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Feature Title: Bunny Goes to Hell 1

Published: 19.10.2020

Story Codes: Erotic Horror

Synopsis: Bunny, the Lust Sinner, dies and ends up in Hell

Bunny Goes to Hell 1

Part one: The Arrival

Bunny blinked a few times… what just happened?

What sort of room was this? Where was his body? He felt floaty…

Wasn’t he just on a plane? Now Bunny was in a room with black looking walls, apparently sitting in a comfortable, black leather chair. Was he even sitting? He couldn’t see his legs to know for sure. Bunny felt his eyes. He could see and hear the open fire flicker in each corner of the room, which was providing light. On closer inspection of the walls, it was clear that the room was made of black stone… a lot of black stone…

Where is the door? Bunny thought to himself. Surely there is a door somewhere. While looking around, Bunny heard a, “ahem…” as someone cleared their throat. Bunny looked straight ahead, and standing there was a young man. It was hard to guess the boy’s age. There was no body hair besides ear length, straight, fire-red hair on his head. He was topless, had a very petite build (reaching barely to Bunny’s nose), and he was dressed only in black tight jeans… Did Bunny mention he was topless?

And he must have had some rolled up paper sticking in his trousers because no human could really be that big, right?

“Where am I?” Bunny asked.

In the person’s hands was a folder. He looked at it. “Bunny. That’s you, right? We have a problem with too many customers and too little personal management, so there’s a lot of paperwork circulating throughout here.”

What the hell was he going on about? “Yes, that’s my name. Where am I? What is this place?”

The young man just smiled at Bunny. He started to feel like he was actually there in the room now… he didn’t feel lightheaded anymore. When he glanced down, he noticed that he was completely nude.

Bunny yelped and covered his crotch. He was totally naked in front of this stranger that he had never met before. “W-where are my clothes!?”

The man looked Bunny up and down. “At least this worked out… and I got a good looking partner.” He snapped his fingers, and the paper folder disappeared in a flash of red flame.

Bunny jumped up in fear. “Holy shit! What was that!?” Bunny only just noticed two small horns sticking out of the guy’s forehead, both the same colour as his head. Puzzled, he asked, “wait… are you…?”

“Now, relax. Let’s start with the basics here. Yes, I am what you think I am. Yes, that means that we are where you think we are.”

“You are a police officer, and you are arresting me!? I didn’t think the hotel would notice a robe missing! Honest!” Bunny was almost in tears.

The guy facepalmed. “No no no, Bunny… calm down. Stealing isn’t the reason you are here. However, the big bearded bastard up there has a problem. He is really old-school and not what you would call politically correct. Basically, everybody who fucks out of wedlock or even regularly masturbates ends up down here. The warm place. The oven… HELL.”

“Oh. It would have been nicer if he had given a more clear warning, you know?” Bunny uncovered his crotch. What was the point? Bunny was in Hell, and he was scared…

“Now, again, don’t freak out too much. Much of the stuff said about this place… well, do you know the saying, ‘history is written by the winners’?”

“No…” Bunny felt slightly reassured.

“So, God made us into bloodthirsty insane monsters that don’t know other fun than to torment poor humans on Earth. Well, newsflash, if we could influence Earth, we wouldn’t still be down here. What you do or don’t do, and what happens up there is only influenced by one guy: God. But suuure, blame it all on us… And torturing souls for fun? Tell me, do you work for fun? Nooo, we do it for a living. Just as anybody else does. I mean sure, you should try to take pleasure out of your work, but seriously, I would much rather be home, watching some shows like Black Adder or Friends…”

The guy was on to something. “That does seem unfair… why not just start calling this place Better Heaven in order to spite God and Heaven?”

The young man laughed out loud. “Who do you think named this place? Hint: Not the losers. Our publicity department is pretty small. I believe it is about zero right now.”

Bunny giggled and asked, “so how do you make a living exactly?”

“Well, by torturing of course.”

Bunny felt a chill run down his spine. “What counts as torture? Surely not the same torture will work on all people…”

“Ah yes. Now here is where things will get a bit complicated, you see. Down here with only brimstone and ash, no rain or sun, farming isn’t really an option. But no matter what he says, we do need to eat, sleep, chill…”

That means there is no snow then. Thank god, Bunny thought to himself…

The demon continued talking. “The good thing is that every soul has a tiny bit of HIS energy inside them. The big man puts said soul into a certain level of pressure. It is different from case to case, largely depending on the sin which sent the individual here. It allows us to leak the pressure out of them. Therefore, we can produce all the important things such as weather, food, light, electricity, and entertainment.”

