Feature Writer: Traffic Man
Feature: Title: Demon Deals
Author’s Notes: Mind control is the fantasy of the coward. It is the playground of the spurned fourteen-year-old, where haughty cheerleaders and athletic jocks are brought low by the one thing he holds over them, the one thing they cannot ridicule. His mind, such a seeming detriment at the time, wins out in the end.
Disclaimer: The following is a work of fiction. Nothing like this ever happened, nothing like this is happening, nothing like this will ever happen. Do not do anything to anyone if you are doing it because you read it in this story. That’s so incomprehensibly stupid I don’t even want to think about it.

Demon Deals

Chapter 6: Twists

I returned home, taking a lazy drive back and contemplating what I would do next. Several thoughts came to mind: building a harem of beautiful beauties on some private estate, making my way to Hollywood and indulging myself with beautiful stars… I indulged my fantasies as I rode up the driveway and entered the house.

“Diane? Are you home?” I called as I walked in the door.

“Up here,” she called from the bedroom. Something in her voice made me nervous. I moved upstairs quickly and found her, sitting on the bed and holding a folded piece of paper. “Hi, what’s the matter?” I asked.

Diane didn’t say anything. She simply handed me the note. I unfolded it. The script on it was long and flowing, and a familiar symbol adorned the bottom. It read:

I caused it. If you wish to talk, remove the restriction, and I will come.

– D.

“This was on the bed as well,” she said as she handed me a videotape. There was no label on it. I walked over to our bedroom TV and slipped the tape into the VCR. Clicking it on, what appeared to be the middle of a newscast appeared.

“… and in International news, an Iranian passenger jet went down under mysterious circumstances over the Atlantic today. According to air traffic control officials, the plane suddenly dropped rapidly from their scopes. Search planes are now scouring the section of ocean, but no word yet on locating any wreckage…”

The tape went on to show various clips of bodies floating in the water, and wreckage strewn over miles and miles of rolling ocean. The plane had been literally ripped to shreds in mid-flight.

The tape ended, and I turned off the television. “Hardball,” I said.

“What are we going to do, Jon?” Diane asked. Her hands were shaking.

“Do? Nothing. He can’t hurt anyone I know. The rest of the world needs to fend for itself.”

“But… but…”

“But nothing. People die, Diane. It happens. Come on, I’ll take you to your favorite restaurant tonight. Or anywhere. Anywhere you want. Where would you like to go?”

She seemed to brighten at that. “But our money is getting kind of…”

“No need to worry about that any more. At all. Don’t give money a second thought ever again. I’m rich. He made me rich. We have more money than we could possibly ever know what to do with. And you know what we’re going to do?”

“No, what?”

I smiled, a great big broad stupid wonderful feeling smile. “Anything we damn well please, that’s what we’re gonna do!”

* * *

It was late, and I was more tired than I had been in a long time. Diane dozed contentedly next to me in the car as we drove home from a night on the town, our ninth since my contract was fulfilled. Dikraxthas had made no more threats, and had done nothing else very obvious. I was sure he would eventually, but for now, life was sweet. And tired.

I pulled into the driveway of my house, my eyes heavy and my head drooping. I considered it lucky I hadn’t fallen asleep on the road. Gently I shook Diane. “Hmmmm?” she moaned.

“We’re here. C’mon, let’s get you to bed.”

“Mmm hmmm.” She sleepily pushed open her door and stumbled to the ground.

It saved her life. The bullet crashed through my window, blew past my forehead and blasted through the passenger side door where Diane had been instants before. I was suddenly wide awake.

I threw open my door and rolled out of the car. Suddenly it occurred to me that I didn’t need to be so worried about myself; Dikraxthas’s powers had yet to fail or disappoint. I stood up as quickly as I could. “Stay down,” I shouted to Diane as I peered into the darkness.

What happened next surprised me no end. My arm whipped up of its own volition, my hand rigid and flat like a knife. My elbow turned faster than I thought possible, and I felt the palm of my hand pushing something out of the way. Split seconds later the ground beside me exploded as the bullet I had pushed out of the way slammed into the soft earth. The bullet had come from above me, and I strained my eyes as I tried to see anything. Finally, in the branches of the oak that stood in front of the house, I spied what I thought looked like a human form. Instantly I made for the tree. The form moved, stealthily slipping back across the branch and sliding fluidly down the trunk. Upon reaching the ground, it bolted across the lawn away from me. I was ten yards behind and it was much much faster.

I quickly projected with all of my will the inability to disobey me. “STOP!” I commanded, huffing. The figure immediately came to a halt. I caught up quickly and grabbed its shoulders. A hood hid its face and I ripped it off. I was mildly surprised to see a woman.

The first thing that hit me was her hair, a dark red. She was unusually attractive, having fine facial features and long, thin nose. After an instant’s stare, she swung her arm at me. My arm came up instantly to block it and, without thinking, my other returned her blow. I was lightning quick, and my fist caught her under the chin neatly. She flew backwards and collapsed on the lawn.

I went over to her. She was out cold. I picked up her limp body in a fireman’s carry and took her over to the front door. “Come out, Diane, it’s safe now,” I called.

An unexpected hand across my back caused me to jump with fright. I whirled around and nearly cold-cocked Diane, who was standing behind me looking just as surprised.

“Jesus Christ, Diane, don’t do that again.” “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Who is she?”

“I have no idea, but I will definitely ask her that when she wakes up.”

We took her inside. I ordered Diane into the kitchen to find some rope. Meanwhile I began disrobing my attacker. I didn’t want to leave any of her clothes where she could get at something inside of them. I noticed several stiff and lumpy packages hidden amongst her skin tight outfit, and decided it was better to leave them alone. Diane came back, and I tied the naked redhead to one of the living room chairs. I thought I could handle her mentally, but it was better not to take any chances. I sent Diane back to the kitchen to get some water.

I had to admit, my intended killer was a knockout. Her breasts were small and perky, her figure slender and muscular, and her bush was light and had just a hint of redness to it. I could feel the beginnings of stiffening in my pants. Diane returned with the water, and I threw it in our captive’s face.

Her head jerked back and she sputtered. Immediately she struggled with her bonds, but I had apparently tied them tight enough. Her struggles simply caused some chafing. After a few moments, she stopped wiggling and simply glared at me.

“Finished?” I asked.

She continued her malevolent staring. I laid into her with my control, saying “I order you to answer me: are you finished?”

“Yes,” she said dully, not breaking her gaze.

“Good. Then, perhaps, we can act like reasonable people. First off, who sent you?”

“The Lady.”

“What is her name?”

“The Lady.” Her eyes remained level, piercing.

“What is her given name? The name she was born with?”

“The Lady.”

Frustration started to simmer inside me. “You will answer my questions to the fullest extent of your knowledge, succinctly and with the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Who sent you?

“The – Lady.”

“What is her given name? The name she signs her checks with? The name given to her at birth, dammit!”

“The Lady.”

I couldn’t believe it! How could she not be obeying me? Dikraxthas could not have given me all these powers and left out the control of others! How could this be? “Do you know her name?”


“Tell it to me.”

“The Lady.”

Not that one, her real name, do you know her real name?”


“Tell me her real name?”

“The Lady.”

Frustration boiled over. I leapt across the room and slapped her soundly across the face. Her head whipped back. She brought it around slowly to face me again, wearing a smile.

I backed away, taking deep breaths and trying to regain control of myself. Diane came up and put her hand on my shoulder. “Take it easy, Jon, just take it easy.”

“Don’t you understand? She just tried to kill us both! And now, when I should be able to make her do anything I want, I can’t make her tell me who sent her! Did I screw up? Was there something in the contract I didn’t see, some loophole, something-”

“Wait a minute, wait a minute,” Diane said. “Now, first of all, you need to take a deep breath, and then you need to test the possibilities.”

“What do you mean?”

“College wasn’t totally wasted on me, Jon. You have several hypotheses, now test them one by one, see which are correct and which aren’t, and go from there.”

“Hmmm.” I took another deep breath. “OK. You’re right.” I turned back to the captive woman. She was looking at my quizzically, probably wondering what I was going to try next. I walked up to her, and placed my finger on her labia. “Come off,” I said. Instantly, the hair under my finger fell from her sensitive skin. I moved my finger around her labia, and the hair fell neatly and quickly. “Hmm, that still works.” I caught her gaze. “Open your mouth wide.” Instantly her mouth snapped open. “You may close it.” She did. “Is something preventing you from answering my question, other than loyalty?”



“I – I don’t know how to describe it.”

“How did you come about this… thing?”

“The Lady gave it to me.”

“What did she tell you about it?”

“She said that if I was compelled to answer questions about her, I could only speak in generalities and only call her the Lady.”

“When you are being compelled? When you are being compelled. Hmmm…” It almost sounded as if she was under the spell of a demon.

Of course! This Lady, whoever she was, must have control of a demon! “Were you sent after me because I successfully raised a demon?”

She didn’t answer.

“If I was wrong, could you tell me so?”


“Good, then I’m right.” Her eyes went slightly wide. I turned and walked away from her. “You can’t answer me because you can only speak in generalities when you are being compelled to answer. All right then, you’re just going to have to answer my question of your own volition.”

“That’s not very likely, now is it? Why don’t you just let me go? This is pointless.”

“Oh I don’t think so, not by a long shot.”

“Oh? What else have you got up your sleeve? Whips and chains? Knives? I don’t think you have the stomach for it. Branding maybe? It better be quick, whatever it is, because soon others will come looking for me.”

“Oh, it will be, it will be. In fact, it’s already started.”

She probably hadn’t noticed, because I was going slowly at first. But now, I started to ramp it up. She kept looking at me, waiting for something to happen. Her tongue slipped unconsciously outside her lips, and she started to smack her mouth. “Diane,” I said, “come here.”

Diane came over and stood next to me. “Take off your clothes,” I said.

“What?” Diane responded. “In front of…”

“Do it, bitch,” I growled.

Diane and I hadn’t done it in almost a week; every night we had both come home exhausted from our day’s activities. The word “bitch” seemed to send shivers straight into Diane’s legs. Trembling, she removed her blouse and skirt, unhooked her bra and slid out of her panties. All the while, the captive girl looked on, staring around the room, as if she was searching for something, something on the tip of her tongue that she wanted, for some reason. I ramped even higher.

Diane finished. “Undress me, slut, but leave my boxers on” I commanded. As I stepped out of my shoes, she removed my shirt and trousers. My cock, half erect, was making the front of my underwear bulge out slightly. The captured woman’s eyes seemed to fix on it. I laid into her even more.

“Does my little whore want to play with her Master’s cock?” I asked.

“Oh yeah,” Diane replied, her hand snaking down between her thighs, “I’m getting really hot, Master, my cunt is just burning up inside. Can this little whore play with your big dick?”

“Take it out and play with it, but just with your hands.” Diane reached into the slit of my boxers and drew out my hardening meat. She slowly jacked her hand back and forth along its length, slipping her palm over the expanding girth of my shaft. Soon it was standing fully erect. “Get down and suck on it bitch,” I said. Diane instantly dropped to her knees and began an expert blowjob. Both hands jacked the lower end of the shaft while her mouth bobbed across the top, licking and slurping all the while. I glanced over at the prisoner. She was watching the scene before her intensely, quietly.

I let Diane bring me quickly to the brink of orgasm. “Oh, you’re such a good nasty little slut, such a fine little cocksucking mouth. You’re gonna make me come, come all over your pretty little slut face, would you like that, whore?”

“Mmmm, yeah, do it, Master, come all over my pretty slut cheeks, come in my hair, shoot it all over my lips.”

“Yeah yeah YEAH YEAH! FUUUUUCK!” My quim blasted out, slapping across Diane’s cheeks. Several ropy strands fell across her lips, and she greedily sucked it down. That’s when I heard our prisoner gasp.

I turned towards her. The scent of my come had obviously reached her. She was visibly straining against her bonds, her head and neck craned out towards Diane’s upturned face. My ability to confer an addiction to semen was working wonders. I pushed it even further up, slamming it into her brain. Her breathing got faster and shallow, and her eyes seemed to take on crazed glaze. Diane was pushing the come on her face into her mouth, shuddering with pleasure as she swallowed every drop. The restrained redhead was tugging and pulling against the ropes every which way, her eyes never leaving the sight of my come on Diane’s face. I slowly stroked my dick over Diane, and said, “You want this?”

The prisoner tore her gaze away from Diane and fixed it on me. “You want my come, don’t you?”

She nodded.

“You need it, don’t you?”

Again, a nod.

“You can smell it, can’t you? You can smell my jism? Smell my come on this pretty little slut’s face?” I jacked my dick faster. “You want me to come all over your face… just… like… THIS! MMMPH!” My oversensitive cock blasted forth another volume of semen, depositing most of it into Diane’s waiting mouth. Bits and pieces flew around her lips and cheeks.

The captive girl was now trying to drag her way across the floor using only the balls of her feet, gaining a few inches for each struggle. Diane continued licking down my come, shivering in ecstasy. “Clean your face, slut, make sure to get every drop, then walk behind our guest.” Diane quickly wiped up the rest of the pearl liquid, then walked behind the chair. The prisoner kept her eyes on my and my still-hard rod. “Breathe in her face, whore,” I told Diane. She bent over and blew onto the redhead’s cheek. The smell of the come on her breath snapped the prisoner’s attention. Her head whipped around, her tongue flashing out and flying up at Diane’s face, who was just barely quick enough to leap back. The girl struggled to bring her chair around, shuffling with her bound feet against the slickness of the hardwood floor. “Come back over here, Diane,” I said. She walked back across the floor, her naked hips swaying sexily.

