Voodoo in Haiti

Feature writer: Aubrey Wilder
Feature title: Voodoo In Haiti
Uploaded: Unknown
Warning; This story is fiction, and should be treated as such. The following story is for the entertainment of ADULTS ONLY, and contains descriptions of explicit sex. If you are not an adult, or reading sex stories upset you, do not read any further.

Voodoo In Haiti – Chapter 1

Richard held on to his mind with difficulty. His senses were reeling. He felt dizzy. It was one of those numerous delightful nights which all young married people will remember later on in their life with nostalgia, one of those honeymoon-like nights when the bedroom atmosphere is charged sensuality and the husband wants to make love to his wife and not just have sex with her.

Alice Carlton sighed. Her soft blue eyes darkened with passion. They looked like twin thunderstorms to Richard. She turned on her side and held her lovely, rounded breasts for his kisses, her velvet-skinned bosom rising and falling with her heavy breathing, the pink porous cherries topping the white, creamy mounds offered provocatively to her husband’s kisses. She too, was receptive to the special, vacation like mood of the night, and her eroticism rose even higher as she thought of all delightful moments they would enjoy since Dick’s vacation began tomorrow.

Three weeks … they would have three full weeks to devote entirely to each other … well, maybe not entirely—a cloud passed over Alice’s lovely face as she remembered Richard’s peculiar interest in the occult and primitive rites, interest which had been decisive in their chasing Haiti as the place where they would spend their vacation. Haiti, of all places!

Visions of morbid zombies and wild-eyed nation raced through her mind. However, Alice knew that she could hardly object to her husband’s enthusiastic decision since Voodoo precisely formed a very important part of the very course he was to teach next fall at the college, where he worked as assistant professor of anthropology.

The young woman tried to chase all unpleasant thoughts away and to concentrate on their present delightful occupation, making love. The erotic fires were again flowing through her body.

“Don’t you like my breasts, darling?” she asked in a slightly strained voice.

“Do I?” Richard suited his action to the words he had to force from his lips. He kissed the little pink tips that hardened between his lips. He felt her hands exploring him as he gloried in her warm nudity.

He lay beside her for a second or two and just stared. She was beautiful. Perfect. Her beauty kind of stunned him once again. Her body was smooth and voluptuous, slenderly youthful and yet ripe for loving, like a child on the brink of maturity. Only Alice didn’t have anything childish in her passion-ridden eyes.

He stroked the velvet flesh, running his hank down her thighs, crimping the little round buttocks, feeling the pulsing warmth of her throbbing pussy under the tangled mass of curly pubic hair, making her shiver and moan under his expert touch; and then, he kissed her, there on the wide conjugal bed with the sheets thrown back and pieces of their night clothing scattered about.

He might have kissed her a dozen ways, but he had chosen that one with his tongue, and spontaneously, she sucked it down into her mouth hungrily, probing and charging it with her own.

He didn’t raise up to stare into her eyes this time. His cock was jumping, the blood racing hotly down its hardening length. Instead, he cupped her breast, caressing it tenderly as she began to squirm under him. Then, her own tongue shot up like a hot little wedge of fire into his mouth and he could taste the sweetness of her.

He dropped his hand to her slightly protruding little belly and stroked as her breath quickened in his mouth, then he let it trace down over the rise of her pubic mound to her thighs, her beautiful, luscious thighs …

Alice continued to suck his tongue, drawing its liquid into her throat as the fires went on building inside her. She felt his hand clutching at her naked breast.

She gasped aloud.

He squeezed while his tongue played in her mouth and she nibbled at it. Then, his thumb and forefinger found the nipple and rolled it
tenderly between them, generating tiny shocks throughout her body.

“Oh, Alice, darling,” he whispered into her mouth.

Richard took his wife’s warm, shapely beauty in his arms and began to kiss her all over. Alice kept gasping and wriggling, but he persevered. He turned her on her belly and lay on top of her to run his tongue down the deep line of her spine, feeling each bony ridge lined perfectly the other. She shivered and groaned with glee. He opened her legs and nibbled at the soft flesh on the inside of her thigh. He

touched her lightly with the tip of his tongue and thrilled as she giggled and pleaded for him to stop. Everything about her was absolutely beautiful, he thought.

Again and again, he was tempted to plunge himself into her blonde delight and enjoy the warm glory her body had to offer so tantalizingly, but he wanted to get the best out of her.

She was pliable and willing in his hands, refusing him nothing, turning over when he wanted her to. Once stroking her with his toes and putting her foot between his lips as he turned her back towards him and massaged her breasts, kissing the back of her neck and her ears, she nearly went crazy.

Richard was anticipating the beautiful highway of sexual bliss he was soon to possess. There was just nothing else like it at all.

He was breathless himself now. His heart was pumping. He pulled away and as he looked at Alice’s cute little loins rotating sensuously, expectantly so near him, he again felt the savage urge to conquer her rising in his throbbing cock. He checked himself as his body moved forward compulsively and arrived between the warm, velvet clamps of her thighs.

Alice giggled and put her hand down. She had moistened her fingers and began to titillate him. She was not disappointed as she examined the thick cock throbbing in her hands and saw the lubricating fluid glistening at its purple tip. Tenderly, she stroked the foreskin down

its full length and helped it return to cover the smooth gland of its head.

“Ooooahhh, darling!” Alice exclaimed.

Saliva dripped from his open mouth to mingle with her juices secreting from the delicious narrow split that started at the bottom of the smooth white belly and trailed down between the rounded creamy moons of her buttocks pressed tightly against the mattress.

“Darling, come,” Alice said, taking his head in her two hands. She stuck out her little pointed tongue and let it slide over her mouth. “Dick, darling,” she moaned, “do this to me … down there.”

She felt his cock twitch against her hand. Slowly, he maneuvered himself down between her wide- spread legs. She gaped at him crouched between her legs through half-opened eyes. She could feel the flat palms of his sweating strong hands clasped against the tender softness of her inner thighs, holding them wide apart, and suddenly she wanted to widen them even further for him. Her secret treasure must now be open to him at his will. She watched excitedly as his head lowered slowly slowly … slowly!

“Aaaaaggghhh!” she jerked when his hot, moist lips closed over the soft mound at the base of her belly.

The blur of his face disintegrated in her vision, evolving once more in the soft fleece as he planted wet, tingling kisses on the still snug aperture, his tongue slashing insanely at the quivering opening.

“Dick! Dick, Dick! My darling!” She called in a hoarse, strained voice.

He pushed his whole face into her crotch, letting all of her flowing juices wet his handsome features. His nose, eyes, and both his cheeks were wet with the sweet woman smelling fluid oozing from her delightful cunt. He felt as though he wanted to breathe her into him.

He continued to move his face back and forth between her legs, parting her fleshy vaginal lips with each movement; his nose nudging her tiny, erect clitoris, making it stand up rigidly in the wetness of the warm cavern.

Alice moaned and called his name, pushing his face harder and harder into her waiting crevice. He began to lick her smoothly, then, with the flat of his tongue, feeling each tiny mound of her delicious cunt beneath his adoring tongue.

She could feel the swelling up within her; his tongue and mouth worked away at her and she could hear the obscene, exciting sounds of his panting and love making. Her own hands moved sensuously down over her throbbing breasts and slid slowly along her smooth, flat stomach, coming to rest on either side of his hips. Her fingers stroked softly
for a moment at the flexing hollows of her inner thighs; then, slowly spread the fleshy, hair lined lips of the moist furrow apart, allowing his hungry mouth complete access to her wet, secret being.

She pressed her elbows to her ribs and her head bossed from side to side uncontrollably as his hot, searing tongue shot out, its soft flicking tip circling her quivering clitoris. She felt his lips suck drawing the warm folds of her soft cunt deep into the hot cavern of his mouth, while his tongue continued its maddening licking against the straining bud of her sex.

“Ooooahhh! Aaaaggghhhh! Darling.” She groaned.

Alice groaned again and again; unashamedly from deep in her throat as the hot probing tip worked its way up and down the length of her narrow weft slit, starting at the lower belly and pressuring its way down over the elastic rimmed opening of her clasping vagina and into the crevice of her flexing buttocks, where it stopped momentarily to do a
wet probing homage to the tight brown throbbing hole. Her hips ground wildly into the mattress, soft mewing animal sounds escaping from between her passion clenched teeth.

Richard Carlton worked frenziedly, feeling the soft wet pubic hair of his wife’s cunt brushing tantalizingly against his cheeks. Oh, how he loved her! How he liked to see her squirming under his caressing tongue!

Now, her groans drove his tongue faster as it worked its way up and down her steaming hot crotch, and her hands were tangled in his thick mane of brown hair, guiding his face to the palpitating opening of her cunt. He ran his tongue into the soft rimmed flesh, flicking at it for a moment, then withdrawing it to tease around the ragged pink edges of the delicious hole.

She forced him, pressing his mouth directly over the tight little opening in her squirming crotch, and as his lips rounded and covered the elapsing viscous flesh, he thrust his tongue deep down into her vagina, raising a low guttural moan from Alice whose soft warm thighs closed convulsively around either side of his moving head.

He could feel the wet flesh slip moistly around his long, extended tongue as the walls of her invaded vagina opened and closed in a sucking motion of their own, attempting to pull his tongue deeper and deeper into it. Her heels pushed down against his back, pressing his body into the flesh trap of her open thighs until he could barely breathe, his
nose smashed tightly against the tiny, hard clitoris above, breathing in the pungent odor of the lust juices now flowing abundantly from it. It was inciting his cock to a hardness he wouldn’t be able to control much longer. He had to fuck her or he would soon explode all over the rumpled bed sheets.

Alice’s body was lost in the ecstatic fire of the moment. Every muscle of her passionate body was tensed as she strained her hips upwards toward the maddening probe between her legs. Dick was magnificent! He was bringing such pleasure from her body!

Her love for him incited her further. Her ups drawn legs opened and closed around the tormenting head that was licking gluttonously at her flame-seared cunt. The cords of her neck stood out as she pulled with an her strength against the tangled hair of his head.

“Ooahhhh! Oooohhh! Aaaaaggghhg!” She wailed, splaying her legs wider and wider to give him greater access. “Go on! Don’t stop!” She pleaded. “Don’t stop now! Please, Dick, lick my cunt! Lick it good! Lick it!”

And then there came a rushing in her ears and she choked as the ceiling seemed to cave in on her and she screamed at the sweet, intolerable delight of it, wanting it to go on forever and ever, never to stop until her whole being was drained of all sensation. She lay gasping and slowly recovering, Richard pulled his head away from her flooded loins. His face gleamed with her genital juices.

“Darling … Alice, darling, I want to cum inside you,” he whispered hoarsely. “That’s the way I want it!”

She, too, wanted to feel his rigid hot presence within her still palpitating vagina. She wanted him to fuck her, hard, deep, with those passionate lunges of his that seemed to bear down to her deepest, most sensitive being bringing out her hidden emotions and telling her with every cell of his manhood that he loved her.

She folded her trembling legs around his back as he slowly positioned himself between her waiting thighs, and putting her hand between his legs, guided his cock to the entrance of her throbbing vagina.

Richard moaned and began to push down on her, penetrating her with hungry contentment. Alice gasped and clutched at him with her arms. She was experienced and loving. admitting him freely, though offering enough resistance to increase their mutual pleasure. She reached down further and grabbed hold of his swaying, heavy testicles and gently began to massage them.

She lifted her hips off the mattress until she could feel his steel-like prick pushing against the moist lips of her vagina, prodding painstakingly at the tiny opening. The purplish head of his swollen penis gently parted her pubic hair and pushed through the tiny ring of her open, wet pussy.

“Mmmmm.” She whimpered, feeling her inside once again on fire with desire.

The thickness of his penis was filling her vagina and she could feel her damp vaginal walls close around the shaft with each increasing stroke. Once they were completely joined, she began to cover him with passionate kisses. She ran one hand down his back and pressed a delicate finger between his loins and laughed as he yelled at the delightful sensation.

Richard’s spirits soared as he thought that Alice was really the best and she was his. His to enjoy and poses. He stayed his pistoning, invasion for a moment and felt her squeeze her vitals against him. She tongued one ear and then the other and bit at his hard, tiny nipples, gasping as she did so.

He was measuring the depths of her sensations by her action. When she clamped her limbs tight around his backside, he knew she was in the throes. Then she would relax and her pleasure would increase until she began turning her head from side to side.

It was all too perfect Richard knew he could not control the fire burning inside him for much longer, and so finally, when a passive wave of passion gripped him, he surrendered to his galloping senses with a spice of regret Such mutual ecstasy was rare and could rarely be repeated.

“Oooohhhh … aaaagggghhhhh!” She gasped, as she felt the walls of her vagina contract and expand around the monstrous, delicious prick that was worming around salaciously inside her contrasting white belly.

He let her have it hard and good in one mighty thrust that appeared her to what seemed an incredible depth. Alice recoiled for a moment as if in pain and then bounced back to fight him with her womanhood. It was a beautiful sensation for Richard as her fiery flesh consumed him, and kneading and twisting, she took the cool liquid of his strength into herself.

The tightness in her loins was building to the breaking point and she knew that she was about to explode; about to cum!

“Oh yes, yes, I’m summing, I’m cumming!” She almost screamed, bucking her hips up against his pounding organ.

“I’m cumming; I’m cumming too, darling!” He groaned as the last of his spawns exploded deep inside her. He let go all his steaming sperm with a low rutting grunt as Alice moaned, wallowing in abandoned sensual delight, her eyes tightly closed, tiny white lights sparking all around the blackness in her head.

She sank back as the thrills of excitement ebbed from her loins, and she massaged his failing, drooping ponds with her quivering belly, rewarding his lips with gentle kisses. Richard accepted the warm accolade.

“Don’t go now, honey,” Alice whispered. “I am still moving.”

He could feel her twitching and stayed soaking his deflated cock in the lush warmth of her loving, until they both were still and exhausted. For a while, time vanished for them both. They had found each other in wonderful contentment. Richard forgot his problems and Alice forgot hers as well, a problem she had not mentioned to Dick; which happened to be a certain, disturbingly handsome ‘friend’ called Roger Antrim.

But she couldn’t allow anything to disturb her right now. After all, the so-much-longed-for vacations were only starting and Alice looked forward for the three coming weeks, which they were to spend in a warm, sensual, Caribbean island: Haiti Alice turned the lights off, leaving her husband to his tranquil sleep, and walked silently to the living room, bare feet loving the feel of the rug, her robe tied loosely at the waist. She sat down on the sofa and lighted a cigarette, feeling intensely the loneliness and silence of the night. As pale blue rings of smoke curled and uncurled in front of her vaguely staring eyes, the whole shameful incident between Roger Antrim and herself came back to leer mind, all too vivid to be ever forgotten.

After all, she had gone steady with Roger for a whole year, and certainly their petting had reached the point where one more little step would have destroyed her virginity. But thank God, she thought now with a certain relief, she had never gone all the way with him, even though they had come disastrously close, and on more than one occasion it had been all she could do to hold herself back.

She wondered whether Roger would remember that night when their wild, youthful desires had run amok and taken hold of their eager excited bodies. A wistful smile played on her full, pouting lips as she thought that probably he didn’t for men forget these things so muck more easily than women. Certainly, the cynical, pretentious Roger Antrim couldn’t have attached much importance to a ‘slightly’ heated petting session with a pretty coed, could he? Even if afterwards this same Roger Antrim had looked quite spited at her refusing his advances to fall in lover and marry a young anthropology major called Richard Carlton; Dear Richard, handsome and intelligent, ham working too, but without the suave refinement Roger possessed.

She had never been much of a drinker and that night at the dance, she had gone beyond her usual one or two. After, when they had parked in the little clearing so familiar to their petting sessions Alice was almost drunk, and she knew it. But somehow she felt safe and secure, and the glow of the alcohol didn’t seem to matter.

She had shivered as Roger brought his left hand up under the line of her breast, sagging just slightly, waiting to be lifted. She could feel his piercing gaze, and when she turned, she was met full on his lips. Roger began to gently massage her breast through the barrier of the blouse and bra, opening and closing his fingers in a kneading motion as his tongue searched her mouth. He thrust his tongue deeply in her mouth, and she began to suck on it in slow pulling movements, nibbling ever so gently on the tip of it, building the pressure in his loins until he began to press harder and harder against her, one leg jammed between hers.

She began to notice the jerking bulge of his penis becoming firmer with each painful throb. He was slowly grading the full length of it against her bare leg, pushing her mini-skirt up higher anal higher, until the full length of her soft thighs was exposed. He placed one hand on her knee, slowly advancing and retreating along her supple inner thigh. With each stroke, he came nearer to that gentle pubic mound, its soft. sparse fringes flowering out around the elastic borders of her panties.

His mouth had left her lips and began to open and close on her breast, still protected by her blouse and bra. Even through the two layers of material, she could feel the throbbing of her nip pies as he pinched them tenderly between his teeth.

The tender playing of his tongue around her delicate buds had nearly driven her wild, and she’d barely noticed when his hand crept beneath her skirt and begun gentle caresses between her smooth white thighs.

“N-No, Roger, heavens no! We can’t; you; you mustn’t!” She had gasped, realizing the danger this time, fearing that in another minute the wouldn’t be able at stop him.

And he had continued, his hands gently stroking her soft, vibrant flesh, traversing over the full length of her uncontrollably writhing body, from her breasts to her flat, now quivering stomach and downward to the nylon shielded softness of her golden pubic hair.

His hand had reached the thin strip of her briefs, and began to gingerly trace the edges, where they barely covered the line of her thigh. He had soothed her there, stroking slowly, tantalizingly, until with his thumb and forefinger, he began to ease under the elastic toward the inviting moist warmth of her vagina, inserting his middle finger into the virginal channel. A tingling sensation she had never before experienced caused her to writhe about on the seat beneath his hand almost fitfully. She could hardly believe the deep gasping sounds of her own breathing and the heat from his aroused breath against her excited flesh.

“Oh, darling, no … no! No … not now,” she rasped into his ear pleadingly.

He’d not stopped. She could feel his probing fingers as they came together beneath her briefs He turned his hand over, palm inward, and began to massage the pubic mound, moving slowly down ward until his flattened palm reached her distended clitoris, grinding it and pulling it between his fingers.

With his other hand, he had freed her breast from the restraining bra, lifting it so that they popped out brazenly from underneath, straining forward, still covered by the filmy sheerness of her blouse. Hooking his fingers’ in the elastic waistband of her briefs, he had jerked them quickly over the softness of her round full buttocks and maneuvered them over one foot, then the other, as Alice shifted her body. And suddenly, she had felt the unfamiliar coolness as, a blast of cold night air chilled her naked thighs.

Now, Roger could see the full white globes of her breasts exposed completely as he released the buttons on her blouse. Her firm soft breasts burst into the open air, their hard pink nipples standing fully erect as she looked down on their ripe loveliness. He brought his hand up the length of her body, rotating it slowly until he reached the fleshy softness of the firm rounded globes, rolling the hardened nipples between his fingers.

Pushing aside the remnants of her clothing, he clasped one tightly in his hand, lifting it up and then smashing it beneath his palm in a smooth revolving motion. Leaning over, his lips suddenly locked tightly on her nipple, stopping only to brush the tip from side to side in his mouth, pushing it around with his tongue.

Her entire body began to squirm then, pressing the naked wetness of her vagina against his leg, each undulation offering no release, but rather, driving her wilder as needles of fire coursed through her helpless body. She gave out a gasp and then another as he sucked harder and hater on the aching nipple, all the whole squeezing her other breast, the soft ridges of white flesh oozing up between his fingers. Then his thrusting tongue began to explore the rest of her body,

his lips nibbling the flesh beneath her breasts, down further toward the gentle mound of her bare stomach, pausing to lash out at her navel, causing her to twist and squirm from the tickling sensation, his left hand unfastening the clasp of her skirt that lay rolled around her hips. This too was pulled down the length of her legs, and her ripe young body lay before him completely naked, blonde hair spilling across her shoulders, stopping just short of the tips of her breasts.

His hand left her breast and moved dorm her body, rippling her soft flesh in tiny waves before his stroke. He massaged the area above her pubic mound, pressing deeply into the tender flesh. His searching fingers returned to the searing vagina, even hotter and wetter than before, probing at the very core of her sex, as she began to revolve her hips in a grinding motion, straining and arching her back against his hand. She gave out another gasp and squirmed harder and faker.

“Ooooohhhh,” she moaned. “Don’t, please, don’t!” She pleaded knowing it was useless.

Her back was arched so high that only her shoulders and heels were touching the car seat. Her knees were wide apart as she ground the hand that was continuing to crush her inflamed clitoris, circling it and pulling it, shooting bursts of pleasure through her yearning body, licking her like lewd flames of suddenly raging desire. Her head spun round and round in tortured confusion. What was happening to her!

Nothing seemed to matter to her except the delicious sensations that were wracking her body like the lashes of a whip. She jerked spasmodically with every grinding assault on her tight virginal cunt as his finger probed around and around in the smooth fleshy tunnel. She wanted him to stop, for it to be all over, but every fiber of her tormented body begged for more; more!

He had eased his left hand from around her shoulders, sliding it slowly down between their tightly pressed bodies. Alice had heard the whisper of his zipper, her heart skipping a beat as Roger fumbled and maneuvered to bring his fully erect cock into the open air. Then, suddenly she sensed the hot, fleshy pressure against her upper thigh.

His penis!

She could feel it stretched across her stomach now as she lay on her back, also the sticky wetness that seeped out as the hardened flesh made contact with her bare akin.

Her body had actually recoiled from this first ever strange contact with a male organ, and had been ready to struggle when abruptly, his finger nestled between her legs had probed tenderly into the velvety wetness of her vagina, sending a galvanic current of immeasurable pleasure soaring through her whole being, leaving her momentarily powerless in the throes of the erotic entrancement.

Her temporary paralysis had led him to believe she was submitting, and before she realized it, he had taken her hand and placed it over his shaft, pressuring her fingers around the swollen member, his loins thrusting in long strikes, pushing the fully moistened length of the cock through her clenched hand, and pulling back until only the rubbery head, blood-filled and throbbing remained in her grasp.

Instantly, her mind became a melee of mixed emotions, and even as her brain attempted to dictate right over wrong, her fingers clenched tight against the hot, throbbing instrument, and she heard his expressive groan of delight mingled with her own labored breath.

This was the first time she had actually seen a male member. She remembered how its enormous size had utterly amazed her, her fingers hardly able to encircle it, and how, automatically, she had begun to stroke it, manipulating the thick outer skin back and forth, up an down the rigid stem of flesh.

He was thrusting his long, slender finger deep inside the passage of her womanhood, its tender, sensitive wall suddenly so wet from the passion fluid ardently seeping from its chaste, excited lips. It was expanding the tiny opening in the membrane that denoted her purity, and even though she had feared its tearing, destroying the proof of her virginity right then and there, it seemed she could do nothing about it. The wild intoxication he was filling her with was stropping her of all power to resist, and unconsciously, she had relaxed her inner thighs, allowing him greater access to her intimate being even as she had increased her own massaging of his penis.

