Third Gender The Superior Gender by Felicia666 – Non-Fiction

Writer: Feluci666

Subject: Third Gender The Superior Gender

About the writer: About myself, Everything started when I was little boi, I felt the urge to play with my hole. I didn’t knew what I was doing, I was taking a bath, when I formed from a soap a little cock. And I put it in my hole. I liked it. After a while I do it again. And again. I watched my first movie with Tgirls and crossdressers by accident when I was twelve. I was mesmerized by them, their beauty. And that they had a cock between their legs.

Link: Fetlife / 29.01.2023 / The Summoning Of A Syber-Puff

Third Gender The Superior Gender


I love all of your pictures with Tgirls. I like reading your blog because I find pieces of my life, of my first experience. I’m from Greece. We learn in school about our Ancient history and culture. How was connected with Homosexuality. I feel lucky because I had the opportunity to read books from ancient philosophers and historians — I was curious about that from young age — The truth is out there.

Written by Greek philosophers and historians. Christians named them as mythology. Made up stories, changing everything. Eosforos / Εωσφόρος, was the planet of Venus / Αφροδίτη. The brightest Star next to the sun. The entity who will bring the light and freedom of humans — This is Satan — Spread fear and terror with the fake religion. They made us feel guilty for our desires and passions. They failed, to stop it, because it’s our true nature. Is something that we have it on our DNA.

The ancient historians, wrote about the Golden Age. The Age of Kronos \ Saturnus. He was the ruler of earth. Thousands years ago. The birth of the Third Gender. Through genetic engineering, laboratory. They made the Superior Gender. Homosexuality, was the only acceptable way of sexual encounters.

That’s the reason for not letting us know the truth. If people know about the real history, they will destroy the fake religion which is the reason for not being able to evolve.


I love tranny cock … it has its origins in the worship of the Baphomet for me … kneeling before this divine Creative of duality … sucking its delicious cock and drinking its piss


Exactly! Worship and serve Her! I love exactly the same as you. Piss mixed with her cum! Perfection of human evolution.

I’m almost done reading all of the stories. Two days ago, I spent eighteen hours reading and edging. Satanism, Pornosexuality and Transgenderism I love it. Is a plot you can build a very special story! And Devil 1, i would love to be continued! — For one more time I want to congratulate you for your great work you’re doing! The erotic side is only one of the things you give to your audience.

As we were chatting this video popped up on my laptop …


That’s so fucking hot!

Thank you for all your kind words of encouragement. Erotic horror has always been a love of mine and you are right — many of those that come to the site regularly are also there because there is a sense of non-judgmental community — Satanism is not just about blasphemy or a theology of opposites. To me, it’s about taking your life in your own hands, being responsible for your own actions, and not relying on some false god, to somehow, make it right — “Fortune favours the brave,” my friend — whatever, however, whoever … the most important question is always, “Why,” so littlesally666 has taught me some important lessons … XP

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