“You smell that come, bitch? You smell it? You want it? I’ll give it to you, if you do something for me.”

“What? What do you want me to do? Please, I…”

“You what?”

“I need it, please, please, oh God, I need it…”

“It’s starting to hurt, isn’t it? No kind of pain is worse than withdrawal, is it?”

“Please, please, please…”

“You have to be my slut. Only my good little sluts get my nice, thick, gooey come.”

“Please let me be your slut, please, please I need it so bad, oh pleeease…”

“But to get me to untie you, so you can come over here and get my come, you just have to do one more little thing…”

“What? Please please please…”

“Tell the name of the Lady, and tell me where you met her.”

She froze. Then, “N-… no… please.”

“No name, no untie, no jism.”

“Please please please please…”

“Come on, Diane, let’s go.” I took Diane’s hand and started out of the living room.


I stopped, and turned halfway.

“Sylvia who?”




“Untie her, Diane,” I said.

“Are you sure she won’t-”

“She’s too far gone. Do it.”

Diane walked over and undid the ropes. She bounded out of her chair, only to be brought short by my bark. “STOP!”

She froze. “On your hands and knees like the little bitch dog you are.” She dropped down and started to crawl. “Please, come on your slut, come on your little bitch slut, come on her face, please, please, I’m your slut, come on my face, please.” She was looking down as she crawled forward, and thus bumped into my shin. She looked up.

“MMMPH!” I jacked my exploding cock straight down on her face. The look of shock on her face as the first splatter touched her cheek was priceless. The remaining blasts landed on her forehead and the brow of her nose. She froze for a second. Then her hands moved like frenzied lightning, scooping, lifting, shoving the jism into her gaping mouth. Once most of the major deposits were gone, she started licking and licking at her hands, going over them again and again.

As she licked away, I maneuvered around behind. She was oblivious. I knelt down and positioned my still-hard staff at the entrance of her hole. She continued her manual meal. I grasped her by the hips and quickly thrust forward.

Her pussy was surprisingly wet and tight. It felt exquisite as my shaft penetrated up her cunt. “Whaaa?” she muttered. I started to buck away, fucking at her furiously. “What? No, no stop, don’t, STOP!”

“Fuck back at me, slut! Fuck back at me if you want more come! Fuck me and tell me what a bitch whore you are!”

I pounded away at her, and she still was holding near still. Then she tentatively swayed her hips back at me. Only a few small thrusts at first. I slowed my furious fucking. “You fuck me now, whore, fuck me and tell me what a slut you are and how much you enjoy fucking your master’s cock!”

Slowly she pushed her hips back at my rod. “Please…” she begged.

“Please what?”

“Please don’t make me do this.”

“You want more come?”


“Are you my little slut? Only my little sluts get my come.”

“Yes, I’m your slut, your little slut.”

“All my sluts love to fuck their Master’s cock. Do it, enjoy it, and I might give you more come.”

The mention of come spurred her to more action. She began to take regular, long strokes against my dick. Her breathing became slightly faster. “You like it, whore?”

“Yeah, feeeeels goooood…”

“What feels good?”

“Your… cock… in my… cunt… feels gooood… feels so good in my little cunt, my little pussy, feels so good, feels so good in my slutty little cunt, oh fuck me, FUCK me Master, fuck my little bitch slut cunt!”

Her gyrations increased in tempo, slipping up and down my cock like a well-oiled piston. I let her do all the work. Her pussy, extremely tight at first, loosened with the thorough fucking. Soon, she was pounding back at me with all of her might, nearly knocking me over. I hunched myself over her and began to pound back.

“OOOHHHHAARRRRRGGGGG, yes, fuck, yes, fuck fuck fuck fuck FUCK ME! OHHHHH YESSSSSSSS!” The redhead’s cries grew incoherent as I slammed my rod home.

“Gonna come… gonna come in your cunt, bitch, gonna fill your twat with wet, nasty, juicy, COME! MMMMMPH!” White hot semen boiled out of my balls into the wet furnace of snatch surrounding it. Her hips continued to bounce against me as the come flooded into her. As my orgasm subsided, I said, “Turn around, slut.”

“More come… more come… more come for your slut…” she mumbled as she crawled around on all fours.

“Clean my cock, whore,” I said. She instantly began to lick and suck every inch of me. Her tongue flashed all over the shaft and head, and within seconds all that remained was a thin layer of her spittle. She shook with orgasmic pleasure as the semen addiction abided. Finally I pulled her head off my cock by her hair. Holding her head back with one hand, I stroked my cock over her face with the other. “Listen to me, slut. Your addiction to come will continue for twelve hours from now, but the only come you can eat will be the come in your pussy.” I increased my jacking, and, “MMMPH!”, quickly deposited another load of come all over her face. “This load on your face you will take back to whoever hired you, as I sign of what I do to sluts who try to do me or Diane harm. Do you understand?”

She nodded.

“Then go, now.”

Shakily, she got to her feet. As she walked slowly back to where her clothing lay, she idly wiped some semen from her pussy lips onto her finger and sucked on it. She got dressed quietly, and then left the house with one hand down her tights, rubbing and collecting semen.

I watched her from the window as she walked off into the darkness. Once I was reasonably sure she wasn’t coming back, I turned back to collect my clothing. It was then that I realized that Diane wasn’t in the room. Gathering up my suit and shoes, I walked upstairs to the bedroom.

Diane was lying in bed, and the light was out. I quietly lay my things by the hamper and slid into bed next to her. As I spooned up against her, she pulled away from me. “Hey, what’s wrong?” I asked.

“You promised. You promised!

“I promised what?”

“That you wouldn’t leave me! That you wouldn’t run off with someone else, and I would have to go back to… back to…” her voice trailed off into quiet sobbing.

I pulled her over by her shoulder. Tears stained her face. “Listen to me, Diane,” I said in a low, earnest voice. “I said that you would never have to go back to that again, and I intend to keep my word. I never said we would always be together, though, and I certainly never promised that you would be my only woman. If and when we split apart, I will make sure that you will have the tools to get what you need to survive. In fact, you will live like a queen, I promise you.”

She looked at me quietly for a few moments, then suddenly grabbed me in a tight embrace, burying her face in my chest and sobbing. “Oh Jon,” she gasped, “they… they tried to kill you! What would I do if they do? What will I do?”

“Shhh, shhh, they didn’t kill me, and they can’t. I’m protected, and now,” and I willed my protection traits on her permanently, “so are you. No one can kill you, or me.”

“But, what if they find a way?”

“That’s a possibility. Which is why we’re going on vacation.”


“Get some sleep, Diane. Tomorrow, we go to L.A.”

* * *

“She’s back.”

“Open the door.”

“What’s that on her face? Oh my… it’s…”

“Get a sample.”


“A sample. Get a sample of it, fool! I want to look at it under a microscope.”

“H-here. Gross.”

“Hmmmm… aha, phase shifted spermatozoa. Just as I thought. Hmmmm…”

“That’s disgusting! How can you put that in your mouth? Yech!”

“Mm. Has the taste of artifice. No doubt about. He’s the cause. Looks like he knows how to defend himself as well.”

“What do we do now?”

“Nothing. It’s his move.”

Chapter 7: Getting There

It was a small establishment, just one office. The sign outside said Smith Travel & Holidays, and a small bell rang as I opened the door. Inside, dust motes played in the sunlight streaming through the windows. The overhead lights were off. The furnishings were sparse; one desk, two chairs in front, a worn couch and a filing cabinet were strewn about in the least effective manner possible. Papers and xeroxes were piled all around the desk and on top of the cabinet, threatening to spill over and hide the faded orange shag carpeting from view.

A gruf voice from a dark doorway to another room called, “Just a sec, be right out, make yourselves at home.”

Diane looked at me, a question in her eyes. I shrugged and motioned towards the chair. We sat as the dust settled around us.

I heard the sound of a faucet running briefly, a faucet squeaking, and then the proprietor emerged from the back, wringing his hands on a towel. He was short and round, his shirtsleeves rolled up and his suspenders strained. His hair was thinning and slicked back, revealing a forehead glistening with sweat. It was a cool day.

“Now now now,” he said, in a slightly raspy voice, “what can I do for you folks? No, lemmie guess. Weekend getaway? Skiing maybe?”

I smiled in spite of myself. “Extended vacation,” I replied.

“Really? Hmph, lucky you two. Where were you two thinking of heading?”

“Los Angeles.”

He stared at me across the table, as if I had committed the most grievous mortal sin. “No, no, no,” he said quickly, “that’s not what you want to do. What you two want to do, see, is head anywhere except Smog City Central. Now, if you asked me, I see you two on the beaches of Australia, snorkeling along the Great Barrier Reef, taking a couple of shrimp off the barbie-”

“-but we didn’t ask you, and Los Angeles it will be.”

He deliberately shut his mouth. “Well, I can’t stop ya, but I tell ya, you’re making a big mistake. Nonetheless, I know one or two things about L.A., so I can help ya. By the way folks, my name’s Carl.” He reached his fleshy palm across the desk. I took it, saying, “Jon Leland, Diane.”

“Nice to metcha. Now, what kind of price range are we talking here?”

“Unlimited,” I replied simply.

“Heh heh heh, don’t I wish. But seriously, how much are we talking about?”

“Carl,” I said, leaning across the table, “this is your day. I want you to go crazy. I want the lap of luxury. Ultra-first class all the way. Planes, suites, entertainment, everything. I want to feel like a king, and money is absolutely no object.”

Carl’s eyes seemed to take a step back. “You’re serious.”

“And Carl, for your services, you write down a number, and I pay it. Done deal. So, let’s get to work, shall we?”

Carl paused for a moment, then sprang to his feet. He dashed over to the cabinet, and began pulling open drawers. Seemingly at random, he yanked out magazines, brochures, and slips of paper. He returned to the desk with a stack a foot high. Then he began.

For the next half hour, Carl dazzled even my expectations. A private, chartered plane flight, our own limousine, a hotel suite larger than most houses with its own butler, restaurants, show tickets, and shopping all in one.

“Now, Carl,” I said as he was wrapping up his spiel, “I don’t know how much you can do about these kind of things, but Diane and I want to go to parties. High society, hard to get into parties, if you know what I mean.”

“You wanna meet stars, huh?”

“Stars and those behind them, the ones with the real influence.”

“Well, Jon, you’re in luck. My brother just happens to be close to a friend of a friend of a studio head, so I think I can swing it. I can’t promise where you’ll go or who you’ll meet, but I’ll come through. You can trust me.”

“I believe it, Carl, I believe it.”

* * *

A small Lear jet stood beside the hangar. As our limo drove up to it, a staircase lowered out of the body and a stewardess emerged from the plane. I put down my scotch and soda and opened the door, helping Diane out of the car. The driver scurried around us, getting our bags out of the trunk and loading them onto the plane while we walked up to the awaiting aircraft.

“Good afternoon, sir, miss,” the stewardess greeted us. “We’ll take off just as soon as you’re ready and your bags are packed. We’ve already received clearance from the tower. I’m Holly, and I’ll be your stewardess for this flight.” Holly was very smartly dressed, and a knockout besides. Auburn hair was expertly coiffed above eyes of chestnut, a slim body with plenty of nice curves. It was going to be a pleasant flight, I could already tell.

“Thanks Holly,” I said as Diane and I climbed aboard. “Call me Jon, and this is Diane.”

“Nice to meet you both. Please take your seats. Can I get you anything to drink or eat before we take off?”

“No, we’re fine,” Diane said, irritation in her voice. I glanced at her questioningly. She glared back at me, then settled into her plush seat. I sank down into mine.

“Very good then. Could I ask you both to fasten your seat belts, and then we’ll take off,” Holly said as she moved forward to the cockpit. She spoke to the pilot briefly, then closed the door to the cockpit, came back and sat down in a seat facing us.

There was a hiss over the intercomm, then, “Uh, this is your captain speaking, we’ll be taxiing for a few minutes, then we’ll be taking off and flying to twenty-five thousand feet before leveling off and coasting for three and a half hours into LAX. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight.” Of course, I could only understand about every other words. A multi-million dollar aircraft, with the sound system of a fifty-nine cent radio. Things never change.

We were shortly in the air, the pressure of takeoff pushing us back into our oversized seats. As soon as we leveled out, Holly unbuckled her seat belt and stood. “Can I get you two anything?” she asked. Both Diane and I shook our heads. “Then I’ll go and start preparing your meal. Diane, you wanted the chicken cordon bleu, and Jon, you wanted Peking duck, correct?”

“That’s right,” I replied.

“Fine, I’ll get started. If you need anything, don’t hesitate to use your call buttons. I’m here to make your trip as pleasant as possible.” She walked into the small kitchen at the back of the plane. My eyes lingered over her ass as she strolled past, and I was not disappointed. As she moved out of my view, Diane caught my eye sternly. “What the hell are you looking at, Jon?” she snapped, her voice pitched low.

“Diane, I thought we had been over this. I won’t leave you, at least not without being able to take care of yourself, but I won’t stop being with other women.”

Diane paused, conflict on her face. “It… it scares me, Jon. I haven’t been this… comfortable for a long time. This time with you has been so… wonderful.” She reached across and took my hand. “I- I- I- would miss you.”

This was just going to get worse unless I did something. Ordinarily, I would just have altered her. But, with Diane, for some reason, it was different. I felt I owed her a great deal, and I couldn’t just screw around with her head. She had been through enough. “Diane, I could make this easier for you.”

“I don’t want you changing me, Jon,” she said immediately.

“Not changing. But, possibly, opening you up to… different things.”

