Feature Writer: amandablonde

Feature Title: Dirty Serenity

Published: 01.11.2020 / RAVISHU FORUMS

Story Codes: Demonic, Evil, Young, Snuff

Synopsis: Abby had everything in life it was possible to achieve. She was incredibly beautiful, and wealthy beyond the wildest dreams. She had a pretty little six year old daughter called Eve, and everything else she could ever want to make life perfect. But Abby was greedy. Her husband John was away a lot and Abby met up with a man named Randy at a club. It turned out that Randy was a porn producer and Abby found it exciting to meet him secretly and have wild sex while watching porn. This proved to be Abby’s undoing. While her husband John was a billionaire and provided lavishly for all Abby’s needs, she had signed a prenup agreement that left her with nothing if she committed adultery. Abby foolishly let this slip in conversation with Randy. Now Randy had a potent weapon. He threatens to tell John about their affair unless Abby does what he wants. And what Randy wants is Eve: to corrupt, pervert, molest and rape, all with Abby’s participation, whether willing or unwilling. Terrified of poverty Abby gives in to the blackmail. She even uses a large sum of her million dollar a month allowance to financially support the project. And so poor Abby is swept up into a depraved vortex of sex, pornography and violence. There will be an expected twist at the end. You have been warned!

Disclaimer: The characters and events depicted in this work are fictional. The author does not condone or promote any unlawful activity such as is depicted in the story. By continuing to read this work you acknowledge that you are an adult who wishes to read works of fantasy and fiction for the purpose only of fantasy.

Dirty Serenity

A Dirty Beginning

Abby kissed her daughter Eve good night and left her in the care of her nanny. Her billionaire husband John was away yet again and Abby was bored and horny. She went to her bedroom and found a sexy figure hugging dress. She put it on and admired herself in the mirror. Yes, she sure did look great. So many men would want to fuck her, but she was meant to stay loyal to John. Well fuck that! Abby was up for some fun. Abby went downstairs to the garage. She waived away the chauffeur, “Not tonight Henry. I will drive myself in the Maserati.” She stepped inside the gleaming red sports car as the roller door opened and roared away into the night.

Abby was headed downtown, to an exclusive sex club she had been told about. Called The Babylon Club, it was a place where the wealthy and corrupt of the city could gather to work off a little steam and work up a little sweat. The club was located on the top two floors of the Moralto Building, a new development downtown. Arriving at the building, Abby showed the pass she had been given and was waived through to the car park. There a valet took and parked her car and a burly security guard escorted her to the top floor.

The elevator doors opened directly into the club. It was amazing. Decorated like an ancient palace in a lavish style, the club was full of well dressed men and attractive women. There were bars on each side of the floor and in between was a dance floor and a series of podiums where young women and girls were stripping and pole dancing. Abby could see several young girls lap dancing on men in corners. The girls were completely naked. They were of varying ages but none looked older than 18 and some looked a lot younger than that. Abby’s sharp eyes took in the scene in moments as the host of the club approached. Abby showed her pass. He smiled a gleaming smile and made a short bow: “Ah Mrs Kent. We have been expecting you. Welcome! Please make yourself comfortable wherever you choose. The drinks are all complimentary. We will have live sex shows on the podiums beginning at midnight. We have private rooms downstairs should you choose to use them. Please make yourself at home.”

Abby felt a flush of excitement as she strolled around the floor, looking at the strippers, the pole dancers and the lap dancers. She smiled warmly at each man who caught her eye and made her way to one of the bars. She sat on a bar stool and ordered an expresso martini. She turned her back on the bar and faced inwards so she could watch the dancers, both on the podiums and on the dance floor. As the strippers did their stuff men were stuffing banknotes into their garters. The pole dancers were completely nude and patrons tossed money onto the podiums they performed on. The lap dancers were particularly hot. Abby was captivated by the youngest of them as she sipped her drink. She was still a child, no more than twelve. Clearly the normal rules did not apply in this place. Abby smiled to herself. She liked that idea, breaking the rules.

Abby became aware of the presence of a man next to her. He was fronting the bar to get a drink and Abby turned to look at him. He was well built, handsome and in his late thirties. Abby smiled at him and he nodded in return.

“Hi, I’m James.” “I’m Abby. Hi James.” “Your first time?” Abby nodded. “Are you here alone?” Abby nodded again. “Well, what do you think of it so far?”

“I think it’s just fabulous!” enthused Abby, impersonating Marilyn Monroe. James laughed. “That’s cool. The place will liven up a lot when the live sex show starts in just a few minutes.”

Abby smiled again. “Well, I am sure I can hardly wait to see that!”

“Would you care for a dance beforehand?”


Abby took James’ hand as he led her out onto the dance floor. They began a dance to a slow, seductive tune. Pretty soon James moved in close, and Abby could feel his hard cock pressing into her lower abdomen. She did not pull away, but swayed slightly, caressing his cock with her body. James nuzzled her neck. Abby made no complaint. He pressed himself against her harder. She responded in kind. James then whispered in her ear: “I saw you watching that kid lap dancer. Most of them are under age. Does that trouble you?

“No” responded Abby softly. “Its nasty and exciting. I like that.”

“That’s good” continued James “because the majority of the people here are pedophiles. The come to get turned on by naked girls and to fuck them downstairs.”

“MMMMMM” murmured Abby, pressing her hips into James. “That excites me James”.

James was confident now to continue. “Actually there is more to it than that. Many men bring wives, girlfriends and mistresses here to watch child porn downstairs as they fuck. Especially child rape movies, including snuff. Its secure as they don’t ever possess it so they can’t be prosecuted. Not that there is any risk of that anyway. There is the police chief over there in the corner.” Amanda turned her head. In a dark corner a man sat on a couch while a girl child knelt between his legs sucking on his cock. The lighting was set very low in that corner and she had not noticed the man before. “Wow!” said Abby. She added with sincerity: “I am cool with all of this James. I came here to have fun. I am open to anything and everything I promise. No judgements and no regrets!” In response James put both his hands on Abby’s ass and ground his cock against her.

“You feel like some of that Abby?”

“Yes please”

“Would you like to watch a pre-teen getting gang raped and snuffed while we fuck and suck?”

“Oh fuck … yes please”

“Want to know something else?”

“Uh huh”

“I supply all the porn shown here and I part own the club”

“Awesome James. I like that. You must be a really bad man!”

“I am truly evil Abby, but a great fuck!”

“MMMMMMM when can we do it?”

“Lets watch some of the live sex first and then go downstairs when you are ready.”


They were interrupted by an announcement that the live sex show was about to begin. A side door opened and six burly men strode out, completely naked.

James and Abby took a seat right in front of the stage, where three mattresses had been lain on the floor. James whispered to Abby: “These guys are all registered sex offenders. For them this is a dream job!” James placed his hand on Abby’s thigh and began to caress it.

The men were followed by three young girls, each aged in their early teens. James whispered that they were all highly skilled child prostitutes. The crowd were mostly seated now and applauded. James continued to caress Abby’s thigh, moving his hand slowly upward. Abby’s split dress made it easy for him. She made it easier still by spreading her legs a little, showing him her black panties.

The show was about to begin!


A Dirty Show Leads to Dirty Sex

As James continued to feel up Abby’s thigh, edging towards her soaking panties, the men and girls on stage took up position and bowed to the audience. One man hoisted a girl upside down, and placed his mouth on her crotch, driving his tongue into her bald pink puffy pussy as she took his huge hard cock in her mouth.

A second girl went down on her hands and knees and raised her ass up high, placing her face on the mattress. A man covered in tattoos drove his cock hard into the girl from behind, to warm applause from the audience.

James’s hand reached Abby’s panties which were dripping wet. He rubbed his fingers over her labia mound. She was breathing heavily now.

“Enjoying the show Abby?”

“Uh huh. Please don’t stop!” Abby spread her legs wider for him. James’ finger slipped inside her panties and began to caress her clit.

The remaining girl on stage was manacled to rings on the stage with hand cuffs on her wrists and ankles. She lay spreadeagled on her back as the four remaining men began a simulated rape, which brought enthusiastic applause.

James whispered to Abby as he rubbed her clit that these four men were all child sex offenders and he had used them and the girl, a tween, in many of his movies. Abby was moaning softly now, her hips moving in a forward and back motion as James expertly masturbated her.

After several more minutes watching the sex show, Abby was like a loaded gun. “Take me downstairs … please … fuck me hard James … please …”

James nodded assent. They stood and he led Abby by the hand to a stairway down to the lower level. At the bottom of the stairs they met an attendant. “The Red Room” James said simply. The attendant nodded and pushed a button on a console, unlocking one of the rooms. James opened the door and led Abby inside. It clicked shut behind them. Now they had privacy.

The room was decorated in red. The bedspread was also red. James pushed Abby down onto the bed and told her to look around her. Abby did so and saw that each wall and the ceiling held a huge flat screen. James activated the screens with a remote and they sprang to life. A movie began depicting the violent gang rape of a child. Each screen showed the same images so that wherever she looked Abby was confronted with the same images and sounds.

“Watch it” said James simply. Abby did so. She was ultra aroused and the images and sounds of the gang rape of the child added to her arousal. She lay on her back, her hips moving and her hands caressing her body as she watched the rape on the screen above her head. James slowly stripped and lay down naked beside her. He took off her stiletto shoes and lifted up her split black dress, giving access to her black panties. Slowly James pulled down the panties as Abby squirmed on the bed in lust, mouthing softly: “Rape her, yes yes rape her. Rape the child!”

James removed Abby’s panties and then went down on her, sucking on her clit and pushing his tongue into her creaming vagina. Abby moaned in pleasure, her eyes feasting on the rape of the child above her head and on every wall. Her hips took on a life of their own, thrusting up to meet James’ tongue.

