To be one with Satan – Non-Fiction

Feature Writer: polishpiggay

Feature Title: To be one with Satan

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To be one with Satan

Show Satan what you are … and what you hope to become for HIM.
Satan wants you to be one with HIM.
Make Satan proud of the evil you feel coursing through your body and blood.
Confess your subservience to Satan…you want to be devilish …
Satan wants you to be sinner … to spread HIS evil and sin.
Touch yourself…make Satan your first and eternal Love.
Call HIM to fill you with the Unholy Demons and the strength of the Wicked Spirits.
Beg for Satan to possess you and cum into your soul.
Beg for Satan to baptized your soul with HIS cum.
Beg for Satan to created afresh your soul with sin.
Beg for Satan to condemned your soul for eternity in Infernal Abyss.
Beg Satan to allow you to be close to HIS throne.
Beg Satan to allow HIS Demons defile your body, mind, and soul.
Offer your worthless body to Satan, and give your soul worth by offering it as a Host for Demons … filled with Demonic Lust and Carnal Desire.
Open your Body-Temple to HIS Demons to fuck you all eternity.
Worship HIS Unholy Sacraments … the Sacraments that bring you closer to HIM
Hail Satan !

3 thoughts on “To be one with Satan – Non-Fiction”

  1. Very well said. This is how you become one with Satan, not by following the Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth by the so-called Church of Satan. I call upon our Master Satan to utterly destroy this bunch of posers and charlatans who use His name yet deny His existence. Only those who know that Satan is the all powerful being and the source and force of Evil are the enlightened ones. Fuck the rest!!

    1. Hail Ranulf — I think it is understanding Satanism as a “religion” or a “philosophy” — do you see Satan as God? Or do you think that there is no God other than yourself? Intellectually I am opposed to the “God” thing — I mean, we’ve been manipulated by religious leaders and doctrine for thousands of years! However from a sexual perspective — I like the whole corruption, evil and sex demons — this is a huge turn on for me … and there have been times when I embrace it fully … where are you at?

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