Feature Writers: Janet d’Lonna, author / Karen, story line provider / Solo Girl, contributor


Published: 01.10.2022

Story Codes: Incest, Rape, NC, WS

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Darling Daughter


Yes ,you have conquered me and we have married.

As husband and wife we travel two or three times a year to secure young children as sacrifices for our love. The best for me till now was the little four month old infant. My first gutting alive. Remember my dear?

I was so enthralled watching her squirm and convulse. And listening to her little screaming cries. She really didn’t appreciated what was happening to her I know. But I sure did! That was so much fun. Anyway that’s another story.

Beside our special trips I was now your personal breeder. Becoming pregnant sometimes only by you. Other times you would refrain from vaginally using me and only use me anally and orally. Letting other men vaginally use me one on one or  in gang bangs until I was, “Slut pregnant”.

You know … not knowing who the father was.

Then all those that you would permit, male and female would use and enjoy me as nothing more then some pregnant bitch for their pleasure. You would initiate circle jerk parties at strange bars where you would invite men out to the back ally. Where I would wait naked laying on old dirty pieces of cardboard with my nine month swollen belly and bloated milk filled breasts exposed to all.

They would gather around me and masturbate while watching me do so as well. Then they would release. Being men with male desires they of course all ejaculate their thick hot loads on my baby filled belly. I massage their seed into the stretched flesh of my belly. Pausing to taste my fingers often. Then piss on me all must do. God how I love it!

Now you put me on my hands and knees and squatting behind me you sodomize me in front of them. Next you offer them the same pleasure and more. They love using a pregnant slut such as I. My use under your loving eyes seems to never end. I enjoy it so much. With the poundings my belly quivers. The life inside twisting and kicking. Making me more then ever aware of it’s presence.

Usually such treatment would be responsible for then or soon after inducing labor. How many had we aborted earlier in a particular pregnancy? Was it four now?. The suction machine scrambling their little bodies. We would look at the embryonic stew afterward and try to identify tiny perfectly formed body parts.

Even though vacuumed from my uterus and diced, chopped and mutilated we could always manage to find a little leg or little arm. Maybe a tiny rib cage or crushed little skull. It would always be the same. You would masturbate using some of the fluid mess as a lubricant. Then immerse the head of your cock into the fluid and discharge under the fluid’s surface. You would chuckle that you were fucking my dead baby. Or our dead baby if we knew it for sure to be so.

And the two times you let me go full term only to, with the help of a very cute cooperating abortion doctor, butcher the newborn with you. Oh yes my darling life with you was so good. So very  good.

But this pregnancy was special. I requested to keep the next female child I was pregnant with that was definitely our offspring. Even though I was again in some ally getting the normal pre-birth work out, with this pregnancy it was only you I fucked until we were absolutely sure I had conceived.

Ultra Sound testing indicated the child within this time was a female. As one of the men discharged up my ass my water broke much to the delight of all the nine or so men there, followed shortly by my first contraction. You helped me to my feet and actually rinsed the filth off me with a hose for washing out garbage dumpsters while the men laughed.

I am glad that the weather was warm. Then kissing them all deeply and thanking them for treating me like the fucking pig that I am while you looked on approvingly, it was off to the clinic to welcome the new addition to our family. With my birthing muscles ready to expel the baby, we made it just in time to welcome to life our little Barbara Jane.

You see darling all the killings with you were so thrilling. So erotic. So beautiful. But I never had time to be a mommy. To bond with a daughter. To have a real home with father, mother and child. My mommy instincts needed to be satisfied. The plan was to raise the child in a normal environment then for her eighth birthday we would celebrate in a very special way.

It would take much planning for that day. We would actually have to move across country where no one knew of Barbara and lose her records in the process. But for now our job was to be her parents. Husband and wife and daughter. We loved each other very much.

We didn’t even sexually abuse her after her second birthday. When we had prior it was only oral. And Barbara was sedated.  A normal up bring remember? She was to know nothing of perversion and sex from her model parents. Yes, we sacrificed much for her but knew that the pay off would be grand! As nothing before.

Finally the long awaited day came. We had moved to the outskirts of a large city in the Northwestern United States. We felt that being near a large city would afford us greater access to more pedophile’s game that we could hunt. The move went perfect. We both did our home work well.