She remembered how astonished she had been as with each gentle stroke, she could feel the massive shaft jerk and grow harder in her hand, when the very moment before its huge stiffness seemed impossible to surpass. How could any girl take that inside her! Surely it would split her apart, she had thought with a delightful shiver of fear and anticipation coursing through her.

She began to meet each thrust of his loins with a smooth motion of her own sliding hand down to the base of the long, thick penis, to where it disappeared in a bushy clump of dark pubic hair. She could feel the veins near the surface, mapping an intricate pattern as they pumped hot blood toward the pulsing, swollen head. She had reached a little
further and stroked his testicles; delicate little balls in their loose flesh pouch. They were feed to capacity with seething sperm, and she now understood the agonizing pressure welling up that Roger must have felt then and which threatened to spew forth in a torrent of hot liquid release

In her fascination and enthrallment with the jerking organ, she had hardly realized he had rolled over on top of her until he was there, and almost too late, she had clamped her thighs tightly together, trapping the rock-hard cudgel between them.

He had gone half out of his mind endeavoring to direct and wedge it into the opening of her wet, palpitating vagina, and God knows, she had wanted it as bad as he; but something had helped her maintain her wits. She had striven with all of her efforts against him, her struggle causing her hand to tighten around his straining member, and he had no more than penetrated the hard, rubbery head at the entrance of her upturned crotch, its tip nuzzled between the tight moist lips of her quivering vulva when she sensed it beginning to lurch out of control.

It jerked spasmodically in her hand and Roger gasped as she felt a hot, thick stream of liquid spurt from his member and continue as if it would never end, until her soft, fleecy pubic hair was drenched with the warm, sticky sperm.

“No, Roger. You mustn’t! No!” She screamed, grabbing the stiffened cock mad pulling it away from her opening.

“Wait! Uuuungggghhh!” A low moan of relief massed Roger’s lips, his penis trucking and rearing like a fire hose, spewing its sticky load in milky spurts out and onto her belly.

The inside of her thighs were saturated with it, and it dribbled down between her legs to drench the car seat beneath her naked buttocks. Alice had stared in horrified amazement as the rigid cock emptied itself on her bare skin, great streams of the hot liquid racing up from his testicles, the hardened rod convulsing like a retching drunk, before drooping limply, emptied of its aching load.

Then, Roger had groaned a final release and draped himself over her in obvious exhaustion. He was mumbling what had sounded like apologies to her, as if he had somehow failed her, she thought, almost as if he had been unaware she had resisted, and although she had not told him then, it was that night and that incident that had made it clear to her that she did not love Roger Antrim; and a few days later, she had met Richard for the first time. And now, she was to meet Roger Antrim again; she knew he would be there, in Port-Au-Prince, and what else could she do but try to make the best out of it?


Voodoo In Haiti – Chapter 2

As she had feared, they had not been for two days in Port-Au-Prince when Roger Antrim called on them at their hotel.

Her brain was whirling and her emotions were in turmoil as she nervously what Roger’s attitude would be. But she need not have been so anxious, she now thought with intense relief as she got dressed for the evening; an evening Antrim had promised to be full of excitement; he had been he old confident, charming self, but nothing more. There was not a hint in his attitude towards her that would have allowed her to think that he even remembered the incident in the backseat of his car that night in the woods. Thank God, it was all the better for Richard was simply wild with enthusiasm when he had offered to take them to some “real show,” something quite different from the disappointing tourist attractions they had seen up to now.

Roger arrived punctually and the long appreciative look he gave Alice filled her with understandable delight in her blooming womanhood. She fen confident and her spirits soared as she walked between the two men, each one of her tiny hands wrapped into a strong masculine arm. Roger was giving them highlights of the fascinating culture of the
island that was one of its main charms. He told them about Voodoo— Richard listening intently—and mentioned the child sacrifices that the Negroes from Dahomey used to have, and still held in secret for it was now forbidden.

The stories gave Alice goose pimples and made her cling closer to her former beau as he went on with his informative conversation, all of which Richard seemed to almost be swallowing, hanging on to every word his friend pronounced. The night was cool and calm, and the moon shone big and blue in a dark sky.

“A perfect night for a ritual,” Roger said in his low, rich voice, and as they rode along the white moon-swept streets, he told the young couple about their rendezvous. “We are going to see an Obeah rite. Know what that is, Dick7”

Alice shook her head while her husband immediately began stating in a doctoral tone:

“Well, darling, it’s called by many names. Voodoo. Black magic. Over here it’s called Obeah. The name might be different, but it is essentially the same thing. Same rites. Same purpose. Everything; I feel quite excited at the prospect of seeing it; really, Roger, you don’t know what this means for me.”

He seemed very excited indeed not his usual controlled self.

“You know, I’ve read of many extraordinary things and this to which you are taking us, Roger, is the strangest of them all.”

Alice remained silent as the car zoomed along. They left the roaring city behind. There was a more rural aspect to the passing landscape now and somehow, in spite of herself, she felt the same way as when watching those horror pictures of Count Dracula.

Then Roger stopped the car and helped Alice out. The darkness was intense. The moon had suddenly disappeared. The only light came from a window in the distance. A large white frame house loomed up in the darkness. The trio left the road and Roger directed his friends up a dirt path bordered by flowers whose heavy, penetrating aroma filled the night air.

For a few minutes, they followed the foot path. Only sounds of night-time reached them here. All signs of civilization were behind them, back in Port-Au-Prince. Alice felt as if she were stepping into a strange, unknown land with alien, forbidding customs. Now they were walking along a narrow defile and seemed to be climbing.

They came out suddenly on a broad ledge. Ahead of them a bright fire gave off a reddish, supernatural glow. As they approached the fire, Alice saw that there were many people, all coal black, sitting in a great circle around the fire. The whole scene gave her an eerie feeling and she threw a rapid glance in Richard’s direction, noticing his unconcealed excitement.

Suspicious looks were directed towards the white intruders which immediately changed when they saw Roger Antrim. He seemed to be quite well known for immediately cushions were provided for the three of them to sit on comfortably. Alice was again placed between Roger and Richard and she preferred it this way. It made her feel more secure as the dreadful feeling of foreboding which had invaded her being at the sight
of the unexpected scene lifted somewhat.

Finally, footsteps were heard approaching. A tall, gaunt, black woman of a statuesque beauty entered in the middle of the circle. She had enormous, hypnotic yellow eyes which made a striking contrast with her dark skin. She stared around slowly, allowing her eyes to rest on each person individually. When her eyes rested on Roger, Alice thought she saw a slight quiver of the muscles at the base of the woman’s throat. Then the yellow, cat-like eyes were holding her own …

“Who is she?” Richard asked in a trembling voice.

“Salambo, a priestess of the voodoo rites,” Roger answered in a low voice.

The black faces stared up at Salambo as she stood outlined, still as a statue in her long white gown. They stared impassively. No one moved. There was a lifeless quality about the group that sent chills along Alice’s spine.

A drum began beating abruptly as if from deep within the very heart of the earth on which they were sitting. It beat slowly and softly, its monotonous rhythm filling their ears as with the intensified sound of their own heart-beat. Then the tempo increased and it grew in volume. The deep sound echoed through the thick bushes surrounding them.

A second drum joined the first at a higher pitch. Then another at still a higher pitch. All three drums now beat in unison as if played by one hand. The rhythm was electric.

Then they stopped as suddenly as they had begun. The abrupt quiet was louder than the beating of the drums had been.

Alice looked about her. Salambo had not moved. Now she walked to the fire and someone began a low chant in a strange language. The chant was taken up by more and more watchers until all were singing the guttural syllables in a low, hypnotic voice.

The chant too was ended abruptly. Salambo mouthed some phrases and the chanting began again. It is like a litany, Alice thought, and Salambo is the High Priestly.

A strong drink that tasted somewhat like rum was passed around and the spectators were taking turns inhaling deeply on a long thin pipe exhaling a sweet, pungent smelling smoke. Everyone seemed to be in a sort of catatonic state, not smiling, not frowning, just sitting there expressionless.

Alice noticed that Richard took his turn like the others, sipping
some of the brown drink and taking a long drag on the pipe. Then, the gourd and pipe were passed to her and she hesitated, not knowing what to do.

“Try it,” Roger told her in a low, persuasive tone.

“No, no, really,” she said. “I don’t care to.”

“It will make the evening more pleasant if you do,” he laughed reassuringly. “And we’d better not offend our hosts, so you may as well enjoy yourself. They’re quite harmless!”

Alice was not so sure, but she hesitantly took a sip of the strong liquor. It wasn’t too bad. Tasted even good, strong and warm as it went down her throat. She took the pipe and pretended to take a long drag, then handed it back to Roger.

“Come Alice,” he urged her softly. “Take some more, don’t be afraid.”

She couldn’t fool him and even though she was afraid of the effects it could have, she took a small puff. The pungent smoke filled her lungs and she coughed. The taste was quite acrid and the thought she might get sick, but she didn’t. Roger watched her closely, moving his cushion nearer to hers, his dark eyes taking in every move she made

Salambo was swaying back and forth to the music, undulating her hips. Her loose white robe clung to her magnificent figure as she moved. She was fairly tall, with long, nervous legs, well rounded hips and a narrow waist. Her breasts appeared to be quite full and pear shaped and they jiggled slightly as she moved, revealing the fact that she was not wearing anything under the robe.

Her expressionless face wore a mask of defiance or tragedy while her hypnotic yellow eyes flashed an inner fire. Her hair was closely cropped around her head in an Afro style.

She walked around the circle of spectators, moving slowly, sensuously, like a strong, graceful feline, letting the men present admire the sleekness of her firm body. Her hips were swaying gently and the tie of her robe loosened slightly. The garment fell apart,
revealing a few inches of her bare dark bosom, just enough so that the firm roundness of her flesh could be seen.

She stretched her arms outward as if she were invoking some deity and at the same time daring her robe to come apart. As she moved, her long, black-skinned legs were visible where her robe separated just below the waist.

Alice watched her, fascinated, and so did Richard, for she moved so gracefully, and so sensuously. Her hands moved to the tie on her robe and one could feel the tension in the group as she undid she string that was holding the garment together and let it slip off her shoulders and fall to the floor.

All the people present were breathing rapidly, enthralled by the movements of the Priestess. Her hips were full-fleshed and solid, the bulge of her thighs was soft and cushiony. Her pelvis undulated forward and back, teasing, taunting, daring the men with the dark patch between her legs, posing with her legs apart so that all could look up between her naked thighs and view the velvety purple vaginal lips and the tiny slit of her open cunt.

Her nipples stood erect like blackberries on her heavy, firm breasts as they quivered to the rhythm of her dancing. Her buttocks trembled and she stood in one place for just a moment and let her body shake all over, the flames playing on the smooth dark flesh, making of Salambo a vision of supernatural beauty and power.

The Voodoo Priestess looked like a mirage, so beautiful and entrancing that it was difficult to believe that she was real. Her hands cupped her pear-shaped breasts and pushed them up, holding them proudly upward, letting all admire their fullness, their firmness, and she gave the audience several minutes to absorb this pose, letting all realize exactly what she was offering them.

Alice squirmed down against the cushion, feeling its rough edge push dress and panties into her crevice. She rubbed herself gently against it, working the corner of the cushion between the moistening lips of her vulva. Her body rocked on it rhythmically; in concert with the writhing girl swaying in the eerie light of the fire. She could feel the well-known wetness spread between her thighs and she spread them slightly to gain greater contact with the cushion. The roughness brushed soothingly against her tiny, rising clitoris through the sheer panties she was wearing.

She looked guiltily out of the corner of her eye at Richard next to her to make sure he hadn’t noticed; but he seemed so engrossed by the spectacle that he had paid no attention. Then she felt Roger’s arm behind her, waiting. Without thought, she relaxed against it and made no protest when his hand came to rest heavily on her left throbbing breast.

The musky odor of Roger’s cologne filled her nostrils, stimulating her further. It had a rich, suggestive odor that caused her to snuggle closer as the excitement of forbidden naughtiness rippled through her and she was careful not to break contact with the edge of the cushion pressed into the crevice between her fevered thighs.

Salambo reached inside the fork of a huge tree near by and brought out a wicker basked from which she removed a long, black snake that wiggled restlessly, undulating and writhing, weaving its head and body in nervous coils. At the sight of the snake, a ripple of excitement swept the onlookers.

Alice tensed in momentary shock and only Roger’s firm grip on her now throbbing breasts kept her from running away from the clearing. She felt tiny throbs pulsing in the erect bud of her clitoris as she squirmed downward, the cushion edge forcing the set band of her panties deeper into the split of her crotch. She bit her lower lip tightly to
hold back the forbidden sensations that were throbbing between her legs.

Salambo stood in the wild flicker of the fire and ran her hands over her hips and thighs, bending to caress her smooth, trim calves. The men gasped as she revealed the firm plumpness of her buttocks and the dark crevice with the tiny anal ring nestled there mysteriously. Eyes were popping out in the darkness, absorbing the erection of her nipples, the cleavage of her buttocks and the spot between her legs where each male wished that he could bury himself.

The Priestess moved her legs out and around in a circular motion, uncaring of the black, hideous snake coiled around her throat, her ‘v’ catching the dancing flames of the fire as they played on her completely naked body.

Her face was contorted with an expression of lust and desire, almost of pain, as though she were being impaled by some invisible penis, her body moving faster and faster as though she were working up to an orgasm and the music of the drums grey louder and louder.

Roger’s hand was now resting on Alice’s thigh and she did nothing to stop him. She could feel his fingers tighten and loosen on her skin each time Salambo rocked her hips forward as though she were offering her treasure to every man sitting around the fire. It was impossible to watch and not want to touch her, press against her, take her, and it was obvious that all the men were just waiting for the first one to make a move. They rocked back and forth, pressing their legs together to control their erections that were rapidly becoming more and more obvious. But surely, no one would dare touch the Priestess for Salambo seemed to be having intercourse with some powerful deity ruling over this superstitious people.

Alice felt that the drink and smoke had dulled her senses and yet at the same time intensified them. It didn’t matter who the man was next to her, she found the situation sensually exciting, animalistic and she vitas enjoying it. She could feel a tightness growing in her loins, a desire that was becoming stronger and stronger, so she leaned back, supporting herself against Roger’s shoulder.

He took this as an encouragement and his hand slipped even further up on her leg, reaching well beneath her skirt. She was enjoying the power she held over him now, she wanted him while he watched the other girl dance, and it was a strange, almost sadistic feeling of power that she was experiencing. She knew that the whole set-up was affecting her, but she had such a warm glow, such a sensual feeling that the only thing
that mattered was that she was a woman and she wanted a man; any man.

Salambo undulated and writhed for several more minutes, then collapsed to the floor, her legs slightly apart, her breast jiggling each time her chest rose and fell with her heavy breathing.

A white rooster was handed to Salambo. A knife flashed in the wicked light of the fire. Salambo rose. There was a great arching motion of her black arm holding the knife. Then, the bird’s head fell to the ground. Salambo quickly held a gourd bowl under the still flapping and palpitating bird’s neck and collected the creature’s life blood as it streamed out. A choir of children’s voices rose in a bizarre way.

The purity of the children’s voices and the primitive sacrifice awed Alice who now realized that she was witnessing a voodoo sacrificial rite. Was this what Richard had wanted so much to see, she wondered vaguely. Her head was whirling. The fire was giving off a pungent fragrance.

Salambo was now drawing a circle on the ground in which she sprinkled a few drops from a vial she held. She sprinkled some of the liquid on the fire which blazed fiercely all of a sudden. The tempo of the drums increased to a deafening volume.

Salambo raised the bowl of rooster’s blood to her head and drank from it, the morbid, red life fluid running in awesome streams along her neck. The watchers moaned in unison. Then they were still. Salambo dipped her fingers in the bowl and sprinkled a few drops of blood over the fire. Again the flames blazed in renewed fury.

The bowl of blood was passed around the circle for all to drink. This time the white onlookers were spared, to Alice’s intense relief. Roger’s hand moved by force, kneading the softness of her belly

under the thin material of her dress. Teasing at the light sprinkling of hair at the base of her abdomen, his fingers rotated against the mound of her crotch, unable to go lower because of her tightly pressed thighs. Alice pressed harder against the cushion, knowing that Roger would think she was trying to escape his fingers and not suspect that secretly she was pressing the edge into her own wet vaginal slit.

The flood between her thighs was wetting her dress now and she could feel the warm wetness on the soft cheeks of her buttocks as she pressed down harder to feed the pleasure building there. As Roger’s fingers worked more firmly at her crotch, indecision rose again, but the pleasure rationalized away the danger. Roger could not—without forcing her; get where he aimed. With Richard so near, Alice didn’t think he’d try. It felt wickedly good; only pleasure and no danger. It was heavenly.

Her eyes strayed back to the strange spectacle taking place in front of her unbelieving eyes.

The snake was hissing and twisting now as if in fury. Salambo seemed completely unconcerned by the hideous contortions of the animal. As she drew figures in the dirt by the fire, the people began weaving their bodies from side to side.

They repeated one word over and over again in unison.


A white goat was brought to Salambo. The young trembling animal stood quite still—piteously bleating. Salambo removed the black serpent from around her shoulders and held if before the young goat. The snake’s hideous head moved in all directions as its forked tongue flicked endlessly, its beady eyes unblinking.

Then it happened. It happened so fast that Alice was not sure she had seen it. The snake’s head flashed towards the terrified goat and buried its head in the animal’s throat for an endless moment. The goat stopped bleating. Its legs slowly folded under it and it sank to the ground, quivering piteously.

An exultant shout rose up from the people gathered around the fire. It was a deafening, ear-shattering roar. Alice was frozen with horror. The snake’s venom had not been removed and it had been coiled about Salambo all the time!

Goose pimples broke out all over the young woman’s white body. What was she doing at this barbaric rite? What strange rite was this that used living sacrifices to its gods? Was she to be used as a sacrifice too! Wild thoughts raced through her feverous mind as she surrendered herself at the same time to the rolling sensations of pleasure coursing through her body, for now Roger had thrust his left hand between her buttocks and the cushion on which she was seated, and his fingers searched in the crevice of her ass. A gush of shame washed through her at the sudden waves of indecent

pleasure overcoming her desire to resist. A glance in Richard’s direction told her that her husband was everything but interested in what she might be doing. The young professor was too entranced by the captivating spectacle taking place in front of his eyes.

Roger’s hand became bolder as it sensed her tacit surrender to its probings. He hooked his middle finger to slide her dress up the backs of her thighs so that he could penetrate the moist softness underneath. She could feel already the light tickling sensation of the material sliding from between her thighs and the cushion.

Salambo was bending towards the snake and placing it once more about her. It clung to her dark, gleaming shoulders, its hateful head darting and body writhing. She looks like a prehistoric priestess, Alice thought, watching the woman. Salambo’s hands rose above her head and came down with a snap as she began chanting in a queer, distorted voice that tended an even more eerie quality to the show.

The people swayed from side to side, as if answering her chant with one of their own. Alice shrank in terror. The chanting and drumming ceased abruptly. Salambo screamed. Her body twisted and gyrated as if possessed of ten thousand devils. Her face contorted into terrible grimaces. Every muscle and nerve seemed alive and in motion. She was taut from head to toe.

She grasped the snake from her shoulders and held it before the fire. It wiggled frantically. Then, holding the serpent at arm’s length, she brought the hideously awful head with its unblinking yellow eyes towards her face and kissed it.

For one seemingly eternal moment, her warm lips clung to the cold mouth of the creature. Then she was spinning and twirling and stamping on the hard beaten ground while the drums beat a mad crescendo and the people chanted and stamped their feet in rhythm.

Salambo passed the snake back into the basket and tossed a handful of white powder into the flames. The fire died down, then flared brighter than before.

As Richard stared as if hypnotized, Salambo scooped up her white robe, held it high about her and walked into the fire and crossed it, her bare feet flattening on the red embers to stand unhurt on the other side of the flames.

“Fantastic! Absolutely fantastic!” Richard repeated again and again, his eyes glued to the fascinating scene.

Salambo was putting more powder on the burning logs. The fire flared. The drum beats became more sensual. The people were all plunged in a semi-hypnotic state now.

Here and there, one of them would rise to his feet and move his body to and fro as if pulled by some invisible strings. A young woman jumped from her seat, clawing frenziedly at their clothing, ripping the garments away from her body. Her lush, voluptuous breasts were bared. They pouted and swayed as she danced in a trance.

The girl’s eyes were glazed slits. It was too much for a young man sitting beside her. He got to his feet with a mighty lunge and clasped and clawed at the writhing girl. His fingers outspread and tense, slashed at her dark, gleaming body. His nails left bleeding streaks wherever they landed.

With a savage motion, his steely fingers closed over the girl’s hard young breasts and in a wild motion, he brought her to him. His black huge cock stood rigidly in front of him, ready to spear her. Then they were weaving and threshing together. They fell to the earth locked in a savage, primitive embrace. And there, on the ground, their struggle synchronized and exploded in a pagan rite of lust.

Alice could feel her dress rising faster now. She lifted inadvertently as a fingernail scratched the softness of her thigh, as the dress slid upward more rapidly in response to Roger’s hooking finger. Suddenly, she gasped aloud. There was no more dress. Roger’s hand covered all of the wet band of her panties and was snaking under the elastic leg band and worming into the moist walls of her soft pussy.

She squirmed against it, holding her breath for fear some tell-tale sound might escape her lips. Her whole torso quivered until her impaled vagina became accustomed to the invading finger probing at the lubricated softness of its tenders walls.


The young woman caught her breath and held it. Everywhere about her, couples Were clutching and clawing and clinging to each other. Each one grasped a partner, male or female. Gyrating couples, twisting this way and turning that other, were busy in the act of love. The drums boomed and thundered. And coming from everywhere at once was Salambo’s weird chanting, rising above the noise and confusion.

The scene took on an unreal quality for Alice. In spite of herself, she found she was drifting along the emotional tight rope with the rest of the people at the voodoo ceremony. She could feel her body tightening and tingling oddly as Roger fondled her more and more intimately. She could feel the moisture covering the palm of the hand beneath her buttocks as it ground imperceptibly into her crotch. Roger’s fingers moved in circles inside her, expanding her tight little hole with each teasing rotation.

Alice was almost out of her mind now. She didn’t think she could stand this maddening teasing of her genitals another moment. Her lips parted and her eyes glazed. She could feel her body trembling violently. She was ready to crawl the wall to quench the fire raging through her contracting vagina, and the long finger fucking into her cunt was just too much! She needed a mate!

A couple was gyrating in ecstasy at her feet. There was no shame here. Only uninhibited passion and the unbridled expression of animal lusts.

