Feature Writer: A Cannibal

Feature Title: Hawaiian Jungle Horror

Published: Unknown

Story Codes: Cannibalism, NC, Young, Rape, Erotic Horror


Hawaiian Jungle Horror

Amy and her three daughters were on week’s vacation in the Hawaiian Islands. They had seen all the sights on this particular island had to offer in the first couple of days.

On day four she noticed her girls were showing signs of being board with just lying around the pool. They would slowly stroll down there to it instead of usual run like they had when they had first arrived. In their hotel room she gathered the girls around a table and spread out some Chinese takeout.

As they ate Amy said, “I was thinking about renting a sailboat tomorrow and we can all take a little cruise around the island. There are suppose to be places that rental car can’t go that are beautiful. Things like waterfalls cascading into pools of crystal clear blue water, which run into private coves. Then there’s volcano and the lava flowing from it runs into the sea. I know we saw it earlier, but it going to be even more spectacular from the water.”

Lauren, Amy’s thirteen year old daughter asked, “That sound’s cool, but I have a question. Do you know how to sail?”

The teenager’s younger sisters Liz, eleven and Natalie, nine, nodded their heads in agreement.

“Of course I do. Your grandfather taught me how.” she explained.

What Amy didn’t tell her daughters was that it had been fifteen years since she’d last sailed. However she was confident that she could handle the boat.

In the morning the family went to the store bought an ice chest fill it with fruits and bottled water. They would snack on these on their voyage around the island. Now that they had everything except the boat so they headed to the marina to get a boat. Once there and talking to the rental agent she was surprised by types of sail boats.

Most were two or more sails type. That wouldn’t work for her she’d only learned to sail on one’s with a single sail. Also it had been a lake not the Pacific Ocean. When Amy admitted that it that these sail boats were too much her to handle he suggested a power boat.

He put that rental book aside and showed her the other book. This one had motor boats of all sizes, from the basic outboards to fifty-foot cabin cruisers. Amy decided on a midsize cabin cruiser. It had enough room for the girls to stretch and sunbathe on the trip. Then they load their boat for a tour around the island. An hour later they pull into a small cove and anchored the boat.

“This is the first stop girls.” Amy announced.

“What there to see here,” Lauren asked.

She looked in a book she had bought that told of things to see by boat.

“Says here that there’s a trail leading to… um, I can’t pronounce the name of it, but it a waterfall. I figure we can have nice swim there. If any of you don’t want to swim up there well then there the ocean,” Amy said.

Natalie asked, “OK but how do we get there. This boat doesn’t have a dingy.”

“Oh it has a dingy alright, it’s you,” Liz teased her little sister.

Before an augment erupted their mother said, “We get to shore this way.”

With that she dove into the ocean. The girls looked at each other, laughed and followed suit. After body surfing in the four walked up a trail and found a twenty-five-foot-high waterfall. The water came crash down into a beautiful crystal clear pool.

After admiring the scenery for a few moments they all dove in to the pool. It was cool and refreshing their hike and every one enjoyed the water. An hour later the girls were lying on the big boulders sunning themselves.

Lauren stood up and said, “Since there’s no one here I’m going to get a tan all over.”

The others giggled and then they too stripped out of their swimsuits. Another hour passed and Amy said, “Time for one last dip then we’ve got to get back to the boat if we want to see the volcano,” Amy said.

The three girls grumbled that they liked it here and why did they have to go look at a stupid volcano anyway.

Their mother’s answer was, “I feel the same way, but all the food and water was back on the boat. So we have to go back and as long as were there we might as go have a look at the fiery mountain. Tell you what it’s not even noon yet and the volcano isn’t that far away by boat. That means after we’ve had our look at it we can come back here.”

Everyone ran back to the boat and they took off to see the volcano. All four thought it was interesting to see the red hot lava drip into the water. Sometimes a wave would crash over creating even more steam. Everyone thought though that it was better from land where to get close to it. After taking some snap shots of the volcano and lava she turned the boat back toward the cove.

The boat was cruising along with everyone enjoying the wind in their faces. What none of them notice was that there were sinister black clouds coming up behind them. All the sudden it became as dark as midnight on a moonless night. The boat was tossed about as the water began to boil. Inside the girls were being tossed about as if they were toys. Amy was holding on to helm with one hand while trying to grab her daughters with the other.

