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Feature Title: BLESS ME, FATHER 11

Published: 29.07.1996 / Nifty

Story Codes: Blasphemy, Religious Fetish, Bisex

Bless Me, Father 11

Over the next few weeks, the best Father Nate could manage was getting together with the two nuns or two or three of the kids at any one time in his office after school or confessions.

Twice Sisters Marie and Rosa spent over an hour with him, with one of them  fucking him with the strap-on while he pounded his cock and cum into the other. While recovering, he watched them fuck each other with the toy. The two nuns were particularly frustrated, however, since they had no place to go with any of the boys or girls and were thus limited to whatever sucking and fingering they could secretly manage to get away with in the convent late at night or occasionally with a one or two boys or girls in Father Nate’s office.

Of course, Claudia was his most regular visitor, sometimes alone and often with one or two of the other kids, usually for short periods of time after school. Alma even stopped by one afternoon by herself. The short twelve year old sucked him to one quick orgasm then rode his cock for a good twenty minutes before his second load of cum gushed into her tight cunt. In between, she had at least three orgasm on his fingers, tongue and cock, including a small squirt with the second. She was especially proud of herself for that and could hardly wait to tell Sister Rosa the lessons finally paid off.

Still, the problem persisted…they simply could not figure out a time and place where the priest, two nuns, three boys and and four girls could meet for the all out orgy they all so wanted.


Father Nate looked up at the knock on his door shortly before lunch in the middle of the week. He wasn’t expecting anyone at that hour and doubted Claudia and Isabella managed to get away for their planned afternoon rendezvous with school still in session for the day. He was even more surprised when his superior, Father Lester, walked in and strode to the front of his desk, looking very agitated.

I have to leave right now and catch a plane back east,” the older priest began without preamble. ‟I just got an urgent call from my sister. She told me our rather frail eighty-seven year old mother has taken seriously ill.”

I’m so sorry, Father,” Father Nate responded, getting to his feet and walking around to the front of his desk. ‟What can I do to help?”

Call the airlines and see what flight I might catch tonight that gets me to Providence as soon as possible,” Father Lester replied, looking slightly relieved to get some help. ‟Then let the bishop know what happened and have him arrange for someone to get our car where I leave it at the airport and bring it back here. I’ll call you when I get to the airport in about four hours for the flight details.”

Just go, I’ll take care of everything,” Father Nate told the older priest. ‟I’ll get you on a plane and have someone meet you when you get to the airport for the car and with the details of your flights. I’ll pray for your mother and have all the nuns and students do the same.”

He walked out to the car with Father Lester and watched him drive away. He immediately returned to his office, and after a few phone calls, had some red eye flights booked that would get the older priest to Providence early the next morning.

With that taken care of, he made one more call…not to the bishop’s office but to his long time friend, Father Russ. He explained the situation to Father Russ who readily agreed to meet Father Lester at the airport and collect the car. He’d take it back to the diocesan office, so the bishop could figure out how to return it. Father Nate strongly suggested Father Russ volunteer, not only to return the car, but also to temporarily serve as a visiting pastor during Father Lester’s absence.

He sat back in his chair after hanging up the phone, his cock throbbing in his pants. He was going to have the rectory completely to himself during the time Father Lester was gone or possibly share it with Father Russ, which was even better. His mind raced considering the possibilities and without consciously deciding, took his cock out of his pants and jerked off at his desk before walking over to the school to tell Sister Barbara and the other nuns what was going on.


One moment,” Sister Barbara called out when he knocked at her office door, speaking again about thirty seconds later. ‟Come.”

Father Nate opened the door, immediately noticing the slight flush and sheen of sweat on Sister Barbara’s face. She rose to greet him then offered him a chair when she returned to her seat.

What can I do for you, Father?” she asked with a smile that didn’t reach her eyes.

I wanted you to know that Father Lester was suddenly called away this morning due to a family emergency,” he explained, noticing the way she squirmed slightly in her chair, ‟apparently his mother has taken quite ill. I have no idea how long he may be gone.”

I’m so sorry to hear that,” the older nun responded, again shifting slightly in her chair. ‟The other nuns and I will pray for her and I’ll make an announcement at the end of the school day so the students and their families can do so as well.”

