THE SECRET SOCIETY by Amandablonde

Feature Writer: Amandablonde


Published: 12.10.2018

Story Codes: Young, NC, Rape, Snuff, Piss, Incest

Disclaimer: The characters and events depicted in this work are fictional. The author does not condone or promote any unlawful activity such as is depicted in the story. By continuing to read this work you acknowledge that you are an adult who wishes to read works of fantasy and fiction for the purpose only of fantasy.

The Secret Society

The centuries old Thanatos Society was founded to allow its wealthy members to witness the unrelenting suffering and degradation of innocent young women. In addition to its slaves, the Society has its “Victims”. They are particularly attractive women, ranging in age up to twenty-two, who are brought to the Manor for the sole purpose of humiliation, domination, bondage and, eventually, ghastly torture. Many of them are runaways plucked from the hard streets of he world’s metropolises. Agents of the Society dupe others into attending the Manor as guests. Little do these unfortunates know that they are entering into a hell from which death is the only escape. Even that relief comes after prolonged agony.

Society members are willing to go to great lengths and expense to witness the cruel betrayal of innocence. To achieve this they arrange for a girl to be raised from birth for the sole purpose of becoming fodder for the insatiable beast that is the Thanatos Society. This usually occurs by the time the virgin is fourteen or fifteen years old. The members of the Society refer to her as “Ivy”, short for “Innocent Victim”. Vast sums of money are paid to unscrupulous sociopaths who are, or pretend to be, married and raise infants who have been kidnapped from their natural parents. These monsters are excellent actors and ensure that “Ivy” is brought up under ideal conditions, usually in the relative seclusion of the rural areas of the United States or Canada. The girl wants for nothing and thrives under the delusion that she is loved. She, in turn, loves her devoted parents and trusts them completely. The members’ greatest thrills come when they witness Ivy’s horror when she learns that “mummy” and “daddy” were raising her only to be virgin flesh for the sacrificial altar of the Thanatos Society.

Once she reaches her thirteenth birthday, the Innocent Victim’s “parents” secretly provide a report of the girl’s progress to a review committee of Society members. A similar report is submitted every six months and includes videotape so that the committee can keep track of the young beauty’s physical development. Taking these videos raises no suspicion on the part of the daughter. Since she is the apple of her parents’ eyes, she suspects nothing malevolent in their desire to film her as she performs in the usual dance recital, swimming competition or cheer leading event in which many privileged female adolescents participate.

It is important to the Society that the Innocent Victim remains chaste and naïve. As a result, the report provided by the “parents” discusses the Ivy’s moral development in great detail. She attends church regularly and goes to a religious school where “family values” and good moral training is emphasized.

During the summer, Ivy is sent to a “Christian” summer camp. While the young girl is enjoying this wholesome outdoor life, her parents visit Thanatos Manor to revel in its depravities and to confer with other “parents” who are raising their own Innocent Victims. At any given time there are around twenty young innocents being raised by Thanatos “parents”.

Once the review committee determines that the virtuous young woman is “ripe”, the wheels are set in motions for her betrayal. Ivy goes to sleep one night in the secure comfort of her familiar bed only to wake up from a drugged sleep to find herself chained to a torture table in the bowels of the Manor. To make this young teenager’s feeling of betrayal most profound, her “parents” lead the first session of her sexual abuse and humiliation. Imagine Ivy’s confusion when the love and concern she usually sees in her parents’ eyes are replaced by lustful contempt. Picture this guileless child’s dismay and embarrassment when she sees her parents naked for the first time in her life. Envision her confusion and terror when the first erect penis she ever sees in that of her “father” who intends to use it to brutally defile her.

Let us consider the fate of a typical Innocent Victim. The members of the review committee evaluate the videotape provided by the parents of the fourteen year-old girl identified in the Society’s database as “Ivy #32”. After reviewing the tape, they determine that she is ready to be harvested. The videocassette reveals a raven-haired beauty with flawless alabaster skin. Just over five feet tall, with a willowy body exhibiting the soft curves of a girl well on the way to becoming a woman. A hidden camera caught young Ivy in the shower. She has perfect teacup-sized breasts crowned with well-defined pink nipples. The cold water of the shower had stimulated those nipples that swelled to hard points almost one-half inch in length. Despite her quickly developing breasts, her pubic hair had not started to grow. Members of the committee were delighted to watch Ivy slowly soaping her naked cunt. In addition to a beautiful young body, Ivy has a very pretty face with clear blue eyes, a fine straight nose and full red lips. Ivy can be a poster girl for the clean-cut, well-scrubbed all-American teenager.

Ivy is transported by the Society’s private jet from her home in Kansas to the Manor. She remains in a deep, drug-induced sleep as she is carried to a subterranean chamber and placed naked on her back on a waist-high, narrow adjustable table. The table is then manipulated so that it supports the girl from the tops of her shoulders to halfway along her firm, round bum. Her head is allowed to hang over one end of the table. Her legs would dangle from the other end but instead are spread wide by chains that are attached to rough iron manacles welded to her ankles. The other end of each chain is fastened to three-foot high posts rising from the floor of the chamber. Metal cuffs that are also chained to posts similarly adorn Ivy’s wrists. Each post stands several feet from a corner of the table so that young Ivy is held in a tight spread-eagle position.

