Wildfires of Hell – Non-Fiction

Writer: Mary M Rylee

Subject: Dirty Wildfires of Hell

Link: LS666 / 23.02.2021 / In response to Dirty Serenity 

Wildfires of Hell

May God be damned to Hell as are all who have read this story now damned and their reading tastes and sexual desires May God serve Satan on earth as in Hell as this story serves Satan and with Him, OURSELVES, for WE ARE SATAN NOW as well.

The Marquis de Sade himself has helped to edit this story as those of us who know His writings can see. We encourage all who have read this story hurry to obtain De Sade’s works and read them as well. They are readily available now on the ‘net. Buy them and be nourished in Satan. Many sexual taboos and hungers are being fed here and now.

Feed yourselves, realize your true desires and be satiated as you feed. Especially you priests, ministers, nuns and the young and hungry you may be called to teach are given to you for their care and sexual education. The School of Satan is open wide (as are the gates of Hell) aka the loins of the teachers of Satan’s ministry.

Gather the young to yourselves, especially your own and let brothers and sisters, mothers and their offspring, fathers and theirs also and prepare, as Satan teaches us to witness, through the Legions of unholy but powerful sexual liaisons enable these incestuous couplings to produce the children of our True Father and mothers of Satan’s children.

May the increasing abundance of celebrations of the Black Mass, the Messe Noir, and all other rites worshiping Satan help to educate, nourish and satiate us all, the truly enlightened and thankful followers of Our Father who art in Hell. Let your minds embellish* these seductions, fornication, perversions and sodomy of incest and desecration, blasphemies and profanities forever.

Write your own “Bonfire of the Vanities” or perhaps we should call them, “Wildfires of Hell” as you seek to share your feelings with ours, your friends and neighbors; ask your enemies to be your friends, too as we have seen done already in the world’s political arenas. *e.g. embellish the desecration by wiping the consecrated wafers through our anuses, cunni and phalli.

Let our turds be divided by those same wafers (to be used in Satanic cum-unions and the our urine in those golden chalices we have repurposed by melting them down to finance our enterprises and let be replaced by the pewter and silver chalices of Satan and the bladders of our brothers and sisters as they wash those wafers down our throats with their golden nectar of lust!

Smile as you invoke the names of Satan which lubricate our minds, bodies and our souls. We are now ONE, WE ARE LEGION, WE ARE SATAN! UIOGS

5 thoughts on “Wildfires of Hell – Non-Fiction”

  1. Hail Mary!

    Every time Tanya and I get caught up in the everyday fucking motions, we’re drawn to something reaffirming our faith in our Father Satan.

    Thanks for your thoughts, they assure us that we’ve been chosen for our journey on the true path of fucking freedom and service to our Dark Lord; thanks Mary, Hail Satan.

  2. Hail lilith
    Hail satan
    Hail the dark master god satan and the demons of satan
    Hail sexual perversions of every kind
    Hail the wicked who prey upon the young
    Hail the young that offers there yung souls to the master satan
    Hail all who worship the dark master god satan
    Hail k9 cock and pussy for us to enjoy over and over again, the beasts that satan gave us to pleasure ourselves with

    Wickr hccp

    1. Hail George — “May our desires be unbridled, and our wishes enormous” … my dream every night

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