Feature Writer: Phineas

Feature Title: WIZARD 5

Published: 22.06.2021

Story Codes: Erotic Horror

Synopsis: Jennaca and Zynga – Who better than an imp to bear her soul to?

Author’s Notes: Jennaca needs some girl time to sort herself out. What better confidant than an imp to bear her soul to?

Wizard 5

“What are you doing in here?”

“Looking for you,” Jennaca said. She pulled herself into the carriage and pulled the door shut behind her. “And hiding.”

“Hiding? From what?” Zynga asked. A sly grin erased the circles under the halfing’s eyes. “Or who?”

“Who,” Jennaca groaned. “Helleen, the tall, beautiful, powerful gladiator woman.”

“I saw her,” Zynga said. “All that wrestling around on the ground get you hot and bothered?”


“You know, she’s hard and soft at the same time and maybe make you wonder if you’ve been playing for the wrong team all this time?”

Jennaca blinked at the disguised imp. “Is this another one of those sayings you learned from your time in the infernal realms?”

Zynga snorted. “Something like that.”

Jennaca nodded. “Okay, good. I don’t know how to respond, so I’ll just tell you… I kissed her.”

Zynga’s hands flew to her mouth as she gasped.

“Oh no,” Jennaca groaned. “I knew it was bad! Oh sweet saints, what am I going to do? I can’t tell John… what will he think?”

Zynga cracked. She giggled and then burst out laughing. The halfling bent forward, unable to catch her breath, and toppled off the seat onto the floor. When she finally stopped rolling back and forth and managed to take a controlled breath she looked up to see Jennaca staring out the window, tears running down her cheeks.

Zynga sighed and rolled her eyes. She climbed back up to her seat and said. “Yeah, so what? Some women are beautiful. You should see my Mistress… There’s not a living being that wouldn’t be tempted by her.”

“But Mas— John. I mean John. He’s been so good to me. And he is so good… you know… at that.”

“So I’ve heard,” Jennaca said.

“You mean you’ve never…”

Zynga snorted. “It’s forbidden. Ironic, really, since we have the epitome of a master and slave relationship, it just isn’t that kind.”

“Really? Nothing? You’ve never even used your hand or your mouth on him?”

Zynga raised an eyebrow.

Jennaca blushed. “I’m sorry, it’s just that he tastes sooo good! I’ll admit, I was able to slip about the dining room of a King and Queen and I’ve sampled every type of confection, pastry, and sweet I can imagine and a few I couldn’t. None of them came close to how John tastes.”

“I know,” Zynga muttered through clenched teeth.

Jennaca sat straighter. “I thought you said never used your mouth on him?”

“I haven’t… but that’s how I’m rewarded. I get to clean up his cum after he visits Mistress. Or if there’s another opportunity, but there hasn’t been any of those. Seems the strumpets he beds want it all to themselves. Greedy whores.”

Jennaca grinned and then gasped. “Hey! I’m not a strumpet or a greedy whore!”

“But you haven’t shared, have you?”

“Well… no. It’s sooo good!”

Zynga sniffed.

“And you never said anything. If you’d told me before I would have.”

Zynga stared at her. “Why?”

“Because you like it. It’s the nice thing to do. We’re friends, aren’t we?”

“Friends? Us?” Zynga asked. She shrugged. “I’m an imp. I don’t have friends. I have a Master and I have a Mistress. That’s it.”

“Well, you’re my friend,” Jennaca said. “And the next time John and I… oh, damn… how can I do that to him after what I did?”

Zynga leaned forward on the bench, her exhaustion forgotten. “What did you do?”

“I beat Roxanne and Helleen. Roxanne was easy but Helleen really knows how to wrestle. She’s better than me, I bet, but she underestimated me. Anyhow… I beat her, but she wouldn’t yield unless I agreed to give her a kiss.”

“You didn’t though.”

“Not here,” Jennaca said. “We left to go wash off in the river. We stripped down and played a bit first.”

“Oh no, you don’t get to skip that. What do you mean, you played?”

“Well, the river’s cold and she splashed me, so I splashed her back. That sort of playing. Why, what did you think I meant?”

Zynga sighed. “Never mind. Skip to the sexy part.”

Jennaca rolled her eyes and continued. “Anyhow, so I washed her back and she washed mine, rinsing off the dirt and sweat and then she turned around and… ugh! I’m sorry John, but she was so beautiful! I had to touch her. So hard and soft, like you said. I’m softer than she is and she kept staring at my boobs. I think she wanted to touch them and I know I wanted her to… but I couldn’t ask her, you know?”

Zynga shook her head. “No, I don’t. If you want it, do it.”

“Says the disciple of a succubus,” Jennaca said. “Oh! I almost forgot— I don’t know how I almost forgot, it was so amazing and beautiful and…and… oh, it took my breath away!”

“What took your breath away?”

“She did.. I mean… her… pussy. She didn’t have any hair, she was shaved bare!” Jennaca panted. She shook her head and shivered. “I’ve never… I mean, she’s obviously a fully grown women. Older than me… but without any hair I could see everything!”

