Feature Writer: Rak_Sasha

Feature Title: THE RAK-SASHA 5

Published: 09.12.2017

Story Codes: Erotic Horror, Shemale, Demonic, Bisex

Synopsis: Mary invites the beast over for dinner


The Rak-Sasha 5

Within a few days time, things seemed to have changed for the better. The dwindling fire of Mary and Alex’s marriage had been fueled into a raging inferno. Bringing back memories of their time together before getting married, even their children seemed to be doing better. The same old routine was changing even more with their son Vincent actually becoming more active, spending less time at home. Not only giving Alex and Mary some much welcomed alone time, but Vincent’s choices in friends had shifted. No longer did he hang out with his high school friends who followed with him to college, now he was often seen in the company of a small group of social outcasts.

One thing that had not changed was that Erica was still herself and sticking to her typical routine, all of this crossed Alex’s mind as he began to sit up out of bed. His muscles aching from yet another round of rough sex with his wife, this time showing a few more scratches and bites than the last time. A smile comes across his lips as he turns to look over to the other side of the bed, expecting to see that wild creature laying there but instead not seeing anyone. He lays there a moment, the last few days and especially last night still on his mind.

His thoughts started to shift as he noticed a strange scent drifting through the bedroom, noticing that it was already mid-day before slipping out of bed. Noticing that he was still naked from last night, he quickly slips on some clothes and walks downstairs towards the kitchen. Thinking that perhaps Mary had already starting getting lunch or perhaps dinner prepared for the family. Instead what he found were several plates sitting at the table, one for each of them but there was an extra. Alex shakes his head a little, trying to figure out the extra plate and chair as he looks over to see his wife backing away from the oven.

Mary turns to see her husband standing there, offering a loving smile before motioning him out of the way. Allowing him to see her wearing one of his shirts, along with a skirt and cooking apron, but especially the steaming tray of food she was setting down on the dinner table. Walking past him as Alex steps back out of the way, stealing a brief but passionate kiss before setting the dish down at the dinner table. Taking off her oven mitts before hearing Alex asking her, “whats going on, honey.. what’s the big occasion?”

She smiles and turns back to the oven, stirring something she was cooking in a pan. After a few moments she eventually answers her husband “the big occasion is, we have a guest this evening” Mary explains.

“Oh? You mean our daughter is finally bringing her boyfriend for us to meet?”

Mary continues cooking and begins to explain, “Mmmh… not sure if she wants to just yet, Vincent said he is going to be out with his new friends but would be back before dinner. Before you even ask, neither of our families are coming by either.”

Hearing all this, Alex again looks over to the extra chair and plate, at the same time noticing Mary was only preparing a few side dishes and no main course.

“So then who is coming over for dinner tonight?” Alex asks.

Suddenly stopping what she is doing, the sound of something sizzling in the pan was the only noise to break up the uncomfortable silence between them. Mary slowly turns to look back towards her husband before smiling a little, and answering in a sultry voice, “The Rak-Sasha”

All Alex could do was stand there and listen to his wife saying that word, the name of the strange woman living next door to them. Even the way Mary said it seemed to conjure up images of seeing that woman crawling across the bed on all fours, moving towards him. Unsure if she was about to fuck him, or devour him like a hungry predator.. or perhaps both?

From the window Alex could be seen shaking his head a little, walking away from his wife still in the kitchen. Inside the house next door someone else was moving around in the kitchen while Azetlor pads through the living room, sniffing the air and following the noise and smells into the kitchen. His golden eyes staring intently at Sasha wearing a simple black dress as she takes some large tray out of the oven, uncovering it to reveal several pieces of cooked meat. Leaning over the tray as she takes a deep breath, savoring the smell of it as she lets out a low purr. Looking over to see Azetlor eying the tray and licking his fangs, purring back to him, “No baby, this is for tonight.”

Grabbing a small bag from the table nearby, the bag itself said “Lilith’s Erotic Emporium” on it. Yet what Sasha pulls from the bag were not sex toys or some kind of gifts for the dinner tonight. Instead she sets down several what looked like spice containers on the table next to the tray of meat. Taking each one and sprinkling some of the exotice spices onto the meat, looking rather like steak seasoning before putting the first one down. Azetlor still watches her as she adds these extra ingredients, even leaping up onto the kitchen counter nearby to watch closely.