Now lightening was flashing almost constantly and thunder booming so loud that it was almost deafening. During one of the flashes Amy saw something that scared her to death, a huge wave.

It towered over the boat and she had just enough time to scream before the wave crashed over the boat. Amy heard her daughter’s screams and then everything went black. As Amy slowly woke she wondered why her bed was so ruff. She opened her eyes to see she was on the beach, but why. As Amy mind cleared she remembered the boat and falling overboard and where were her girls. She looked around and saw three lumps just above the high tide line.

She tried to stand and run over to them but fell right back down. That didn’t stop her determination to get to her daughters though. She got on all fours and crawled over to them.

She was relieved to see they were breathing as the sand near their noses was moving. Amy shook Lauren’s shoulders to wake her. The oldest daughter moaned and opened her eyes. She started to sit up helped her mother said, “Take it easy, honey. Just sit there and don’t try and stand up right now.”

“That’s about all I can do right now mom,” she replied holding her head.

Amy crawled over to the other two and woke them.

Only when all her children were awake and she knew they were safe did she look around.

They were on a black sand beach with calm surf rolling back and forth. Behind them a jungle that seemed impenetrable. Looking up the beach she saw a tall cliff but the other way stretched on quite a ways before bending off to the right.

Natalie cleared her throat asking, “I got a couple questions. The first is do you know where are we? The second is where’s are our bathing suits?”

Amy blinked at the others. She hadn’t noticed that they were naked having been too concerned with the well being of her daughters to notice.

She told all three girls, “The answer to both questions is simple. I haven’t a clue.”

Amy managed to get to her feet and looked out over the water. “It’s weird I don’t see our boat or any debris from it,” she said.

“Maybe it sank whole,” Liz said looking around too.

Her mother shrugged, “perhaps. Anyway, can everybody stand? I think we should go and find some water and some clothing.

The girls stood and wobbled slightly as they tested their legs. Then they walk over to their mother and the four set out.

They walked for half an hour before they found a river. There was also a trail beside it so they followed to a small pool. They all drank deeply from the water before sliding into it with sighs. They hadn’t realized how thirsty and hot they were before that.

“Where do you think this trail goes mom?” Lauren asked.

She was about to answer when a male voice said, “it leads to our home.”

Amy, Lauren, Liz and Natalie all let out a shriek and cover their breasts before looking at a man and 3 young girls. The native man carried a spear and had a loin cloth covering his privets. The native girls were naked though and carried no weapons.

“Do you have a phone or a car we could barrow,” Amy asked.

The man shook his head, “I don’t know what they are. If you wish to come back to our home and we can ask my wife, but I don’t think she knows either.”

She was going to ask about clothing, but seeing his daughters were naked and he only in the loin cloth it was obvious they had none.

So from the pool she asked, “Which island are we on?”

“This island has no name. We and some others have been out fishing. Then a big storm comes and we ended up here on this island.”

Amy looked at her daughters then back to the man saying that’s what happened to us. Can I ask how long ago did this happen to you?”

He shrugged, “a long, long time. We must go back to our home now. You can come along or check with the others on the island.”

“Give us a minute,” she said. The man nodded and walked up the trail with his girls.

“They look good enough to eat father,” the oldest girl Keala said.

His other girls, Haimi and Kalona made their sentiments by nodding in argument.

Their father, Makaio, smiled at them. They did look good enough to eat which would be happening tomorrow. Tonight though he had plans for the younger meat.

His wife wouldn’t like it but she knew it had to be done. He might even have the older meat before she too was eaten.

In the water the conversation started with Amy saying, “I don’t think they care about clothing. After all his girls aren’t wearing anything and he has only a pouch holding him in.”

“I’m glad of that,” Liz said and turning red.

“We might as well go with them. Besides it’s not like we have anywhere else to go,” Natalie mused.

Lauren stepped out of the water saying, “It’s not like he hasn’t seen naked girls before, so let’s go.”

The rest of the family joined her and they walk up to the natives where Amy told them they go to their encampment. The young native girls lead the way to back followed by the strangers.

Makaio brought the rear least one of the potentials meals realize that they were going to be fucked and eaten. He was the only one with weapon and could force them back to their home. Luckily that didn’t happen and the meat walked into the compound.

When Amy and family came into the clearing they saw a single large grass shack at one end. At the other end were two poles about standing ten-feet-high and a cross bar with looked like rope hanging down.