The drums were calling, telling her exciting things, moving her towards new horizons, wider dimensions. Her flesh shuddered deliciously under Roger’s expert touch. She burrowed deeper against him, feeling the hard vigor of his body, the overpowering hunger tearing at her vitals.

But even in the midst of this maddening situation, Alice could hear the tell-tale noise of a zipper being ripped open, and without having to turn her eyes to the source of the screeching, metallic sound, she knew that Roger had opened his fly and had taken his steaming cock out of its confinement. A moment after, she felt the slow pumping motion made as he, with his free hand, glided the loosened flesh of his erected cock up and down its shaft.

The notion that Roger was now sharing her sexual pleasure by means of his masturbatory activity gave a sudden and unexpected booster to Alice’s own excitement. She had to fight against the crazy impulse to reach over with her hard and grab Roger’s blood-filled prick, and thus relieve him from his self-gratifying task, doing for him what he had been doing for her.

“Mmmmmhhhhh!” She couldn’t help to utter a low, guttural sigh which emerged from deep within her chest.

She closed her eyes and let her head fall slightly backwards, and all her mind-power concentrated in the strong sensations of electric pleasure she was getting from Roger’s thorough frigging. She allowed her thoughts to wander a bit and, naturally, in her foggy mind soon Roger’s thick, long finger became a fast moving cock, disembodied and detached from its rightful place in the male body, but nevertheless wickedly alive within her quivering vagina.

Instinctively, Alice opened her thighs a bit more to allow more room for Roger’s arm to reach easier within her legs and pursue his masturbatory maneuvers more successfully, and immediately she vaguely felt him moving slightly to accommodate his hand to a more comfortable position.

Roger’s heavy breathing was now coming clearly to reach her senses, and it gave her a renewed surge of excitement which made her free flowing love-juices pour abundantly and trickle all over the man’s hand, making a puddle and wetting the rolled-up material of her dress, tucked against her ass.

It came gradually, the spasmodic explosion of her wanton pleasure; building itself up bit by bit in a plateau of vibratory bliss within her belly, in an ever-increasing curve of desire and much-sought-after fulfillment. Then, it was finally triggered by a jerk of Roger’s hand, followed by a series of violent, vibratory movements, all of which told Alice that her self-serving sex partner had then reached the peak of his own orgasmic gratification.


An involuntary moan was uttered from Alice’s throat as she, too, attained the climatic end of her sexual thrill.

She remained still for a moment more. It was true that she had achieved an orgasm, but she soon realized that if it had, indeed, appeased her momentary sexual cravings, it certainly had no succeeded in killing her desires completely. Her body still claimed for more. It demanded a total unity with the man who had begun to excite her sex- starved body bringing her to this point of lustfulness.

She was certain that, soon, her already-weakened will could not come to her rescue and she will be asking, pleading with Roger if necessary, to put his cock inside her vagina and fuck as their bodies were biologically intended for in the first place.

Alice felt that a wave of compelling frustration was surging from deep within herself, urging her to seek a total fulfillment of her passion in an all-the-way intercourse with Roger.

But no! With the last spark of willpower she could muster, she tore herself away from the torturing finger, knowing that in a few more moments, she would herself become as helpless a victim of passion as the rest of the people writhing around her.

“Roger! Let’s leave! Immediately!” she ordered, her voice firm to her own surprise. “Here, help me with Richard, will you?”

Richard was so completely drunk that they almost had to carry him all the way to the car waiting for them on the road.

Roger drove silently all the way back to the hotel and Alice didn’t dare look in his direction even once. She was deeply ashamed of her weakness and lewd behavior.

She was grateful for Roger’s unexpected attitude of gallantry and when he finished helping her put Richard into bed, she whispered to him, her eyes lowered:

“Roger; please; let’s not spoil it all! For Dick’s sake, for mine, will you forget tonight’s incident?”

Roger Antrim pressed her hand in his in a gesture of admiring respect. “Of course, Alice, of course.”

“Roger,” she whispered nervously. “I don’t wish to be rude with you; but.”

“You’re never rude with me, Alice.” He replied, politely.

“Please, Roger.” she hastened to say. “I think it will be better; for all of us, if you, if we don’t see each other again!”

“Alice!” Roger exclaimed with a slightly offended gesture. “Don’t be silly! I believe you’re giving tonight’s incident much more importance than what it really has!”

“The fact that it happened, Roger. It should have never happened, and we both know it!”

Alice took her hand nervously from Roger’s hold.

“Perhaps now you will be able to understand my own sexual needs when you and I were going together. They were wonderful times, those. I have not been able to forget them …”

“You must, Roger,” Alice hastened to reply. “We are both married now, and to different persons.”

“Maybe now you may understand why I married Henrietta, ” Roger said raucously. “I loved you, Alice, but I had no money nor any means to marry you. And I just couldn’t wait in complete sexual abstinence while I made myself a position to marry you. Once a person knows what sex means one needs it badly. Sexual pleasure was known to me much before I met you, that’s why I needed you sexually. But at that time you couldn’t understand all this.”

“Roger, please!” Alice begged, pitifully.

“I believe that now you do understand it because you through your marriage you have known sex,” Roger continued, heatedly, paying no notice to a Alice’s pleading words. “I couldn’t marry, you at that time, nor could I pretend loyalty to you while I played the field with other girls more understanding to a guy’s needs than what you were. The town where we both lived was too small to keep a secret, any secret, and you were bound to find out. It would have been worst for both of us. More for you than for me, I dare say. How would you have felt if everybody would have known that the man who pretend to love you was cheating you with any girl that who happened to pass by?”

“That’s why you decided to break with me?” Alice asked, in a voice that was but a sigh.

“That’s why I decided to leave Stetson City altogether. I couldn’t do it on my own, because I had no money to do anything. Then Henrietta came into the picture and I married her, although I knew very well at that time that I couldn’t love any other woman but you. She was the only woman I could afford to marry. She didn’t need a man who could be able to support her. She had a lot of money and she fell for me. So, that’s why I did it!”

Whether he was being sincere, or acting a part for his own convenience, Alice never knew. She believed in his sincerity.


Voodoo In Haiti – Chapter 3

The blurring fog had gradually dissipated, and Alice found herself with Roger in a strange place where she had never been before. It was sort of a bar,but the table they both occupied was enclosed in between four walls. She listened to him though his words didn’t come quite clear to her ears, as though they were both submerged under water. But she knew he was telling her that he had not been happy with his wife for several years. She could have been prepared to hear all this, coming from him, every married man used it. What she was not prepared for was that he sounded so sincere, so honest, so lost.

“Women don’t have the same needs as men,” she quoted, convinced that she was right, because it was what she had been taught and therefore believed. “So, don’t be too hard on her.”

“You don’t really believe that, do you?” He queried. “I wasn’t making any unnatural demands on her, I just wanted her.” His voice was slurred and distant, but everything that he told her was hitting home base.

“I do understand,” she lied, not knowing what else to say for fear she would sound like an idiot.

“I’ve ordered you something special for after dinner because you’ve been so patient and listened to me and just because you’ve been you,” Roger said, softly. “I really should go,”

Alice interjected not knowing really where she was, nor where must she go to.

“Just a few more minutes and I’ll take you home,but you must try this drink first; it’s an order!” He laughed slightly and grasped her hand where it lay in her lap. His hand was warm and strong on hers and she could feel an urgency permeate through his body to hers, yet she didn’t take her hand away. He leaned over and kissed her cheek, then her neck and she could feel a chill of excitement shiver her whole being. She knew that
she shouldn’t let him kiss her, but she felt so relaxed and he seemed so unhappy and she was powerless to help herself. His affection made her feel that the old flame had revived again, and she was being desired and wanted by this utterly handsome man she once loved so dearly, but when his fingers stroked the smooth silk of her stocking just above
her knee, she tried to pull away.

“You’re so lovely, Alice,” he murmured in her ear. “So very lovely!”

She picked up her glass with her free hand and sipped the drink that he had ordered for her. It had a strangely sweet taste, but not like alcohol at all, yet she could feel it
warm her as she swallowed it.

“I really, must go home,” she told him, her eyes fastened on the table because she was too embarrassed to look him in the eye. “Please, Roger, take me home.”

“You win,” he whispered, sighing heavily, then added. “But I have to pick something up first, it’s in my room, it will only take a minute.”

She gulped the rest of her drink as he finished his and he escorted her into the lobby
of a strange-looking hotel where they both seemed to be. His hand was firmly on her arm as he directed her to the elevator with him. She didn’t want to go to his room, yet she knew that she would appear ridiculous and childish if she pulled away now and insisted that she wait downstairs, so she went, reluctantly, as though she would have been robbed of all her will power. A few minutes later he reappeared, but he had taken off his suit and was dressed in a silk robe,and it was obvious that he had nothing on underneath it. She gasped and jumped to her feet, but he pushed her back onto the bed.

“I-I-I’ll take a cab,” she stammered, as she tried to stay out of his lustful reach, but he was blocking her way to the door, so she couldn’t get out without going around him.

His robe parted slightly and she stared horrified at his gigantic, erect penis as it jerked between the robe and in front of her.

“It’s all yours,” he panted throwing himself on the bed and whipping her dress up to her thighs.

She tried to throw him off, but he was sitting over her, pinning her to the mattress, his stiff rod of throbbing flesh bobbing up and down in readiness.

“God, no; no!” She screamed, but her throat was dry and it sounded like no more than a whisper.

“You’re going to like it!” He breathed. “You’re so much of a woman!”

Her hands beat on his chest, but he just laughed and grabbed her wrists, holding them with one hand as he struggled to pull her tight skirt up over her soft, fleshy hips. Underneath she wore thin, black bikini panties that hugged her firm buttocks, accentuating the slight bulge of her soft hair-covered mound and his hand closed over it hotly, lustfully. She wiggled and bucked in an attempt to throw him off her, but he was too heavy and that last drink was beginning to cloud her head and she felt dizzy, almost faint. Tears of fear and anxiety streamed down her cheeks when she realized that she was at his mercy in a strange hotel and there was nothing she could do about it! She wanted to claw out at him, tear the flesh from his face, kill him, but she was too weak. She thought back to her wedding night with Richard and choked her sobs with resignation.

“Take it easy, baby,” he soothed.

His fingers working slowly, sensuously at the juncture of her loins, searching for the small bud of her clitoris through the silken material of her panties.  He rubbed steadily, with a practiced stroke until her clitoris was suddenly, involuntarily erect and sensitive between her tightly clenching thighs.

“Nnnnnoooo!” She groaned. “Stop! Please, Roger,stop!”

Her voice was barely audible, her tongue was thick and she could feel a hot flush electrifying her body as she tried feverishly to wiggle out from underneath him. She could feel the heat from his hard prick as it jerked into her leg and his face was contorted in a lustful gain and his breathing was fast and irregular.

Roger’s body was grinding up and down on hers as he fingered the vee between her legs, stroking her vaginal lips and manipulating them through the silk of her panties. She rolled slightly as he raised his hips in order to adjust to his position,quickly ripping her dress straight up from the waist so that it swathed her struggling arms and her muffled cries. Alice struggled to free her arms so that she could push at his body, but while she struggled he reached around her and pulled her flimsy brassiere away from her body. Her large, bulbous breasts sprung free and she could hear him suffix in his breath as he stared at the firm, luscious, mounds. She tried to cover her nakedness with her arms, but before she could muster enough strength, his mouth crushed down on her large pink nipples, sucking noisily and biting at the soft mound of flesh.

“Aaaaaggggghhhh!” She groaned as he nibbled greedily on her soft, white orbs, but he did not stop.

His other hand once again began to massage her stocking-ed thighs, running his fingers up to the vee of her loins and pinching her clitoris between his thumb and forefinger.

“God … god!” He murmured against her supple, porcelain-like skin, taking his mouth away just long enough to catch his breath, then devoured her breasts once more. Roger’s hands and mouth were instruments of torture to her, biting, pinching, insistent and she twisted her body in a futile effort to free herself from this sex-starved maniac. She tried to think, but her mind would not function, the alcohol had taken care of that and she couldn’t coordinate any of her muscles, so she floundered beneath him, helplessly. She freed one hand long enough to run her nails cruelly, harshly, down the small of his back and he let out a grunt, then slapped her face in his fury.

Her face stung from his blow and he forced her arms behind her back, pinioning them beneath her and his weight. She felt as though her arms would come out of their sockets he had grabbed her so roughly and she screamed with spasms of pain and kicked her legs up at him as he snatched the elastic top of her brief bikini panties. She wiggled her hips, trying to get away from the warm pressure of his hand, but as he tried to take her panties off, they ripped. He threw the torn silk on the floor and laughed cruelly as his hand closed hungrily over her pubic mound, his finger tangling her soft pubic hair until it pulled.


She gasped as his fingers worked anxiously with the soft, tender lips of her vagina, pulling them apart and running his finger over her tight vaginal slit.

Her buttocks twitched and tensed, then relaxed with each manipulation of his finger. His long baton of stiff flesh ached with a lustful craving and he wanted to bury himself harshly into her, shoving as deep as he could go with the first thrust, but he didn’t want her that way, he wanted her to give in to him, ask him to take her so he steeled himself against the aching throb of his monstrous organ and continued to relentlessly tantalize her with his lips and fingers. Alice was screaming now, begging him to stop as she squirmed her naked flesh writhing, completely at his mercy.

Her face was wet with tears and her whole body trembled, yet she could not deny that a strange, warm sensation was beginning to stir in the juncture of her loins, a warmth that was completely foreign to her. His mouth closed down on her breasts again and nibbled a bit more violently this time, pulling at her nipples until she thought that they would disconnect from the rest of her body. He sucked a bit harder and harder, stretching her full round orbs out, holding them with his teeth and lips, then letting them slowly back again as he got ready to start again.

His thumb rubbed over the nub of her clitoris,forcing it into stiff erectness again, pushing and pulling it back and forth, teasing it, until she moaned as the fire between her legs involuntarily grew hotter and hatter. Her head was so dizzy that the only thing she could think about was the gnawing hunger that was avalanche-ing through her loins,in her belly, in her breasts.

“Ooooohhhh!” She whimpered. “Oooohhhhh!”

“That’s my baby!” Roger chuckled, he voice thick with passion. “Let it go!”

His finger tickled her vaginal passage until he could feel the first of her juices begin to flow,moistening her passage for his entry. Slowly, carefully, he inched his middle finger into her smooth damp channel, wiggling it sensuously, letting the warm throbbing walls close fleshy around its thickness. She squirmed violently, feeling the thick cotton pile of the bedspread rub against her soft, white buttocks, but she writhed more to ease the tension in her loins rather than in an effort to get away from him! Roger could feel a drop of his seminal juice seep from his long, thick rod, and his pulsing organ jerked against the soft flesh of her thighs and she knew that it wouldn’t be long before he took her, raped her! Rape; rape! her mind screamed, but her body denied it because she knew deep down that if he didn’t stop this horrible tantalizing and teasing of her erogenous zones soon she would be demanding satisfaction, begging for it, pleading for it if necessary!

Her breasts jutted out proudly, like two huge white pyramids of flesh and he buried his head between them, sucking one first, then the other. She didn’t seem to mind the pain in her arms any longer, in fact she wished that he would free her hands. His robe was completely open now and she stared down at the huge length and thickness of his cock, his hairy cheat and belly and found his body exciting and sensual. The muscles in his chest rippled as he teased her in every vulnerable, sensitive spot and she wanted him; needed him; yet he was bigger than she had ever imagined a man could be! She knew that he would hurt her, but her belly and thighs were quivering, trembling with anticipation, excited by the nude, sexual fight and shedidn’t care if he tore her apart; she wanted him!

“Oooohhhh!” She gasped, as he slipped another finger into her wet cunt, feeling her vagina lips stretch and part with the pressure.

Her mouth was opening and closing in a fish like movement and her eyes actually contained fear as he pushed her shoulders further into the mattress and worked his hips hard down between her thighs. She bucked her hips upward, trying to unseat him, but he slumped heavily upon her until her legs were nearly spread-eagled, her ankles hanging on either side of the bed. She had never felt so open, so vulnerable; and it was degrading, embarrassing and she tried again to block her physical need from her mind.

“You want it, don’t deny it, you want it, Alice, baby!” Roger gasped, letting the tip of his throbbing prick touch the lips of her vagina, twitching between them, then pulling away.

“OOoooohhh. I can’t; don’t make me!” She pleaded.

“You can’t what!” He barked harshly. “Can’t say it? Can’t say that you want me to fuck you?”

“MMMMmmmm!” She groaned, her eyes clenched tightly together, not able to look at the man who was doing this to her, humiliating her, degrading her, using that obscene word in that way!

“I know you want it; your body wants it, Alice. Now, say it!” he commanded.

“I-I-I can’t!” She whimpered again, clenching her eyes tightly together.

“Say it, or I’ll leave you. Now!” He teased her cruelly. “Say it! Say fuck me!”

“NNnnnnooooo!” She whimpered, and he began to pull his hips and his thick, throbbing cock away from between her legs.

His hands still held her shoulders firmly, but his loins were no longer touching hers. She opened her eyes slightly to see what he was doing and he could tell that she was tortured almost beyond all caring now.

“Look at what you’re missing!” he commanded. “Look at it!”

Her eyes stared at his gigantic, jerking prick and she licked her lips and took a deep breath. Her body ached with need for it and she tried to raise her hips up so that they touched his organ once again, but he only moved further and further away from her. Her mind spiraled out of control. Her brain was screaming, “Please; do it to me; fuck me!” But the words were stuck in her throat. She couldn’t believe that he could be so cruel; after all, hadn’t he plied her with liquor and brought her to his room to make love to her? Why wouldn’t he do it, if he had beaten her, why must he torture her so now?

“Beg me, baby,” he grinned, his lips curled back over his teeth. “I know you want

“Please. Please.” She gushed. “Don’t make me say it. Don’t make me say it, Roger, please!”

“Please what?” He teased through grinning lips. “I wanna hear it loud and clear!”

“Please. Please, fuck me. FUCK ME!” She stammered, her voice almost a shout as the final words came tumbling helplessly from her throat.

“That’s a girl,” he chuckled, lowering his hips back into position, slowly, temptingly, cruelly, until she could feel his thick, bulbous head separate the pink hair-lined lips of her vagina. He felt the wet warmth of her opening which led to her vaginal channel, and moving his knees a little nearer her open thighs, he jabbed thickly into her.

“Aaaaaggghhhhhh!!!” She screamed, “oh … no… no!”

He was filling her with his bludgeon, forcing it into her to the hilt without mercy.

She was reacting like a young virgin, as if the entire world would come to an end if he penetrated her, and this only excited him more so that he redoubled his furious drubbing thrust longer and deeper into her at the thought. Her passage was tight and the walls of her vagina clung to his cock as though they would never release it. He knew that he had to be hurting her,but he had never expected anything like this, and it was obvious that she had never had much experience in love-making. She whimpered and groaned softly, trying to ease the pressure of his cruel, painful thrusts.

“You’re killing me!” She gasped, “don’t do it to me so hard!”

But, her pleas were useless, echoing in his temples along with the pulsing of his aching penis. He drove in and out with slow, brutal strokes,powerful and grinding until her passage was stretched wider and wider. Her mouth opened in horror and she drew painful, deep breaths until his mouth closed over hers,sucking her lips and forcing his tongue deep into the back of her throat. She was lost, helpless, and he battered and rammed into her, coupling them with savage, animistic thrusts.

His hand dug into her shoulders and she tried to scream, but he crushed his mouth over hers once again, stifling her groan. He felt his great, thick,conquering staff, expanding. inflaming, all his pent up emotions swirling in his loins. She struggled against him, feeling his huge prick grow even thicker, filling every inch of her, penetrating her very soul. She gasped and choked as she felt the first hot spurt of his sperm shoot into her passage. She lifted her hips and her legs flailed wildly on either side of him as side, too, began herown climatic convulsions.

“Ooooohhhhh!” She screamed. “Now. Now. I’m cumming! Oh, God, I’m cummmiiiinggg!!!”

The walls of her vagina were contracting and relaxing as he held his jerking prick deep inside her as he filled the deep secret depths of her belly with every drop of his hot, scalding sperm. He pushed and pushed, dragging the last once of his great flood from his body before he fell totally exhausted on top of her. She could feel her legs trembling with the relief of her satisfaction, and her breasts were still heaving heavily up and down as she gasped for breath. She groaned as he pulled away from her, letting her legs lay spread wide apart, too weak and tired to even close them. He sat on the bed beside her sprawled figure and ran his hands over her voluptuous body, all over her, tracing every crevice and inch of flesh like a blind man.

“Ooochh!” She moaned blissfully, “oooommhh!”

At that moment, Alice felt that her entire body was being shaken, as though a violent earthquake would be rocking the earth beneath them. All the voluptuous sensations, all those delirious feelings that were coursing her body in a vibratory spasm of sensual delight vanished abruptly; and, for a moment, she felt a cold panic gripping her throat.

She opened her eyes and was shocked to find herself in another world.

“Darling. Darling, wake up!” Richard was whispering, his smiling face directly over hers.

“What is it? What happened?” Alice mumbled, still confused and with the drowsiness of that state in between sleep and vigil.

“You were moaning so loud that you even woke me up!” Richard laughed. “What happened? Were you already having nightmares about the Haitian zombies?” He teased her.

Alice rubbed her eyes, trying to erase the last vestiges of her dream which had been so real, so vivid in her mind that she still felt throughout her body the vibrations of the strong desire so recently felt. She straightened herself up in the bed, leaning her back against the padded headboard. She looked around, contorting herself a bit to revive her dormant muscles and looked around, smiling dumbly at Richard. Richard let go of her as soon as he saw her stirring, and leaned back against the headboard, beside her. He was smiling curiously.

“What were you dreaming about, darling?” He asked.

Once again, the heated visions of her wanton dream rushed inordinately into her head, but she couldn’t translate them into words, not to Richard. Instead, she shrugged, smiling innocently.

“I don’t know. I can’t remember. I must have forgotten when you shook me up,” she laughed. “The only thing I remember is that I felt something like an earthquake. I don’t know?”

“That must have been when I shook you up,” Richard said. “You were talking in your dream, so it must have been something elaborately real. You can’t remember?”

“No.” Alice answered, then an apprehensive thought crossed her mind for a moment.

If she had been talking in her sleep, she must have said aloud all what she had told Roger in her dream. Had Richard heard anything of it? No, it couldn’t be possible, otherwise he
surely wouldn’t be so smiling about the matter. However, she wanted to make sure.

“You said I was talking in my sleep? How come? What did I say?” She watched for some tell-tale signs in Richard’s reaction to her question, but there were none, he kept his smiling face.

“I don’t know … I was asleep myself,” he replied. “But I heard you say something, but I couldn’t hear, ’cause it just woke me up, then you began moaning, louder and louder, that’s why I thought I should better wake you up.”