“YES YES OH FUCK YES!” moaned Abby.

Abby came in a rush, a tidal wave of pleasure coursing through her body. She shuddered and shook for several minutes before it subsided.

“Good girl!” said James. “Now it’s my turn!”

In one fluid motion James put his left hand under the neckline of Abby’s gown and ripped it from her body. She gasped in surprise but made no complaint. James repeated the process with her bra. Now Abby lay naked, her panties already gone. The room was full of the screams of the child as the gang rape reached a higher pitch of intensity.

“So you like rape?” It was not really a question.

“Uh huh,” Abby nodded.

“You like child rape?” This was a question.

“Uh huh,” Abby nodded again.

“Good girl. So watch the child being raped while I fuck you.”

With that James drove his throbbing cock hard into Abby’s slick pussy. She moaned in delight and pushed back against him. Her eyes feasted on the child rape above her head and on every side. James pounded into her as if he was raping her. He fucked her fiercely and savagely. Abby loved every moment of it. She called out in her lust: “RAPE ME JAMES!!! RAPE ME JUST LIKE THAT LITTLE GIRL!!!! OH FUCK YES!! YES!! YES!!!!”

James came in a rush, his cum spurting deeply inside Abby. She came a second time bucking back against James. Her vaginal muscles spasmed, milking James’ cock of all of his cum.

After that they took things more easily. They chatted about child pornography as they caressed each other and sucked and fucked each other again and again. One child rape movie blended into another in an endless loop. They spent all night in that room and by the end of it Abby was convinced she was in love with James.

“I want to see you again.” said Abby as she slipped into a new dress that an attendant had brought to the room.

“Sure” said James. “I am here most nights.”

James asked “I am single. Are you married?”

“Yes. To John Kent”

James whistled softly. “Wow. A rich bitch!”

“Yes, I can buy whatever I want. Can I buy you?”

“No. But you can leave John for me if you want.”

“I can’t. It’s my prenup. I loose everything if I cheat on him.”

“Interesting. Isn’t that what we have been doing?”

“Sure but this is a secret right?”

James made no reply but instead buzzed for Abby to be escorted back to her car.

“Come back here and see me again here when you are ready. I will be here.”


It was with mixed feelings that Abby drove home in the pre dawn. She slipped quietly into the house and tip toed upstairs. She checked in on Eve in her bedroom. The child slept peacefully. As Abby watched her daughter the images of child rape that she had been watching all night sprang unbidden into her mind. She pushed the thoughts down and softly closed the door.

Abby crept to her own bedroom and slipped into bed. She slept until midday the following day.

When she rose she saw that there was a message on her phone from James. How the fuck did he get her number? She must have given it to him. Abby read the message: “Hi Abby. I had a great time last night. I hope you did as well. We are doing a live child rape show on Saturday night. Want to come?”

Abby responded with one word, “Yes.”


A Dirty Assignation

John returned home on Friday. Abby played the affectionate wife. They had sex on Friday night but it was perfunctory. There was little satisfaction in it for Abby. Abby could not stop thinking about James. On Saturday morning Abby mentioned casually to John that she would need to go out that evening to visit an old friend who was experiencing difficulties. “I may be quite late,” Abby confided. “Don’t wait up for me John”.

“Oh really, who are you visiting?”

Abby’s mind raced. She blurted out the first name she thought of: “Sonya Carlson”

“Really? I thought you hated her?”

“Well, we have had our differences but she is in big trouble now and she needs my support”

“What kind of trouble?”

“I can’t tell you John. It is deeply personal for her and I promised to keep the confidence. I am sorry John.”

John shrugged. “Well I guess its OK if you feel you need to spend time for her, but could you be impacted by the trouble?”

“Oh no absolutely not John I promise. I always take care to keep myself safe.”

And so it was done. The lie gave Abby freedom that night.

Abby dressed simply so as not to arouse suspicion and took the Toyota for the drive downtown. She showed her pass once again to enter the club. It was after 11pm when Abby, now slightly tipsy, saw James arrive.

“You are rather late.”

“Sorry, Abby, but there were late arrangements to make for the midnight show. We had to find and kidnap the right girl. She is being held downstairs. The fun begins at midnight. You are going to love it I am sure.”

Abby smiled and kissed James. “I am sure I will. You are such an imaginative man. I adore you.”

Shortly before midnight the manager of the club made an announcement to the crowded room. He advised that the midnight show would feature the gang rape of a child and that the audience would be invited to participate. All the guests were asked to disrobe before the girl was brought in and placed on the stage. There would be no performers this night. Just the girl and the club patrons. A buzz of excitement went round the room as the people all began to strip. Abby and James did likewise. The manager advised that the patrons could do anything they pleased to the girl. There would be no limitations and no restraints. Patrons were invited to indulge in a mass orgy with each other at the same time as the rape for maximum pleasure.

James squeezed Abby’s hand after they had stripped naked. “You look great! Are you excited? I sure am!”

Abby nodded and smiled: “Yes I am. I am loving this James!”

As the time reached midnight the manager rang a large hand bell and shouted: “Bring in the girl!”

A door at the back of the room opened and two security guards dragged a struggling girl towards the stage. She was screaming and crying and begging for release. The crowd of patrons roared with delight. The girl looked about twelve and was dressed in sneakers, jeans and a tank top. The manager announced that the girl had been kidnapped off the street and was still feisty. The girl lashed out with her legs, trying to kick the guards as they dragged her onto the stage.

The manager called for two female volunteers to hold the girl while others stripped her. A blonde on the other side of the stage raised her hand: “I would like to volunteer please!”

James raised his hand and pointed at Abby. “We have a second volunteer right here!” Abby looked a little taken aback but joined the guards on stage. The two women took the child from the guards and held her arms tightly. There was a rush of men and women onto the stage then and they began to tear at the girl’s clothing and maul her body. She screamed in helpless rage and fear as her sneakers and sox were pulled off, her jeans unbuttoned and pulled down her legs and her tank top ripped open and away from her body. Hands tore at her pure white panties and pulled them away. Hands then mauled the girl’s pink bald cunt and chest, as a growl of lust rippled round the room.

James had his phone out and was filming the action.

Now the girl was naked other women joined Abby and the blonde and pulled her down onto a mattress lain on the ground. They held her spreadeagled as men crowded in, stroking their cocks ready for action. One plunged his cock into the girl’s mouth as she screamed. Two women held the girl’s mouth open to prevent her biting him. Another man lined up the girl’s cunt and began to force his cock insider her. She thrashed and wailed as the rape began to gather momentum.

James continued to film, focusing particularly on Abby, still holding the girl’s arm and watching the rape up close. Abby was on all fours and a man approached her from behind. He mounted Abby and began to fuck her doggy style. Abby made no complaint. She pushed back against the man, clearly enjoying both the rape and her own fucking.

A wild orgy had begun. Men and women all around the room were sucking and fucking and Abby was at the center of it. After six men and fucked Abby James passed his phone to one of the guards and told him to keep filming Abby. Then he pulled her from the center of the rape melee and told her to suck him off. Abby gleefully complied.

“That’s right baby. Suck me. Good girl” James encouraged her, smiling at the guard doing the filming. James then flipped Abby over and moved between her legs, driving his cock hard into her. Abby moaned and arched her back, forcing more and more of James’ cock deep into her pussy.

The rape continued for hours and the orgy even longer. The girl was eventually taken downstairs unconscious and Abby needed to take a shower, as she was covered in cum from many men. James seemed to have disappeared.

It was with mixed feelings that Abby finally drove home at around 3.00 AM and slipped quietly into her separate bedroom.


A Dirty Confrontation

It was mid morning before Abby got up and took her breakfast on the back patio. John found her there as he came out with his Sunday newspaper. “When did you get in last night? I did not hear you.”

“It was late, after midnight, but Sonya and I had a good long talk. I think she will be fine.”

“I hope so. You seem distracted by it all. Strangely so.”

“I am sorry John dear, I do believe you are right.”

At this moment Abby’s cell phone buzzed. She picked it up and looked at it. There was a message from James. Abby’s face flushed. There was a video enclosed with the message that just said “call me.”

Abby made sure her phone was muted and opened the video. To her horror she saw that it was of her at the club. It was over an hour long and showed her helping in the gang rape of the child and fucking and sucking, cum covered and clearly enjoying herself. Abby gasped in horror.

John looked up from his paper: “What is it darling?”

Abby’s mind raced: “… ah … um …. its Sonya. She is threatening to self harm. I must call her, excuse me.”

With that Abby fled the patio for the safety of her room, where she called James. He answered immediately:

“Morning sunshine.”

“What the fuck is that video on your phone? Why? Who took it? Take it down James right now!”

“Sorry babe I can’t do that”. James sounded like the evil computer in “2001”.

“Why the fuck not?”

“I believe it is called ‘leverage’ my dear Abby.”

“Are you blackmailing me?”

“Clever girl. Got it in one.”

“How much do you want? Name you price damn you!”

“Oh Abby Abby slow down. I don’t want your money. No no no!”

“Then what do you want?”

“I want your daughter Eve …” James let it sink in.

“You want Eve … why?”

“Why do you think? I want her for the club … to make kiddy porn and for her to perform, and probably for her to be fucked, and maybe gang raped by the patrons. That will do for a start …” There was a tone of malice in James’ words.

Abby was horrified. “My God NO JAMES NO! You can’t be serious! She is only six! Jesus Christ you animal NO!”

“Oh I am deadly serious Abby. You will bring Eve to the club next Saturday night. You will dress her and make her up like a child hooker. And you will watch and participate in whatever happens to her … understand?

“I am going to the cops. You can’t get away with this James!”