Still blissfully unconscious, it is now time for Ivy to wake up to the first day of her hellish life. Her “mother” wakes her. Not as she usually does by sitting beside her sleeping daughter and gently stroking her face and whispering that “It’s time to get ready for school, dear.” No. This time she arouses Ivy by plunging a hypodermic needle filled with a strong stimulant into her thigh. The effect of the chemical is immediate and the young girl’s eyes fly open. Of course she is utterly confused. She tries to sit up but is constrained by the chains. All she can do is raise her head and look around her. Instead of her bright and sunny bedroom she is in a dank dungeon. She is bathed in bright light as two strange men point video cameras at her. Ivy’s heart is beating like the wings of a trapped bird and she panics even more when she becomes aware of her embarrassing bound position.

“Mother!” she calls, “Where are you? What’s happening? Where am I?!”

“I’m right here, Ivy,” her mother gently replies as she steps out the shadows.

The young prisoner is astonished to she that her mother is nude except for a pair of knee-length black patent leather jackboots. Ivy had seen her mother naked on very rare occasions. In fact, she remembers her mother’s lady friends teasing her about her extreme modesty.

Mummy is holding her daughter’s favorite stuffed animal — Bentley, a pink teddy bear — that her father gave Ivy twelve years ago when she was only two. The rather ordinary looking toy is around eighteen inches high and shaped in the standard standing teddy bear pose. The teenager stares in shocked silence as her mother lays Bentley on her flat belly.

“I brought you Bentley so that you won’t feel lonesome in your new home,” Mother sarcastically remarks.

She then reaches down and captures her daughter’s pink nipples between the thumb and forefinger of each hand. She gently squeezes then until they harden and grow to resemble the erasers found at the ends of pencils. Ivy’s confusion and humiliation at her mother’s manipulation of the tips of her breasts in front of the two camera operators is multiplied one hundred fold when she hears her father’s voice emanating from the shadows.

“That’s it, dear. Prime the little bitch for me.”

As his astounded daughter looks towards the source of the remark, her father steps into the light.

“Daddy! Please make them let me up!” Ivy implores.

She then is stunned into silence when she realizes that like her mother, Daddy is naked but for black boots. The teen can barely comprehend what she is seeing as her father slowly approaches her while stroking his engorged penis with his right hand. The captive teen cannot tear her eyes away from his large cock. Until now, her only experience with the male sex organ was what she had seen in art galleries an on the little boys she had babysat. She had never seen a fully erect penis until now. Father advances and stands beside his wife who continues to pinch and rub her daughter’s nipples. Daddy continues to stroke his cock while Ivy watches in stunned horror.

As she struggles against her bonds, her father’s voice invades her confused mind.

“You’ve never looked so beautiful, my dear,” he says as he continues to casually stroke his cock which he casually hold over his daughter’s abdomen.

Ivy cannot believe what she is seeing. The kindly, gentle father who protected and nurtured her all her life now stares coldly into her eyes. Surely this is some nightmare from which she will awaken. Soon clear drops of pre-seminal fluid drip from the tip of his dick to form a warm, glistening puddle on Ivy’s belly. Mother smiles benignly and uses Ivy’s teddy bear to wipe up the liquid.

Turning to his wife, Daddy says, “Let’s get started.”

Without another word, Ivy’s parents leave her side. Left alone, the young teenager’s mind reels. How can her parents have turned into such callous monsters? Ivy sobs in despair. How can she have gone from a privileged life of comfort to one where she is bound naked in a medieval dungeon. Desperately, Ivy tries to convince herself that this is only a nightmare and that she will soon wake up.

The young girl’s frantic contemplation is interrupted by her mother’s return. She is now standing between the widespread legs of her naked daughter. In her hand she is holding a silver speculum. She kneels down and beckons one of the video camera operators to move in beside her.

“Dear,” she says to her daughter, “You may be wondering what these men with the video cameras are doing here. Well, this little welcoming ceremony is being preserved for the pleasure of members of the society that is responsible for you being here. One of the things we promised them is that when you were brought here you would be a virgin. In fact not only must you be a virgin, but your maidenhead must be intact. Remember how your Dad and I discouraged you from activities like horse-back riding, and that we always made sure that you rode a “girl’s” bike? That was because we wanted your maidenhead intact. Now we are going to confirm that you have, indeed, arrived “undamaged”. If it is, we get a one hundred thousand-dollar bonus.”

Mother observes the puzzled look on Ivy’s face.

“Yes, my dear. We raised you for money. As far as your father and I are concerned you are nothing more than a farm animal. While some farmers raise beef cattle to provide McDonald’s with meat for their hamburgers, we have raised you to be meat for the Thanatos Society,” she smiled, “Welcome to the meat-grinder.”