Father Nate thanked her and they continued talking for a few more minutes. He was about to take his leave when he saw the toes and part of the bare sole of a tiny foot slide partially out from underneath the front of the nun’s desk.

Sister Barbara squirmed again and her face flushed a little. Father Nate kept from grinning, realizing a small child, a little girl no doubt, was under the nun’s desk and perhaps even between her legs beneath her habit as well. Judging from the size of the foot, he figured the girl was either very little or very young indeed…most likely both.

Without Sister Barbara being able to see, he extended his leg slightly and touched the bare sole of the little girl’s foot with the toe of his shoe. Two things happened immediately. The girl’s foot disappeared back under the desk and Sister Barbara literally jumped in her seat with a look of shock on her face.

Are you alright, Sister?” he asked, barely able to contain a laugh.

Oh…ah…oh yes, Father,” the nun mumbled, again shifting around without standing, ‟just a…um…cramp…in my leg.”

He was sorely tempted to just continue sitting there and see what the nun might do. He had no doubt right then and there the gossip he heard from Sisters Marie and Rosa about Sister Barbara’s penchant for little girls was quite true. He apparently interrupted them with his unexpected visit and his cock twitched, envisioning that little girl licking and fingering the nun’s cunt even while he and she talked.

After a few more moments, he got to his feet and excused himself. His cock twitched again, seeing a crumpled up threadbare pair of little girl panties imprinted with lions and tigers and bears in a corner behind the door, the kind most girls stopped wearing by the time they were six or seven. He knew for sure then the little girl under the desk, and presumably the skirt of Sister Barbara’s habit as well, was naked. His cock hardened as he walked, picturing the girl with a flat chest and smooth protruding mons split by a dark gash, on her knees under the nun’s skirt with her face buried in Sister Barbara’s undoubtedly hairy pussy.

Back in his office, he called Father Russ again to get an update. The situation was resolving itself far more satisfactorily than he could have possibly hoped. Father Russ approached the bishop about what happened with Father Lester knowing the bishop was a busy man and wasn’t much interested in being burdened with minor problems.

So Father Russ presented the bishop with a complete plan of action. He would meet Father Lester at the airport and retrieve the car. He then volunteered to return the car to Father Nate and stay with him as long as necessary until Father Lester’s return. Apparently, the bishop thought about the plan for a few seconds, told Father Russ to proceed and went on to other things, putting the entire matter out of his mind.

After wrapping up a few things for his job at the diocesan office, Father Russ told Father Nate he would be there by noon on the coming Friday. Father Nate was ecstatic and told Father Russ he had a lot of things to share with him when he arrived…hinting broadly there was much more going on beyond the sexual escapades with Claudia and Sister Marie that Father Russ already knew about.

He barely hung up the phone when Claudia burst into his office without bothering to knock. She was breathing heavily and her face was flushed, obvious signs she ran all the way from the school to his office.

Is it true?” she asked, before coming to a stop, still breathing raggedly.

What’s that?” he replied with a question, knowingly teasing her.

You know what…that Father Lester left,” Claudia said in exasperation, standing with her arms akimbo glaring at him.

He didn’t exactly leave,” Father Nate responded, grinning brightly, ‟he went to be with his very ill mother back East and will be coming back sometime soon no doubt.”

You know what I mean…he’s gone now,” Claudia continued, her annoyance at his teasing growing more evident, ‟and that means you will be alone in the rectory…all alone.”

Well, yes…and…so?” he told her, grinning broadly while waiting for her to take the next step.

You are being deliberately dense, aren’t you?” she practically screamed at him in frustration, before regaining her composure, smiling wickedly and cupping both her tits over her school uniform blouse. ‟I’ll come over after dinner. I expect you to fuck me on a proper bed…as many times as you can get hard.”

With that, she turned on her heel and walked from his office, stopping long enough to raise up the back of her skirt to show him she wasn’t wearing any panties under her school uniform. He just stared at the space she vacated, gently squeezing his cock through his trousers until he was rock hard in anticipation of fucking the fourteen year old girl on his own bed. He was just starting to unzip his pants to quickly jerk off when Sister Rosa stuck her head in the door.

