Feature Writer: Rak_Sasha

Feature Title: THE RAK-SASHA 1

Published: 05.10.2017

Story Codes: Erotic Horror

Synopsis: Alex learns his new neighbor is not what she appears to be


The Rak-Sasha 1

Years of quiet living in a small town was apparently coming to an end, signified by a moving van suddenly pulling up to park in the driveway of the house next door. The property had been empty for only a few months before it was purchased by someone else, the purchase only indicated from the sign in the front yard. A man eventually steps out of the truck, checks the address and gets out a key before motioning to the others to begin unloading. Seeing all this taking place, Alex couldn’t help but to just sit at his kitchen table and watch. At 39, Alex quietly sipped his coffee while idly rubbing his short sandy brown hair. It was still messed up from waking up to the noise next door, his wife Mary of almost 8 years was left sleeping in their bed.

“Let’s see what our new neighbors brought with them” he muttered to himself.

At first it all just seemed like the typical items to be moved in, a couch covered up by a packing blanket. However, a slight breeze pushes the blanket back to reveal the tiger-striped fur that covers it. After seeing this, he noticed the items being unloaded are becoming more and more unconventional. First a large humanoid figure covered in more packing material. Halfway to the house, one of the movers pulls the covers off to reveal the form of a naked catlike woman. The stone seemed very detailed, so much that you could clearly see a male sheath between the creature’s legs as she seemed to be roaring. The mover takes the blankets back to the truck to grab more items to take into the house.

“What the hell?” Alex whispered after another sip of coffee.

From his kitchen, Alex could hear some of the neighbors who had seen the statue beginning to talk among themselves about just what kind of person would have that in their house. A pair of movers step out of the truck with what looked like a cage for a rather large animal. Following orders and taking it into the house in pieces to be reassembled inside, the talking among the others in the neighborhood is quickly silenced with a low rumbling growl. The sound of an exotic and high performance engine thunders through the small town, racing down the normally quiet streets of the neighborhood. The sleek black sports car charges up the driveway, coming to a screeching stop next to the moving truck.

The exotic car revs it’s engine before shutting off, it’s very presence in stark contrast to the typical cars and trucks and vans that line the other houses surrounding it. Eventually the driver’s side door opens to reveal a high heeled foot stepping out, along with a slender leg. The men watching quickly take notice at this sexy creature stepping out of the car. A rather tall and athletic looking woman in her early thirties from the look of it, her long blond hair falling in front of her face only to be shaken back and tossed over her shoulders. Dark lips curl into a slight smile as she steps out of the car, revealing the tight fitting black dress she had on.

Most expecting to see her carrying a purse were surprised to see what looked like the end of a leash in her hand. She gently tugs on it before turning to look into the car, waiting a moment for someone or something to follow.

“Azetlor, come…” she commanded.

With those words and a beastly growl from within the car, a male leopard leaps out and lands next to her. Gently stroking its head and ignoring the looks of shock and fear from the other neighbors before she leads the animal inside their new home. Already Alex could hear some neighbors arguing among themselves if it was legal or not to have exotic animals like that as pets. While others comment that it looked rather sexy, only to be scolded by their wives for saying so.

“there is no reason to be dressed like that and dragging a wild animal around on a leash like it’s an ordinary house pet” Mary said while pushing their 19 year old son Vincent and their 20 year old daughter Erica back inside the house.

Apparently the noise had awakened them as well, but Alex wasn’t concerned. Instead he couldn’t seem to take his eyes off this tall woman, standing there on her lawn as these men taking her belongings inside. She continues petting that leopard so that even Alex could hear Azetlor purring. The low sensual vibration seemed to thunder inside Alex’s head while the sound of his wife’s voice was merely a whisper. Slowly growing louder until the vibration of Mary’s hand against the table gets his attention.

“Alex!” Mary exclaimed before taking a few breaths to calm herself.

His eyes leaving the sultry woman and her exotic pet to look at his wife, seeing that Mary was a little frustrated. “Sorry, honey… What was it?” Alex asked.

“I think after she’s had time to unpack we should go over and introduce ourselves, rather than be like the rest of the neighborhood and just stare at her. Besides, we’re going to be late for church.” Mary explained.

“Y-yeah, good idea.. Wouldn’t want to be late.” Alex answered nervously.

