Feature Writer: DieselJester / AlexClayton

Feature Title: HEROES FALL 1

Published: 08.02.2021

Story Codes: Erotic Horror

Synopsis: Lady Alexa falls in war and is enslaved by the victor.

Author’s Notes: This story has been Inspired by a combination of Hiblli3D’s Knight Elyane art and stories, Seeds of Chaos, and Viper RSR.

Heroes Fall 1


Lady Alexa, daughter of House Colet and a Paladine Knight of the Realm, woke up with a throbbing headache. She winced and moaned as she tried to sit up off of the floor, a simple task that was made harder as she found out that her wrists were bound behind her back in a cross-cuff fashion. She shook her head to get her bearings, her long golden hair that was matted in places with sweat flying every which way. As her head cleared, she found out that she had another problem; she was totally naked save for an iron collar that had been fastened around her neck. Not good… she thought as she looked around at the dark cell that she was in. It was hard stone on three sides with wrought iron bars with a prison gate making up the fourth wall. The cell was comfortably warm, which implied that she was near a hot spring, a warm river, geothermal activity, a volcano, or it was simply magically heated. The only light that she could discern were the torches on the corridor outside the cell. Whatever the source of heat, she was thankful for that little detail as she wouldn’t freeze to death. There was a small cot on the wall behind her, opposite the cell door, and a small hole, too small to crawl through, recessed in the floor of one corner of the 3-meter cubed cell. She didn’t need a map or instructions to determine what that hole was to be used for.

She got to her feet to pace the cell and to stretch out her aching legs. How long had she been down here for? For that matter, how’d she even get down here to begin with? The last thing she remembered was storming the mountain castle of the traitorous Lord Dreven Sephant with her fellow knights. They’d even made it to his throne room, ready to arrest his smug looking ass just sitting there like he didn’t have a care in the world. She recalled that his hand reached for something by his throne, a gaudy wooden chair that was more plush and more ornate than the king’s own seat. It was a lever of some sorts. It opened panels within the walls, and she saw a flash of green, a spell launched at her perhaps, before her memory of the event went fuzzy and black after that.

After a while she got tired of pacing and simply sat cross-legged on the cot. There wasn’t much of anything else to do. She closed her eyes and took some deep, calming breaths, sure that if a guard or a jailer walked by that they’d get a good look at the rise and fall of her full breasts and her charms displayed through the thatch of brown hair between her wide-open thighs. She didn’t care. She’d been naked in the company of men both platonically and intimately. She wasn’t ashamed of her nudity. At the same time, she focused on just listening to what was going on around her; the crackle of torchlight, the shuffle of people in cells next to hers, the cries of other women down the corridor, and the shouts of outrage of men further down. This was occasionally punctuated with the sudden, anguished cry of pain before going silent.

More time passed in the dark cell before she heard something else going on down the line of cells. She heard people… lots of people… men’s voices… talking amongst themselves and talking to her fellow prisoners. There was some talking, too low for her to hear. Then there was the telltale sound of more women screaming or crying out in protest or horror. Alexa got up off of her cot and moved to the bars, pressing her face between two of them and trying to crane her neck to look down the corridor to her right to see what was going on. She caught a glimpse of eight men going in and out of the cells in pairs. What bothered her were the lecherous grins on their faces and their own half naked bodies save for barbaric looking loincloths and boots.

Two of them, big muscular guys, one of whom was bald with a brown goatee and the other who was slightly shorter, clean shaven, and had shaggy black hair, came to her cell. Alexa instinctively moved back to her cot to stay out of their way, watching them warily. The shorter black-haired man opened the cell with his skeleton key and the two of them walked in. The larger, bald headed man was lugging a huge barrel of water and a ladle. He set it down with a thud and dipped the ladle. “Kneel and receive water,” the bald-headed man commanded gruffly.

Alexa arched an eyebrow at the offered drink, subconsciously licking and smacking her lips. She wanted to refuse but she didn’t know how long she’d be down here or when the next drink, if any, would come. The black-haired man gave her the most insincere smile she’d ever seen. “Come now, Lady Alexa,” he said smoothly, “you do not want to die of thirst in this place, do you? And believe me, this place will dry you out quickly. Please, do not make us force you.” Alexa weighed the pros and cons and figured that if they wanted to kill her, as she suspected that they’d already done with some of the other prisoners, they would’ve done so already. She walked over to them and opened her mouth expectantly. The black-haired man gave her a knowing look with that damnable smile still on his face. “On your knees,” he reminded her. When she just glared at him, he glowered at her. “You’ve been doing so well so far, Lady Alexa, it would be inconsiderate to mar an otherwise perfect record now.”