Amy knew these must be where they slaughter their meat. Having grown up on a farm she had seen her father carve pigs and sheep turning into meat for their table. Her daughters were city bred and their idea of where meat came from was the supermarket.

In the center of the compound Olina was tending a fire. She look up at the group practically drooled.

Olina wondered which meat to start with? The older one with the red had plenty of meat on her but not that much fat. She could see a resemblance in all the younger ones and knew they were daughters of the older woman. Her breasts were the size of coconuts which the men would enjoy.

The oldest girl had darker shade of red hair but her breasts were a lot smaller than her mothers. Her husband would want to tenderize her before she was cooked. She was smaller than her mother only coming to her shoulders.

Then there was the middle one she was half a head shorter than her sister. Her hair was yellow like the sun and her breast had just started to fill out. The youngest girl was a full head shorter than her oldest sibling with white hair. She had no breasts but then that never stopped her husband from playing with the food before.

Olina decided she would be the first to be cooked. She also knew that she’d need help because the mother wouldn’t just let her daughters be turn into meat. Makaio ducked in the hut and came out a few minutes later carrying a gourd and coconut cups. He handed each visitor a cup and pour some liquid into it.

Not wanting to offend their host Amy and her daughters drank. It was a sweet liquid and went down easy and none suspected a sleeping agent inside. They were all on the ground inside five minutes.

Olina praised her family “you all did a fine job of bring some fine meat home. Now if you help me get them ready I’ll get a knife.

“Now honey you know I’ll want to tenderize them all. You can clean them out in the morning. That way they’ll be fresh when cooked,” Makaio said.

“We’ll everyone does like it when they’re fresh.

Alright then at least get them tied up so they can’t leave before I can prepare them,” Olina said.

He agreed to that and sent his daughters to collect vines so their guest wouldn’t leave.

While they did this their parents wanted to checked quality of the meat but knew they didn’t have time. It wouldn’t take the girls long to get the vines. Olina just enough time to checked them from the waist down and her husband did upper half. Makaio liked breast meat after all.

He rubbed each of the girl’s breasts even the little bumps on the smaller one. The ones on the woman felt a lot looser, but then she was a lot older the daughters. That’s what it was he thought anyway. Olina stuck one of her fingers inside each meat. They were all still innocent except for the mother just like she thought.

The girls returned with the vines and secured all except the smallest girl. They saw their father take her off into the jungle and giggled they knew what was going to happen to her.

Natalie was spread open and Makaio examined the hole. It was small but he’d been in tighter holes mainly his daughters.

He pushed in, ripping past her virtue. The girl didn’t wake for the drug in her drink also had a numbing effect so she felt nothing. Even as he pushed deeper and deep into the tight love box she only grunted in her sleep because of his thrusts.

After he’d finished with Natalie a half hour later she was taken to a stream and tossed in. She awoke a sputtered splashed about before making her way back to shore were Makaio waited.

Natalie glare at him she was sore between the legs and knew what had happened. She had been expecting it after all they were savages living on a desert island.

Natalie wasn’t surprised either when the man pulled down some vines and tided her hands behind her back. She didn’t fight it because there was nowhere to run. The neighbors would most likely do the same thing to her, besides her sisters and mother back at his home.

She was taken back to the compound and sat down next her mother who was still asleep.

Olina came over and felt around her pussy. The girl jumped because the area was tender. “What’s going to happen to us?” Natalie asked.

“Wait until your family wakes up. I hate repeating myself. I’ll bring back something to sooth that area. It can be sore after the first time,” she said.

She came back a few minutes later grinding something in a stone bowl and spread it over her. It stank, but it was soothing.

Then she moved down to the other captives and shoved the stinky substance under their noses. The prisoners groaned and their eyes fluttered opened. They tried to stand only to out find they were tied up.

“What’s going on? Why have you tied us up?” Amy asked.

Laughing Olina replied, “we do that to all our food otherwise they have a tendency to run off.”

Amy and girls all gasped in surprise at the news.

“Nobody eats people in these modern times,” Natalie said.

She walked down to the girl and started feeling her right shoulder and arm as she explained, “Our god, Akua, makes all things possible. There is no time or death for us. He provides us with meat one every full moon. Akua also makes sure that we are able to talk and understand what our food says.”

She moved over and began feeling Liz who tried to move away. The girl knew she was being felt up to see if she was edible and didn’t like the idea.