As far as the authorities were concerned Barbara did not exist.  We had been there for a month and well settled in. It was now close to our lovely daughter’s eighth birthday. You had rented a secluded cabin in the nearby mountains to take us all for the event. Oh how Barbara loved the great outdoors. So with all packed up the day before her birthday off we went.

The cabin and surroundings were perfect. The view spectacular. It was early spring. The weather was warm and balmy. The Spring wild flowers were in bloom. This was working out wonderful.

Barbara was delighted — skipping and running — picking the wild flowers making a bouquet for me. Trying to get the squirrels to eat peanuts from her hand. She was so healthy and full of life and promise. Hopes and dreams for the future. Secure in the love she felt from her parents.

She was in a child’s paradise. I sighed as I watched her.

That night it chilled enough to start a fire in the old stone fire place. There was no TV  so Barbara was busying herself with playing with, “Puddy,” her cat of three years. We had turned the lights off so that we could enjoy the dancing fire light as it seemed to skip around the room with a mind of its own. It was wonderful.

I felt so secure and warm and loved being held in your arms. In the back of my mind I began to wonder how were we really going to react to what we had planned once we stated? We had raised and loved our daughter for eight years now. During that time we had behaved ourselves rather well having gone to South America only three times to secure a child for slaughter.

We hadn’t secured any action in the States and I only had four abortions in that span of time. Little Barbara was so sad after each loss. She would comfort me and care for me as I recuperated. We had told her that it was for God. You know … God needed more babies in Heaven. She accepted such never questioning why more babies were needed in Heaven. We would go on with how lucky we were that God let us have her and so on. Little did she know, did she darling?

As my mind pondered in the quiet of the moment I looked up at your face. Your eyes were deep and intense as they stared at our daughter. She was wearing just a little short night shirt which had risen up a bit as she frolicked on the oval braided rug with, “Puddy”.

She lay on her side with one leg cocked up exposing her smooth plump little pussy. With my hand laying casually in your lap I noticed that there was a very prominent bulge developing under your jeans. I squeezed it to get your attention. You looked down into my peering eyes now.

I searched yours for some indication of what you were feeling at the moment. Then I noticed that tell tail gleam in your eyes. A gleam that only I could detect. A gleam that only I understood. A gleam that took my breath and made me very lubricated you know where. I reached for your face bringing it to mine and kissed you ever so gently. Then with out warming you kissed me hard, your tongue stabbing for mine.

The urgency in your body seemed to explode and wash over me as a tidal wave. Lifting me and carrying me helplessly with its intensity. I knew at that moment that you were still committed with out reservation to the plan. My heart throbbed hard deep under my breast.

Yes you were confirmed I could tell, but what about my feelings? This was my daughter of eight years. The others her age were not my own flesh. The aborted were not individuals to me with history and personality. Even the full term delivered that we slaughtered were nothing to me for the same reason. But Barbara was a totally different set of circumstance. The growing. The teaching. The sharing. The nurturing.

Endless points of personal history that made her very real and personal. I knew of her hopes and dreams first hand. Knew her fears and apprehensions. She was my child. Our child. From our loins. And her personality was so giving. So loving. So forgiving. Would she in some after life forgive her parents of what they planned to do.

Could she come to understand the driving force that goaded her parents to indulge in the atrocities toward children which they had done for so many years. Atrocities that would attain their most spectacular on her own eighth birthday tomorrow? Barbara was now sound asleep in her bed.

It was planned that we would not make love that evening denying ourselves so that the drive would be even stronger in the morning. You even slept on the couch. I could hear your gentle snoring. A sign that you were sleeping well. I on the other hand was running on thinking of all the, “What ifs”. The last I looked it was 3.00 AM. The next thing I knew you were gently kissing me awake.

“Get up Karen”, you said as you gently shook me, “Get up darling. It’s time.”

You seemed as excited as a teenage school boy about to take his driver’s test. Your cock was already standing it’s full hard throbbing length. The head bluish red and dripping pre-lube.

“Come on. Before she wakes”, you exhorted.

I rose quickly and followed you, both of us naked, toward Barbara’s bedroom. No freshening up or time to even piss. (not pissing at this time was part of the plan) As you appeared also did I. Hair disheveled from sleep. Morning breath a bit fowl from not brushing our teeth as yet. My mascara and lipstick smeared.

