So, I have been thinking about this one for the longest time. I don’t know how many times I wrote and rewrote the synopsis on this one… but its taken a while (for some strange reason). Too many ways to go… I guess. Well, I was greatly inspired during the writing of this story, by the1994 Roland Emmerich epic, Stargate, for two reasons. The first being, that I liked the early interplay leading up to the discover with the character played by James Spader; and secondly the adorable extraterrestrial parasite, played by Jaye Davidson (who I have had a personal crush on him ever since). So I am about 50% of the way through. I will upload as soon as I can get the first three chapters completed.



Samuel Montague is a young and impetuous university professor. He is also an accomplished linguist and expert translator of ancient Sanskrit. However his university funding is being cut on account of his rather radical viewpoint. Meanwhile, in a remote monastery of the Dominican Brotherhood, they claim to have found the ‘Key to Divinity’ – through the discovery of an ancient Sanskrit tablet, that seems to defy chronology, their theologians believe that they can open the ‘Doorway to Heaven’ itself. It is an audacious claim. But there is one problem… they still lack the final ‘seventh’ sign to get the doorway to open. Against their better judgment, they reach outside their Order, to our protagonist, to solve the problem. Upon investigation, Samuel believed that they have found a doorway, but is not convinced that it is of heavenly ascent. As he struggles to decode the tablet he becomes aware that it could be decoy and is in fact the opposite of what the Order hopes it to be. He begins to believe that it is in fact a secret entry to the ‘Devil’s Playground’, an evil place tantamount to a demonic whorehouse of sexual torture and torment.

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