She stared at me quizzically. “I don’t follow you.”

“What do you say to this: I’ll open you to this… possibility, and if you don’t like it, I’ll remove it.”

She thought a moment. “You swear?”

“By all my power and on my word, I swear.”

“OK. But no changing.”

“Just adding, I promise.” I reached out and made Diane strongly bisexual, as strongly as I could.

“Have you done it?”

“Yes, do you feel different?”

She stared around, and curtly examined herself. “Not really,” she said.

I smiled thinly and pressed my call button. An instant later, Holly appeared. “What can I get you?” she asked.

“Could you get Diane a champagne cocktail, please?” I asked.

She glanced over at Diane. “Of course,” and she walked back to the bar. I looked at Diane, but Diane’s eyes were fixed on Holly’s behind. “Diane?” I called. Her eyes never moved. “Earth to Diane,” I called.

“What? Huh? Oh, what?”

“What has you so fixated?” I asked.

“Well, it’s-” and she floundered, and I swear she was almost embarrassed. “I was just thinking about how cute Holly actually is.”

Quickly I reached out and tweaked Holly, implanting bisexuality and a medium attraction to Diane. She came back, and handed the champagne glass to Diane, saying, “Here you go.” As Diane took the glass, their eyes met and locked. For seconds, they simply stared at one another. Then Holly blinked, mumbled something about dinner, and walked uncertainly back to the kitchen.

“Yes, Holly is kind of cute, I suppose,” I said offhandedly. Diane was simply staring into the space Holly had occupied. I decided to give her just a little push; I up-ed her arousal level. Diane unconsciously licked at her lips. Unbuckling her seat belt, she mumbled something to me as she walked towards the back compartment. She disappeared around the corner.

I waited for a minute or two, staring out the window and admiring the ariel view. Then I unbuckled my belt, and sauntered back to the kitchen. Peering my head around the corner, I took in the view.

Diane had worked quickly. Holly was pressed up against the wall, her face smashed up against Diane’s, their tongues slithering in and out of each others’ mouths and across their lips. Diane had her hands up Holly’s skirt, rubbing and turning against Holly’s crotch. As one hand worked against Holly’s pussy, Diane lowered her panties with the other. They fell down around Holly’s feet. Diane placed her free hand on Holly’s breasts, stroking and squeezing them through her blouse. She broke their kiss and asked, “Want me to suck your cunt, slut?”

Holly’s eyes went wide with shock and indignation.


I threw the love of degredation over Holly as quickly as I could, and increased her arousal level. Hopefully, she would associate the two. Her eyes softened. She placed her hands on Diane’s head and slowly pushed her down. Diane sunk to her knees and then dove her face between Holly’s legs. Holly leaned her head back and moaned. “Yesss, oh Diane, yes.”

As Diane lapped away, she reached between her own legs and began grabbing and thrusting at her own panties. I ducked my head back around the corner and took off my clothing. Making sure Holly had a firm attraction to me implanted, I stepped into the kitchen, my hard-on extending proudly from my groin.

Holly’s blouse was open and the front of her bra unhooked. Diane fondled her breasts. Holly’s hands played through Diane’s hair as my little slut sucked at Holly’s twat. “Oh stewardess,” I called.

Holly’s eyes popped open.

“Could I get some service for my cock, please? It seems to have gotten terribly hard.”

“Oh, you bet,” Holly breathed. She managed to extricate herself from Diane’s clutches long enough to walk over and kneel before me. “We aim to be the friendly skies, you know,” she said. Gripping it by the base, she took the entirety of my rod into her mouth, her lips pressing against the base of my balls. I could only stand and wonder at how far down this woman could take me. Diane lept under her and continued to lick at her pussy while she took me repeatedly all the way into her mouth with long, slow strokes. “Mmmm,” she said, in between strokes, “that feels so fucking good, Diane. You’re making my cunt so wet. Put your fingers up there you little slut, finger fuck my twat! MMmmm, yeah.” Diane slipped two, then three, then four fingers up Holly’s pussy, folding them together like a cock and stuffing them up her hole. She continued to work over my cock, and soon had me on the verge.

“Now that you’ve serviced me so well, my stewardess slut, you’re going to get a drink of my juice. Where would you like it served?”

“On my tits, sir, all over my tits. Come all over my tits and then make this slut under me lick it up!”

“Tits… it… IS! MMMMRPH!” Jism tore forth from the head of my ever hard pole and splattered onto Holly’s pert breasts. She arose, and immediately Diane whipped around to her front and began washing up Holly’s mounds. She was slightly bent over, giving me perfect access to her sopping wet pussy. I didn’t hesitate.

“Oh fuck yes, fuck me Master, fuck me, fuck my cunt while I lick your come!”

“Suck my tits, twat!” Holly yelled.

“Fuck my cunt, Master, fuck my little slut cunt!”

“Bite my nipples, bitch! Bite ’em bitch!”

“Fuck your whore, Master, your dirty little whore, fuck her good, Master, fuck your whore!”





“Cunt whore!”

“Bitch slut!”

“Come-craving gutter slut!”

“Fucking bitch whore slut cunt fucking her Master’s big hard COOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” Diane’s cunt seemed to explode around me as she came violently. “OH YEAH! MMMPH!” Diane squeezed her eyes shut and pumped her hips frenetically back at me as I filled her pussy with my come.

Diane slowly turned her head around, her eyes still tightly shut. Her eyelids seemed to peel back like layers of blankets from a winter’s bed. When her eyes were fully open, something was there that I had never seen before; an intensity, a brightness, a hint of madness. Diane slipped off of my cock, and suddenly grabbed Holly’s hair. She pushed the stewardess down into her crotch as she thrust her hips forward. “Lick me bitch!” she screamed. “Lick that pussy clean!”

“Mmmpphhh!” Holly’s muffled cry cam from between Diane’s pussy lips. Diane ground her hips into Holly’s face, smearing pussy juice and semen all over her face. “Get your tongue into there, bitch! Get licking you slut! Fucking whore! LICK ME!” Diane threw herself on top of Diane, forcing the other woman down to the floor, her face still firmly implanted between Diane’s legs. Diane started to pelvic-ally thrust her sopping twat into Holly’s face, banging the other woman’s head into the floor with every shove. “Lick my pussy clean you fucking bitch! Get your tongue in there and lick up that come you fucking whore! Fucking dirty little cunt-licking whore! Get to it! Fuck my pussy with that tongue! DO IT!” Diane was literally slamming the back of Holly’s head into the bulkhead with her gyrations, each time making a dull thudding sound that was increasingly beginning to worry me.

Finally I decided Holly had had enough. I reached down and pulled Diane bodily off the prone stewardess. Diane glared at me with madness in her gaze. “What are you DOING? Let me go!” Diane struggled with me but my grip was like a vise.

“Calm down Diane, get ahold of yourself!” Diane struggled and then calmed for a moment.

“Why did you make me stop?”

“It looked like you were hurting her.”

“Hurting her? HURTING HER! Look at her! The fucking slut loves it.”

I looked down at Holly. Her eyes were rolled back up into her head, and her tongue was rolling around the outside of her mouth, sweeping up the remaining pussy juice and come cocktail. One hand tweeked and pinched at a swollen nippled, while the other furiously fired a middle finger in and out of her auburn haired cunt. I seriously doubted whether she noticed anything going on around her. I looked back to Diane. “Let me go,” she said evenly.

I released my hand.

Diane did not immediately jump back on the recumbent Holly. Rather, she sidled up to her slowly writhing form, placing one hand gently on her forehead and the other between her legs. She took the rapidly firing finger from Diane’s snatch and began to lazily stroke the other woman’s bush. “You like it when I play with your cunt, slut?” she hissed at Holly.

A low murmur of approval was Holly’s only reply. “You like it when I pull at your slutty little pussy lips like this?” Another groan. “You like it when I slip a finger inside? Inside your warm little cunt? Yes, you do, I can tell. You like it when I slip it in and out, just so slowly, making your little whore pussy hot and wet, begging for more, don’t you? And then I stick another finger in you, another finger in your hot cunt, fucking you like the bitch slut you are. And then another, and I’m stretching the walls of your pussy, stretching your little slut pussy lips. You love it, don’t you, you fucking bitch slut! And now I’ve got four fingers in you, four fingers fucking you, just like a cock, my hand-cock fucking your little slut twat. And now I’ve got my thumb in, my whole fucking hand up your snatch, my hand-cock fucking your slut cunt, ramming all my fingers IN AND OUT OF YOU! YOU LOVE IT DON’T YOU YOU SLUT! FUCKING WHORE SLUT BITCH!”

“NNNEEEEYYYYYAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Holly screamed her throat hoarse in violent earthquake of orgasm. As Diane’s whole hand stabbed in and out of her pussy, Holly flailed around the floor, her tongue hanging out, making whimpering noises like a wounded animal.

After several minutes, Diane removed her hand. She stood up slowly. Holly remained twitching and quietly keening. Diane walked up to me, looked me straight in the eye, and said something I will never forget.

“They all love it.”


Chapter 8: Tables Turned

It was two more hours into LAX, and then another hour and a half in traffic to the hotel. The limosine that drove us there was half-again the size that took us to the airport. L.A. commuters liked their limos big, apparently.

Carl had not gone wrong with the hotel. The suite we were booked into was the very definition of luxury. There was a twenty-four hour butler service, seven rooms, a private swimming pool and jacuzzi, and a view of the city which, at night, took one’s breath away. Diane and I stood behind the glass doors of the terrace, gazing out onto the winking metropolis, simply drinking in the sites of country’s largest metropolis in all its evening glory. The perfect stillness of the moment made what Diane said next all the more jarring.

“I want us to rape someone.”

For a moment, for a brief hysterical instant, I thought she had said “date someone”. After what she actually said finally registered, all I could do was stare, mouth agape. For several seconds I said nothing, then, “Absolutely not.”

Diane’s eyes flashed at mine. “What do you mean, no? You did it to me!”

I didn’t even think about, I simply reacted. When I realized I had slapped her full across the face, I couldn’t remember deciding to do it, but I knew that I had probably had a damn good reason. I pointed the index finger of the offensive hand at her and said, “Don’t you ever say that. I never did anything of the sort. You offered yourself to me of your own free will. I didn’t make you fuck me that first night, and I didn’t force into bed the second. And you have always, ALWAYS gotten pleasure out of our fucking.”

Diane was on the verge of blubbering. “That’s… that’s not what I meant.”

“What did you mean then?”

“I meant that… you could… you know… fix it.”

I shook my head. “I will do nothing that does not give me pleasure, and it does not please me to fuck a woman that does not have the desire in her.”

“But you can make her desire it! I’ve seen you do it now! Twice.”

I shook my head. “That was different. Both times the women had the desire implanted in them, and both times I helped them achieve that desire. Rape is entirely different.”

“But… but, couldn’t you make a woman want to be raped?”

“That’s a contradiction in terms!”

“No, no no, not ‘rape’ as in ‘sex when I don’t want it’, but as in, ‘forced’.”

I stared for a moment, trying to comprehend what she was saying. “I don’t follow you Diane.”

“You could make a woman enjoy being forced into having sex, couldn’t you?”

I thought about it for a moment. “Like bondage?”

“No, like… like when a woman has a fantasy about walking home one night, late, and a stranger grabs her, and she’s both frightened and excited, because… because it’s different. It’s losing control, but because it’s a fantasy it’s still safe. And the stranger fucks her, and she didn’t want him to, but she still has a tremendous orgasm, because she’s safe in her fantasy but out of control. I don’t mean grab someone in a dark alley, but more like that.”

I considered Diane’s words for a moment, then turned and sat down on the couch. “Why ‘us’?”

“Who else do you want to do it?” “No, I mean, you said, ‘I want us to rape someone.’ Why ‘us’?”

Diane walked over to the couch, and said, “They all love it, and I want to do it to all of them.”

And then it all suddenly clicked. How could I have been so blind? For the first time in fifteen years of being a slut, Diane had been in control. She had been in total control of Holly, making the other woman’s lust obey her will. She wanted that sort of control, now that she had had a taste. It was such a piercingly clear moment that I didn’t hear the telephone ring. Diane walked to the other room and picked it up. “Hello? Yes… wonderful! Where is the invitation? Great, we’ll be down to pick it up soon. Thanks, bye!”

As I pondered this revelation, Diane came back and said, “Jon, Carl’s friend has gotten us invited to a big Hollywood party! Lots of stars, get dressed.”

“Hmm? What, now?”

“Yes now, silly, tonight. There’ll be a car waiting downstairs in twenty minutes.” She put her face next to mine as if passing a secret. “We can even scope for chicks together. C’mon, put on your tux, I’m going to go pick a dress.”

I sat for a long time on that couch before I got up. When I did, I knew that tonight, something very different was going to happen. Diane wandered back into the room, adjusting a sleek black dress. “Why not a man?” I asked.

“Silly,” she said, as if talking to a four-year old. “Men don’t get raped.”

* * *

The party was big, huge really. Apparently it was a post-movie opening party, though I didn’t pay enough attention to catch the title. Huge white canvas tents sprawled across someone’s backyard, shutting out the chill of night and trapping the warmth of human bodies, hors d’oeuvres, and space heaters underneath. Champagne flowed like water, easing conversation. And modesty.

There were lots of faces I recognized, and many that I did not. Diane stayed close, but was not shy about saying hello and making polite conversation. I felt odd, like a fox in a chicken coop, but the roosters were offering me drinks. As I munched on something that tasted of expensive caviar and shrimp, Diane tugged at my shoulder. “Look, over there,” and she pointed across the tent. I looked over and saw a crowd of men gathered around a stack of blond hair. “What? Who?” I hissed back at Diane, straining to see this object of attention.

