UNCLE RANDY 3 – The Drunk Uncle

Feature Writer: Monsearkus

Feature Title: UNCLE RANDY 3 / The Drunk Uncle

Published: 25.09.2021 / Nifty

Story Codes: Religious, Incest, Young

Author’s Notes: I can’t leave a disclaimer, as many elements of this story did actually happened to me, though the story line has been radically altered and embellished to make it more interesting. Feel free to leave comments if you wish — monsearkus@gmail.com

Uncle Randy 3 – The Drunk Uncle

I jumped out of the bed, pulled my PJs up and threw the comic book into the drawer.

I ran out of the bedroom realizing that my erection was tenting up in my PJs.

I had no idea how to hide it, but as I entered the living room I realized that it was taking my uncle a while to unlock the door. So I jumped on the couch and covered my groin with the Spiderman comic.

When my uncle finally entered the apartment, it wasn’t long before I realized why it had taken so long for him to enter.

He was drunk. I mean really, really drunk.

He stumbled through the kitchen till he regained his balance at the opening to the living room.

“Hey bud…buddy.”

His speech was slurred and I could see that his balance was way off as he walked over to the couch and dropped into it next to me.

“Did you watch…enjoy the comic?”

My eyes grew wide.

“I mean the Robin horn…hood cartoon?” He corrected himself.

Phew, the panic was gone just as soon as it had slammed into me.

“I hope that I wasn’t…I hope that you were ok..that I didn’t take that long.”

“No it was ok…I was fine.”

He looked between my legs and my panic came back.

“Oh good, you got read…to read the comic book.”

He reached for the comic book, brushing my erection as he took it from my lap.

“This is..was one of my favorites.”

He then looked down at the tent in my PJs.

“Whoa, you got a real woody there buddy.” And then reach over with is enormous hand and patted my erection against my belly.

No one had ever touched my cock before except my mother and me, and until tonight, I had hardly ever touched it at all.

It felt amazing!

I felt like an excited little kitten sitting next to a powerful lion who could do what ever he wanted to me.

But that one little pat was all that he gave me.

“Ok, I’m gonna help…need your help me make the… make the couch with… the sheets, and stuff, ok? I’m really tired and I’m quite drunk.”

His breath definitely smelled like he had been drinking quite a bit.

I got up off the couch, my erection bouncing up and down in my PJs, and walked across the room to where the sheets lay on a small table by the window.

As I turned around to walk back, I covered my erection with the sheets and then I stopped. Something came over me and I raised the sheets to me chest, exposing the tent in my PJs for my uncle to see. I felt bold and wanted to show off–I wanted to walk back toward him all sexy and sweet, like those models did on the fashion runways.

Even though he had a girlfriend, I knew my uncle was hiding something.

Why else would he own that comic book?

Uncle Randy was either secretly gay or at least liked to fantasize about little boys. And like a light switch flipping on in my brain, I had come to realized in the last two hours, that I really loved the male organ and I so badly that wanted to play with one. Though I didn’t really know what might even happened next, I was hoping that something naughty and gay would take place.

I lifted the sheets to my chest and started walking back slowly, but his head was laying back on the couch with his eyes closed.

I coughed really loud and it bolted his head forward as he looked up at me smiling kindly.

I walked straight toward him feeling so daring and so sexy.

His eyes dropped down to the tent in my PJs and they stayed there as I walked slowly toward him, my cock bouncing up and down, which felt amazing as the head rubbed against the inside of my PJs.

He looked away then tried his best to stand up.

I was severely disappointed.

He grabbed the sheets from my hands, and threw them on the couch, then moved one sheet out of the way, revealing a pair of satin shorts.

Without saying anything, he unbuckled his pants and dropped them and his underwear to the floor before dropping down on the couch again.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

There it was again, my uncle’s beautiful big cock.

“Sorry, I didn’t have no energy…I couldn’t make it to the bathroom. I could barely stand up.”

He pointed to the satin shorts. “I hate to ask this, bud, but can you just put those around my ankles and pull them past my knees? I’m way to drunk to do that. I’ll pull them up the rest of the way.”

Though I had heard every word he said, the object of my focus was his obviously his cock and balls. I was staring, unabashedly, at his huge package, which had very little hair. His large balls were spread on the couch with his slightly hard cock draped over it. I looked up at him and realized he was watching me.

A small smile crept on to his face. His eyes then dropped down to my erection, which was now even harder by the beautiful sight before me.

“Why are you so hard, Ricky?”

I was surprised by the question.

I had come to learn over the last two hours why boys get erection–at least most of the times. So there was no way in hell that my uncle didn’t know why I was hard.

