Feature Writer: LadyNocturna
Feature Title: The Summoning
Story Codes: This story includes elements of gore, horror, supernatural, and very un-vanilla sex.

The Summoning

The night was dark and there was a bit of a chill in the air. However, it was positively warm for an October night in the middle of the woods. Although, calling it the middle of the woods would be an exaggeration since the clearing where this bizarre Halloween —party? gathering? affair?— celebration was taking place, was only half a mile from the Hawthorne’s opulent hunting lodge.

Barefooted, and dressed in diaphanous white gowns and flower coronets, a group of thirty girls was dancing around a big bonfire that smelled of clover and lavender. Warmed cider and wine flowed freely, and blankets were strewn haphazardly loaded with fruit, cheese, and expensive confections.

But the pièce de résistance was —by far— the witch priestess she had hired to guide the event. Cecily Hawthorne met the woman three months ago while trudging through a little antiquing town on the other side of the Hudson River. She was hunting for a nice and quiet place to enjoy a cup of coffee when she came across a little hidden gem of a place. The front wall was a tessellation of multiple colors and patterns that created an enchanting mosaic that couldn’t be ignored, the sign outside read ” The Moonhound”, and the windows were covered with tapestry-like curtains that only helped the mystic aura of the place. It was inside that she had the best cup of tea of her life and were Circe Baelfire offered to read her tea leaves.

The woman was quite a character, with blood red hair, flawless alabaster skin, and a statuesque figure. She dressed in dark, gauzy, risqué pieces, and her hair flowed like it has a life of its own. Cecily was enchanted and after an afternoon of esoterical exchange, she knew she needed to put this woman in the center of her Halloween soirée. Circe accepted gracefully but had a series of demands in order to perform her ritual accordingly.

Amazing. Ceecee thought, the woman never leaves character. It was a wonder how such a talented actress had to make ends meet with the whole “witch” scam, but she was delighted with the results.

“Sisters!” yelled Circe, with her husky, sensual, and clear voice. The priestess was dressed in a gauzy black gown with flowy sleeves, and through the flimsy material, it was easy to see that her body was encased in some sort of chains. Her hair was loose, and she was wearing a black rose coronet with what looked like spines.

Ohmigod she even has some “blood” dripping down her forehead the hostess wondered excitedly.

“It is now, in the witching hour, as Sirius climbs to take guard upon where once the hunter stood, that we begin our most sacred ritual” The witch chanted with a voice filled with decadent excitement, “On this of most hallows eve, shrouded by night’s holy darkness, and guided only by the celestial glittering of the stars above… we begin the summoning”

There was a hush in the clearing, and the only thing that could be heard was the wood cracking in the fire, the wind howling between the trees, and the excited breathing of thirty young girls.

Suddenly Ceecee was startled by a little whisper.

“I don’t like this Ceecee,” said her cousin Charlotte “this feels wrong, I thought she was going to read our palms or do some fortune-teller scam, but this just feels wrong” she said with a shiver.

“This is just a little show Charlie, you know demon summonings are not real” scoffed Ceecee.

“Demon summoning?!” screeched the young girl, “No, Ceecee this is wrong, we shouldn’t be doing this even as a joke. God won’t like it”

Ah. thought Cecily, her cousin was a bit of a bible thumper, usually Ceecee wouldn’t bother with the girl but Circe requested a pure-as-snow virgin for her ritual and she couldn’t help to think about lame-ass Charlie, and how fun it would be to watch her squirm while dancing half-naked in the middle of nowhere during a pagan ritual.

“Come on Charles, live a little” she scoffed.

“Don’t call me Charles, you know I hate it!”

“Silence!” ordered Circe, “Come my little lambs, make a circle around the fire, the stars are where they should be, and the time is upon us”

The girls surrounded the fire and stood as close as they could without burning. Some of them couldn’t help to think the sight quite erotic, a group of young attractive women glowing under the warm light of the fire, nubile bodies peeking through the diaphanous clothe of their gowns, sweaty from the fire and nipples swollen from the wind.

Circe was wet just watching, but she felt more moisture drop when the tips of her cilices went deeper into her skin whenever she breathed or took a step. She was on the brink of orgasm, but she kept denying herself as the ritual demanded.