Sensing the sudden motion so close, she looks over at him as if to warn him to stay back. Even a low growl could be heard rumbling within her as Azetlor sits down on the edge of the counter, his ears lowered at the sound of her growl. Noticing that while she was adding these seasonings, they had rather strange names written on them. One was labeled, “Horn of Draikoth” another was, “Scales of Sobek” then “Dried Essence of Succubus” but the final one she puts aside and doesn’t add to the meat. Smiling over at Azetlor and whispering to him “Tears of the Red Witch, this one is for us to use later” Sasha explains.

Turning her back to Azetlor and hearing him jump down from the counter, looking down at a few more ingredients written on a small piece of paper nearby. The paper itself also had, “Lilith’s Erotic Emporium” written at the top, along with an address and number. Below were a list of handwritten ingredients, Sasha takes a little more of the seasoning and sprinkles it over the meat before grabbing a jar of thick red liquid. Carefully opening it and reaching in, the dark red substance seemed to almost radiate heat and even seemed to glow a little. Taking some of it into her hands before smearing it over the cooked meat, her claw-like nails making sure the meat was scratched. Allowing this final ingredient to seep into the flesh, the movements of her hands slowly becoming more forceful as she continues. The sounds of flesh stretching and bones popping fill the kitchen while Sasha works her claws over the seasoned meat.

The feel of a pair of arms slipping around her waist from behind suddenly makes her stop, her hands still resting on the tray of meat as she looks down. Noticing the obviously male and clawed hands of someone standing behind her, smiling as she looks towards the window to see the reflection of a familiar looking naked man in her kitchen. Deciding to ignore him at first, taking another handful of the red slimy liquid to glaze the meat. Feeling the man behind her begin to move his hands across her hips, one hand sliding down between her legs. Slowly rubbing the growing erection pushing out from under the front of her dress, while the other moves down her other side. Finding the bottom of her black dress and pushing it up to reveal she was naked underneath, this only makes the man standing behind her begin to purr like an animal.

Sasha bites her lower lip, revealing her fangs as she decides to tease her lover. Gently moving her hips and grinding back against this man, feeling his own throbbing erection sliding along the crack of her ass. She could feel the warmth of the slime on her hands traveling up her arms, obviously having an effect on her as she teases the man behind her. Pushing her naked ass back onto that big cock, feeling it almost push into her tight hole before it pulls away teasingly. Feeling this, Sasha’s eyes suddenly become pure red with no visible iris. Ripping her claws away from the meat and bracing herself against the counter, instinctively grinding back against him and letting out a low demonic growl.

“Mmmrrrr… what are you waiting for?”

The sound of Sasha’s voice shifting to an inhuman growl as she speaks, feeling her lover obey as he moves forward. The head of his manhood slipping inside her, past that tight ring of muscle and pulling a brief lion-like roar from within her. Sasha’s head falls forward, her blond hair falling around her face while her claws start to grow out a bit more. Digging into the counter beneath her fingers, her muscles tense as this man begins pushing in deeper. Drawing rough and ragged breaths, the man reaches over with his other hand to pull her hair back out of her face. Feeling this, Sasha turns to look back at him while purring loudly. Slowly revealing her now feline features, her head and face resembling some kind of demonic lion. Her hair looking more and more like a lion’s mane as she smiles back at him.

Slowly running her now forked tongue along her dark lips and deadly fangs, already feeling the soft fur beginning to grow out and covering her skin. Not bothering to wait for her lover to remove her dress as she begins tearing it from her body. The sound of fabric ripping still wasn’t enough to drown out the sound of her growling, within seconds she was free of her clothing. Her red eyes smoldering with lust, walking up to this man who stood only slightly taller than her. Staring into his eyes before hearing a soft gasp slip past his lips, the sensation of their erections brushing against one another catching his breath in his throat. A sultry smile comes across her dark lips, looking up into this man’s eyes and seeing they were already the eyes of a beast.

