Feature Writer: Purple_Raihne

Feature Title: THE NIGHT SHE RAN

Published: 025.02.2012

Story Codes: Erotic Horror, Wolf

Synopsis: A chance encounter changes everything.

Author’s Notes: For Lynnix

The Night She Ran

Her legs hurt, so damned badly. The muscles felt like they were bathing in lava. She could swear her quads were about to peel off from fatigue. But she didn’t stop running. Even as her lungs burned and screamed for oxygen from overexertion, she didn’t DARE stop running.

Not if she wanted to live.

— One Week Ago —

Rebecca was frustrated. There was a small group of very loud obnoxious people in the library, and they were making it terribly difficulty for her to get any decent studying done. Worse yet, none of the staff seemed to be willing to step in to ask them to quiet down. She had tried to ignore it and focus on her studies as best she could, but when a book whizzed past her head, barely avoiding contact, she’d had enough.

She stood, furious, and stormed over to their table, where a group of eight young-looking people were gathered. Four men and three women were being rowdy and rough-housing. The eighth was a quiet woman intensely studying a very old looking book. Rebecca cleared her throat.

“Would you louts mind so terribly being quiet so the rest of us can study?” she asked firmly. All but the studying turned to her angrily, their voices a loud blended gaggle of indignation and threats. Rebecca couldn’t even differentiate who was shouting what, but she certainly noticed the three women starting to move toward her.

Then a low growl was heard, and all seven stopped cold. Rebecca followed the sound to the eighth, who was now quietly staring at her, her nostrils twitching as if she was sniffing the air.

“She’s right,” the girl said in a calm, almost melodious voice. “You thugs need to shut up and sit still, this is a house of wisdom, show some respect.”

The others all grumbled and cursed under their breath, but they complied without any real protest. Rebecca nodded at the girl and thanked her for getting her friends to behave, then went back to her own table to resume studying for her mid-terms. With the library quiet again, she got lost in the studying, and failed to notice that the growling girl wasn’t studying the old book anymore.

She was studying Rebecca.


The library was closing, and Rebecca reluctantly packed up her textbooks to go home.

As she walked out the front doors she fumbled to find the key to her bike lock, when she paused. Not quite knowing how she was able to do so, Rebecca had always seemed to have an innate sense of when something was out of place. She stopped in her tracks, and as she resumed digging through her backpack for her bike lock key, without even turning around she said “Is there a reason you’re following me Miss?”

“I wanted to apologize for my siblings,” said the melodious voice, “and to tell you how impressed I was that you didn’t back down from them. They’re not used to anyone standing up to them except me.”

Rebecca turned around. The girl was a little taller than her, dressed in a suit, with short-cropped black hair and various piercings. Her siblings as she called them, were several yards away, mulling about acting like scolded children. The girl’s eyes were locked on her, as if studying her.

“I never back down from bullies,” Rebecca said matter-of-factually.

“I can see that,” said the girl, smiling, and offering her hand. “My name is Anika. I’d like to buy you a coffee to make up for it, if you’ll allow me?”

Not knowing why, Rebecca quickly took the offered hand. Anika’s skin felt silk-soft and yet strong and tough. The contact sent an involuntary shiver up Rebecca’s spine.

“I’m Rebecca,” she replied, “and yes, I think I’d like that.”

Anika turned to her siblings, giving them simply a nod, and they all turned and left. Anika the offered her arm in an almost gentlemanly fashion to Rebecca, who took it and smiled. As they walked to the nearby coffee shop, the siblings stopped and turned.

“Tell me you didn’t smell that cunt,” one of the men growled.

“Like shit on my lips,” one of the women said contemptuously.

“I thought those freaks were extinct?” said another.

“Well they will be soon,” said the eldest woman. “If our little Ani doesn’t gut that bitch, I will. It’ll be my chance to be Alpha again.”

“Oh let it the fuck go Julia,” said the eldest male. “You know you can’t touch her in a fight.”

“Not by myself no,” Julia replied, “but if she fails to carry out her sworn duty to kill the Cait, I can call the Challenge, and if you all help me, we can kill our little suit, and get our pack back to the old ways.”

“You mean you’d let us hunt humans again?” the youngest male asked.

“Hunt them?” Julia smirked. “Fuck Clive, I’ll let you wipe them all out and make this little shithole town ours.”


Rebecca and Anika talked over coffee well into the night, and every night for a week. They bonded instantly and spilled almost their entire lives to one another. Rebecca knew she was enamored by the strange gentlemanly woman. Every night grew more and more intimate, until on the sixth night, Anika kissed her goodnight, and it was the kind of kiss that makes the world turn upside down. Rebecca was in love, and eager to see Anika again the next night.

But on the seventh night, Anika seemed suddenly different. When she arrived to pick Rebecca up for their dinner date, she seemed very upset, and when she took her trench coat off, she was bloodied and raw.

“Oh my God Ani!” Rebecca said in shock. “What the hell happened to you?”

“We need to leave,” Anika replied. “My siblings want you dead Becca. I can’t wait to tell you the truth anymore.”

“Wait what?” Rebecca replied, confused. “Why do they want me dead? And what truth?”

“The truth about what I am,” Anika replied, changing her shirt, “and about what you are.”

“What are you talking about?” Rebecca asked, trying to clean Anika’s wounds, noting the looked like canine claw and teeth marks, but seemed bigger than any dog breed she knew of. “You’re delirious from the injuries. Just calm down and let me dress your wounds.”

“Becca you REALLY need to listen right now,” Anika said, and suddenly took Rebecca’s hand, tugging a ruby ring from Rebecca’s ring finger.

“Look in the mirror,” Anika said, in a tone of voice that said it was NOT a request.