“It’s Jill Barclay,” Diane said. I stared at her blankly for a moment. “You know, star of Dancer, Showgirls II?”

Recognition clicked. “What about her?”

Diane only smiled thinly in reply.

“Oh. You want it to be her.”

“She’s good for starters. Let’s go say hi.”

We meandered through the crowd, and I helped myself to some more of that delicious caviar-crab stuff. I mentally noted to try and find out who made it, it was great. Diane yanked on the sleeve of my tux to move me along. Finally we interjected ourselves into the circle of Jill’s admirers, Diane pulling me along while I stuffed my face. Jill gave us both a strange look.

“Hi, Jill, Diane Cook, I’m a big fan,” Diane said, preferring forth her hand. Jill took it gingerly. “Nice to meet you.”

The crowd of men around Jill was starting to get a little annoyed at our intrusion. As quickly as I could I planted a deep atrraction to Sharon Stone in each of them, then turned my head and pointed, “Look honey, Sharon Stone.”

Like puppies to dog food, the men quickly filed away, their tongues almost wagging in the air. Jill puzzledly followed her departing suitors with her eyes before coming back to Diane and I. “Have we met somewhere before?” Jill asked.

“No, I don’t think so. Jon and I are friends with Mr. Verhotz.”

“Oh, you know Ruben?”

“Yes yes, we go way back.”

“He’s mentioned to us several times how impressed he is with your work. I think he really likes you.”

“Well, it’s nice to hear a compliment from one’s producer, even if it is second-hand. He’s certainly not giving them out on the set these days.”

“Oh, Ruben, you just need to get to know him.”

“I suppose.”

I didn’t know Diane knew so much about Hollywood insider stuff. Later, she told me that People Magazine was one of her less guilty pleasures. At the time, though, I knew that before too long some other eligible bachelor would come sweeping Ms. Barclay’s way, so I decided to speed things up a bit. “Tell me, Jill, did you come with anyone tonight?”

“Uh, Jon, is it? Jon, don’t you think it’s a little weird to be hitting on someone with your girlfriend what here?”

“Oh, I don’t mind. It’s just his little way.”

“Uh,… okay, whatever. To answerr your question, I came with my boyfriend, who’s right over there, ogling Sharon Stone.”

How convenient, I thought. “Well, Jill, why don’t you come with us now?” I projected my control over her.

“Uh, yeah, sure, OK, sounds good.”

Jill followed us as we twisted towards the exit. She picked up her purse and followed us out to our limo. Once inside, I directed the driver back to the hotel, and put the privacy shield up.

Jill looked around the cabin of the limo, wonder beginning to creep into her eyes. “Why am I doing this?” she mumbled to herself.

I fixed my gaze on her and said, “Jill, look and listen to me.” Jill’s head snapped around and her eyes were all mine. “When we arrive at the hotel, you will exit the car and walk up with us to our room. When we reach the door, I will open it and hand you the key. You will wait outside for one minute. Then you will go into a character. You will be the daughter of a wealthy socialite, on her way back to her hotel from a party. You are a high class girl, but you have a mind like a gutter. Every night you fantasize about more and more depraved activities. Recently your hottest fantasy has been about a stranger attacking you in your room, forcing you to have sex and you resisting but loving every minute of it. In your deepest heart of hearts, you want to lose control during sex, to have someone ravish you without you having any say in the matter. You want to be raped in these fantasies, to have the sex forced on you; it only makes you hotter and wetter. Do you understand me?”

Jill nodded once, dumbly.

“Very good. After Diane and I go into the door, you will wait one minute, assume that character and pretend that the key is actually the key to your hotel suite, and you are returning for the evening. Is this clear?”

She nodded again.


The ride continued in silence, penetrated only by the sound of the L.A. freeway running under our car. I stared out the window at the lights of the skyline, murky through haze and smog. A smacking sound brought my attention back into the limo. Diane had siddled down by Jill, and was kissing the blond actress full on the mouth. “Diane, please.”

She regarded me with mock indignation in her eyes. “What?”

“Christmas presents are best unwrapped on Christmas.”

“Oh, c’mon, let’s find Mom and Dad’s stash and play with our toys.”

“Santa might not fill your stocking, or anything else, if you don’t behave.”

“Fine.” Diane scooted her pretty butt back next to mine and gazed out the window. “Look at all that.”

“Pretty, hmm?”

“Very.” We stared out the window together. Jill continued to stare into space until we pulled into the driveway of the hotel.

Diane and I had to lead Jill by the hand out of the car and into the elevator. As the doors were closing, a hand shot in between them, stopping their progress. They retracted to reveal an older gentleman in a pin striped suit. His thinning jet black hair came to a stark widow’s peak at the top of his forehead. He held a cane in one hand. “May I share your lift?” he asked, a hint of a British accent touching his words.

“Uh, sure,” I said. The gentleman stepped forward, his cane smartly leading his steps.

“Would you press 43 please?” he asked. I reached and pressed his floor, which was just one below ours. “Going to the penthouse?” he asked.

“Yes,” I answered simply, hoping he wouldn’t get too nosy.

He made no further comment until we passed the thirtieth floor, when he suddenly turned and asked our companion, “You are Jill Barclay, are you not?”

Jill gave him a spacey stare, and said nothing.

Hurrying to smooth the social awkwardness, I said, “Ms. Barclay isn’t feeling well.”

“Ah, I see.” The elevator’s bell rang and the doors opened. “Good night,” he said simply and walked off.

The doors closed again, and the elevator climbed one more floor. “Who the hell was that?” Diane demanded as we led Jill off the elevator towards our door.

“I have no idea, but I have a very weird feeling about him, and I doubt that’s the last time we’ll see him.” We arrived outside our door. “Are you ready?” I asked Diane.

She nodded eagerly.

I turned to face Jill. “All right, Jill. I will hand you the key now, and you will in one minute assume the character we discussed in the limousine. Are you ready?”

Jill nodded slowly.

I slid the plastic key into the lock and opened the door. “Good, here is the key. Count backward slowly from sixty, then go into character.” She took the key from my hand, and began to whisper numbers to herself. Diane and I slipped inside and shut the door. I quickly shed my jacket and positioned myself on one side of the door, motioning for Diane to do the same. She complied, and we waited.

About a minute later, I heard a jiggle at the door, the handle turned, and it opened towards Diane and I. We heard someone walk in, and then the door closed.

Jill was setting her purse onto the stand by the door when she spied us. I launched myself at her. Jill shrieked and ran. I grabbed her arm. She turned and swung her fist at me. I automatically blocked it and twisted her arm around behind her. She shrieked again and stomped her foot at me. Keeping my feet moving, I pulled her other arm behind her. “Keep quiet and you won’t get hurt,” I hissed at her.

“Who – who are you?” she demanded. “What do you want with me?”

“Oh, I should think that should be perfectly obvious,” Diane said as she sauntered towards the struggling girl. She placed her hands on the blond woman’s cheeks and let them slip down her neck onto her chest. Suddenly she gripped the front of Jill’s dress and tore it in half, exposing the actresses pert breasts. “We want to rip you out of your clothes and fuck your slutty little body.”

“Let me go! Please let me go!”

“I don’t think you really want us to let you go,” Diane replied coolly, her voice dripping with malicious intent. Her hands moved lower, then beneath and up Jill’s skirt. “Your panties are soaking wet. Such a hot little nasty slut.”

“Let me GO!” Jill managed to twist her arms out of my hands and bolted across the room. I chased after her and managed to grab her before she reached the phone. I picked her up and held her abover the floor, her body twisting and thrashing in my arms.

“No calling anyone, bitch,” I hissed at her. Keeping her aloft as best I could with one arm, I reached under her skirt and pulled off her panties. “Won’t be need these cunt-covers anymore, eh slut?” I said as I threw them across the room. Diane picked them up from where the landed. Placing them over her face, she inhaled deeply. “I’ve gotta get me some of that,” Diane breathed. She walked over to us. “Hold that little whore higher, honey.” I hauled her over my head. Jill twisted and turned, but Diane managed to separate the blond girl’s legs and dove head-first into her muff.

“No!” Jill cried out. “Please… don’t… please…”

“You like that, don’t you bitch, you like it when she licks your little slit, sucking out your girl juices as she fucks your whore twat with her tongue?”

“No… no…” Jill’s protestations were becoming weaker, and her breath shorter. My cock was hard as a rock.

After a couple of minutes in this awkward position, Diane had had enough. Jill had toned her squirming down to occasional flinches, which might have coincided with Diane’s tongue brushing against her clit, but I couldn’t tell. Diane removed her head from between the blond’s legs, and said, “That’s quite a bulge you have there, darling, why don’t you take care of it with that blond slut’s cunt?”

I needed no further prompting. I quickly whipped Jill around in my arms and hurled her on to the couch. As if suddenly coming back to the realization of what was about to happen, she struggled to rise. But Diane stepped in, grabbing the girl’s wrists, pinning them at her sides. “You’re not going anywhere, fucking slut.”

“Let me go, bitch!”

“Ooo, getting nasty, I like that in my women.” Diane leaned her head down and forcibly planted her lips onto Jill’s. As I was removing my trousers, I thought I saw her tongue pry apart the actresses lips and slip into her mouth, but it was tough for me to see. Finally, I had my clothes off and my cock was standing at attention. I perched myself on my knees on one arm of the couch and touched Diane on the back. She released the other girl’s mouth, and asked, “Ready darling?”

“Yes I am,” I replied.

“Go.” She released Jill’s arms. Jill tried to push herself forward, but I simply fell on top of her, pinning her beneath me. She quickly brought her knees closed. I tried to force them apart with my own, but her slim legs provided no vantage for my knobby knees, and my arms were busy holding hers down. My cock was nestled uncomfortably over her pelvic bone. “Help my get this little whore’s legs apart,” I barked at Diane. She moved quickly behind. I felt her hands slid up the blond’s legs, then push them apart just enough for mine to slip in between. My powerful legs spread her the rest of the way.

“No, please! Please not that!” Jill cried. I lifted myself up slightly, and my cock flopped down and positioned itself perfectly at her entrance. I could tell by the tip that she was soaking wet. I slowly let the tip graze her labia and brush over her clitoris. I felt Jill shudder in response. I teased both her and myself for a few more seconds, then inched the head of my cock inside.

“OH GOD!” Jill cried out as her hips involuntarily bucked against me. I continued my slow invasion of Jill’s cunt, screwing my hard dick up into her tight cunt. It was tight, very tight, and very, very wet. If she hadn’t been so excited it might have been painful for me to fuck her.

Diane meanwhile came around to Jill’s front and knelt beside the blond. “You like his cock inside you, it feels sooo gooood, doesn’t it?”

“Oh God, oh God!” was Jill’s only reply. I started to pump in and out of her, her pussy walls loosening at my onslaught. Her hips thrashed back at me.

“You like having him on top of you, don’t you you little bitch slut? He’s in control, he fucking you whether you like it or not, isn’t he? You love being his little victim, you love him fucking your dirty little hot slut snatch. You love it, don’t you?”

“Oh God!”

“You love it, don’t you?”

“Oh GOD!”

“Say it, slut! Say it! Say you want him to fuck you! Say you want him to rape you! Say it! Say it!”

“FUCK ME! Oh GOD FUCK ME!” Jill cried at the top of her lungs. I humped her furiously, ramming in and out of her at top speed. Quickly the come boiled up from my balls and flooded her snatch in a blast of jism. “MRPHARRRG!” I cried, shoving my cock as high in her pussy as it would go.

“Turn over, whore,” Diane commanded. Jill squirmed beneath me, hastening to comply. I lifted myself off of her, and she turned over on to her hands and knees. “Reach behind and spread that little pussy wide.” Jill instantly did as she was told, presenting me with a great view of her come- smeared pussy. “Now beg for him to rape you.”

“Oh please,” Jill mewed, “please, please, please, rape me, rape me with your cock, fuck me, fuck me with your big hard dick, rape my slutty cunt with your big hard cock!”

Her wet cunt accepted my cock with one stroke. “Yes, YES! Rape me, fuck me, rape me, fuck me!” Jill screamed as I tore in and out of her. I reached over her body, grabbed her long blond hair and pulled her head up next to mine. “Kiss me, slut,” I commanded.

Jill planted her lips on mine and eagerly french-ed me. I chased her tongue back into her mouth as I continued to stroke in and out of her. I broke the kiss and said, “Tell me what you are.”

“I’m your slut, your fucking slut. I’m a submissive cunt, who you fuck and rape!”

“And what am I?”

“You’re my rapist, my rapist with a big, strong cock! My rapist who fucks my little slutty cunt because I need it, I deserve it, fuck me!”

“And what am I?” Diane called.

I looked over. She was wearing nothing but stockings and garters, and her bald pussy lips shone with moisture.

“You’re… you’re…”

“I’m your mistress you little fucking cunt!” Diane screamed. She walked over to the couch and sat herself at the other end, legs spread wide, left one over the back of the couch. “Now, come give your mistress’s pussy some attention.”

Jill lowered her head into Diane’s lap, and hesitantly began to lap at her labia while I continued to pound her from behind. “You like licking her pussy while I fuck your cunt you little slut?”

“She’s licking it so good, fuck my pussy with your tongue bitch! Fuck it with your tongue!”

“Fucking little submissive cunt!”

“Lick my clit bitch! Lick it!”

Jill lifted her head slightly out of Diane’s snatch. “Please, please…” she breathed.

“What, little whore?”