Groaning inwardly and seeing no other alternative, Alexa swallowed her pride and slowly dropped to her knees, opening her mouth again. Dying of thirst would not do her any good. Black-haired man ran a hand through her golden hair, making her flinch away from his touch. “Good girl,” he said as Baldy put the edge of the ladle to her lips and tipped it. Alexa greedily drank it down, savoring the cool, albeit a bit bitter, water and not caring if some of it dripped to splash the tops of her breasts. Either because she was cooperating or simply the fact that they wanted to keep her hydrated, she got a second and a third scoop of water to drink down. She struggled to drink it all down and more water slushed from the corners of her mouth to run down her chest in rivulets. Her nipples hardened by being teased by the cooler liquid touching them.

“Good,” Black-haired man said with glee. “Now we can proceed to pleasure,” he said, undoing his loincloth to let it drop to the floor. He stepped forward towards her and brought his hardening cock up to her face. Alexa shied away from it, but he was ready for it; this time instead of petting her, he grabbed her hair, making her cry out in pain. “Don’t be stupid, girlie, you had your chance to play soldier and you lost. Your little insurrection at your proper lord and liege is at an end.”

Alexa gasped as she looked up at him, jerking her head away from his cock. The way he said ‘insurrection’ and ‘lord and liege’ jarred her memory. It was Lord Victor Blankly, one of Lord Sephant’s many cronies. That’s why he knew her name when he first came into her cell. She didn’t recognize him without his normal black clothes and equally black armor that they all normally wore, fancying themselves a black legion of sorts. “You’re the traitors!” she exclaimed. “You’re the ones who were rebelling against King Randal’s rule!” Then the memories of that last battle before she was knocked out came rushing back and now she couldn’t shut up to save her life. “You sided with orcs… you… you slime!” she sputtered, unable to comprehend how any human could do such a thing. “You were losing in your uprising and so you sided with evil demons, you traitor!”

To her surprise, they didn’t run her through with their boot knives right then and there. Instead, they laughed at her. “Do you know what the difference between a Patriot and a Traitor is, Lady Alexa?” he asked. “The difference is who wins. Your army fell right into King Sephant’s trap and was decimated. The counterattack is going on in his capital as we speak. Face it; you have lost.”

“You lie!” Alexa spat, unwilling to believe it.

Victor half shrugged. “You’re in here, captured, naked, and at our mercy,” he said nonchalantly. “Whose words do you think carry more weight here? Besides,” he reached out to caress her cheek with the back of his hand, a gesture that made her flinch as well as make her feel sick to her stomach, “history will remember us as the progressive part of humanity who embraced our orc brothers and sisters, marching forward into a new age of peace and cooperation where one will not have to fear the other because of our differences,” he said, almost preaching to her what the books were going to read like. “You purist, racist members of our species will be cast aside and remembered only as an example of how not to behave.”

“Meanwhile, your armies will be murdering, raping, and looting every town and village along the way!” Alexa countered.

“Meh,” Victor shrugged again. “Shmaybe. But… such is the fate of those who refuse to see the same vision that we do.” Now he did pull his knife from his boot, making Alexa brace herself for the inevitable now. “Speaking of which, we now have our other job to do and I’m sure that Brutus here is ready to fuck again.” Once again, he surprised her. She’d closed her eyes and accepted that death was near. But instead of the kiss of cold steel plunging into her chest, she was pushed over onto her back. She looked up at him in bewilderment as he and ‘Brutus’ then each grabbed one of her legs to spread them painfully apart. Brutus took some kind of cream from a pouch on his belt and slapped it down at the V point between her legs… right onto her mound.

It was with such a force that Alexa cried out in pain. Then Victor hooked her left leg underneath his right arm as he came down between her thighs with his left hand clutching the knife. “NO!” she cried out in protest, squirming in their grasp. “What are you doing?”

“King Sephant wants all potential women of his harem to be shaved from the neck down. We are simply removing your unsightly body hair. Now hold still, girlie, you do not want your sex to be cut and marred, do you?” Victor huffed.

