THE TOMB OF ANUBIS by MrDawnFluffles

Feature Writer: MrDawnFluffles


Published: 25.05.2023

Story Codes: Dubious Consent, Pregnancy/Birthing, Monsters/Gods

Synopsis: An archeologist uncovers an ancient secret

Author’s Notes: Hey everyone! MrDawnFluffles here with a story about demons, and priestesses fighting demons, and what said demons do to the priestesses when they lose. I wrote this story after playing through DOOM Eternal, and I hope it’ll inspire more stories in the future! Enjoy!

The Tomb Of Anubis

“Are you sure about this?” I asked, gazing into the black abyss before me.

“Hey, you’re the one who suggested you go in alone. I don’t know what came over you. Here, let me-”

Before he could finish, I shook my head. “No. It’s best to do it alone. Less risk of death.” He gave me a confused look but admitted defeat.

“Remember, the rest of the team will wait for your return. You can keep in contact with us via the radio, although…” he trailed off.

“Although what?”

“They’re not super long-range, so if you get too far, we won’t be able to communicate.” He looked on with worry. I shone my flashlight into the darkness of the entryway, revealing nothing but sandy hallways leading deep into the ground.

“Don’t worry, I’ve done plenty of these before,” I said, patting him on the back.

“Yeah, but you’ve never gone alone, nor first.”

I clicked my tongue at him and shooed him away. “Go finish deciphering that tablet we found and radio me when you find out.” He nodded and headed back to the tents.

We had found a tablet in a peasant’s tomb that pointed us here, but we hadn’t finished translating it yet. I wasn’t worried. This was probably just the site of his family’s burial.

It is strange for a peasant to have a tomb, come to think of it. Oh well. I’m about to find out why.

I waved goodbye to my team and headed into the tomb, armed with nothing but a pack full of supplies, a flashlight, and my notes. As I walked through the depths, I mapped the layout of the tomb mentally. I planned to go all the way through before returning to document everything in greater detail.

I walked for about five minutes, arriving at an immense door. I turned on my radio, the crackling giving me a break from the oppressive silence. “Hey, I just made it to a door. Wanted to check in before heading deeper. Over.”

Carrie’s voice echoed down the halls as the radio blared. “Amy, you need to come back. The tablet warns of something beyond the door. It’s not worth the risk. Over.”

“No, I’m going deeper. What could possibly hurt me? The Egyptians aren’t known for their traps. Over and out.”

I turned off my radio, her yelling getting cut off by the click before I put my hands against the door. I could feel a hum echoing through it as I shoved it open with my shoulder.

The door crept open until it came to a stop, barely letting me squeeze through. As I entered the room, my jaw dropped. I was standing on a balcony overlooking a massive black void. I shone my flashlight deep into the darkness, but I couldn’t see the floor, ceiling, or any of the other walls. To my left, a staircase wound down… and down… and down.

Pure amazement overcame me as I walked down; the hum growing louder. I walked for a good ten minutes before I had to stop just to marvel at the sheer size of this room. “Dear God in Heaven.”

As if responding to my prayer, I spotted a distant light shining up from down below. I could see the floor, illuminated by braziers still nearly two hundred feet further down. This is getting stranger and stranger.

As I set foot on the cold stone floor, the room came to life, fires blazing alight all along the walls. I was staggered as I gazed about the beautiful tapestry of glowing lights adorning the gargantuan room. Each wall was lined with hundreds of sconces, in between each of which was a detailed statue.

As my gaze travelled around the room, the air left my lungs. At the far end of the room, easily a quarter-mile away, was a colossal statue sitting atop a throne. I almost didn’t notice as my feet carried me toward it, but I was very lucky that I tripped; I had almost walked straight into a ravine that cleaved the vast room in two.

Once again, peering into the darkness of the ravine revealed nothing. “Ok. I can get on board with this.” I grabbed some rope and threw it across the ravine, trying to catch a foothold on the other side, but I didn’t have enough length.

I turned on my radio once more, but when I reported my findings, I heard nothing but static in return. I must be out of range.