Unable to shake that feeling of arousal as he watched this other woman, knowing he was happily married but he couldn’t resist. Inwardly cursing himself for thinking that way while his wife was in the room, hoping she hadn’t noticed his growing erection pressing against his pants hidden by the kitchen table. Looking back out the window as this woman suddenly turns and seemingly makes eye contact with him. She notices Alex watching from his kitchen window and smiles back to reveal a hint of upper and lower fangs, a faint glimmer of red washes over her eyes before looking away from him to go inside.

“…there goes the neighborhood” Alex whispered to himself.

Looking back down at his coffee cup that was almost empty, shrugging off what he thought he saw. Thinking he didn’t really see her with fangs and red eyes, quickly getting another look at her when she steps out to sign paperwork for the moving company. This time seeing Alex staring at her still before offering another smile and a brief wave, this time however she looked completely normal. As the morning continues the entire neighborhood begins a lengthy discussion about the new arrival, through social media, over the phone and even on the street. Little did they know as the afternoon grew dark and this woman spent her first night in her new home, the neighbors would have even more to discuss the next day.

That night everything started out quiet, some of the lights next door were off. However the peace and quiet the neighborhood took for granted was suddenly disrupted by the sound of a loud and wanton moan coming from the upstairs bedroom. The moaning itself reeked of desire, it’s sound awakening every member of Alex’s family as well as other families in nearby homes. Stirring a little in his bed, Alex looks over to see the darkened windows next door as the moaning continues.

“I though you said she lives alone” Mary asks, just barely awake herself.

“Just with that big cat of hers, I think” Alex replied.

Alex simply nods and closes his eyes, trying to go back to sleep before the noises next door not only continue but actually grow louder. The woman’s cries of passion at first seem to be met with low grunts and inhuman snarls, as the night progressed her voice took on a deeper and more beastly tone. Still moaning, begging to be taken amidst a string of obscene growls. Unable to ignore the noises as Alex opens his eyes, staring at the cross hanging on the wall above his bed. Reminding himself of the faith that brought Mary to be his wife after having two children during their wilder years. The night of passionate and likely rough sex abruptly ends with the deep throaty roar of what sounded like a lion erupting from the upstairs bedroom. The neighbors in the surrounding homes all trying to understand just what they had overheard over the course of the evening.

For a solid week this routine of not seeing much of this woman during the day, only to hear strange sounds coming from the house practically every night. In that week the entire block had been talking about what they had seen the day this strange woman moved in. Night after night of living next to her, the moaning, screaming, even growling and snarling. Even a few roars, leading Alex and the owners of the houses around her to speculate she was often having men over and later fighting with her pet leopard. Despite these rumors, nobody had ever seen anyone else arrive at the house during that time.

The following night, while laying in bed with his lovely wife Alex could hear it start again. This woman’s obviously lustful moans, with his bedroom window open to let in some of the night air Alex could clearly hear what she was moaning the more she spoke, the more beastly her tone of voice seemed to be getting.

“Rrrrrhhh… Yeah… Fuck me harder, yea… Deeper!” Their neighbor’s voice growled at her unseen lover.

Alex tried in vain to ignore the noise just laying in bed next to Mary who was already in a deep sleep, the sound of this woman savagely fucking someone filled Alex’s mind with depraved images he never would have considered before. Remembering this woman as she looked a few days ago when he first set eyes on this lovely creature, his lustful mind peeling away that sexy black dress. Imagining her on all fours on her bed, being fucked by some man Alex couldn’t really see. While still listening to what was going on next door, and hearing this woman’s voice becoming more beastly. Reminding Alex of seeing those fangs when she smiled at him for an instant, now he could see her baring her fangs and snarling at her lover.

Hearing her moans and cries becoming beastly growls and snarls and seemingly hearing a separate beast growling back at her before it eventually stops. For a little while, things begin to grow quiet once more as Alex tries to clear his mind of such perversion. His eyes drift down the bed to see the tent of his obvious erection pushing up against the bed sheets, noticing his wife was still asleep and turning away from her to hide his arousal. Forcing his eyes shut but unable to get the thoughts of this woman out of his mind, a woman from what the neighbors had recently learned was named Sasha.

