Feature Writer: Rak_Sasha

Feature Title: THE RAK-SASHA 3

Published: 22.10.2017

Story Codes: Erotic Horror

Synopsis: Sasha awakens the beast within Mary


The Rak-Sasha 3

The dull throbbing pain of Alex’s headache was the only thing he could hear, yet the heated argument with his wife Mary was replaying itself over and over in his mind. Remembering how he shouted at her, begged and pleaded for her not to go back to the house next door. Mary would hear none of this, ignoring her husband’s wild stories of their new neighbor being some kind of monster. While Alex still rests in the bed, a few small bandages placed over the claw marks on his face from where Sasha had hit him. The wound was still stinging as if it had just happened moments ago, in fact it had been a couple hours at least. The sound of the front door of their home slamming shut was enough to get his attention, forcing him to get up off the bed and make his way to the bedroom window. Looking down towards the lawn separating the two properties, watching Mary still in her blue dress now walking over to Sasha’s house.

He could feel his heart sink as Sasha walks out onto the front porch to welcome her guest, wearing a tight fitting black dress that helps to show off her athletic frame. Taking Mary into her arms and hugging her tightly, making sure their bodies rested against one another. For a moment he almost considers screaming for his wife to come back home, but his voice seems caught in his throat Alex is forced to watch the two women begin to kiss. Their lips meet in a soft and gentle kiss, a tease for what was to come as Sasha pulls back to savor Mary’s reaction. Taking her hand and leading her inside, once out of his sight Alex couldn’t help but feel a mix of rage and fear. Not knowing what depraved and sinful plans this woman, no this monster had in store for his wife, himself, and their children.

Inside Sasha’s home, she was leading Mary through the main room and past the demonic skull mounted on the wall. The paintings she didn’t pay much attention to before, now given the chance Mary could see some of the detail and the subject of each work of art. They were all of some humanoid feline shemale creature with various lovers, some male, some female, and some were utterly monstrous. Noticing Mary admiring one of the paintings, one of this feline laying naked with an ebony furred panther woman. Coming up next to Mary as Sasha whispers to her “you like this one?”

Mary nods and whispers back “it’s beautiful…”

Sasha just looks at Mary for a moment, even reaching up to run her clawed fingers through Mary’s hair before taking her hand back to purr softly “you remind me of her”.

“I what, who was she?”

“She was a beautiful creature, fierce, loyal… passionate. You think I can’t see?”

Mary looks over at Sasha, giving her a confused look while staring into Sasha’s eyes and noticing a red tint slowly bleeding into them before asking “see what?”

Taking a few steps closer, Sasha slips a hand behind Mary’s head to pull her closer. In an instant their lips met in a soft and loving kiss, a kiss that quickly grows more passionate as Mary reluctantly slips her arms around this other woman. Something she would have never imagined herself doing, and yet she couldn’t seem to resist. Deepening the kiss as Sasha begins to let out an obvious purr, causing a startled Mary to pull back from the kiss. Only to feel Sasha’s sharper than expected teeth to teasingly chew on her lower lip, the wetness of a little bit of blood could be felt on Mary’s lips as she stares at this woman as if demanding an explanation.

Sasha purrs softly, moving to walk past this woman and leading her deeper into the house while she explains “I see a beautiful creature bound by the chains of a restrictive marriage. A fierce huntress who has given birth to a strong son and intelligent daughter, a wild animal forced into that cage next door you call a home!” By the time Sasha finishes, Mary could see she was now standing in the doorway to the master bedroom where Azetlor was laying on the bed as if waiting for them. Sasha walks back into the bedroom and over next to the bed where the leopard was sitting, reaching out gently pet him before reaching behind her back. The sound of a zipper being run down could be heard, savoring the look on Mary’s face as Sasha begins to undress.

