Transvestite Succubus – Non-Fiction

Writer: Dark Destiny

Subject: Transvestite Sucubus

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Transvestite Succubus

I have this vision of a succubus, but I never truly saw her face.

Most people, especially gay and transsexual look for someone who is hung like a horse — some an actual horse — but I picture someone smaller, so I can take every inch.

The one guy I remember being with who made it feel the best was a chubby guy but had only about 5″ at the most. I have looked into talisman and thoughts of maybe a necklace to change me, lets say it is a pentagram necklace that when I put it on to turn into a transvestite succubus.

I remember the one thing about the chubby guy was he had stamina. He told me I would have to work for his cum. I remember I got into it, so much, he said it was like I changed as my sissy spirit took charge. We had two encounters. On both occasions, when my sissy spirit took over, it was wild.

For our first encounter I had on stockings and a bra. I was hoping to go into a semi-trance and see what happened. I had my small vibrator and not sure why as I was going to just suck him. First, he had me on my knees as I sucked him. He grabbed my head. I remember since he wasn’t too large, the feeling of my face pressed against his belly held there with him down my throat. It was the feeling of surrender. I think it broke my spirit and brought it out. He laid down and I sucked him, with my ass where he had access. He asked if he could use the toy. I agreed without stopping my sucking. I felt like a cum hungry whore.

When he penetrated me — my body and spirit — felt so good. I remember when he came it was a flood and I could not keep up as I swallowed all I could. Now usually I finish and let the guy clean himself, but for some reason “she” took over and I found myself licking his balls and belly and all I missed, every drop. I never did that before, but I felt so hungry, like something had taken over. He told me from our conversations that I had surprised him and I agreed.

The second meeting started out the same as once pressed against his belly as I fought for air my mind broke. I casually reached and grabbed my lube and was fingering myself as he took my face … I felt this presence wanting to be bred and let it take control.

He asked if I wanted to be fucked and without a word I stood and bent over a chair. Again he wasn’t that big, but enough to hit that spot, as he plunged into me. It was like touching an electric outlet as a charge went through me. It felt like I was outside my own body watching someone else. But he kept slipping out and was going soft. It was then I knew it was not me as I dropped to my knees without being asked or saying anything, I took him in my mouth like a good slut and sucked him hard again.

I could taste his dick, my ass and oh, lets not forget the lube that was on his dick. It felt so wild that a slimy dick slid down my throat as it grew. When it was hard he laid down and told me it was time and I sat on his dick and rode it and rocked and gyrated like a whore. I even rubbed my small tits like a horny bitch. I just realized right now I could see myself in the mirror at the bottom of the bed and though I saw myself, I did not truly have a face so it must not have been me. I remember him grabbing my waist so I knew he was close and pounded up and down while trying not to let him slip out. Then he came and it was a lot, and even though I did not feel it physically it was like my spirit did as I got that charge again. I remember sitting on the toilet catching my breath as I felt my sticky hole ooze and like I came out of a trance thinking whoever took control I wanted them to more.

My brother is 5’4″ and deaf. I used to actually wonder as I remember him telling me that he had some hidden secret — if he was bi — and what would happen, if he knew and wanted to fuck me.

I would picture us somewhere on vacation deep in the woods as he and I bought the Necronomicon. I actually pictured us trying a spell or two — seeing shadows that opened up something unnatural. in the dream we would tell each other our darkest secrets. He told me he was bi and I told him about dressing. He said I looked like his female siblings. We had a few drinks and some weed and started to laugh as we found out there was only one bed and in the bedroom was lingerie.

He had me put it on and then we found some toys but he was nervous but I started to use one and let him use it on me and then somehow we ended up in a sixty-nine with him on top. He came in my mouth. It was as if something or someone was controlling him as he laid fully on my face — and pissed down my throat — but even though it tasted nasty, whoever was inside me wanted it. After he tells me he is sorry and we lay down on the bed facing opposite directions but he slide in behind me.His dick was between my cheeks and getting hard as he wrapped his arms and started to rub my sissy chest.

He said he could not believe how I looked and how it felt to use the toy on me as he got fully erect. He started to slide up and down between my cheeks as he said he wondered. I found myself starting to move with his motion and then ended up where his head was against my hole. I slid into a better position and pressed against it as it was like those demons took over again. He popped into me and started to fuck me on our sides and then rolled me to be on top. As we where both new to this, my brother started to fuck me over and over, as if to show control. But inside me was a slutty demon that took it all, as we both moaned.

I felt him quiver as he came inside me and felt ta chill. But then he fucked me deep again and I felt heat as he was pissing inside me — but it was not him — it was a wild dream. After he finished, he slid off and rolled me over and sat on my chest and was still hard.

I looked up at his dripping dick and then in his eyes and it was not him and whoever it was called out who was inside me as he leaned over my face. I opened my mouth and welcomed him in as he face-fucked me. It was like watching an evil pornographic movie from the inside — in the dream, something told me that I had crossed over — not only having incest, but as a girl being sodomized. The voice said that I would never be able to go back and that I was lucky enough to feel what a slutty girl felt. The feminine spirit inside me called out as I ejaculated and a “sissigasm” rocked through my body to a point almost passed out. I woke up from the dream of coarse with messy underwear.

My spiritual guide told me there would be someone who would take me over the edge. Inspired by darkness, it told me that once I allowed the spirit inside me, I would feel it and would feel Him inside me as He breeds the dark seed into me. The person would not be hung, but enough to penetrate into my sissy womb and once inside would bury the seed to grow.

7 thoughts on “Transvestite Succubus – Non-Fiction”

  1. Great story love sissy sex love dressing up for my brother as we have depraved sex

  2. Sissies are the best. Embracing effeminacy is pleasing to the Dark Mothers, and sissies are their emissaries upon the Earth.

      1. Why does this turn me on so much. I’m a married man, working in senior management with much more to add. I’ve come across this site by chance not knowing what to expect yet I’m overwhelmed with lust, sensuality and captivation by what I’m reading. Help me understand…

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