Rebecca did so, and froze in shock. The woman she saw in the mirror certainly looked like her, but the woman in the mirror had a tail, and long pointed ears. When she opened her mouth, she had fangs, and when she looked at her eyes, they were bisected, and she saw nictitating secondary eyelids.

“What the…” she gasped. Anika put the ring back onto Rebecca’s finger, restoring the glamour.

“Didn’t you ever wonder why you always seem hyper-aware of everything around you?” Anika asked. “Why you can dodge almost anything? Your mother probably kept rings like that on you your whole life. You’re a Fae Becca. Cait Sidhe. You’re a cat girl.”

“How … how is it you knew this and I never did?” Rebecca asked.

Anika stood up, and suddenly all her bones made loud sick cracking noises. Her whole body shifted, stretched out, distorted, until in her place was an impossibly large wolf, the size of a pony. Rebecca gasped, but didn’t flinch. Anika licked Rebecca’s cheek, then shifted back.

“My people spent centuries hunting yours,” Anika said, breathless from changing. “My siblings expected me to kill you once we’d all caught your scent. I refused. I’m the Alpha. I make the decisions. And I reject the old ways of pointless murder for murder’s sake. For a few days they complied with my edict, but tonight my eldest sister brought it to a head. She challenged me for Alpha, and everyone else had her back. I killed her and Clive before throwing them off, but they’ll catch up soon enough. So we have to leave.”

“Why would you risk your life for me like this?” Rebecca asked, her instincts telling her it was all true. And she knew the answer to her question already, but she wanted to hear it from Anika.

“Because I’m in love with you silly bitch,” Anika replied, and kissed Rebecca passionately.

After a moment they broke off from the kiss, just staring into each others’ eyes. Then suddenly Anika was no longer in front of Rebecca, and with a thud and a growl was on the ground, rolling around with a wolf the size of a horse.

“RUN BECCA!!!” Anika shouted, before shifting herself, only halfway, fighting back as the rest of the pack circled her and her eldest brother.

And so Rebecca ran.

She’d been running for near a half hour, non-stop. She was somewhere in the woods, lost, but unable to make herself stop. Her whole body burned, but she was afraid to stop. Not because of the wolves who wanted her dead. She was afraid to stop because it meant having time to think about Anika most likely being dead.

And that was when she was knocked off her feet.

It took her a moment to catch her breath, the wind having been knocked out of her. When she shook it off and looked up, a black furred pony sized wolf was pinning her to the ground. It was snarling, staring at her.

“Get it over with,” Rebecca said, exhausted and in tears. “You already took the best thing that ever happened to me. Just kill me and be done with it.”

The wolf leaned in close, still growling, and then …. it licked her cheek, and began to shift back into human form, revealing itself to be a very bloodied and bruised Anika.

“Now why would I go and do that?” she asked, smiling.

“Ani!!!” Rebecca squealed happily in shock. “How did you…?”

“I was the Alpha for a reason,” she smiled. “My siblings remember why now. There won’t be another mutiny. No one wants to meet the same fate Julia, Clive and Owen did. They’ve all sworn obedience.”

Anika kissed her, passionately, and without asking, started ripping Rebecca’s clothes off. Rebecca kissed back, wanting her, needing her, but stopped her when she reached her panties.

“Wait,” she said, breathless. “There’s something I haven’t told YOU yet, and we can’t continue this until I do. I was going to tell you tonight over dinner and hope you understood, but all this kind of got in the way.”

Anika smiled wryly.

“What you mean about you being transsexual?” she asked.

“How did you … ?” Rebecca asked, confused.

“Well the heap of books about gender and sex were a clue,” Anika replied. “Plus your bathroom has nary a tampon to be found, but it DOES have hormone pills in the medicine cabinet.”

“And you still want me?” Rebecca asked, looking up into Anika’s eyes.

Anika smiled and answered her with another heart-melting kiss. Rebecca squeaked happily and threw her arms around Anika’s neck, kissing back happily.

Even as exhausted as they both were, the passion revitalized them. Anika’s hands took to Rebecca’s breasts with a deep urgency, kissing and biting, overtaken but her love and lust for her little kitty girl, and before long, Anika reached between them and guided Rebecca inside her, riding her deep and hard, both crying out in raw animal passion.

Anika had Rebecca pinned, holding her wrists together above her head as she rode her kitten, her orgasm building deep, until they both came hard. When Anika pulled off of Rebecca, Rebecca sunk between Anika’s thighs to lick her clean, driving Anika wold. Rebecca’s tongue happily explored her wolf, bringing Anika easily to another orgasm. Still not sated, Anika pulled Rebecca up to her, kissing her feverishly and wrapping her legs around Rebecca’s hips, pulling her back inside. Rebecca didn’t need any further encouragement, fucking her wolf with wild hungry abandon, dropping the ring in the leaves, letting her true self shine as she drove herself deep and hard into her wolf.

Before long Anika took charge again, rolling Rebecca onto her back again, grinding against her, letting out a loud passionate howl as she came again. Rebecca yowled with her, thrashing under her as she came too.

Spent, they collapsed into each others’ arms. They kissed and cuddled, breathless, in screaming pain but both happy.

“So what now?” Rebecca asked.

“Now you’re mine kitty cat,” Anika replied. “And you always will be.”

Rebecca smiled and kissed her.

“I can live with that my Wolf,” she replied. “But what about your siblings? You had to kill family because of me. They’ll hate me, I’m sure of it.”

“They won’t be allowed to hate you,” Anika replied. “You’re the Omega now. By our law they must respect you.”

“This is all going to take some getting used to you realize,” Rebecca said.

“We have all the time in the world Kitty Cat,” Anika replied, kissing her.

They fell asleep in the woods, together, and together they would forever be.