Your faced shadowed and rough from not having your morning shave. It was meant to be a  picture of wild abandon that we wished to convey to our daughter. There she lay as a child angel. So warm and secure in her bed. Covered with her teddy bear quilt and holding her favorite dolly she slept the sleep of pure innocence.

You turned towards me and whispered, “We forgot the camcorder. Get it quickly and start filming.”

I ran to our bedroom closet. I was a bundle of confused thoughts. I was still a bit groggy from my abrupt awakening from a restless and short sleep. Everything started to feel like it was in fast forward. The, ‘What ifs,” were still racing through my brain. Could I do this? Was my love for what we are and for the darkness that I stood for strong enough to not only cooperate with you in taking the life of our daughter but actually enjoy it as we had discussed?

Maybe I should have made known my growing apprehension to you the night before. I didn’t want to seem weak in your eyes. I know you had looked forward to this since her birth. You never really allowed yourself to get that close to her. Not as I had. And all the special arrangements we carried out for this moment. The moving. You changing your job.

So much we had invested to do this. No, I could not tell you of my apprehension. I will see it through if for no other reason then because I love you so. And that no matter how I may feel I do understand your need to do this terrible thing. It is not you darling. It is me. What will I really feel with this kill?

You were looming over our precious little girl when I arrived back to her room. I nodded an affirmative to you and raised the camcorder to my eye and pressed the record button. Without further hesitation you reached down and pulled the quilt and sheet from her warm young body. Her night shirt had wiggled it’s way high to her waist. Hey pouting smooth pubic mound did look so inviting I must say.

You looked over her exposed body briefly. Your cock visible lurched in the view finder of the camcorder. Then it started. You gave Barbara a backhand across her sleeping face with what seemed like all your strength. The abruptness of the act first startled me.

Then as I watched her eyes fly open. As I saw the look of shock wash instantly over her delicate face that delicious familiar feeling began to churn deep in my belly. It began to rush over me enshrouding me in a dark comfortable mist.

Oh yes. It had been awhile but was stronger then ever I sensed. The evil energy for which I thrive was now reaching into every part of my being. Conscience and sub-conscience. Empowering me for what lay ahead. It was glorious.

Only those such as us with the calling can fully understand such. My clitoris was radiating. My vagina secreting its thick viscous lube fluid. How in the fuck could I have ever doubted my own wicket heart?! Now with my mind cleansed of all doubt I was as ready and as excited as you my love.

As my heart quickly turned as cold as polished stainless steel toward our daughter I began to take in all that is beautiful to us of such acts. I felt my lips curl at their corners and one eyebrow raise as I smiled at the pathetic expression of shock on the little bitch’s face. A face that was turning a crimson red on the side where you so viciously slapped her.

You were just standing there watching her sob hysterically. She had never experienced anything like this from her loving father. True you were always a bit distant with her but always considerate and loving in your own way. Never harsh or threatening.

She struggled to pull her night gown down to cover her exposed smooth mound. As she did so you reached down and grabbing it pulled mightily lifting her from the bed before it tore from her body. She lay there naked and sobbing now. So sweet in her fear.

Oh yes … she was expressing fear. So pure and innocent. So protected and sheltered. Then awakened from a deep warm secure sleep to a reality she never knew could exist. You were absolutely right my darling as usual, the shock value to her little mind and spirit was already proving to be priceless to see.

Next with absolutely no fanfare whatsoever you climbed on her little bed pulling her slim young legs apart. Kneeling between them you spit on your hand and covered your raging erection with your saliva. Then placing the head of the organ responsible for giving her life to the tight opening of her vagina your pushed deep into her with one mighty lunge.

She screamed out loudly in terror and pain. The site was so beautiful to take in.  Your huge male frame over her tiny helpless little body. Oh how you lust loved to rape and tear little girls. I bet that this being your own daughter and a daughter that was old enough to realize what was taking place through the her confusion was extra special. Look at your buttocks flex and pump. Up and full. Then down and tight.

The sides hollowed as you press in to the hilt. And the blood. Seems more then usual for a little girl rape. I’m sure you have torn more then just her hymen. That works out well for what will come next.

You work her for at least a good five minutes before what comes next actually comes next. The rape of her tiny crinkled rectum. Ah blood … nature’s natural lubricant. (giggle) you viciously grab her legs pulling them even wider while rolling her tiny ass up to you. It seems as you push her legs back towards her head that you will bend her in two. She struggles, but to no avail.