No danger in examining these statues, I thought, walking to one end of the room. I examined the massive statue. Let’s see. Falcon-headed, wielding a boat paddle… I skimmed my research notes. Could be Nemty.

As I went up to the next statue, I noticed something strange. This one depicted an old, robed woman, holding out a ring in one hand. I gazed back at the falcon. It’s worth a shot.

I grabbed the golden ring from the statue’s hand and placed it on Nemty’s finger. I took a second to laugh at myself before returning to work. Suddenly, I heard a grinding of stone, and a mechanism pulled Nemty’s toes into the ground. Wait.

I turned back around, and something had changed. A small boat floated in the air above the darkness in the ravine. I clapped with glee and jumped in. Who cares if this is magic? It’s fucking cool!

The boat drifted over to the other side as if being pushed by waves. I disembarked from my brief trip and bowed to the unmanned boat, just in case. I didn’t stop for one second to see if I was dreaming. After a brief sprint, I arrived, panting, at the foot of the seated statue.

This statue also had the head of a falcon, but beyond it was a golden circle emblazoned into the wall. Ra.

I bowed before the grand statue. This place must have been legendary. It must have been awesome to behold, in all of its glory.

I jumped up and down and squealed, “I can’t fucking believe I’m the one who gets to discover this!”

As I restored my investigative demeanour, I closed the distance towards the statue, the hum so loud it was difficult to concentrate. I came up between the sun god’s ankles when I spotted something. Flowing from a fountain into a small chalice was a white, gooey substance. Behind it was writing in ancient Egyptian, luckily easy to translate.

It read something along the lines of “Priestesses of Ra, drink, and see.” I gazed into the goblet. The thick substance oozed in the cup. That’s not ominous.

As I raised it to my lips, I nearly dropped it as my radio buzzed. “Ok, I think we’ve managed to boost the signal. We won’t be able to hear you, so just listen. This is very important. The back of the tablet says that beyond the door is a trial. Women who pass the trial have never returned. Men who pass the trial are unaffected, but women disappear. You have to listen to me,” Carrie begged.

“Please, for the love of God, come back to us. Come back now. Do not attempt that, even though I know you want to. It may seem like voodoo, but I really don’t feel good about this. Plus, Mrs. Walker will be incredibly angry if you die before we finish up.”

I looked around the room. As a self-respecting archaeologist, can I let this opportunity go to waste?

I looked at the white liquid. It can’t just be poison, can it? No. They wouldn’t have had me pass the first trial just to fail… wait, maybe this is the trial? If I should drink this or not?

I sat and debated, but I kept coming back to the statue before me. It was Ra. Now, if it were Osiris or Anubis, I would understand it being poison, to carry me into their hands, but Ra? No.

I steeled my resolve and brought the chalice to my lips. The salty nectar flowed down my throat, coating my mouth in the sticky liquid, and filling my stomach with warmth. No, it must be the room that’s warm, I decided. As I finished swallowing, the hum stopped.

I gazed up, my eyes rising to meet the now-glowing ring behind Ra’s head. The bright sun shone down and illuminated the room in a godly glow. I followed the path of the light until it fell onto the once-empty boat. Now, standing in the boat was a life-like version of the statue of Nemty. Then, it waved for me to come to it.

I nearly fainted in awe, but as I approached, I realized that this was no statue nor golem, no, it was flesh and blood. It was a ten-foot-tall man with the head of a falcon. I bowed before the beautiful man, but he simply picked me up and plopped me into his boat.

As I sat next to him, the room faded away as we descended into the ravine. Still, as the light faded, I could see, somehow, and I was still able to admire the deity’s glistening muscles as he worked the paddles through the air.

Down we went, for hours. The god’s sweat dripped off his muscles, forming small pools in the boat. I sat so close to him that every breath I took was filled with his scent. Finally, I heard a faint splash, and as I looked out, I saw the boat had landed in a massive lake.

The entire cave was lit ever so slightly so that I could see, but not by anything in particular. The walls almost glowed. The water rippled as Nemty rowed me across it. Despite the cave being lit, I couldn’t see the walls behind me. To my right and left, the walls were filled with huge statues and arches over hallways that led into darkness.