Bunny was dazzled by everything the demon was saying. It was surreal to hear these things. “That is genuinely fascinating.”

“And it’s not only for us. Souls that aren’t currently at work get to enjoy the same level of comforts. Speaking of work, before coming here, I checked your file. In His words, you are a sexual deviant of the first order, to be thoroughly cleansed and tormented to pure your soul. If you ask me, he is just stuck up because he isn’t getting any.”

Bunny laughed and blushed. “Heheh… Yeah, I am a very sexual deviant…” Though… Bunny was still a virgin… He just masturbated a lot… a whole lot. But still, only once every few days. Was that really enough to constitute torture?

“That makes you a Lust Sinner. Congratulations, yours is the most common type of sinner. Every sinner is tortured according to their type. Greed Sinners get to spend their time in a land without generosity. Wrath Sinners, well-”

“It kind of sounds like God has some secret kinks of his own. Like, if God decided to go out of his way to create souls that eventually get tormented so that a race of demons doesn’t die, doesn’t that make God a sinner?”

“Pppffft, race of demons. Should I put you down as being racist as well?”

“What?! No! I didn’t mean to offend you! I am sorry, whatever your name is.”

“I am kidding. We are 100% demons. And my name is Luci, but you may call me Master. And no, no direct relationship to the boss. Well… that’s a lie, but I digress.”

“Luci is a nice name.”

Luci smiled at him then. “Now, let’s get back on track. Let’s discuss the torture you will receive as a Lust Sinner…” Luci snapped his fingers and Bunny felt a cold ring around his balls. Bunny looked down and saw that there was a rather cute, small silver chain around his balls with a padlock on it. “As long as you wear this chain, you will be unable to cum. No matter the amount of stimulation you receive…” Luci was suddenly right in front of Bunny, almost touching him. “And you will be receiving quite a lot of stimulation.”

Bunny squeaked and stepped back and fell into the chair. “Oh gosh. That’s a bit private!”

“My job is to tease and torment you to the point where a mortal would go insane in under an hour. Fortunately, insanity is impossible to reach down here. Convenient in a sense. Don’t worry though, work is only eight to ten hours a day, and 6 days a week. During your day off, you will wear a second chain that will numb your cock and balls, removing the feeling of the NEED,” Luci said with a grin.

The idea of being tortured hadn’t fully hit Bunny yet. Now that it was confirmed, Bunny was terrified. “You’re going to torture me by denying my orgasms?!”

Luci chuckled. “You can compare denying orgasms with something such as comparing the flame of a candle to the flame of the sun. Yes, both produce heat, but they are not quite the same.”

Not only was the sun much stronger than a candle, the sun would take so much longer to burn out than a candle. “Ah… I see…”

“So, want to try your first chance at getting out of here? Or would you rather get to know some of your neighbours? We try to group together souls with similar sin backgrounds. Gives them something to talk about during downtime.”

“Bunny wants a chance to get out of here…”

“Very well. First chance is always fun. Don’t worry, either you pick right and you are free to go to Heaven, or you don’t and stay in Hell for another month.” Luci snapped his fingers and Bunny instantly found himself in front of what seemed to be a swimming pool: a public swimming pool filled with keys. Heck, there were even some diving boards, some lounge chairs off to the sides, and some pool floaties.

“See, it is really easy. One of these keys unlocks the chain around your balls. You get to pick and try one of them. If you pick correctly, you are free to go to Heaven. If you pick incorrectly, you stay for another month in Hell, and we throw that key you picked aside. That way, the odds of you finding the key increase every month.”

Bunny’s jaw dropped. There were thousands, if not millions, of keys in this pool! Bunny would have more odds winning the lottery than pulling the right key on the first pick. Although, maybe mathematically he would have a better chance of picking the right key than winning the lottery. “That’s a lot of keys, and the key could be any of them. What if it is at the bottom?! Are the keys sharp?”

“No, they are not sharp. Their physical attributes have been altered to act more like water than metallic objects. You can swim in them as if it were a pool of water, and you will float up as if it were a pool of water too. If you need swimming lessons, I would be more than happy to teach you. I wouldn’t think differently of you if you didn’t know how to swim. Humans aren’t designed to swim anyways. They just have the capability to learn how to do it.”

