Three days to go…


Three days to go until All Hallows’ Eve

The celebration of witches is almost upon us. And I for one am very excited. I have been busy writing a new story, but as usual have struggled to find the time – between posting, finding new stories to post, articles to share from Tumblr and BDSMlr.

I hope you have your demon masks and are going to pray over your satanic altar on the night of nights…. dance naked around the bonfire … perform a pagan ritual or two… offer sacrifice to the your favorite sex demon, succubus or incubus or haunted aberration … spread the evil lust that we all desire (maybe you still like trick-or-treating?)

Thanks for all the support of LITTLESALLY666.COM … all the messages of encouragements … yes, I am a writer that needs lots of words of praise! XP

1 thought on “Three days to go…”

  1. Loving Chapter 1 of “Five Demons” – a thrillingly wicked story, as ever. Can’t wait for chapter 2.

    Hail Satan!

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