What got you started? Non-Fiction

What got you started?

An idea from a friend, sparked the question in my mind.

What got me started on my downward spiral into perverted depravity… what was the genesis of my love of dark things, evil things… corruption of the pious, sex demons, devil worship, sex rituals, naked voodoo… and of course succubus nuns with sissy cocks!

Mine was in the Foyles Book Shop in London. I was looking through comic books at the age of eleven – I came across this graphic novel that showed the worship of a demon seated upon a phallic throne.

It inspired an interest that has lasted a lifetime.

How about you? Share with me and the your like minded pervert friends in the LITTLESALLY666.COM community…


This was Daniel’s email to me (in a follow-up to THE DEVIL’S DOORWAY)

Oh unholy crap! That was incredible, I couldn’t stop reading! Fantastic pacing and buildup, great visuals, so deliciously touching every depravity.. I wanted more details, dirty and explicit, but the slave you left for them instead worked so well and teasy too.. Oh thank you so very Very much for writing and sharing that. It really left me wishing so much that part of that was real, could be met.. And that will inspire and spawn no end of daydreams. <3

Actually, I have a question for you also.  Which you may not know and, probably don’t, but over the years I have exhausted my google-fu.

The very first time I ever read a blasphemous erotica story was a long.. Long time ago.  I may well have been a kid back then.  A squire was about to become a knight, and praying in the temple’s basement in preparation for the ceremony.  It turns out the nightly order had a dark secret, and the real ceremony took place there.  The Devil came to him to rape him.  The knight-to-be fought and the Devil steadily ripped off his clothes, shoving his scepter into the guy’s throat, his long snake-like tongue reaching down between his cheeks to sodomize him.  And it kept going.

I am primarily into girls, or women, most of the time, but that story stuck with me.  It was my first exposure to a lot of new things, possibilities, and pleasurable thoughts.  And I’ve looked for it over and over through the years, and found a thousand decadent things since then because of that, but never that one.  Is there a chance you know about it?



9 thoughts on “What got you started? Non-Fiction”

  1. Hi.

    You must have been reading my mind because i was just thinking about this topic.

    My first exposure to really hard core was in a friend’s garage when we were in 7th grade. His dad rented out half of the garage to another neighbor We were exploring and discovered a box which when we opened it had a couple of strange looking penis models. We looked at each other and shrugged as we continued to dig under the newspapers that had been wrapped around the penis things. (Of course, today, we know that they were dildos.) Next in the box were a number of adult comic books. Most of these were gay themed and we sat down and started reading. These were very explicit with lots of hard cocks being shoved down young boys throats and asses. While neither one of us were brave enough to touch the other’s cock, we were brave enough to show the other our cock and balls. After spraying our cum on our stomachs and rubbing it in to our skin we decided to see what else was in this box. We discovered adult magazines with pictures of real girls in bondage and being spanked or whipped. We both got hard but didn’t cum. My friend discovered a satanic bible and some satanic ritual comic books. We both came again looking at these and my friend shouted “Hail Satan” as he came over and over.
    As we recovered from our intense orgasms, i discovered an envelope in the box with Polaroid pictures. We wanted to grab our clothes and run yet we wanted to stay and study these pictures. The pictures were of the neighbor who rented the garage and other guys having sex with young boys. Neither one of us knew what we should do, so we got dressed and repacked the box. We would check back to look at the contents of the box every so often. The neighbor would change the contents every couple weeks or so. Once we found a reel of super 8 film but we didn’t have a projector.

    A couple of months later, i had my first gay experience with a man. He introduced me to shemale porn which has really influenced me.

    My friend became a goth kid and an independent devil worshiper. We drifted apart and when he moved before high school started, we lost contact. I don’t know what became of him. While not an immediate impact the satanic bible and the satanic comic books were always in the back of my mind. Then about a year ago while reading posts on Tumblr, i stumbled upon a link to “SURRENDER TO THE DARK DEMON GAY LUST INSIDE YOU.” i don’t know what happened but that video made me want to worship Satan and to be filled with his lust and depravity. It was about now that i started to blow clouds more regularly and not just when i was playing around. In the time since, it really surprises me how far i’ve gone down the left hand path and how depraved and lust filled i’ve become. i enjoy porn now that would have made me sick a year ago but which make me hard today. I love it. Now i need to practice these depravities and lust filled desires such as going to a glory hole and sucking as much cock as i can, participating in a gang bang and maybe even bestiality. Most of all i truly want a ritual initiation into the worship of Satan and not one i do by myself. i desire to be fucked by a demon and given his powers to corrupt others.