The witch started walking around the circle, looking for her chosen victims. They wore special flowers on their heads.

White Lilies for purity.

Lilacs for innocence.

Daisies for faithfulness.

Lily of the Valley for humility.

Elderflower for compassion.

Each victim wore the coronet with their characterizing flower —and a sprinkling of Amaranth and Angrec, for immortality and in honor of their future royal guests— ignorant to their collective faiths.

Sacrifice was required, but there was an overabundance of vapid harlots to pay with, so Circe wasn’t worried about that.

She reached her first victim, “Purity!” she bellowed while forcefully taking Charlotte Hawthorne’s arm, and striking as quick a viper making a small cut on the palm of her hand.

Charlie was terrified, the hellish woman cut her!

The girl was crying, Circe wanted to lick her tears, little was more powerful than the tears of a virgin with a soul as pure as this one. However, she had to be patient and calm the little lamb.

“There, there my little darling,” she said while caressing her cheek “that’s done with”

The witch took her dagger and planted it in the first point of the pentagram —drawn with her blood under the bonfire. Cecily, the little bitch, had no idea that Circe had been there a week before to start the ritual, or that six bodies were buried beneath.

With a wink to pretty Ceecee, Circe continued her revolution around the fire without giving a hint as to who her next victim was.

Bella couldn’t contain her excitement, Ceecee was her boyfriend’s distant cousin, they were so close, they would often go on family weekend trips that she wasn’t invited to, or Henry would let Ceecee spend the night in their apartment when she couldn’t drive home.

She’d always felt that Ceecee didn’t care much for her, but things changed a couple weeks ago, when Bella got home early and found her sitting in the kitchen wearing one of Henry’s shirts because she got drenched by the rain. Apparently, she was on her way to personally invite her to her all-girls Halloween party.

The witch was getting closer to her, and she was fairly jumping with anticipation, she wanted to participate! The party was like no other she had ever been to, and if she managed to get Henry’s cousin to like her, then he may propose!

The witch stopped in front of the wide-eyed blonde, and extended her hand as an invitation, the sweet little angel grabbed her hand and started giggling when Circe caressed her palm right before quickly slicing through it.

“Innocence!” proclaimed the priestess

“Eeeeh” squealed Bella, followed by more giggling.

Another dagger full of blood for another corner of the pentagram, and Circe continued her journey.

Bella looked up at Ceecee and gifted her with a radiant smile.

Cecily couldn’t stand that ridiculous bimbo Henry was determined to marry, the girl was too stupid, so gullible… so innocent. Yeah, Circe nailed it when she called her innocent, why the little idiot believed she was Henry’s cousin, she wanted to laugh in her face, but valiantly held it in and just smiled at the dear little idiot.

She felt eyes on her, and after a quick search she found her sister Daisy, looking at her with green eyes filled with disappointment, she knew what was up with Henry, and even though she begged her to stop she was faithful as a dog and would never blab.

She smiled cruelly at her.

“Faithfulness!” Circe screeched while holding Daisy’s hand in the air, she kissed her palm, cut it like the others and stabbed the earth with her knife.

Circe started walking towards the only guest that wasn’t chosen by the Hawthorne brat, it was destiny that she met the freckled read-haired beauty just before Cecily was compelled to call her for her little gathering, since she was the one missing piece.

Mary gave a demure smile when she saw Circe looking at her, and without prompting offered her hand to the kind woman who helped her get this job. She was still amazed that she was rewarded with an invitation to such an exclusive party and not her boss, who always got the glory for all the events they planned.

“Humility!” wash, rinse and repeat. Another bloody knife into the ground.

Charlotte kept crying as silently as possible, she was so afraid, she knew this wasn’t right. The woman was cutting them, she was using their blood, she didn’t want to think harshly of her but the things she was doing were surely displeasing to The Lord.

“Shhh little Mousie-Charlie,” rebuked Ceecee. “Stop being a baby and just enjoy this, tomorrow you can go back to your bible thumping.”

“Stop Cecily!” whisper-yelled Charlotte’s sister Danna a few places over. “You know Charlie’s a sensitive girl, I know this party’s important to you, but please try to understand.”

“Stop crying Baby-Char, it would be rude to leave while the witch’s performing her ritual, but we’ll go as soon as it’s over, deal?”

