Feature Writer: Rak_Sasha

Feature Title: THE RAK-SASHA 2

Published: 12.10.2017

Story Codes: Erotic Horror

Synopsis: Alex and Mary get to know their new neighbor


The Rak-Sasha 2

A loud and pain filled scream erupts from the house next door, sounding like a woman screaming mixed with the roar of a lion. The sound pulling Alex from from a deep but troubled sleep, sitting up in his bed in time to see something out the window. Through the bedroom window he could see what looked like fire burning inside the upstairs bedroom of the house next door, reaching over to awaken his wife before hearing the sound of glass breaking. A bright flash drawing his eyes towards the street where the street lights actually burst, sending a shower of sparks and broken glass down onto the car parked nearby. Mary slowly begins to sit up, looking over at her husband with tired eyes and whispering, “what is it?”

For a few moments Alex just sits there in his bed, feeling Mary stir a little before finally answering her, “nothing, go back to sleep.”

After debating whether or not to tell his wife what he thinks he had just seen and heard, he decides to go back to sleep as well. Laying his head back down as the fire-like glow coming from next door seems to slowly burn out, reluctantly closing his eyes to try and go back to sleep. Only to open them once more, finding it was now mid-morning from the look of things after apparently oversleeping. The sun already shining into the bedroom, revealing the empty bed next to him. Before he can even ask where Mary had disappeared to, the master bathroom opens to reveal Mary standing there in her usual church dress. A modest, yet appealing royal blue dress that he had to admit looked good on her.

“Alex, get up… we’re going to be late,” Mary explained.

“Late for what, it’s Saturday?” Alex asked.

Mary’s irritated tone could be heard from across the room as she turns back to grab her purse. “The power must have went out last night, our alarm didn’t go off. Remember we were going to visit our new neighbor this morning?”

Alex nods slightly, remembering their conversation about welcoming this woman to the area. Especially after noticing how everyone had actually kept their distance from the new arrival, likely from what they watched being delivered and brought inside. One of the more discussed items among the neighbors was that strange and perverse statue of that humanoid feline creature, followed closely by the human-sized cage. The revving of an engine outside drawing Alex’s eyes to the window he slips out of bed to get dressed. Seeing a utility truck outside, obviously working on getting the power back on and repairing the street lights.

Quickly throwing on a dress shirt and pants, Alex follows his wife Mary out the front door of their small two story home. Carrying with them a box of cookies, a bottle of wine, and a small bouquet of flowers. Walking across their well manicured lawn and to the sidewalk, following it over to the house next door. The sound of the utility truck kept Mary from hearing Alex say something about the trash sitting on the curb, she nudges him to keep walking. He does so, but both of them could see what appeared to be a rather expensive laptop that looked as if it had been set on fire. Nervously he approaches the front porch, having not forgotten this woman had a pet leopard.

With that in mind, he cautiously knocks on the door a few times, Alex and Mary look at one another, as if to ask each other if anyone is home. Just as they are about to turn to leave, the front door opens to reveal their neighbor standing there in just a simple bath robe. The blonde woman looks as if she had a few red marks on her body that was mostly concealed, her hand resting on the door frame revealing at least one on her hand to her wrist. It looked like a burn mark and making Alex think about the melted laptop sitting by the trash cans out front.

“Good morning you two, aren’t you a cute couple…” The woman compliments with a slight smile.

Alex nods and Mary looks down, a little embarrassed before meekly responding, “Thank you, miss…”

“Rak-Sasha… or Sasha, if you like.”

Mary gives her a strange look, having never heard such a name before. A little unsure of it’s meaning, was that her first name, her last, or both? While considering this, Alex offers a hand to shake as he introduces himself “Welcome to the neighborhood Sasha, we live just next door over there. I’m Alex, and this is my lovely wife Mary”

Sasha gently shakes Alex’s hand before turning her attentions to Mary, he could see Sasha’s nostrils flare when stepping closer to his wife. Sasha stared at this woman, her eyes like those of a predator focused on it’s prey. The two women almost touch as Sasha moves closer, even reaching out to touch Mary’s chin to bring their eyes to meet. Staring into Mary’s eyes long enough to make Alex feel a little uncomfortable before Sasha lets out a lustful purr.

“Won’t you come in?”