“Fuck… fuck my ass… I like it… up my ass…”

Diane and I exchanged a surprised glance. I conferred the ability to have anal sex without damage on to Jill, then pulled out of her pussy and placed the tip of my cock at her ass pucker. “Beg, slut,” I commanded.

“Please… rape my ass, fucking rape my ass with your hard dick…”

I pushed it inside.

Jill screamed. She screamed as her sphincter opened, she screamed as my head disappeared inside, she screamed as my shaft pushed its way up her bowels. “OH GOD! FUCK! FUCK MY ASS!” As my cock buried itself up to the hilt, her sphincter started to relax. I started slow, small strokes, but Jill was having none of it. She slammed her hips back at me demanding, “RAPE ME! DON’T FUCKING FUCK ME! RAPE MY ASS!” Without further ado, I began slamming in and out of her with all my might. Her asshole relaxed completely, accepting my unyielding cock like the world’s tightest pussy. As Diane mashed her pussy up against the blond’s face I assaulted her ass with all of my might, thrusting like a piston gone mad. My orgasm blasted through me a couple of minutes after entering Jill’s back door, and I filled her ass with my seed.

I pulled out of her ass. “Turn around, slut. Both of you come here.” Jill swivled around on the couch while Diane came alongside of the blond woman. Her hand snaked back and started to pump fingers in and out of Jill’s sopping pussy. I allowed her the conceit. I grabbed Jill’s long blond curls in one hand and began jacking my cock in front of her face in the other. “Ready to get come on, bitch?” I said.

“Yeah, come on me, come on me, come all over me…”

“Come on that little blond bitch,” Diane encouraged.

“Fucking little slut!” I shouted. “FUCKING LITTLE SLUT ARRGGGHH!” White hot jism blasted out all over the pert blond’s cheeks and lips.

“I gotta have some of that,” Diane said. She reached up and drew Jill’s face to her own. An inch away, her tongue snaked out and made long, broad strokes across Jill’s semen-coated face, licking up my jism.

“Lick my face, lick my face, lick my cum-raped face…” Jill breathed. Diane finsihed with her face snack and pushed the other woman back down on the couch. She whirled around on top of her and smashed her pussy down on Jill’s face while diving into Jill’s, lapping and sucking at the come-filled cunt. Her body shivered with pleasure as she slurped down the cocktail of girl-juice and semen. She slipped a finger up Jill’s ass. “Uhhhhhhh…” Jill moaned. “Finger-fuck my ass… finger me… rape my ass with your finger…” Diane pulled it back out, and it glistened with my semen. She popped it into her mouth and cooed with pleasure.

“A very impressive display,” a smooth voice said behind me.

I whirled around. The man from the elevator stood behind me, his cane placed cautiously in front of him.

I strode foward and put my face right in his. “How the hell did you get in here?” I demanded.

He took a step out of the way and passed me. “My dear boy,” he said as he moved, “doors mean very little to men like us.”

My patience was at an end. I reached out and grabbed him by the shoulder with the intent of showing him the hall.

At least, that’s what was supposed to happen.

What followed next I’m not sure even I was able to follow. Our hands became a blur of action, thrusting, twisting, grabbing, punching. But neither one of us connecting. Each one of us was an instant faster than the other every time, the moves speeding up until I could only watch in amazement as my hands flew in a pattern too fast for me to follow.

At last, he took a step backwards. “Now, that was hardly a way to treat a compatriot. But, if it proved a point, perhaps it was worth it.”

The obvious suddenly squared before my eyes. “You summoned a demon,” I stated.

“Quite right, my boy, I knew you’d get it with only a… modicum of clues.” He smiled. “I see you have had some success in that particular endevour yourself.” He indicated my still erect penis with his hand.

Slightly embarrassed, I let it deflate.

“Hmmm. Not quite my cup of tea, all of this,” he indicated the two grinding women on the couch, “but I can see it all has a certain appeal.” He strode over to the window. “Nice view,” he commented, gazing out at the winking skyline. I joined him there.

“I think I may have a problem,” I said.

“Really? With what? You seem to have the situation here well in hand.”

“I think you know what I mean.”

He chuckled. “The business of summoning is not for the weak- hearted, nor for the sympathetic. It requires discipline and sacrifice.”

“I don’t know if I can hold the blood of innocents on my soul.”

His head whipped around. “Innocents?” he asked, genuine surpise in his voice.

“I think he killed a planeload of people. Did you hear? The crash over the Pacific, a few weeks back.”

The man turned his gaze again outside the window. “This is indeed troubling.” A low thrumming of a passing plane filled the room. “The nature of a demon is corruption,” he said over the noise. “Killing innocents is… painful to them, and not something they do lightly, or easily. Yet you claim that yours destroyed a whole planeful of lives.” The noise of the plane was rising, growing louder and louder. Finally I realized that something was terribly wrong.

I never saw the plane. But the explosion it caused crashing into the hotel across the street was unavoidable. The fireball blew into the sky like a gout of dragon’s flame. As I watched, stunned, something flew out of the night’s sky to smack against the window. I stared in disbelief. Dismembered, bloody joints of fingers, plastered against the window, formed a symbol that I had grown to hate.

Dikraxthas had left his calling card.

For a moment, the severed digits stuck to the window, then they slid off with a sickening, squeege-like sound.

“I would say that you have an even bigger problem now,” the stranger to my side commented dryly.

“What do I do?” I asked, still a little stunned.

“Well, it depends on your conscience, my dear boy. I presume you proscribed him from your pretense in the writ?” I nodded. “Well, then there will be no renegotiating with considerable risk to yourself. What did you demand of him?”

In a monotone, I outlined the highlights of the agreement. When I finished, my unexpected guest said nothing for a moment, then, “Are you completely insane?”


“Not only do you demand virtual immortality, but wealth and control of women? How did you ever get him to agree to that?”

“I tortured him.”

“Tortured? A demon? With what?”

“The Christian Faith Network.”

There was a stunned silence, then the man broke into peals of laughter. When he calmed himself, he said, “My boy, that may be the most original idea I have heard in quite some time. The demon of television taming the demons of the underworld. Well, irregardless of the method, the end is the same. You have driven him mad.”


“Yes, mad, insane, as you might say, bonkers. He has given up so much of his power to you, his mind has snapped. He no longer feels the pain caused by the death of innocents, even though it only costs him more and more. Potentially, though, he could decimate the countryside. That would be… unfortunate.”

I shook my head in disbelief. “What can I do?”

The man thought for a moment, then said, “The writ you agreed to is a contract, after all. Make him break his side.”

“How can I make him do anything when I can’t even speak or see him?”

“That is a question that you, my boy, will have to answer.” He proffered forth his hand, and I shook it dumbly. “I have enjoyed our chat, I hope it all works out.” He walked towards the door.

“Wait, wait! Where are you going?”

“Well, that’s a fairly presumptuous question. You affair is none of my concern, dear boy. I thought that it was only polite that I introduce myself. Be seeing you.” And he walked out.

Straight through the door.

Which was closed.

In the flickering light of the neighboring hotel burning, I gazed around the room, feeling not just a little helpless. And lost.

“Fuck me with that tongue, bitch, fuck my slutty cunt with that tongue you fucking slut!”

At least now I knew one thing. Diane could fuck through anything.

* * *

“You’re back. How was it?”

“Horrible. The whole place reeked of the demon. Many innocents killed.”

“He must be stopped. When will we know where he is?”

“It’s likely the demon choose the location of the crash for a reason. We’ll find him quickly enough.”

“And when we do?”


Chapter 9: Family

The crash cost 451 people their lives, with another thousand or so injured by everything from shrapnel to smoke inhilation. The block was a mess.

But Diane soon made me forget all that. At least, as much as I could. Always at the back of my mind, I strolled through the contract I had agreed to, looking for a loophole, any loophole, to get me out of this before more people were killed.

Diane dragged me from one Hollywood party to another, with always the same intention in mind. A pretty young actress would accompany us home, most of them very famous, and we would play at raping her. Diane got more and more vicious as the fantasies continued, whipping and fisting our victims with increasing enthusiasm. For two weeks, our lives were filled with parties and sex.

During the day, I tagged along with our previous night’s victim, having them introduce me to their “people”, who I would enthrall and pump for information about any mysterious Sylvia’s in their lives. Unfortunately, this got me nohwere. Eventually I would have to hire a P.I., but I was content to do this for now. It was an excuse to tell myself when I thought I might be wasting time.

Another week went by. The airlines concluded that something massive had flown into the engine of plane, knocking it down right over the hotel. New regulations and safety measures were proposed. There were a few reports of something bulking and huge fleeing the sight of the crash, but no one placed much importance on them.

It was another Hollywood party. There were all beginning to stream together in my mind. All the same people, the endless chit-chat about this project or that, who’s sleeping with who. The same conversation, like an endless mad-lib, the same phrases with different nouns popped in like interchangeable parts in a machine. Diane reveled in it, though. She swam from group to group, flirting and laughing, leaving me in her wake. Of course, she had ulterior motives.

To a certain extent, so did I. My ears were always open, always straying across the wash of the conversation, sifting for that one name. When I finally heard it, a snatch of conversation that was merely a whisper in the crowd noise, it hit my brain like a two-by-four. I followed the voice, like following a thread in a tapestry, and it led to a small group of teenage women, giggling about something. The all held empty champagne glasses, and all looked a little tipsy. One of them noticed me. “Hi, what’s your name?” she asked.

“Jon,” I replied. “What’s yours?”

She was cute, but a bit overweight. “I’m Sharon,” she replied.

Her friend, a cute black girl, chimed in. “I’m Les.”

And then I noticed the red-head next to me. She was stunningly gorgeous. Her red curls framed her slender, pale face and deep green eyes like a magnificent frame around a masterwork painting. Her black party dress encased her budding, teenage breasts and slid temptingly down her slim sides. I offered my hand and she took it gently. “I’m Alex, short for Alexandra,” she said. Her voice was the voice I had followed, the one which had, in a piece of conversation, mentioned someone named Sylvia.

“And what do you three do?”

They all giggled at once, as if sharing a private joke. “We’re all spies,” Sharon explained. “For a secret organization of women, seeking to subjugate all men.” The three of them burst out laughing.

“Seriously,” Alex said, “we’re all in ‘Living with Mom’. Don’t you watch TV?”

“Uh, mostly a movie man myself,” I explained.

“It’s really a teenage show anyway,” she explained. Her eyes were dazzling.

“There you are,” Diane said, coming up behind me. “Listen, I-”

“Diane, I want you to meet Alex,” I interrupted. “She’s a TV star.”

Diane looked at me and caught my meaningful glance. “Pleased to meet you, Alex,” she said. “Say, isn’t that Brad Pitt over there?”

“Where?” all three of them said at once as their heads whipped collectively around. The three of them started to move off, when I said, “Oh Alex, can I ask you a question?” She hung back while her friends moved on.

“Yes, what is it?”

I projected an attraction to me and Diane over her. “Did you come with anyone tonight?”

“Just Sharon and Les.”

“Oh, that’s good. Listen, would you like to come with us to some place more private?”

“Uh… yeah, sure! That sounds great! Let me get my purse.” The three of us quickly moved towards the foyer and the line of limos outside. Diane caught my coat sleeve. “Isn’t she a bit young?” she asked.

“Who cares? She’s gorgeous. Don’t you agree?”

“I can’t argue with you there. The limo’s over that way, Alex,” Diane called, taking Alex by the hand. As I watched them walking side by side towards the awaiting car, I noticed how similar they looked. Similar hair color, similar build, even a sameness in the way they moved. If I didn’t know better, I would say that they were related. Which gave me an idea for the night. A perverse, strangely exciting idea. It was going to be an interesting evening.

Inside the limo, I instructed the driver to pass by a lingerie shop I had noticed around town. I then put Alex into “the deep trance”, as Diane and I started calling it. While she was under, I explained my idea to Diane. Her eyes went wide. Her smile was thin, but then got broader, and she nodded, once.

We stopped at the lingerie shop. It was closed, but when I tried the door it simply opened. It seemed that no matter how insane Dikraxthas got, the contract was still in effect. We went inside, Alex walking like a zombie. We found a long white frilly shift, left twice the price on the counter and ducked back into the limo.

* * *

Alex suddenly awoke. She felt a moment of vertigo, then suddenly realized that she was just in her room at her parent’s hotel suite. She must have dozed off reading. She picked up the book in her lap and readjusted herself in her bed. She was wearing her favorite white shift, and she noticed how nice it was feeling tonight.

For some reason, she couldn’t remember what had come before in the book, but it didn’t matter too much to her. She read on. It was a steamy love scene between the hero and heroine. The author described, in lurid detail, the wonderful feelings the man gave the women, making passionate love with consummate skill. Alex felt the cleft between her thighs warming as she read the description of the passionate kisses and other things. Her hand unconsciously slid down and pressed against the material of her shift over her crotch. She pulled and twisted at the fabric and the treasure underneath as the passage slipped under her eyes. She could feel the fabric getting wet beneath her fingers.

A knock at her door suddenly snapped her back to reality. She quickly arranged the blankets over herself as her parents slowly opened the door.

“Hi honey,” her mother called. “We just wanted to come and wish you good night.” Mom walked over and sat by the foot of her bed while her Dad came and sat by her at the head. Mom was wearing a green silk nightgown, while Dad was wearing his blue bathrobe.

“What are you reading here, sweetheart?” her dad asked. Before she could grab it back, her Dad was scanning the passage which had elicited such arousal from her seconds ago. “It’s just a story…” Alex said lamely.

“Hmmm,” her Dad said, not looking up from the page.

