The Rituals of Daimonic Apotheosis – Non-Fiction

Writer: beastus666

Subject: The Rituals of Daimonic Apotheosis

Link: Tumblr / 10.10.2021 / Reposted by Theistic Satanist

𖤐 The Rituals of Daimonic Apotheosis 𖤐 

Link: The Ritual 

This is a guided ceremonial and meditation Path working for the True Will or Daimon/Daemon. In Luciferianism, self-accountability and responsibility is a foundation, thus determining your True Will or inherent desire, the very driving force of inspiration is a primary aim. This is the process of attaining self-mastery and in the process of Liberation, Illumination and Apotheosis can the Daemon or as Aleister Crowley named it, the “Holy Guardian Angel”.

Michael W. Ford guides the listener through the introduction, theory and method of attaining conversation with the Daemon and several ritual examples invoked by Akhtya (Ford) for examples of Daemonic Invocation. From Greco-Roman to Egyptian invocations, the Great Work of Apotheosis in Luciferianism is presented here. Ritualistic Dark Ambient soundscapes create an enveloping sphere of sound from which “Vox Barathrum” (Voice of the Abyss) explains the philosophy and magickial attainment of the knowledge and conversation of the Daimon and continual Apotheosis as a Luciferian.’

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