Ivy’s sobs of despair turned into a yelp of surprise as her mother uses the ice-cold speculum to spread wide the pink lips of her daughter’s hairless vagina. The camera operator moves in for a close-up that reveals her hymen.

“As we can see,” her mother addresses the camera, “Ivy’s cunt is adorned with a perfect maidenhead. The tender pink tissue looks like the crinkled top of a draw-string purse with just the tiniest opening.”

Mother removes the speculum and faces her shocked daughter.

“In a few moments, Daddy will remove that little obstruction with his fine, large cock.”

Suddenly Ivy’s head is pulled back by her father who yanks her two long black braids so that she is looking at the ceiling. He stands so that the top of her head rests against the front of his thighs. He holds her head steady with a hand over each of her ears and moves his hips to direct his drooling cock onto the young teen’s face. Daddy rests his balls on the fourteen-year-old’s forehead while the shaft of his cock rests on her nose. Ivy inhales the sweet/sour musky odor of her father’s dick as more pre-seminal fluid seeps from its tip onto her chin and neck. He then steps back and lets his daughter’s head fall. Daddy grasps her head once again and presses the tip of his blood-engorged organ against her full lips. Ivy resists opening her mouth but her father pinches her nostrils closed so that she must open it to breath. As soon as she does, he slides four inches of his eight-inch cock across her lips and down her throat.

Ivy shudders with revulsion as the salty taste of her father’s penis assaults her tongue. As the young teen gags and attempts to breathe around daddy’s dick, her mother pinches the young girl’s labia.

“If you bite your father, I’ll tear off your cunt lip.”

For five minutes the cameras of the Thanatos Society capture the image of the fourteen year-old virgin’s father methodically sliding his cock in and out of her soft mouth. Viewers can see Ivy’s throat expanding as her father pushes the full eight inches of his member all the way into her until his balls slap her nose and eyes. The young girl fights to breathe through her nose as her mouth and throat are completely blocked by her father ‘s cock flesh. Ivy’s attempts to squirm away are futile for the chains to which her manacled legs and arms are attached allow no room for movement. All the teenager has achieved from her struggles is to chafe her ankles and wrists so that tiny drops of blood ooze from her perfect white skin.

While Father continues to rape his daughter’s mouth, Mother gets the juices of her spread-eagled naked daughter flowing by licking the confused teenager’s exposed vagina. Despite her discomfort and humiliation, Ivy cannot but respond to her mother’s skillful cunnilingus. Her virgin cunt begins to juice up and soon there is as much liquid flowing from her snatch as there is leaking from her mouth as her father’s pre-seminal fluid mixes with her saliva to overflow from the corners of her mouth.

“Time to switch ends, dear.” Ivy’s father announces to his wife.

He abruptly pulls his glistening cock from his daughter’s warm mouth. Ivy coughs and spits and then takes a deep breath of air. Daddy pushes her head up towards her breast so that he can slide a narrow extension out of the table. He then releases her head, which fall back and is now supported by this extension. Ivy’s head no longer dangles over the end of the table. Ivy gasps with pain as her father ties her two braids together beneath the board supporting her head. The young teen cannot move her head.

Mother and father once again stand together at the side of their bound and sobbing daughter.

Mummy smiles down at Ivy.

“It’s now time for your father to pop your cherry, Ivy. It’s an occasion like this when I truly suffer from penis envy. I wish I were able to fuck you,” she shrugged, “Instead, I’ll gain solace by letting you lick my cunt.”

Ivy’s pleas of, “Why are you doing this to me?” fall on deaf ears as both of her parents disappear into the gloom only to reappear a few moments later.

Mother wastes no time and straddles her fourteen year-old’s head. She is facing Ivy’s feet and maneuvers herself so that her vagina is placed squarely on Ivy’s mouth. Bending slightly forward, Mother pinches each of Ivy’s nipples.

“Start licking my cunt or I’ll twist you sweet nipples off,” she orders.

The distraught teen has no choice but to obey. She slowly inserts the pink tip of her tongue into her mother’s salty snatch and begins to lick its soft flesh. Ivy can see only her mother’s butt. She cannot see that Daddy is now standing between her chained legs. However, she does feel the pressure of his left hand on her narrow right hip and knows that her virginity will soon be torn away.

One of the camera operators moves to stand at Ivy’s head so that the expression in her eyes can be recorded during her defilement.

Mother continues to force her wet cunt onto her daughter’s mouth while daddy guides the head of his cock so that it just touches the lips of Ivy’s vagina. Ivy moans and trembles for she can feel the tip of her Daddy’s cock resting in the opening of her cunt. At a signal from her husband, Ivy’s mother raises herself from her daughter’s face so that the camera can capture the expression of Ivy’s face. Anchoring himself by grasping her hips with both hands, he pulls hard towards himself and thrusts his hips forward to jam his engorged cock deep into the tight channel of his virgin daughter’s cunt, tearing away her hymen and her illusion of being loved. The video cam operator makes sure that he records the young victim’s expression of shock, humiliation, pain and betrayal.