Biting her lower lip, Mary tries not to stare at this sensual woman even as Sasha finishes undoing the top of her black dress. Slowly running the zipper all the way down in the back, then letting the strapless top slip free to reveal her firm breasts and hardening nipples. Sensing Mary’s embarrassment of the situation, Sasha couldn’t help but smile and whisper to her “It’s alright, you can look at me… I want you to” Slowly approaching Mary as she tries not to stare, her eyes traveling up Sasha’s form. Starting with the black high heels that seemed modified in the front to allow what looked like talons to be free. Another talon near her heel, yet Mary’s eyes continued up those strong legs that disappear underneath that black dress hugging Sasha’s thighs. Like before, Mary could see an obvious bulge pushing out against the front of this woman’s dress.

Seeing this instantly reminding her of something that must have happened earlier, though she didn’t fully understand it. Mary could see herself in Sasha’s living room, laying on the couch with this other woman on top of her. Feeling so vulnerable and at the same time aching to feel the deep satisfaction that only a cock sheathed within her dripping pussy could provide. This memory fades as quickly as it came, leaving Mary’s body flush with heat and anticipation as she looks into Sasha’s eyes, watching her coming closer and sensing that something wasn’t right. Just as Mary is about to say something, her voice is silenced with another rough and passionate kiss. This time Mary doesn’t resist for too long, instead surrendering to the kiss and allowing the passion of this other woman to wash over her.

Falling back onto the bed with Sasha, hooking her legs around Sasha’s waist as Mary lays on her back. Feeling a breath of warm air as Mary looks over to see Azetlor watching the two of them, letting out a beastly snort before Sasha looks at him. Narrowing her eyes a little and baring a set of upper and lower fangs before a low and threatening growl rumbles within her. Mary could feel Sasha’s muscles tense as she actually growled at this animal, seeing Azetlor respond by lowering his head submissively and slipping off the bed to leave the two alone. Quietly he pads across the room, crawling up onto a nearby chair to curl up and watch the two women. Sasha’s growl softens to a low and satisfied purr as she turns her attentions back to Mary, staring at her with the eyes of a predator. After an uncomfortable silence between them, Sasha leans in to drag her tongue along Mary’s face and leaving a trail of warm saliva behind. For the first time allowing her to see Sasha’s forked tongue before it darts back between Sasha’s sharp teeth and out of sight.

With a rough zipping sound, Sasha undoes the rest of her dress and pulls it free of her body. Fully revealing herself to her reluctant lover, giving Mary a good look at those six pack abs. Catching Mary’s eyes going lower to see the obviously male member between Sasha’s legs, feeling the wife of two shivering as the first drops of precum dripping down onto her dress. Sasha’s now blood red eyes stare into those of the woman beneath her, as if searching for something in them before Mary starts to smile a little. Mary blinks a few times, after doing this her eyes take on a warm golden tint and shift to a more feline shape. Trying to sit up a little while Sasha still holds her down, actually biting at the air before relaxing. Her smile widens a bit before Mary whispers back to Sasha in a low inhuman growl “Rak-Sasha…”

“Ne’Kara” Sasha purrs back to her, causing Mary to let out an utterly inhuman growl before the two kiss once more. While resting on the other side of the room, Azetlor could see the two women growling and snarling at one another. Mary’s once tender and loving expression twisted into a lustful snarl as the woman leans forward to take the head of Sasha’s throbbing erection between her lips. The reflection of Mary’s head moving up and down in Sasha’s lap could be seen in Azetlor’s eyes while listening to the two growling and snarling at one another. A deep inhuman purr rumbles within Mary’s chest as Ne’Kara grows more familiar with this new body, arching her back a little before sitting up. A thick string of precum mixed with saliva trailing from her darkening lips, revealing that her teeth were already starting to sharpen into fangs.

“Ne-jar vuk te’lar brez-ya tajik?” Ne’Kara growls in their native demonic tongue.