“Honey,” her mom called, “are you going to be comfortable with all these covers tonight? It’s so warm, here, let me take them.” Mom began to take her covers, Alex oblivious, until she started to remove the sheet that covered her nightie. “No, wait-” Alex said, but is was too late, the sheet was off and the stain of her love juices plainly visible on the white material.

“My oh my,” her mother said, shaking her head. “What has got you all excited tonight?” Alex felt herself blushing furiously.

“Perhaps it’s this,” her father said. He passed the book to Mom. “No, Dad-” Alex protested, but again she was too late. Her mother scanned the page as her father said, “Honey, we really haven’t talked about sex, have we?”

“Apparently not, if she’s getting excited over this claptrap,” her mother interjected. “I mean, puh-lease.” She put out her hand like a bad actress, and read, “‘May I make love to you?’ the burnished hero asked.’ As if.”

“You mean, it’s not like that?” Alex asked, her curiosity piqued.

“Not in the real world, no,” her mother said.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, honey, you see, all women really, deep down, want to have their men just take them. You know, aggressively. It’s always better that way. None of these wimpy males for real women. No, all a real woman needs to do is to lie back and have her pussy reamed out by a good hard dick.”

“Mother!” Alex cried, shocked.

“Oh, it’s OK honey, you’re old enough. You know how sex works. But, then again,” she said, glancing at the dropped book, “maybe you don’t.” Mom placed her hand on Alex’s leg. “Maybe you need someone to show you how it’s done.” Her hand started to slip up Alex’s leg, carrying the shift material along with it. Alex was feeling very uncomfortable, and she reached out to stop her mother’s hand. “Mom, please, what are you doing?”

“Honey, I think it’s time someone showed you how sex really goes. Don’t you honey?” she asked Dad.

“Absolutely,” Dad replied. He placed his hands on Alex’s shoulders and pushed her back into the pillows. “Dad, stop it! What are you doing? Let me gmpph!” Alex’s protestations were cut off by her father’s mouth suddenly covering her’s in a kiss. Not a father/daughter kiss, but a passionate kiss between lovers. Alex screamed but the sound was muffled by her father’s mouth moving over hers.

Meanwhile, Mom pushed up her nightgown to around her waist, exposing her pussy to the warm night air. Alex squirmed beneath her, her knees locked together and swaying back and forth. “Ah, I can see we just haven’t been diligent in teaching you how to be a woman, have we?” Mom lamented. She placed her hands on Alex’s knees, and, somehow, Alex found herself unable to resist as her mother pushed them apart. “You don’t even know how to keep your little pussy shaved for all the nice little tongues and mouths that might lick at it.” Alex couldn’t believe what she was hearing, the foul words coming out of her mother’s mouth while her father tried to French kiss her. His tongue pressed insistently against her closed lips and teeth. “How do you expect other little sluts like you to be tempted by your cunt if you don’t shave it for them? Maybe you don’t know what you’re missing. That could be it. I’ll show you.” With that, Mom leaned forward and starting licking at her vagina.

Alex screamed again, crying now. She struggled, but her father held her hands firmly down on the bed and continued to kiss at her. Her mother’s tongue slid over her wet labia, coursing their way between her vaginal lips, flicking lightly over her clitoris. She desperately tried to shift her hips away, but it only seemed to force Mom’s tongue further into her moistening vagina.

Then, with horror that she felt only in the back of her mind, it started to feel good. Her mother’s tongue slipped over her clitoris, and a shot of pure sexual pleasure rushed up to her brain. In between her cries and screams, she let out a soft moan of gratification. Her lips and teeth parted for an instant, and Dad’s tongue slipped inside her mouth. She tried to push it out with her tongue, desperate to expel the intrusion. But Mom’s tongue chose that moment to slip into her pussy, and her moan turned her defensive thrust into a playful swirling. Dad’s tongue twisted and slid all throughout her mouth, and she started to enjoy that too, to enjoy the feeling of her father’s lips pressed against her own, mashing and grinding, his tongue flashing and thrusting. She hated her own luxurious feelings, the warmth building in her pussy, she fought against them with her fear and loathing. But it all seemed to intertwine, recombine, to become something seedy and desirable and irresistible.

Her mother relented for a brief moment in her attack on Alex’s pussy. “Ah, the little slut is starting to enjoy it now, aren’t you?” How did she know? Alex had to fight these feelings, had to fight against giving in to the insidious heat building between her legs. But Mom slipped a hand up to her inner thigh, up to her pussy, and then a finger was inside her. Straight up her sopping pussy, coated with her mother’s saliva and her own love juice. And it was gasoline on the fire of her pleasure. Her hips betrayed her, bucking up to try and claim more of the digit into the soft folds of her pussy. Her vocal cords defected and let out a low moan of ecstacy. And her tongue deserted her and slipped back into her father’s mouth, pushing and playing against his tongue as he had invaded her.

As she was losing, she felt her father move her hand on to his lap. It brushed up against a lump in his robes. He pushed it under the fold, and suddenly it was against something hard, yet soft. Warm and fleshy. She suddenly realized what it was, and she recoiled. He yanked her arm back into place, and forced the back of it to rub up and down against it. Her mother slipped another finger inside of her, the insidious warmth sped through her again, and her struggle against her father was lost in the heat. As her mother worked her fingers in and out of her pussy, she unconsciously wrapped her hand around her father’s erection. Her father’s penis. Her father’s cock.

“So, the little slut has found her daddy’s dick, eh?” Mom sniped. “You like the way it feels in your hand, little girl? You like stroking it up and down as your father Frenches you? You enjoy jacking off your father while your mother finger-fucks your little cunt?” Mom slid further up her prone daughter’s form, leaving one hand to continue working on her pussy. With the other, she reached out and undid the drawstring at the front of her shift. The two front halves fell away, revealing her breasts with their swollen, excited nipples. Mom grabbed one and tweaked it, and Alex let out a little yelp. “You like it when I squeeze your little bitch tits?” She caressed and squeezed her young daughter’s breasts. “You like that, don’t you you little whore? You like it when I squeeze your little teenage tits while you jack your father’s hard cock. I’ll bet you’d like to taste his cock, wouldn’t you? You’d like to suck his big hard dick until he comes all over you, wouldn’t you? Give it to her, honey, show her how to be a good little girl slut.”

Dad released Alex’s mouth from his own’s onslaught. “Hold the little slut down,” he said. Mom’s hands replaced Dad’s as she slid up to face her daughter nose to nose. He slipped out of his robe, and out of the corner of her eye she saw his massive erection sticking straight out from his waist. “You’re going to love the way his cock tastes,” Mom breathed, staring at Alex through half-lidded eyes.

“Mom, please, don’t…”

“Shhh,” Mom hushed. She lowered her head and kissed Alex full and sweetly on her lips, her tongue darting and probing into her daughter’s mouth. Alex whimpered softly in response, in agony or ecstasy, she wasn’t sure.

Then her mother slipped to one side, and her father was on top of her again. This time, though, her hands were held down with his knees, and the head of his cock pointing right at her mouth. “Come on, take it,” her mother urged in her ear. “Take it in your mouth. Suck Daddy’s cock. You’ll love it, you need it you little slut, you can feel the desire for it in your little whore cunt, burning in there.” Alex turned her head away, her mouth shut.

Her mother was kissing her again. The pressure of her lips, so soft, her tongue, so sweet, pressing against her closed lips, it was becoming harder and harder to resist. Finally, she responded, kissing back, opening her mouth, swirling her tongue around Mom’s. And then, there was something else, smooth and large and warm. She licked and kissed it, and when she realized she was sucking her father’s erection, his big fat fucking cock, it was too late.

“That’s it, that’s it,” Mom cooed, “I knew that little whore slut would come around sooner or later. That’s right, kiss it, suck it, lick it all over.”

“MMmmmmm,” Dad moaned, “your little slut mouth feels so good around my dick, honey. Yeah, that’s it, lick it underneath, just like that. Ohhhh, you good little cock sucking daughter. You like me fucking your mouth with my big cock.”

Alex couldn’t help herself. As if possessed, her mouth and tongue moved of their own volition, and sweet sickness mixed with pleasure in her stomach. She noticed peripheral the slight salty taste of her father’s dick as her tongue slid around it, and how she slightly enjoyed giving him so much pleasure. Her father started to pump his cock into her face, slowly. She rested her head back and kept swirling her tongue. He forced his cock deeper and deeper and faster and faster.

“Fuck her face!” Mom yelled. “Fuck that little bitch’s face! Fuck her and feed her your come!”

He put his hands on the headboard above Alex, bracing himself and thrusting faster. “You ready, honey? Ready for Daddy’s come? Fucking little bitch daughter whore gonna eat her father’s come? MMMPH!” Her father gave one final deep thrust and suddenly her mouth was filled with a salty, bitter fluid. She hurriedly gulped it down, as quickly as she could, but some slipped out on to her cheeks. Her father withdrew his still hard dick from her mouth. She closed it and swallowed the rest of the semen still in her mouth.

“Ooohhh, that looks so good,” her mother said. She leaned over and began cleaning Dad’s dick of the remaining come and saliva. Her father leaned back, off her hands.

Instantly, Alex withdrew her legs and sprang off the bed. She made a dash for the door and was through it. She was halfway to the front door before someone tackled her from behind. Alex was surprised to discover her mother on top of her, twisting her arm behind her back and standing her up again. “Where are you going you ungrateful little slut?” she yelled. “You don’t leave until your father fucks you good, you little bitch! You will just have to be punished.”

Mom marched Alex back into the bedroom. Her father was sitting on the edge of the bed, a stern and disappointed look on his face. “I guess I just have to show what happens to little whore slut daughters who run out of a nice menage a trios with Mom and Dad.” Mom pushed her next to Dad, then over his knee. “Daddy, no, please…”

“Believe me, honey, this will give you more pleasure than it does me.” WHACK!

Her father’s hand slapped her ass. The pain shot through her brain like a laser beam. Her father was actually spanking her! “No, Daddy, please!” WHACK!

He was punishing her! She must have done something bad. WHACK!

The flame of pain spread through her waist. She had been a bad little girl. WHACK!

She needed this punishment. She needed her father to punish her. WHACK!

She needed her father’s firm hand to guide her, so she wouldn’t be bad. WHACK!

“Oh Daddy…” WHACK!


Pause. “Yes?”

“Spank me more, Daddy! I’ve been bad! Spank me!”

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! The fire in her buttocks flared in her loins. “Oh Daddy, my little pussy is being bad. It’s getting so hot, so wet. It’s on fire…”

“And how do firemen put out fires, honey?”

“With their fire hoses, Daddy. Their long, thick fire hoses, spurting hot white come over firey pussies.”

“Kneel down on the bed and show me your firey little pussy.”

Alex crawled off her father’s lap and on to the bed. Her little cunt was burning, just like her bottom. She reached behind herself and spread her pussy lips. “Look, Daddy,” she said, “look how hot my little cunnie is.”

She felt her father’s finger trace the outline of her pussy. “It is hot, honey. What kind of a little slut are you to have such a hot little pussy?”

“Oh, the worst slut, the dirtiest, nastiest little slut. A little slut with a hot little dirty cunt! Please, Daddy, help me! I might go out and fuck some nasty boy with my cunt so hot! I might go out and fuck ten boys, twenty!”

“We can’t have that. I’ll have to cool you down.” Dad was suddenly over her, and she felt the tip of his hot cock at the entrance of her cunt. “You ready?”

“No.” Alex suddenly squirmed out from underneath her father and hopped off the bed. Standing by the corner of the bed, she put a finger to her lips, twirling it in a combination of innocence and seduction. “I think I like being a hot little nasty cunt slut. I think I want to fuck all those boys. I want to be bad.”

Her mother’s grip on her shoulders was immovable and irresistible as it pushed her face down on to the bed. “You’re being a very bad girl. Only your father gets to fuck that little slut cunt of your for now.”

“Let me go! I have to fuck boys!”

“No, you have to fuck a MAN,” Dad said. And then, he was inside her.

“Ohhhhhhhhh GOD!” Her father’s dick slammed into her cunt as her mother held her down! “FUCK FUCK FUCK!” she screamed.

“What a nasty little slut mouth,” her mother said. She slipped in front of her and placed her crotch right into Alex’s face. “Use that nasty little slut tongue of yours and lick Momma’s pussy! Lick me you fucking little slut bitch!”

“You like this, little slut daughter?” Dad asked. “You like fucking your cunt while you suck Mom’s twat?”

“Mmm-hhmmmm, MMM-HMMMMM!!!!” Alex screamed out as an orgasm blasted through her.

“Fuck me back, honey, fuck my cock back you little slut whore!”

“Lick my snatch you bitch! FUCKING WHORE BITCH! YEAHHHHHHH!” Mom screamed as she came.

“Oh fuck me Daddy! Fuck my hot cunt! Make me your little daughter slut!”

“Fucking little cunt whore, FUCKING LITTLE CUNT WHORARRGGG!” Alex felt her pussy cool slightly as her father came inside her. Alex braced herself against her mother by throwing her arms around her and bucked back against her father’s prong. “Fuck me more, Daddy, fuck me till I scream!”

Dad continued pounding her cunt while she ate her mother’s snatch with gusto. He came twice more, overflowing her pussy with his come. Her mother twisted under her and lapped at her flooded twat, licking alternately at her and her father’s shaft. At one point in their torrent fuck, her father pulled out of her, pointed his cock at her mother’s face and said, “You ready for some first-hand come, slut bitch?”