“Leave me alone. I don’t taste good, “she shouted.

“The woman chuckled as she said, “we’ll see about that tomorrow.”

Lauran asked, “Will it hurt when you cook us?”

Olina moved over and started feeling her as she answered, “You won’t feel the fire. You’ll be dead.”

When she had finished with the younger meats the cannibal woman walked over to Amy.

“You raised some fine little pigs, not to thin at all,” she said liking her lips.

“Thank y- wait there’s your mistake. My kids aren’t pigs their little girls. Therefore they shouldn’t be killed and eaten,” Amy explained.

She was a lawyer and knew how to argue a case and win. Unfortunately for her though this judge was a cannibal and didn’t see it that way.

“They are little long pigs and you are a full size one and around here pigs are to be eaten,” Olina said.

Before she could think of a reply to that the man came back with his girls. All carried wood which was dropped next to the fire pit.

An idea pop into Amy’s head, “how would you feel I was going to eat your daughters?”

She motion for her girls to come over and repeated the question. They giggled with the oldest girl saying, “We get eaten all the time. Sometimes mother and father sometimes it’s we get cooked at a neighbors.”

The native’s youngest girl of 5 asked, “are they going to come back to life after we’ve eaten them, like we do?”

“You know that is up to Akua. Why do you ask?”

She answered, “There’s nobody to play with except my sisters and they don’t like to play with me.”

“In that case you can play with them now. That goes for you other two as well, as long as you don’t untie them that is,” Olina said.

“Girls you can play with the mother older daughter and younger one. I’m the one who’s going to play with the middle girl,” Makaio said as he scooped up Liz and carried her off into the jungle.

Like her sister she was tight. Still she was bigger than her sister so that meant there was more room for him inside her. Makaio untied Liz’s hands and feet before flipping her over. She rose to her hands and knees, planning on running. At least that was what she planned.

Makaio wrapped his arms around the girl’s chest. His cock came in from behind separated her pussy lips. Liz screamed to be released as he took her doggie style. His hands were wrapped around her breast and pinching them.

When Makaio was finished with her she was taken to the stream and tossed him for cleaning. There was no way out of the stream except back to the cannibal, who was waiting for her.

She was once again tied up and taken back to the clearing to join her family. Amy scowled at the man, she knew what he’d done to her second born daughter and didn’t like it. What was worse she couldn’t help any of her girls from being fucked. Amy also didn’t like the way he was looking at Lauren.

She didn’t have to worry because after having the two younger ones today he was tied. Also he still had to do his wife later. This was one of Olina’s requirements. As long as he could service his wife he was also allowed to also tenderize the food.

The cannibal children gave the meat water for their last meal. That way when they were cleaned out in the morning it would be less messy.

Amy and her daughters didn’t sleep well that night knowing that in the morning they would killed. If that weren’t bad enough after they were killed they would be turned into food.

Dawn came too early for Amy and her girls. They watched as the cannibals start to set things up. A bucket was set underneath the ropes. Amy knew this would be used catch their blood. Olina tended to the fire by placing wood on it. Soon there’s a big blaze in the cooking pit.

Makaio was putting more vines on the crossbeam. This is where they be cleaned out. As for the cannibal children they were busy taunting the meat. They would say things like, “you’re going to taste good when mother gets done with you.” They would also squeeze a part of the body and say, “I’m going to have this part.” If it were their breasts the kids might say, “I bet these are going to taste good.”

Olina shout for her kids to come to her where she told them what she needed. They were told to go and tell the others that they would be having white meat this afternoon. Then on the way back they were to pick up fruits that she would need for stuffing the meat.

The children went off to alert the neighbors. Makaio stood over Loraine and looked his wife. With a sigh she nodded. He grabbed the girl and dragged her into the jungle.

Soon Loraine found herself on her back, legs spread wide. Makaio was rubbing her small breasts and grinning ear to ear. He then slid his mouth over with her right nipple allowing his tongue to dance over it.

The girls struggled feebly as the cannibal licked her. Slowly though Loraine began to respond. She felt a tingling sensation ring from her breasts down to her vagina.

After he had had his fill of breast meat Makaio unfastened his loin cloth and slid his cock into her.

Loraine screamed as her virtue was taken away. After a few minutes the pain subsided and she began to tingle all over again. Very soon she was even moaning in ecstasy.