While Alex tries to get some sleep with these conflicting desires, the effects of this woman were also being felt by others. Alex’s daughter Erica was laying in her own bed down the hall, not sleeping but instead lying awake with the sheets covering her naked flesh. Erica’s soft voice biting back a low and wanton moan while her fingers move underneath the bed sheets, a light sheen of sweat covering her smooth skin. Slowly teasing her virgin pussy and listening to this woman next door being fucked like an animal, her moist skin starting to stick to the bed sheets. Hearing the lust in Sasha’s voice as she begs to feel the big dick of her lover sheathed within her as Erica bites her lower lip. Trying not to moan and wake up her parents, up until now she had never really touched herself much and feeling it was a sin. Yet now that this woman was near, she was starting to feel different as if some dark hunger had awakened within her and she didn’t care if it was wrong.

Erica’s eyes roll back, feeling the sinful pleasure of another orgasm building within her. Only now it wasn’t that she could feel her fingers dipping into her moist slit, but what she imagined a man’s cock would feel like throbbing within her. Raising her hips slightly to allow her imaginary lover to fuck her deeply, an unfamiliar ache growing inside her begging to be filled. Erica’s legs spread a little to offer herself to her fantasy completely, in her mind she didn’t see a man on top of her… But this woman. Sasha, every detail could be seen from the long blonde hair seemingly blowing in a slight breeze. The smoothest skin stretched across Sasha’s athletic frame, her firm breasts and further down to Sasha’s toned abs. Erica’s legs gently slide around Sasha’s hips, tightening to draw this woman closer until she felt it. Instead of feeling the moist slit of another woman, Erica could feel what could only be a painfully erect cock slipping between her thighs.

The brief revolting feeling deep down within Erica’s body was quickly overtaken by a newfound desire. A desire pushing her to not only accept this sinful form, but to desire it in a way the young woman had never imagined. The warmth of this woman, no this exotic creature’s member could be felt along with the wetness of Sasha’s slimy pre as that aching member brushes against Erica’s inner thigh. Erica seemed to hesitate at first, only to look up into Sasha’s eyes. Noticing they were pure red orbs, losing herself in them as Erica could feel her body surrendering to Sasha’s lust. Pulling Sasha a little closer and bringing the head of Sasha’s erection to tease her dripping pussy. Erica begins arching her back a little, actually helping her to slip that big throbbing dick inside Erica’s delicate folds.

At first Erica wasn’t prepared for the fullness of having this creature’s powerful erection sheathed within her, that fear and hesitation slowly gave way to acceptance. Even pleasure, the warmth of Sasha’s member combined with the wetness of her inexperienced pussy only encouraged her to submit. A faint moan slips past Erica’s lips while laying back beneath Sasha’s obviously dominant form, reaching up to stroke her fingers over this woman’s shoulders. Having never been with anyone, man or woman left her rather uncomfortable. Still, she dared to explore this beautiful shemale’s exotic form and taking note of every curve. Even pulling a low inhuman purr from her lover while Erica slowly runs her fingers along Sasha’s back, feeling this woman arching against her delicate touch.

In return Sasha’s now clawlike nails glide across Erica’s breasts and with a slight buck of her hips, Erica could feel something tear within her. With that last bit of resistance crushed she felt something snap within her… Like the cage doors holding back some feral beast had just been opened. Erica’s eyes rolled back and fluttered, laying naked on her bed as this erotic vision continues. So vivid and intense that not only could she feel this beautiful shemale’s cock throbbing within her, she could feel Sasha’s warm breath on her face and her lips on Erica’s own as they kissed passionately. From their bedroom Alex started hearing the slight creak of his daughter’s bed along with the sound of Erica whimpering, perhaps even moaning. Still trying not to think about his own dreams and ideas of their neighbor, he begins to stir from the bed and leaving Mary still sleeping. Soon finding himself outside Erica’s bedroom, Alex could hear it clearly that she was moaning, even whispering to someone.

“Mmmh… Please… Mmmm… Make me yours…” Erica begged.

Not knowing what she was doing or if someone had snuck in like one of her boyfriends, Alex suddenly pushes the door open to look inside. The sudden opening of the bedroom door snaps Erica out of her lustful daze with a beastly snort and looks over at her father. A faint yellow tint could be seen in her eyes before they appear normal once more, grabbing up the sheets and covering herself as she glares at her father.