Watching his wife follow this sultry vixen through the doorway, feeling it closing behind them as they slip inside the house. Having seen the home a few times while it was on the market, both were surprised at the work that had been done in such short time. Sasha had redone the decor of the home in her own unique style, simple and natural paintings had been replaced. Instead they were offered a few of some very detailed yet perverse images of a humanoid feline creature. Trying not to stare at such a sinful form, not only the nudity but that this creature depicted was a shemale. The sound of Sasha’s voice drawing their attentions away from the artwork as she leads them into the living room.

“I’m glad you stopped by, we just love having people over,” Sasha explains, wandering through the main room and past a monstrous horned skull that was mounted on the wall over the fireplace. It looked like some strange mix of various animals, a canine shaped muzzle, ram-like horns, but it’s size was twice that of a human’s. Catching Alex staring at the skull as she stops near the fireplace, reaching up to caress it’s horns.

“We? I thought you lived here by yourself,” Mary asks.

While Sasha continues to pet the skull as if she had some strange affection for the beast that once used it, even leaning up to place a soft kiss upon it’s snarling muzzle. Eventually Sasha pulls back from the kiss, turning to lead the couple further into the house while answering Mary’s question with a lustful purr.

“I have Azetlor, …and he has me.”

Upon hearing this, Mary couldn’t help but to feel a sudden warmth race through her body. Mary tries to ignore the sensation as they reach the living room, feeling the soft fur beneath her fingers as a sudden and violent vision races through her mind. In a flash Mary could see Sasha laying back on the very couch she was touching at the moment, seeing only this woman’s legs wrapping around another figure. A man, a strong and powerful frame that Mary could see flexing as he thrust between Sasha’s legs. Watching this woman’s legs wrap around her lover before Sasha’s claw-like nails scratch across the man’s back. As he is scratched, Mary could see leopard spots beginning to darken the man’s flesh while a low beastly growl escapes him.

Mary suddenly turns to look at Sasha, watching her sit down in the chair next to the couch. Wanting to ask about what she had just experienced, was it a vision, or just her imagination. Almost saying something about it when Sasha reaches onto a table nearby to pick up a rather strange looking pipe. Both Alex and Mary seem to become rather tense at seeing the pipe, suspecting it was for drug use or something. Noticing the couple’s reaction as Sasha almost laughs a little, lighting the strange herbs stuffed into the pipe and hearing them crackle when she inhales.

“Relax you two… it’s perfectly safe, and legal,” Sasha explains while motioning to a small bottle of strange herbs mixed with something they didn’t recognize.

The wisp of smoke trailing from Sasha’s lips lingers in the air for a few moments, allowing both Alex and Mary to experience it’s truly intoxicating and pleasurable aroma.

Feeling uncomfortable at where the conversation might be going, Alex decides to move things along and present their gifts.

“Just a little something to show that we’re glad you decided to move in next door,” Alex explains while Mary still looks at the pipe and cautiously waves the smoke away from her face, Alex slips an arm around his wife as he again notices the burn marks on Sasha’s hand. “We saw your computer out front, was it the battery? I had one do that before too.” Alex says.

Sasha offers a confused look only to begin shaking her head a little, holding up her hand.

“Oh, I have a certain fairy to thank for that. The fucking little bitch…”

Sasha’s voice trails off into a beastly growl before catching herself and stopping. Looking at the burn mark on her hand, allowing her guests a better look at her claw-like nails. Alex and Mary look at one another briefly, unsure what she meant by “fairy” but seeing that it obviously aggravated their neighbor they decide not to ask anymore about it. Instead handing this woman the box of cookies, the bottle of wine, and the flowers. Taking one item at a time, looking it over and offering a smile. Briefly pausing when handed the wine, stabbing a claw into the cork and easily pulling it out to savor the smell of the fine aged liquor. Mary watches this and almost stops Sasha, only to see their neighbor tip the bottle back and take a big drink. After a moment she pulls her lips from the end of the bottle, giving a teasing glimpse of her agile forked tongue before it slips back into Sasha’s mouth.

“mmmmm… thank you both for the tasty gifts. You don’t mind if I share some with Azetlor do you?” Sasha asks, still licking her dark lips.