“I would not do that if I were you Abby. Unless you comply to the letter with my instructions the video goes to John, and you can forget your fortune. And don’t forget that the police chief is a founding member of the club. He belongs to me!”

Abby’s mind was spinning. She weighed up the options.

“James please I beg you … not Eve, that precious little child … please …”

“Don’t give me that Abby. You loved gang raping that child last night, and you got off on the child rape movies I showed you. You love that shit. Just like I do. Think of it as a natural progression.”

“I will need time to think this over James. It is a huge step for me. The betrayal of my daughter by her own mother. That is a huge thing to contemplate.”

“Abby you just need to decide what is more important to you: your money or your daughter. Let me know before Saturday.”

The line went dead.

Abby thought long and hard about the situation for the rest of the day. She could not go to the cops. She could not risk John seeing the video. James had her between a rock and a hard place that was for sure.

That night she took over from the nanny and bathed Eve herself. She played with the child in the bath, admiring her perfect young body. Once more the child rape images she has seen filled her mind. Abby dried off Eve and put her to bed, reading her a bedtime story. She kissed her daughter good night and turned off the light. Closing he door Abby stood silently in the hallway for some time. Then she pulled out her phone and sent a one word message to James: “OK”.

Abby walked brightly into John’s room. “Darling can I sleep with you tonight. I am feeling horny and I need sex.”

“But of course Abby dear.” John pulled back the covers.

Abby continued brightly as she slipped out of her clothes and crawled naked into bed with her husband, reaching for his cock.

“Oh by the way I had a call from Margot Hyams. Her daughter Alice wants Eve to sleep over at her place next Saturday night. I said ‘yes’. I hope that is OK with you?”

A half smile played across John’s face. “Well yes of course darling. Give me a blow job and I will agree to whatever you ask.”

Abby forced a laugh and went down on John’s cock. She was already thinking about next Saturday night.


Dirty Preparations

John left on yet another business trip early Monday morning. Abby lay naked under the covers of his abandoned bed, slowly rubbing her clit and thinking about her situation. She needed some release and transmitted the video James had sent her to the smart tv mounted on the wall. Watching herself hold the girl last Saturday night as she was stripped, molested and raped aroused her. So did the images of herself being surrounded by cocks and taking them all, cum progressively covering her face, hair and body. Abby watched the whole thing while she masturbated and then watched it again, bringing herself off a second time. She was a beautiful and adventurous woman, desired by every man who saw her. Sure she had a narcissistic streak but that was fully justified in Abby’s mind. Abby felt stronger and more grounded. The panic of yesterday had gone.

After breakfast Abby called James.

“James, can we negotiate this please?”

“What do you have in mind Abby?”

“I want you to promise that Eve will not be killed or seriously physically damaged. She is not like the sluts you kidnap off the street to rape and snuff. She is pure and innocent. And she is the daughter of a billionaire and me, and we are high status people. We should not be treated like trash.”

“Abby, I make no promises unless and until all my demands are met, but I will do something for you. I will help you prepare Eve for Saturday night.”

“What will that involve?”

“We are starting filming the movie today. Abby will be required after lunch on Saturday for her performance. I will send over a slut outfit for her today, as well as a virtual reality headset that she can wear to prepare herself for what to expect.”

“That would be a help thank you James.”

“You are going to train her Abby. Teach her to dance and strip in the outfit I am sending you. Make sure that she watches the porn on the headset I am sending you. Get rid of your servants for the week. I want no prying eyes while you train her. You are going to call me every day to report on her progress. You will send me a video clip from every night to prove that you are training her.”

“Anything else James?”

“Yes two things. This movie will be expensive. I need $300,000 in my bank account today to cover the high end expenses. I will text you my bank account details. And finally, I will be coming over to your place on Friday night to check that Eve is ready to perform. Got it?”

“Yes James I have got all of that. It will be done.” Abby’s voice was tight but firm.

“Good girl.”

“I hate you James.”

“I love you too Abby. Bye.”

Abby was resolved to do all that was required of her, in order to protect herself and hopefully Eve as well. As soon as James’ text arrived with his bank account details Abby wired through the money required. She gave all of her staff the week off and spent the morning playing with Eve.

After lunch a courier arrived with two packages. Abby collected and opened them. One was the VR headset and the other was a slut outfit for Eve to wear. There were a pair of tiny stiletto heels, fish net stockings, a suspender belt, a black leather micro mini skirt and a white shirt designed to be tied up to expose the midriff. The panties held Abby’s attention. They were white and beautifully embroidered with the words “Rape Slut” on the front. The middle of the panties had been cut out to leave the genitals exposed. Abby found herself running her fingers over the panties and imagining Eve wearing them.

Abby called Eve to her. The dark haired dark eyed little girl came running to her happily.

“Look honey, someone has sent you some lovely presents.” She put the headset aside, saying they would look at that later.

“Look at these lovely clothes baby. Shall we dress you up in them?”

“OOOOOOOOO yes please mommy!”

“Mommy is going to spend the whole week with you sweetheart. I am going to teach you to dance and we are going to have you watch some fun movies while mommy makes you feel nice, OK?”

“YAY,” squealed Eve in delight.

Abby took Eve by the hand into the lounge room and stripped her daughter, dressing her in the slut outfit. She made up Eve’s face in rouge and lipstick and then put on a strip tease video. She showed Eve how to bump and grind like the stripper in the video. Eve caught on quickly. Abby took out her smart phone and filmed clips of her daughter dancing. Then Abby showed Eve how to strip as she danced, again using the girl in the video for reinforcement of the lesson. Eve was a natural and soon stood naked and expectant before her mother. Abby filmed that also.

“Lets go look at some fun movies!” said Abby cheerily. She collected the VR headset and led her daughter to her bedroom. Abby lay Eve naked on the bed and put the headset over her head. Abby saw that she could direct the content also to another computer and connected up her tablet remotely so that she could see what Eve saw. Then Abby activated the headset.

The material on the headset was pure child pornography. It showed naked little girls at first, and then adults were introduced to pet and stroke the girls. Watching on Abby started stroking Eve’s baby clit just like the woman in the movie was doing to the girl.

“Does that feel nice baby?”

Eve nodded, “Yes mommy.”

“Good girl. Keep watching sweetie.”

The images gradually became more graphic. Images of men and women molesting tiny girls and then images of women teaching girls to suck off men. Then fucking was introduced, as first gentle and then more violent, gradually moving to full blown gang rape.

Abby went down on her daughter and begun to lick and suck on her baby pussy as she watched these more graphic images. Abby hoped that in this way Eve would not be frightened of the images but would associate them with the pleasure she was feeling. Abby had the presence of mind to set up her smart phone on a chest of drawers so that this was filmed as well. Soon Eve was softly moaning with pleasure and moving her hips as her mother tongued deeply into her cunny.

It had all gone extremely well. When Eve was in bed asleep that night Abby sent James the video clips of Eve dancing and stripping and the clip of Abby eating out her daughter as she watched child porn.

It was not long before James called her.

“You have done very well Abby. Good girl.”

“Thank you James. I am doing my best.”

“You deserve a reward Abby. Lay back on your bed naked and I will tell you a nasty child rape story. Masturbate as you listen to my voice. I want to hear you cum.”

“Uh hu,” said Abby. She was already naked and put the cell phone on broadcast next to her head so that she could masturbate with two hands.

James proceeded to tell Abby the most depraved, perverted and downright nasty child rape fantasy that he could think of. Soon Abby was moaning and thrusting up her hips as she masturbated. Her breath became ragged and in a few minutes Abby orgasmed, softly shrieking in pleasure.

“Good girl!” said James, pleased. We will talk again tomorrow night, and I will see you and Eve on Friday night.

“OK,” responded Abby dreamily as she drifted off into a deep sleep.


A Dirty Graduation

The days seemed to pass quickly. They were filled with dancing and stripping lessons and more and ore extreme child porn on the VR headset, which James updated remotely each day with new material. When she was not dancing or stripping, Abby left Eve naked except for her “Rape Slut” panties which Abby made Eve wear all the time. When Eve was watching child rape movies on the headset, Abby sucked and tongued the child through the hole in the panties, and also introduced a slim dildo and a vibrator. In this way Abby was slowly and carefully opening up her daughter to take the cocks that would shortly come her way, and increasing the pleasure and stimulation Eve received while watching graphic rape material.

John texted Abby that he would not be home the coming weekend, elected to go on a golfing weekend in Florida. That was a load off Abby’s mind, and left the way clear for James to come over on Friday. Against all her better judgement, Abby found herself looking forward to Friday. Each day she sent video clips to James showing Eve’s progress down the pathway to sexual corruption and perversion. Every night James told Abby a new child rape story as she masturbated in bed at the end of the day.

When Friday came Abby told Eve that a nice man was coming to visit and that he would like to watch her dance. Eve was excited. Eve was even more excited when Abby told her that the nice man might want to pet her like mommy had been doing.

James arrived at sunset, holding a bottle of champagne to celebrate Eve’s “graduation”. Abby smiled, feeling herself soften towards him. Gosh he was handsome, and indescribably wicked, which made him even more attractive. James passed a small bottle to Abby with the champagne and told her that they were tablets for Eve.

The went to the lounge room and Abby called Eve in, dressed in her slut outfit and made up heavily. Abby and James sat and started drinking their champagne, as Abby started the strip tease video and Eve danced to it, bumping and grinding like a trooper as she slowly stripped off her outfit. James smiled broadly and unzipped his pants, pulling out his erect cock. James stroked his cock openly as Eve danced. At the end of the dance Eve was naked, except for her Rape Slut open crotch panties, which she had left on as Abby had instructed her.

James applauded and beckoned Eve over to sit with them.

