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Write something now…

Today a close friend, told me that she’d like to be able to write like me.

I am constantly looking for new material that fits the site … so, let me encourage you all to do so. It’s a lot of fun.

And, here’s the secret.

Well, I had never written before, I started writing fetish stories. Back in 2005, I wrote a few stories just for myself. They were intended only for myself at the time – as I found that I could never find the type of stories that I wanted to read. Eventually, back in 2008, I uploaded my first story (Under My Bed) on ASSTR.

So, some fifteen years on and a few hundred stories later. I find writing a great way to express what I enjoy in fantasy. I think about it all the time. Experience is always the best source of inspiration – however writing about something I haven’t experienced personally or could never experience is always a challenge. But I try.

Back in 2005, I started to read more, especially from horror writers like HP Lovecraft, Poppyz Brite, Piers Anthony, Nicole Cushing and my all time favorite, Clive Barker. I tried to understanding their technique and approach to writing, as well as the subject matter. I also read lots about satanism, Anton LaVey, occult, witchcraft, black magic, exorcism, voodoo, vampirism, Marquis de Sade, hypnosis, demonology, Christianity and even the Bible. They all provided interesting points inputs.

So when you write…

Start by developing a profile for the characters of the story. I like to find pictures of what they could be like, where they live, what they do, what they wear etc… it makes it easier to write with a strong mental picture of them.

Then, write a synopsis of what the story is about (scene by scene); and how the character(s) get entangled in the narrative. This helps to keep me on track, so that the story doesn’t just sound like one long sex scene after another. This tends to get a bit boring, for both the writer and the reader.

Remember that it is CONTEXT before CONTENT.

So, you need to start by create an interesting situation, before launching into writing your story. Where is it set? When is it set? If its a period piece, you need to make sure you get the facts right. That means research. For example: If you want your character to be in the sixteenth century  – look up what they wear, how they do their hair, what are the relevant technologies (if any) that fit the period. Yon need to read around the subject, so that you can write with authority.

The most popular stories on the site are Requiem of Sins 5, Chapters 1 to 3 which was co-created with Shellshock; and Nothing Without Sin which was inspired by the 2009 movie, Orphan. I have just finished writing my version of The VVitch, based on the 2015 movie of the same name.

And remember, sexual stimulation comes from the ‘tension’ NOT the size of his penis or the volume of semen. It’s about creating a place that others can imagine as they read.

So, downside, it takes me about two months to write a story (maybe 6,000 – 9,000 words) … Yes, I’m very slow! But it’s not the sort of project you can write with others looking over your shoulder, right?

So, why not write something as send it me? If you have an idea, you can always bounce it off he (I will help you) … use my email address XPANTHER2019@GMAIL.COM … I’m always looking for original and relevant material for LITTLESALLY666.COM


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