Red faced with shame, embarrassment, and defeat, Alexa turned her head to face away from him. Nevertheless, she stilled in their iron grip, letting them do their work in methodically shaving off the mess of hair that covered her charms. Her body shivered as her most intimate parts were touched by cold steel and her pubic hair easily removed. With her pussy as bare as the day she was born, they then moved up, lathered her up underneath of her arms, and shaved the hair from her armpits that she’d allowed to grow throughout this whole campaign, that now appeared was for naught. Her body was now covered in goose bumps with her nipples being rock hard now from the very personal attention. Once they were done, they put the lather sack and their knives away before proceeding to molest her.

“Come now, Lady Alexa, give us a kiss,” Victor crooned at her, reaching up to grab her chin and force her head back around to him. She glared at him even as his lips smashed into hers, letting out a muffled protest as his tongue then invaded her mouth. At the same time, she felt his left hand on her breast while Brutus shuffled positions and she felt his mouth on her freshly shaven mound. Involuntary shudders of pleasure shot through her body and her soft, muffled protests turned to outright squeals. Alexa tried to force her body to relax as she intellectually assessed her situation; she was naked, alone, on her back, with her hands bound behind her back. There was no way that she could fight them and even if she could, she couldn’t get her hands free. She also knew in the back of her head when she renounced her aristocratic life at court to join the ranks of the knights that this might happen one day. It was inevitable. She was a woman in a man’s army and men were mostly scum who only thought with the head between their legs. The only regret that she had was that she didn’t have access to her gear where she had a few vials of elixir stored that would prevent her from becoming with child.

Victor broke off the assault on her mouth to move over her head. She’d gasped for air now that he’d stopped kissing her only to have his cock shoved right into her mouth. Then one of his hands was around her throat above the iron collar. “Suck it, girlie,” he growled, “and don’t even think about biting or I promise you that I’ll choke the shit outta you before you have the chance.” Alexa let out a defeated whimper, indicating her compliance, before starting to suck on his thick member.

Down between her legs, Brutus was raising up to his knees, discarding his belt and loincloth, and shuffling forward. He held her slender ankles in his big, beefy hands as she felt the head of his cock graze her pussy. Her body betrayed her by shuddering again and going wet for him. Then she felt him push inside of her, his cock still wet and slick from the last woman he’d had before her. Her whimpers turned into a deep moan as biology took over and responded with the need to fuck. Now she understood why the girls in the cells to her left were screaming and squealing with their jailors in the cells with them. A bit of defiance flared up inside of her of not wanting to give them the satisfaction of her captors hearing her scream. Brutus had her ankles up in the air still as he pounded into her hard and deep, making her grunt with every thrust into her.

“Flip this bitch around,” Victor then growled as he lifted up off of her head and pulled his cock from her mouth with a pop. “Put her on her knees.” Brutus pulled out of Alexa long enough to do just that, holding her up by her shoulders long enough for Victor to take over holding her while shoving his cock back into her mouth. He slid his hands underneath of her to grope her breasts while Brutus then shoved his cock back into her pussy. It was good, Alexa figured, that they were holding her up as with her wrists shackled behind her back, she wasn’t able to do that herself. She’d been in this position before when she’d had two male lovers at the same time back in the army camp. The guys called it spitroasting and she figured that she’d enjoy this time more if she’d been a more willing participant in it.

As Brutus plowed into her, Victor was pulling out of her mouth, and vice versa. Brutus’ hands were digging into her hips and her ass while Victor’s hands were clenching and releasing her breasts, occasionally roughly tweaking her nipples. Alexa squeezed her eyes shut, tears of pain and stress leaking out and streaming down her burning hot cheeks, as she refused to give them the satisfaction of making a sound. She knew when Victor was getting close as he ignored her breasts, grabbed the sides of her head, and started humping furiously into her mouth. At the same time, she felt his cock swell within her mouth. Wanting to get him done quickly to get this ordeal over with, she sucked on him even harder. A moment later he let out a savage roar as he jammed his hips forward into her face to make sure his cock got all the way into her mouth so that her lips were wrapped around its base. She felt his thick cream shoot down her throat and she started swallowing out of pure reflex and out of a desire not to choke.

“Ha!” Victor crowed, “She’s sucking me off like a whore in heat like I always knew she was,” he laughed as he emptied his balls down her gullet. Alexa ignored the insult as, ironically, she realized that his seed might be the only thing that she’d get into her belly for some time. Who knew when they might feed her? Victor kept his cock embedded into her mouth as she sucked him dry.