Your power appears enhanced as her feeble little efforts against your strength look almost silly, so insignificant are they. You now without hesitation push your bloodied vaginal mucus covered cock into her tight little pink butt hole.  But you stop after just the swollen head is inserted.

You know my darling that hesitating just through the sphincter muscle causes much of the discomfort when anal sex is first experienced. You now rotate your hips slowly causing our daughter such exquisite distress. Say continues to sob, her little body quaking, as she cries out. ”


You laugh out loud that wonderful wicked laugh of yours toward the helpless little one as you secure her with on hand around the front of her small neck and the other hand hard against her shoulder. Both hands hold her tight to her bed as now with one savage stroke you bury your cock in her colon. I remember when as a child her age and younger how it felt to be sodomized brutally that way by my father and uncle and by my mother as well with her trusty strap-on.

The first time can be quite distressing for especially a young child even when it has been trained in the mechanics of adult to child sex play. The dull aching pain that radiates deep in the bowel feels as an ice cream induced headache. One just can’t wait for it to subside.

Only when sodomized with such a large organ in comparison with the smallness of the intestine that it is violating the pain intensifies causing the kidneys to feel as though they will rupture and the way you are pumping her that seems to be your intention.

Eventually over the course of some time the victim develops a tolerance for the pain, even looking forward to it. Of course as one grows older and the colon and rectum are stretched in size it becomes a pleasure to swallow cocks and dildos up the ass. But no pleasure is meant for our little Barbara.

When you lunged and buried your baby making tool to the hilt in her tiny ass it looked so beautiful that I was actually drooling. Barbara Ann’s round little buttocks were parted so wide by the girth and weight of you mature full male body pressing tightly in between them that except for the slightly different shade of pink running the length of her groove it seemed as though she had no groove.

Your balls though tight indicating your closeness to orgasm, because of the large size hung down toward the small of her uncomfortably bent up and forward narrow little back. Glorious! Simply glorious!

When you took the initial full stroke up her ass her eyes widened even more from the shock to her little girl body and the disbelief as to what was happening. She turned her face toward me seeing me with one hand bracing the video recorder on my shoulder filming away. And the other hand at my mound with fingers dancing deep in its dripping cleft.

Of course even if seeing her mother performing self gratification registered somewhere in her mind she had no idea what it was. She just knew there was Mommy. It seemed the first time since the beginning of her assault that she noticed me in the room. Her eyes showed a combination of relief and questioning. Surely I was there for her rescue she must be thinking.

“Mommy! Mommy!” She called out in tears, her eyes wide and tear filled.

Her forehead furrowed. Her face reflecting the pain and panic she was feeling. What is happening with Daddy. Why is he doing this. It hurts so very bad. Mommy’s here. She will stop Daddy. Daddy I love you. Why Daddy? Why?! These are the thoughts that I just knew from mommy instinct were going through the child’s mine. Again she called out, louder this time, her sobbing increasing again …

“Mommy help me! Please Mommy! Something’s wrong with Daddy! He’s hurting me real bad Mommy! He won’t stop! He’s hurting my hinny. Make him stop Mommy! Pleasee e…! Owww …”

(Boo hoo, boo fucking hoo I though as I laughed wickedly to myself)

I couldn’t stand it any longer! I must be a part of this! Dragging the night stand over to where I was positioned and grabbing a couple of child’s books (one was the “The Adventures of Josh and his Magic Pooh Bear,”. amazing how some things stick in your memory that have absolutely no connection to what is at hand) to level the camcorder, I set it on auto record and placed it on the stand.

Then I actually ran to my daughter’s side stumbling in the process. Coming to a kneeling position by the edge of her bed I looked deep into her frightened but still reflecting hope eyes.

I smilingly in a soft controlled voice said,”I am here to help my darling” (long pause while searching her eyes) then placing my right hand gently to her cheek I continued … “But to help Daddy hurt you bad and then kill you baby.”

With eyes staring back at me even wider in shock and terror then previous I brought my face closer to hers. After a moment of more eye to eye contact I closed mine as I became lost in the preciousness of the moment. I opened my mouth wide and vacuumed my lips around her mouth and nose.