He looked at her, still warm from her sleep, and a wave of warm feelings, that began with tenderness and be came more and more strong was stirred within his virile self. His robe had fallen completely apart and his massive organ was jutting up from between his legs like a long, distended pole. Her eyes watched fascinated, as it jerked up and down and grew more swollen with desire. She smiled to herself as she felt his fingers reach to the juncture between her legs And begin to rub the tiny hardness of her clitoris.

“Take off your clothes,” he whispered huskily. “I like to watch you while you undress, you’re so beautiful!”

She watched him as his eye devoured her every move and she knew that he was getting more and more excited with each piece of clothing she removed. She undulated her hips at him so that her pelvis rotated provocatively just in front of his face. His hands reached behind her and pulled her roughly toward him, his mouth and tongue nibbling and licking at her pelvis through the sheer silk of her panties.

Her hands unhooked the elastic of her brassiere and she let it fall to the floor as her breasts hung full and free, her nipples pinkish- brown and erect.

“Oh, God, you’re so beautiful!” Richard moaned, as he tugged at her thin panties until they fell below her knees and she was clothed in only her silk stockings and her thin, tight garter belt.

She ground her hips into his face as he licked and bit gently at her vaginal lips and the bud of her clitoris.

“Oooboohhhh, baby!” She whispered. “Do it to me, Dicky! You are so good, darling!”

She looked down and could see that his massive penis had grown to a monumental size and was bobbing up wildly in anticipation of taking her. He pulled her down onto the couch and ripped the taut stockings from her legs so that she lay completely bare and vulnerable to his demanding touch. He, then, covered her breast with his mouth and began sucking noisily at the plump mountain of her bosom, biting gently at the stiff, erect nipple.

“Aaaaaggggghhhhh!” She moaned, twisting her hips under him so that she could feel the iron hardness of his cock as it dug into her thigh.

“Do it now!” She begged, being caught up in a flood of desire, the tightness between her legs aching her.

“Not so fast, baby doll!” He whispered. “I want you to want it real badly. I want you to want it so much that you’ll love it when you get it. Cause you are going to get it, love!”

“I want it real badly now, Richard … I do!” She gasped, but she also knew that he would not give in to her so easily.

They both knew that she got much more out of it when he made her wait for him to enter her and she knew that he would not deny her this pleasure. Her hands reached down between them and squeezed the giant stiffness of his prick, kneading it back and forth over the bulging head of his penis and she knew that it must be purple from lust by now. Richard’s hands continued to search and massage every inch of Alice’s soft, supple skin, pinching cruelly every once in a while so that she cried out in pain. His fingers found the crevice between the soft roundness of her buttocks and he inserted one finger deep into the tiny, puckered anus with one harsh stab.

“Aaaaaggggghhhh, oooahhhh!” She gasped, trying to buck her hips forward to avoid the cruel impalement, but he held her fast.

“You want me to fuck you, darling?” He gasped in her ear. “Want me to fuck you now?”

“Yes, oh, yes, yes!” she barely whimpered, trying to adjust to the painful intrusion of her buttocks.

She pushed her hips into him, pulling her thighs back toward her body as his hands continued their stimulation of her back passage. Finally, she could feel the rock-hard stiffness of his prick as he angled himself up on her body and his organ prodded at the opening of her vagina. She gave a little gasping moan as he rammed the full length of his throbbing penis into her. There was nothing left of her at all but the enormous well which itched and burned, contracted and seethed around his monstrous cock as he sawed in and out of her.

He was pummeling into her with rapid, staccato strength, gasping continuously with each in stroke, and her legs moved around, rubbing on his thighs as she squeezed in and fell away. Her hips seemed to have a will of their own, writhing around against him as the weight and solidity within her seemed to grow bigger and bigger.

“Oh, yes, Richard, darling, fuck me, fuck me good,” she gasped, her breath hot and rapid.

There was a swirling in her loins which made her strain and strain against him, begging him to fill her, invade every inch of her body. The swirling grew, causing a whirlpool of passion that was about to drain every inch of strength from her body and leave her limp. She couldn’t stop her wild contortions as he plundered into her, the length of his huge, pulsing cock filling her completely until she thought he would come out her throat. She knew that she was on the brink of her orgasm and she dug her nails into the hard flesh of his back, trying to pull him in even deeper into her aching well. Then, her body began to shudder with a violent trembling as she began to jerk out her own climax as Richard plunged down deeper into her throbbing orifice.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” she moaned. “Fuck me harder, darling, now. Now!!!”

She relaxed slightly after her climax, her legs still twitching with excitement, but in a half stupor while he continued to ravage her in growing excitement. She was pleasurably aware of his moans, his furious thrusts, the way he clutched at her buttocks, pulling her up on his cock while he plundered into her. She gasped as his stiff, monstrous rod pushed in for a moment even further than before, sending a streak of pain through her belly. She knew that he was about to reach his own climax, her legs still and she could feel his huge, erect prick swelling and jerking inside her as the warm liquid of his sperm spilled deep into her belly.

He stretched out on top of her, panting for some time while she just lay there, completely immobile, sated and exhausted. Richard rolled off his wife at last and lay looking up at the ceiling. She didn’t move, she just didn’t have the energy to move, her legs still spread-eagled, aching and damp, the sperm running down the inner part of her legs.


Voodoo In Haiti – Chapter 4

The warm, triumphant tropical sun rose brightly on the following day and found Alice Carlton still dawdling in the bed, a thin sheet covering her luscious, sweat-soaked body.  She had slept brokenly that night, and when brief sleep came, awful dreams of perverted sexuality ran rampant. And each dream featured handsome, suave Roger Antrim.

She turned around in the bed, her hand searching for Richard’s  familiar presence.  But Richard was not there.  She looked at the alarm  clock on the night table and found out to her utter surprise that it was  mid-afternoon.  She had slept all that time!  No wonder Richard wasn’t  there.  He must have’ gotten hungry and decided not to wake her up.

She would surely find him downstairs in the dining room of the hotel or in the lobby. Pulling the sheet tight from the bottom, she let it fill slowly  over her body.  The two mounds of her large and generous breasts stood  out in bold relief.  Alice looked down at than and the night’s forbidden  feeling of sensuality flooded over her again in a powerfully shocking  wave.  Still drowsy from her disturbed slumbers, she lacked the strength  to resist it and decided to enjoy herself—just a little bit.  She  wiggled her buttocks in the bed and moved her breasts back and forth  under the linen sheet.  Almost immediately, she felt her nipples  hardening and puckering.  She looked down again and saw the pointed tips  sharply etched by the thin linen.

Dare she touch them?  She compromised and decided it would be all right.  Withdrawing her arms from under the cover, she now began fondling her breasts with her opened hands in bold circular movements. She closed her eyes and abandoned herself to the eerie tickling sensations that radiated out from her teased breasts to the farthest edges of her aroused body.

“Oooohhhh,” she moaned softly to herself, “it feels so good, it feels sooo goood!”

Moments later, she was rubbing her body with a thick terry towel until it turned a glowing pink. She dressed quickly, but carefully, wanting to look as beautiful as she could. She completed her outfit with a frilly garter belt that supported her lightweight nylons, and tossed on a skimpy slip that barely reached to the top of her thighs.  Her thin clinging dress was of a light blue color, setting off the color of her eyes.

Then, Alice proceeded to put on her make up, trying to cover as well as possible the traces of sexual hangover with bases and powder. She didn’t want Richard to notice anything. There was the sound of familiar voices outside their room. Was it possible? She was clearly hearing Roger’s voice!  She blushed furiously at the thought that she would have to see him again after last night’s shameful incident. Why had he come, she wondered, trying desperately force a natural expression on her face as she walked towards the door and opened it.

“Alice, darling, I’m so glad you’ve awakened!” Richard exclaimed going over to kiss her.

His breath smelled of liquor. How early you’re beginning to celebrate, Dick darling!” she teased him lightly, surprised at this action coming from her usually sober husband. Richard seemed to be in an excellent mood as he started to give her a scientific explanation of how the best cure for a hangover was a drink the morning after.

Alice had noticed Roger’s admiring glance detailing her and although she felt somewhat embarrassed, she couldn’t help also being flattered.  She thought that after all, Roger couldn’t possibly have disappeared just like that.  Now, under the soothing influence of the strong daylight penetrating in the room through the open windows, last night’s incident had lost much of its importance and the young woman felt again light and carefree as she walked between the two men in the direction of the elevator.  She was hungry and welcomed their invitation to take her to have lunch.

As she attacked with definite enthusiasm her sizzling steak, Richard’s voice rose, a note of excitement in it.

“Alice, darling, imagine what!  Roger has invited us to spend a few days at the plantation, isn’t that wonderful! It’s a unique opportunity for me!  I’ll be able to study some of the most curious aspects of Voodoo, aspects I could never get to see otherwise!”

“But Richard,” Alice started in an unsteady voice, a shiver suddenly passing through her.  She didn’t like the idea, she didn’t like it at all. There was something about the invitation she just couldn’t pinpoint; as though those few day at the plantation would change the course of her life, “Richard,” she repeated in a feeble attempt to dissuade him, but already knowing that they would go, “Don’t you remember, darling, it’s my vacation, too, and I am not interested in voodoo.”

Roger smiled his old charming smile.

“Alice, I know I shouldn’t, the decision is yours, but I do promise you a wonderful time … life on a plantation can be quite exciting, I assure you. Besides, Henrietta is positively dying to meet you. We don’t often have the opportunity of having guests and I have talked to her so much about you. I’m sure you also want to see my wife, the woman I married.”

“Roger is right,” Richard insisted.  “And he has already telephoned Henrietta to inform her of our arrival.  You don’t have any idea what it means to me to get this opportunity to study voodoo in a place where all the primitive, unadulterated beliefs are held in their untouched purity.”

That same afternoon, they traveled to Nevine Plantation in Roger’s car. Richard was very excited by the trip and he listened intently to everything Roger was telling him about his adopted country.  Always, the word Voodoo came back to haunt their conversation and Alice thought to herself that if voodoo was what she had witnessed last night, then her husband would be in for a big disappointment, for she felt quite sure that it was merely a more sophisticated sex show. It was completely dark when Roger finally pulled up to a long wide verandah and Nevins Mansions appeared, looking like a baronial manor of yester-years, its graceful yet sumptuous lines befitting bygone days when beautiful ladies in ‘crinolines’ and straw hats sat out on the porch chatting with elegant gentlemen callers. And the exuberant beauty of the tropical setting further enhanced the charm and splendor of Nevins Mansion.

The young couple followed their friend who was escorting them across the wide expanse of concrete to a huge white door. Roger pressed a button. The door opened. An imposing black butler in uniform stood there.

“Oh, bonsoir Nicolas, is Madame waiting for us?” Roger asked casually.

The Negro smiled a big, white smile and bowed respectfully to let the master of Nevins Mansion and his guests pass inside the house.

“Madame has been waiting for you, she will be coming in a minute,” Nicolas replied.

Then, as they were looking around, trying to absorb the splendid luxury surrounding them, a grave feminine voice with polished, exquisite modulations interrupted their contemplative reverie.

“Welcome to Nevine Mansion!”

It was Henrietta Nevins Antrim and her presence filled the huge foyer. The charming smile and turning to Richard.

“Oh, you must be Richard Carlton, and this is your lovely young wife!  A delightful couple, your friends make, Roger dear, you never told me Mrs. Carlton was so pretty!”

Alice blushed furiously and hated herself for it. Voluptuous. Exotic. Alice wondered what was the word for Henrietta. It was friend who told her later, much later, that the only word befitting the mistress of Nevins Parisian was “over-whelming,” and he was right.

She looked older, and yet somehow younger than what they had been led to expect—particularly Alice—from Roger’s brief comments about he wife.  Her long, jet black hair caught in a twist on top of her head, her face, almost Oriental in the slanted effect of its huge dark eyes, hinted of strange mysteries in hushed boudoirs. When Henrietta Antrim spoke, her voice sounded rather raucous, with that rasping hoarseness of many years of chain smoking and drinking habits that had long ceased to be within the scope of normal social demands to become the crutch that helped her carry the weight of a reality that was too much for her to bear.

Of course, all these details didn’t strike Alice at first sight, but the thoughts insidiously penetrated into her mind during the days she spent at Nevins Mansion, and long after the tragedy came to pass, and they learned of the details of it, Richard and her would exchange their impressions of their host and particularly their most remarkable
hostess. They sipped slowly on some excellent brandy before Henrietta suggested that they would maybe like to freshen up before supper and would they like to be shown to their room.

“Well, darling, what do you think?”

Alice smiled at her husband who was standing In the middle of the room which could have been Queen Victoria’s bedroom. There was even a canopy over bed.

“It’s … it’s just overwhelming,” Richard said, pronouncing for the first time a word he was to use quite frequently in the future when referring to Nevins Mansion and its inhabitants.

“Dick, darling, wouldn’t you rather be home?”

He kissed her sweet-smelling hair and searched for her lips.  They kissed lengthily.  His tongue met hers In hot desire, combating with hers in dampness.  Her fingers spread behind his head, caressing his neck, welding his mouth to hers.  She moaned softly, passion spinning through her sinews. Their bodies met, converged, and became one, each pressed lustfully against the other.

“Oh, Alice, darling, I wish supper was already over,” and his voice was rough, telling her what she wanted to know. They were thankful the meal wasn’t as lengthy as they had feared.

Richard’s fingers were firm and strong as they slowly drew her close. Now his arms, strong and masculine were going around her waist. Her hands flew around his muscular neck, deliciousness lancing her throbbing flesh. Her breasts touched his chest, their points instantly congealing into hardness.

“I love you, Alice,” he murmured.

She raised her face to his and he kissed her deeply, tenderly and she could feel a rush of warmth permeate her body, washing away all traces of her shameful behavior of last night’s.

“I feel so warm, so safe,” she whispered, letting her head rest against his shoulder.

And it was true. This was her place, in her husband’s arms.  It was him whom she loved, his touch she longed for. How could she have been so foolish and allow even the thought of Roger Antrim disturb her happiness!

Her nerves began to tingle as she returned his kiss.  Her arms reached across him and clung to his sides and her fingers dug into his ribs.  She felt the same old urgency sweeping through her as he covered her face, her throat, her neck with sweet, fluttering kisses.

“Oh, Dick,” she moaned, “I do need you.”

His hands roamed carefully, slowly over her soft breasts, feeling the throbbing of her heart and pulse wherever they touch.  He wanted to feel the soft silkiness of her skin and he eased the straps of her dress over her shoulder so that her ripe, voluptuous breasts stood up proud and firm beneath her brassiere.

“Mmmmm …” she moaned as his hands reached in back of her and unhooked the stay of her brassiere, pulling it up so that he could fondle her luscious orbs and tease her full pink nipples into erection.

“God, what are you doing to me, Alice,” he breathed.  “I want you so much!”

“I want you too,” she answered softly.

His lips left the sweetness of hers, and made their way across her cheek to the short flesh of her neck, while his hand coursed up the long ivory thigh, kneading the tender skin and leaving behind a trail of tiny red marks in her flesh. Inch by inch he came closer and closer to the soft, glistening, hair covered treasure that lay concealed between her thighs; but his progress was sure. And in seconds his hand was touching the elastic band of her panties, his forearm covered by the silky fabric of her dress. He hesitated there for a moment, squeezing sensitive flesh in pink mounds between his fingers. Her agonizing twisting and tossing told him to go on.

With a practiced twisting pull, Richard jerked the pale blue panties down to the tops of her silken thighs, exposing her sparse hair covered mound and uncovering the full round bulges of her buttocks. Yanking on one side, then the other, he worked the undergarment down over her long, well-tapered legs, until the panties dangled from one upraised leg at the ankle.  He shoved the fabric of her skirt up to her waist, bunching it in two heavy folds.

She was naked from the waist down, her legs opening and closing in a desperate rhythmic dance, as she thrust her naked loins up toward him. A long hungry moan escaped from her lips, echoing her aching need for him. He teased his middle finger into the soft fleshy passage between her legs and she gasped from the sudden entry.  Swirling it around in the moist confines of her cunt, he began to gently massage the glistening bud of her clitoris with his thumb, flicking the hardening, sensitive nipple of flesh from side to side as it swelled into excited erection.

As he massaged the tiny clitoris, she moaned and undulated her buttocks lasciviously back against his loins, grinding out to seize his slumbering cock and pull it into her aching body.

“That’s fabulous,” she sighed, and pushed his hand harder against her hungry, moist orifice.

Richard eased his other hand down between them, and pulled his zipper down in a quick motion, bringing his penis into the open. As she writhed and ground against him, the throbbing shaft swelled full erection, snaking up through the groove of her buttocks until the swelling head lay along the soft, hair-lined lips-of her vagina. Alice pulled her thighs up toward her chest, and reached in back of her, searching for his penis.  She located the familiar rod of rigid, throbbing flesh and held it tightly in her clenched fist, squeezing it for a moment, and then guided it toward her warm, gently pulsating pussy.

Continuing to caress her clitoris faith his hand, Richard smashed into her vagina from the rear.  He drove into her quickly, with a sensation of aching, hot relief, mixed with animal passion as he tunneled into her moist open passage from behind. As he thrust, he felt the firm tautness of her buttocks grinding back against his loins.  He dipped his other hand around in front beneath her body, and slid it across her smooth, supple flesh, up and over her flat stomach and caressed the round globes of her breasts.  He tenderly squeezed the hard pink nipples, tracing a tantalizing circle around the little peaks, bringing shivers of delight to her burning body, tiny bursts of pleasure that shot out 1h all directions from the tips of her breasts.

They lay there for a while, and Richard slipped the few remaining garments from himself and Alice.  His body nestled against her smooth, naked back, every inch of his flesh pressed against her full length. His cock slithered in and out of her fleshy tunnel with ease, its path lubricated with the juices flowing from her vagina.

His hand left her clitoris and he lovingly massaged both her firm, youthfully hard breasts, his penis continuing to snake up the furrow of her buttocks and into the hot wet passage of her cunt.

Let me get on my knees,” she whispered.  “It’ll be even better that way.”

“Sure, honey.”

She lifted her weight onto her hands and knees, and he climbed to his knees with her, leaving his long, rigid cock buried in her as they maneuvered on the bed.

Alice pulled a pillow over, and stuffed it under her breasts, gripping it with both hands, her back sloping gracefully up to him, arching up invitingly, a long, smooth expanse of soft white flesh.  She spread her knees wide apart, and he moved up into her opened thighs, spreading her legs even wider as he opened his own.

Now Richard could see his rock-hard penis and the soft pink fleshy lips into which it disappeared with every forward thrust. He pulled the rigid shaft out until only the tip remained encased in the searing grip of her vagina, held it there for an agonizing moment, then plunged with rendered vigor into the warm, throwing depths of her womb, the long fleshy spear vanishing in the moist opening, until he smacked against the softness of her smooth rounded buttocks, his balls slapping gently against the hair-lined furrow of her naked loins.

Gripping her hips so tightly that his fingers dug into her tender flesh, he surged into her, swiveling his hips and twisting from side to side. He remembered that this lateral movement always brought new gasps of ecstasy to her lips, and this time was no exception.

Alice buried her head in the pillow to hold bay the screams of joy. Her tight, pulsating passage constricted hard around his cock, sucking him in with a tense embrace.  She flailed her arms on the sheet, then reached back, grabbing and clutching at the back of his thighs, pulling him at her with even greater force.

Sensing her desire for more, Richard worked even tighter up against her buttocks, and pushed her shoulders down flat against the bed with he palms, forcing her ass up at an even steeper angle against him.  Her gleaming wet crotch lay almost directly beneath him, an inviting display that begged for an unrelenting animal assault.

He thrust into her up to the hilt, and left he penis buried in her for a moment, then he began the punishing piston movement again powerfully, with agonizing slowness. Locked together, flesh against flesh, they groaned in unison, a steadily building moan of passion and desire, as Richard rocked demoniacally in and out of her wet, throbbing passage.  Then, he felt her hands slip from his hips and slide down along his thighs until they reached his hanging testicles. She teasingly, expertly caressed each one, squeezing them ever so gently, tenderly brushing them from side to side.

Richard felt his cock stiffen anew as the cool touch of his wife’s long fingers brought a new sensation racing to the surface. Her loving massage seemed to bring the fiery liquid in his loins to a raging boil, a seething river that ached to burst forth from his body.

Alice’s moans began to come quicker and louder, and for a moment he was unsure whether her cries were from delight or pain.  He momentarily slowed his pistoning stabs, but immediately she squirmed hack against his pelvis, wiggling up onto his shaft, and thrusting her buttocks against him.

“Oh, no, darling!  Don’t stop!  Don’t ever stop!” she cried.

Her hands struggled to grasp his hips and force his rock-hard cock into the depths of her  belly with even greater force. In a split second, Richard realized his wife’s desires, and he began to pummel her upturned buttocks with such force that twinges of pain shot up from his loins as he smashed into the soft yielding flesh.

Harder and harder he drove up into her belly, rocking back almost off his knees, then hammering forward with every ounce of strength, until his cock disappeared in the warm, moist confines of her desperately contracting cunt.  With every forward lunge, his balls slapped against her wet crotch with loud, audible smacking sounds.  And as the intensity of his pistoning increased, they swung beneath him like two hairy lobes,
like a pendulum between his opener legs.

“That’s it!  That’s it!  I’m almost, almost, ” Alice’s gasping cries came in staccato, choking breams, as she begged for just a few moments more, just a few more delicious, deep plunges.

“Now!  Now!  Oh, Dick, now!” She screamed.  “I’m cummiing! Daaarling, I’m cummiiiing!”

Sweat pouring from his body, Richard throttled his smashing strokes down to rhythmic, grinding plunges, backed up by every muscle in his aching body.  Nearly blinded from the tiny rivulets of sweat that poured into his eyes from his forehead, Richard could still   see the helpless form of his wife’s soft, naked body, kneeling nearly prostrate before him, completely at his mercy, open and exposed to any barbaric attack he could make.

Scorching flames of animal lust flared up from his bursting loins as the hot liquid grew even hotter, a simmering pool, waiting to erupt in torrents of steaming lava.

He bent over and kissed her bare back, glistening with perspiration. As far as he could  reach, he traced a line of kisses along her damp spine. The welling tide writhing him grew and grew until it was like a great flood, held back at the tip of his penis, as if all of his insides were pushing and shaving to funnel out the tiny opening.  He was powerless to stop now. Nothing could have stopped him. Alice was pleading for him to hurry, as if she were holding back, waiting for his climax.

He was panting wildly, his loins heaving out against her wet buttocks. Suddenly the flood was too much to hold back, and with gritted teeth, he felt the dram give way.

“Now, now!” he shouted.

“Oh, Dick!  Oh!  Oohh …” Alice gasped in unison.

One final thrust and she moaned a long, animal cry and her straining pussy flowered open to twice its normal size.  At the same moment, Richard could feel the fiery liquid race around within him, then burst, in a scorching blast that seemed to literally erupt from his loins, each spurt bringing magnificent relief.