Alex and Mary don’t say anything right away, unsure if Sasha was joking about giving any of that to her pet leopard. Instead they just watch Sasha take another drink, everything about this woman seemed to fill them with a strange mixture of fear and arousal. The way her lips and tongue move along the glass bottle seemed to stir something in the two watching her. Immediately picking up on their growing arousal before briefly snapping them out of their lustful daze, asking Alex “Would you mind taking this and the cookies and putting them in the kitchen for me? It’s just down the hall”

Mary almost stops him, wanting to tell him that something felt terribly wrong about all this. About what she had seen when she first touched the couch, and the way this woman was often looking at her. Still, Alex agrees and moves to pick up the box and to take the bottle of wine with him to the kitchen. Leaving the flowers laying on the table as he quietly lips out of the room, closing the door behind him and leaving Sasha alone with his wife. After just a few uncomfortable seconds, Sasha breaks the silence between them.

“What are their names?”

“Whose names?” Mary asks nervously.

On his way to the kitchen, Alex walks past a pair of doors leading into another room. Seeing something catch his eye, he suddenly stops and pushes the doors open a little. Just enough to let some light in, noticing something moving on the other side of the room. Moving his hand along the wall and trying to find a light switch, instead just bumping against something hanging there. What felt like leather slowly tapering to a point as it coils up, recognizing what was obviously a whip. His had moves further along the wall to eventually find what felt like chains connected to a few pieces of leather. These items of perversion reminding him of his former and sinful life, taking a soft breath as he tries to focus on what he saw moving on the other side of the room. Quietly approaching it and walking towards what looked like the cage he and others had witnessed being brought into the house.

Back in the living room Sasha turns to look at Mary, offering a slight smile and pulling the pipe away from her dark lips after taking another inhale, “your children… what are their names?”

Mary couldn’t help but let the surprise of this question show on her face before Sasha reaches over to touch Mary’s hand. Gently stroking it reassuringly as it rests on the arm of the couch, when touched she could feel Mary almost jerk her hand back. Mary’s eyes look down to see a furry paw-like hand tipped with thick claws and covered with soft fur in place of Sasha’s hand. Instantly pulling her hand back and holding it protectively before answering in a shaky voice.

“Erica… a… and Vincent”.

Nothing is said in the way Mary took her hand back, or the strange look she gave this woman after seeing an inhuman hand for a brief moment. Sasha leans back in her chair, taking another drag from the pipe before sitting it back down on the table. Seeing Mary start to reach into her purse, only to have Sasha’s bare foot rest on Mary’s hand. Her toenails were like the others, too thick to be normal and resembling the sharp claws of an animal. Gently flexing her toes and pushing Mary’s hand away from the purse, expecting the proud mother was about to bring out pictures of her children. Mary’s eyes meet those of Sasha’s as this woman removes her foot, gracefully slipping out of her chair and moving towards the couch.

“I’ll get to them later, right now… you’re the one I’m interested in,” Sasha purrs.

Mary could hear the lust in Sasha’s voice, watching this toned athletic blonde walking towards her in only a bathrobe. Inching away from her as Mary slides back across the couch until hitting the opposite arm rest, turning to see Sasha crawling up onto the couch on all fours. Quietly praying that her husband would walk back into the room any moment, but he was nowhere to be seen. Instead Sasha comes closer, watching as Mary lays back on the couch to allow this sultry vixen crawl over her. Feeling Sasha’s clawed hands resting on the armrest of the couch on either side of her head, Mary couldn’t help but to look up into those wild eyes and asking in a whimper “what are you talking about?”

In the other room, Alex approaches the cage while still holding the box of cookies and the half empty bottle of wine. Seeing what looked like a humanoid figure bound and sitting in a chair in the middle of the cage, noticing the cage was not locked and merely closed Alex slowly opens it. The sound of the metal creaking makes the figure in the chair turn towards him, a muffled grunt could be heard from under the dark material covering the individual’s head. Looking closer, Alex began to notice this person was obviously male and barely clothed in nothing more than a thong.

Despite being uncomfortable with male nudity, even partial… what disturbed Alex most was that underneath the chains holding this man captive, the man seemed to have dark leathery skin with patches of thick fur on his body. Unsure who he was looking at or how long he was being kept in a dark room by their neighbor, Alex gently places the box of cookies down on the ground, taking another few steps towards the man in the chair. Reaching out with one hand to grab hold of the sack covering this unfortunate person’s face, carefully taking hold and pulling it away. As the dark cloth slips back, a snarling wolf’s muzzle is revealed.