Charlie could only nod.

“Compassion!” the witches scream startled the threesome; the cousins were so into their little powwow they didn’t notice the witch had made it to Danna.

The witch held Danna’s hand and made the ceremonial cut.

The air was changing, Circe could feel it, it was getting thicker and she could taste hell in it. Blood and her own wetness were dripping down her legs, she was panting and moaning as she walked to the last point in the sacred star, intent on cleaving that knife into the ground.

Finally. She thought.

“Mmmmmmmm” she moaned when the cilices gartered in her thighs tightened when she knelt, another moan escaped her when the ones in her breasts and ribs constrained every breath.

“Aaaaah” she involuntarily moved her hips and felt the delicious piercing all over her body. Blood was dripping everywhere, and she found the filling of it sliding through her body very erotic.

Getting so much needed control she thrust the bejeweled dagger into the earth and exploded into a potent orgasm.

Well, this is taking a weird turn. Thought Ceecee, the witch was putting quite a show. The crazy bitch looked like she was having an orgasm, but that wasn’t what was starting to freak her out, there was an oily feeling in the air, that felt like a perverted touch on her skin.

It felt wrong.

The fire flared and doubled its size, suddenly Charlotte could feel herself flying as if an unseen force had pushed her with the force of a sonic boom. She landed hard on the ground, and as she was beginning to regain her bearings she noticed that they were still forming a perfect circle, albeit a bit farther from the bonfire.

And then she noticed it.

The fire had turned ruby red, but the center was so black that she could almost imagine that’s what a blackhole would look like, it was so black that it almost appear to be stealing color and light from its surroundings.

Her hearing was coming back, and now she could hear thousands of screams, but that had to be an exaggeration, there were only thirty-one people in the clearing and most of them were speechless, looking at the portal-like darkness in the fire.

That’s when she finally realized it.

The screams where coming from the darkness in the fire.

She started screaming.


“Yes!” screamed Circe. “Yes, yes, yes!”

“Come my darlings, come, come!”

The witch looked deranged, with blood dripping down her face and arms, the cilices beneath her gown started digging deeper in her excitement.

The girls were terrified, it had gone wrong so quickly, the scene in front of them was beyond their wildest imaginings, the screams the stuff of nightmares.

A figure emerged from the flames.

It was a man, well over six feet tall, muscular, with hair as black as the darkness he was coming from, with and angelic face, a cruel smile, and wholes were his eyes should be.

No. Thought Charlie, his eyes are black, so black that they look like two pits of raw oil.

“Luc” moaned the Witch, on her elbows and knees, undulating her hips with dark longing.

“Lilith” grunted the man, the shaft between his legs enlarging upon looking at the scantly clad beauty on the ground.

He moved, and the girls snapped out of their revering and started wailing almost in unison.

The witch said a couple arcane words and suddenly thirty bodies froze, but their minds didn’t, and it only compounded on the fear coursing through their system.

The man walked lazily towards the witch and once in front of her prostrated form, grabbed her roughly by the hair, the thorns upon her hair sank deeper into her flesh and fresh blood marred her alabaster beauty.

“My Lord. My love” moaned the witch, planting her palms on the ground and rubbing her cheeks on the man’s stiff organ.

“Mine” said the man before tearing her gown, grabbing the sides of her face and shoving his shaft deep into her throat

The witch’s eyes bulged as the gigantic organ speared through her throat, the man’s hips worked furiously, and the corner of the witch’s lips began to split by the sheer girth of his phallus and the force of his thrusts, blood started dripping from her mouth, down to her chest and between her legs. The redhead used it to rub her greedy nether lips.

“Fuck, you greedy little bitch!” he roared before slapping her.

“Hmmmm” she moaned as he strangled her with his enormous hands, digging his claws into her delicate throat.

“Take it whore!” he bellowed before grabbing her by the back of the head and pinning her head against his crotch. For a moment he stood still, the witch asphyxiating on his cock, her body spasming.

The chocking of her throat felt amazing on his dick, and he started to grow impossibly harder. He had to push on her face to dislodge it from her throat. His cock had black bleeding teeth marks. The tiny witch was on the brink of unconsciousness, he slapped her again, leaving claw marks in her delicate cheeks.