He uttered one long, low moan as Alice buried her screams of delight in her pillow as she felt him erupt like an endless geyser of white-hot fluid deep into the secret confines of her throbbing belly. With the last weakened thrust, he fell forward, forcing her flat on the bed as he collapsed beside her, his deflated penis slipping from its warm sheath reluctantly as he fell.


Voodoo In Haiti – Chapter 5

Henrietta Nevins was one of those women who have been great beauties in their youth, and have led a life of elegance and worldly frequentation. She had been raised and kept within the wealthiest strata of society in whose circles she had shone with a beauty always enhanced by her costly elegance and refined sociability.  Her education meant refinement and not precisely knowledge and her culture had the superficiality of an ornament and not the functionality of any given profession.  In short, Henrietta had been brought up with the only function of shining in the glittering balls of high society.

So, at an early age, she already felt that the desire to get married that all young girls feel when their womanhood is in full bloom, In her didn’t mean a romantic desire to experience love, but rather a deeply compelling urge to experience the pleasures of sex. In truth, she had been besieged by proposals, but of all, she immediately took on to Orville Nevins, a huge he-man in his early forties, a man whom she felt to be different from all other. Orville Nevins was the type of man who doesn’t look quite right in formal attire, and yet one who always impeccably dressed.  He had that rugged sensuality of the athlete, without being precisely one, and the firm, matter-of-fact attitude of the man who has proven himself to be successful and feels second to no other in any ground.

Henrietta was immediately attracted by the man whom she thought could give her a more ardent, animal-like form of physical love. They were married and indeed Orville didn’t disappoint her in her expectations. She lost almost every contact with her former friends and ways of life, even though Orville tried to give her all the comforts of civilization. But still, his work and his life were at the plantation, and he couldn’t spend much time abroad as she would have wanted.

Then, when she least expected it to happen, struck: Orville had an accident.  His small private plane crashed and he almost got killed. The pilot died, and Orville came out of the accident alive but crippled.

They went from one specialist of another, to no avail. Orville was condemned to spend the rest of his life in a wheel chair, and suffering of frequent muscular pains.  The physician in whose care he was at the time recommended to seek the services of a physio-therapist. That is precisely when Roger Antrim came into the picture.

Henrietta leaned her aching head against her dressing table. She was alone in the huge master bedroom, having left Roger downstairs drinking and as pleasant as a boar. All day long, she had felt the nervous tension building up inside her. It was familiar; she knew her own body well enough to recognize the symptoms. She didn’t have to guess at what was bothering her.  It was like a heavy hammer banging upon her brain.


The hollow emptiness in her belly had a craving and it wasn’t for food or drink. But tonight, nothing would help.  Roger was back. Roger. And of course, he wouldn’t come up; he wouldn’t fulfill his husbandry duties. Henrietta shook her aching head and an expression of mingled tiredness and bitterness appeared on her face.  Her hand reached for the bottle of sleeping pills and she swallowed the tiny drops of oblivion.

A few minutes later, she lied down on the huge bed which had once withstood her passionate animal coupling with Orville Nevins, then her breathing began getting more regular and she lapsed into the blissful unawareness of sleep.

Roger Antrim had remained alone in the sitting room, sipping slowly on his cognac. No, he didn’t want to make love to Henrietta and he had let her go up to their bedroom without paying any attention to the silent appeal in her somber eyes.

He was the one who had insisted the Carltons be given the Blue Room. He well knew with what purpose. Soon, when the stillness and silence of the night would have settled upon Nevins Mansion, he would climb up the stairs to the second floor and slip into the room adjoining the one where Alice and Richard would probably be enjoying their intimacy.

The sight of his former girl friend’s shapely body completely out of control under the caresses of another man incited deep lustful passions in Roger, passions that he had forgotten even existed that powerfully within him. He could hear distinctly the low moans escaping from Alice’s softly anguished lips as Dick proceeded to pass his wet, licking tongue in a loving exploration of every nook and crevice of her lovely, writhing body.  The little bitch, he thought, the shameless little slut! Oh, how he would have liked it to be his own tongue exploring and tasting the delightful creamy flesh. He reached down, passing his hand over the hardening, throbbing bulge tightening the material of his trousers painfully.  Pulling down the zipper, he eased his jerking organ out of its confining prison and the thick rod of flesh was already quite rigid with the down flow of
blood rushing from his excited body down to his heated loins. He spread his legs slightly apart, now pumping at himself both hands until his cock was rock hard and glistening in the dim light penetrating from the window.

“Ooohhh, this animal is going to take her from the back!” Roger muttered to himself.  “The little slut does everything now! Ooooh oohhh! How she squirms!  She’s begging for it!”

He kept on watching the obscene spectacle with a curious mixture of pleasure and rage.

Pleasure building up at the sight of such an exciting scene. Rage at the thought that he wasn’t the one fucking the hell out of Alice. Oh, but he would, he decided, he would fuck
the little bitch and make her beg for it.  Oh, she was playing the proud, faithful wife, eh, eh!  Not with Roger Anthem!  He wouldn’t fall for such hypocrisy. He still remembered clearly that night in his car when he had almost taken her, and then at the voodoo show, her wild excitement under his caresses. Roger’s eyes bulged from their sockets at the breath-taking maneuvers in which Dick and Alice were engaged, and he felt tiny droplets of cum oozing from the tiny opening at the head of his straining, throbbing penis. It took all of his control to keep himself from ejaculating right then and there.  But he wanted to see the exciting spectacle to the end.  Small moans, barely audible rolled from his open mouth, now salivating tiny trickles of spittle down the sew of his chin.

Roger masturbated himself with all his being, his hand pulling at his thick instrument in a hungry sawing movement.  He grinned lewdly as he watched Alice’s lust-contorted face in the dim light of the room and Dick’s throbbing cock being driven deeper and deeper between her swaying buttocks.

His eyes glazed with a wild animal lust, he saw them cumming together in a perfect explosion of spurting lava and convulsing orgasm. And then they lay still, limbs entwined, faces covered with perspiration, a smile of satisfaction playing on their lips. They were satiated, and he was not.  His throbbing organ jerked painfully between his fingers and he wanted to ram it deep up into a wet; warm, welcoming cunt.

Henrietta looked strikingly lovely in the soft bedroom lights she had left on before falling asleep.  Her long, almost jet black hair cascading down framed her smooth skin in a dark velvety background. The tight chignon that she usually wore in a harsh and severe style note hung loose in flowing strands, seeming to take years off her age. She looked like a young woman again.  Her features, in the repose of sleep, did not have the tense, anguished, somewhat sharp expression she affected when awaken, and their aristocratic clear-cut softness belied the cold manner she often tried to project.

In her sleep, the thin strap of her transparent black gown had slipped over her shoulder, and the flimsy material now exposed a firm, well-rounded breast. Roger Antrim stood at the door of the master bedroom, looking at his sleeping wife, and visibly shaken at the sudden sight of her soft, fleshy mound.  He hadn’t even bothered to put his rock-hard, jerking cock back inside his trousers, and the thick fleshy rod quivered as Roger gazed at his wife’s uncovered breast in a mesmerized trance, feeling a sudden shudder of passion rippling through him.

He walked over to the bed, saliva dribbling from his slack mouth and lust beading he eyes.  He quickly got rid of his clothing and then he was shaking Henrietta brutally, awakening her from the heavy sleep induced by the sedatives. In awed terror, Henrietta opened her eyes and let her still vague gaze focus on the huge bulging prick thrust out and quivering right in from of her face. She froze in abject stiffness and she could not drag her eyes away from the terrorizing instrument ripping through her dreamless unconsciousness.

“What!  Aggghh!” She managed to mumble thickly.

“Come on, Henrietta,” Roger rasped in a hoarse whisper.  “You know perfectly well why I am here!  Don’t you want it?”

The woman gasped as the thick fumes of sleep began clearing her mind. Her large dark eyes gleamed with a mixture of fear and excitement as she watched her husband’s naked form hovering over her helpless body.

“I want you, Henrietta, and I am going to fuck you!” Roger said, pulling the slippery gown from her body and leaving her naked beneath him.

Henrietta dazedly kept her eyes open and dimly gazed into her husband’s face.  He was grinning lewdly up at her and feasting his eyes on her curvaceous naked body.

“Look at me.”  He persisted, thrusting his hips up towards her, and shaking her awaken.

Henrietta struggled to keep her eyes open and saw the huge cock swaying in front of her like a cobra dancing to the tune of a snake charmer.

“No, no,” she stammered, “stay away from me.”

But even as she pleaded with him, she could feel her body drained of all strength and she kept eyes glued on the swaying penis, hypnotized by its rhythmic movement.

With a sadistic smile tightly pulled across his white teeth, he ran his thick finger between her thighs, reaching the hair-lined wetness of her cuntal opening, then gave, a brutal up thrust, driving his digit into the depths of her passage.

“Aaaaggghhh!” She screamed between clenched teeth, “I can’t sated it!  Please, Roger, leave me alone!” She begged.

He began kissing her breasts, her belly, then snowed his lips down to the dark pubic mound between her legs.

“Open your legs,” he commanded, nuzzling at her thighs with brutal persistence.

“Yes,” she answered, writhing beneath him as a slight shudder of passion rippled through her. She obediently widened the gap between her legs.  “Oh, yes, yes!” She groaned, now feeling again consumed by the manipulations of the rigid tongue caressing the open slit of her vagina.

It flicked relentlessly between her wide-spread legs, stopping sporadically to curl its way deep into her hungry clasping crevice. Henrietta moaned as a fountain of dream-like ecstasy surged through her, possessing and tormenting her while at the same time releasing in a rising tide of desire the suppressed feelings she had kept hidden within herself for so long. But Roger was not thinking in giving her the release she expected. He pulled away from her and turned her around brusquely so that her back was to him and began to take small bites at the nape of her neck. His fingers splayed the lips of her vagina and then entered her secret passage. His stiff cock probed between the backs of her thighs, searching for the opening in between her legs.

“Please,” she cried.  “Please, let go of me!  Go and find one of your black mistresses!  Leave me alone!”

“Listen, you bitch!” He hissed.  “You’ll do as I say!  You’re still my wife, aren’t you!  Shut up you slut!”

Henrietta’s entire body contracted in anger.  She knew he could do anything he wanted with her. Suddenly, the slimy head of his lust-hardened prick found the opening of moist flesh in her groin.  He rammed her viciously and went so far into her that she cried out and tried to pull away from his iron grip.

“Please, you’re hurting me!”

But he held her fast, each hand wrapped around her hips holding her immobile. His thrusts grew sharper and deeper with each lustful movement he made.  She struggled and groaned, impaled like some large beautiful butterfly on a collector’s table. His hairy thighs scraped her back until she could feel the burns they were causing. He pummeled into her with all the force he could muster, filling the entirety of her being, hurting her more and more with each thrust of his body.

Henrietta felt as if someone were forcing hot pokers into the fragile walls of her vagina. Her husband’s nail dug into her soft stomach causing her to squeal in pain.  She felt pressure against her hips as he began to pull her up onto her knees without stopping his
relentless pursuit.

Her brain was still fogged by the fumes of the sedative. She wanted so badly to go back to sleep, to sweet oblivion. But he wouldn’t let go of her. She allowed herself to be propped up, hoping that it might hasten the end of this debasement of her body by this man whom she hated.

Roger drew himself still closer between her spread thighs, pushing them further apart with his knees.  He forced himself even further into her, right up to the hilt, up into her helpless cunt, deeper and deeper into her. Henrietta thought her body would split in two under the vicious assault of her own husband. Her breath came in short gasps, her back
ached from the pressure of his hands forcing her further down until her soft yielding buttocks were thrust almost straight up into the air. His body battered against her with brutal force. She could hear him whining above her.  He seemed to grow larger and larger with each searing thrust into her flaming hole.

She tried to think of other times, other places, Orville and his magnificent bedroom performances, even Roger, at the beginning of their relationship, but her mind could only concentrate on the searing pain caused by the brutal attack she was being subjected
to. She wanted to scream, to scream again and again, but she she could not.

She was trembling all over now, surely he must finish soon, he just couldn’t go on much longer; but still he was stuffing his hard cock up into her cervix with a wild fury, almost forcing her off the bed with each painful thrust. Henrietta gritted her teeth; she could not stand it much longer.

Then she heard him moaning between his clenched teeth. At first, it seemed far away, but then it grew louder and louder, until at last he gave a cry as great, hot, thick spurts of liquid filled her gasping vagina almost to the overflow.

“Thank God,” she thought as he collapsed onto her, squashing her soft helpless body under his massive weight. “Thank God, it’s over.”

He stayed on top of her for a few minutes, panting heavily, blowing his liquor-raking breath delightedly in her face. Finally, he pulled out of her with a slight wet sucking noise and without dressing went out of the room. From the following morning on, Roger took the young couple from one sex “show” to another. The performances they attended were a mixture of authentic voodoo and perverted sexual practices.

Richard was thrilled, considering himself to be very lucky to witness those supposedly “secret ceremonies,” an experience he deemed of incalculable value to his research work. Alice, on the contrary, felt that there was more sex involved than what it would be reasonable to expect in the voodoo practices, and incensed that Roger—whose lust for her had increased to the point of becoming plainly obvious—would try to drag her into any of the perverted acts performed by the supposed “voodooists”, and since Richard
had been drinking increasingly during the last few days, she may find herself at Roger’s mercy and with her husband unable to protect her.

So, at the first opportunity, she declined their invitation to go along with them. Roger, spited by Alice’s attitude and enraged against Richard instructed the voodooists to make him take part in their ceremonies, where they all abused—sexually and otherwise—of the drugged young man.


Voodoo In Haiti – Chapter 6

Rain drummed against the black windows, one of those brief but violent tropical rains which, while they last, seem to be the gloomy prelude to some biblical flood. The heavy drops had been pounding relentlessly for quite some time now when Alice woke up, bathed in sweat, an expression of anguish on her lovely face.

She sat up in the huge bed and even before reaching with her hand in the darkness for the familiar presence of her husband, she knew that Richard was not there.  He had been away all day long, he event away so often now, always accompanied by Roger, and he wasn’t back yet.

Alice reached out and fumbled for a pack of cigarettes. She shook one up and took it between her lips. She tossed the pack on the nightstand and found the lighter.  Then she lit her cigarette and sat there in the darkness, puffing nervously and listening to the wind and the rain.

Something very strange was going on in this big old mansion which seemed cut out from the rest of The civilized world. Again, the strange sounds that had awakened her could be heard. And it wasn’t the rain or the wind. Peculiar, shuffling sounds. Could it be Richard, drunk and trying to find way to their bedroom? At this thought, Alice quickly sprang up from the bed, shoved her feet into her slippers, dumping her cigarette, and as she listened intently headed toward the door to the hall.

She unlocked the door and poked her head outside. The hall was deserted.  So she closed the door behind her and took a few steps in the direction of the stairs. As she groped her way down the hallway, she could hear distant voices coming from one of the rooms opening onto the hall. Voices! At this hour! It sounded like Henrietta’s voice, and, yes,  Nicolas! The butler’s voice! Impossible! What could they be doing awake at this time of the night, she wondered, approaching the bedroom door.

A shaft of light penetrated the darkness of the hallway from the slight opening the door hinge and the wall. Alice gave a nervous gulp as the tried to look through the slit.  But she couldn’t see anything.

Almost without thinking, her hand went to the door-knob, trying it, and it turned noiselessly between her fingers. She pulled the door open just enough to peer inside the room. And what she saw froze her on the spot.

It was Henrietta all right, Henrietta lying there, her naked body stretched out on the rug in the middle of the floor, her thighs spread wide and invitingly before one of the black workers who stood between her legs almost at her feet, stripping the clothing from himself while the others, for there were others! Nicolas and two more, leaned forward to watch eagerly.

Alice gasped as she watched Nicolas shed his clothing. He stood there, hovering above the stark-naked, Henrietta blacker than the night, with his muscles bulging powerfully, his huge black cock pointing down at the white woman sprawled on the rug beneath him.

As Alice watched through the slightly opened door, she saw the now nude body of the butler between Henrietta’s wide-spread legs, saw him bend over her and begin running his lips and tongue wetly up and down her curvaceous body.  She watched in spellbound disbelief as he sucked her erect, heaving breasts into quivering hardness, then drew his moist tongue downward over the flat table of her jerking belly to her soft, round inner thighs.

Without warning, Henrietta moved into a slow writhing under the black man’s hot, wet, tongue-lashing caresses, and suddenly, she reached forward and grabbed him by the back of the neck, her long fingers hooking into his thick mat of hair, endeavoring to guide his lips towards the tight pink slit she was presenting up to him.

With a deep, penetrating moan, Henrietta spread her legs even wider apart and pulled the man’s tongue deeper into her vagina, now well lubricated with cuntal secretions.
Nicolas began making wild, incoherent sucking noises as he rapidly thrust his rigid tongue in and out of her upthrust crotch while the ragged lips of her dilated vagina seemed to cry out for release from the unsatiated torment that filled her womb.  Her slack mouth let go of small pleading sounds of encouragement to him as he worked over her burning cunt with a wild abandon.

Alice stared at the writhing couple, shocked by the obscene exhibitions.  She knew she should run, but something deep and intangible inside her senses kept her feet cemented to the floor, though she could not understand what the strange feeling was. She gave a sharp intake of breath as she saw Henrietta’s claw-like fingers grasping like a blind person’s at the stiffened penis that bobbed wildly against her thighs.

She continued to stare engulfed in a mixture of repugnance and growing, wicked excitement, the thought occurring to her that Henrietta had a beautiful body and there she lay, offering it in open sacrifice up to the lust-contorted face of her butler.  He had evidently worked her to a fever pitch, for Henrietta’s mouth hung open wide in sudden ecstatic rapture, her dark sprawling eyes now glazed and gaping upward into nothingness.

Nicolas lifted himself over her rising and falling belly, his black face shining with her cuntal juices above her soft pubic mound below. His hands lay on the smooth flat plane of her stomach with his thumbs pressed into the fleshy outer flanges of her cunt lips, massaging the silky folds of slimy pink tissue for a moment, then pulled slowly outward parting the soft black pubic hair and exposing the moist red slit of Henrietta’s vagina.

The delicate bud of her clitoris was clearly visible, twitching into hardness a fraction above the stretched elastic entrance of her vaginal opening. The erotic sight caused Alice to subconsciously writhe her own buttocks as she watched Nicolas’ long, wet tongue flick teasingly at the palpitating nub of raw nerve ends at the top of Henrietta’s widely exposed cuntal slit.

Alice gasped as Henrietta’s body jerked at the shocking contact, causing her legs to clamp tightly about the attacking head, the soft inner thighs claiming it in a vise-like squeeze. And suddenly her hips began a rhythmic up and down movement to the explorations of his lashing tongue. Alice could hear the soft mewing noises gurgling up from Henrietta’s throat and the gasps of the black onlookers as the woman slipped into a fitful entrancement of uncontrollable lust, and the upper portion of her body writhed insanely while her crotch danced wildly up against his face.

“Put it in, please!” Henrietta pleaded, “stick it in me before I lose my mind!  Fuck me!”

Henrietta’s words had no sooner left her lips when the black man reached down, and his long hard instrument, began rubbing the swollen bulbous head between the wet, open mouth of her cunt raising further groans of pleasure and frustration from between Henrietta’s clenched teeth.  It was then, for the first time, that Alice examined Nicolas’ thick heavy cock protruding from his hairy crotch.  It looked as hard and mean as a rod of ironwood, darkly spearing out from the mass of wiry pubic hair covering his lean, muscular belly.  It seemed to her enormously thick, and she shuddered as she watched it hover above Henrietta’s wide-spread vagina.

“Aaaaaagggghhhh!” Henrietta moaned, opening her mouth, slurpily, sideways.  “Put it inside, Nicolas!  Shove it in!  Shove your big black prick hard inside my belly!  Come on, shove it in real hard!”

Alice watched horrified as his buttocks tightened and with a quick downward thrust of his hips, sunk the sinew-ed shaft deep into the moist gaping channel between her legs. Then. with a slow, rocking movement, the huge pulsating instrument began to inch its way past her straining vaginal muscles to her deepest depths.

“Yes, yes, yes …!” Henrietta babbled, rolling her head wildly from one side to the other.  “I’ve got it in now!  Aaaagghh!  I’ve got it in now!  Aaaahhh!”

Henrietta pumped her buttocks rhythmically up at his crotch, sucking him farther and farther inside her.  A resounding slap of flesh against flesh cut sharply through the air as his pelvis smacked against hers with the force of a hard, well-aimed blow.   Henrietta let out a gurgling moan as the impalement of her body spread through her senses, sending small, quirk shots of electrical sensation coursing through her quivering body.

“Come on!  That’s it!” Henrietta urged the Negro with gasping voice. “Pump faster, Nicolas!  Faster!  FASTER!  Ooooohhhh!  It’s so big! SOOOO BIG!”

The frantic pumping motions of the two writhing bodies before her engulfed Alice’s body with a strange, foreign tingle that lapped at her private parts in hot flickering flames of an awakening desire. She unconsciously stiffened herself, trying to smother and dampen them, but without success, for though her mind commanded her to walk away from the lewd scene taking place before her—a raw animal urge kept her eyes glued tightly on the gyrating bodies on the bed.

“Yes, yes, yes … give it to me!” Henrietta kept urging the huge Negro with slurring voice that reflected the intense pleasure she was receiving from Nicholas’s vigorous thrusts.

Alice’s fingers crept involuntarily beneath the thin cotton night gown to the straining white flesh of her youthful breasts and began kneading and pulling at the quivering mounds, trying to relieve the stimulating, painful pressure surging from them. To her horror, she could feel small drops of moisture coming from between her thighs and slowly trickling down her legs. A soft tormenting moan escaped from her parted lips as she reached down at the wetness between her legs. The flesh beneath her soft, downy pubic hair felt white-hot as though it were being consumed by a huge, uncontrolled fire and her body gave a sudden spasmodic jerk when her finger grazed the bud of her clitoris, now a hot coal in the pit of the flames. The weird stimulation jostled her senses as she peered with a feeling of shame and yet a strange excitement at the fantastic scene offered by the white woman writhing under her black servant’s pumping cock with two other males looking on with obvious lust.

Their bodies were wildly entwined in one as a network of black and tanned flailing limbs danced to the rhythm of the dual plunging. Henrietta gave a lurch and scissored her legs open, while the pounding from without and within her began to build her arousal to the point of explosion. Yet, it was not quite there, but just out of reach, torturing her sex-starved organ until she thought she would scream. She ground her hips savagely against the man’s heaving body, seeking with all her being that final completion.

“Fuck me deeper, fuck me deeper!” she screamed at him in desperation.