I shrugged my soldiers, after which his eyes fell back on my `tent.’

As much as I liked the fact that he was looking at my cock, I suddenly became quite self conscious. I grabbed the shorts out of his hand and squatted to the floor. I then got into a kneeling position, which made me feel a bit like a slave, for some reason. His big, muscular and hairy legs were spread before me and his meat looked so amazing from my new angle.

I looked down at his enormous feet and reached over with one end of the shorts, stretching it around the toes of his left foot. He lifted his foot up to help and accidentally pressed the top of his foot into my balls–at least I thought it was by accident.

I stretched the opening of the shorts up over his ankle, pressing my erection into his leg as I did it.

I couldn’t believe this was happening. I now definitely felt like some harem slave boy at the feet of his beautiful, huge master, ready to be at his mercy.

His left foot dropped with a bang and he lifted his other one. I followed his lead and stretched the other end of his shorts over his foot and up the ankle.

His right foot dropped down hard just as hard.

I looked up and saw that his head was leaning back on the couch, so I took advantage and looked down at his beautiful cock and balls. His cock was even harder now, no longer resting on his balls but certainly not fully erect either.

I slowly lifted his shorts up till I reached his knees then looked up to see if he would grab them and pull them the rest of the way.

He didn’t move. I decided that I would keep going and pulled them up his thighs till the couch cushion stopped me.

“If you life yourself up, I can pull them the rest of the way.”

I was hoping that in his drunken state, it would not fully occur to him what was happening. That at his feet was his 10 year old nephew, on his knees pulling his shorts up and over is private parts.

His butt left the couch, and I went on auto-pilot, lifting his shorts up his thighs, while staring at his growing cock. I had to lean forward, and as I did my tiny erection rubbed his inner calf. my face was now inches from my uncles cock and balls. I was so close that I could smell a musky scent wafting you into my brain.

I was amazing and made me even more excited.

I pulled the shorts up and around his big butt lost my balance, inadvertently falling into his groin, face first.

For a brief moment, my lips rested on his growing erection and I was in total bliss.

His butt dropped into the couch as I quickly pulled back.

“Sorry, uncle…I lost my balance.”

His head was still on the couch and he said nothing.

I stood up and looked down at him.

His head jerked forward, his eyes first focusing on my tented pajamas, then up to my face.

“Listen bud…buddy, when I drink… when I am this drunk, if you need to wake me up for any reason–” He clumsily got him self on his feet and turned away from me with the sheet in his hand.

“–you’re gonna have to use water to make me up.”

He began stretching the sheet over the back of the couch cushions.

Taking a lot of time and with after a lot of trouble, he was able to stretch the sheet over one end of the couch.

“What do you mean water?” I was genuinely curious, but just watched him try his best to finish something that should have taken 20 seconds at most.

I almost started laughing.

“I mean splash cold water on my face.”

He lost his balance while stretching the sheet and fell sideways on the couch he began laughing uncontrollably and as it was really funny to have seen it, I burst out laughing as well.

“Oh, you think it’s funny, huh?”

“Yeah,” I said, genuinely loving this moment. He laid there sideways, his eyes closed as the laughter subsided. When he caught his breath, he opened his eyes.

Again, they fell on my tented PJs and stayed there for a long moment before looking up at me.

“what I’m trying to say is…well, I drank a lot and…and, and if there is some emergency, splash… you’ll have to splash cold water on my face to wake me up…because… nothing else gonna do it. You could tickle me all over and I wouldn’t wake up.”

He shifted his body so that he was now laying flat on his back, though his left leg was off the couch with his foot stretched on the floor.

“Ok.” I said, but was confused. “But what do you mean an emergency?”

“I don’t know, buddy…just…I’m just letting you know…like if you’re scared or something…” his eyes were getting heavy and I could see he was starting to fade out.

“I’ve had friends slap me and it didn’t wake me up…just cold water in the…in my face.”

His sentenced trailed off and a moment later I could hear his breathing getting heavier and heavier till I realized that he’d fallen asleep.

Well, it was fun while it lasted, I thought.

I turned to head for the bathroom to brush my teeth when decided to first steal one final glimpse before bed.

There it was, semi-hard and bulging above his body under his shorts. I could even make out the slight outline of his penis head.

I looked back up to his eyes, but was no longer afraid that he might catch me. He was fast asleep and starting to snore lightly.

As I continued looking at his bulge I realized that I could look at it all I wanted and he would never know it.

I was really hard and excited, so I decided to go look at the rest of the comic.

I turned off the living room light and walked back into the bedroom, a little frustrated.

What did I expect would happen?

Did I really believe my uncle would have done more than just pat my hard cock once and steal a few glances?



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