    1. Fantastic… thanks for sharing…

      At eleven years old, my first experience with real porn was a black and white lesbian-themed magazine that featured readers stories about water sports (pissing)… I became enthralled by this and combined it was my solo masturbation activities… I was really into evil little boy-boy sex rituals (never really thought much about girls back then).

      In my earliest masturbation days, I use to draw my own porn. I was always an artistic child, not that the images were anything particularly good, but I found them very arousing keeping my own little porn diary of all my favorite paraphilias from gay sex, phallic worship, piss, scat, bestiality, boy rape… in those early years, I would never have dared to use the word demon or Satan… but I loved ritual sex and my worship of sexual demons was more implicit.

      A few months later, a close friend mentioned something about ‘hermaphrodites’ (having both the sex organs of males and females)… this was an epiphany that was to remain with me for life… back then, there was no internet and it was for many years later I would see my first shemale porn magazine (called TRANSEXUAL CLIMAX). I became so totally enthralled by the idea of a girls with cocks – I never though much about anything else since.

      It took a few more years for my love of transgendered males to morph into the Baphomet… but by then I had accepted that was destined to serve my darker desires.

  2. We could be on the same wave length or have some connection in the spiritual realm. Satan knows how to fuel our lusts!


  3. When I was 3 years old, I would stand ready in my front yard. As soon as a car would drive by I would drop my pants and flash them. Sometimes just standing, sometimes I would shake my little cock at them.
    3-4 is also the age when I first became aware of my mothers pussy. She’d give me my bath while she took hers.
    I remember asking her about it and her answering. Though I have no idea what she actually said.
    What I do know is that she did not show me any closet or different views of it. She offered no visual demonstration of its purpose, etc.
    … ever.
    This became a point of contention that exists to this day. (She’s in her 80s).

    So, I was always outwardly sexual, to some extent, from at least 3 years old.
    There was some sibling incest growing up, I discovered porn, jacking off, etc.
    But I was raised Christian, southern Baptist. We we’re definitely a “Christian” family. But never zealots or anything crazy. It was frowned upon if we didn’t go to church, but we weren’t made to go either.
    I was, however, very much afraid of going to Hell, so I prayed and “believed”, etc.
    In 1999, I was 26 years old when I accidentally stumbled upon “Anastasia’s Lair” dot com. I was greeted by a picture of the sexiest tattooed goth-ed out person I’d ever seen, with her legs spread, fucking her impossibly perfect looking cunt with a crucifix.
    I freaked out. Didn’t close the page. Didn’t log off. Didn’t turn my computer off…
    I unplugged my computer! Lol
    My first conscious thought was “oh my god, she’s gonna go to Hell”.
    (I’m 47 now and 21 years after the fact, it still embarrasses me to admit that. Lol).
    Well, after about 2 hours, praying, extensively and convincing myself that if god was gonna strike me down for this misstep, he’d have done it by now, I plugged back in, restarted, logged on and swore whatever I’d been looking for that lead me there, would not be looked for again… it took all of about 5 minutes for me to —how do you spell Anasta… was it lair?… there’s no “c” right?…—
    That became the first website I ever entered credit card info on and bought a membership.
    Sad to say it was another 14 or so years (and my introduction to Meth) before I had the courage to completely shed myself of “god” and jesus and Casper the friendly ghost. But I did. And shortly after, became aware of just how real Satan is. How powerful and most importantly, the realization that he has been there with me, literally from the beginning.
    I was as perverted as anyone can be growing up.
    Discovering Meth and worshipping Satan has taken me to depths of depravity I absolutely couldn’t have imagined existed.
    The ability to realize and appreciate that even the most decidedly non-sexual things, can be VERY sexual and VERY SEXY. The gift of guilt free, unapologetic selfish hedonism. The love of evil rather than the fear of it. And the hope and genuine desire of eternity in Hell.
    Gift after gift after blessing after blessing for nothing more than living my life as though the flesh and its pleasure is paramount. Serving my lust, with no boundaries and willful addiction to Meth, Cigarettes, Porn and Jacking Off…
    god & jesus couldn’t hold a candle to that.

    Hail Satan!

    I’d love being able to get to know any or all of you and share experiences and such 🙂


  4. Something very dark and traumatic happened to me as a child. It turned out to be a very good thing. It turned me into a masturbation addict which turned me into a porn addict which turned me into a BDSM addict which turned me into a Lord Satan addict.

    My dark journey, of course, was pre-determined by Him before I was even born. I thank my savior and God Satan every day for putting me on the path to Him by targeting me as a child for darkness and trauma.

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