Before me stood a massive doorway framed by golden light. Eventually, the boat came to a stop just before the entrance. I stepped out, and the god rowed away, leaving me alone again.

I took one tentative step forward, then another, and another. I reached the doorway, where yet another set of stairs descended. I took a moment to take in the surroundings. I could still taste the nectar, and I could still smell Nemty, however faintly.

I rearranged my backpack and went down. After a few minutes, the stairs levelled out and I came to a fork. Which way?

I looked down each way, left or right, but I could feel an energy coming from the left. It felt good, whatever it was. Warm, like the nectar. It drew me in, and I didn’t even think to fight it.

I followed that feeling past dozens of twists and turns. Every time I had to make a choice, I simply followed my instincts. Finally, I reached the end. I turned from a narrow hallway into a massive dark room. This one was much smaller than many of the other rooms I had passed, but I could tell it was where I was meant to be.

I walked further into the room, down a flight of stairs onto a pedestal in the centre. As I stepped onto the dais, I could feel that this was my place. As soon as I stopped, the room lit up, just like the huge one had. Lights all over glowed, revealing a gigantic space covered in rusty trophies and ruined tapestries.

The entire room lit up, save for one end. There, in the darkness, sat a figure. I couldn’t quite make its shape out, nor could I tell who or what it was, but it emanated a presence that made me fall to my knees and bow immediately.

A booming voice echoed across the halls. It wasn’t in English, but I could understand it nonetheless. It resonated in my soul. “Rise, my priestess.”

I stood, still looking at the shadow with deference. The gaze of this figure filled my heart with joy. I wanted to please it so desperately. “What you are wearing is ill-befitting of a priestess,” it spoke. Before I had a chance to reply, my clothes glowed and transformed into an extremely low-cut white dress. The chilled air of the cave raised goosebumps on my skin, but I didn’t feel cold. “Why are you the first to visit me in nearly three thousand years? The absence of worship has not gone unnoticed. Your Pharaoh should be praised as the first one with sense in three millennia.”

My trembling voice spoke carefully, as I did not want to upset this magnificent being. “My lord, Egypt isn’t the world-renowned power it once was. Your ways are no longer in practice. I’m not actually a priestess…” I trailed off.

“And yet you drank from my goblet? You partook in my ferry.” It paused. “It does not matter. You are here now. Normally, you would join my harem, but seeing as the rest of them died thousands of years ago, you must bear this burden alone.”

“Harem?” I shrieked.

It looked at me. Even though I couldn’t see its eyes, I knew it was confused. “Why is that a shock? Oh, right. You’re not a priestess. Still, commonfolk are sometimes part of harems, if there is a drought.”

“Uhh… like I said, your ways aren’t really in practice anymore. Harems don’t exist in most of the world.”

It fumbled for words. Or, more accurately, it fumbled for the noises that I understood somehow.

“Are you telling me that you may be my last concubine, ever?”

I nodded absentmindedly, before saying “wait, I can’t be your concubine!”

“Why not?”

“Uhh… because… I have a job! I need to further my research on ancient Egypt!”

“What could be more informative than spending your life beside a god?” it asked, the words like honey on my ears.

My body yearned for its touch. The energy this god emitted was intoxicating, and I wanted more. Can’t… give in. Need… to go back.

Suddenly, a light shone from around the creature’s head, illuminating the dark shadow in which it had sat. “Look upon me, and tell me you need to leave.”

There sat the sun god, Ra, in all his glory. His feathers flowed gracefully as he leaned back in his throne. A tear fell from my eye. This was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. His muscles gleamed in the same way that Nemty’s had, but this was even more magnificent.

I fell to my knees, words not coming to mind as I watched this man. No, god. His eyes gazed over my body as I knelt there. He stood from his throne and closed the huge distance between us with only a handful of strides. As he stood over me, he removed his loincloth, tossing it aside. “You are going to birth the next Egyptian empire.”

He knelt beside me, his massive penis flopping around as he did so. He put one hand on my shoulder and helped me stand up. I was eye-level with his majestic member. It was flaccid and already thicker than my arm.