Ivy’s howl of pain is muffled when her mother resumes her seat on her daughter’s face. Daddy withdraws his cock so that only its head remains her body. The glistening shaft is now streaked with Ivy’s blood. He slowly pushes his prick back into her and begins to repeat a slow, deep pistoning motion — in and out, in and out — blood and cunt juice drip from Ivy onto the floor. For fifteen minutes Daddy ravages his petite raven-haired daughter while Mummy rides her face.

“I’m ready to cum now,” Daddy announces and withdraws his cock from Ivy’s tight cunt with a plopping sound.

Mother dismounts her daughter and Father appears by her side. Mommy holds Ivy’s head steady with he clutches his cock only inches from the stunned teenager’s face. He looks deeply into Ivy’s eyes as he masturbates. In a few moments a great gout of pearly cum spurts from his prick and land with a splat on Ivy’s cheek. She opens her mouth in surprise and Daddy launches a second gob of sperm into it.

“A direct hit!” her mother laughs, “Aren’t you glad we didn’t screw for the past month. You should have enough sperm to bathe Ivy’s entire face.”

Sure enough Daddy continues cumming on his bound daughter. Spasm after spasm of his cock lashes Ivy’s face with hot, sticky sperm. Her hair, forehead and both eyes are spattered. Gobs of cum land on her cheeks and slide down to pool near her ears.

It seems like hours to Ivy but in only a few seconds, her father’s cock stops spitting. Her mother continues to hold her head steady by her ears as one of the cameras comes in for a close-up of her face. Her alabaster skin is almost completely covered by Daddy’s pearly cock-slime. She blinks furiously in an attempt to clear the stinging sperm from her blue eyes. Ropy scum oozes out the corners of her mouth as Ivy pushes her father’s “direct hit” over her lips with her tongue.

“Time for a break,” Ivy’s mother cheerfully announces. Looking lovingly at her daughter she says,”You must be starved. Let’s give you a snack. But first we must see to the welfare and comfort of the camera operators. I can’t help but notice how aroused they have become by our little performance. It’s only fair that we allow them to let off a little steam before you eat.”

Ivy’s father takes the video camera from one of the men and records them as they open their flies and take out their penises. While Ivy’s mother continues to hold her steady, each man stands on either side of the teenager’s head. They point their erections at Ivy and begin to masturbate.

“Shall we bet on who comes first?” asks her mother as both men furiously jerk on their rods.

“Okay,” replies her father, “I believe by the amount of pre-cum leaking from our Afro-American friend on Ivy’s right, that he will go off first.”

Just as Father ends his statement, the black camera operator groans and fires a huge wad of sperm onto Ivy’s lips. Perhaps inspired by his colleague, the other man immediately begins to ejaculate too, spurting ribbons of cum over the ones already deposited on the captive teen by her father and the black camera operator.

When they finish they zip up and resume their duties. Sobbing Ivy’s face is now covered with the malodorous deposits of three men. There is no spot on her face that is not thickly coated. Every time the fourteen year-old breathes out through her nose, she blows small bubbles of sperm over her lips.

Mummy and Daddy stand on either side of Ivy. Each is holding a sterling silver teaspoon.

“Now for that snack I promised you,” says her mother.

Ivy’s parents use their spoons to gather up the sperm from their daughter’s face.

“Open wide,” Daddy smirks.

Ivy hesitates so each parent grabs a nipple and squeezes hard. More tears well from Ivy’s eyes as excruciating pain fires through her small, tender breasts. She has no choice but to open her mouth. Mummy holds her cum-filled spoon inches from Ivy’s lips and tips it to let the slime slowly slide in a ribbon into the Innocent Victim’s pink tongue. Ivy resists the impulse to gag as Daddy empties his spoon into her mouth. Mummy and Daddy alternately scrape the scum from their daughter’s face and empty their spoons into her mouth. She cannot bring herself to swallow the disgusting mess and soon her mouth is full. The cameras capture an image of a beautiful teenager forced to hold her mouth open. The pointed tip of her tongue stands out like a tiny island in a small milky lake of jism.

“You’d better swallow,” orders Mother, “And if you spill a drop, I’ll tear your nipple off!”

“And if you vomit, we’ll make you lick it up,” adds Daddy.

Ivy has no choice. Closing her eyes and her lips she swallow half of the slime in her mouth. Her stomach heaves and she coughs, fighting the urge to throw up even as she swallows the rest of the ropy cum. Her coughing has caused some of the sperm in her mouth to shoot out her nose and onto her lips and chin. Mother uses her spoon to gather up this slime and once again, trickles it into Ivy’s mouth. After a few more swallows the young captive has consumed all of the sperm and lays gasping in her tight chains.