“Yeah, baby, come on Mommy’s face, come all over my face!” Glancing down between her breasts, Alex watched as her father’s cock blasted out hot white come all over mother’s face. She seemed to shudder and convulse as the ropy strands of jism slapped into her face.

Dad noticed her watching. “Your pussy cool enough now, little slut?” he asked.

“Yeah,” Alex breathed back, “but I can still fuck all those boys. I’m still hot…”

“Where are you hot?”

“My ass, up my ass, I could go into the boys locker room and strip down and beg them to fuck my ass so hard, Daddy. I want to, I wanna be their little fucking locker room slut.”

“The only one who is fucking my daughter’s virgin ass is me, right now!” Alex felt the tip of his cock at her nether hole. “Push it in, Daddy, fuck my ass, fuck your little daughter slut’s ass!”

It was inside her. She had never felt so full, so stretched, so fully fucked before! He pushed in slowly at first, then rammed the last few inches in in a broad stroke. She felt invaded and defiled, filled and fufilled, and it felt wonderful.


“Little fucking ass slut! So much like your little fucking slut Mom, who’s sucking your little twat while I fuck your ass! Fucking little bitch daughter whore SLUT!”

She felt her father ram his cock into her one last time, a final filling of sperm ejecting from his cock into her bowels. She thought she heard herself screaming with another orgasm. She thought she felt her mother press her whole hand into her cunt. She thought she felt herself collapse. But she was too far gone to be sure of any of it. And that was the last thing she was sure of.

* * *

“I think she’s unconsious,” Diane said, crawling out from under Alex.

“Jesus, Diane, you didn’t have to put your whole hand up there. I think you may have pushed her a little far.”

“Evidently,” she said and wiped the remaining pussy juice and come from her chin. “She was a horny little fuck, though, wasn’t she?”

“Yes she certainly was.” Diane smiled and kissed me.

The door to the bedroom exploded inward.

It took me two instants to realize what had just happened. I whirled around, and was confronted by four very attractive young women, dressed in black skintight full-body leotards. They all seemed to leap as one through the now open doorway and tackled me to the floor.

As we struggled on the floor, I realized something was wrong. I wasn’t able to defend myself against their surprisingly strong and clever grips. I tried explicitly invoking my powers of protection in my mind, but that didn’t seem to help a bit. Somehow, they managed to bend my arms behind my back and stand me up. “LET ME GO NOW!” I bellowed.

“No,” one of them answered in a sing-song voice, “cause then it wouldn’t be fun anymore!”

“FUN FUN FUN!” they all shouted together. “FUN FUN FUN!” They did a happy little dippy dance with me around the floor, as if we were all playing Ring Around the Rosy.


“But WE are!”

“I know!” one of them sang. “Let’s take them to see Sylvia!”

“SYL-VI-A!” they all chanted as they led me out the door. “SYL- VI-A!” they all shouted as they led me out into the hall. “SYL-VI-A!” they all sang as we went down the elevator, through the lobby and into a waiting car.

No one noticed. I’m not sure why I wasn’t surprised.

* * *

“They have him.”


“About an hour. Traffic is bad. Construction.”

“The woman?”

“She just followed them like a puppy dog out the door.”

“Good. Have him put in the Room, and have her brought to me.”

“Yes, Sylvia.”

Chapter 10: A Contradiction of Terms

It took me three-quarters of the limo ride before I finally realized why my powers of defense were not working. These girls, who still had both arms in very neat and slightly painful locks, believed that they were actually just horsing around, that they were not attacking or kidnapping me. Thinking about the contract, I suddenly realized that I had left that one hole in there. The attacker’s intention was what activated my powers, and these girls believed body and soul that were all just playing one big game.

Someone had altered their minds to think that way, no normal human could pull of such singleness of thought. Ulterior motives would always allow me a way to act against them.

Diane sat at the other end of limo, looking frightened and timid. I hadn’t seen her in such a state since I first confronted her outside that mysterious guy’s house so many days ago. Every time she made a squeak of a noise, one of the girls guarding me slapped her and laughed like she had just heard the funniest joke. Diane kept quiet.

The windows of the limo were tinted from both directions, so I couldn’t see where we were headed. When the cab finally came to a stop and the door opened, it had been about an hour. Being unfamiliar with the area, that really didn’t help me much. The girls pushed me out of the car.

We came standing in the courtyard of a walled complex. The barrier stood around fifteen feet high, and extended around a huge yard and mansion. The gate we had passed through looked like solid steel. My pretty captors pushed me towards the front door of the palatial house. Another pretty girl opened the front door. I was lead down a flight of stairs while the woman by the door took Diane’s hand and led her elsewhere.

The downstairs was spartan and well lit. I was led into something that looked like a waiting room. On the opposite wall was a large steel door with an electronic combination lock on the handle. “Hey,” one of my captors squeaked, “wouldn’t it be fun to put a blindfold on him?”

“Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!” they all cheered back. I felt like I had been kidnapped by an over-exuberant pep squad.

The blindfold was smooth over my eyes, but quite thick and I could not see a thing. I thought I heard the large door open, but then I lost track of where I was. There were several turns and doors opened, then I was sat down in a chair. I felt restraints on my arms and legs.

For a long time after that, I heard nothing.

* * *

“Ah, there you are my dear. Dressed for the occasion I see.”

“My God it’s you! Who are you?”

“Oh, I should have thought that was obvious. My name is Sylvia, and I have had an interest in your… partner? for a while now.”

“You mean Jon.”

“Yes Jon. We will deal with him later.”

“Please let him go. Please. PLEASE.”

“My dear my dear, calm yourself. There is nothing to fear. In fact, I think I can offer you far more than he ever could.”

“Wh- what do you mean?”

“I’ve been watching you for a while now. I like what I’ve seen, especially recently. You like taking control for a change, don’t you?”

“I… I…”

“It’s all right, dear. I know exactly how you feel. Exactly how you feel. Let me show you. Deborah?”

“Yes, Mistress?”

“Bend back and spread your cunt for us please.”

“Oh wow…”

“Yes, Diane, you see what kind of special control I exercise here. That control could be yours as well.”

“But… but… I need…”

“Semen? Come on your face from a dominating male? My dear, these can be provided for. And all you have to do is one simple little thing.”


“Convince Jon to accept me as his Mistress and to turn his powers over to me. Really quite simple you see.”

* * *

I was fed. When I said that I needed to go to the bathroom to no one in particular, I was led to another corner of the same room, and then immediately back to the chair.

This went on for a day, then another. No one had spoken to me. I tried to break my bonds, but somehow the fun factor of the pom-pom kidnapping squad was keeping me in place.

I fell asleep twice, so I suppose that it was on the third day when I heard the door open and I somehow knew that Diane was walking through it, with someone else, someone important.

“Jon?” Diane’s voice called. She sounded strange, timid yet seeking powerful, landing somewhere in the middle. “Jon, it’s me Diane.”

“I know who it is,” I replied. My voice sounded odd in my own ears.

“Jon,” Diane said, as if she were starting a question. “Jon… Jon, I need you to do something for me.”

“What is that, dear?”

“Jon, you’ve got to… you’ve got to turn yourself over to Sylvia, OK? Please Jon? For me? Just turn over your powers to her, and then, everything will be OK. All right Jon?”

“Not in a million years, Diane. Not in a million years to you too, Sylvia,” I spat.

“I wondered when you’d speak to me,” she replied. Her voice was deep, sultry. “For you and I, a million years may seem like the blink of an eye. But Diane here doesn’t have a million years.”

“Please Jon,” Diane begged. “Please. Please.”

“What exactly do you mean?” I demanded.

“You see, Jon, I surround myself exclusively with women, because I find men reprobational at best, repugnant mostly. So, you are the only man in the entire complex, and I am not about to bring any more in.”

“She needs semen you bitch!” I shouted.

“Exactly, and the only person she’s going to get that from is from you, Jon. And the only way that is going to happen is when you give yourself totally to me.”

“Please, Jon, please, it’s worse than ever,” Diane moaned.

“Our little darling here has been feeding on girl come for the past two days, and it seems that it makes her addiction a little worse. Something our mutual friend threw into her mix just for kicks I suppose.” My mind raced. There had to be a way out of this, there had to be. I tested my powers by willing myself erect. There were no problems there. My powers must have still been working. But how to manipulate them? Which ones?

Like a gunshot, the answer streaked into my brain. “Diane, I demand that we have sex, right now! RIGHT NOW!”

“That won’t work, Jon,” Sylvia cut in. I heard something like a book fall on the floor. “I’ve been looking over your contract. It’s very well thought out, but you left me some rather tiny loopholes to exploit. I unfortunately cannot kill you outright, but öcan restrain you with my Fun Crew here, and you cannot wiggle out of it with your sex on demand clause, because it requires you to see the woman you wish to, as you might put it, screw until you are blue in the face.”

Despair iced through my heart. She was right, the contract did say “see”. Damn.

I thought I heard Sylvia give a small chuckle. “Come, Diane,” she said, “we’ll let him think about it. Don’t take too long though.”

“Please, Jonathan, please…” Diane was sobbing. Her cries got more faint as they walked out of the room, and they were cut off completely by the sound of the door slamming shut.

* * *

They fed me again. No one spoke to me, and I stewed in the muffled silence. My bonds tore into my wrists and ankles as I wiggled against them. I continued to maintain my erection, a symbolic “fuck-you” in the face of my unseen captors.

I fell asleep. In a dream, a figure in a black mask demanded my soul, over and over again. Every time I refused, another lash snapped across my back.

I woke with a start, and realized the back of the chair was digging into the small of my back. I readjusted myself, when suddenly I felt a hand on my cock. “Who’s there?” I called.

No one answered. The hand gently stroked my dick. The hand was slightly cool and warmed as it rubbed up and down. “Diane, is that you?” I called.

Still no answer. The hand jerked with more intensity, but I refused to give into the satisfaction. “If you want to do that, take off this blindfold, and we’ll do it properly. Otherwise, go away, I’m trying to sleep.”

The hand stopped, then let go. I heard soft footsteps back towards the door, and it opened and closed.

“Chicken,” I muttered under my breath. Squiggling in my chair, I tried to go back to sleep.

I was drifting off when I heard the door open again. There were some muffled conversations, and something that sounded like a china set being passed around. After that, silence for a long time. Suddenly I heard what sounded like a body slumping to floor. Then another. Then another.

“Wha… wha’d you… dooooo…” A slurred female voice limped towards the door, then to the ground with an audible thump.

I strained, listening for any sound, but I couldn’t hear anything. I strained against my bonds with all my might, but they were as unyielding as ever. Then the blindfold fell from my eyes. The light of the room pierced sharply into my brain, and I squinted against it. Blinking away the pain and blurriness, my sight fell upon a fuzzy shape that just might be a woman. A woman with bright red hair.

I blinked a couple more times. My eyes finally focused. “You!”

The woman who had attacked Diane and I many nights ago stood before me, looking nervous and… there was something else, in her eyes. If I hadn’t known better, I would have said it was need.

“What do you want?” I asked. She just stood there, staring at me with that oddly longing look. I glanced around the room. My guards, if that is what they were, were sprawled on the floor. “Did you drug them?”

The redhead nodded slightly.

“What’s your name?”

“W-… Wendy.”

“Well, Wendy, you must have wanted to talk privately with me pretty badly to do all this. But first, I think I want to stand up and fuck you.”

Wedny’s eyes grew large, but not as large as when I lurched out of the chair when my bonds suddenly lossened themselves. My muscles were all quite stiff but not debilitatingly so.

“Excuse me, Wendy, but I am late for an appointment.” I walked up to the door, punched a random code into the lock, and turned the handle.

The door opened, but only very slightly. Something was holding it closed. “FUCK!” I screamed, and threw my hold weight against the door. It didn’t budge. “What’s holding this closed, dammit!”

“They won’t let go,” Wendy squeaked, “until I say so.”

I turned around. “Well, then, I COMMAND YOU TO TELL THEM TO OPEN THE DOOR!”

Wendy cracked a crinkly smile. “That didn’t work before, remember?”

I slumped against the door. “What do you want, Wendy?”

She didn’t answer. Instead, she walked, step by meek step, across the room until she stood right in front of me. She reached out her hand, and softly laid it against my cock.

“You want my cock?” Then I realized. “No, you don’t want my cock, you don’t want my come, you want to WANT my come, don’t you?”

Her face paled and flushed at the same time as she backed away. Her eyes brimmed with fear. And anticipation.

“You’ve never felt like that, have you? Wanted anything so badly, and then gotten it again and again, have you?”

She twitched her head no.

I walked forward. “Desire my come,” I commanded. “Desire to be fucked by me.”

She continued to back away, finally bumping into the wall. I finished my approach. Grabbing both her shoulders, I kissed her roughly. She squeaked. She squirmed, but only as a token of her resistance. Breaking our kiss with an audible smack, I grabbed her robe and threw it open. Her nipples stood erect, pointing out from her body like erasers on a pencil. Her panties, silk, I noticed, were soaked through. I reached down and ripped them away from her waist. Wendy caught her breath. I placed a hand on her mound and she moaned. Smashing her up against the wall with my body, I placed my shaft at the opening of her slit.

“Please,” she whispered.

“Please what?” I snapped.

“Please, take me… take me like you did before. From behind. On the… ground.”

“Oh, you want to be fucked like a little bitch in heat, huh? From behind like the little slut dog you are, huh?”

Wendy’s eyes were rolling back into her head at my dirty talk. I pushed her down to all fours, and positioned myself behind her.