All of the sudden the girl let out a huge scream and became totally relaxed. She had just had her first orgasm and probably her last. Makaio finished having sex with the girl cleaned her and was back in the camp within an hour.

A pair of neighbors Lo’lani and Hiapo were there helping out with the preparations for the meal. The meat had been untied and standing in the center of the encampment.

They had agreed not to run off because there was nowhere to run off to. Hiapo was feeling the oldest of the meats, the mother. He asked and received permission from his host and his own wife to tenderize her.

While he was out tenderizing the last of the meats remaining three were lined up. Olina stood behind them with a stone ax.

Lo’lani went over to talking to the youngest of the children asking her if she was ready to become meat. As Natalie start answer Olina raised the ax and brought it down on her head. The girl’s siblings screamed in horror as they watched their sister crumpled to the ground.

Natalie had been rendered into a state of unconscious only. She was dragged over to the polls by the two women while Makaio stood guard over the other two girls.

She was strung up by her feet. Her hands now dangled below her head. While Olina prepared to slit Natalie’s throat Lo’lani went back to the remaining girls. She the remaining two and decided to do Liz next. The girl was pulled a slight ways away from her sister, so there would be interference.

Lo’lani raised her ax into the air, intending to deliver the blow that would render the girl unconscious. She was stop though by Liz who raised her hands and pleaded “I don’t want to die! I’ll do anything you want just don’t club me to death.”

Before she could answer there was a shriek from the other end of the compound. It was Amy who saw her daughter hanging upside down like a lamb for slaughter.

“What are you going to do to my baby,” she cried.

“Olina is going to clean the meat out. Don’t worry she won’t feel a thing,” Hiapo said holding an arm out to stop the mother from advancing.

She’s about to say something else into her right there was a sickening thud. On the ground was Liz she had been hit over the head when she looked at her mother. She was dragged over to join her sister who was now bleeding into a bucket.

The second meat was soon bleeding too, her throat also having slashed.

Lo’lani looked at the mother and remaining daughter trying decide who to do next. Makaio was having a discussion with the younger one and her husband was playing with the mother’s breasts.

Lo’lani decided she was going to put a stop that. She didn’t want her husband to play with anybody else’s breast except hers.

The woman walked up to Amy and clubbed her then glared at her husband. He grimaced and then dragged the mother over to the other two daughters. He was about to argue with his wife while she still had the ax in her hand.

Lo’lani walked over to where Loraine and Makaio were talking. He was saying, “You don’t have to die like the rest of your family. You make a great fuck I could make you my second wife.”

Loraine answered, “If it’s all the same to you I rather die!” Those were the last words she would ever say as a spear plunged into her chest. Loraine was dead before she hit the ground, the spear having punctured her heart. Makaio dragged her over to his wife looked at the meat

“Another rejection, huh when are you going to learn that nobody wants to be your mate except me? Plus you know she wouldn’t have survived the first night with you, in fact neither would you,” Olina said ripping the girl’s belly open.

The girls came back with lots of fruit stuffing. The bellies were filled and they were cut down.

The meat was taken to fire which was now down to coals. Sand was pushed over the coals and meet wrapped in banana leaves to keep from burning. Last sand was placed over the wrapped bodies so they would bake.

Hours later the encampment was full of people. The meat was uncovered and everybody took out the knives to get their favorite cuts off the roasts.

Makaio decided to eat Loraine’s right breast first. It hadn’t been bad raw, but was even better cooked.

Olina took the other breast while her girls decided their meat would come from between the all the young girls legs.

Hiapo decided to eat the mother’s vagina which turned out to be tender thanks to a next the last minute fucking. Lo’lani rolled the woman over and took one ass cheeks or her selection. It wasn’t bad tasting for a white woman. She thought the children would taste better though, but already there was little left of them as everybody like the young long pigs.

A week later on the beach sand shimmered and out of thin air Amy, Loraine, Liz and Natalie appeared they all remembered dying but couldn’t figure out how they were alive again. Then Amy remembered something the cannibals had said. That sometimes didn’t die. She debating with herself whether to stay here on the beach or return to the family of cannibals.

There was really only one answer and that was to return to the family. She her girls had no idea how to survive by themselves on this island.

Amy just hoped that they would not end up on the menu again when they went back. On the other hand she wondered what human meat tasted like. They could BBQ when child from each family later on.


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