“Well done sweetie!” praised Abby.

“Yes very well done” agreed James, still stroking his cock as Eve sat between him and Abby on the couch. Abby offered her daughter a glass of champagne and slipped into the glass two tablets from the bottle James had given her. The first was a mild sedative and the second was a powerful aphrodisiac. Soon they took effect and Eve became tipsy and precocious.

Eve pointed at James’ cock.

“What is that mommy?”

“It’s a cock darling.”

“Make her touch it” instructed James.

Abby obediently took Eve’s left hand and placed it on James’ cock, telling Eve to stroke it. She did so and surprisingly well. The drugs were taking effect. James smiled and laid his head back on the couch with a sigh of pleasure.

“Make her suck it” continued James.

Abby lifted Eve off the couch and had her kneel between James’ legs. Abby took James’ cock in her hands and rubbed it over Eve’s lips, leaving a smear of red lipstick on his cock. At her mother’s direction, Eve opened her mouth and gingerly took James’ cock in it, sucking as instructed by Abby.

“Does it taste good sweetie?”

Eve nodded, her eyes glazed. James growled low in his throat and put his hands on the back of Eve’s head, forcing his cock into the child’s throat. Eve began to gurgle and struggle. Abby could see this was going all too quickly and she intervened.

“James darling lets take Eve to bed with us. We can have her watch rape porn and you can cum on her body, OK?”

James sighed and nodded OK. Even he could see it would not do to snuff or damage the child before Saturday.

They carried the drug affected child to Abby’s bedroom. Abby laid her spreadeagled on the bed, still wearing her crotchless panties, and fitted the VR headset on her, and started it up. Eve let out a squeal of pleasure at the gang rape movie began. Today’s movie had been the most extreme so far, featuring the gang rape of a girl Eve’s age by a huge group of twenty male and female sex offenders.

Abby played a feed from the headset onto the wall mounted screen in her bedroom so that she and James could watch the rape as well. As they stared at the screen, both their hands went to Eve’s crotch and together they masturbated the girl. She moaned and twisted under their fingers, obviously affected by the aphrodisiac.

James looked at Abby, his eyes aflame with perverted lust. “Hold her cunt lips open for me”.

Abby complied, herself wild with lust. She pulled apart Eve’s pussy lips so that James could rub his cock back and forth over the child’s moist pink inner pussy lips and clit. Abby closed her hands over James’ cock to form a tunnel of love for his cock to slide back and forth within. James came in a furious rush, shooting his load of cum all over Eve, who was bucking in desire under him.

Abby licked the cum off her daughter’s body as she continued to watch the gang rape. Then she went down on Eve, pleasuring her with her lips and tongue.

Later James fucked Abby hard and fast doggie style, Abby’s face pushed down into her pillow as Eve lay asleep beside them. James came again, and brought Abby to a stupendous orgasm of her own, her vagina pulsating with deviant desire.

James left them then, telling Abby that Eve had graduated to the role of rape slut for the movie and that she should bring her to the club at 1.00 PM, where they would do the filming on the lower level.

Abby nodded, knowing that she had no alternative and knowing also that she had prepared her daughter for the coming ordeal as best she could.

Abby could not sleep until she had masturbated. For maximum effect she put on the most extreme child rape movie she had and played it on the big screen facing her bed. Abby used a vibrator to bring herself off to a shuddering orgasm as she watched the movie. Only then, when she was completely spent, did Abby fall asleep.


A dirty Movie

Abby made sure that the servants would remain on leave for the weekend. On Saturday morning Abby sat for some time in front of her bedroom window, thinking of what Eve would have to suffer later that day. She was initially filled with dread but as she thought about the images of child rape that James had corrupted her with, she became aroused and even eager for the abuse to take place.

Late in the morning Abby dressed Eve in her rape slut outfit and just after midday she led Eve down to the Maserati, putting her in the passenger seat. Abby had dressed up in a slinky body hugging red gown, which was see through, showing off her breasts and waxed pussy. She slipped a coat over her dress just in case she was stopped on the way. It was however an uneventful drive to the club, and Abby gave the car keys to the valet and led Eve by the hand to the elevator, behind the burly security guard. In the elevator the guard raised his eyebrows as he looked at the mother and child. They certainly made a pretty picture together.

“Top floor ma’am?” inquired the guard.

Abby responded somewhat annoyed: “Were you not informed? We are going to where they are making the movie, on the floor below. I don’t know the floor number.”

“Level 66 ma’am. Yes I was informed but the elevator does not stop on that level unless I unlock it, and I am instructed to confirm the destination before I do so. I am sorry if I upset you ma’am but I must follow my instructions.”

Abby nodded her understanding. The guard inserted a key into a lock on the elevator control panel which activated level 66. The elevator rose swiftly and stopped at that level. The guard held the door open while Abby and Eve stepped out.

It was dark once the elevator doors had closed again. Momentarily disorientated, a stab of fear shot through Abby and she squeezed Eve’s hand. It was only for a moment however. A movement activated light came on and Abby and Eve found themselves standing in a deserted corridor. It did not remain deserted for long.

Around the corner strode a statuesque and gorgeous blonde woman, illuminated by film set lights from the room she had just come from, her hair cascading below her shoulders. She was dressed in impossibly high heels and a black short and revealing dress, showing off her perfect body.

She smiled warmly and extended a hand to Abby.

“You must be Abby, and this darling little girl must be Eve? You are here for the filming correct?”

Abby nodded, taking the woman’s hand. The blonde continued. “I am Amanda, personal assistant to Mr Fuckstein, producer of all the child pornography films made by your friend James. Mr Fuckstein is delighted that you have made Eve available for a critically important role in this movie. We have been shooting all week and I personally think it is one of the hottest child rape movies we have made!”

Abby was curious and wanted to know what to expect. “Tell me about the movie please.”

“Well, it is called ‘The Devil in Eve’ and is set in Hell. Satan and his subordinate devils rape and torture many female children, but Satan grows bored. The children are too good and too easy. Satan is told of a child on earth so depraved and perverted that she will arouse his lust and be a thrill to fuck. That is where Eve comes in!”

Amanda smiles broadly at Eve. Amanda continued, “Satan commands Eve to dance for him and she does so, stripping for him as she dances. Then Satan has Eve ride him and she does so, lap dancing on his cock in a wild frenzy of lust! The whole of Hell is excited and we see dozens of pre-teen girls raped and tortured in an orgy of child rape as Satan orgasms in a geyser of cum all over Eve. Oh and we have a minor role for you too Abby. Here are your lines, and the synopsis for Eve to follow.”

Amanda handed over two sheets of paper. Abby studied them, her brow furrowed, “I was not expecting to be in the movie. I don’t want to be identified.”

“Don’t worry, you will be wearing a mask.”

“And Eve will not be killed or injured right?”

Amanda smiled an evil smile, “She will not be killed but she will be fucked hard. You have been opening her up with a dildo right?” Abby nodded. “Then she should be fine. She will experience pain but not permanent injury.” Abby nodded assent.

“Great! Now follow me to the waiting room just off set. We are just finishing a preteen rape scene, then we will take a break and shoot Eve’s scene. Would you like some alcohol, for you or the child?”

“Yes, two large whiskeys please. I have some pills to give Eve; a mild sedative and a strong aphrodisiac. Is that OK?”

“That is just perfect!” Amanda winked at Abby and ushered them into the waiting room. She returned directly with two tumblers of whiskey and Abby gave one to Eve, after popping two pills into her mouth. Eve gulped down the strong liquor and grimaced, “its yukky mommy!”

“It is a special medicine sweetie that will help you take the man’s cock inside you when you fuck him. Look, we can see through this window what is happening.”

Abby led Eve to a window through to the set where filming was in progress. Surrounded by holograms of flames, a man naked except for a demon mask and with red painted skin was raping a young girl, around ten, furiously. She thrashed under him, apparently in genuine pain.

Eve watched intently. Abby lifted her micro leather miniskirt and began to rub her clit through her crotchless panties. Eve relaxed and smiled broadly as she watched the rape: “Mommy its just like the movies you showed me. That feels good mommy!” Abby hugged her daughter as she masturbated her, waiting for the alcohol and the drugs to take effect.

“Yes my darling it is just the same. And very soon you are going to have a man’s cock inside you, which will feel even better!”

The rape scene with the pre-teen finished with the demon figure throwing his head back and pulling out of the child, spurting ropes of cum over her hair, face and body. It seemed to go on for ever and the child bore a splatter of semen all over her. Abby could make out James calling “CUT!” and everyone took a break. Abby saw Amanda talking to James and another man during the break and they turned towards the window. The three walked over and opened the door, entering the waiting room. James gave Abby a friendly peck on the cheek, which she did not reciprocate. Amanda introduced the producer, who held out a flabby hand: “Harold Fuckstein. Pleased to meet you. You’re gorgeous and so is your daughter Eve. Very nice. Very very nice!” His hands roamed over Eve’s outfit. He continued: “Perfect for this role. Abby I have been making kiddy porn for decades but I can honestly say to you that this film is my crowning achievement! I am very proud and I think you will be too. We shoot again in ten minutes. Will she be ready?”

Abby looked hard at Amanda, Harold and James, all salivating to begin filming Eve. She nodded curtly: “We will BOTH be ready!”

Ten minutes later the filming of Eve’s scene began. The walls were alive with electric flames. In the center of the set was a huge throne and on the throne sat the figure of Satan; a large men dressed in a red cloak, and with a mask over his face. Abby wore a similar mask as she walked on set leading Eve by the hand. Once the two females were on camera a booming deep voice came from the Satan figure, both amplified and disguised.

“Who gives this child to Satan?” demanded the Satan figure.

“I do” responded Abby, keeping to the script.