He frantically grabbed at her ass cheeks with both hands and drove the lunging cock deeper and harder into the raving woman’s throbbing cunt with swift and brutal in and out strokes. His hairy balls smacked heavily against the puckered anus of her upturned ass as he continued his increasing pounding.

“Ooooohhhh!” she grunted, as she drew nearer her fulfillment, completely subjugated by the black man’s pumping of her soft, tender belly.

At the same time, Alice noticed the lewd, sadistic grin sketching Nicholas’s thick lips as he increased his ramming even further with a quicker and deeper thrust.  She could feel a rising tide exploding out of her own aching loins as she watched Henrietta squirming beneath the tormenting attack. Then a soul scarring groan emerged from deep within the black man’s throat as his thick hot cum burst free from his testicles and overflowed into the gaping mouth of his mistress’ cunt.

“Not yet, you fool!” Henrietta screamed, digging her sharp pointed nails into his back, breaking the skin and bringing beads of blood to the surface.

In desperation, Henrietta began to buck her body uncontrollably against his limp cock, groaning at the maddening frustration that engulfed her burning loins.  Her peak of fulfillment had been just a hair away and she now strained crazily trying to reach it as his dead weight collapsed in exhaustion across her heaving body.

“Oh God no,” she protested as his soft semen-soaked penis slipped stickily from her opening.

Tears of frustration and rage came to her eyes, but she quickly brushed them away with a flick of her hands, not wanting her servants to see her weakness. Alice had stood thunder-struck while watching the climax of the performance in the other room.

The other two, their dark-chocolate skins gleaming with nervous perspiration, were visibly ready to continue the ludicrous task that their colossal companion had begun, for their mammoth cocks stood proudly erect, pointing at the ceiling like thick, enormous trees of dark wood, branchless and smooth, which were rising rigidly from their loins, except for the huge, rounded heads of their purple-brown pricks toppling them, and which gave them more the aspect of a huge and curiously fat-stemmed mushrooms, growing powerful and healthy amidst a compact grove of springy, thorny, burnt grass.

Underneath. the pendulous bulge of their heavy testicles looked like giant twin plums, ripe and filled with the rich seminal juice of their robust maleness. Hastily, the two Negroes pushed Nicholas’s shoulder, making his massive body roll easily from above Henrietta’s sprawled figure.

“Yes, yes …!” The woman greeted them anxiously, raising her arms urging them not to waste a second in getting busy servicing her lust. “Come on!  Come on!  Can’t you see that I can’t wait any longer?” She compelled them. I’ve not cummed yet! I’m desperate!”

She grabbed the shoulder of one of the Negroes, the one who, at that moment, was closer within her reach, and pulled him down, jerkily, toward herself, spreading her legs apart and thrusting her hips frantically forward to meet his huge, taut meat at once.

“Hurry, Chago, hurry! I’m dying! I’ll die if I don’t get a cock shoved, now, into my cunt!” Henrietta mumbled, her voice broken by the state of near hysteria through which she was undergoing.

The Negro smiled lewdly, lifting his thick upper lip and baring a row of large, gleamingly white teeth, which looked even more conspicuous by the contrast they made against the wide stripe of purple gum which his smile had exposed.

He crawled over her, standing on all fours as he crossed over the woman’s leg and rotated his body slightly to take the right position facing her while he knelt between her widespread thighs. All the while her hips rotated involuntarily, as though by this movement they could be able to establish a link between the previous and unsatisfactory sexual act, and, keeping intact the continuity from one sex act to the other, merge it all a long, single and majestically gratifying carnality.

The Negro sensed the woman’s desperate yearning and, with a sadistic glance in his big, round, black eyes, decided to tease her a bit further, knowing that by forcing her to wait a little longer, he would make her feel much deeper the agony of her raving need for what he and he alone, could give her.

“Come on, Chago, come on!” Henrietta pleaded, her lips quivering savagely from her pent-up anxiety, her words sounding slurred as the warm, sticky saliva inundating her mouth foamed in thick, transparent bubbles at the corners of her lips, interfering with her words. “I can’t wait any longer! I can’t! Chago, please fuck me! Please! Fuck me now! Now! Or else I’ll die!”

Still smiling, enjoying tremendously this unwarranted feeling of power over the women, Chago took his rook-hard weapon in his fingers and, thrusting his body slightly forward, closer to the woman’s drenched crotch, he made contact with her sex-starved flesh, pressing the tip of the glans against the woman’s ultra-sensitive and blood-filled clitoris.

“Aaaaahhhhh!” Henrietta moaned, opening her mouth widely to utter her heart-felt expression of ecstasy.  She closed her eyes and rolled her head to the right, causing a spurt of saliva to trickle rapidly across her cheek and enter her ear as she rolled her head convulsively to the other side.

The Negro pressed his fingers downwards, forcing the taut, up-thrusting cock to go down, making its round crest rub against Henrietta’s oily slit add all along its quivering, slippery folds and even go further down, as far as the tightly clenched, brown-skinned orifice of the woman’s anus.  Then, calmly, he reversed the motion, rubbing the tip
of his weapon upwards along the woman’s crevice.

“You want my cock, uh? You want it real bad, don’t cha?” He said softly, savoring with sadistic pleasure the evidence of the woman’s anguished need for his throbbing maleness. “You want me to shove my prick way up that cunt o’yours. Don’t cha?”

“Yes, yes, yes. YES!” Henrietta replied wildly. “Yes, I want you to shove that big, black cock of yours way up into my belly! I need it! I need it! I need you to fuck me. Chago! Please! Please! Fuck me or else I’ll die!” She implored, abjectly.

“You are desperate, ain’t cha? You’ll die if I don’t fuck you real quick, uh?”

“Yes, yes, Chago. I’ll die!” Henrietta answered gaspingly.

“You need me!  Ain’t you cha?  You need my cock, ain’t cha?”

“Yes, yes, Chago. I need you! I heed your cock! Please!” She answered beggingly.

“You need me …!  Don’t cha ever forget that!” he murmured, as though passing sentence aver the tortured woman. Then, wiping the smile from his face, he looked at her with grim, cruel eyes, and added “You,ll feel me …! Cause I’m gonna shove my prick so hard up your cunt that I’m gonna reach your throat! You haughty white bitch! You want a
black man, uh? Well, you’re gonna have one all right! Let’s see if you’re woman enough to take a black man’s prick into your pink lit’l cuntie when this black man’ll shove it real hard into yar belly!”

Then, leaning against his knees and hands, he plunged his tool brutally forth, burying it to the hilt inside Henrietta’s vaginal passage.

“Aaaaagghhhh!” She uttered, twitting her body violently with the spasm of her long-awaited fulfillment.

However, if what the Negro wanted was to hurt her, he didn’t quite succeed, for even if Henrietta did feel the enormous strength of his stiff, monumental weapon as it savaged stabbed her sex, her vagina was so dilated from the wait she had had to suffer that she was hardly hurt by the mighty plunge which, in other circumstances, wouldn’t have
failed to make any woman scream with the tearing pain that it would have caused her. Yet, Henrietta welcomed it. All the while, the other Negro who had been so far neglected had knelt down beside the intertwined bodes of the fucking couple, massaging his own rigid pole to appease his burning need to obtain his own fulfillment.

On his knees, he had crawled near the woman’s head, which she now rolled frantically from side to side, moaning open-mouthedly with the thrilling sensations she was experiencing. And then, feeling his needs to be too urgent and too powerful to be controlled any further, and having been emboldened by the woman’s submission to his friend’s actions, he took his inflamed cock into his tremulous fingers and pressed it firmly against the woman’s lips.

“Take it!  Take it!” He urged her, anxiously. “Take it in your mouth and suck it! Suck it! Take my prick in your mouth, I say! You filthy white bitch! Suck it! Suck it hard or I’ll bust your head you, white trash!”

Henrietta didn’t even hear his words.  She only felt the presence of the huge, purple mushroom entering her mouth. She perceived its pungent smell and welcomed as anything related to sex into her lust-crazed, foggy mind.  She took it eagerly into her mouth and began to suck it hungrily.

For a moment Henrietta thought she was going to be asphyxiated by the monstrous pole of dark flesh that was being plunged in and out of her mouth, making her retch slightly whenever it touched her throat.

A second after, flood-gates of Hell seemed to have been jerked open, for Henrietta felt that powerful jets of hot, sticky fluid were being forced through every opening there was in her body.  She felt she was going to choke and gasped desperately for air as spurt after spurt of viscous substance, full of jelly-like clots, poured interminably into her throat.

But, at that very moment, the gigantic meat of the huge Negro who had been pumping like a powerful piston into Henrietta’s belly seemed to touch a tender spot at the mouth of the woman’s cervix, somewhere within her burning entrails, for she felt as though her whole body would have been suddenly connected with a live wire that began immediately sending blissful currents of electrical thrill from deep inside her belly to spread mightily all over her abdomen and from there on to the rest of her body, running wild through all her live nerves to end at the tips of her fingers and then to go back, with a backwash so strong as a tidal wave to the shot where it began, at the mouth at her cervix.

Henrietta’s body was wracked with violent convulsions.  It was animated by a life of its own, the overwhelming power of sexual fulfillment. Then, she heard a guttural groan, and felt a jet of scalding thick semen invading her body and flooding her belly in its entirety. It seemed as though the viscous fluid of male sperm was entering her through Every opening of her being.  She felt penetrated, possessed, feminine and enormously wet.


She couldn’t help a moan which opened her mouth and sent he still-spurting semen from the huge prick she was still sucking right into her throat.  But at that, Henrietta was reaching the peak of her own fulfillment. She had an access of coughing, and the semen-sprouting rod, already spent, slipped easily out of her mouth.

After that, they all remained still, breathing heavily as though paralyzed.  Exhausted, spent, drained of all strength there was In their bodies. Then, Henrietta’s voice was heard again.

“Go away, all of you!” Alice heard Henrietta’s command to her workers and realized that she should leave the scene, also. Now her whale body vibrating with nerve tension off what she had lust witnessed, Alice forced herself back from the open door and silently groped her way back to her room.  Stumbling to the bed, she threw herself on the comfortable surface and tried to put her thoughts in order, a quite difficult task rendered even more difficult by her worrying over Richard’s long absence.

But maybe Henrietta knew where her husband was. Henrietta must have known of the two men’s not coming back to have indulged in that manner. And once again, Alice walked down the silent hallway, trying to remember where was the master bedroom, then finding it as she saw the shaft of light showing from under the door.  And before she herself had realized it, she was knocking lightly on that door, and the grave voice of Henrietta was telling her to come in.

“Well, Alice, dear, come in!” She said, a strange smile playing on her lips.

“I, I was wondering,” Alice started.

“You are worried about your husband, aren’t you?” Henrietta again didn’t seem surprised. “Come over here, it tires me to look at you from so far.  Sit on the bed, here and light yourself a cigarette, it will make you feel better. Voodoo ceremonies sometimes last till dawn, anyway, since they usually start at midnight, you shouldn’t expect Richard before one or two hours. So don’t worry about him, nothing will happen to him, I assure you. The whole damn business is quite harmless, except for the nerves of others!”

There was a sharp edge to her voice which struck Alice and she suddenly remembered that Roger too, was not there. A certain tenderness invaded her for this woman wealthy and still beautiful, who had to resort to her servants’ company while her husband was away at some orgy, not caring about the loneliness he left behind. Oh, she felt so terribly lonely and scared in this land growing ever so foreign and alien to her, far from everything she knew and understood.  Unable to control them, tears brimmed her lovely blue eyes and flowed down her soft cheeks. She felt so terribly weak and lost. Then, there was Henrietta’s arm about her shaking body and Alice felt a shudder pass through her at the woman’s touch as she immediately became aware of the hand cradling her heaving breast.

“There now,” the grave voice soothed.  “You are going to be all right. Don’t worry about anything. Just try to relax.”

In overwhelming disbelief, Alice stared wide-eyed ht the semi-darkness at the form of this beautiful woman whose intimate touch was both exciting and revolting, the combined effect of the two emotions leaving her bereft of any power to resist.

“I … I don’t understand …” Alice stammered once more, feeling Henrietta’s lush body quivering against her own.

“Ssshhhh …” the older woman whispered.

Her hand came up and touched Alice’s cheek. Alice lay stock still while the fingers ran down to her lips add moved gently along them, and then over her chin at the smooth neck. She shivered from the delicate tracing fingertips. And then, Henrietta’s lips closed against her own, gently at first, so that she could feel the full sharply delineated imprint, and then more furiously. Alice sensed her own lips, rigid in the beginning, relax slowly under the pressure. Suddenly, in an abrupt motion, Henrietta pulled away from her and tucked the hem of her flimsy nightie up on her legs.

“Is this it?  Is this what you want?”

Alice caught her breath. The beautiful thighs were so tempting. There were panties, black ones, but they were sheer and gauzy and didn’t hide much. She could see the tufts of dark hair and even the stray wisps poking outside the crutch of the tiny garment.

“Well, Alice?”

A sob rose in Alice’s throat. There was an explosion inside her, deep in the pit of her stomach, sapping the very will from her being. She hovered momentarily over the alluring thighs. Then her spine crumpled. Her lips sought. The panties were in the way.

Inhaling the musky scent drove her frantic; she wiggled her face between the motionless thighs, striving to pry her tongue between fabric and flesh. But the garment was tight enough to withstand the assault. She whimpered in frustration.  The crotch of the panties was getting wet from her touch. She could taste the black silky tendrils of hair. Then, it was Henrietta herself who inserted her fingers beneath the material and yanked.

Alice groaned at the suddenly revealed sight, at the sight of this cunt which she had seen plundered by the black servant only minutes ago. Her brain was in a fog, whirling, spinning, a velvet fog of musk and perfume and wanton passion.  There was nothing else. Nothing but the dark mound of temptation.

“Kiss me … there …” the grave voice ordered.

Her shoulders slumped.  Her face went down.  She depend her mouth and shot out her tongue, caressing the sloppy lips. She tasted the black man’s pungent cum, smelled the musky odor of Henrietta.

“Go on … kiss me … do it better … make me cum …” the woman urged as with her hand, she pushed Alice’s head forward.

Suddenly, Alice was trapped against the incredibly soft meat of another woman’s cunt. Gingerly, she put her hands on Henrietta’s thighs, forcing them further apart, opening the woman to her invading tongue. Her tongue caressed and probed and rubbed and after a while, Henrietta was flexing her hips against Alice’s questing mouth. Alice
sighed and rammed her tongue deeper into the hot passage, feeling the heated walls stirring.

It was like a dream. As if she were doing it to herself. She found Henrietta’s tiny stem and with her tongue unfolded it. Carefully, she caught it in her lips and began sucking it. Henrietta cried and whimpered and wrapped her legs around Alice’s head. But her hands went around the slumped body and found the youthful breasts, massaging them with a woman’s knowledge, her own abused body still smoldering with the lust inspired embers that had teem kindled inside her.

Alice closed her eyes and began to tremble all over at the strange forbiddenness of the situation.  She didn’t care anymore as she gobbled noisily at the sweet cunt in front of her. Like a snake probing in a dark corner, she began flicking her tongue in and out, in and out of Henrietta’s slippery channel.

“Aaaaaahhhhh!” Henrietta uttered, in the same slurring manner she had previously used when she had been entwined in sexual intercourse with her huge servant-lover.

“That’s it, baby! That’s it!” She urged Alice with gurgling groans.

“Shove your tongue, there, deep!  Yes, yes. Go as deep as you can, baby!  That’s right, as deep as you can reach!”

Henrietta’s body was writhing and quivering so violently now and she began to rotate her lips round and round in a sensual, urging movement, grinding her cunt hard against Alice’s face and smearing it all over with her pungent-smelling, viscous vaginal excretions.

“Go deeper, deeper, Alice darling!” She urged gaspingly.  “Go deeper with your tongue!  I need you to fill me with it!”

Alice tried shove her tongue deeper inside the womanly vaginal canal but it wasn’t possible. She had it as far out as it could go and the girl was beginning to feel a searing pain in the vertical membrane underneath her tongue which restrained it and connected it with her lower palate. She couldn’t possibly stretch it any further into the woman’s deep vaginal cavity.

“Now, darling, suck my clitoris! Take it in your mouth! Take it
all!” Henrietta commanded.

The woman’s hips were gyrating so violently now that Alice was having trouble in taking in the fat, slippery little flesh bud between her lips. It kept sliding away with the woman’s jerking motion.

“Take it!  Take it!  Don’t let it go!” Henrietta almost shouted, pushing her hips forward to press her hungry, oily cunt-slit against Alice’s hard-working mouth.

Finally, Alice was able to take the blood-filled clitty and keep it firmly between her lips and. not knowing exactly what to do with it, began to pull it in and out by tightening her spastic lips over its fleshy body and moving her head back and forth against Henrietta’s quim.

“Suck it!  Don’t just pull it in and out!” Henrietta commanded, gaspingly. “Suck it into your mouth, as though it were a man’s cock, Alice! Haven’t you ever sucked a man’s cock?  Take it all in!  That’s it …! Take it all inside your mouth! Aaaaagggghhhh!”

Alice had immediately complied with the woman’s urging demands, opening her mouth in a tight “O” against Henrietta’s quivering slit and taking the oily clitoris in, suctioning hard to take its entire, erected length into her mouth, working with her tongue as well as with her lips and making liquidity sucking sounds as she did so.

“Aaaaaggghhh!  You’re marvelous, darling!  You are the greatest cunt-sucker I’ve ever met!  Yes, yes …!  You’re better than any man who’s ever sucked my cunt!  You know exactly where to tickle a woman’s slit, don’t you?” Henrietta babbled in maddened ecstasy. “Aaaaaaggghh!  Suck it harder!  I want to feel you real strongly inside me!  Suck it harder, darling!  Bite it!  Don’t be afraid.  Bite it just a little!  Hurt me if you want, but let me feel it real good!”

Alice just couldn’t bring herself to bite the woman’s clitty really hard.  She just bared her teeth and let them press against the woman’s flesh. As she did so, she could feel as though Henrietta had been suddenly connected to a live wire, for the woman’s body began to vibrate furiously, shaking all over and making her head quiver with an electrical tremor.


Henrietta emitted a loud groan, reflecting the fact that the blissfully spasming throes of her monumental orgasm were beginning to take hold of her over-excited sexual system. The woman went wild now with approaching orgasm. She had to have it now. She wouldn’t let it escape. She bucked and rode against Alice’s mouth and then cried out without warning, extending her legs straight in the air behind Alice, her whole body convulsing in the rigid throes of orgasm.

Sighing, Alice tasted the sweet juices pouring out of the woman’s throbbing cunt, smelled the sweet, beckoning scent of her body. She cried out and collapsed, exhausted. As if she, too, had been through the rigors of orgasm.

Alice leaned back against the pillows, quite and immobile, but with her eyes wide open. She had become even more frustrated by this strange affair with the woman.  She didn’t get any release from the act. Instead, she had been left wanting it even more. Henrietta remained a short while lying still on the bed beside Alice, recuperating from the nervous exertions of the recent and monumental orgasm that Alice had provoked in her.

“Now it’s your turn darling …!” Henrietta said, softly.

She didn’t wait for the girl to answer and Alice felt the woman’s strong fingers moving, molding the taut skin of her breasts and her nipples hardened instantly to a sensitive tautness. Her whole breast seemed to swell under her expert ministrations. Henrietta felt the texture of Alice’s creamy skin, the satiny smoothness of the girl’s dermis.  Alice saw her bending down and her hands came away and her mouth was feasting on her proud mounds. Henrietta’s kisses left wet trails over the hillocks of her teats. Her mouth fastened on a nipple and the teeth bit gently around it.

Alice moaned her pleasure. Henrietta’s mouth went to her other nipple while her hand was playing with her thighs and then cupping the moist flesh of her excited vulva. And then she moaned louder and louder in the throes of her deeply felt bliss.

Alice put up one hand and ran the fingers through Henrietta’s hair. Henrietta crawled up on the bed, kneeling by her side, and then she started to wander down her body, fondling and exploring every inch of it. She came to her belly and her tongue explored her little rounded navel.

All the while, her fingers were still playing with the slippery lips of her cunt, brushing the tips up and down, all along the silky folds of her slit and titillating her blood-filled clitoris. She bent her head and kissed the hollow between Alice’s big breasts, then squeezed one of her breasts and kissed the nipple, licking it thoroughly and tickling the tip of her tongue around the taut rosebud.

Alice pushed her head down.

She came again to the girl’s rounded belly and kissed smooth skin surrounding her navel.  She kissed her thighs and they parted and she drew up one knee to give her free access to the parts of her which needed most, and Henrietta didn’t fail to get the message, for her mouth traveled up and down until they finally hit her tremulous twat, licking
the silky lips and folds up and down and sucking the knob of her clitty.

Suddenly the woman’s head shifted and she planted a kiss on the entrance of the girl’s vagina, pouting her lips to make them enter a bit into her sex channel.  Then she waited for her reaction. All Alice did was gasp and toss her head from side to side. Henrietta was pleased.  She bent her head, settled herself, and now she feasted again upon the choice target of Alice’s femininity, brushing at the slit up and down with the tip of her darting tongue and only pausing to suck the clitoris once in a while.

Alice gasped again and again as Henrietta’s tongue tortured her body. The woman’s hands cupped her buttocks and as she was mouthing her quim using teeth, lips and tongue. Alice’s fingers fumbled through Henrietta’s hair and finally closed over the woman’s ears and brought her face closer to her own hungry twat. The girl’s limbs closed over the woman’s head as her hips moved back and forth on the bed while keeping the mouthing of her quim at avigorous rhythm.

“Aaaaagggghhhh!!! Alice moaned, instinctively.

She moaned and groaned with every slurping dart of Henrietta’s hot, wet tongue slobbering inside her heated quim. Then, suddenly, the girl felt her whole body become still and then, immediately after, she felt it convulsed by a violent spasm. Henrietta kept on loving her add Alice responded by moving her hips. The woman’s hands captured the girl’s solid, nipple-tipped breasts and her fingers sank gently into the soft, creamy flesh. Alice’s fingers raked Henrietta’s flesh and she groaned and moaned, rolling her head from one side to the other, and her peak was reached again, and again.


Voodoo In Haiti – Chapter 7

When Richard returned to the Mansion he was already in complete command of all his senses and not even tired, refreshed by the cool air of the night in the country as Roger drove silently home from the voodoo gathering. The erects of the will-obliterating concoction were gone from his mind.

When he arrived, it wasn’t long since Alice had fallen asleep, exhausted from the prolonged anguish over his absence, the continued nervous tension which had not abandoned her from the moment they had arrived in Haiti and received Roger Antrim’s call, and more recently from the unexpected physical exertions while she indulged the act of lesbian love with the Mansion’s hostess.

For a long while, before she could find peace in her sleep, Alice had tossed around in her bed, and paced nervously around the room, alone with a gnawing sense of guilt which led her to indulge in self-deprecatory thoughts.