“Esj… wu-jsha, daughter” Sasha purrs back, staring into the wild eyes of her daughter. She could see Ne’Kara was sifting through Mary’s head, within moments she knew everything Mary knew. From a good concept of the English language to Mary’s most secret and depraved fantasies. Lightly stroking her claws through Mary’s now wild and unkempt hair, hearing a purr begin to rumble within her daughters chest. Now having taken full possession of Mary’s body and forcing the helpless woman to watch as mother and daughter were reunited after a few thousand years.

“it’s been too long, Rak-Sasha… too long since I’ve felt that big cock stretching my insides, and the warmth of your seed within me” Ne’Kara purrs.

Growling with suppressed lust, Sasha looks over Ne’Kara’s new body and smiles back at her. Sasha’s cock jerks a little, glistening with Ne’Kara’s saliva while sitting up to crawl over on top of her daughter’s now willing form. While Mary was attractive on her own, Sasha desired the true form of her creation. Snarling into the possessed woman’s ear while teasing her moist slit with the tip of Sasha’s throbbing erection. Almost thrusting in before pulling back, just to make Ne’Kara squirm beneath her. She does this a few more times while Mary’s eyes flutter and roll back into her head, followed by a low demonic growl as this animal scratches it’s claws across Sasha’s back. Savoring the feel of the claws Ne’Kara had grown from Mary’s fingers as they leave a series of lines along Sasha’s back before grabbing her hips roughly.

With a sharp thrust, Sasha mercilessly sheath’s her proud member within Mary’s possessed form, Causing her eyes to open, revealing they were now blood red like those of her mistress. Opening her mouth and allowing Sasha to see the upper and lower fangs of Ne’Kara biting at the air before letting out a ferocious snarl, hooking her legs around Sasha’s waist and drawing her mistress in deeper. Expertly working her inner muscles around the full length of Sasha’s throbbing erection, tempting her to release and pulling a deep lion-like roar from within Sasha herself. The roar could be heard throughout the house and even next door, the sound of it jolting Alex from his troubled sleep.

Fearing what could be going on next door, he manages to get up out of bed and make his way over to the bedroom window. From his angle looking in, he could see into the master bedroom to see what looked like his wife laying naked on the bed. Surrounded by torn clothing with what had to be Sasha on top of her, their hips moving in a familiar motion before Sasha sits up a little. Just enough for Alex to see his wife glaring up at this woman with a fang filled smile. Biting at the air and raising her hips to meet Sasha’s thrusts, the sight causing his heart to skip at witnessing his wife not only cheating on him with another woman. Furthermore to see his wife Mary acting like a complete animal, yet the longer this continued the more she wasn’t acting like an animal but rather becoming one.

Starting with a pair of feline ears poking up through Mary’s hair as Ne’Kara continues to transform her mortal form into something more comfortable. Dark fur starts to grow out along Mary’s spine and leading a trail down to her tail bone, it too grows out into a full panther-like tail. Sasha could feel the changes as well, the tightness of Mary’s pussy around her cock becoming warm and slimy. This woman’s insides shifting some to allow these two demons to breed properly, this transformation triggering a change in Sasha as well. Alex could see something growing out from Sasha’s tailbone, quickly stretching out and growing a tuft of hair on the end to become like a lion’s tail. Seeing it sway back and forth in time with Sasha’s thrusts, even seeing the creature beneath her had a feline tail as well.

While Mary’s body was starting to grow a layer of rich black fur, Sasha’s was slowly covering itself in a lighter color. The two creatures continued to growl and snarl at one another as their beastly mating continued, Sasha’s blonde hair growing out into a shaggy mane while Mary was now completely covered in soft dark fur. Their faces shifting to a more feline shape, with Mary resembling a humanoid panther woman and Sasha herself looking more like some demonic lioness. Finishing her transformation as a couple of sets of curved horns grow out from Sasha’s mane, resting her clawed paws on Ne’Kara’s shoulders and moving her hips in small circles. Forcing this lustful creature to take every inch of Sasha’s inhuman member, Alex could see Sasha’s muscles tense and knowing what would soon follow.