“Do you bring her freely and willingly?”

“Yes my lord Satan I do.”

“Have you taught the child the arts of depraved sex?”

“I have my lord.”

“And has the child given her heart and soul over to perversion?”

“Yes my lord Satan!”

“To rape, pedophilia and all else that it forms an unwholesome whole of?”

“Absolutely my lord Satan!!!”

“Then bring the child before me, thou perfect mother!”

Abby led Eve by the hand to stand before the Satan figure on his thrown, bowed and stepped back out of camera view. She took a seat off stage with Amanda to watch what would happen, taking off her mask. The drugs were taking effect. Eve was confident, relaxed and aroused.

The Satan figure directed Eve to turn slowly in front of him so that he could admire her rape slut costume.

He bent forward, making eye contact with Eve: “Do you like rape my child.”

“Yes sir, mommy showed me a lot of rape movies!”

“You have a very good mommy!”

Amanda lent over and whispered to Abby, “you have taught her very well!”

The Satan figure continued, “Do you like having sex with men and women?”

“Yes sir I would like to. Mommy says I should. A man rubbed his cock all over my cunny yesterday and I liked it a lot!”

Satan laughed a booming laugh. He snapped his fingers and called out, “Dance for me you darling child!”

Erotic music began to play. Eve started her strip tease routine, slowly in time to the music. Images of adults and children having sex together played on the walls. Sounds of sex, sighs and moans played over the music. Sounds of women and men orgasming as they fucked and sucked with children dominated after a few minutes. Eve stripped off her leather skirt, her top, her stockings and shoes and her suspender belt, just leaving on her rape slut open crotch panties. When she finished the music stopped, as did the images and sounds. Eve bowed to Satan, breathing a little heavily from the intensity of her routine and her own arousal.

Satan threw open his red cloak, exposing his naked red body underneath. His cock was huge and rock hard. Smiling an evil smile he beckoned Eve to climb up onto his lap with his finger. In a daze Eve climbed onto the Satan figure’s lap and began to lap dance, with the head of his cock pressing through the open hole in her panties, hard up against her pink bald pussy. Satan snarled in approval and lust. Once again images began to play on the walls. This time the images were of men and women gang raping female children, with the sounds of mass rape filling the room. Slowly, slowly Satan worked his cock into Eve’s tiny pussy, opening her up wider than the dildo had done. Eve began to dance her hips on his cock with wild abandon now, twisting her body as she watched the images of rape and listened to the sounds, just as she had done with the VR headset.

Amanda leaned in close to Abby and whispered to her, “She is doing really well. You should be proud. This is fantastic material!” Abby remained silent but watched transfixed as her daughter slowly impaled herself on the man’s cock.

The Satan figure put his hands on his hips now, snarling and growling as Eve lap danced on his cock with wild abandon, twisting and turning, her mouth open in a silent cry of mixed pain and pleasure. Her arms were raised in joyous lust as Satan’s thrusting cock brought her closer, ever closer to her first ever orgasm. And then it came. Eve shrieked and her body began to shudder. She bucked and shook, as wave after wave of pleasure swept through her body. Her tiny vagina spasmed around Satan’s huge cock and brought him off. His semen poured out of Eve’s pussy, running down her legs. From the darkness behind the throne, stage hands poured semen like cream all over Eve so that it soaked her hair, face and body. The cameras moved in for a close up of the climax to the scene.

“AND CUT!!” called out James. He smiled broadly. “Great guys, simply fantastic! I think that’s a wrap?” He looked to Harold for confirmation, who nodded enthusiastically. “Fucking awesome shoot!” he enthused.

The Satan figure removed Eve from his cock and stood, passing her down to Abby, who had gone on stage to retrieve her daughter. Eve was covered in cum and cream and Abby held her at arms length, praising her but being careful not to mess up her expensive gown. Amanda joined them as well. “Harold that was such a hot scene. The best you have ever done!” the producer smiled broadly, nodding agreement. James came and stood next to Abby.

“Have I done everything you required?” asked Abby coldly.

James responded in a deadpan way: “Well almost, but you have not met our star, Satan himself”. The Satan figure came close to Abby and bowed, removing his mask. Abby stared at him in stunned shock, “OH MY GOD!!! JOHN!!!???”


A Dirty Denouement

As soon as Eve saw her father’s face she squealed “DADDY!” and jumped up into his arms. She rubbed her cum soaked pussy through her crotchless panties on his chest as they kissed each other deeply, their tongues exploring each other’s mouths. Amanda moved to stand beside them, a look of depraved lust on her face. Amanda adoringly stroked John’s cock, still slick with Eve’s baby cunt juices.

Abby stared, rooted to the spot and open mouthed in shock.

It fell to James to explain: “Mr Kent is the president of our club, and a foundation member, as am I. We are good friends. He shared a personal problem with me. He was bored with you Abby and he wanted to fuck Eve, but he did not want to risk it in the face of your likely reaction. So one of our members gave you information about this club, and I was engaged to seduce you, corrupt you and degrade you. I think that we have done rather well don’t you?”

“YOU BASTARD” snapped Abby.

Amanda was still stroking John’s cock, as he and Eve continued to make out, John rubbing the child’s clit now with his finger. She chimed in: “John hates you. He is going to divorce you and marry me. I am going to get all your money. I love John and I am going to make sure that he gets all the under age pussy that he needs!”

“And what about Eve?” asked Abby, thunderstruck.”

Amanda continued, her hand making love to John’s hard throbbing cock: “John has fulfilled his first desire to fuck his daughter. Thanks to you she is now a fully trained rape slut. We have to audience upstairs primed to watch John rape Eve on stage. After that we plan to hand her over to the audience to be gang raped for the rest of the night.”

Amanda turned to Eve: “You like gang rape don’t you sweetie?” Eve nodded: “Oh yes mommy has taught me all about it. I love it!”

Abby roared “NNNNNOOOOOOO” and made a lunge at Amanda. James and Harold intervened, grabbing Abby by the arms and holding her safely away from Amanda.

Amanda spoke softly to John: “Lets take Eve upstairs darling so that you can rape her for all our members to enjoy. And lets make Abby watch!”

“Good idea!” enthused John. Naked and holding Eve in his arms he led the procession upstairs, with Amanda following and James and Harold bringing up the rear, half dragging Abby with them.

The roar of the crowd as John and Eve reached the top of the stairs and entered to main club room was like the roar of a wild beast. They had been primed for action and wanted it NOW!!!


A Dirty Climax

The group emerged into the upper floor to be greeted by a crowd of men and women, all club members, cheering and clapping. The men were dressed in dinner suits and the women in slinky sexy evening gowns. Ironically, Abby in her red gown fit right in. The club members had attended this night especially to see their president rape his tiny daughter for their pleasure, and they hoped that afterwards, they would have the opportunity to gang rape her together. Each member lined up between the stairs and the main stage, forming an honor guard of sorts. Each had a glass of champagne in one hand and they held these aloft, cheering father and daughter to the main stage.

Amanda followed and moved to the stage herself, picking up a microphone along the way. Abby was half dragged to the far side of the stage and held in place by James and Harold, who pinned her arms behind her back. John stood, still holding the cum covered Eve in his arms, as Amanda addressed the crowd.

“Friends, we have a very special event for you tonight. Our esteemed president has brought along his darling six year old daughter. They have already fucked downstairs where, as you know, we have been making a sensational child porn movie, which you will all get to see when it is edited and finalized [the crowd cheered loudly at that] and now the child is ready to be raped by her father. [more cheers]. Amanda held up her hand for silence. Now we have special thanks to give to our president’s wife Abby being held securely. Abby taught her daughter to appreciate child rape this last week. She did not do so willingly but she has done a great training job and deserves our thanks! [warm applause].”

Abby struggled and cursed and spat her defiance but could not break free from her captors. The crowd laughed. Amanda continued, “Abby will be rewarded by a front row view of her daughter’s rape. Now I want everybody to come in close in front of the stage so that you can all see up close the glorious rape of this beautiful child! Feel free to shout encouragement during the rape, or anything you like. I will be helping John in the rape so hands off. After John is finished you will all have the opportunity to gang rape the child until she is dead! In fact if you want to you can keep raping her dead body till closing time!”

The crowd broke into wild cheering and shouting as they moved close to the stage, drowning out Abby’s despairing shout of, “NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO.”

Amanda slipped out of her dress and put on a leather bondage outfit. Then as John laid Eve on the stage on a low table, Amanda took up position behind the child’s head, holding her arms tightly. Amanda’s eyes blazed with lust, “DO IT JOHN DARLING!” she hissed. “RAPE THE CHILD!!!”

John’s cock was thick but not especially long. Eve had already been opened up by the dildo Abby used on her and by her father’s cock during the filming when she lap danced on his cock. So when he rammed his cock into Eve to wild cheering and chanting by the audience he slipped in surprisingly easily. There was no doubt that Eve felt pain but the sedative relaxed her muscles and the aphrodisiac overwhelmed her senses. She thrashed under her father as he ripped his cock in and out of her moaning, “DADDY OH DADDY YES PLEASE DADDY RAPE ME RAPE ME!!!!”

This only enraged John and he rammed into Eve harder and harder. Amanda knelt on Eve’s shoulders, her hands holding Eve’s arms tightly as she urged John on to harder, deeper, more violent thrusts. Soon Eve was wordlessly moaning, her whole body trembling in time to John’s maniacal raping.