Richard Carlston found his wife lying rigidly in bed, with her muscles all contracted and covered by a thin film of sticky, viscous perspiration. The moment he sat on the bed, intending to go to sleep beside Alice, without disturbing her, she woke up, as if startled.

“Richard!” She exclaimed. “Oh, darling, you’re back!” she exhaled, as if relieved of some terrible danger, and sat on the bed, nervously.

“Darling, what is it?” Richard said soothingly.  “It seems that you haven’t seen me in a month!  I was only away for the evening, and only a few hours!”

“Oh, Richard!” She throw herself in his arms. “It seemed you were away for an eternity!  I have been so afraid!”

“Afraid? Why?” Richard asked, tenderly, almost fatherly in his gesture. “Have you been  having nightmares again?”

“This time it was not a nightmare, Dick. It was real!” Alice told him, bursting into nervous tears.

And from that moment on, she spoke to her husband, rapidly, nervously, almost hysterically, without stopping but to catch her breath and continue talking.  She told him all what she had seen of Henrietta and the Negro workers, all what she had feared for him, all her suspicions about Roger Antrim, whom she confessed to distrust deeply,
although she didn’t explain why. From his part, Richard couldn’t help but believe his wife’s apprehensive words. He knew that Alice was not a woman given to hysterics, nor to invent stories to obtain something she wanted. He had always known her to be a cool headed girl with a practical intelligence who was usually perfectly capable of evaluating a situation by the weight of facts and not emotions. That was something he had always
appreciated in Alice, since the beginning of their life together.

It was true that he had already fallen into that state of apprehension about the voodoo practices that some educated people in Haiti had, who may cling to their logical disbelief of the superstitious basis of the faith, but nevertheless feel the uneasiness of a doubt hauling every one of their acts in life. He had already accepted to drink whatever concoction they had prepared for him, had purchased the many, and some quite expensive, gifts that the Loa had asked from him through the words of the Hungan whose body they had possessed.  He had even agreed to neglect his conjugal life with Alice by not having touched her for two days already because he was keeping the period of sexual abstinence required from him before the ceremony, of his ‘marriage’ with the female deity chosen to be his spiritual bride. And in that ceremony, which he had been
ready to perform, he was to ‘dedicate two days of each week to the supernatural wife’ which meant not to touch his human one nor to engage in any sort of sexual nor romantic contact with her. All in exchange for the ‘protection  and favor of the spirit so cared for’.

“Richard, let’s go away, darling!” Alice pleaded, anxiously, taking him away from his deep, weary thoughts. “Tomorrow morning!  Please, Richard. Let’s leave this place first thing in the morning, or I think I’ll go crazy!”

Perhaps that would be the solution. He needed to put his ideas in order, to review his beliefs, to regain his old confident self, which had always had full control of his acts and never hoped to gain neither fame nor prosperity from anything other than his own efforts. He longed to be again the man he used to be, cheerful and confident in his own possibilities, instead of his frightened, superstitious fanatic he had become, afraid of the words of a miserable, ignorant laborer who believed himself to possess the secret of the universe and the power of the primitive gods he summoned and who used his body in order to communicate with the living. A religion of darkness! The living allowing the dead to rule their lives. And he had gotten involved in all this!

No, he couldn’t let himself sink so deeply in the same quicksand of ignorance and superstition that he hoped to eliminate with his studies and researches on the subject. He had been warned, repeatedly, by the Hungan, with his grave, eerie voice, that the gods were jealous of their matrimonial partners which they had chosen themselves, and a transgression of any of their commands was usually followed by a palpable demonstration of the god’s wrath.

He was clearly advised that should he engage in carnal contact with his wife, or any other Suman woman, during the prenuptial period of abstinence required, or during the days he was supposed to dedicate to the Loa every week, for the rest of his stay, would surely mean to endanger the life of that mortal woman. And Richard found that, in the bottom of his heart, he was afraid, not for him, but for whatever could happen to Alice because of his transgression.

Maybe, thinking about it in a cold, logical manner, if they both left Haiti, the voodoo priests wouldn’t have the chance to ‘help’ a Loa carry out its revenge by lending them their own human intervention to make the prophesied doom come to happen.

“Yes, darling.”  He then said, as if by impulse, “Let’s leave! Let’s go away from this place. Let’s go to Port-au-Prince and not stop there but take the first plane back home!  You’re right, Alice! All this is nothing more than deprivation. Our hosts are nothing but
degenerate people with whom we have nothing in common.”  He smiled at her, trying to wipe away all his weariness and regain his old, comfortable self-assurance which he so much needed now.

“Oh Dick,” she said, putting her arms his waist.  “You really do make me happy.  I was so afraid you wouldn’t believe me and refuse to leave. You have been so much involved with this voodoo thing and I’ve been so worried about you, darling!”

She went very close next to him in bed, where they were both snuggled against one another.

“I feel so warm, so safe now, Dick,” she whispered, letting her head rest against the crook of his arm.  His hand closed around her shoulder and he pulled her closer and kissed her hair, smelling the fresh, clean scent of her shampoo and cologne.

“I do love you, please believe me, darling,” he murmured.  “I don’t want you to think that there’s ever anything more important for me than you, Alice.”

She raised her face to his and he kissed her deeply, tenderly and she could feel a rush of warmth permeate her body, and her nerves began to tingle as she resumed his kiss.  Her arms reached across to him and clung to his sides and her fingers dug into his ribs.

Richard pulled away for just a minute, and said: “Take it easy, baby. Do you know what you’re doing to me?”

“Yes,” she answered, “the same thing you are doing to me.”

Her voice had a hidden urgency and he turned and pushed her back onto the mattress, covering her face, her throat and neck with sweet, fluttering kisses.

“Oh, Dick,” she moaned.  “I do need you.”

She couldn’t bring herself to say anything of her fears, of what had happened during those endless nights while he was away in his voodoo involvement. But right now her only truth was that she needed him, she needed him to make her feel safe and loved again.

His hands roamed slowly, carefully over her soft breasts, feeling the throbbing of her heart and pulse wherever his hands touched. He wanted to feel the soft silkiness of her skin and she didn’t try to stop him as he fumbled with the buttons of her sweater, easing it from her shoulders so that her ripe, voluptuous breasts stood up proud and firm beneath her brassiere.

Alice slid down further on the couch so that his body was covering hers and she could feel his weight on her as he kissed her more passionately, his tongue darting between her teeth and into her throat. She sucked on its cool dampness, and bit it gently, returning his passion with her own building need.

“Mmmmmmhhhhhh,” she crooned as his hands reached in back of her and unhooked the stay of her brassiere, pulling it up so that he could fondle her luscious orbs and tease her full pink nipples into erectness.

“God, what are you doing to me!” he breathed.  “I want you so much!”

“I want you too, Richard!” she answered.

Tonight they weren’t drugged and they were alone and he knew that she did want him, she wanted him so much! They both quickly undressed and fell together on the bed, their hands reaching for each other and caressing, touching with tenderness as they explored each others bodies as though it were for the first time. Her breasts were firm and bulbous under his fingers and her heavy breathing betrayed her anxious yearning.

“Oh, Alice!” he choked out.  “I love you so much!”

She turned so that she was fully an her back, her fingernails digging into the strong, firm flesh of his back, pulling him over onto her. His lips ran down her neck, nibbled voraciously at her shoulders, sucking the hollows of her flesh until they were red and until his lips found the hillocks of her warm, mountainous breasts, drawing the nipples into his mouth and sucked them harshly until she was whimpering in her passion.

Her hands held his head planted to her breasts and she wriggled her hips back and forth as he drew gasps and moans from her slightly parted lips. He placed one hand on her smooth flat stomach and rubbed it gently, easing his fingers downward until they touched the soft downs of her pubis and reached to the juncture of her loins.

“Ooooooooohhhhhh!” she gapped, as his thumb pressed against her clitoris and rubbed it deliberately, tantalizingly and created a sensual trembling in her legs and in the pit of her stomach.

“Darling!” she breathed as he continued to awaken every nerve fiber in her entire body.

His hands felt the cushiony flesh of her hips and pressed his fingers into the well-padded orbs of her buttocks.  She lay beneath him, breathing heavily, but mainly passive, waiting far him to show her the way, to lead her to her ultimate release.

Her thighs were firm and smooth and they quivered under his touch. It was difficult for him to contain himself, to keep himself from throwing his hips swiftly over hers and locking into her with one violent thrust, but he gritted his teeth and concentrated on bringing her to the boiling point when she would welcome him inside her.

Her hips squirmed like a snake as he buried one finger in the warm cunt opening between her legs and her thighs closed around his hand, holding his fingers inside her where they worked skillfully and gently until she divas moaning deep in her throat with desire.

Alice was quivering all over, her breasts jiggling as she moved and her thighs tightening and relaxing with each stroke of his fingering. Her fingers dug into the muscles of his back, clinging to him as she would to a raft as if she were drowning. His head moved down further on her body, kissing the smooth skin of her belly and his teeth nipped softly at the folds of skin where her thighs met at the delta of her stomach and legs.

“Mmmmmmmhhhh!” she groaned as his tongue flicked out to touch her clitoris and part her vaginal lips.

He sucked voraciously at the warm elastic opening bucking under him, his head locked between her knees and she thought that she would explode momentarily.

“Wait!” she pleaded With him, not wanting to reach her ultimate satisfaction until he was inside her, filling her, shooting his hot sperm into her waiting channel. “Wait!” she repeated softly, but urgently.

He lifted his face and moved up so that he was lying next to her, holding her, comforting her trembling body.  Her hands reached down between his loins and closed around his erect, thick, pulsing rod and squeezed it gently.

“Let me,” she murmured, but the rest of her words trailed off into an indistinguishable whisper, but she pulled away from him and slid down on the bed, her hands still massaging his huge, throbbing cock.

“Ooooohhhh!” he groaned, his voice choked with passion, as she let her lips touch the hairiness of his belly, then close around the bulbous, red head of his pulsing prick.

Her fingers ran over its length as though she were measuring it, as her mouth sucked harder and harder, bringing more and more of his manhood into her mouth and throat.

“Yes, yes,” he gasped as her tongue traced over his outstanding veins and tickled at the base of his immerse, hardened cock.

Her fingers touched lightly on his genitals and jiggled them softly, feeling their weight and heat. He crushed her breasts in his hands as she mouthed him, hungrily, In the warm, wet confines of her lips, intensifying his desire until his head was throbbing and his whole body was shuddering with his pent-up passion.

“I’ve got to have you!” He urged, pulling her shoulders upward, but she wouldn’t release him, not yet.

She wanted to feel his hardened rod of fleash in her mouth, memorize every inch of it so she would know what she had inside her. She sucked harder and harder until she could feel its length way back In her throat and she had to swallow to keep from choking.  He was so huge … so hard that her small ovalled mouth couldn’t accommodate his entire throbbing staff.

When she could feel his penis begin to twitch more rapidly she knew that he, too, was about to cum and she wanted him inside her. She wanted to feel his marvelous strength in her, flooding her, fucking her, making her alive again, feel again, with a tenderness that she thought had been buried forever in the weird ceremonials of his voodoo involvement.

“Now, Richard darling!” she urged, pulling at his hips.  “Take me now, love me, fuck me like you always did before!”

Her knees fell apart as he angled himself and lowered his hips so that his hardened cock touched her damp vaginal opening separating the soft hair-lined lips and she could feel his hardness as he entered her. She raised her knees up and his hands slipped beneath her buttocks pulling her up onto him so that he could bury himself in her with his first urgent thrust.

“Aaaaagggghhhh!” she gasped, as she felt the huge, thick organ tear at her lining and touch the very depths of her passage.  He was so big, so strong, so demanding!

His genitals were swirling like a boiling pot, the heat of his desire barely able to be contained.  Her loins were trembling as he forced her knees back against her shoulders as he pounded into her, harder and harder, deeper and deeper.

“That’s it!” She cooed.  “Fuck me, darling, fuck me!”

He was grinding into her with steady, hard strokes, letting the head of his shaft rest at her cervix for just a moment before he withdrew and entered her again. She began to breathe his name over and over again with choked little gasps as he steadily brought her to the apex of her passion. She could feel the walls of her vagina begin to contract, hugging against his male thickness, clinging to it as she held her hips in the air, letting him pull her closer to him as she came.

“Aaaaaaaggggghhhhh!” She gasped out in her consuming passion.  “I’m cumming, darling … ooohhh, I’m cumming!!!”

Her entire face was contorted in the throes of her orgasm and desire and she wished that he would cum, fill her with his life-giving sperm. As she squirmed on the end of his throbbing prick, she felt it swell slightly, then a quick rush of warm, thick liquid shoot deep up into her contracting cuntal passage.

“Here I cum …!” He choked, no longer able to control himself as he felt her vaginal walls pulse around his cock as she came.  “I love you …!”


Voodoo In Haiti – Chapter 8

From his peering post, in the adjoining room, Roger had again spied on the couple’s intimacy and heard most of the words they had said to one another and so he learned of their intentions of leaving the plantation first thing in the morning.

By now his desire for the girl had grown so intensely in Roger’s mind that it had become like an irrational obsession. He had to have her at any cost, no matter what. He was going to get her, and rape her, and he wasn’t even thinking about the possible consequences of such reckless and vicious act. For Roger not only wanted to possess Alice, but he also wanted to hurt her, to punish her for her having rejected
him. That, Roger Antrim could not forgive her. That night, when he left his peeking hole from where he watched every movement of his guests, he went straight to the servant’s quarters and awoke one of the young Negresses who worked as domestic servants at the Mansion, one with whom he had been several times carnally involved, whenever he couldn’t stand the sight of Henrietta. This was a young girl, whose mother knew all about herbs and their effects on people. The following morning, when Alice and Richard came down the wide marble stairs and into the dining room, they found the table already set
for breakfast, but no one sitting at it. Alice and Richard began their breakfast, and when they were over half-way eating it, Roger made his entrance.

“Good morning!” He said cheerfully, taking his place at the head of the huge table.  “I have had to go to see some silly problem at the stables very early this morning.  I hope you’ll excuse me for not having been here to greet you good morning.”

“Oh, that’s perfectly all right, Roger!” Richard forced a congenial smile.  Then, giving Alice a quick glance, he remained thoughtful for a moment, as though searching for the proper way to tell Roger of their decision to leave immediately. He breathed deeply and then spoke: “Huh, Roger, Alice and I wanted to tell you.”

“Yes, what can I do for you, my dear friends.” Roger said, politely.

“The thing is, Roger, that Alice and I have decided to leave,” Richard finally said.

“To leave?” Roger looked at them wide eyed, as thought taken by surprise. “Why?  I thought you were being treated well here!”

“Oh, of course we are!” Richard said, a bit too effusively.

“That’s not the point Roger, of course! We have just decided to leave,simply because. Look, the truth is that, thanks to your wonderful hospitality, I have been able to take so many notes about the voodoo that I think I have more than enough material to finish my research work on it.”

Richard could not finish his sentence. At that moment Alice who had remained silently listening to the two men speak, let her fork fall noisily on her plate and held her head in her hand.

“Alice, what is it?  Is there something wrong?” Richard asked her solicitously, feeling that his old, superstitious fear for the consequences of his transgression of the voodoo vow in his wife’s welfare, revived deep within his soul.

“I-I don’t know,” Alice replied, drowsily.  “Suddenly I have gotten ill. I don’t know.”

She tried to stand up but fell limply to the floor. Richard picked the fainted body of his wife In his arms and carried her hastily out of the dining roam, followed by Roger.

“Take her to her room, Richard,” Roger said. “She’ll better lie down. Don’t worry, I’m sure she’ll be all right in a moment.”

Richard placed the girl on a sofa in the one of the chambers adjacent to the living room. He was pale and tremulous. Roger placed a hand on his shoulder, smiling.

“Don’t be silly, Richard!” He said, in a comforting tone. “You needn’t worry so much. I’m sure she’ll be all right in no time. I think I’ll better call the doctor, anyway.”

“I don’t think the doctor can do much for her, Roger.” Richard’s voice almost broke at the end of the sentence. “I know what’s wrong with my wife.” Then, as though an idea had lighted up his mind, he added: “I’m going to see the Sungan. Maybe there’s something he can do about her. I’ll do whatever he tells me, no matter what it is, but I must do everything to save Alice!”

When Richard left, Roger looked at his watch and, calmly, took a seat near the sofa where Alice still lay unconscious. A short while after, the girl stirred and he walked over to her side.

“How are you feeling, Alice?” He asked, solicitously.  “Are you all right now?”  He took her hand, tenderly.

“I guess so,” Alice replied, still slurring as she regained complete consciousness. “I’m feeling well now.”

“Where’s Richard?” Alice asked then, looking around.

“He left, probably to get the doctor ready, ” Roger said. “If you are all right now, I think we’d better get in my car and drive to the doctor’s office.”  He helped her to her feet.

“Can you walk all right?”

“Y-Yes,” She followed him obediently to the car.

They drove for a while, and then Roger left the paved road and took a narrow dirt road going through open country.  Meanwhile, Alice remained sleepily sitting beside him. After a long drive through dirt roads and muddy paths, they arrived at a place that seemed to be located deep inside the rural area. From the window, Alice could see a huge frame house, with woods so old that they were that brownish grey of the rotten woodwork. At the sound of their car approaching, Alice saw a huge Negro wearing the coarse white trousers of the plantation workers and with bare torso. He looked at the car, and when he noticed Alice seated beside Roger, he smiled broadly and rushed inside, as if to advise somebody of their visit.

“The doctor lives here?” Alice asked, surprised at the aspect of the house, which hardly could befit a physician.

“No, but we may find Richard here.” Roger replied, getting out of the car and coming around to open the door for her. “I thought you may want him to come along, too.”

“Oh, sure.” Alice agreed, but still without fully understating what that place was, or what were they doing there, and why was her husband there?

When she entered the place, she noticed there was very little furniture, only a few chairs and many objects similar to those she had seen used in the voodoo ceremonies.

“Roger, what is this place? Where is Richard?” She asked.

“Richard is not here, Alice,” Roger calmly stated.

“Then, why did you bring me here?”

“I have a surprise for you, Alice. That’s why I brought you here.”

“I thought you were taking me to the Doctor.”

“Doctor?” Roger smiled. “Why Doctor? I know you’d be feeling well by now. I knew the effects wouldn’t last much longer.”

“Effects?” Alice asked confusedly. “What effects?  Effects of what? What are you talking about? You don’t make sense!”

“Never mind the effects of that!” He said, dryly. “And don’t you worry, Alice, I will make sense in a little while.”

“Roger, what is this? What do you intend to do with me?” Alice asked apprehensively.

“You’ll see.” Then, addressing the two Negroes who had come near them, but had remained silent, only looking, smiling and laughing and giving strange looks to Alice, he said: “Very well, you guys, let’s begin our magic. Take her inside!”

“Take her into the ‘ceremony room.” Roger ordered to two of the huge Negroes that were there.

“W-What is this?” Alice screamed in terror. “Let me go!”

The muscular man looked at her then slowly smiled broadly, showing a row of perfectly even teeth which shone with pure white gleam against the chocolate color of his skin.  Then, calmly, without bothering to give her an answer, he turned his head toward the door through which he had carried Alice so easily a moment before. When be saw the scene, Roger’s face beamed with a cruel smile. Then he took a bottle he was carrying up to his mouth and swallowed plentifully of its contents.

“Roger, please!” Alice yelled hysterically. “What’s going on here! Tell this man to let me go! What is this? A joke?”

Roger brought the bottle down and hissed, “This is no joke, Alice. You’ll soon find out how serious is all this.” Then, calmly, addressed the other Negro who had come into the room when his friend had brought Alice in, but didn’t come in touch with her as his huge friend had no difficulty in carrying the kicking girl inside. “Uddo!” Roger said swiftly. “Get some rope to tie her wrists,” he commanded the Negro then, walking closer to the padded stage where Alice was still lying, pinioned beneath the tremendous weight of her other man, added, “Let’s show her who’s in command here, and how really serious we all are about this!”

“No, no, let me go!” Alice screamed in panic.  “Roger, please, don’t do this to me!  PLEASE!”

But all of her pleadings had no effect on Roger who kept drinking from his bottle as nothing would be happening in front of him. The one whom Roger had called Uddo went to one of the expanded walls of the wide, rustic edifice and took a roll of some heavy wrapping twine, about the length of clothesline which was hanging from a long nail.  He brought it over and with the aid of the other one who had carried her and was now stretching out her arms, he tied them quickly and securely to the stage posts.

Alice kicked furiously, flailing her legs in every direction so that it was difficult for them to hold her still, but then Roger came closer, reached out and grabbed one of her legs roughly and held it tight.

“You’d better calm down or we’ll have to cut your clothes off, you rather take them off, you have your choice!”

When Alice heard him speak about taking off her clothes, her blood froze in her veins.

“Take my clothes off? What for? What are you going to do to me, Roger?” she gasped, terrified.

“You’ll soon find out, baby.” Roger spat angrily through his clenched teeth.

He held her legs, grasping her ankles so firmly that Alice thought her circulation would stop, while the two huge Negroes fumbled with button and zipper on her skirt, slowly easing it over her hips, then over one foot, then the other.

“What should we take next?” Uddo asked lecherously, sadistically.

“Take her panties off, so we can get her ankles secured.  I don’t want to have them hiding anything from us.” Then addressed the mightier one. “Jamballa, bring some more rope.”

“Roger, let me go!  You filthy brute!” she yelled, almost choking herself with her own words, so dry and convulsed was her throat. “You won’t get away with this?”

“We’ll see about that, my sweet Alice,” Roger snapped back. “We’ll just wait and see about that. Now, we have other business to attend to.

“And he laughed, cruelly. “What a sweet, soft pussy.” The one called Uddo murmured, then suddenly, he jammed one thick hard finger inside Alice’s dry, unwanting
vaginal channel. “And tight, too!”

“Take it easy, Uddo!” Roger laughed. “We don’t want to get her all excited yet, do we?”

Uddo withdrew his finger and yanked at the thin panties, pulling them quickly off and throwing them in the pile at the floor with her blouse and skirt.

“Help me turn her, Uddo,” Roger said when the huge Negro had returned with more rope. “I want her hips sideways. I have something special in mind for this little lady. Something that I know you two would enjoy seeing!”

Roger pulled harshly at her calves and ankles while Uddo grabbed her hips, turning her on her side so that her hands were tied straight above her head, but her hips were turned so that her right ankle was being tied to the left post at her left while her left leg was pulled behind her and tied to the post at her right.

“Let me!” Roger demanded. “There’s something that for a long time I have been wanting to do!”

Alice could see that Roger was already unbuttoning his slacks and reaching for his rigid, throbbing organ until it sprung free from its confinement.

“I want you to suck it for me!” Roger commanded, mumbling, as a thick, foamy saliva oozed dripping from the corner of his tremulous mouth. Alice gritted her teeth, there was no way they could make her take that perverted, brutal man’s prick into her mouth.