“Ready to fuck, bitch?” I demanded. Wendy jabbed her hips back at me in response. I grabbed her hips and slid inside. She was as tight as I remembered. Her cunt was hot, oily and slick. She let out a primal scream as I penetrated her, and a low moan of pleasure as I pulled back. Scream, and moan, scream, and moan, her sounds raced with my cock, fucking in and out of her, towards a screaming, thrashing, ear-splitting climax as I swamped her pussy with come.

Her vocalizations descended as we both came down from our orgasms. I pulled out of her and slipped around to her face. Pushing her back on to her legs, I started jacking my cock over face.

“You want my come, whore?”

“Yeah, yeah, please, my face, my mouth, all over me, please!”

“Tell those other bitches to release the door, tell them to open the door!”

“Fucking please come on me, please, I want it SO BAD!”

“Tell them!”

“Please, come on your little bitch slut, your little bitch whore slut, come all over my slut face please, Master, please please please!”



“HHHRRRRMMMMPPPHHARRRGGG!!!” Come blasted out of my dick and splattered her face. Her hands, shaking with fixation, scooped it into her mouth, careful at first, then more rapidly, almost insanely, pushing and licking and scooping every possible drop as the semen flew over her cheeks.

As soon as my dick calmed down, I turned and burst through the door. On the other side, three gorgeous looking girls were going down on one another, slipping fingers in and out of each others’ cunts and asses. “Where’s Sylvia?” I demanded. They said nothing. I grabbed one of them and hauled them to her feet. “Where is she dammit?” The girl’s head just flopped around limply as her partner continued to finger-fuck her pussy. “Dammit,” I swore, dropped her back down and ran off down the hallway.

* * *

“Security Door 6 is opening, Sylvia, but there aren’t any– omigod, the prisoner’s escaped!”

“Sound the alarm, activate all security. Dammit I haven’t had time to reprogram anyone. Keep licking me Diane, that’s it. Fuck!”

* * *

Four armed women confronted me as I opened what I hoped was the last door. One shot her gun. Between eyeblinks my hand snapped up and grabbed the tranquilizer dart out of mid-air. The other three fired. Three more darts were smacked out of the hair by my amazingly quick hands. They threw their guns aside and assumed what I took to be martial arts positions.

“This is ridiculous,” I thought. In as booming a voice as I could muster, I shouted, “YOU ALL DESIRE MY SEMEN RIGHT NOW! YOU ARE ALL EXTREMELY HORNY FOR ME AND EACH OTHER RIGHT NOW!”

My words smacked into them like fists. Two of them grabbed each other and began to lick furiously at each others’ cunts. One simply fell to the ground, limp and drooling, and one ambitious one leapt forward and plunged her hungry mouth all over my hard cock. Not wanting to waste any more time, I willed myself directly to orgasm. Her mouth was flooded with my come; it spurted out of her lips like an oil gusher. The other three immediately lept up and tackled their friend, their tongues tangling and heads knocking as the fought over the drops of my jism. I ran onward.

* * *

“He’s gotten by the last guards! He’s coming up here!”

“Almost there, lick me harder you bitch, YOU FUCKING BITCH, YESSSSSSSSSS! Dikraxthas! I call to thee! Stop my enemy! As commanded by our contract!”

* * *

I was in someting that looked like a dining room. A huge table dominated the center, and at the far end, an archway opened onto a staircase, and somehow I knew I would find who I was seeking there. That was, before the roof caved in.

The creaking of the ceiling was all the warning I had, but it was enough. My magical defenses kicked in, and quicker than a heartbeat I slipped under the table. The roofing collapsed down onto it with a crack of thunder. Then there was silence.

For a half a moment, I stayed still. The table had held, and there was light coming through cracks in the now collapsed ceiling. I decided it was time to breathe again, and I did. I was contemplating exactly how to get out from under a two ton plaster ceiling, when I noticed, in the dim light that there was something painted on it. There must have been a fresco on the ceiling. The gloom revealed what looked like a foot peeking out of the bottom of a toga. I followed the shape with my eyes. It traveled up a slim, female body. When it reached the face, my eyes widened with surprise.

Then I knew that I had won.

“I want to fuck HER!” I boomed.

The world seemed to disappear.

* * *

When it reshaped itself, I was standing in the middle of a richly carpeted bedroom. One wall was taken up by a series of television security monitors and control switches. I pretty brunette sat in front of them, looking worried. The bedroom was richly furnished, a four poster bed and a matching love seat among the tasteful and expensive decorations spread around the room. In the middle of it, Diane knelt with her mouth pressed up against a blond pussy. The owner of the slot gazed at me with a mixture of contempt and grudging respect. The face that was doing it was Holly the stewardess’s.

“Sylvia, I presume.”

“You know,” she said, “in ‘The Wizard of Oz’, dropping a house on someone was sufficient to kill them. I am curious how you got out of that one.”

“Your lovely ceiling gave you away.”

She blinked with surprise, then understanding. “Somehow, I always knew that my vanity would be the undoing of me.”

“Diane,” I growled, “come here.” Sylvia merely looked on as Diane crawled towards me. Her body was twitching oddly, and she looked pale, ashen. “Drink my come,” I ordered. Her hands were shaking wildly as they reached for my cock. She couldn’t grab it. “Shhhh,” I consoled her. I placed her hands back, positioned myself, jacked myself twice and splattered her face with semen. Diane wailed with relief as she pushed the jizz into her mouth. Sylvia’s gaze never left us.

“Now it’s your turn,” I said.

“It won’t work, you fool!” she screamed, her control breaking. “YOU FOOL, YOU GODDAMNED MAN!” She hurled a pillow at me. I was too surprised to even attempt to block it, and it hit me square in the face. “You’ve ruined everything for NOTHING! You can’t fuck me! IT’S IN MY CONTRACT!”

I pulled the pillow from my face. “What?”

“One of my powers is that I will never, never be fucked by a man. Ever, ever EVER! So,” and she regained a little composure, “you’ve really lost you see. All for nothing, ha!”

“I fucked you on the plane!”

“Ha, think again, fool. You only fucked your little slut on that plane. I needed a semen sample from you first hand so that when you agreed I could transfer your powers. But you never fucked ME, fool, only that little worthless slut there.”

She was right! I hadn’t fucked her. She had a contract.

And so did I.

And then I knew.

“Sylvia,” I said, my voice tight, “I see you and I want to fuck you, right now.”

“Nice try.”

My voice rose, and I could feel the air around me crackle. “By my contract with the demon Dikraxthas, by the power that allows me to fuck any woman, any time, any way, I DEMAND TO FUCK YOU, HERE, NOW!”

Suddenly something grabbed Sylvia. She whirled, her face full of shock. As if resisting unseen hands, she stumbled towards me. “No,” she pleaded, “STOP! MY CONTRACT FORBIDS THIS!” She planted her heels, and suddenly found herself dragged. She stopped inches away. I enfolded her into my embrace. My cock was poised, hard, outside her crack. “NO!” she screamed.




“…nooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!” Something from beyond the room, from beyond the world, thundered in protest. Something in front of cock prevented me from entering.


And he was there.

He was on his knees, his leathery skin gray, sores suppurating horrible fluid. His wings, once mighty, were withered. His horns drooped. His voice was croaking, weak, barely audible.

“What are you muttering, worm?” I demanded.

“… mercy… please…”

I grabbed him by one horn and hoisted his head, my eye piercing his. “For all those people you killed, for all the misery you have caused?” I dropped him.

Stepping back, I raised my arms. “Dikraxthas, you have broken a contract signed with your seal. I declare the agreement null and void, all your current agreements forfeit, and I claim ALL YOUR POWERS AND YOUR LIFE FOR MINE! YOU ARE MINE!”

A piercing red flash blasted through the room. I felt it enfuse me, felt it fill me, so full, full of power, power beyond imagining. Ecstasy.

When I opened my eyes, all that remained of Dikraxthas was a gray, dirty powder on the floor. And standing over it was the well dressed man who had invaded my apartment last week.

“What the hell is THIS? You again?”

The man ignored me. Instead he poked around in the dust with his cane. “Very well done, my boy,” he finally said. He looked up. Beneath two small horns on the top of his head, a small goatee, and burning red eyes, he said, “Welcome to the family.”

Then he was gone.

* * *

It was six months later when Diane walked into my room unexpectedly. “Well,” I said, “this is a surprise.” She simply smiled as she walked over and gave me a quick kiss.

“A pleasant one, I hope.”

“Always. Please, sit down.”

“Thank you.” She sat down on the loveseat. “Why do you stay here?” she asked. “It can’t exactly hold the most pleasant memories for you.”

“Oh, think of it as… a conquered castle. I did have to fight for it rather badly, you remember.”

“I remember. I remember.” Her eyes got distance for a moment. “Do you really think that he was Sa-”

“Don’t-” I interrupted “-say it. I think it will only attract him if it was. Let’s talk about you for a moment.”

“Me? Oh, I’m fine. Three women in the morning, three men in the evening, the normal routine. Thank you again for-”

I raised a hand. “Don’t thank me. It was as much you as anything else that got me here. And, of course, it hasn’t been the same without you.” I winked at her. She smiled.

“What? I can’t believe that, not with little snookums here.” She placed her hand on Sylvia’s head, letting it rest there as she bounced up and down along my cock.

“Well, she doesn’t suck cock nearly as well as you.” I pulled my shaft out of her mouth. “Do you, little Sylvia slut?”

“Uh…” she hesitated. “No, M-m-master.”

“That was pretty slow, Sylvia,” I tutted. I pointed one finger at her. Her body jerked and she shrieked with Pain.

“Can’t she do that quieter?” Diane shouted over the noise.

“Sorry,” I apoligized and closed my hand. Sylvia stopped.

“Doesn’t she just grow resentful?” Diane asked.

“Oh she gets rewarded when she’s a good little whore slut, don’t you?”

“Yes, Master,” she answered.

“But you’ve done nothing to-”

“alter her? No, Sylvia makes all her own decisions, don’t you?”

“Yes, Master.”

“She’s slowly getting better,” I said.

“Better? Well, I don’t know. There’s an extremely dry pussy right in front of her face and she hasn’t done a thing about it.”

“Ungrateful little cunt,” I hissed at Sylvia, “get to work!” I gave her a tiny zot of Pain. She yelped and immediately crawled over to Diane.

“May I suck your pussy, please, Mistress Diane?”

Diane smiled at me as she hiked up her mini-skirt to reveal an underwear-less cunt. Sylvia sighed as she knelt between Diane’s legs. Her tongue reached and caressed Diane’s hairless pussy lips, licking around and between her slit. “Mmm, that’s nice, little slut,” Diane murmured. Sylvia placed her hands on Diane’s ass and plunged in full force, grinding her tongue and face into Diane’s cunt. “That’s it, that’s it,” Diane groaned. “Perfect little slut, you fucking perfect little bitch slut, you like sucking cunt don’t you?”

“Mmmhmmm,” Sylvia murmured.

“Wouldn’t you like to have your pussy fucked, slut?” Diane breathed as she rubbed Sylvia’s blond hair. “Have your cunt reamed out by some big hard shaft, flooded with man come until you scream?”

Sylvia stopped licking and her eyes widened with fear. Diane looked down. “Keep sucking my twat, bitch!” she screamed and pushed her face back between her legs. “Please,” Sylvia begged in between strokes of her tongue, “please just- make me- lick your- pussy please!”

“Oh, now,” I said, “this won’t do it at all. Hold her face down, will you?” Diane gripped, and I sent the Pain through her. Sylvia screamed, her cries muffled by Diane’s wet cunt. “Wow, that feels… weird.”

I let the Pain go. “What?”

“When she screamed against my clit, it felt… weird, kinda stimulating… but keep your tongue busy whore!”

I perched myself behind Sylvia. “Are you ready now for a good hard cock, my little slut?”

Sylvia nodded enthusiastically. I pushed my cock knob up inside her. Her pussy was tight, but surprisingly wet. “Oh, the little slut is all excited, getting to suck off another little girl, hmmm? A little cunt on your mouth as got you all going, has it my little bi-whore slut?”

“Ahhh, the little bitch likes it, the little bitch likes sucking my clit, fucking my cunt with her slut tongue,” Diane moaned.

“She likes it when I fuck her little cunt with my cock, ramming my dick into her twat!”

“Fuck my cunt with your tongue, slut whore!”

“Fuck my cock with your pussy, bitch slave!”

“Fuck me! Fuck me! FUCK ME!” Diane and I screamed as we both climaxed.

We fucked in every conceivable position. They sixty-nined while I screwed Sylvia’s ass. I licked Diane’s cunt while Sylvia hopped up and down on my cock. Sylvia sucked me off while Diane fucked her with her whole hand. Finally I lay Sylvia down missionary style, fucking her while Diane lay herself over the prone slut, watching with amusement as my cock worked in and out of her pussy. As I neared my orgasm, Diane took hold of my cock, guided it out of Sylvia’s pussy, and slowly jacked it over her own face.

“Come all over my face,” and then she winked as she said, “Master.”

I laughed as I let Sylvia have Pleasure and I came all over Diane’s face. Diane salaciously and grandly scooped the jism off her face, licking up every drop. “I love you,” she said to me.

“I love you too,” I admitted.

Who would have thought?

Life is full of surprises.

* * *

The room was lit only by candles. A pentagram was inscribed in the center, blood freshly spilt upon it. Several figures in dark robes surrounded it. One of them intoned in a low voice:

“Through the darkness, I call to thee:
Upon the blackness, I summon thee:
Through the night, you fly to me:
I convoke the words, it is done:
Jon Leland, I name thee.
By the ancient words, Jon Leland,
You are brought to me.”

And something shimmered in the center of the pentacle.

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