Seeing this, Alex stumbles back onto the floor while still looking to see what by all considerations would be a werewolf sitting bound in the chair. The beast’s muffled growls held back by the ball-gag strapped into the werewolf’s mouth, shaking it’s head a little and staring at Alex with a pair of red tinted eyes that seemed to stare right through him. Alex felt himself tremble, fear coursing through his every muscle as he scrambles to his feet. Running towards the door and slamming it shut, trying to catch his breath while his mind tries to make sense of what his eyes had just witnessed. Briefly doubting his sanity as Alex notices a figure moving upstairs, thinking it was perhaps his wife and Sasha taking a tour of the house.

A low rumbling purr could be heard coming from the living room as Sasha rests on top of Mary’s trembling form, having already pulled open the top of the married woman’s outfit to reveal a necklace and the white bra covering Mary’s breasts. Smiling a little and showing off a hint of fang as Sasha lowers her head, catching the bra in her teeth and easily tearing it away. Pulling a frightened gasp from Mary’s lips before Sasha’s head jerks back while spitting the bra onto the floor nearby. “Please, don’t… I’m married… I’m not into” Mary pleads before a single claw comes to rest against her lips, silencing her as Sasha nods to her.

“I know, baby… you’re scared, you’ve been married to the same man for a long time. You’re not a lesbian, I know that… I can smell it on you,” Sasha whispers.

Leaning forward and actually sniffing at Mary’s skin, Sasha gently drags an obviously forked tongue between the woman’s breasts and past her necklace to her throat. Mary takes a soft breath, seeing the upper and lower fangs and thinking that Sasha might bite her like a vampire or something. As if reading her expression,

Sasha purrs softly into Mary’s ear, “I’m not going to kill you, I’m going to help you”.

Hearing this, Mary couldn’t help but feel confused. Part of her body wanted to respond to this beautiful creature’s lustful attentions, but her heart and her faith urged her to resist, to break free. Sensing this last bit of resistance, even noticing an example of it as Sasha looks down to see the cross hanging around Mary’s neck. Glaring at it with such hatred as Sasha’s eyes flare red, a deep lion-like growl rumbling within her and with a quick swipe of her claws it was torn away.

“Mary, I’m going to free the animal that your husband has kept chained up all these years,” Sasha purrs.

Mary couldn’t help but to stare into those smoldering red eyes, seeing a lust in them she had never known. A passion that would never die, and the promise of raw and untamed pleasures.

Laying on the couch while Sasha begins to undo her skirt, watching those clawed hands find the zipper and slowly running it down until she felt the draft of air along her inner thighs. Mary’s panties were the same snow color as the bra she had on, Sasha’s lust becoming more evident as she begins to slip out of her bathrobe. Allowing Mary’s trembling hands to reach up and untie it, letting it fall open while Mary lets out a surprised gasp.

As Sasha’s bathrobe falls open, Mary could immediately feel what could only be a hard cock brushing against her inner thigh. It felt warm, hard, and bigger than that of her husband’s while letting out a soft moan. She couldn’t deny how this woman was making her feel, questioning everything she had come to believe about herself and her faith. Eventually Mary decides to reach down between them and take hold of Sasha’s throbbing erection, stroking it slowly and pulling a deep purr from within her. Mary slowly turns her head a little, reaching up with her other hand to slide her fingers through this woman’s blonde hair. Pulling Sasha’s head closer until their lips meet in a soft kiss, slowly becoming more passionate as Mary closes her eyes. Unable to see the lion-like tail slipping out from the back of Sasha’s robe, even while Mary begins to pull Sasha down onto her now willing form.

The floor boards let out a soft creak as Alex reaches the top of the stairs, looking down the hall to see one of the upstairs bedrooms. The door was still moving from someone having just pushed it open to step inside the room. Feeling a sense of relief, thinking that he was merely steps away from his loving wife and the opportunity to leave this nightmare. Still hearing someone moving around in the room as he steps through the doorway, only to see something even more disturbing than what he discovered downstairs. Gently placing his hand on the door as he slips into the bedroom, expecting to see his wife and neighbor but they were nowhere to be found.