I sucked her breath from her tasting her saliva and snot from all her crying. She tried desperately to pull away. Her little hands pressing and alternately beating hard against my breasts. In her tortured distress she choked, puking stomach fluids in my mouth. Ah … I thought. Finally the filth begins.

Pinching her nose now with my left hand while my right hand went from a gentle touch to firmly holding her chin to keep her from moving that pretty little face, I concentrated on my mouth to hers. I sucked up her offering sticking my tongue deep to lap her mouth clean only to gag her again causing more puke to spew from her gut.

The convulsions of her body as she vomited along with watching such a deliciously filthy display was having its effect on you. Your body was as tight as a leather Indian drum left in the blazing Sun after being drenched in a pouring summer rain shower.

(Pretty good description don’t cha think readers. giggle. solo’s idea)

After swallowing most of my daughter’s regurgitation which caused me to move to the gates of my orgasm, I half swallowed the last of her heaves then before completing the swallowing process I caught it and forced up and out of my nose spraying Barbara’s face with her own puke. Being the good mother that I am I proceeded to lick her face clean while alternately deep kissing my child.

I head you the exclaim, “Jesus fucking Christ Karen!”

From hearing that and the tone in which it was delivered I knew you where ready. Lifting my face from Barbara Jane’s and placing my hand over the hand you still had wrapped firmly around her little neck I squeezed your hand tightly indicating to you to choke our little fuck toy bitch. So that you would fully understand what the pressure on your hand by mine meant.

I whispered in your ear, “Choke the darling little bitch. Choke her good. And cum my delicious husband. It’s time you give your daughter her first dose of her father’s seed.  But don’t take her life yet. We have still much to do with her. Remember the plan. Now baby … Do her! Do her good! Do her for me!”

With that I kiss you oh so tenderly but with oh so much passion. You hungrily seek the residual of your daughter’s vomit from my mouth as you discharge your seed, the same seed which gave her life, violently and deeply in her battered torn colon. Again and again and again I feel your body heave as you ejaculate. Eight years of build up. Eight years of holding back. Of behaving yourself. Finally released like an exploding volcano.

I feel Barbara violently struggling against our bodies. Your hand so tight around her neck she can not breath. She can not even cry out from the excruciating pain.  Strange little whimpering sounds and the sound of little restricted gasps of air issue from her trembling lips. Again and again you pound her.

The sound of your flesh slamming against hers is intoxicating. As you peak you slam into our daughter’s ass so hard an audible tearing sound was heard. Barbara lurched so violently that she momentarily lifted us both . Then we knew. Yes my darling… you had torn  through her colon and rupture her kidneys. God…! It was so beautiful.

Without even touching my sex I explode in orgasm with you. Even though it is I writing these events and the feelings surrounding them I can not put into words the magnitude, the intensity, the beauty of my orgasm. Yes my love … Once again our universes bonded to become one and once again time stood still.

Beauty rained down on our evil souls our bodies now motionless and straining as we release. You  connect to our daughter as your seed mixes with the blood and shit gruel deep in her bowel. Our spirits unite as one with the exchange of saliva dripping from our kiss.

Three as one. Two feeding from the pain and extreme suffering of the third. Knowing that the third will forfeit their life for the sadistic depraved pleasure of the two. Knowing the third is but an innocent child and the child of the two. There is nothing more beautiful … Nothing more romantic …


With the first rape of the child complete the edge is now been taken from the both of us. We will now be able to concentrate on what we do best … slowly and painfully kill! My head is very clear now. No longer muddled at all with doubt. Your demeanor to has changed.

The hard scow has left your face. A warmth you haven’t radiated for some time is back. You are showing a spirit for sex play and torturing for fun. “Come on darling,” I say to you.

“Bring her to our marriage bed. It was in our marriage bed that she was conceived. It will be in our marriage bed that she will spend the rest of her short painful life. ”

Though not the exact bed she was conceived and not even our normal marriage bed at home, it till symbolizes our marriage bed and you know how I just love to dishonor it. To make it unclean with our vile practices. I sleep so well with the spirits of all the children we have tortured and slaughtered over the years suffering in the darkness around us. Around the symbol of loving family union and procreation.

Yes … it’s a physic thing with me. But its my physic thing and I like it.

I can just visualize their bodies wrapped in decay. Looking and smelling disgustingly. Their dignity forever robbed as they rot in the cold dankness of their graves. Just about all we sacrificed we literally butchered. Leaving body parts strewn about. Sending body part momentum’s to the parents of those slain.