James and Harold forced the frantic Abby to her knees, and pressed her face to the stage floor, only inches from her daughter’s ravished pussy. She could not look away from John’s cock pounding into Eve’s cunt. Her ass was raised provocatively in the air and this led a group of members behind Abby. They lifted up her dress, exposing her panties and ripped them off unceremoniously. Men began to strip off, supported by their wives, mistresses, girlfriends and daughters. Every man at the club had to nominate a female member of his family or household to attend these events with him. A tall handsome blonde haired man was first to be gotten hard by his female companion and she guided his cock to Abby’s vulva. Then with a snarl the man rammed his cock deeply into Abby’s cunt, raping her hard and fast. Abby gasped but could not move and could not look away from her daughter’s rape.

After several minutes, the fierce raping thrusts of her father’s cock drove Eve to her second orgasm. She was moaning incoherently and her body shuddered uncontrollably as she came, her vagina spasming around her father’s thrusting cock. John raised his fists in the air to wild cheering as he pulled out and then blasted Eve’s already cum covered body with another load of hot sticky spunk.

Amanda leaned forward to kiss John passionately before they climbed off the child and invited the crowd to take her and gang rape her. Eve was hauled from the stage and passed over the heads of the crowd to a gang raping frame on which Eve was tied, spreadeagled with her mouth forced open with a clamp and clamps holding open her pussy lips and ass cheeks. The crowd was disrobing in a frenzy now, everyone eager to be the first to take one of the child’s open holes. Amanda and John stood and watched approvingly, their arms around one another and their bodies touching, side by side.

Meanwhile Abby was dragged to a second gang rape frame and secured in the same manner as her daughter. Her expensive gown was stripped from her and there were soon three men at a time raping her, urged on by their womenfolk.

In the background members were happily sucking and fucking amid the mayhem. Amanda pointed out Jake Cohn to John. he was the club’s vice president and a millionaire in his own right. He was wanted in five states on child sex abuse charges but the club housed him and protected him. Two women were worshiping his cock, preparing him for his own assault on Eve.

Amanda spoke softly to John, caressing his cock once again, “This is wonderful John darling. Better than we could have hoped! How long do you think Eve will last?”

“Well Abby has trained her well and so long as she can breathe she will last I think. The raping alone will not kill her. She will need to be snuffed.”

Amanda made a growling sound of pleasure in her throat and squeezed John’s cock affectionately.

“I love it when you say ‘snuffed’ like that so casually! You are a wonderful man!”

“And you will make a perfect bride!”

“Who will have the honor of snuffing Eve then?”

“I think Jake. He likes to snuff his prey after he has done raping them, and his technique is faultless.”

Amanda continued stroking John’s cock, “And what of Abby?”

Across the room Abby was screaming as trio after trio of men gang raped her.

“We cannot let her out of here. Too risky. She will disappear and in a year will be presumed dead, just like Eve. I will divorce her in the meantime so we can marry my darling.”

“Will you snuff her?”

“No, she may prove useful. She will be held downstairs and trained just like she trained Eve. When she is broken and compliant Jake can put her to work training the little sluts that we abduct as fresh rape meat.

A picture formed in John’s mind of Abby as a compliant and obedient child rape trainer. He smiled to himself as he watched the wild gang rape of his daughter and wife reach its climax. Life truly was sweet!


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  3. Eine supergeile Geschichte. Was mit den kleinen Mädchen sexuell angestellt wurde, geschieht ja täglich in der Welt sehr viel. Und natürlich werden sie dabei oder – wenn schon beim Sex zusätzlich, um es noch geiler zu machen , gequält – auf ebenfalls lustvollste Art und Weise totgemacht. Ihre kleinen , schönen Körper und ihr Leben werden ja nur gebraucht und missbraucht, um höchste Geilheit zu Erreichen. Ja und mit Filmen oft auch viel Geld zu Verdienen. Das ist bekannt. Aber geschrieben war diese Geschichte echt gut und herrlich geil machend. Auch ohne die Milliarden wird die Mutter ihre Arbeit sehr gut machen, dass Totmachen der kleinen Mädchen auch bald als sau geil empfinden und ihr geiles Luxus Leben weiterführen können. Dafür werden sie schon sorgen. Aber nur kurze Zeit.

    1. Hail Heinz

      “A super cool story. What was done sexually to the little girls happens a great deal every day in the world. And of course they are killed in the process or – if they are also tortured during sex to make it even hotter – killed in the most pleasurable way. Their small, beautiful bodies and their lives are only used and abused to achieve the highest level of lust. Yes, and often making a lot of money with films. That is known. But this story was written really well and wonderfully awesome. Even without the billions, the mother will do her job very well, so that killing the little girls will soon find them very horny and be able to continue their horny luxury life. They’ll take care of that. But only for a short time.”

      There’s so many delicious ways to please the Lord! XP

  4. Satan’s Daughter

    Disclaimer: the characters and events depicted in this work are fictional. The author does not condone or promote any unlawful activity such as is depicted in the story. By continuing to read this work you acknowledge that you are an adult who wishes to read works of fantasy and fiction for the purpose only of fantasy.

    Hell is not such a bad place. Over the centuries it has been portrayed as a place of eternal damnation and suffering but the truth is far from that. To be sure, there is suffering and damnation, but there is a status arrangement in Hell that ensures that the truly wicked live an eternity of luxury and pleasure. Those who suffer the most are the good or indifferent souls who for one reason or another don’t make it to heaven or get traded between Heaven and Hell to sort out discrepancies. Satan is in eternal competition for souls with God. Despite all the lies told about Hell by Christians, Satan has done very well over the centuries, but in recent times belief in Hell has faded. People are also becoming more decent. This has been reducing the number of new souls entering Hell. This is a problem that Satan, the eternal entrepreneur, is determined to fix.

    Satan has chosen his daughter Amanda to go to earth to replenish the supply of wicked souls for Hell. Her mission is to seek out the most depraved, evil and corrupt humans whose souls could make up a new leadership group in Hell, to revitalise and re-energise the place: to make it more damned fun! After an eternity even Satan can get bored.

    Amanda is stunningly beautiful, with a perfectly formed body and long, golden hair. Like her father, she is the personification of evil, and she is capable of absolutely anything to get what she wants, or just to amuse herself. Here in Hell she appears as a succubus, with black wings and razor sharp teeth, but for her mission to earth Amanda will appear as a normal, incredibly sexy and desirable human female.

    Amanda sits at the feet of her father, Satan, receiving her final instructions. Thus informed, she rises to be given his blessing. Amanda kneels between Satan’s legs and takes his huge red cock in her mouth, sucking intently until she is rewarded with a flow of hot, creamy demonic cum. Satan runs a red clawed hand through Amanda’s hair and looks down at his daughter, a beatic look upon his face: “It is time to go Amanda” he booms. “I will miss you but I know that you will return with many new souls for Hell. I will be watching your progress. Go well and God’s speed.” They both laugh at this private joke. There is a puff of acrid smoke and Amanda is gone. Satan sighs, stands and goes in search of an unbaptised child to rape. Duty calls.

    No more than a minute after she farewelled her father his daughter Amanda arrived on earth. There was a shimmering in the air and she appeared, naked and beautiful and without her wings. It was almost dark but she was still framed against the last light in the sky. People nearby gasped and stared. Amanda snapped her fingers and instantly she was dressed in a slinky tight fitting but comfortable one piece red outfit. It hugged her figure deliciously. Turning to the people who had seen her appear, Amanda extended one arm. An invisible beam felled the people as if they had fallen dead. They would wake in an hour and remember nothing. Amanda paused, sniffing the air. This was a dangerous part of the city near the docks and slums. Amanda did not know the name of the city she had arrived in. That was not important. What was important was that Amanda could smell evil. She was drawn to it. Amanda walked briskly towards that evil.

    In less than 30 minutes Amanda came to a filthy alley. She ventured down it until she could make out three male figures in the darkness. They were attempting to strip a gagged young teen girl. She was struggling and putting up a good fight. Amanda smiled and walked towards the men. They saw her and fell back. The girl lay on the ground in the foetal position. In a strong, authoritative voice Amanda asked the men if they wanted her help to rape the girl. The men looked stunned, but nodded, asking Amanda what she wanted in return. “Just a kiss” responded Amanda. She strode to each man and kissed him ferociously, her tongue entwined with his and one hand raking his face, drawing blood. “Hey” cried out one man, feeling his face. Amanda laughed, licking the blood from her fingernails: “you are mine now, but I keep my promises. Pray, proceed with your rape of this girl while I watch.”

    Amanda waved an arm and raised the girl in the air to hip hight, holding her spread eagled and immobile in mid air. The men looked shocked but Amanda, now in control of their souls, filled them with lust. They advanced to the girl and began tearing her clothes from her body as she screamed silently into her gag. As soon as they had her naked the men began raping her cunt, mouth and anus. Amanda ensured that each hole felt wonderful on each man’s cock, giving him the best rape experience of his life. Amanda watched the gang rape, her eyes feasting on the girl’s suffering and the men’s pleasure. Three souls already and the gang rape of a virgin. The night was yet young and had begun very well.

    Amanda left the men to their fun, having noted how to find them again should she need to, and then she literally flew to the better part of town and a luxury hotel. This would be her base for the time being. Amanda entered the mind of the check in clerk and allocated to herself the penthouse suite on the 68th floor. She ordered champagne and pate de fois gras, as it pleased her to know how much the geese suffered to produce it. Lying back, naked in bed in her cushions, sipping champagne and eating pate, Amanda savoured the pleasures of wealthy humans, and decided that it was good.

    The porn channels on the tv were way too tame for Amanda. She reached out with her mind in search of the corrupt and the corruptible. She found what she was looking for only three floors below. A mother on a business trip with her 13 year old son. She was in bed and he was in a separate bedroom watching tv. Amanda used her mind to switch the boy’s tv onto one of the porn channels and turned it up loud. The moans of the actors filled the room. Amanda probed the mind of the boy and planted a suggestion that he masturbate. The boy began stroking his cock, watching the film.