I felt something dripping down my chin and wiped away a huge string of drool. I came to just as I was reaching for his member. His beautiful cock. I want to be his… no!

I shook my head. “No, I don’t want to be yours.” He raised an eyebrow.

“You already are. It seems you just don’t know it yet. Shall I show you?”

I turned on my heel, but he grabbed onto my hair. “It seems as though my final concubine needs an introductory lesson. You will come to enjoy this, in time.”




He carried me by my hair up flight after flight of stairs, down hallway after hallway, and through room after room. The temple was built like a maze. I would have tried to map it mentally, had the massive god carrying me not instilled terror in my very soul.

Eventually, we reached another large room. It was lavishly decorated with gold furnishings, but the main feature was a huge bed. He tossed me onto it and shut the door behind him, sealing the room and my fate with one push. It’s no wonder I could barely open the door near the entrance; it was probably built for a god.

As he watched me, I fled to the back of the bed, eyeing him from a distance. He looked almost… sad? No, that can’t be. He sat on the edge of the bed, making sure to keep a safe distance from me.

“I… apologize if I came off… a little pushy, before. It is always hard to control myself in the presence of a beautiful woman, especially since the last one was so long ago,” he spoke quietly. “But, it is no longer up to you. You drank of my goblet. It is only a matter of time before you are truly mine.”

His massive cock rested on his huge balls as he talked. “It always breaks my heart to have concubines who never take to me willingly, until their mind is rewritten.” He paused. “I will not force myself upon you, but in order to keep your sanity, I recommend bedding me before it becomes instinctual.” He bowed his head.

“I will leave you here, to make your decision. I will know when it has been made.” He stood, his penis swaying as he did, and exited the room.

My jaw never closed the whole time he talked. When the door shut with a thud, I finally came to. I shook my head and reached for my journal, only to realize that I was wearing a concubine’s garb, and my journal was nowhere to be found. I investigated the room briefly, but there wasn’t anything of note.

Was he lying? I wondered, but I didn’t think he was. His words held an aura of truth. I guess the question is whether I want to keep my sanity or hold onto my dignity while it lasts.

This is my own goddamn fault. I can’t believe I ignored Carrie. Of course, she’s always right. I just wanted to prove her wrong for once, and now this. Fuck.

I laid back in the bed and clutched my head. I groaned, knowing what I had to do. Can I give myself to him willingly? I guess I have to, to keep my sanity. But his cock… man is that scary. I hope he has some divine lube or something, otherwise… that’ll kill me.

I debated, clutching my knees to my chest for any amount of comfort in this forsaken tomb, but the decision wasn’t really a choice. I am going to be the most famous archaeologist ever. Even moreso than Schliemann and Carter. I knew what I had to do. I puffed out my chest and got ready to fuck a god.

I sat on the bed, eyes filled with fear and determination as the door crept open. He stepped through, still in the nude. The god towered above me, his cock alone probably half my height. He sat near me on the bed, before pulling me into a hug. I could feel his feathers against my face, his sweaty body pressing into mine. He sat me in his lap, where my still-clothed crotch rubbed against his member. As it hardened, it quickly grew to be thicker than my thigh.

He grabbed my chin and pulled me into a kiss, which wasn’t easy to do, considering his massive beak, but he managed. As his long tongue curled around mine, filling my mouth with his saliva, I felt a wave of pure ecstasy cover my body. I moaned into his mouth. This is the best damn kiss I’ve ever had. And it’s from a bird.

The warmth from his embrace spread across my body and flooded into my sensitive areas. I could feel my vagina grow wet, and my nipples harden. I felt my insides loosen, preparing for this god’s love. Is this what he meant by instinctual?

I thought for a second. No, I still could fight it, if I wanted to. I locked eyes with his. “Promise me you’ll stop if I ask you to?”

“You won’t, but yes. I promise,” he said, his voice full of desire. I could feel the pent-up libido from several thousand years coursing through him and into me.

I removed my clothes, baring my breasts. He was quick to take them in his mouth, lifting me with one hand. His beak was surprisingly gentle as he licked across my nipples, covering them in the warm ecstasy of his love.