“Well that was fun, dear,” mocks Ivy’s mum, “But your father and I are tired and I imagine you are too. So we’ll leave you comfortably where you are for a few hours before we introduce you to some of our friends. I know how much you like to have Bentley with you when you nap so we will let you hold him now. Unfortunately, you are in no position to cuddle him like you used to but Daddy and I have figured out a way that you can hold onto him without having to use your arms.”

Having said this, Ivy’s mother bends down and retrieves the teddy bear from the floor where it fell during the rape of the young teen. Ivy watches closely as Mother takes her toy to her father who has just wheeled in a small cart with several tools and other items on it.

“Although you have slept with Bentley every night for the past twelve years, you never discovered one of his special features,” her father declares, “Watch.”

Ivy looks as her father takes a small utility knife and makes an incision in the front of the teddy bear between its legs. After putting down the knife, he uses both thumbs to separate the cloth covering and stuffing. He reveals a stainless steel nut sewn into the base of the stuffed animal. Daddy turns his back on Ivy and reaches onto the table for something she cannot immediately see. He turns around and proudly shows it to his captive a large pink dildo with a threaded shaft coming out of its base. He proceeds to screw the dildo onto the anchor nut sewn into the pink teddy bear. When he is finished Bentley has a foot long hard-on.

“That cock may look familiar to you,” Ivy’s mother explains to her daughter, “In fact it’s made from a plaster cast of your father’s rod. Craftsmen here at the Manor used the cast to create a dildo that is half again as long and almost half as wide around as your father’s dick. They have also added some features that we find amusing although you probably won’t.”

Ivy’s father has completed attaching the dildo to Bentley so that the bear appears to have a huge, pink erection. Holding the toy inches from her tear streaked face he remarks …

“I remember how you used to clutch Bentley so tightly when you were sleeping that we could carry you out of your bed and you would not drop him. Since you cannot hold him with your arms, we added a special feature to his dick. Watch.”

As his trembling, naked daughter watches, her father presses a small button located near the base of the dildo. With an audible “click” four small stainless steel studs spring out of the shaft just below the cock’s head. Each stud was at right angles to its neighbor and stands out from the surface of the shaft by more than half an inch. They will serve very well as anchors. Ivy’s heart lurches when she sees that her beloved teddy bear has been turned into an instrument of torture. She shrieks when she realizes how much pain there is in store for her.

Daddy gives the obscene toy to his wife who is already standing between her daughter’s legs. She pushes the studs back into their holes until they lock in place. She reaches to the wheeled table and lifts a paintbrush out of a small bowl. The brush is covered with a red, greasy substance. As she begins to slather this grease over the pink dildo, she explains to her daughter that she is covering her teddy’s penis with a special mixture of K-Y Jelly and a specially formulated itching powder.

Once the rod is gleaming with this itching lubricant, Ivy’s mother returns the brush to the bowl. She holds the teddy bear held in front of her so that the tip of the dildo just rests against her daughter’s labia. Ever so slowly she pushes the huge dildo into Ivy’s ravaged cunt. The large plastic cock stretches the walls of her narrow love channel. Her tender flesh begins to itch as soon as the dildo slides over it. Ivy shakes and moans as her mother continues to push the rod into her. She stops only when the end of the dildo bumps against Ivy’s cervix. Mummy ensures that the huge rod will stay put by pressing the trigger on its base. Ivy screams and convulses as the stainless steel studs dig into her tender cunt flesh.

Mummy lets go of Bentley and steps away. Viewers at the Manor are treated to the bizarre sight of a beautiful young teenager spread wide-open on her back. A cute pink teddy bear appears to be raping this unfortunate captive with a thick greasy shaft that extends four inches out of the tortured teen’s ravaged cunt. Taut chains hold her arms and legs in place. She trembles and moans as the diabolical itching cream alternately tickles and burns every inch of her cunt lining.

“We’ll leave you now, dear,” her mother tenderly says, “But before we go I just noticed that your face is still covered with a thin coating of cum. I guess our spoons couldn’t clean you completely. I’ll just hold one of the cameras while Daddy and these two other gentlemen wash your face.”

The three men approach Ivy who is trying will little success to squirm on the table in a futile attempt to ease the itching in her vagina. Her father stands about two feet from her head and is flanked by the two other men. Daddy unties her braids and pushes the small platform supporting Ivy head back into the body of the table. Her head falls back. She is too weak to lift it. She stares at the three men.

Each man smiles malevolently and grasps his now flaccid penis. They point their organs at the naked fourteen year-old and begin to piss on her. The acrid yellow streams hit her directly on the face. She opens her mouth to scream and gags as her father directs his golden shower into it. The two camera operators move toward her so they can spray her breasts and belly with the bitter, hot liquid. It seems like forever to Ivy, but they finally stop. Her face and hair are saturated with piss. Her small, perfect breasts are slick with urine and a small puddle of piss has pooled in her belly button.

“That’s much better. We really must toddle off now, dear,” says her mother, “We’ll leave you to ‘rest’.”

As she is speaking, the camera operators set their cameras on tripods.