    In the master bedroom the mother stirred. She could hear the noises coming from the boy’s bedroom. She soon figured out what was going on. Amanda probed her mind and fuelled it with lust. The woman’s left hand snaked down to her clit and began to rub it as Amanda planted in her mind the image of her son masturbating. Then Amanda spoke to the woman telepathically, asking her to check her handbag. In it the woman found a DVD. Amanda suggested that she go into her son’s bedroom and put on the DVD for him, and then play with him.

    The woman had been sleeping naked and gave no thought to covering herself. With the DVD in hand she walked into her son’s bedroom. On seeing her the boy started, and pulled the bedclothes over his genitals. The mother smiled at her son, winked and put a finger to her lips. She turned and inserted the DVD into its player and switched the tv to the DVD channel. Up came a graphic child rape film. A boy the age of the woman’s son was stalking a pre teen girl, having followed her from school. The boy had the child cornered in some bushes and had gagged her and bound her hands behind her back. Amanda fed the lust of both mother and son, and in their excited state, had them promise both their souls to her. Amanda promised in return pleasure beyond their wildest dreams. The woman slowly pulled the bedclothes off her son. His teen cock was hard and erect.

    As the boy began to rape the girl on the screen the mother slipped into bed beside her son and together they watched the film. The mother began to stroke her son’s cock and he sighed in pleasure. The mother snuggled in close to her boy, whispering in his ear as she slowly masturbated him.

    The film became more graphic and violent. The mother shimmied down between her son’s legs and took her son’s cock in her mouth. Sucking greedily, the mother took her son’s cock down her throat. Her cheeks hollowed and her tongue lashed the head and shaft of the boy’s throbbing young teen cock. The boy growled and forced his mother’s head deeper onto his cock. She mewled in pleasure, raising her ass and fingering her clit with both hands. As the boy snuffed the girl on screen both mother and son climaxed, their bodies shuddering in unison as wave after wave of demonically inspired pleasure swept over them. As the screen faded to black they collapsed, panting in each others arms.

    They would remain that way for the rest of the night and when they awoke, the boy would fuck his mother hard and fast from behind, as her pussy spasmed in delight around his cock. They would never sleep apart again. Mother and son would be swept down a pathway to perdition, abducting young girls to rape and torture together in their secluded country estate.

    Amanda knew that she had done well. Her father Satan was pleased with her. She drifted off to sleep in her human form content and at peace. There would be many more souls to harvest tomorrow.


    In the morning after breakfast Amanda made a special trip that her father Satan had requested of her. Amanda drove to the State Penitentiary for Sex Offenders and asked to be escorted to death row on the maximum security wing. Once there she asked the guard to point out Jake Parmenter, who was sheduled to be executed for multiple child rape and murder offences. He had been charged and convicted on 66 counts but the truth was believed to be much worse. Jake was the most notorious sex offender in the history of the State. He relished making his victims suffer and tortured them as he raped them, sometimes continuing to rape their corpses after their death. He videotaped some of his crimes and these ciculated on the darknet, encouraging others to emulate his offences. That was how he had eventually been caught, charged and convicted. All avenues of appeal had been exhausted and the governor had refused clemency. Jake was due to be executed by lethal injection any day now.

    Amanda could have rescued Jake from prison but that was not what Satan wanted. Satan wanted Jake with him in Hell, in a place of honour, his soul raping and torturing the souls of innocent young girls for all eternity. Jake represented the depths of evil to which humans could sink and Satan had plans for him to inspire and lead in the realms of eternal damnation. So Satan had sent Amanda to Jake with a message of hope and a promise of eternal delight.

    Once the guard had pointed out Jake’s cell, Amanda dismissed him. She passed through the solid steel door for effect and stood smiling in front of the hunched figure of Jake, who sat head bowed on his bunk.

    “Look up at me” Amanda spoke.

    Jake looked up in disbelief. “What the FUCK!”

    “Indeed. Look at my face Jake. Look into my eyes.”

    Jake did so and Amanda delivered her message wordlessly, speaking to Jake in his mind. She made clear that Satan wanted to reward Jake for his crimes with the greatest gift he could offer, and that after his death, Jake would live for eternity in a place of honour and speceial esteem. Jake would have his choice of any girl he wanted and could do to her whatever he wished until the end of time. So Jake should not fear what was to come. He should anticipate it with eager delight.

    When she had finished her little speech, Jake sat dumbfounded. Amanda dropped to her knees and crawled to him, moving between his legs. She unbuttoned his orange jump suit and reached in to find his cock. It was huge, almost a foot long even when flaccid, matching the other dimensions of this monster of a man. Amanda caresed the cock with both hands and licked along the shaft, her reptillian prehensile tongue circling around its girth, sending waves of impossible pleasure shooting through Jake’s body. His mouth opened in a silent cry of lust as Amanda planted in his mind images of every little girl he had stalked, captured, stripped, tortured and sadistically raped. They circled in his mind like a circle of dancing girls, naked, vulnerable and available.

    Amanda cupped Jake’s huge balls in her hands and took his montrous cock into her mouth, her tongue continuing to circle and stimulate it. Amanda fellated Jake with demonic adulation, celebrating and worhipping the evil within him. Here was a man without a scintilla of humanity in him, who lived only to perpetrate his crimes. He was pure evil and Amanda worshipped him as her equal. For a full hour Amanda caressed and sucked Jake’s cock, keeping him just below the point of orgasm. Jake was lying back on his bunk now, breathing deeply and reviewing in his mind each rape and murder he commited as Amanda hovered above him, her hands, mouth, tongue and throat working on his cock and balls. His climax when it came was stupendous, with Jake letting out a roar of triumph that shook the walls of the prison. Jake was convinced. Death held no fears for him now. He looked forward to his execution with eager anticipation. Amanda stood and beaming triumphantly at him she raised her arm and disappeared, teleporting through the stone walls of the prison to the sunlit fields outside. Amanda knew that Jake would be rewarded with an eternity of pleasure in hell.



    It was there, walking in the sunlit field, enjoying the heat of the sun upon her body, that Amanda spied the snake basking on a rock. It was beautiful, with an intricate and colorful pattern on its skin. Amanda could tell that the snake was not poisonous. It was a constrictor. Amanda picked the creature up and allowed it to coil around her arm. It’s skin was cool and smooth upon her own. Amanda spoke to the snake and it appeared to react, raising its head attentively. Delighted, Amanda took the creature away with her, back to her penthouse base.

    Once back at the hotel Amanda stripped off and allowed the snake to explore her body. The creature slithered over her face and down her neck, circling her breasts and then sliding down further to her groin. Amanda pulled her pussy lips apart with her hands and raised her hips, inviting the snake to probe inside her. Amanda was convinced that her father Satan had sent the snake to her as a reward for her good endeavours on his behalf thus far. Hissing in pleasure the snake pushed its head inside Amanda’s vagina and slithered up inside her, slowly, slowly, until its whole body was within her. The slow pulsing of the snake within her was indescribably pleasurable. Amanda gasped and pushed her hips up as high as she could go, her back arched and her legs splayed. She massaged the creature inside her with her vaginal muscles, alternately relaxing and contracting. The snake responded by throbbing more forcefully, as if it was becoming aroused. Amanda saw an image of Satan form in her mind. He was beaming down at her, ever the proud father. His evil was palpable, and that thrill of unbridled evil coursed through her perfect body. Amanda orgasmed around the snake inside her, shrieking in ecstasy, until she fell back, exhausted, on the bed. Slowly; inexorably; the snake reversed direction until it poked its head out of her vagina, slithered out of her and came to rest on her chest. Amanda made a mental note to rearward the creature with some live mice. Then she dozed, temporarily spent, and dreaming of her next depraved act in the service of her father.


    Over the next days Amanda worked furiously. She took control of a biker gang and organised them to invade an all girl grade school, tying up their female teachers and making them watch the students being gang raped. She joined a satanic temple and befriended the priestess, convincing her to hold a rape and snuff service with a pre teen victim abducted from the city slums. Wherever their was a hateful sex crime, Amanda was there, making sure that evil prospered and that good was punished. Amanda was enjoying herself immensely. Each night after she had completed her revels, Amanda returned to her hotel penthouse suite and pleasured herself with her pet snake, which she kept well fed on rodents from the city park.

    It was two weeks later, when the city was descending into chaos, as sex crimes spiralled out of control, that Satan visited his daughter in a dream. He appeared in her mind beaming:

    “You have done very well my precious daughter. I am very pleased with you.”

    “Thank you daddy. I do it all for you”

    “I know. Now my daughter I have a special mission for you”

    “Yes daddy, what is it? You know I will do anything you ask!”

    “There is a particular soul I want you to capture for me: the archbishop. He is trying to rally the people against your wave of sex crimes. I want him converted to our way of thinking”

    With that Satan burst in a booming peak of laughter, and his image faded.


    When Amanda awoke she knew what she must do and she knew her target. She dressed and headed for the Cathedral.

    Along the way Amanda stopped by the mall and selected her target, a mother and her cute blonde pre teen daughter. Amanda distracted the mother with a thought about buying a new dress, then she entered the mind of the child and caused her to wander off, as the mother stared absently into a dress shop window. Amanda took the child’s hand and walked her to her car. In fifteen minutes they were at the Cathedral.

    The Cathedral was empty. Services for the day had been completed. Amanda found a priest and asked after the archbishop. She was told that the archbishop was hearing confessions. Smiling inwardly, Amanda entered the Cathedral and, avoiding looking directly at the altar, she found the confessional.

    Amanda entered the empty confessional with the child and sat down, putting the child on her lap. Through the grill a male voice spoke:

    “Yes my child?”