He helped me remove the last of my garments, before positioning me above his cock. It brushed against the entrance to my most precious sanctum. He whispered, “thank you for not waiting. I would not want you to become another mindless thrall. I hope you forgive me for effectively forcing this upon you.”

Before I had a chance to reply, he pushed inside. His dick bent a little before the head slipped in. I screamed, my wails echoing down the halls and back at me. I wasn’t a virgin, but this felt like sitting on the nose of a jet. He slowly slid me down until our hips met, but I couldn’t even feel it. It felt like my entire body had simply left.

He pulled me into another kiss, leaning down to bestow upon me his heavenly saliva. As he did, I felt my senses returning. But they were not normal, no, the pain was replaced with exquisite agony. I came as soon as he began moving. The lights of the room dimmed as my eyes closed, but I held on to my consciousness.

Before I could completely regain control, he pulled me almost all the way off his cock, and slammed down again. I came again, crying out for him to plow me. He immediately started jackhammering my tiny pussy with his huge cock, slamming in and out of me with abandon. He punched through my stomach with each thrust, the outline of his cock appearing well into my chest.

Still, somehow, it was immense pleasure I was feeling. He slammed me into his hips again, and again, not stopping for one moment as I came, again and again. Finally, he pulled me into a kiss, and we came in unison. My stomach filled like a balloon as he ground his crotch into mine. He slobbered all over my face as I felt his balls contract against my ass, filling my vagina with his seed.

He pulled out of me, and, instead of his cum pouring out onto the floor, it seeped deeper into my womb. I lay on the bed as I felt the cum hardening inside me. I relished the feeling of the thickening substance sloshing around inside me. Eventually, it began to move. I could see the outline shifting, and I felt something crawling inside me, a pressure growing on my cervix.

My eyes met Ra’s as he stared in shock. “Of course…” he murmured. As the cum began to claw its way out of my womb, I was filled with amazing pain again. But, instead of Ra’s white liquid splashing onto the floor, a huge eagle-headed baby faceplanted into the world.

Holy shit.

Ra tucked me into bed and picked up the baby. “Get some sleep, my love. You will need it.”




As I blinked my way back into the waking world, Ra sat next to me. I rubbed my eyes and clutched my stomach as a dull pain coursed through it.

“Don’t worry. You’re just bruised from yesterday. It will take some time to heal.” He looked at the ceiling. “You’re probably wondering how you gave birth, right?” He paused. “I have been waiting for you for three thousand years, my love.”

I raised an eyebrow. “Don’t worry. This means that the goblet won’t affect you anymore. Carrying my seed once is all it takes to get it out of your system.”

My eyes widened. “Holy shit. We actually had a child?”

He nodded.

“I can’t be a mother. I’ve got so much stuff left to do!”

“Well,” he said. “You aren’t just a mother. You’re The Mother. The one destined to bring back the Egyptian empire.”

I just stared at him.

“You are the only woman in tens of thousands of years who is able to give the gods children.”

I took a deep breath, considering what he had said, retracing it in my mind. “Wait… gods, plural?”

He nodded. “Many of the gods have died over the years, but there are some that still live,” he said. “I am one of them.

“You will complete the pantheon once more.” He stood. “Now that I know who you are, you can leave this temple whenever you want. Just know that eventually, you will fulfill your destiny.”

He left me alone to consider this new information. I closed my eyes and simply felt, the weight of the world pressing down on my shoulders. As I meditated, I quickly realized that I felt different. My mind was at ease, even though I had just given birth. I wasn’t concerned with the how or why I was a god, or even if Ra was trying to trick me. I knew deep down that he spoke the truth, and that I wanted to fill the world with more of our children.

I felt around my stomach. Sure enough, it was a little sore, but it didn’t feel that bad. Deep in my soul, I longed to be destroyed by Ra’s huge dick again. I yearned to feel his cum deep in my womb, and I wished for the pain he bestowed upon me. It felt wrong to want that, but I knew that it was what I truly wanted, more than anything. Even more than I wanted to continue my research.

In my meditation, I felt at peace. I had grappled with my true purpose for many years, but I felt as though I had finally found it. It filled my heart with joy.

