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Feature Title: The Unholy See & The Black Key

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The Unholy See & The Black Key

Preparations are now fully underway for the launch of The Unholy See and have already had a few Satanists on here interested in joining, this shall be a Classical Theistic Satanic Order unlike any other, for all of the material of its Grimoire The Black Key is completely original and unique detailing in part Satanic Rites and Occult Sciences which have not been explored for many decades if not centuries, some of which are highly experimental in their foundations and application.
This Order shall be looking for Initiates who are fully dedicated and sincere in their desire to obtain knowledge of the darkest Arts of Black Magick and Demonic Sorcery ~ this dedication along with the ability to be trusted to keep the knowledge secret and become a true Explorer of the Satanic Mysteries are the qualities which shall be required.
There shall be practices, theories and foundations within this Order which shall be completely at odds with what some may have read in the old Occult books of the RHP Practitioners or even some of the modern outputs by LHP Occultists.   Much of the knowledge carried within the Texts of The Black Key are derived from direct communication with Demonic beings, others are gleaned from the Tutorship of Satanists from a long lineage of Classical Diabolists, yet others are an experimental merging of Old practices with newer concepts.
But the most powerful Texts of The Black Key are those experimental and forbidden Arts which have been for too long left unexplored and hidden, these are Satanic Operations of potentially great power!
Any interested are welcome to contact to me to be considered for this to join The Unholy See or with any questions.
Father Diabolus Est Nuntius

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  1. Hi,
    I want to be part of the coven The Unholy See.
    How to learn and to work for the glory of Father Satan?
    Thanks for your answer

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