Witching Hour by Death Worshipper – Non-Fiction

Writer: Death Worshipper

Subject: Witching Hour

Link: MEWE / 18.08.2022

Witching Hour

Divine calling. Great and small essence of us all. Motivation and skill opening the mind to something real hours of meditation in every situation breaking habits that bring me down. Smile not a frown. Living in a ghost town. Terror. But a moment of closeness. Talk of heads and tales — balanced by the scales.

Witches stand strong in a time of war. Peace to stand still. Evidence of something real — making a deal — unto the essence of hell’s manifestation of thine will — divine guide — I neither run or hide. Opening the mind to the fiery lake. Don’t hesitate. Open real-estate. Closing chapters. Leaving the hereafter to chase a dream.

Hear the voices scream, as my soul dreams of a night. With the unseen tears, that fall like rain, when I stand in pain. But I hear footprints in the rain — eternal father — has come to take me away.

Hours seem like days when you get wet by black rain. Stable, but going insane. I seek Samhain. Hail the ones who paved the path, so we could see thine essence. Lead the way.  Ancestors call my name, like a thousand whispers, in the rain. I seek thine path though a thousand footprints. I see the start to finish. All together in a time of darkness. Hail Satan, the one who leads us.

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