“Wake up slut! I’ve waited a millennia for you” he demanded. “and you’ll suck this cock for centuries if I fucking tell you to”

Lillith opened her mouth and received her lord’s cock greedily, he started an inhuman pace and felt her throat lubricate with blood, that brought him to the brink, and with a brutal last shove howled his savage release.

Black Semen dripped from Lillith’s mouth even though her throat worked furiously to swallow all.

“Good girl, my foxy little angel” he said, while tenderly caressing her bloody hair.

“Lucifer” she moaned whilst her tongue hungrily cleaned her beloved’s cock.


Ceecee couldn’t believe her eyes, was it really Satan that had emerged from the fires of hell and brutally fucked Circe’s —no, Lillith’s— mouth?

What have I done?

The night was warm and the air smelled sickly sweet with a mix of sulfur, clover and lavender from the bonfire.

She couldn’t move, could barely breathe, and if it weren’t for whatever black magic was holding her still —in body and spirit, but not the mind— she would’ve lost control of her bladder, she was that terrified.

Bones started emerging from beneath the fire, floating as if pulled by invisible treads and whirling around until they were joined as pieces of a puzzle taking a macabre shape.

It was a throne of bones.

The devil sat, legs luridly open, member stiff and proud, and with a pat to his lap said, “up you go pet”

Lillith giggled while seductively walking towards the unholy throne, presented her lord with her back, and after receiving a hearty spank to her generous bottom eagerly impaled herself on his stiff rod.

Lucifer slipped his arms beneath her knees and dropped her legs outside his, resting his back lazily against the back of the gruesome seat while laying a possessive arm across her chest, he widened his legs leaving her obscenely spread to their horrified audience.

Lillith shuddered and dropped her head on his shoulder with a decadent moan and started to grind on his cock.

He started nuzzling her neck, licking the graceful column. A hand went to one luscious breast squeezing it mercilessly, while the other arm brutally encircled her tiny waist aggressively pulling her closer to him.

While she desperately grinded on him, he drew lazy circles with his hips. The cilices around her body dug deeper than before and fresh new blood flowed freely painting her delectable alabaster skin a bright crimson.

She let out a moan when vicious fangs penetrated the delicate skin in the junction of her neck and shoulder, but she went positively insane when he began devouring her in long, sensual draws.

They made a deliciously gruesome picture. A tiny, delicate, exquisite woman impaled on a most magnificently apollonian amalgam of perfection, transcendence, and depravity.

They were a vision of unholy consummation.

The lazy mating stopped when his claws gouged her hips and he pushed himself deeper into her warm core, raising his head with full lips dripping with bright, crimson blood, he gave her a gory kiss on the temple.

“We can’t get ahead of ourselves poppet” he said while licking the punctures in her neck, “we need to get you ready and bring the boys over”

“Why did you call for them too?” he asked while crushing a magnificent breast in his grip, “I’m very grateful for this new body, these tits please me wife”

“The first one was beyond my control, my love”, she said remembering the time when he first conquered her, “As for the boys, I think it’s time for them to settle down and that’s that”

Luc chuckled thinking of how his boys would respond to their mother’s “settling down” idea. They would of course do as she pleased since he’d command it, but they weren’t going to like it.

“Let’s finish this ritual my queen” he said while intoning an arcane command, he released the plump mound he was gripping, smoke poured from his now free hand churning and twisting until it took the shape of a chalice.

“Ah, The Grail” she said wistfully, “It really takes me back, my love”

She took The Grail, kissing it lovingly and placed it in the throne between their spread legs.

“Ever the sentimental, Lillith” he chuckled, then produced a magnificent ruby encrusted gold basin and dagger in the same way he did The Grail. The massive basin went to the earth between his legs. Taking hold of her fine arm, he began removing the long cilice coiled around it, her fair skin embellished with hundreds of tiny bleeding punctures. Lovingly, he extended the appendage, dug the dagger deep within her wrist and began a slow torturous descend towards the inner part of her elbow, then did the same to her other arm.

She moaned and grinded feverishly on his cock. He grabbed her by the neck, and caressed the dagger deeply into both her thighs, then removed his hold and did the same to her neck.


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