Sasha brings her right hand up, still wet and dripping with that red slimy fluid and actually smears it across the man’s face. Forcing his eyes to close and turn his head as she moves her hand over his face, hearing him start to growl at her before she snarls back. Taking her hand away from him as he turns to look at her once more, his lips peel back to reveal a mouth of sharp teeth. Hissing softly before Sasha leaps forward onto him, the two falling to the kitchen floor as a lion-like tail follows Sasha. Within moments, a clawed hand reaches up and grabs the jar from the counter top. Pulling it down and out of sight, while at the same time the sounds of beastly grunts and growls began to fill the kitchen.

After dark, at Alex’s house the dinner table was set and he and his wife Mary were awaiting the arrival of their guest. Not remembering inviting this woman or even discussing it in the last few days, just accepting it as he sits in the living room wearing a dress shirt and new jeans. Alex still couldn’t get over this new fire brought back to their sex life, it even showed in what Mary was wearing this evening. A strapless red dress that seemed to hug her curves and show off her lean frame, the dress stopping before it reaches her knees. A pair of red high heels to match the dress, Mary could see the effect it was having on her husband as she smiles over at him.

The sound of the doorbell ringing suddenly gets her attention, quickly slipping out of her chair and walking to the door. Not even waiting to see if Alex was beside her as Mary opens the door, revealing Sasha standing there holding a large covered tray in her hands. Tonight she was wearing a loose fitting tribal-style dress, looking like she had just stepped off the set of some jungle movie. The material looked almost transparent but layered to hide some detail in just the right areas. Alex and Mary could also see the leopard style print of Sasha’s dress, as well as the jungle necklace around her neck. It’s most prominent feature was a large claw, Alex almost tried to welcome their guest before his wife steps between them.

Instead of a typical greeting, the two actually meet in a deep and passionate kiss. Sasha’s hand becoming tangled in Mary’s dark hair, while Mary slipped her arms around Sasha’s athletic frame. Feeling Mary’s hands moving from her lower back to reach around between her legs, Sasha suddenly stops her with a brief inhuman snarl.

Mary reluctantly breaks the kiss and looks at her before lowering her head submissively, only to feel Sasha step closer and nuzzle into her neck. Sniffing a little and offering a tender lick before whispering back to her, “Remember this?”

Mary slowly lifts her gaze to Sasha’s before looking to see what was in this woman’s hands, noticing a gold chain. Yet it more resembled a dog collar than a piece of jewelry, since it seemed to have a loop for a leash to hook on to it. Alex couldn’t help but be stunned with his wife greeting this woman in such an intimate and passionate way, still it reminded him of the new passion in their love life. Considering that for a moment, and not wanting to make a scene in front of their guest, he instead moves to greet her himself. Unsure what she was expecting him to do before Sasha nods to his wife “take this… we’ll be there in a moment, dear.”

They both watch as Mary picks up the large covered tray and carries it back to the kitchen. Alex smiles nervously, taking a few steps towards Sasha as she moves closer to him. Offering a sultry smile before snapping him out of his lustful daze with a deep animalistic growl, the hand that was about to touch his face becomes a beastly paw. Carefully running her talons down over his throat and to his chest and easily cutting into Alex’s shirt, their eyes meet as he feels unable to look away. Just standing there as Sasha reaches down lower, teasing the growing erection in his pants.

Purring like a lion as she whispers to him, “I suppose you’ve been enjoying fucking my daughter, haven’t you human?”

For a moment all Alex could think about was this beautiful woman rubbing his cock through his clothes, that warm red glow filtering into her eyes forcing him to think about her. Imagining slipping her out of that sexy dress and fucking her right there in the hallway, only to hear her sultry voice whispering to him “you’ll have me soon enough, well… after you’ve helped me with a little something first.” Hearing this, he almost tries to ask her what she needed from him, only to realize what she told him as he comes out of his lustful daze.

“y…your daughter?”

Sasha nods a little, looking down the hall to see Mary was getting finished setting the table and opening a bottle of wine. Blinking a few times as Sasha turns to look at Alex once more, her eyes now pure red as she answers him.

“Ne-Kara, my daughter. You though that repressed little bitch you tied down to a stale marriage could ever fuck you THAT good?” Sasha’s eyes look over him, despite his age he was still in good shape. Even whispering to him “…did she ever?”