Got a minute?” she smiled, closing the door behind herself and walking directly up to him where he was sitting behind the desk.

For a moment she didn’t say anything, just grinning down at the noticeable bulge in his pants. Then she sat on the desk facing him and pulled her skirt up around her waist, exposing her hairy pussy without any panties either as usual.

Good afternoon, Sister,” he grinned at her, deliberately brushing his hand over his throbbing cock with his eyes flitting from her face to her gaping cunt. ‟You are looking particularly…um…delectable today. Is there something in particular I can do for you?”

Well, Father, it just so happens there are a couple of things I would like you to do,” she told him huskily, ‟starting with telling me when Sister Marie and I can come over to the rectory and finishing by sucking my clit and fingering my cunt until I soak your face right here and now.”

I suppose when you can come over there is dependent on your schedules and ability to get away from the convent and Sister Barbara. I will be there all by my lonesome except when Claudia visits tonight,” he chuckled, slowly wheeling his chair forward, stopping between her thighs with his chin resting in her thick pussy hair. ‟While you’re at it, you and Sister Marie can also get together with Claudia and figure out when and how we’ll get all the other boys and girls to join us too sometime in the next few days while we have this chance.”

With that, he reached out and spread her pussy lips with both hands, the scent of her sex filling his nose. Sister Rosa moaned lowly and leaned back on her hands, pushing her ass to the edge of the desk to give him easier access to her cunt and asshole. When her inch long clit popped out from beneath its hood, he took it in his lips while easily sliding three fingers into her already dripping cunt.

The nun was so aroused she started quivering almost as soon as he pressed three fingertips against her swelling g-spot hard. A moment later, she muffled a shriek with the back of her right hand as her pussy juices washed over his face. For the next minute or so she groaned and thrashed with a second orgasm rippling through her body.

After settling back to recover for a moment, Sister Rosa sat upright, grinned at him wickedly and pushed him and his chair backwards with her foot on his chest. As soon as there was room, she hopped off the desk and dropped to her knees between his legs.

So tell me about all the fun we…me and Sister Marie and Claudia and all those other horny boys and girls… are going to have with you…all alone in the rectory,” she murmured huskily while fumbling with his belt and zipper, ‟and I’ll suck you until you explode in my mouth and throat while you do.”

For the next few minutes he recited an increasingly lewd and perverse list of acts he imagined performing on and with the nuns, the boys and the girls…as well as those things he wanted them to do to him. Sister Rosa managed to swallow almost all of his cum when it erupted in her mouth before leaving the office, letting a few drops of his sperm visibly dry on the bib of her habit, to tease Sister Marie she told him with a laugh.


Father Nate dressed in just a loose fitting robe after eating dinner, figuring he may as well be ready to get naked quickly when Claudia arrived. His cock sprang to attention the moment he heard her knock on the door. She stood alone on the porch, a little to his surprise since he thought she might bring Isabella and even Eduardo with her, and grinned lecherously when he opened the door.

Please, come in,” he told the fourteen year old girl, stepping behind the door and letting the robe fall open to reveal his rock hard dick.

As soon as he pushed the door closed, she threw her arms around his neck, pulling him down for a tongue lashing kiss. His hands fell to her taut ass and she ground her pussy against his throbbing dick before stepping back and, while swaying her hips, slowly and seductively stripped off her cut off top and skin tight shorts.

Take me to your bed, Father,” she cooed huskily, pinching her nipples until they stood straight out on her tits, ‟fuck me…hard…and fast…and deep…make me scream…over and over and over…as you fill my cunt…and mouth…with your warm…creamy…sperm…then…then make…love to me…slowly…sensually…fill me again…and again…and again.”

Father Nate shrugged the robe off his shoulders, letting it fall to the floor as he spent a moment admiring Claudia’s erect nipples topping her lemon sized tits and the thin thatch of pussy hair above her mons. He stepped closer to the teen, sweeping her into his arms to carry her toward the back of the house and his own room…and bed.

