Words and blasphemy – Non-Fiction

Writer: Satanist1963

Subject: Words and blasphemy

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Words and blasphemy

It is cold in this winter in splendor. This fire is not hell, just the fireplace I have in my studio. The night has fallen early, and with a glass of wine in my hand I read in front of the shining reflection. The words catch me, I look at them and in my thought I leave for a moment.

If words had no place in our world, what would be the meaning of your tears, what shining light would flow from a drop of your blood? I think I should never have learned any words, because knowing only a few I am paralyzed in your tears.

Lips kiss me from the corner of my mouth, and a silky body turns against me. The afternoon passes slowly and darkly, in front of this fire that I imagine as the one between your legs, Baby.

Tomorrow I will go to the church, and I will not be able to bear the desire to go through your body, still a virgin, when I am there, in front of the Virgin Mary, remembering the pleasure I feel every time I spread my seed on her face carved in that little image I have had since I was a child. And I will also remember the erection I had that time when, as in an exorcism, you prayed the Hail Mary to try to avoid the desire you felt when you saw those images of panting bodies, wet as your folds every time you remembered me.

As a reader of this blog once told me, today, more than ever, I have had the urge to blaspheme, and I have done so.

Fuck God, Baby. Say it now that no one sees you, but you still feel inside the seed of blasphemy that I planted. I know you not only say it, but you feel each of those two words every time you say them.

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