Not waiting for Alex to answer, seeing that he now understood why his wife had been so different after visiting with her. That it wasn’t some dream or nightmare he was having, and now he was face to face with the creature responsible. Noticing the realization on his face, Sasha smiles back at him “Now, let’s play nice and have a nice peaceful dinner.” With that Sasha’s eyes flare red as she lets out a deep demonic growl before walking past him. “Just stay out of my way, and maybe I’ll let Ne-Kara play with you after dinner.”

Watching this animalistic woman walking away, Alex couldn’t help but begin to doubt his own sanity. What he felt was even more unsettling was that if this were all really happening, that he and his family were in real danger. The sound of Mary’s voice calling him to the kitchen forces him to follow, despite his instinct to go the other way. Sasha’s threatening words still echoing inside his mind as he walks into the kitchen to see the large tray Sasha brought sitting in the middle f the dinner table. Looking at his wife and then this woman before asking “so w…what is it?”

Mary carefully lifts the top off the tray to reveal some kind of meat that didn’t seem to look like pork, poultry, or beef. However it immediately filled the room with a pleasant and savory aroma, the meat was glistening wet and with a baked on glaze that made it look juicy and delicious. Staring at if for a moment and as if recognizing the scent, Mary turns to Sasha and thanks her “it’s perfect, where did you manage to find one?”

Sasha moves closer to the table and gently drags the same claw Alex had been threatened with, across the cooked meat to actually tear off a little piece. Turning and offering it to Mary who hungrily eats the flesh from Sasha’s claw, savoring the taste of it and even purring a little.

“Lets just say they won’t be causing me anymore trouble” Sasha answers with a smile.

“Yejarl?” Mary asks, only to watch Sasha nod before hearing the doorbell ring again.

Alex couldn’t help but be confused, not recognizing that word or expecting anymore guests for dinner. Taking the chance to step out, Alex moves to answer the door so he wouldn’t be left alone with this strange woman and what used to be his loving wife. Making his way down the hallway and answering the door, relieved to see his daughter Erica wearing her usual shirt and jeans standing there with someone he recognized. Noticing the athletic department shirt on the young man from the college football team, the captain actually who Erica is finally introducing her father to.

“Dad, this is Jake. Number 25 of the football team, Mom said it was OK.”

Alex couldn’t help but welcome the young man into his home, shaking his hand and letting them both step inside before closing the door.

For a moment Alex forgets what is going on between Mary and Sasha, allowing Jake to make his way into the kitchen and briefly talking to his daughter. Erica leans against the wall, expecting her father to be upset for only asking her mother if she could invite someone to dinner. Instead Erica gives him a confused look when asked about where Vincent was “I don’t know dad, he’s been kinda weird lately. Hanging out with his new friends and sneaking out sometimes to go next door.”

Not thinking anything of it, Erica walks to the kitchen to join her boyfriend and followed by her father. By the time Alex reaches the kitchen, the rest of them were just now sitting down at the dinner table. Clearing his throat before taking his seat, looking around to see Erica on one side of the table, her boyfriend next to her, Mary at Alex’s side and Sasha on the other end of the table with a place left for Vincent. Expecting everyone to remain quiet as Alex begins to pray in thanks for the meal, the silence is broken by the sound of flesh tearing. He looks over towards the sound, only to see his wife Mary sitting there with a piece of meat in her hands. Tearing off a bite easily with her teeth and chewing it before looking over at her husband, giving him a look as if to dare to tell her to stop eating.

Biting his lower lip, and for the first time in their marriage Alex refused to say a prayer for their meal. Instead allowing them to all start eating, Sasha reaches over to take a few pieces of meat and pull them back to her plate. Catching the scent of it, even Jake says something about the food “that smells great, what is it?” Mary and Sasha share a brief look before Sasha answers “Just a little something hunted, killed, and dragged back home”

An uncomfortable silence fills the kitchen before Jake laughs at her answer, Erica joins in before Alex chuckles nervously. Easily able to imagine Sasha killing some poor animal herself, quietly watching his daughter, her date, and their guest begin to devour the strange meat. With the first bite, Alex could feel a strange sensation as he tasted it. He couldn’t tell what it was exactly, but it tasted delicious and the juices and glaze it was cooked in left him wanting more. At the same time however, it seemed to trigger another of his appetites. Taking another bite, he couldn’t resist looking over towards his wife while his cock began to pump itself erect. Not that he wasn’t already turned on by how she looked tonight, but something about this food only seemed to arouse him further. Mary’s eyes meet his, seeing the same look in hers as she smiles back at him while licking her lips clean.

