Queen Bitch of Abortion – Non-Fiction

Feature Writer: skullmayhem

Feature Title: Queen Bitch of Abortion

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Queen Bitch of Abortion


The Great Abortion Giveaway gets you a throne in Hell that grows bigger with each abortion. Be the Queen Bitch of Abortion in Hell. I Hail and Bow to every Woman whose had an abortion. Get Fucked before you go to the clinic then have your pussy eaten afterwards. Satan loves your nasty Evil. Hail the Abortion Whore. Hail Satan

9 thoughts on “Queen Bitch of Abortion – Non-Fiction”

  1. Late term abortions should be made legal. Breed, Abort, Repeat! Every abortion is another soul for The Lord. Hail Satan!

      1. Hail G.Nic — looking for any more info on Breed. Abort and Repeat! — anyone can help?

    1. Hail Mastur666Boy — I don’t know why but I have this thing about pregnant woman, abortions and human sacrifices lately?

    1. Hail G Nic – tell me more about these experiences – I have fucked pregnant women in the past – but more lately I have been thinking about abortion caused by object rape

  2. A heavily pregnant teen slowly wals up the steps of the caravan and opens the door. Her brothers, uncles, her sisters and aunties are waiting inside the filthy squalor of the caravan. This is the fucking caravan the totally inbred family of 42 use for their nightly booze and drug-fuelled orgies.

    All of them, including the pregnant teen, are filthy, unwashed and stinking of old sex and piss. The men wear just filthy underpants, the girls and women wear identical once-white miniskirts, so short their ass cheeks and glimpses of their cunts show as they walk about the camp, either looking for their next drink or drug to fuel their already burning desires to be filth-fucked by brothers, uncles or maybe even Grandpappy himself,

    Some of them wear filthy scraps of underwear, usually only worn to stop the cock-cheese laced jizz from dripping down their thighs.

    “You really want this Mandy?” one of the men asks, squeezing the bulge in his underwear.

    “I want rid of this fucking sprog, yea. I want you to kick this little bastard baby out of my cunt, just like we all watched Marsh get rid of hers last month.”

    “It’ll hurt Mandy, “says the guy.

    “I fucking know it will, and I want it, I want you to do it, kick the little fucker so hard it’s screaming Get me out of here

    And I know that Jesus in heaven will be crying as he watches us, just as we all know that Satan will be drooling and wanking his huge filthy cock as he laughs at Jesus crying.”

    “Yeah. That’s my girl! Lets see you fuck Jesus first,” the man says, holding up a crucifix.

    [Jesus is there on the crucifix, dead as a fucking Dodo. He’s hanging by the wrists from the cross-bars so his head is below them. His mouth is open wide as if he’s screaming. He’s naked, sweaty and dirty and has an erection]

    The girl takes the crucifix, smells it briefly, licks Jesus’ cock, parts her thighs and shoves Jesus right into the open, cameltoe’d cunt and up until Jesus disappears.

    There’s movement as now all the men, women, girls and boys watching start masturbating, Some of them are sniffing lines, some necking booze – including the smell kids.

    “Yeah, Mandy! Go fer it!

    [We all know that believers believe that Jesus sees what is done with his image, he sees every time a priest kisses a crucifix for example. Imagine what he’s thinking as he sees this filthy, disgustine, sexualized teen, pregnant with her brothers or uncles or ‘paying uncles’ sprog (no-one knows). He’s got himself stuffed right up into the depths of a filthy stinking cunt and getting himself wanked in and out, gasping for fresh air when his head briefly pops out. Satan is edging himself as pre-teen boys and girls climb over him, the boys giving him smells and tastes of their filthy cock cheese, the little girls showing him the cheese-laden jizz sliding out of their cunts. There are serpents and devils licking the little boys and crawling up the pre-teen fucked-out cunts too]


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