Claudia wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing, and stabbing her tongue into, his right ear as he carried her. She didn’t even notice any details of his bedroom, keeping her eyes locked on his as he gently put her down on her back then climbed up to lay next to her. For the next few moments, they kissed and groped each other, their passion building to a boiling point.

Then slowly he started licking his way down her body, stopping to lick and suck and lightly bite each of her stiff dark brown nipples and thrust his tongue into her belly button before pushing her legs apart to hover over her pussy. He kept his eyes on hers as he slowly dragged his tongue through her dripping pussy slit, savoring the musky flavor and aroma of her sex.

Oh god…Father…please…oh please…fuck me…fuck me…fuck me now,” the fourteen year old pleaded, writhing on his face with his tongue probing the entry to her cunt and a finger swirling around her tight asshole.

Instead, he sucked her clit into his mouth and gently shoved two fingers into her cunt canal. He found her rough spongy g-spot in just seconds, pressing his fingertips into that sensitive organ hard, the way he knew she craved.

Claudia’s first orgasm exploded in his face, soaking him with her pussy juices as she writhed and shrieked. With one of her thrusts toward him, his finger slipped into her asshole. He kept pushing it deeper until he was able to massage her g-spot through both her asshole and her cunt canal at the same time.

As one climax after another wracked her body, Claudia’s back arched and her face turned bright red. She screamed and squirted again before collapsing back on the bed. Father Nate kept his fingers inside her cunt as he moved up to give her a tender kiss.

She wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer for another tongue lashing kiss. With his thumb caressing her engorged clit, Claudia stiffened again with another climax, or perhaps just the continuation of the last, rippling through her body. She took a moment to regain her breath then pushed him on to his back and straddled his hips.

Now, Father…please…please…fuck me…now,” she begged, rubbing the head of his cock back and forth in her dripping pussy slit before guiding the throbbing shaft into her cunt.’”I need your cock inside me…cumming in me…filling me…right now.”

She rode him frantically, another orgasm building in her cunt when his first spurts of cum erupted inside her. He thrust wildly until he was totally spent, his dick softening inside her.

We’re just getting started,” she murmured into his mouth before ramming her tongue in again for a moment, then flipped herself around with her dripping pussy inches from his face.

He looked up to see his own cum mixed with the teenager’s pussy juices dribbling to his face. He opened his mouth and put his hands on her ass, pulling her down, his tongue sliding into her cunt entry and his nose into her asshole. Claudia took his cock into her mouth and squeezed his balls gently with one hand and stretched his asshole with two fingers of the other, punching against his swelling prostate.

When she got him hard enough to slide into her cunt again, Claudia rolled off him on to her back with her legs spread wide. He pushed her legs up from behind her knees and ever so slowly pressed his cock into her cunt. Claudia grinned up at him and began rubbing her clit as he pumped her.

Oh yeah…just like that…slow…and…deep…,” she moaned, his cock making sloppy squishy sounds with each thrust into her cunt, with his balls slapping against her ass.

Having just cum in her, Father Nate was able to keep going for a good fifteen minutes. Claudia climaxed twice again on his cock before clamping her canal around his dick and sucking yet another three spurts of cum deep inside her.

By then they were both pretty much spent. They went to the kitchen for some cold drinks and stood around naked talking for a few minutes. Claudia got very excited when he told her Father Russ was coming for an indefinite stay starting on Friday afternoon.

She immediately began plotting how she could get the nuns and other kids together at the same time now that they had a place. While he was somewhat concerned about attracting attention, she assured him it would be easy to get the kids there without anyone taking notice. She had to see what the nuns needed to do to make things work for them, assuring him the two nuns were so horny and ready they would make it happen.

By the time they finished talking, it was almost time for Claudia to leave. She took his cock in her hand and stroked him slowly until he was again hard. She bent over and spread her legs so he could fuck her one more time from behind as she draped herself over the kitchen counter.

They found her clothes near the front door and, after she dressed, she gave him a final passionate kiss. She assured him she would have a definite plan and time for all of them to get together by Friday afternoon. He watched her walk into the darkness with his limp cum and pussy juice coated cock twitching slightly in anticipation.


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