“We’ll continue to film you while you rest,” adds Mother, “We want to capture your reaction as the itching in your cunny increases. Moreover, with that lovely coating of piss on you you’ve become a cockroach magnet. I know there are no bugs in here now, but we’re now going to rectify that situation.”

So saying, Mother places a wooden box on the floor beneath Ivy’s head. Ivy can hear a muffled hissing sound emanating from inside the container.

“Inside this box are over one thousand Madagascar hissing cockroaches,” she declares, “The lid of the box is opened by a spring loaded timer. A few minutes after we leave, the lid will fly open and the insects will be released. I hope you enjoy their company. Ta-ta for now.”

The grown-ups leave and Ivy is alone. The excruciating itching in her vagina is getting worse by the minute. Suddenly there is a loud snapping sound and the lid of the box pops open. The camera capture the sight of two-inch long shit-brown cockroaches swarming out of the container and onto the floor. Attracted by the smell of piss emanating from the bound teen, they quickly climb up the legs of the torture table and begin crawling onto the bound victim.

The sight of the bugs disgusts Ivy. They are obscenely large, noisy things. Dozens of them swarm over her piss-soaked breasts and belly and dozens more try to gain purchase on her face and in her hair. Ivy can only shake her head furiously to dislodge the bugs on her face. She can do nothing about those on her body. Soon her torso is completely covered by the huge insects. Their tiny feet tickle her flesh and the sound of their loud cat-like hissing is maddening.

Ivy has been driven half-mad by the brutal betrayal by her parents. Her ravaged body aches and itches from the rape of her mouth and cunt. Her humiliation is without bounds as she imagines how she must appear. A naked teenager chained spread-eagle in a dungeon while her beloved teddy beat “fucks” her with a huge model of her own father’s cock. Meanwhile thousands of disgusting giant cockroaches crawl over her alabaster, piss-soaked skin.

Ivy raises her head in attempt to dislodge some flies that were trying to crawl into her nostrils. She sobs with despair when she notices for the first time a sign painted on the ceiling directly above her. It says “Welcome to Thanatos Manor Ivy, it doesn’t get any better.”

For three agonizing hours the fourteen-year-old prisoner suffers as never before. The torn, bruised flesh of her cunt felt like it was on fire. Try as she might, using muscles she never knew she had, Ivy tries unsuccessfully to expel the large dildo anchored in her girl-flesh by those wicked steel studs. Her chained arms and legs are racked with painful muscle cramps. Ruby red drops of blood drip from the chaffed flesh of her wrists and ankles to form small puddles on the stone floor of the dungeon. The roaches continue to torment her. Just as she is about to lose her mind, nozzles hidden in the ceiling of the cell spray the room briefly with a deadly insecticide. Ivy gags and coughs as he inhales the fumes. The insects die quickly. Hundreds of insect carcasses rest on the teenager’s body. After a few minutes the air is free of bug spray and her parents enter the room.

Mother and Father are fully clothed and are leading on leashes, two naked teenage girls not much older than Ivy. They are identical twins. Both are gorgeous blondes, tall and slim with silver manacles around wrists and ankles. Small silver rings have been inserted through the pink upturned nipples of their small, firm breasts. One of the girls has a ring inserted through the left lip of her hairless cunt while her twin sister has one through the right lip of hers. The leashes that Ivy’s parents hold are attached to these cunt rings.

“Ivy dear,” says Mother as she introduces the naked twin beauties, “I’d like you to meet Lara and Oksana. These two little trollops were brought to the Manor from Russia a year ago. At the time they, like you, were Innocent Victims of the Thanatos Society. After their initiation a member of the Society purchased them at auction and they now live with him on his estate in South America. They are here today because their Master is visiting the Manor to buy additional slaves. He has graciously lent them to your father and I so you can have some idea of how you will be expected to behave from now on. You will be happy to learn that the first thing they will do is help us get you off that table. Both of these sluts have been trained as body slaves and will clean you up before they release you.”

Turning to the twins Ivy’s mother orders.

“Begin, whores, and make sure that Ivy is nice and clean.”

She and her husband then disconnect the leashes from the girls’ cunt rings. The two blonde beauties immediately walk over to Ivy so that they stand on either side of her. They bend over and begin licking the dead cockroaches from Ivy’s belly and breasts.

“Make sure you swallow all of the bugs, sluts,” Ivy’s father orders.

Lara and Oksana use their tongues to flick the dead insects into their mouths as easily as teenagers in more normal circumstances would eat popcorn at the movies. Despite her extreme discomfort, Ivy cannot help but stare with shocked astonishment as the two Russian teens crunch down on their mouthfuls of dead bugs and then swallow them, only to return to their six-legged feast.

Soon Ivy’s body is insect-free and the two slaves then proceed to wash every inch of it with their tongues. As they lick off the last traces of cum and piss from the fourteen year-old, Ivy’s father stands between his daughter’s legs and removes Bentley and the pink dildo from her cunt. Her relief is overwhelming. Her mother then washes out her vagina with a douche of pleasantly scented soapy water while Daddy unfastens the chains from her wrist and ankle manacles. She cries with relief as the itching in her cunt finally stops although her love channel is one large bruise.