“I know how to swim…”

“And yes, it could be at the bottom. You have ten minutes to choose a key, or else I’ll just assume you didn’t feel like picking a key this month. However, there is one question that seems to have eluded from your mind…”

“W-what is that?” Bunny was nervous.

Suddenly, Luci was right behind Bunny, hugging him. He whispered in Bunny’s ear. “Don’t you want to know how deep the pool is?”

Bunny just widened his eyes and quivered…

Luci nuzzled Bunny’s ear, “Most guys like you break down when I tell them, and then they cry.”

“I-is it bottomless?”

“No. Good guess though. The pool is one centimeter deep for every time you’ve masturbated yourself to orgasm, and it is an additional 10 centimeters deep for every time you have had premarital sex.”

“I am a virgin, so… lucky me I guess…” Bunny said that sarcastically and gratefully at the same time. He put his hands on his hips and thought about the math.

“That’s like 751 centimetres! Or about 7.5 meters! That’s like 7 metre sticks and one half of a metre stick! 0-0” Or approximately 25 feet deep…

“You do realize that premarital sex includes all the times someone other than you has touched your cock, right?” Luci grinned sadistically.

“I’m a virgin in that regard too!” Bunny didn’t want to be reminded that he didn’t get to do it in life. He held back his tears.

Luci just stepped in front of Bunny. “You’re not lying. Incredible… I’m shocked you got put here. Well, masturbation seemed to be the biggest sin in your folder. In fact, it seemed to be your only sin. When you put it that way, it’s not very shocking at all. Hehehe. You are a good bunny with good morals.” Luci pet Bunny on the head.

Then, he snapped his fingers. The ground dramatically began to rumble and crackle. A large hole opened up behind Bunny. It seemed to be as big as the pool of keys…

“Regardless, you will get to throw each key you get to try into this hole. That way you can judge with time how much progress you’ve made.”

Bunny quivered. “That’s at least helpful. Is there any chance that the key is at the top, or is it going to be the last one?” Bunny wanted to remain as optimistic as possible.

“Oh no, this works fair. It is pure chance where the key is. Otherwise, we would just fill up the pool with stones and have you take out one every month and release you when the pool is empty. Keys are much more work. They give you the tiniest sliver of hope.”

Bunny took a deep breath and finally decided to walk over to the pool of keys. He scooped up a handful of keys and placed them on the ground in front of Luci. “Which one of these do you think it is?” Bunny asked playfully.

Luci was suddenly behind Bunny once more. This time, one of his hands was groping Bunny’s balls, softly massaging them. He whispered in Bunny’s ear. “You’re going to lose all sorts of virginities. The best part is you’re not going to be able to cum when you lose them.”

Bunny squeaked and started speed-running Eenie Meenie Minie Moe. His cock quickly formed an erection.

Luci giggled and rubbed his cock, which was still contained in his trousers, up Bunny’s leg. His fingers spidered up and down Bunny’s cock. “Why don’t you choose none? That would make me soooo hot,” he moaned softly into Bunny’s ear.

Bunny couldn’t decide which key to pick. What if he picked the wrong key? He couldn’t last a month without being able to cum…

“Before we get all hot and private, there are two of my colleagues and their respective pets that I want you to get to know. They work the same shift, so you might also end up working together.” Luci grabbed Bunny’s cock with one warm, soft hand, but only to hold it. “So the faster you are finished here, the faster we can get started.”

Bunny couldn’t take it. “This key! I pick this key! It’s the shiniest!” Bunny inserted the key into the lock and turned it. Unsurprisingly, it failed to unlock. Luci took the key and tossed it into the empty hole. It fell for nearly ten seconds before hitting the ground, “Well, who would have thought that would be the wrong key…”

Luci grinned. “So, before we go meet my colleague, you should know something about Lili. She is a very old-school Succubus. Long tail, long scandalous legs, shaven pussy, big, bubbly butt, and breasts as large as her head. She wears a black leather outfit, which hides nothing. Traditional. She will be offended if you don’t stare, offended and insulted. I don’t even want to insult her. Believe me, you don’t either.

What could that possibly imply? Does that mean that Luci would not dare insult her since she is so powerful? Luci has already casually shown off his abilities multiple times. Could she really dominate him if she chose to? “How much should I stare? Like, how much is too awkward?”

“Don’t think about it too hard. Staring should be natural for your type of sin.”


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