His stubby organ was almost the size of a huge banana, and it was richly-veined along the shaft and dome-like in the head. But Roger knelt beside her on the platform, almost forcing Uddo to move further down direct his attention elsewhere, while he aimed his long, fat prick at Alice’s tightly closed lips.

“Open up!” Roger commanded her, pantingly, “open your mouth, you filthy bitch!”

Alice rolled her head from side to side, but she kept her teeth tightly clenched.  Then Roger grabbed her face in his hands and pushed his fingers harshly in between her lips and pulled them cruelly. When she gasped in pain from his horrid stretching, he leaned forward and shoved his monumental stub between her teeth.

“Suck it nice, you little batch!” he shouted. “Suck it good or you’ll pay for it!”

The girl’s lips closed around his huge, fat cock and sucked slowly on the swollen mammoth head. She could feel the enormous weight of his testicles throbbing against her chin and she thought that she would suffocate as he nearly sat on her throat in an effort to keep himself inside her.

Roger’s big prick seemed to get even longer from her mouthing as she wiggled the tip of her tongue  around its giant head and hoped he wouldn’t bring it any further into her throat or she was sure to suffocate.

In the meantime, Uddo had busied himself exploring and fingering the intimate channel of her vagina. He prodded gently at first, separating her vaginal lips and peering into what lay between them.

“What a small pussy,” he groaned. “It’s so nice, so nice.”

Then he let his finger push roughly into the open gash before his eyes.

“Mmmmmhhhhh … aaaagggghhhh!” She gasped as the thickness of his fat finger pushed into her and wiggled, maliciously torturing her. When she gasped, the white man’s prick slipped from between her lips and he grabbed her head again.

“Suck me again, harder, harder,” he threatened her. “Make me cum, you bitch, you little thrash!”

Uddo was nibbling harshly on the soft, supple flesh of her inner thighs, working his way toward the juncture of her loins. His tongue slavered over the smooth, pale skin of the white woman. She shuddered involuntarily as the huge Negro neared his goal. Because of the way she was tied, it was be difficult for Uddo to position his face at the vee of AIice’s loins, but his tongue was teasing her, making her react involuntarily to his lewd caress. Her thighs were trembling as he worked his finger furiously inside her and his mouth sucked and nibbled in so close to her vaginal opening.

Meanwhile, Roger was perspiring as he rocked faster and faster into Alice’s mouth, his enormous prick pulsing with lust as she sucked disgustedly on his blood-engorged manhood.

“I’m going to make it!” Roger shouted raucously.  “I’m going to cum!” His deep grave voice was choked with passion and lewd anticipation and he turned to look from Alice down to Uddo while the latter kept up his oral ministrations. It was as though he had never
had a woman in he life.

The erratic spurts of his white thick sperm began to spurt down her throat. She swallowed the bitter tasting offering to keep from choking. In a world of his own, Roger was bouncing strongly on the added platform, ecstatic over his wanton accomplishment, and his handsome head was thrown back with a mighty cry that was exhaled from deep within his muscular chest, as Alice managed to swallow the last drop of his abundant semen and his still erect, glistening prick slid easily from between her lips.

Roger looked down at his limp organ as it shrank gradually into its wrinkled, dormant state, hanging loosely from the center of the thick, oily mat of curly brown pubic hair. It was a ludicrous sight, and Alice turned her head away and tried to dry her mouth on the dust-smelling white cloth that covered the ceremonial platform, but her neck could not turn quite that far, so Roger Antrim’s pungent sperm was left to dry by itself on her lips.

Meanwhile, Uddo, one of the Negroes, had worked his finger wildly inside Alice and in spite of her revulsion, the girl could feel herself begin to involuntarily react to his fingering and her vaginal passage was becoming damp with her own juices.  His tongue was licking between her legs, flicking out teasingly at her tiny clitoris, urging it, tantalizingly it into unwilling hardness.

“Uuuuugggghhhh!” She moaned, as he roughly forced a second finger into her, straining her vaginal walls with the pressure.

“Go on, fuck her!” the huge Jamballo begged him, his eyes glassy with carnal lust as he watched.

He was vicariously stimulated not so much by what the man was going to the girl, but by the look of hideous fear and revulsion on her face! He knew that she was suffering, that she didn’t want to feel anything, but he also knew that although she didn’t want to feel anything, she would feel something soon.  She would slowly begin to feel that burning sensation deep inside her belly and in her vagina that he had seen her feel before with her husband, but he had something else in mind.

He would have liked to see the brutal Negro fuck her, bury his massive prick into her until she wrapped her legs around him and pulled him toward her like a depraved animal, but this was still his fantasy.

“Ooooohhhh!!!” She moaned again and again as he wiggled his fingers skillfully inside her, lifting her hips from the bed with his roughness.

“You want it, Alice, don’t you?” Roger gloated, as finally Uddo lifted his lips from where they had been buried. “You little bitch, you want it!” Roger spat.

Alice gritted her teeth so that she wouldn’t cry out, so that her gasps and moans wouldn’t betray her, but her body was burning as though she were a hot coal, smoldering and about to burst into flames.  She rationalized that it was just a normal reaction, that her mind could not control her body, it was beyond that point, Uddo knew all the sensitive parts of her body, and without removing his fingers from her moist, quivering cunt, he crushed his mouth against her breasts once again.

The nipples sprung into erection at his touch and he bit and sucked them harshly, bringing groans from deep in her throat. Her whole body was heaving with anxiety and she tried to free herself from her bonds, but the more she struggled, the tighter they
became until the rope was cutting into her wrists, bruising and burning them.

The man was breathing heavily as he manipulated the girl anyway he wanted to, did whatever he pleased with her, she was his puppet and he liked that.

“Fuck her,” Jamballo urged.  “Fuck her good!”

“Do something!” Her body cried silently,” I can’t take much more of this!”

“Please,” she whimpered.  “Please!”

“Please what?” Roger challenged her, but she gritted her teeth again and would not answer him. “I think that she wants it!” Roger laughed, as the Negro bit at her breasts until the skin rose in red welts between his teeth marks.

“Look at her!” Uddo giggled. “She’s going out of her mind. Look at her squirm!”

Uddo reached over and ran his fingers lightly between her legs, just brushing her tender vaginal lips and feeling the moisture that was gathering there. She tried to angle her legs so that his finger would go inside her, but each time she moved forward, he would move his hand backwards, just out of reach.

“Oh, God!” she groaned. “Ooooohhhhh, God!”

“Awful, isn’t it?” Roger hissed.  “That’s what you always did to me, Alice … tease and run, well, now you’re being paid back!”

Roger grabbed the soft flesh of her thighs, forcing her cunt even more open, wallowing in the anguish of fearful anticipation she was enduring. His cock jerked slightly as it there about to leap out, out on its own into her hot, waiting tunnel.  He moved his body forward, lowering himself down on his knees, as he guided his long thin cock forward, gently parting the pubic hair with the firm, rubbery head. He could feel the soft warm folds of the edges of her cunt close wetly over the pulsing head of his cock.  He held it there for a moment, just barely enclosed in her vagina, easing it forward and back, building the desire in her body higher and higher.

Alice was aching, aching for Roger, or anyone else, to shove a long, hard cock into her belly.  The muscles of her seething passage were throbbing, reaching out as if to grab his penis and suck it roughly into the quivering depths of her cunt.

“Now, Roger, now!” She moaned at last. “Come on! Fuck me!”

As if he would have been waiting for those words, Roger smiled with wanton satisfaction. First pulling his cock back out completely, he rammed the frill length of it into her, pushing the soft fleshy walls of her vagina aside in rippling waves. Alice’s whole body jerked and twisted, and she began to moan incessant, her face contorted as she bit her lower lip to hold back the screams of ecstasy. Animal desire was taking over her body, and she was not offering any resistance, her whole glistening with sweat, gleaming
like polished ivory under the light.

“Oooohhh!  God, yes, yes!” She cried out. “That’s it! Ram it harder, harder!  Oooohh!”

Roger grabbed the sides of her hips, maneuvering her body as he coursed into her, thrusting first one way then another, the swollen head of his cock filling her fleshy tunnel and pounding into the sides of it. He could feel the smooth, raw flesh her cunt clasping and unclasping like a muscular fist all around his hot, bunting cock.  He was fucking her now with every inch of his body, fighting to ram the last bit of his cock up into her, every thrust bringing a new ecstatic moan to her lips. Her nostrils were flared like an animal’s, her eyes open wide.

“Oh!  Ooochhh!  Harder, harder!  Fuck me!  Fuck me!  Please!  Fuck me harder.  Ooohhh!” she begged and moaned.

She was nearing her orgasm and waved her hips in uncontrolled abandon on his inflamed, almost bursting cock.

“I’m cumming!  I’m cumming!” She screamed with a gasp of intense passion.

Roger lowered her slightly, so that her weight was no longer on his arms, still plowing unmercifully into her cunt.  Her body arched and she quivered and jerked around him in a pulsating rhythm, spewing her organic fluid around his still hard driving phallus.  Her juices flowed down her body, soaking anew her pubic hair and streaming onto her thighs
as his balls slapped hard against her.

He could feel the pressure within his balls building, and he grabbed the soft flesh of her buttocks, squeezing them cruelly, feeling her cringe with the added pain.  He increased the viciousness of his strokes, pounding faster and harder into the deep, hidden recesses of her belly, his pelvis smashing into hers with every stroke.

“Oh God!  Oh, oh, ohhhh!” She gasped, grinding her cunt back against him to meet his driving charge.

He could feel his own orgasm about to erupt, bursting to escape his loins as he used up every ounce of energy in his aching body, pounding out the last strokes, driving deeper and deeper into the searing cauldron of her cunt.

Then, with a loud grunt, he exploded like a bomb inside her, filling her belly with his hot, flowing sperm, shooting it up into her and more of the hot, sticky liquid into her, until his balls were drained dry of the thick viscous semen.  And finally, the last drop oozed from the tip of his slackening penis, he rolled off her and onto the platform, a lewd satisfied grin on his face leaving Alice completely spent from the fury of his fucking. Then Roger turned and motioned to the Negro called Jamballo to come over. A wide grin almost split the black man’s face in half as he moved into Alice’s field of vision, his massive chest and arms naked and forbidding, and a loin cloth wrapped negligently just above the hard, sinewy muscles of his legs. His monstrous genitals were clearly outlined through the thin material, looking almost inhuman and animal-like.

“Oooohhh!” Alice gasped as she looked at Jamballo’s hulking form hovering over her.

“Quite a build, eh!” Roger whispered in Alice’s ear. “How’d you like to have some of that, my dear, until I’m ready again for you?”

Alice’s face contorted in a mask of fear and desire. She had just been thinking that it would be impossible for any woman to take a man that size without being ripped in half. She had never imagined that men could be built like that. He looked more like a horse than a human!

With a sudden movement, Uddo pulled away the loin cloth from his companion’s waist, and Jamballo’s mammoth penis jutted out, swinging into Alice’s view, jerking up at his belly like a menacing monster of hardened, glistening ebony. Jamballo knelt down beside her and ran his hands over the bare hillocks of her breasts, feeling the hardness of the large nipples, then squeezed them viciously until she cried out from the pain.

“Aaaaaggghhh,” she groaned. “Don’t … please!”

She knew that she was powerless to stop anything that he wanted to do to her and in a strange masochistic way, she could feel her loins begin to tense and a shiver of anticipation run through her body. She knew that he would kill her if he entered her, yet she had never seen a man so huge and she wondered what it would feel like!

“Oooohhh!” she moaned as he prodded one thick finger between her vaginal lips and ran it over the tender, moist slit, urging it farther and farther with each teasing stroke.

He was sweating and grunting and she could feel the heat of his enormous testicles as they hung loosely just above her legs.  His solid prick was jerking up and down with each movement he made, his buttocks twitching it upwards and the weight of his organ forcing it down again.

Alice stared at his bobbing phallus and groaned. It was the size of a child’s arm, thick and nearly ten inches long. Suddenly, she longed to feel it ravaging her tender cunt, and a shiver of uncontrollable desire wracked her body.

“Do it. Do it,” she whispered, writhing madly under his obscene fondling of her body.

Finally, Jamballo moved up on her again, looking with lust glazed eyes between her wide-spread wet thighs at her red, throbbing gash. His huge penis swung just over her loins, threatening her, teasing her, for now she was ready, she wanted him. He grinned down at her and said,

“Take it, take it,” and he moved her hand to his phallus and testicles.

She could barely close her hand around Its thickness and once again a shudder of fear wracked her body.  The weight of his testicles seemed to be five pounds, five pounds of hot, scalding semen waiting to be emptied into her open belly!

She stared at him, horror in her eyes, but he just looked down at her and grinned, knowing that his implement would be quite an experience for this white woman!

He angled himself to enter her, reaching beneath her and pulling her buttocks up from the platform as though she were a feather. Alice could feel the wet, hot knob of his prick as he pulled apart the lips of her vagina and pushed at the tight, moist passage. The head of his throbbing phallus was not in her yet and she could feel the pressure, the tautness as he merely prodded at her.

“God. Nooo!” She moaned. “You’ll kill me. Don’t!”

“Shove it in her, Jamballo,” Roger called out, his breathing loud and heavy. “Shove it in good!  Fuck that bitch!”

Alice felt faint, the pressure between her legs was increasing and the black man grunted over her, pushing and pulling her toward him with vicious, painful jerks.  He was panting like a dog, frustrated at the resistance he meeting, and then with a hip-thrusting stab, he plowed into her, tearing the flesh of her vagina in a brutal searing lunge Into her depths.

“Aaaaaegggghhh, God help me!” She screamed, thinking for a moment that she would faint under the brutal assault.

But Jamballo held her fast against him as he sawed in and out of her, tearing her each time he plunged into her. The whole area of her genitals was wet and hot, ablaze with primitive lust, like a molten metal.  He wanted to pierce the very core of her being, make her his slave, humiliate her white flesh, ruin her! His fingers found her anus and he thrust in a finger into the smooth rubbery channel so hard that it was nearly buried between her buttocks, and she cried out again. She couldn’t stand the pain of this dual impalement, she just couldn’t!

“Please, let go of me” she groaned. “Aaaggghhh!  Ooohhh!  You’re killing me!  Please, have mercy!  Ooooohhhhh!”

His finger pushed up each time he trust down into her and she could almost feel his finger and huge penis meet somewhere deep in the quivering depths of her belly.  Her head rolled from side to side, her eyes bulging and her mouth half-open in a constant gasp for breath.  She wished that he would finish and shoot his sperm into her so that his penis would become slack, but like an animal, he seemed locked to her, glued with no hope of reprieve.  His weapon was ruthlessly stabbing at her, ripping her, jutting into her like a bayonet about to kill.

She’s never had it this deep, Jamballo gloated to himself, as he looked down at the white girl, pinned back in this lewd position. He could see the tight lips of her cunt strained to contain his thick cock, the outer pink flanges gripped tightly around the dark base of the thick rod of flesh.  He could see his wiry pubic hair tangled tightly with the light hair between her open thighs, his huge cock buried in her pink, smooth fleshed slit right up to the hilt.

She was impaled helplessly beneath him, and he was savoring every moment of it, slamming into her white little belly with brutal force. Alice flexed her crotch muscles tightly together, vainly attempting to ward off his huge cudgel, but this only seemed to excite him more, and he plowed his way deeper and deeper into her passage, tearing fiercely at her insides.  The muscles of her cunt were stretched to their fullest, surrounding the huge cock like an elastic glove, gripping it tightly, firmly squeezing every inch of it.

“Oooahhhh!  God, nooo!” She moaned helplessly,

It was smashing around inside her!  Its hard rubbery tip banging against her cervix with every thrust, his balls flailing whip-like in the crevice of her ass.  Her nostrils flared and she could smell the pungent, acrid odor of his sweating body mingled with the smells of her own orgasmic juices and those of her attacker.  Her cunt contracted involuntarily as the wanton thoughts raced through her mind. Jamballo ceased his wild thrusts momentarily, still buried to the hilt in her aching belly. He flexed his cock inside her, swelling it ever larger, expanding the narrow passage to the breaking point.  He did not move, but continued to flex the huge member, each painful throb bringing a low groan of pleasure from her lips. moan of pleasure from her lips.

“Ooohhh, oooohhh!”

Her hungry cunt was quick to answer, meeting his throbs with a clasping squeeze, opening and closing around the pulsing member. Her naked body was really coming to life, rolling from side to side, beginning a slow rhythmic grind against his loins, thrusting up to meet him, still impaled on the length of his rod.

The pain of his savage attack gradually gave way to agonizing waves of delight, radiating out from her belly and coursing through her raw nerves like jolts of lightning, out across her body, tingling in heir breasts and racing up the length of her slender legs, now waving wildly in the air above, curling the tips of her toes tightly against the bottoms of her feet.  Thin rivulets of sweat poured down the sides of the heaving mounds of her breasts.

The huge member seemed to fill her entire body. It seemed as though she was only a part of his body, attached to his loins, sensing the raw passion that was raging throughout his nerves, and coursing into her. The muscles of her cunt began to act with a mind of their own, nibbling at the tip of the thick black cock, sliding moistly down the rounded shaft for a few inches, and then crawling tantalizing back up, pulling and sucking every inch of him into her vagina.

He remained still, watching with delight as she continued to pump up and down on the black shaft, screwing up against his pelvis, straining to drive the huge cudgel into her white belly.  He watched as it slid out almost to the tip, bringing with it the folds of flesh that formed the opening to her hot passage, pushing these sine folds back into her hungry vagina until the full length of his cock was hidden again in the depths of her cunt.

Her back arched up steeply, her whole body eagerly grinding at his loins. He could sense that she was nearing her climax again, the taut muscles of her cunt sucking madly, straining to come. There was a wet sucking noise as he slithered in and out, the entire fleshy passage lubricated with the milky juices of passion that were beginning to flow like water, her whole body bucking against him wildly.

“Oh!  Ooohh! Oh God! Aaagghh! Aaagghh!”

With a loud, agonizing moan, she began to tremble and shake uncontrollably.  Suddenly, in a torrent of animal passion, wet white cum gushed up from the throbbing passage, oozing out onto the folds of flesh around her cunt, drowning his impaling member, and trickling down into the crevice between the white globes of her buttocks, smearing onto his balls that lay pressed there as though they belonged.

The enormous black man went berserk as he felt her squeezing the last of her orgasm, still jerking wildly up at him.  He maneuvered his massive body directly over her, withdrawing his finger from her tight anus with a plopping sound.  He arched his back high into the air, pulling the big cock out almost to the pulsing tip. He paused there a moment, anticipating the plunge that was about to come. Then, with all of his tremendous strength, he dove straight into her belly, his thick heavy cock driving down like a pile-driver.  His taut belly smacked wetly as he slapped against her crotch, his massive chest flattening her soft breasts.  He could feel her struggling under his weight to open her legs wider, stretching her buttocks apart, fighting to swallow all of his rock-hard shaft in her flaming passage.

\Alice would never have believed that she could have endured such powerful, long, hard strokes. She groaned helplessly as he plowed again and again into her tortured pussy.  She was unable to move beneath him, his fierce jack-hammer thrusts pounding into her clasping tender passage. She was no longer aware of anything around her. Every muscle, every nerves every organ in her inflamed body was attuned to the driving thrusts the huge Negro was delivering into her belly, his black spear pistoning rhythmically up and down the fleshy tunnel.

And then suddenly, the huge member started to jerk wildly, a scorching lava flow of sperm shooting like liquid fire into the ravaged depths of her cunt. She could feel it filling her, flowing in never-ending spurts into her belly.  Over and over again the white flow erupted from the end of the huge black shaft, filling the cavern of her cunt and over flowing over the ragged pink lips, down into the wildly flexing crevice of her buttocks and onto the platform.

Her entire body was quivering at the sensation of the scalding flow as the walls of her vagina clasped the erupting member, squeezing it to milk out every drop.  Her pubic hair was soaked with the sticky liquid Negro’s sperm and the lewd lust juices of her own genitals.

The giant black gave one last dying gasp and sprayed a final jet into her throbbing womb, his thick, fleshy cock bucking, and finally jerking spasmodically to soft stillness, slipping limply out of her, and dangling lifelessly between his legs.

Alice felt as though her belly was filled so tightly that it would burst, bulging with the mixture of Roger’s sperm and the white hot seminal emissions of Jamballo. He collapsed lifelessly across her body, crushing her beneath his weight.  They both lay motionless, gasping to recover their breath. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the huge Negro struggled to his feet.

“Touch her gently, Uddo, but don’t let her cum.  We must save that for the last coup.”  He reached out and squeezed her breasts, feeling the soft, warm flesh ooze between his fingers as he grasped.

“Aaaaagggghhh … mmmmhhhhh!” She groaned again, her body tingling with desire as he touched her, caressed her.

They could have done anything to her at that moment, it wouldn’t have mattered, but she couldn’t take the pressure in her loins much longer.

Roger looked at his watch and said, “Richard should be here any minute. I made sure that somebody would let him know where we were.

Now, you remember well what you must do, boys.  Help me grab him when he enters and get the chair and the rope ready.  We must have a captive audience for our final performance!”

“No … no!” Alice sobbed.  “You can’t!”

“I can’t?” Roger hissed, harshly. “You’ll soon see if I can or can’t!”

He looked at his watch again.

“I’d better get outside, so the dumbo can see me.  That guy is so dumb that he’s probably around and can’t find the place.  Let’s hope that when he’ll see me, he’ll rush over!”

He walked toward the door.

“You fellows can go on with the show, but remember, don’t let her cum until her husband is here.”

With that he left the big “ceremonial” chamber.When he stepped outside of the frame house it was pitch black already. Time had gone so fast that he had not realized that it was already night.

His eyes were not yet used to the darkness, so he couldn’t see the two figures who emerged silently from a grey pick-up truck which had just stopped beside the frame house, conceal by some bushes. He couldn’t even realize what was happening when the bullet entered his right temple, crashing destructively into his brain.

Scarcely twenty-five feet away from the spot where Roger had fallen, Henrietta Antrim stood, still, paralyzed for a moment by the shock of what had happened. A moment after, she threw the heavy rifle away from her, as though the dark steel of the weapon would be burning her hands and only now she would have noticed.

Slowly, she turned her head toward the door of the frame house from which Roger had emerged a short moment before and saw Richard rushing inside. Immediately, she heard him shouting frantically through his rage. She heard the noises still for a while and saw one of the Negroes leaving the house hurriedly.

Then, she climbed again into the truck and drove away. Once in her bedroom, at the plantation’s mansion, she lay down in her huge, heavily carved bed and, most automatically, reached out for the little bottle of her sleeping pills and the glass of water which were always on her right able beside her bed.

Then, calmly, almost casually, she swallowed the red capsules one by one, until there were none left in the bottle. She felt utterly tired, so she turned over on the pillow and closed her eyes.

The End

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