The twin slaves have completed tongue-bathing Ivy and they help her from the table. She is too weak to stand by herself so they support her. The twin Russian beauties are very strong and hold her easily. Ivy trembles with fatigue and shock as a small rivulet of blood trickles from her hairless cunt and meanders slowly down her inside of her left thigh.

Mother stands before her, puts her hand under her chin and raises her face so that she can gaze into her defiled daughter’s eyes.

“It’s time for you to learn some fundamental truths,” she says, “First of all, let me assure you that this is not a bad dream. You will not wake up to find yourself in your warm bed. No fucking way, dear Ivy. You see, we get paid by the Thanatos Society to raise little girls like you. Once you’re ripe, we hand you over to it. You’ve always been owned by the Society. You just never knew it. You’re not alone. There are more than a hundred ‘parents’ like us located around the world so there are usually five or six ‘innocent victims’ fed into the Society each year. You are just one of them.”

Ivy listens in shocked silence as her mother continues.

“We’re done with you, and not a moment too soon. In a month we are going to pick up a beautiful little girl who will replace you in our new home in Europe. We’ll raise her like we raised you and in fourteen or fifteen years we will bring her here where she will suffer a fate similar to yours. This sort of thing has been going on for centuries.

“You have no idea how relieved your father and I are not to have to pretend with you anymore. It’s not easy raising an innocent in today’s modern society.

“Now that we are finished with you, let me explain what will happen to you now.

“We are in the lower level of the Manor of the Thanatos Society. In a few minutes you will be chained between two stone pillars in the lobby of the Manor. You will remain nude and will be positioned with your legs spread, kneeling on the marble floor. A large television set will be set up adjacent to you so that members can watch an edited tape of your initiation. By the way, you may be interested in watching it yourself, dear. After all, it isn’t every young woman who is lucky enough to see a film of her father as he violates her mouth and takes her virginity. Nor does she often get to watch herself eating sperm and then getting a piss bath.

“You will hang there for twenty-four hours while members of the Society bid for you in a silent auction. Bidders will write their bid on a large sheet of paper fastened to one of the pillars so you can see what they think you’re worth. You might be proud to know that the bidding will start at $150,000.

“Members of the Society who are interested in buying you can inspect you if they wish but they can only ‘feel the merchandise’. That means they may fondle you but are not allowed to fuck you. They can however test you mouth with their cocks. After all, anyone willing to spend so much money for you should at least be assured that your mouth is a warm and pleasant receptacle for his sex organ. There are about eighty members staying at the Manor today. I would imagine every one of them would have you suck his cock. I would advise you to swallow every drop of their sperm, as that is the only nourishment you will get. By the way, if you resist or, God forbid, bite any of the Members you will immediately become the star of a “snuff” film.”

Observing the puzzled look on her defeated daughter’s face, Mother explains.

“A snuff film in one in which the star — in this case you — is raped, humiliated and slowly tortured until she dies. Producing snuff films is one of the specialties of the Thanatos Society and is a major source of its income. In fact you are probably worth more to the Society in a snuff film than as a slave. So watch your behavior.

“Now aside from the cock-sucking and the odd finger in your cunt or up your arse, the next twenty-four hours will probably be the best rest you are to get in a very long time.

“Once you are sold, your new owner can do anything he or she wants with you. He can keep you as a slave, have you tortured to death or torture you himself. The only thing he cannot do is let you go free. If you’re lucky you’ll end up like Oksana and Lara here, and believe me, these two are very lucky. Of the seven other girls initiated into the Society last year, two were tortured to death by their new owners one week after they were bought, four were dead within six months and the seventh one is still alive but wishes she weren’t. I can’t remember the exact details. Daddy, do you remember exactly what happened to her? I think her name was Cindy.”

“Cindy, Cindy … let me think,” Ivy’s father ponders, “Oh yes. I remember now. She was that little redheaded vixen that was brought here last summer when Ivy was at camp and were here at the Manor. Oh yes indeedy. Cindy was a cute little thing, barely five feet tall. She couldn’t have been more than thirteen years old. Nice little tits though, with a cute ass and, just like you Ivy, hardly any cunt hair at all. Well anyhow, after she was fucked over by her parents a Kentucky horse breeder bought her. He was generous enough to let all seventy guests staying at the Manor at the time have a go at her before he took her back to the States. That was one hell of a party. I seem to recall that this little girl, who had been a virgin the day before was at one point servicing five men simultaneously.”

“Oh yes, dear. I remember,” chimes in Ivy’s mother, “Cindy was laying back against the belly and chest of one man who had his dick up her ass while another man was fucking her cunt “missionary” style. A third and fourth man were forcing her to give them hand jobs by pulling on the fishing lines that were attached by slide knots to each of her nipples. If she stopped stroking their cocks they simply pulled and the line would tighten around her nip. If I’m not mistaken dear, you were the fifth man. You had your cock buried all the way down her throat.”