I can still taste the flesh of the two girl’s hearts dripping in their own bloodied juices with garlic and other ingredients which I cooked for us. As we fed each other the delicacy we masturbated to several orgasms. Yes I think to myself … We will take our Barbara Jane’s heart and digest into our own bodies. The ultimate in bonding as one between father, mother and daughter.

You picked her limp but still conscience body up from her bed and carried it to the main bedroom. Our bedroom faced to the East. The Sun was high over the mountains now and showered the bedroom with a bright cheerful morning light. The cabin was furnished in an early country motif.

Our bedroom sporting ruffled curtains and a matching quilted comforter. The sheets were a soft comfy cotton with a delicate pattern of county floral flowers.  A polished hard wood floor and large oval braided rug similar to that which was in the living area added further to the country ambiance of the room.

I normally prefer a carpeted bedroom. It’s quieter and warmer on the feet at night if one must make a potty call but as a vacation retreat it was a pleasant difference. Plus it made for easier clean up of sperm and blood and gore … you get the picture I’m sure.

A pine spindled head headboard graced the head of the bed which supported a thicker then usual mattress higher then usual off the floor. There was no foot board which along with the higher mattress proved very convenient  the reason for such I will soon get to.

A matching pine chest of drawers and bureau rounded out the decor. The furniture all looked of the homemade type though it was really manufactured to appear as such.

Oh yes … a beautiful old fashion rocker also graced the room. And then there were the night stands and lamps … all bring the room together to be a very attractive setting.

Did I mention the windows? I thought not … They were the type with multiple glass panes. And they were large which contributed to a great panoramic view of the valley below and the mountains to the East. When opened along with sister windows in the other rooms the breeze seemed to caress its way through the entire cabin.

This all contributing to a very lovely place to stay. And given my passion to take natural and accepted beauty only to corrupt it with all that I can which is vile and perverted was making this experience so much more enjoyable.

As you bring Barbara in I instruct you to place her face down on the bed with her legs spread over the bottom corner of my side of the mattress. Now we spread her arms out to her sides wide and slightly up over her head.

Next I run to the utility room and bring back a length of clothes line which is used when doing laundry for its obvious intention. It was a cotton line which is a securing media of my choice. It doesn’t really matter why. It just is. Anyway … now we secure her with the clothes line. Her body positioned in a big “X” .

With her legs hanging over each side of the mattress corner we secure her limbs in this position by tightly pulling them and tying them to the mattress supporting wooden under rails. The lacking of a foot board on the bed is perfect for facilitating our securing her in this position.

The height of the mattress is perfect for aligning her little bottom orifices also to our need. Now add the little ball gag and all is set. She hasn’t resisted. She is exhausted poor little thing. (wicked snicker) Let’s let her rest. We need to replace our energy as well. I am going to fix you my husband a grand country breakfast. All women know that the true way to a man’s heart is good cooking.

The kitchen was one with an eat in dinning area. Large enough to accommodate four people, six with a little effort. It too was quaint. Even though a mountain cabin it supported a hearty county feel with the knotty pine cabinets and Wayne’s coating.

The windows were smaller then in the bedroom and living area but of the same design. Several panes which along with the country styled ruffled curtains gave the room such a warm and welcome feel.

Cheery would be a good description. Not that we needed any more cheering. Believe me, now with the play time in progress with our little Barbara we couldn’t have been of any greater cheer. Of course she I’m sure didn’t feel very cheerful about now. (giggle) But experiencing cheeriness is not the purpose of a  little fuck toy and she definitely was a little fuck toy now. Our little fuck toy. But first breakfast.

Eggs, over easy just like you like em. Home fries, well done with crispy edges. Bacon, also well done and crispy, but not burnt. Orange juice. Short stack. God darling where do you put it all? I’m just gonna have a couple of poached eggs and some wheat toast. Oh yes… let’s not forget the coffee. Just what I need. I haven’t had my morning piss yet and I’m going to drink coffee.

Yes darling I know … you want me to give thanks. You are so fucking bad!

“Dear Lord  thank you for the bounty we are about to receive both in your delicious provided food and the kill and butcher of the fuck toy you provided us from our own loins. Amen.”

