Writing can be a rather lonely affair and I guess that my needy nature, that seeks affirmation, is working overtime today. If you see this, drop me a message here… write back… communicate… indulge me some positivity, so that I can keep going… THX XP

22 thoughts on “INSPIRATION”

  1. Courage mon brave! Rest assured that your stories are excellent and must surely bring a great deal of pleasure to a great many people.

    1. HI Harry – thanks for the comment – I am close to the completion of the first four chapters of DEATH… need a couple more days to read it back and fine tune… XP

    1. Hi Harry

      Also read the comments you made on religious fetish about my stories – thanks so much for the encouragement … XP

    2. Just for the record…

      What story themes push your buttons?

      Post by harryfox » Thu Jan 04, 2018 1:07 am
      I was commenting on XPanther’s new story site to stimulate him with some ideas, which got me thinking about the type of stories I like and why. I thought it would perhaps be interesting for others to share what sort of themes get them hard/wet and spend some time contemplating our inner natures – that which has drawn us here. So these are my thoughts:

      The sorts of fantasy stories I enjoy are ones where innocence is corrupted, where protagonists are initially repulsed by all the sinful, sensual goings-on but, at the same time, fascinated on some level. They know they should run away from the wickedness but something (what? Curiosity? Fear? Temptation?) holds them in its grip as, like a moth to a flame, they are drawn deeper into depravity, until the realisation of their own inner sinful nature sees them submitting willingly to evil pleasures. I prefer it when they end up embracing their lusts rather than continuing to be forced or raped, so that they then go forth to corrupt others, betraying them, in their turn, into a world of delicious, depraved delights. It’s the awakening of the inner dark lusts which I believe lurk inside most of us, even and perhaps especially in the most outwardly righteous and ‘respectable’, which thrills me. The unlocking of the doors to pleasure without restraints or limits. The ‘victims’ end up experiencing sensual ecstasy beyond anything they could previously have imagined and are hungry to draw new prey into the web. I like seeing conventions subverted: mothers ‘abusing’ their children and offering them to others to be ‘abused’, leading them into decadent sensual gratification instead of ‘protecting’ them; fathers seduced by their ‘innocent’ young sons and daughters; perverted priests, police and social workers (serving the Dark Lord?) delivering new lambs to the orgy. That which transgresses is holy to us – incest, bisexuality, orgies, transexuals, sodomy in all its delicious manifestations…

      Blasphemy is one of the ultimate taboos, the breaking of which seems to supercharge my orgasms. When I’m masturbating over some depraved filth and thinking to myself “I’ll be damned for eternity for cumming to this” it just prompts me to stroke harder and more sensually to savour the titillation of it. Is that how you feel? Even if you’re someone who usually doesn’t post, don’t be ashamed to admit it here – you’re among friends (and damned already!).

    3. And from Jam Butty (Religious Fetish)

      Re: What story themes push your buttons?

      Post by jam butty 8 » Mon Jan 08, 2018 1:46 am
      I’m afraid that I agree with almost everything you have written here. The fall from grace; the slow acceptance of such sensuous evil; the drawing in of other malleable souls; the total descent into beautiful depravity is just the best. You are so on my wavelength.

      I was drawn here by the stories of XP and have found so many new ones on here that have detailed the fall in very different, delicious ways. I hope you will have fun finding them too. Thanks for the post.

    4. Another comment from Harry … Thanks for the mention…

      Re: What story themes push your buttons?

      Post by harryfox » Fri Jan 19, 2018 4:03 am
      Excellent feedback from jep630 and jam butty 8. It sounds like we’re on the same page! I, too found here via XP – I think his stuff is some of the best you’ll find. I’ve a few ideas of my own but it doesn’t come quickly (if you’ll pardon the pun).

  2. Hey XPanther, it’s your old pal. Just wanted to let you know I live for your stories. I hope you are doing well. Keep up the good work. I am always hungry for something new. I loved “The Good Son” and Incubub. Don’t get discouraged you have an awesome talent.