Behind her, Brutus finally reached her climax, and she found a perverse bit of pleasure in simply being used in such a fashion. She felt his cock swell inside of her pussy before it started twitching, shooting out his load into her. With him in the throes of passion, however, she tried to pull away. Brutus, unfortunately, pulled her right back to keep his cock throbbing inside of her. Once again her body betrayed her by convulsing a bit around his manhood, gripping him and sending shudders of pleasure up her body. It wasn’t a full-on orgasm, but it was close. Both of them kept their cocks shoved into her for as long as possible as they spurt their seed inside of her and forcing more erotic trembles to shoot through her body. Only when they went limp did they finally pull out and put their belts and loincloths back on, leaving her laying on the floor with cum oozing from her pussy and cum dribbled a bit on her lips.

A sob wracked her body, not just from what they’d said and how they’d violated her, but from the fact that she felt pleasure from it and that now she was on a ticking clock that she didn’t want to be on. Only one thought was that she had to get to her gear and get her elixir now. She managed to roll to her side and croak out her request. It was so inaudible that Victor paused, gave her a questioning hum, and arched his eyebrow in curiosity to her. Alexa swallowed the remaining seed in her mouth, licked her lips, and looked up at him from the floor. “My gear… please…” she repeated. “Can I please have my gear? I don’t want to be with child. I have vials of silphium elixir in it to prevent that.”

Victor barked out a laugh as he elbowed Brutus knowingly. “I told you she was a whore,” he chortled before looking back down at Alexa with a cruel smile. It was a laugh that Brutus shared with him. Victor gave Alexa a knowing look. “My dear, while King Sephant wishes to reward his loyal guards and servants with use of you rebellious women, what he doesn’t want are a bunch of bastard children running around… at least not until you’ve proven your loyalty to your liege and are willing to raise them up right under his regime anyway,” he explained. “Why else do you think that the water has a bitter taste? We’ve already boiled silphium into the water. So fear not, your belly will not swell with a baby… yet. We’re debating on whether or not we’ll be rewarding our new allies with you or not. So if I were you, I’d decide now if you’d rather serve in His Majesty’s harem, or be thrown to our orc and demon allies as whores to be fucked non-stop. The choice is yours.” With that, he swept out of the cell and Brutus, picking up the barrel of silphium water, followed him out, closing the cell door behind him with a loud clang. Victor took a moment to lock it and they were on to their next cell, presumably passing the other teams that have no doubt bypassed this cell in their work.

Sure enough, even as Alexa lay on the stone floor, she could hear them talking further down while the cell to her right was filled with the sounds of grunting, groaning, the slapping of skin on skin, and sex as the two men took advantage of whatever poor, hapless girl was in there. Alexa just stayed on the floor, crying and wallowing in a moment of self-pity as she wondered how she was going to get out of here. Her arms were still bound behind her back and probably would be for some time. More sex would surely be forced upon her in the foreseeable future as they slowly and methodically tried to break her will. After she’d shed all of her tears, she focused on the immediate problem, survival. She’d have to do whatever it took just to survive long enough to escape… even if that meant yielding her body to her captors for a time.

After a while, she forced herself to get up off of the floor and shuffle over to the recessed hole in the corner by the cell bars. The need to relieve herself was now too great to ignore. There was some trial and error, but she figured out the best way to position herself to do it, trying not to think about what one of her captors might see, think, or say should they happen to walk by while she was doing it. Then, she got a shock as a jet of water shot up between her legs, cleaning her off. She yelped and nearly jumped off of the thing. Looking down, she noticed a magical rune in place that apparently was activated after she was done relieving herself. The water cut off after a minute and she had to straddle the hole and squat down again to make sure she was completely clean. Curious, Alexa wondered if she could get water from it by holding her body over it but that turned out to be fruitless. It was there just to clean her privates in one-minute blasts and that was it. She’d be relying on her jaiors for food and water.

With nothing else to do, she returned to her cot and lay down. Sleep soon overtook her. Sometime later, she bolted upright on her cot having been jolted awake. Her cell door was opening up and Victor and Brutus were coming back in looking the same as they had been before. “Kneel and receive water,” Brutus grunted at her as he dropped his huge barrel down, dipping his ladle in. Knowing that it was futile to resist, and wanting to keep up her strength, Alexa walked over to them and silently went to her knees before them. Brutus gave her four ladles of the slightly bitter water laced with the natural contraceptive this time. She figured it was a reward for behaving. She also couldn’t help but wonder if it was laced with something else to make her more pliable to their machinations.