Instead, the sight in front of him causing his heart to skip and his blood to run cold. Before his eyes, laying there on the bed was not the leopard he had watched Sasha take into the house. Just as shocking as finding a werewolf in a BDSM situation downstairs, Alex was now looking at a naked man looking to be in his early thirties. Only this individual was not entirely human, his lightly tanned skin marked with what appeared to be leopard spots along his back.

The man in her bed also had on the same collar he had noticed her pet was wearing a few days ago, forcing him to consider that this was Azetlor. Some of his body hidden by the tangled bed sheets, a slight movement could be seen under the sheets before it slips out. A leopard’s tail flicks back and forth idly across the bed, just as this man turns to look back towards the doorway. Likely expecting Sasha’s return and instead seeing Alex standing there, not knowing who it was as the creature glares at Alex. The man’s eyes flaring red as he lets out an inhuman roar, his mouth opening to reveal his upper and lower fangs.

The sudden roar of her pet forcing Sasha’s head to rise up from between Mary’s thighs, Alex’s wife was still trembling on the couch when Sasha looks back towards the stairs, “Oh shit” Sasha growls.

Licking her dark lips and running her tongue along her fangs before helping Mary to sit back up, making her slip her skirt back on. Closing up her top but unable to wear the torn bra still laying on the floor next to the couch, Sasha’s feline tail slips down and swats it under the furniture and out of sight. At first Mary tries to take her clothes back off before understanding that her husband would soon return, looking into Sasha’s eyes and almost moaning to her. Catching sight of that lion-like tail as it slips back underneath Sasha’s robes, seeing them being wrapped around this creature’s body and tied closed just as Alex bursts into the living room. Running over towards the couch and grabbing his wife’s hand, pulling her from her seat next to Sasha.

Mary almost yells at him, being pulled away from the living room by her husband and pushed through the front doors. Unable to stop him from forcing her out of the house before Alex suddenly feels what must have been Sasha’s claws on his shoulders. Looking over to see the woman’s hands holding him as he closes the door, making sure Mary stayed outside. Feeling himself being pulled around with inhuman strength, only to have his back slammed against the door and his feet lifted off the floor. Glaring at him was his neighbor Sasha, only now this beautiful woman had warm glowing red eyes, a set of inhuman upper and lower fangs. Dark tinted lips with a slightly feline looking nose, while a low and threatening growl rumbled within her chest.

“That little bitch stole my appetizer last night, I’m not about to let some mortal run out of here with the main course!” Sasha growled.

Alex could feel Mary banging against the door, trying to open it while being held in Sasha’s grip. Keeping one hand around his throat but careful to make sure he could still draw breath, her other hand lightly runs it’s claws across his chest. Tempted to just shred his pretty shirt before noticing Mary yelling through the door to ask if Alex was OK. Sasha smiles back at him, showing her sharp teeth before speaking in a lustful growl.

“Tell her everything is fine… and if she wants to, she can come back later. Alone..”

Seeing that he was hesitating to say what she instructed him to, Sasha roughly pulls Alex off the door only to slam him up against it. His feet still a couple of inches from hitting the floor, snarling angrily before bringing her free hand to smash into the side of his face. Turning away from the blow as Alex’s ears continue to ring from being hit, he began to hear his own voice telling Mary that it’s OK, and that she could come back over later but that he had to get some rest. He didn’t feel like he was talking at all, only listening. Alex’s eyes focus on this woman holding him as he realizes she was speaking in his voice, catching the last few words slipping past her lips. Summoning the last of his strength to try and break free of Sasha’s grip before she actually lets go of him. His feet hit the floor as he moves to open the door, the woman’s hand slips from his throat before stepping back to allow Alex to leave.

Racing through the doorway to see his wife already half-way back to their home, Alex actually runs across Sasha’s yard to catch up with her. Taking his wife into his arms and walking with her back into the house, looking back one last time at Sasha as she walks out onto the front porch. Sasha waves a little at Alex before he slams the front door shut, hearing it likely being locked before hearing a low purr coming from behind her. Sasha just stands there watching Alex and Mary’s house while Azetlor walks out onto the porch with her. Wearing his natural leopard form and sniffing a little, catching the scent of Sasha’s arousal.

Azetlor gently nuzzles against Sasha’s leg and purring to her as she begins to purr back to him, reaching over to lightly run her claws through his golden and spotted fur while speaking in a lustful growl, “patience, my love… you’ll have her soon, after I have her first.”


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