Now just look at your cock! Hard as an iron stake. I guess my prayer was irreverent enough for you, you evil bastard. (giggle) It seems that Barbara’s sobbing and whimpering has stopped. She must have fallen asleep.  But not for long. Not for long.

After breakfast and you helping with washing dishes and clean up it’s play time again. We are refreshed, well fed and ready to do what we do best. Side thought for just a moment. It means so much darling that you help me with the house work like helping with the breakfast dishes.

Most men don’t seem to realize how important something like that is to a women. Treat her right and she’ll do just about anything for you and especially with you. That is just another reason why I love you so darling. Okay, okay on with the story.

Back in our bedroom we find, sure enough, Barbara has dozed off. A mixture of bloodied fluids secrete from her crotch orifices running down the insides of her soft slender little thighs. I notice too how her little body is quite shapeless. No hips. Legs straight and slender. Even in her spread tied down position it would be hard to discern her from a boy her age if it weren’t for the long strawberry blond hair down her back and the fact that her little stretched and gaping vagina was exposed.

You place you finger to your lips indicating shhh … then quietly pull the thin leather belt from your chinos draped over the rocking chair. Then walking to our bound daughter you raise the belt over your head and take aim.

The strong tingle pulsating in my clitoris causes me to run to your side and stop you from what you are about to do. Looking at me questionably I smile at you and raising my eyebrows signal you that I prefer to wake our little darling up. Relinquishing your belt you step back and now it is I who raises a arm and takes aim.

Concentrating on my growing sexual excitement I bring the belt down as hard as I can. A perfect strike across the buttocks. She violently lurches and tries to cry out around the ball gag forced tightly in her mouth as a red ribbon forms where the thin belt cut into her tender child’s flesh. Without giving her time to recover I strike her again across those slim but pudgy buttocks. Another perfect strike.

God the pain this child must be in. And again wakened so abruptly and  so rudely. Her screams muffled by the ball gag I strike again and again. I feel an orgasm rushing in. God it feels so fucking good. Barbara lurches violently with each strike. I can’t help myself as call her my little fucking whore.

Daddy’s fuck toy. How we are going to kill her. How we are not her real parents but monsters from Hell disguised as her parents who have come to torture her and kill her. How we are going to rip her guts out. Oh … the orgasm is peaking. I whip  harder and harder  (if that ‘s possible). Blood running from the deep strips on her ass are beginning to splatter with each new strike.

Her kitty cat, “Puddy,” pranced into the room presumably to investigate the commotion. You grabbed Barbara’s pride and joy cat then placed one foot up on the bed directly on her head. Pressing hard to keep her winning sobbing face from turning you force her to watch what comes next.

Through her swollen tear filled eyes she watched her father, or the monster that looked like her father, literally twist her pet’s head off and throw both kitty head and kitty body still trembling  and jerking against the far wall. Even through all her pain the horror, what just happened is reflected in those precious little tear filled eyes. The  look of desperation. The shock.

The terror. All reflected in those baby blue eyes. As you stared into those precious eyes you grabbed your cock and stroked only briefly before ejaculating thick gobs of your hot strong smelling sperm in her flushed tear streaked face. I then took a couple of more swings which like several of the previous now landed across what was once the flawlessly smooth child flesh of her back.

Throwing your belt to the floor I also placed one leg up on the bed and squatted over that little girl upturned ass. Bringing my hot crotch down against those blood slippery little buttocks immediately pushed me head over tails into a positively delicious multiple orgasm.

Seeing my plight you tenderly smiled and said, “Just for you baby.”

With that said you hauled off and punched our daughter in the side of her cute little face with your closed fist so hard I heard the cracking of facial or jaw bone. As I ground and humped harder against those trembling slippery girly ass cheeks you leaned forward and gently kissed me. Barbara Jane went slack and released her urine down her legs to the floor splashing on my standing foot as a continued to climax.

Whew! Was that ever a great orgasm. I dismount from her buttocks as you too now stood from the bed. Together we admired our handy work. Jesus Christ did she look a mess. But to us a beautiful mess. She started to stir.

I looked at you and laughing said, “I guess you didn’t hit her hard enough!”

You responded, “Guess not. Will just have to redo.”

“No darling.” I answered.

“Let’s not. I want her to last for awhile. Remember the plan darling. For now I have a better idea.”