“D… Dad, what the hell??” Erica shouted, making sure her nudity was concealed by the sweat-soaked bed sheets.

Realizing what he just barged in on, Alex quickly closes the door shut. Considering that he just walked in on his lovely daughter playing with herself in the middle of the night to a rather intense erotic fantasy. With a nervous smile Alex shakes his head and closes the door, trying to keep his eyes from noticing too much detail. The instant the bedroom door closes Erica’s eyes dart around the room, almost as if looking for any trace of the woman she was fantasising about. The faint glimmer coming from the dim lights shining off the cross on the wall caught her attention, a sense of remorse creeping through her heart. Actually feeling sick from what she had just done, what she was dreaming of in such a dark and perverse fantasy. As Erica’s head comes to rest against the pillow, dealing with the conflicting thoughts going through her mind. Considering how could something so wrong, feel so good and how the family’s faith would deal with such perversion.

Alex was dealing with his own demons, trying to shake off the conflicting and inappropriate thoughts from what he had seen and heard. It wasn’t a surprise to him that Erica had grown into a beautiful young woman, but to see such a lustful woman laying naked in bed. That look of raw animal lust in her eyes, hearing those obviously wanton moans and actually begging to be fucked. He reminded himself of his morals, his standards, his faith. Knowing he should never even think of such sin, and until this new woman moved in he had never considered it. After spending several minutes in the hallway between his daughter’s room and their bedroom, he eventually decides to go back to bed. Deciding not to tell Mary what he interrupted, or the dark thoughts he was ashamed he even considered.

Walking past Vincent’s room Alex could hear his son obviously awake and typing something on his keyboard. Finding comfort in the soft glow coming through the door frame from his son’s computer and deciding there was no cause for alarm, Alex quietly slips back into the bedroom to find Mary still asleep. She doesn’t even move much when he slips back into bed with her, after not hearing much going on next door he could feel Mary stir a little. Her arm slipping around him before her head rests against his shoulder, the touch reminding him of the sensual creature living next door. Trying not to think about Sasha anymore as he closes his eyes, eventually drifting off into a deep but troubled sleep.

Vincent on the other hand was still awake and talking to his friends online, the hot topic was this new woman who moved into their neighborhood. There was all sorts of speculation, like where this woman moved from for starters. Also was the question of her age, if she was married or used to be. One of the more interesting questions involved both her presumed wealth given her exotic sports car, and her rather intimate relationship with her pet leopard Azetlor. Some of his friends even looking at some pictures taken of this woman on moving day, like the strange statue that was unloaded along with the human-sized cage. Their young and lustful minds ablaze with fantasies of some serious bdsm going on in that house, but questions still went back to her pet leopard.

Leaning back in his chair as Vincent looks over to his bedroom window, he was as the right height to see into the woman’s living room window and even see a little bit of her upstairs bedroom. Those that lived nearby had heard this woman every night, but they too noticed nobody had ever come to visit her so they speculated who she was fucking all the time. One idea was that she was sleeping with that leopard of hers, an idea that is quickly condemned and replaced by another. That maybe this woman invites others to her house for a night of sensual pleasures and rough sex. Perhaps even making use of that large cage that she has somewhere in the house, at that moment Vince tells them that he will find out just who it is. His tired eyes noticing the time before getting up and walking across his bedroom to lay on a mass of tangled sheets, his mind like his father’s was filled with thoughts of this strange woman.

Despite being tired, Vincent couldn’t seem to fall asleep right away. Looking over at his alarm clock nearby and seeing that it was already almost 4 am, he closes his eyes. Almost immediately he could hear what sounded like a big cat purring behind him, thinking he’s just dreaming or in a daze from lack of sleep he just lays there and listens to it. Not thinking much of it until he hears a low and sultry voice whispering into his ear “you wanted me… Here I am.”

He smiles a little with his head laying on the pillow, hearing what he imagined Sasha sounded like as the weight of someone else could be felt on his bed. Sure of himself that he was already dreaming, whispering back as he lays there “yea… I want you, every male on the block wants to fuck you… Mmhh… So does every woman too probably.”