“I was indeed,” replies Daddy, “Do you remember what Cindy looked like when all seventy of us were finished with her? She was just a mass of cum and blood and bruises. Her ass, tits and cunny were bleeding,” he reminisced fondly.

“Her cunt was bleeding a lot more than yours is now,” he says to Ivy as he reaches out to dip his finger in the rivulet of blood drooling from her cunt. He smiles at her and places his finger into the mouth of Oksana who dutifully licks off his daughter’s blood.

“Anyhow, as I was saying,” he continued, “Little Cindy was a mess. Her lips were swollen and she had a black eye. She could hardly walk.

“The next day she was shipped off to her Master’s stud farm. I understand that every day she must either fuck or suck off one or two of his stallions. You see, it was an experiment. Her owner thought that if Cindy got the horses off regularly, they would be easier to handle. As it turned out, she cannot be kept near the stallions for the mere sight of her excites them. So her owner keeps her chained up in a stall with the mares. I guess his theory that stallions would be more manageable if a girl fucked and sucked them regularly has been disproved.

“Needless to say, little Cindy’s cunt is rather large and well worn after taking on the horses for a year. Now her owner and his three sons only bum-fuck her.

“As it happens,” Father continues as he smiles at his suffering daughter. “Cindy’s owner is in the Manor today. You’ll probably meet him and get to suck his cock while you’re chained up in the lobby. He’s looking for a new slave to replace Cindy. You see, he doesn’t expect her to live much longer since she became the subject of his latest experiment. He wants to see how long Cindy can live on a diet consisting exclusively of horse semen. Maybe he’ll buy you.”

Ivy almost swoons and is kept from collapsing by Oksana and her sister.

“By the way, dear. Do you have to go to the bathroom?” asks Mummy as if nothing had happened.

“Yes I do,” Ivy whimpers as she recovers.

“Well just hold on until you are chained to the pillars upstairs,” Mother responds. “Lara and Oksana have both been trained as Toilet-Slaves. If you have to pee or dump a load, just let loose. These two blondes will lick or eat it up as necessary. Watch their techniques carefully Ivy, you may have to do the same someday.”

With that, Mother indicates to the two Russians that Ivy is to be taken away.

As her stunned daughter is led out of the chamber, Mother says, “Well goodbye Ivy. It’s been a slice. Through the trials and tribulations of your future, remember to keep this thought in mind: Your father and I never loved you. As far as we are concerned you are just meat. We both wish you a short and pain filled life.”


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  1. Lovely story mmmmm
    Every mommy and daddy should be this way towards there children but start at birth the pleasure and pain the love of the dark master god satan and lilith training must be taught to children at birth they must be taught lust for sexual freedom, nothing is taboo so when they get older they want children to teach them the ways of the almighty God satan and lilith hail Mary the whore of God hail satan hail lilith hail molesting children mmmmmmm

  2. love your writing and imaginative story telling , apart from XP you are one of the few writers who manage to kep my attention , i have read several of your stories and they are very nasty and erotic and hope you write more , especially where both parents are utter pervs and nothing is taboo , especially with religious themes , blasphemy , incest etc.

  3. Satan’s Cock! This is truly marvelous. I look forward to the continuation. I wonder how much more Evil it will be.

    Thanks so much for this.

  4. I love Amanda’s stories! Rape is beautifully Satanic. However, more effort should be made to make it believable that they could raise her without her knowing their evil natures.

    1. She is truly amazing … I have a new posting for her early next week … just editing it now … it’s a super long one too

        1. Hi Suspicious Reader — are you saying that Amandablonde wrote the story “Innocence Betrayed” and there are another 12 chapters to her story? I don’t upload stories without crediting the author — though authors do change their names — like Hoku, had four or five names in her material across MEWE and Tumblr. Can you let me know,? Thanks, XP

          1. It’s not you I’m questioning. You still did nothing wrong.

            It does look possible to me that Amandablonde might have copied the first part (of 13) of Cerberus’ story without crediting Cerberus. Especially since this was only posted by Amandablonde (as far as I can find) in the last few months, they have changed the name, and only has uploaded the first part even though the entire story was finished by Cerberus in July 2005.

            Now it could be Cerberus under a new name (and I would be very welcome to that development) but since Cerberus has been silent since 2011, this story was already finished, Cerberus has plenty of stories that were popular that were never finished, and had a tendency to move to a new idea within Thanatos Society before finishing an existing story, I can’t help be suspicious if Amandablonde is just plagiarizing Cerberus work.

            And I might just be more salty than I should about this. When I found this today I was all excited to find a new Thanatos Society story (beyond the 9 or so written by Cerberus there is at least one more written by another auther) only be dashed by finding out it’s the first part of an existing Cerberus work under a new name and no forewarning or explanation by the author (not just here, there is nothing on AoON either attributing it to Cerberus.)

  5. Lovely story. A beautiful take. Would love to be able to join the society and join in the bidding. Are they accepting applications?
    Please keep writing!

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