Across the table, Jake and Erica were also starting to feel the effects of their meal. Jake’s cock was starting to tent in his jeans while Erica’s virgin pussy began to grow damp with arousal. Her hand slipping into her boyfriend’s lap, hidden under the dinner table as she slowly starts to unzip his pants. Reaching in to take hold of Jake’s cock and stroking it slowly. Even allowing it to slip out of his underwear and brush against the tablecloth, the sound of the doorbell snapping them out of their lustful daze. Erica looks down to see Jake’s manhood throbbing in her grip, reluctantly letting go of it and looking at him as if to ask what had happened. Taking a soft breath as she sits up from the table “I’ll get it, it’s probably Vincent.. late as usual”

Annoyed at having dinner interrupted by a visitor and expecting it to be her brother, she wasn’t surprised to open the door to find him standing there. For a moment Erica just stood there to look at what her brother had become in the past few weeks, his once short hair had grown out and looked greasy and wet. Patches of rough skin had begun to form on his arms and even on his face, yet it didn’t seem to bother him. Gone were his usual dress shirts, replaced with darker ones with what looked like cuts sliced into them. Dark jeans, black boots and a black leather jacket completed his new outfit, but what seemed to bother Erica most was that he was still wearing dark sunglasses at night.

“What’s wrong, Vinnie.. you finally decide to come home after noticing that slut next door was over here having dinner?” Erica asks, only to hear a low inhuman growl coming from her brother as she steps back from the doorway. Letting him inside as he glares at her, still keeping his eyes hidden with the sunglasses. She could see his lip curl back a little, showing off teeth that looked almost like fangs. Watching him walk past without saying anything to her, Erica finally gets upset enough to pull the glasses from her brother’s face while shouting “and take off those stupid fucking sunglasses, it’s already dark outside!”

No sooner do Vincent’s glasses come off and Erica yells at him, his head whips around. A deep and ferocious snarl escaping him as he opens his mouth, revealing his sharp teeth, actually biting at her hand as she pulls the glasses away from his face. For a moment his eyes were closed, yet he still almost bit his own sister. Suddenly his eyes open to reveal a pair of golden orbs with a vertical reptilian iris’ staring back at her. Erica could feel her voice become caught in her throat, instinctively terrified staring into those inhuman eyes and hearing the deep growl coming from her brother. Seeing a movement and looking to see Vincent taking the glasses from her hand and putting them back on, hearing him growl back at her “the next time you touch me, you’ll be begging me to sheath this big scaley dick in that sweet little virgin pussy of yours.”

Vincent reaches down with his right hand, rubbing the bulge in his jeans as he says this, eventually turning away and walking towards the kitchen. Leaving Erica to watch him walk away, she couldn’t help but be in shock. Not only of what she had seen but what her own brother had threatened her with, such a sinful and perverse act. In spite of herself she couldn’t help but wonder what it would feel like, considering how else her brother might have changed lately. Shaking her head a little, Erica manages to clear such impure thoughts from her mind and makes her way back to the kitchen. Only to find Vincent sitting down next to Sasha, noticing them sharing an uncomfortable smile before Alex motions for her to sit back down. The light tap of a few large dark feathers hitting the kitchen window, blown against it from the breeze outside.

As the dinner continues, a pair of eyes continue to watch from across the street. The dark and feminine figure stands on the side of the street, cloaked in a long dark jacket and heels. The wind blowing the long dark red hair of a woman in her late thirties, staring intently at Alex’s house while watching the Rak-Sasha through the kitchen window. A determined look coming across her face before whispering to herself “I won’t let you go through with it, not this time..” The woman’s eyes look down to a sword strapped to her side, her hand idly resting on the handle as the wind blows her jacket open a little. Taking a soft breath and looking back over at Alex’s house, her eyes taking on a warm golden tint while whispering again “…not again.”


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