No sooner does he say this, he could hear that purring sound becoming a little louder and deeper. Along with the sensation of a lithe female figure climbing on top of him. The sound of sniffing gets his attention and helps to wake him up a little, just enough to get him to turn over and open his eyes slightly. Vincent’s eyes take a moment to adjust to the darkness until his blurry vision revealed this woman on top of him wearing only a black bra and matching panties and seemingly sniffing at him like an animal. He reaches up with his right hand to brush some of her blond hair back, allowing him a better look at her face. Convinced this was obviously a dream, Vincent almost laughs at watching her sniffing before asking her “what, do i smell good?”

After a moment she slowly lifts her head, tossing her long blond hair out of her eyes as she smiles and whispers back to him lustfully “oh yea, you smell good… I bet you taste good too.”

With those words, Sasha leans forward to place her hands on his chest. Feeling his toned muscles underneath the material of his shirt before tangling her claw-like nails in his clothing. Before he could say anything else, she tears open his shirt and leans down to sensually drag her tongue up from his stomach up to his chest. Unable to ignore the strange and pleasurable sensation, even noticing that this woman’s tongue didn’t feel quite right. Looking down he began to understand why it felt different, his eyes watching the forked tip of her tongue glide across his skin. Leaving a slimy trail of saliva on his flesh before slowly sitting back up to rest on his hips, that inhuman tongue slithering across her dark lips before slipping back into her mouth.

Offering a sultry smile as Sasha reaches back to take off her bra, seeing this Vincent tries to reach back and help her. Only for her to let out a brief inhuman growl and push his hands away, showing a hint of fang as she wastes no time in taking it off. Rather than undoing it, she simply and effortlessly rips it off only to toss it onto the floor nearby. Allowing Vincent a wonderful view of her full and firm breasts, the look in the young man’s eyes was enough for her to answer the question on his mind.

“36-C… Go ahead, you can touch them… I’ll let you” Sasha purred.

Feeling her start to relax a little on top of him, Vincent didn’t hesitate to reach up and touch this beautiful seductress. Taking a breast in each hand, resisting the urge to squeeze as her nipples began to harden against his palms. He could feel her sit up a little, moving her body some and urging him to be a little rough with her. When he doesn’t seem to get the hint, Sasha grabs his hands with her own, forcing him to dig his fingernails into her breasts. Closing her eyes tightly and tilting her head back, her lips curl into a snarl and offer a better look at her upper and lower fangs. Vincent didn’t seem to mind, instead losing himself in the sensual grind of her hips while straddling him.

Already she could feel his manhood pressing against her through his jeans and her panties, the strange sensation Vincent could feel something rubbing back. Equally hard and eventually drawing his eyes down from this woman’s perfect breasts, down to the obvious tent in the front of her panties. Rational thoughts suddenly breaking through the haze of lust and desire clouding his mind as Vincent looks back up at her to protest.

“oh my god, you have a di-mmmhhh…mmmm…”

Vincent’s words become trapped amidst a rough and passionate kiss as Sasha leans forward. Catching his lips in her own, feeling him trying to fight her and continue to speak. His resistance doesn’t last long and soon he is lustfully kissing her back, feeling that forked tongue slithering around inside his mouth before she pulls back from the kiss. His eyes meeting her own, and for the first time he stared into them to see Sasha’s eyes becoming warm blood red orbs. Taking on a more feline appearance, like those of a lioness only drenched in crimson and leaving him captivated like prey in the eyes of a predator.

“What I have, baby… Is a body that’s ready to fuck you,” Sasha purrs lustfully into his ear, even nuzzling into his neck as her purring grows louder.

In spite of his revelation of what this beautiful woman has between her legs, he couldn’t deny his lust. His growing desire to take this sensual creature, having had girlfriends before but never getting past first base. Vincent felt uncomfortable continuing this, his doubts slowly melting away as he looks into those red eyes once more. In Sasha’s eyes he could see a woman who wanted him badly, a woman who would do anything to satisfy his every depraved whim. Reaching up with one hand to touch her head, applying some force as she obediently moves back. Sliding further down the bed while nuzzling back against his hand like a loyal pet, even turning to lick his palm and wrist. Already he could feel Sasha’s claws gliding down his chest, leaving red lines on his flesh.