“You liked what you saw?”

Jennaca bit her lip and then nodded. “Yesss! Curse my lusty soul, but yes, it was sooo amazing!”

Zynga cackled.

“Anyhow, she said she had to collect what I owed her and she kissed me. Oh… oh Zynga, it was so strange! Strange and… I can’t even describe it! I’ve never felt anything like it!”

“You’d never felt anything like John’s cock splitting you apart until he fucked you either,” Zynga reminded her.

Jennaca giggled. “True… and oh is that amazing. It hurts sooo good! I didn’t know pain could feel that wonderful.”

“Pain and pleasure are the same,” Zynga quoted her Mistress. “A true master of pleasure realizes they aren’t even opposite of each other.”

Jennaca shivered. “I don’t know about that… but as for Helleen. Her lips… they’re like the rest of her. So soft and so hard. They fit my lips so perfectly. It was amazing! And her tongue… oh, I have to try some of the things she did on John!”

“Wrong plumbing.”


“John doesn’t have the same parts as she does. You can’t do what she did with her tongue to him.”

Jennaca’s brow furrowed. “I don’t understand. I meant the way she teased and tickled my lips and tongue and the roof of my mouth. It was amazing! She sucked on my tongue like I suck on John’s cock… of course my tongue’s nothing next to him, but still.”

“Oh, I thought you meant she stuck her tongue up your cunt and traced out the letters of the alphabet on your button.”

“What? Oh no… we just kissed, that’s all. Her hands felt amazing on my bottom and back, but that was it.”

Zynga sighed again. “You can stick your tongue up his ass too, or hers. A proper sloppy rim job to loosen things up and get them nice and wet for a good butt fucking.”

Jennaca’s eyes nearly fell out of her face. “Butt fucking… is that the same as…”

“Yes, it is,” Zynga said.

“But… But… that’s what men who like other men do.”

She shrugged. “Women can do it too. Try it sometime. I recommend you lay down and have him pound your from behind. Remember, pain and pleasure… All the same, maybe use some olive oil or make sure he fucks your pussy good first to get you both nice and wet and sloppy.”

Jennaca realized her mouth was hanging open. She closed and swallowed. “Wow… I… I wondered about that in the past when I worried about having children before I was ready but… so that really is a thing?”

“Everything is a thing, child,” Zynga said. “Enjoy your life, you mortals don’t get nearly enough of it to spend time denying yourselves.”

Jennaca nodded as she took the imp’s advice and considered it. After a few moments of thought her thoughts came back full circle to why she’d come to the carriage in the first place. “What about John?”

“What about him?”

“I… I know we’ve said he’s not mine and I’m not his but…”

“You’re his,” Zynga said. “Even if you weren’t bound my magic you’re completely his.”

Jennaca gasped. “Am I? Is it that obvious?”

“Child, I’ve lived centuries,” Zynga said. “Most of them have been spent watching and corrupting mortals.”

Jennaca winced. “Corrupting.”

Zynga waved her concern away. “Relax, I serve Master now. His job is to bring tribute to Mistress and spread her influence. My job is to serve him. Same as you, except my talents lie in other places.”

“I’m not here to serve him,” Jennaca bristled. “I’m here because I lo—”

Zynga grinned.

Jennaca treated her with a strong dose of stink eye. “I’m here because I enjoy his company and because we get along so well. I care about him very much, yes. I like Artesia and you too. And Corsa… or at least Corsa before… you know.”

Zynga snorted.

“The truth is, I don’t mind that he’s with Roxanne right now. He’s bedding her, I’m sure of it, and I’m happy for him. Do I wish it was me? I don’t know… I don’t mind having some time off even if it is a lot of fun. I ache for hours after he lays with me. It’s a good ache and I relish how it makes me constantly feel like I’m his.”

“Because you are,” Zynga said.

Jennaca ignore her and kept going. “Much like my jaw aches if it takes him too long to cum when I take him in my mouth. Another good ache and every time I open my mouth I’m reminded of how wonderful he tasted and how special I feel when I’m with him.

“So if I feel like that, I don’t want to deny someone else feeling that way. Roxanne is very strong, but I wonder if she’ll still feel strong after John splits her in half?” Jennaca giggled at the thought and then sighed. “I hope he doesn’t like her too much though… after what I did with Helleen, what if John’s upset? What if he doesn’t want to lay with me anymore? What if he punishes me by not spending time with me? Sex or otherwise, I mean?”

“So don’t tell him?” Zynga said when Jennaca was silent long enough to breathe.

“Oh, I have to tell him!” Jennaca gasped.

Zynga made a gagging motion and said, “You’re one of those people? Never tell a lie types?”

Jennaca frowned. “No, of course not. Sometimes a lie is necessary. To comfort someone who’s hurting or to mislead an enemy. But I would never like to someone I care about, even if it was in their best interest. I respect them too much to do that.”

Zynga yawned.