Between not relieving myself from when I got out of bed, the orgasms and the forever a diuretic coffee it was time to initiate another part of our plan of action. Of course this too would have to be delivered as harshly as possible. Finally … I get to piss.

Taking advantage of little Barbara’s again conscience state I hop onto the bed. Spreading my legs I position myself with my cunt in her face. I then bend forward and remove her ball gag. She sputters and drools snot and saliva all down her chin.

As she begins to call out, “Mommy!”

I scooch down and grabbing her auburn (just like Mommy’s) hair with both hands I slam her face tight against my opening. Looking down I see her cute little button nose buried in the top of my slit. I keep my pubic hair trimmed close but do not shave it for two reasons. One being so light in complexion I tend to get a rash when I shave down there. Second and most important is that it looks so much more obscene when you see a child’s face buried in a woman’s mature big hairy cunt. At least to me it does.

Her battered face was beginning to swell and deeply discolor. I just love to see broken and battered children. Especially their faces. Especially when I’m responsible or at least have contributed in some way. It’s so wicked getting off on such. As her little swollen eyes peered up at me through not much more then slits I can still detect a glimmer of pleading.

Now I relax … Just a moment … ahhhhhh,

It’s gurgle and choke time for my little daughter, (giggle). Boy and does it ever smell strong. Smell strong means tastes strong. But strong or not Barbara has no choice but to swallow most of the flow. As that old familiar tingle once again infects my clitoris I start in verbally on the little bitch.

“Empty your piss all over Mommy’s and Daddy’s bedroom will you, you little piece of shit! I guess I’ll just fill you up again! That’s it Mommy’s little slut pig! Drink up! (very wicked laugh).”

The girl almost drowns but I finally finish before so. Replacing the ball gag I rise from the bed.

“Fuck me baby,” I laughingly say to you, “Torturing to death little bitches, even when they’re your own, is hard work! I need a coffee break. What say you husband dear? Would Daddy like to take a break too?”

“Good idea!” You respond, “But first things first.”

You casually walk up and position yourself behind your bent and bound young daughter and unceremoniously take aim and with an ahhh … to equal my previous you let loose with a high pressure stream of golden hot piss right on our little kill toy’s still gaping asshole. Then still going strong you start to track your stream up and down and back and forth over her entire body. Her hair. Her legs and buttocks. Across her shoulders. The piss running down to form a small yellow puddle in the small concave area of her lower back.

I look at you questionably.

You smile and say, “If the little fuckin’ bitch were snow … I just wrote my name.”

My fucking husband. Forever the clown I thought as I grin back at you and shake my head from side to side.

When finally finished you exhort, “Okay. Break time.”

And you start toward the bedroom door.

“Who bucko!,” I said, “More first things first.”

Spring in the mountains still means pretty chilly mornings even after the Sun is over the ridge. When in the kitchen for breakfast I noticed out through the window over the sink that the outside mounted thermometer indicated that it was only fifty two degrees Fahrenheit.

Running around naked during our little play sessions we keep it pretty toasty. But since we are not going to be in the bedroom for awhile with Barbara I have just the greatest idea. Over to the windows I bound and open all three as wide as they will go. The breeze is quick to chill the room.

Barbara drenched in our piss begins to immediately violently shiver making little mewing sobby sounds. I wickedly chuckle as I take you by the hand and head out for break time.

You hesitate momentarily holding back and looking at me so seriously right in the eye say, “Is there no end to your cruelty wife!?”

After a brief silence we both burst into laughter and in unison exclaimed, “No!”


6 thoughts on “DARLING DAUGHTER”

  1. Another one of my top picks from Karen (and Janet). Unfortunately, no conclusion was written; at least not to my knowledge.

    1. “Three as one. Two feeding from the pain and extreme suffering of the third. Knowing that the third will forfeit their life for the sadistic depraved pleasure of the two. Knowing the third is but an innocent child and the child of the two. There is nothing more beautiful … Nothing more romantic …”

      Truer words never been spoken. This is the ultimate in relationship goals. My whole life I’ve been searching for the perfect family dynamic and I think I have finally found it in these words.

  2. I absoloutly dislike this storie. Could had been a delicius storie, but the animal torture is nothing hot. Huge wrong. Human snuff is hot. Animal snuff. absoloutly not. A single detail, has ruined the whole tale.

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