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Feature Writer: Wilson Talasz

Feature Title: Belphegor Demon

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Belphegor Demon

I wish you all a wonderful night, save the demon Belphegor or Belfegor (“the lord of fire” the true demon of sex), venerated Moabite deity on Mount Fegor. Demon of sex, lust and laziness, discoveries, rot, inventions and the cycle.

Worshiped in ancient Palestine in the form of a tall, bearded figure with a large, active phallus, PENIS, rules the tense and the carnal sexual act, Belphegor is one of the seven princes that rule Hell, being the embodiment of the first sin, the sex and laziness.

His appearance changes according to the quote, from a beastly being, from a young man endowed with sex to a tall, bearded old man who has sex with both men and women possessing a phallus-shaped tongue, is portrayed as being a youth of exuberant beauty that seduces men and women leading to the sin of the flesh, the sin of the horny and the sexual orgy.

It is a demon who can lean on who is invoked, for sexual practices, say he ruled the time of ancient Greece and Rome, where the practice of sex was a philosophy of life, with same-sex and same-sex sexual experiences. Opposite sex. When angry leaves men bleating, This is the true image of this beautiful demon, that he protects those who are deserving.


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