“Oh, am I boring you?” Jennaca snapped.

“Surprisingly, no,” Zynga said. “I’m just weary. Maintaining this guise takes all the power I have these days.”

“Oh… I’m sorry, I thought you were being… you know…”

“Me?” Zynga asked with a wry smile.

Jennaca tried not to giggle but failed. “Yes. See, there I go being honest when it might not be the kindest thing to do. That’s because you’re my friend.”

Zynga rolled her eyes.

“So you’ve been looking more and more tired lately. I’ve never seen you like that before, what’s wrong?”

“I’m infernal,” Zynga said. “Being here taxes my magic, but it’s a small amount. As an imp I have magic enough to manage it and to maintain my disguise, but it is a constant drain. I lose it as soon as I get it. Mostly imps are able to gain power from other means. Deals with mortals, creating mischief and feeding off of emotions or other magic… but I am bound to Mistress and I gain power only as she deems it.”

“And she’s punishing you, you said?”

Zynga nodded. “She punished me. The opportunity has not arisen for me to get back in her graces by helping Master out.”

“Oh, I see. So then she’ll give you more power?”

“She can, but I serve John directly. It is he who must give it to me.”

“Have you told him?”

“He knows,” Zynga said.

Jennaca frowned. “Sorry, I must seem daft, but I don’t understand. John’s not a cruel man. He wouldn’t deny you.”

“No, he wouldn’t, you’re right,” Zynga greed. “We cannot be together though. Our pact prohibits it.”

“Ohhhh, that’s right— wait, you mean that’s how you get power?”

Zynga wrapped her hand into a loose fist and pumped it back and forth next to her face. She used her tongue to poke her cheek out with every in stroke as though she was shoving something into her mouth.

“Oh my!” Jennaca gasped.

“The life of a succubus’s thrall isn’t everything you dream of?” Zynga asked.

Jennaca snickered. “I’m sorry, but that’s kind of funny.”

“Of course it is,” Zynga agreed. “It may be difficult for me, but I can appreciate how wickedly funny it is. It would be funnier if it happened to someone else, of course.”

“Is there anything I can do to help?”

Zynga studied her for a moment and then sighed. “You really mean it. You’re either very stupid or very kind… which makes you very stupid.”

Jennaca stuck her tongue out at the imp.

Zynga gave her a tired smile. “I need Master’s seed. Like you offered earlier… Normally it loses its power if it’s not taken immediately. Except I—”

“Taken immediately?” Jennaca asked. “What does that mean.”

“Taken inside,” Zynga said. “Pussy, arse, or mouth.”

Jennaca’s jaw dropped.

“You’ve had it in two out of three, imagine if you filled all three holes?”

The huntress’s eyes widened to match her mouth.

Zynga cocked her head. “Hmm, you know, I wonder what would happen. He bound you to a contract when he filled your womb but you were both too dumb to realize it so you’re stuck with this open and pointless connection.”

“It’s not pointless!” Jennaca pouted. “We have a bond. We can talk to each other when the need is great. I think I can feel him through it too. Like what direction and how far he is, not to mention if he’s suffering or in a serious mood.”

“How about now?” Zynga asked.

Jennaca blushed.

“What? Oh, he’s fucking her, isn’t he?”

Jennaca nodded. “It makes me feel good… but, well, every since I’ve met John I’m almost always ready for him. This makes it worse. The more attention I pay to it, the more I ache and feel empty for him.”

“You’re wet?”

Jennaca nodded.

Zynga chuckled. “I understand, I feel empty too. Not horny for a giant cock, just empty.”

“Horny? Imps do have horns, right? That’s what you mean?”

Zynga smirked. “Yes, but no, that’s not what being horny means. It’s another term from another world. Horny means turned on. Aroused. Ready and eager to fuck.”


Zynga grinned. “So that’s not how I feel, but I understand that feeling. It’s similar… but different. Hard to explain.”

“I’ll help you,” Jennaca promised. “Not tonight, obviously… but as soon as I can.”

Zynga shrugged. “I’m languish, but I won’t die. I’ll find my own way back into Mistress’s graces.”

“Nope, too late,” Jennaca vowed. “You’re my friend, Zynga, and I help my friends.”

“What are you—”

Jennaca wrapped her arms around the halfling and hugged her, smashing the half-sized woman’s face into her enormous breasts. Zynga sputtered and fought against her until she finally gave up and let the young woman hold her.

“Isn’t that better?” Jennaca asked as she let her go.

“Whatever,” Zynga muttered. “It’s my job to make people feel awkward with how large my tits are, but now you’ve done it to me.”

Jennaca laughed. “People are funny about boobs, aren’t they? It’s just flesh and bodies, people, get over it. But that’s okay, this gives us something in common. We’ll be bosom buddies.”

Zynga looked up at her. “You’re mad, girl.”

Jennaca grinned. “I take care of my friends,” she promised and opened the door to the carriage. She slipped out and shut it behind her, leaving the imp reeling from the tornado of thoughts and words that was Jennaca.


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