Amidst their forked tongues and passionate kisses, the two supernatural beasts continue to growl and purr to one another. Ne’Kara could feel Sasha’s thrusts becoming harder and faster, sensing her mother was close to release. Moments later, with a final deep thrust Sasha suddenly throws her head back and lets out a ferocious lion-like roar that rattles the windows, not only on her house but on Alex’s as well. Venting her demonic seed into the beautiful panther woman still wrapped around her cock, pulling a primal scream from Mary’s lips as Ne’Kara lets out it’s own roar. Both of them feeling Ne’Kara’s warm juices washing over Sasha’s still-erect member as Sasha falls forward on top of her lover. The two wasting no time and begin kissing and licking one another passionately, purring to each other.

“Mother… I’ve missed you” Ne’Kara whispers.

“I’ve missed you too, daughter… ” Sasha purrs back. Nuzzling her feline nose to her daughter’s before kissing her daughter passionately, pulling a low and satisfied growl from within Ne’Kara. The two of them shifting positions to allow Sasha to mount her daughter, scratching her claws along the panther woman’s back and making her hiss with pleasure between her bared fangs. Ne’Kara even lets her own tail slide up along Sasha’s inner thigh, teasing the base of her mother’s cum-slick shaft before slipping around Sasha’s waist. Almost as if sensing someone was watching them, Sasha’s tail sways in time with her hips while looking over towards the window.

For an instant, Sasha and Alex make eye contact and understanding that this man had likely seen more than he intended to. Still, she couldn’t help but savor every moment of resurrecting one of her children, and tormenting the mortal man living next door by making him watch. Having been a few thousand years since she felt the warmth of her daughter’s juicy slit lovingly gripping her cock, and savoring every moment of this sinful reunion. Sasha watches Alex glare at her with tears in his eyes, having been forced to watch his wife turned into some kind of monster. Despite the desire and animal magnetism that left him desiring Sasha, he now felt an intense hatred for this wicked creature as Alex whispers to himself “…fucking bitch”

As if either hearing it or reading his lips, the smile slowly fades from Sasha’s dark lips. Never breaking her rhythm as she continues to fuck Ne’Kara, Sasha draws in a deep breath before roaring at Alex while her eyes glow bright red for an instant. Letting out such a forceful and hate-filled roar that Sasha’s bedroom window actually shatters, sending pieces of glass onto the lawn. Her roar announcing to all who heard it, that this beast was hers. Ne’Kara could feel Sasha’s seed erupting from that beast cock within her, making her insides instinctively clench around her mother’s shaft. Both creatures felt their muscles tense as a powerful shared orgasm ripped though their beastly forms.

Alex himself actually stumbles away from the bedroom window as it cracks a little from Sasha’s roar, looking back one last time to see the curtains had fallen over the broken window. Yet the sound of those two beasts mating could be heard throughout the neighborhood, leaving others to try and explain to themselves what was happening. He could see what was once his loving wife resting on all fours, transformed into some humanoid panther woman and roaring out her own pleasure. Turning her head a little as Sasha leans forward, sinking her upper and lower fangs into her daughter’s new form. Marking her as Ne’Kara draws in a breath between her sharp fangs, still grinding back onto Sasha’s cock still buried within her.

Next door Alex began moving back towards the bed as his vision grows dark, landing on the floor and closing his eyes. His mind reeling from the sight of watching his beautiful wife transformed into some feline beast, even more painful was that she seemed to enjoy every minute of it. As he begins to black out, the growls and roars from next door grow more distant. Even with his eyes closed he could still see the two creatures mating as if he were still at the window watching it happening. Again and again he could see with unwanted detail, the monster Sasha had become and even more painful was seeing the fierce beast that was once his wife.


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