“Good Girl,” Victor crooned at her, reaching out and caressing her face again. It took everything within her not to flinch again. If she hoped to get out of here, she had to play by their rules. “Now continue to be good and we’ll have a treat for you,” he said as he moved to kneel behind her, removing his loincloth. At the same time, Brutus hung his ladle on the side of the barrel and took his loincloth off as well. She got a good eyeful of Brutus’ manhood and her eyes widened slightly. He was a lot bigger than Victor was and he wasn’t even hard yet. Alexa knew what they wanted and didn’t resist in the slightest. She heard Victor spit on his hand to lube his cock up before working it up into her pussy. Then Brutus brought his cock up to her lips while putting his free hand on top of her head to hold her still. Alexa opened her mouth, closing her eyes in the process, so that Brutus could slide his cock in. She gagged slightly on his member as it slid further down her throat than Victor could ever hope to get. Taking deep breaths through her nose, Alexa willed herself to relax and just let it happen. Brutus immediately started fucking her mouth while Victor was already happily humping away inside of her pussy behind her.

“Yeah, this is what you really are, aren’t you Lady Alexa?” Victor hissed into her ear even as his hands wrapped around her body, one hand going for her left breast while his right hand went around her slender waist to her mound. “Pure slut,” he said. She could hear the sneer of contempt in his voice. His fingers brushed her clit back and forth while his thick, but a bit short, cock pumped in and out of her, forcing shocks of pleasure to coarse through her body. All she could do was whimper in response while both her pussy and her mouth were fucked by them. “You and I both know that this is where you belong,” he told her, “on your knees with a cock in your pussy or in your mouth… if not both.” Another wave of forced erotic pleasure jolted through her at this proclamation as he increased the pressure on her clit as he fingered her, making her squeal around Brutus’ cock again.

Alexa was going to be made to come this time, she was sure of it. She was still keyed up from them taking her earlier. Now with Victor actively, and furiously, fingering her clit it was harder for her to ignore or fight it. The more she fought it, the more she tried to shut the sensations out, the faster she felt it coming. She squeezed her eyes shut so tightly that tears streamed out of them again. Victor seemed to sense her holding back and proceeded to fuck her harder and faster, now mauling her left breast while his fingers flew back and forth across her clit. Brutus took his cue from Victor and was now fucking her mouth as fast as he could pump his hips back and forth. Her squeals turned into a high-pitched screech a moment before she let out a deep, guttural “Unnngh” around Brutus’ cock as her body jerked sharply between them. The orgasm slammed through her with such a force that she’d never before experienced. Her loins tensed hard as her body shuddered violently, her pussy clamped down around Victor’s cock as it pumped in and out of her. A moment later she felt his warm cum flood up into her.

She was reduced to letting out small grunts and groans while Victor emptied out his balls inside of her and while Brutus continued slamming his cock in and out of her mouth. Then he finally came as he grabbed the sides of her head and forced his cock as far down her throat that he could get it. Considering how well hung he was, it was quite a way down. Her body continued to shudder, now from the stress of keeping air in her lungs as she struggled to drink down all of his cum. Her eyes rolled back into her head and her eyelashes fluttered as her body threatened to shut down from lack of breathing. Alexa desperately tried to pull away, but Brutus and his iron grip were unyielding. The last thing she saw was his grinning face as she passed out.

When she came to, they were gone, the cell door was closed, and she was laying on the stone floor again. Her wrists were still bound behind her back in the cross shackles but there was a mutton leg on a plate in front of her face. Her stomach rumbled hungrily, and she licked her lips, the salty taste of Brutus’ wet cum evident on them. Alexa slowly got to her knees and bent over. With her arms behind her back, she had to eat it off of the plate like a dog. This must have been the treat they were alluding to; food. Well, at least it was cooked. She lowered her head down to the mutton and gingerly ate it. As much as she wanted to save it for later, she didn’t dare leave anything on the plate. Alexa took her time and ate every scrap of meat that she could get off of the bone and even went so far as to lick the plate clean.

The gods only knew when she’d get food again.


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