through my dick and out into Suzi’s mouth. What felt like an incredible amount of semen poured out of me. Suzi worked hard, but some slipped out of the corners of her mouth and down her cheeks. She ate at it hungrily, and licked and sucked at my cock until it was glisteningly clean. I noticed that Dikraxthas had come through on another condition; my cock was still quite hard and showed no sign of stopping. “Wow, Master, you sure come a lot,” Suzi said. She brought her hand up as if to wipe the remaining come from her cheeks, but I said, “Wait, why don’t you let the other little slut her lick your face clean from my come? Keisha, lick Suzi clean.”

Keisha almost seemed to pounce on the other girl in her enthusiasm. Her tongue was everywhere across Suzi’s face, trying to get every drop of jism she could. Finally, the two settled down to some light French kissing, at which point I said, “OK, which little slut wants to get fucked?”

“Me! Me!” they both cried.

“Uh oh,” I said, feigning concern, “looks like we’ll just have to have a slut-off.”

“A what?” Keisha asked.

“Each of you gets one chance to act like the biggest slut you can, saying but not doing the dirtiest things you can think of. The one who’s the biggest slut gets fucked. Suzi, why don’t you start.”

Suzi disentangled herself from Keisha and said, “You want to fuck me, Master, because my little twat is just aching for your big cock. God, this little slut needs your cock so badly, I need your cock to be a slut, I want to be your slut, please Master please, fuck my little slut cunt.”

“OK, now you Keisha.”

Keisha got a sultry look in her eye. She slowly strode towards me, swaying her hips seductively as she said, “That little blond slut can’t even compare to me, Master. I don’t need your cock, Master, I want it. I want it everywhere. I want you to take the big hard dick and shove it up my cunt, ram it up there good and tight, and then I want you fucking me, fucking my little tight slit with that rock hard cock. I want you to come up my pussy and then make this little blond bitch slut lick it clean while I suck on your cock. I want you to spray my tits with your come and have this little come whore lick it off. I want you to fuck my tits, fuck my mouth, fuck my pussy, and then I want you to fuck my ass, Master. I want you to ram your hard cock deep up my ass while this little blond cunt licks my twat.”

“Keisha wins,” I said. Her face lit up, while Suzi’s turned into a little petulant frown. “But both of you are just top-notch sluts.” Suzi seemed to brighten at that. “Now, Suzi, come lie on your back on the bed, and let your head hang over the end slightly.” Suzi complied. “Keisha, bend over that little blond bitch and spread your ass cheeks wide. You’re going to get your wish.” Keisha swayed by me sexily as she approached the bed. She leaned over and placed her head on Suzi’s stomach. Reaching behind herself, she spread her ass cheeks and presented me with her cunt pretty pink ass pucker. “Shove it in, Master, shove it deep and hard. Ride my ass with that big cock of yours.”

“Lick her cunt, Suzi, lick her little twat while I take her virgin ass.”

Suzi didn’t give it a second thought. Her tongue shot straight into Keisha’s hole and she started to lap and suck. I placed my hand on Keisha’s ass and willed the ability to have anal sex without damage into her. I slipped my hand into her crack and fingered slowly at her nether hole. It tightened involuntarily around my finger. “Lick her clit, Suzi.” Suzi must have done a good job; Keisha’s sphincter relaxed and she started moaning. “Oh yeah, you bitch, lick my cunt you little bitch, lick my little clit, make me come, oh fuck lick it make me come… oooooh, Master, your finger feels so good against my ass. Put it in, please, put it in…”

I swirled my finger around Keisha’s cunt for a moment, then began to slip it up her corn hole. Her cunt juice made the journey easier, and soon I had my index finger up to my knuckle inside. “MMMMM, yeah, Master, fuck, feels so good, mmm, so full…” I began pumping my finger in and out, increasing the depth each time. Her ass relaxed further. “Finger fuck my ass, Master, finger fuck my fucking bitch ass!”

“It’s time, slut. Are you ready?”

“Uhhhh huhhhh… need it… want cock in ass… please…”

“Suzi, suck my dick.” I slipped my dick under Keisha’s hips and Suzi’s lips instantly wrapped around it. She slurped and sucked at like a child with her lollipop. “Enough, go back to the whore’s cunt while I ream her ass.” I pulled my dick out of her mouth with a pop, and then placed the tip at the entrance of Keisha’s ass. “Do it,” she said breathlessly. “Fuck me, Master.”

I needed no more encouragement. I pushed the head in. Her sphincter clamped down on it strongly. “UHHHHHHhhhhhh,” Keisha moaned. I continued pushing, and more quickly than I expected it was all in. “OH GOD MASTER YES!!!! FUCK YES!” I pumped. Quick, small thrusts at first. “Mm mm mm mm!!” I built up to longer, more thorough strokes, until I was plunging in and out with the full length of my cock. Keisha started to scream. “OH YEAH FUCK ASS FUCK ASS FUUUUCK!” Her hips started to buck back at me. Her ass was incredibly tight, and felt incredibly good. I bucked into her with all my might. “FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!” she screamed. With two mighty thrusts, the come boiled out of my balls and filled her ass. I slipped my cock out of her ass and then plunged it into her cunt. “Mmmm, feels good.” I fucked her in there, my hips blazing like a jack hammer. My excited cock quickly blew out another load into her snatch. “Keisha,” I said breathlessly, “swing around and sit on the edge of the bed. Suzi, bend over and lick her snatch clean while I fuck you.”

“Yes, Master,” Keisha and Suzi said. They quickly exchanged positions, and Suzi presented me with her brown bush. Her pussy was incredibly wet and my cock slipped in and out like a well-oiled piston. “Uh uh uh AH AH AHHH!” Suzi’s screams increased in tempo and volume as my pace increased. My magic dick quickly filled her cunt with creamy jism.

“Now, you two sixty-nine and clean each other’s cunts.” The two co- ed’s hopped up on Keisha’s bed and started to enthusiastically eat each other out. “Now, listen you two,” I said, “I want you two to be good little bi- sexual friends for each other throughout college. You’ll be free of any sexual diseases, so you can have sex with whomever you want. And I want you to have sex with lots of people. Do anything asked of you. I want you two to be the biggest sluts on campus. After college, taper off but always remain special friends.”

I left them there, happily munching away at each other, with a whole different look on life.


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