    “Father, would you hear the confession of my child. I fear she is possessed by evil!”

    “She must be seven. Is she old enough?”

    “Yes father.”

    “Then I will hear her. Speak child”

    Amanda entered the mind of the child and took control of her thoughts. She planted images, sounds, false memories of depraved sexual acts. Then Amanda spoke through the child, using her voice.

    “I want cock father. I want to suck cock”

    Amanda could hear the archbishop inhale.

    “Why child?”

    “Because I love the taste of it, and I love the taste of cum”

    “Do you understand that this is wrong child?”

    “Yes father, that is why I want to do it!”

    “How did this begin?”

    “Mommy took me to see a priest just like you. I sucked his cock and I loved it. Now I want to do it all the time.”

    Amanda interjected in her own voice: “Father I fear this child is possessed by demons. They must be cast out. Will you help us?”

    There was a pause. “Yes I will help. Come in here with me. I want to see you.”

    Amand knew she had him now. She led the child into the priest’s booth and forced her to her knees between the archbishop’s legs. He stared at the child’s face, transfixed by her beauty, then looked up into Amanda’s eyes. She locked her gaze with his and fed his lust. Amanda could see his cock growing under his cassock. Amanda had the child pull the cassock open and reach in, unbuttoning the archbishop’s robes. She delved inside until she found his cock and pulled it out. The archbishop gasped, leaning back in his chair and opening his legs. Amanda spoke softly to the child, instructing her to take the archbishop’s cock into her mouth which she did, sucking greedily on it. At the same time Amanda entered the mind of the archbishop, ehancing his pleasure and easing his fears, eliminating his scruples.

    When he came, moaning, Amanda forced the child’s head down deeper onto the archbishop’s cock, making her struggle for breath as his semen spurted down her throat. The archbishop covered his face with his hands, such was his shame. Amanda toyed with him:

    “Admit it, you loved that”

    The archbishop was silent but sobbing. Amanda waited. Then at last as his sobbing subsided she continued:

    “Would you like to fuck her?”

    The archbishop nodded imperceptibly.

    “Would you like to fuck me?”

    He nodded again, more strongly this time.

    “You must come to me willingly.” She wrote on a piece of paper. “Come to this address tonight and we will take you to paradise!”

    They left him then. Amanda lifted the child up and wiped the saliva and semen off her face. Then she led the child outside to her car. Amanda knew that she was on the cusp of a great victory for her father. If the archbishop came to her willingly, knowing what he would find there, he would be damned and his soul would belong to Satan. She laughed softly, anticipating what was to come.

    Amanda took the child back to her apartment and primed her with graphic rape porn. She kept the child in front of the tv, watching the screen and fingering her bald pussy. The hours passed, the sun set and Amanda bought in some pizza to eat. It was after 10pm when her security monitor buzzed her. The security camera showed the archbishop, in civilian clothes, waiting nervously at the front of the hotel, standing next to a security guard. The man had apparently found out that he needed a code to access Amanda’s floor and needed her permission to get it. Amanda said it was fine for the guard to give out the code and in a few more moments the archbishop was knocking on Amanda’s front door. She greeted him warmly, look his hand and led him to the lounge room where the child lay naked on her back watcing a graphic child rape on tv. Amanda squeezed the archbishop’s hand and whispered: “isn’t she cute? Who do you want first, me or her?” He replied in a low hoarse voice: “her. I want you to hold her down for me.” Amanda whispered in his ear: “good boy. Let’s take her then.”

    Amanda and the archbishop crept up behind the child and suddenly lifted her up bodily under the arms and carried her, shocked and struggling, into the master bedroom. They threw the naked child onto the bed and both stripped off eagerly, Amanda displaying her perfect body provocatively for the archbishop. He was panting with desire now, his flabby body quivering with excitement and his cock hard and twitching, standing out straight. Amanda lept onto the bed, using her weight to subdue the child while the arbishop forced her legs apart, positioning his cock at the entrance to her bald pink snatch. “Do it!” hissed Amanda as the child screamed in terror. “Do it now!”

    The archbishop snarled in a gutteral voice and rammed hard into the child, as Amanda shouted encouragement, urging the man on to more brutal thrusts. He was out of control now, overwhelmed with his satanically inspired lust, driving his cock into the child brutally. He ripped open her hymen and tore the walls of her vagina, her blood lubricating his passage. With wild abandon now the archbishop raped the child in a frenzy, completely out of his mind. The child could not take the abuse. She went unconscious and then, eventually went limp. The archbishop continued to rape her corpse, finally shooting his load over her pathetic remains. He fell back, exhaused and shocked. What had he done?

    Amanda crept cat like and naked along the bed, reassuring him and complimenting him; telling him he should be proud of what he had done. He was a real man now and Amanda would reward him with a night of sexual excess such that he had never known. Amanda used her mouth and lips to clean the archbishop’s cock and then took his hand, leading him into the spare bedroom. There she put on some child porn on the tv, and went to work on the archbishop, pleasuring every inch of his body as he shuddered and twitched under her touch. His soul was Satan’s now and he should be rewarded. The child could wait. Amanda would call an associate to remove her body and to clean up the room. Right now was a time for depraved celebration! Amanda rode the archbishop’s cock in triumph, cow girl style, her pussy muscles massaging his cock, and her arms above her head in exultation of evil. She came repeatedly, as they fucked and sucked all night. Amanda rejoiced that she had capured two souls this night, the archbishop, and also the child, who was snuffed in lust and condemned to have her soul raped for eternity in Hell.


    Amanda befriended the archbishop as she guided him on his descent into depravity. She used him to bring more young girls from the churches or catholic schools; girls who were vulnerable and available. At the same time Amanda had the archbishop bring pedophile priests to her, to molest the girls in her apartment and surrender their souls, both adult and child, to her. Amanda delighted in watching the priests rape the girls, and often joined in their revels. Her tally of souls grew exponentially. Daddy would be very pleased with her. Meanwhile the snake rewarded Amanda each night with stupendous orgasms inside her. Amanda sensed that her visit to Earth was drawing to a close, but she wanted something special to bookend her adventure. What should it be, she asked herself as she masturbated with the snake in her bedroom, watching a film she had made of six priests gang raping pre teen girl. What should it be?

    Amanda slept on it, and in the morning decided to use her powers for evil at the main city mall. She drove there and walked into the mall, strolling to the main central plaza. There she surveyed the milling crowd and selected a mother and daughter. With a thought Amanda froze time, except for a couple of mid teen youths who lolled against a railing. Amanda approached them and asked if they would like to rape the child, while time was frozen, with no consequences (except of course the surrender of their mortal souls). They looked stunned for a moment and then walked around the frozen figures of the mother and child. They surveyed the frozen crowd of shoppers, then turned to Amanda: “how the fuck did you do that lady?” one of the boys demanded. Amanda responded that it did not matter how it was done, but it was done and it presented the boys with an opportunity. Would they take that opportunity? The boys spoke together for a few moments and then accepted the offer, on condition that they could rape both mother and daughter and rob them as well. Amanda smiled and agreed. She explained that while the people appeared frozen they were only frozen in time and there bodies were still flexible and able to be manipulated. The boys approached mother and daughter and experimentally mauled the mother’s breasts. The flesh moved to their touch. Thus convinced the boys set to work.

    First the boys robbed the mother, emptying out her handbag and pocketing her cash, cards, cell phone and car keys. Then they stripped both mother and daughter. The mother was an attractive well endowed redhead in her early thirties. Her daughter was an underdeveloped pre teen, with a flat chest and bald pussy. The boys lay them both on the ground and stripped off themselves, showing Amanda their fine teen cocks. Amanda ran her hands along the shafts, making the boys shiver with excitement. At her mental command the boys mounted mother and daughter and fucked them furiously, driving their cocks into their cunts like piston rods. They laughed in delight and exaltation, as Amanda shouted praise and encouragement. They came in unison, shooting their seed deep inside the two females. When they were done they withdrew, and Amanda kissed their cockheads in a satanic blessing. Once dressed amanda guided the boys to a shimmering portal, through which they passed directly to Hell, and an eternity of depraved bliss. They would have no use for the items they stole, bit that was a matter of little moment.

    Amanda stepped back to where the mother and daughter still lay naked, their clothes strewn around them, seemingly frozen. Amanda snapped her fingers unfreezing time, but she left the shimmering portal in place. There were shouts, cries of alarm and screams as the crowd saw the naked mother and child. The pair looked dumbfounded. Amanda allowed time to run but locked everyone in position and spoke slowly and commandingly. She addressed the crowd, telling them that the mother and child were available to be gang raped, and that there would be no consequences for anyone who took them willingly and then passed through the portal. She probed the minds of the crowd, and released those who showed through their lust the right desire. One by one these men and women set upon the mother and daughter. Men shoved their cocks into the mouth, anus and cunt of both mother and daughter and fucked them as they screamed for help. Women held their pair down and ground their pussies into their faces. There were perverted cries and shouts as the massive gang rape gained momentum. Amanda held the uncooperative elements of the crowd in position, forcing them to watch. Some weakened, aroused by the depraved scene of gang rape unfolding in front of them and Amanda allowed them to join the fray. It continued for over an hour and by the end more than two thirds of the watching crowd had participated in the gang rape.

    Finally, when the semen covered corpses of the mother and child lay abandoned in pools of cum, Amanda ordered them carried to the portal. She raised an arm and beckoned the rape participants to follow her. One by one they disappeared through the portal. When the last rapist passed through, the portal closed, leaving no trace and the shocked crowd slowly dispersed, not knowing what on earth to say or do.

    In Hell once more, Amanda led her followers in triumph to the throne of her father Satan, hoping that he would be the first to fuck her in a wild orgy of celebration.

    The End

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