I lay there for a while, basking in the feeling of purpose until I heard the door creak open. But it wasn’t my dear Ra that entered. A green-scaled hand crept through the door, followed by a massive bipedal crocodile wearing an elegant loincloth.

This one was a bit smaller than Ra but much scarier. His huge fangs marred his grin with an aura of malice. He bowed his head upon entering, before speaking in the same language as Ra. “Greetings, Mother,” he said, his voice shaking the ground beneath my feet.

“We are so lucky you are so stunning. I am anxious to get started on my new lineage.” He strode closer. “Enough with the pleasantries.” He tossed his loincloth away, baring a dick equally as large as Ra’s, studded with dull spikes all along the surface. He pulled back the scaly foreskin, revealing a pale white cock beneath.

His tongue darted over his lips, and he advanced toward me. “Wait!” I screamed, but he didn’t stop. He grabbed my head and mashed my face into his cock. Thick precum coated my face, and as I opened my mouth in protest, it seeped into my throat. As I drank his fluid, I felt my muscles grow weak, and I fell into his arms, unable to fight back.

“Good girl,” he moaned. He propped open my mouth with a finger and squeezed his cock in. As he pushed his dick deeper into my throat, he moaned again. The spikes along his cock grated my throat, and his cock penetrated deeper. He laid me across the bed and started crouching over top of my face, dropping his massive balls into my eyes as he thrust. He put both of his hands over my throat and choked me intensely as he fucked my face.

I coughed and gagged as he destroyed my throat, each thrust bringing me further from consciousness. I could feel my life fading away before he finally pulled out. I immediately threw up a bucket of spit all over myself and his cock.

He rested his still-throbbing cock on my forehead, the spit-shined beast drooling in my hair. As I rested, I could feel him growing more impatient. He picked me up and tossed me into the bed with one motion. He pounced onto me, his cock aiming straight at my still sore pussy. It didn’t take long for him to fully delve into my cavern, and soon enough he was tearing up my insides again.

The spikes on his dick scratched my sensitive walls with every thrust until I was a mess of pain and pleasure. My mind drifted away while his hips slapped against mine. I moaned as he slammed into me over and over, and I groaned with every thrust.

Eventually, the pain was simply too much, and I came as I passed out. When I awoke, I was alone. I felt around my slightly-gaping pussy as it repaired itself from the battering rams it had just accepted, but there wasn’t a hint of blood. I rested, hoping that a third god wasn’t going to burst through the doors and have his way with me. I desperately wished for time to rest.

While I rested, I debated about who that god was that had taken me. It was most likely Sobek. He was the primary crocodile god. I managed to catch an uneasy sleep while I waited, and I dreamt of giving birth to Sobek’s child.

I came to with a start as Ra sat on the soaking bed next to me. I only realized then that the bed was covered in my fluids. As he saw my disdain, he cleaned it with a wave of his hand.

“You’ve been busy,” he said. “You met Sobek?”

I nodded. “He didn’t listen when I told him no.”

“No, he never was one to hold back. Luckily, you’ve already given him two sons, so he will be satiated for some time.”

Two? “Will I get to meet my children?”

He nodded. “Come.”

He simply stood and beckoned for me to follow. It felt great to stretch my legs, having not set foot outside of my room in however long it had been. I paused. I called it my room.

The realization that this was my new life made me smile as we stepped into a huge dining hall. Sobek sat in one corner bouncing two small crocodile infants on his knees and the small Ra lay in a cradle in the center of the room.

“Oh, he’s beautiful,” I whispered. His feathers were a majestic white and black colour, and his skin was a mixture between mine and his father’s. As I reached down to pick him up, I realized just how big he was. He was bigger than my abdomen, despite being a baby. I put him back in the crib and went over to Sobek.

As I admired my other two children, I heard a voice call out. “It’s about time The Mother showed her face.” I glanced over to the dais at one end of the room. On it stood five more massive figures.

Hiding in the shadows stood Khepri and Khnum, the ram and scarab-headed deities respectively. Standing between them were Set and Horus, and at the forefront was Anubis, the god of death.

The last thing I noticed was the massive bulges beneath their robes, and another smile crept over my face.


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