    1. Hi GUANOGUY
      Thanks for the message. Appreciate the comments. I still love writing about my favorite paraphilias and sharing these stories (and artworks) with my perverted friends… stay in touch… XP

  3. Hi, Xpanther

    You are one of my favorite writers. Your ideas are excellent and your stories are great.

    1. Hi Polkan – thank you for your encouragement – it gets a little lonely out here in the writing department and I never know for sure what fans think, so I do really approach any comments and insights… thanks again, XP

  4. I came across your stories a few months ago, i was both terrified and excited. I love rubbing my clit to your stories every moment I get alone. Right now i am irritating my nipples and getting myself excited. I have read all your stories, I am about to decide what story to read again. Mmmm. I would love to share ideas and chat a bit more.

    1. Hi Kim, thanks for the wonderful comment… would love to hear all about your ideas and chat further … tell me more about yourself and what stories you like and why … you can share here or email me at

  5. “That is the most horniest thing I have ever heard! We must go there together” Moaned Sharon as she ground against Stephanie’s fingers.

    “Wait until I tell what we did to the Thai children back at the villa.”

    Waiting is delicious. But, LOL

    Love your site!

    1. Hi Erika … thanks for the emails and comments, and words of praise … Thanks again for the encouragement XP

  6. Hey XP – I’ve been neglecting you but rest assured that I’m still really enjoying the stories. They never fail to get me hard & stroking and I really enjoy your wicked imagination. You manage to weave tales of depravity unconstrained by any conventional morality. No avenue of pleasure is closed, regardless of age, gender or family relationship and you deliciously blend this with the demons of lust and damnation which awake and stimulate the wickedness and sensuality which I believe lurks in all of us.

    I’ve been re-reading “Nothing Without Sin”. You can imagine, given my tastes which you re-posted above from Religious Fetish, this one really excites me. If you ever want to write further episodes I would love to read them – I’ll try to come up with some suggestions or ideas if you like.

    I see you are gathering a delightful coterie of like-minded perverts around you on the new site – I delight in the company of such – may we inspire each other to further outrages against convention in the cause of deviant, depraved and thrilling pleasures. You are truly leading us into temptation and delivering us to evil. Ave Satanas!

    1. Glad you like NOTHING BUT SIN, it’s a personal favorite too. Glad you’re tuned into RELIGIOUS FETISH as well its a great board and there are story resources with a blasphemous theme there too, for those who haven’t discovered it … you have to ask dmvirgin for membership and the URL is

      Working on a new story at the moment called REQUIEM OF SINS which was inspired by my friend SHELLSHOCK … trying to post the first four chapters this week … but it needs a final read through and I’ve been under time pressure on other things !

      I love the expression a ‘delightful coterie of like-minded perverts’ … sounds wonderful ! XP

  7. I just want to say i love all your stories but i especially loved Requiem of sins the sunday school idea was amazing and i hope u post another chapter of that story soon

    1. Hi KAY97 – I have another 2 parts of Requiem of Sins in the works … (1) Will follow the antics of Sister Alice; (2) And the other will follow young Jasmine. XP

  8. Pleasure has no boundaries, is your magnum opus, I just love all your works I just can’t wait to read the next installment of any thing you’ve written, you have made me cum out and write about my life, I’m for ever in your debt, your storytelling is amazing just amazing I feel I’m part of the plot, there’s so many things you write about that I’ve experienced in my life, so much wonder sexual perversion and lustful behavior I still do to others and i get so sexually turned on I’ve read some over and over again as I stroke my filthy fucking cock, your written words are the most sexually arousing of anything I’ve ever read, please do not stop writing these great satanic lustful words ….hail xpanther hail satan and hail all who cum here to read the best perverted stories ever..

    1. HAIL LUST … “Pleasure has no boundaries” … thank you Ray for your encouragement… XP

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