Pushing her down lower until her head was hovering over the bulge in his jeans, knowing what the young man wanted and she was only too happy to oblige. Rather than slowly undoing his belt and pulling his manhood from it’s prison, this woman behaved more like a ravenous beast. Sinking her sharp teeth into his jeans and jerking her head to the side, at the same time the ripping of his jeans could be heard. Spitting out the torn fabric before turning her attention back to Vincent’s manhood now pressed against his moist underwear. His erection already pulsing with desire and soaking his undergarments with the warm slimy pre-dripping from the head of his cock in anticipation of fucking this passionate creature. For a brief moment, Sasha sniffs at him before a deep lion-like growl rumbles within her. Whispering back to him and staring at Vincent with those warm red eyes, even seeing a brief glow in them before her head lowers into his lap. Her long hair hiding her face while she tears away the rest of his underwear, feeling his manhood flip up and actually slap against this woman’s lips.

Instinctively jerking her head back a little and letting out a vicious snarl, her warm breath blowing across the head of his shaft before she leans forward. For the first time in his life he could feel the warmth of a woman’s lips wrapped around his aching member, but he had never imagined it would feel this good. The sensual feel of her forked tongue gliding along his throbbing erection was almost too much for his inexperienced body, sensing his imminent release Sasha teasingly allows his cock to slip free of her lips. Looking over at him with a lustful smile, wanting him to enjoy every second of this as she leans back down. Gently placing a soft and loving kiss on the head of his cock, feeling his hips buck as he tries to slide back inside her only for her to move with him. Preventing him from doing so, instead taking his arousal into her hand and stroking it slowly. At the same time he could see her other hand reaching down to move in a similar motion, undoubtedly stroking her own erection.

“mmm… That’s it, baby… Just relax… Enjoy it,” Sasha whispered to him.

Seeing Vincent closing his eyes and surrendering to the sensation of this beautiful woman stroking his cock, he could feel her other hand reaching back up. A hand that was human looking before with only a set of inhuman claws tipping her fingers, now had the shape of a paw-like hand covered in soft fur. The leathery pads on the underside of her fingers and covering her palm moved down his face, with it he could feel something warm and slimy being smeared on his skin. Unable to avoid smelling and tasting it, despite having never done so he immediately knew what it was. It was Sasha’s pre-cum, initially thinking it should smell or taste bad he couldn’t deny the intoxicating aroma. So much so that Vincent soon found himself licking her paw clean, even reaching down with both hands to pull Sasha’s head into his lap.

Expecting to feel the woman’s blond hair tangled in his fingers, instead he felt what must have been a shaggy mane not unlike that of a lion. There was something else however, something firm and curved slightly sticking out from her skull. While this seemed no stranger than what he had already seen and experienced thus far, and accepting that it was likely a dream Vincent didn’t seem too worried. Already knowing that he would be thinking about this dream for many days and nights to come, yet a sudden stinging sensation caught his attention. Still moving his hips a little and easily thrusting into this woman’s hungry mouth once more, only now it felt different. Her teeth, while sharp before seemed much sharper now and what began as lustful moans and purrs were now throaty growls and a deep purring.

When Vincent finally looks down towards the other end of the bed, he started tugging on her hair to make Sasha lift her head from his lap. Reluctantly she begins to move with his fingers buried in her now wild mane, just inches away from what looked like demonic horns. Her body was covered in fur but in the dim light he couldn’t make out the precise color, what he could clearly see was the eyes of this beast as his cock slips out of its fanged maw. Weakly pushing back against it as a few strings of saliva and pre still connect his shaft to the creature’s dark lips, Vincent tries to tell her “no” to which she replies with a deep and powerful lion-like roar.

The sudden and ferocious sound violently waking him as his eyes suddenly open, seeing that it was now mid-morning and at some point he had likely fallen asleep. With a sigh of relief he begins to think about how vivid, how real, how pleasurable and at the same time how terrifying his dream was. While moving some of the sheets back he notices the tear in his shirt, having been ripped wide open. With it, were two sets of five lines scratched down his chest and leading to his destroyed jeans and underwear. A slimy liquid was still a little warm as it made his flaccid member glisten, forcing him to remember that beautiful woman next door that was seducing him. Only to see her become a ferocious beast when he attempted to resist her lustful advances, the sound of her roar still thundering inside his head and the image of that creature. Those red and hate-filled eyes still haunting his memories, while being forced to consider the evidence when waking up if it was really a dream or not.


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