Feature Writer: Jackie

Feature Title: The Preacher’s Wife 5

Published: Leslita Stories

Story Codes: Lesbian Lolita, Religious

Synopsis: This is a work of erotic fiction involving lesbian and straight sex in a religious setting. No disrespect of any church or religion is intended. If you are offended by religious references within erotic literature please do not read this story.

The Preacher’s Wife 5

Rachel felt more than saw missus Koch enter. She’d had this ability all her life though she didn’t really understand it. Sometimes she just knew things. When the “knowledge” came into her head she opened her eyes in spite of her extreme arousal and impending release. Rebecca was doing a magnificent job between her legs. The missionary’s daughter somehow managed to smile at her guardian in the second before the wave crashed over her sending her to that peaceful place where nothing else existed except the indescribable pleasure.

Agnes watched her ward smile and then tense every muscle accompanied by a deep groan. The red head kneeling on the floor continued her lingual tribute for several more seconds before sitting back on her haunches. When Becky caught sight of missus Koch out of the corner of her eye she screeched and practically threw herself sideways into the little space between the desk and the bed. The preacher’s wife thought she hadn’t seen anyone that shocked and terrified in a long time.

The sparkling green eyes were so wide it looked painful. The pussy juice smeared mouth hung open and the pale skin turned an alarming shade of red. The older woman felt an urgent need to calm the youngster before she had a heart attack. Quickly sinking to her knees she reached out to stroke the girl’s sweat dampened hair but the teenager cringed further into the corner shying away from the contact. ‘She must be seeing me as the monster from the black lagoon’ missus Koch reasoned as she spoke in her softest most comforting tone.

“It’s OK sweetheart, relax” Agnes knew more than a little about first aid and when the little red head started to shiver she thought ‘Holy fuck! She’s gonna go into shock on me.’ In the meantime Rachel had regained the ability to move and decided the next thing to do was to shuck her upper body covering which was hanging disheveled from her shoulders and serving no purpose.

She simply dropped the white oxford blouse on the floor followed by the cotton bra and then joined Agnes in front of her coochie eating friend. Rebecca saw her topless friend beside the minister’s wife showing no signs of distress what so ever and immediately began to calm down. The hyperventilation slowed to heavy panting as she looked from Rachel to Agnes and back.

The brunette teen started to work the buttons of her friend’s blouse. She’d wanted to get her eyes and her hands, and her mouth for that matter, on the impressive looking lumps under the red head’s shirt all day. Squeezing them a few minutes ago had only made the impulse stronger. Agnes took the opportunity to shed her tangerine colored top and toss it on the bed. Then she had to get to her feet to release the button and zipper of her slacks.

The older woman decided to save time and her thumbs engaged the thong along with her pants and pushed all her lower garments to her knees. Becky was watching the mature tits wobble under the beige chemise as she felt the cooler air of the room on her chest. As soon as Rachel opened the blouse she immediately descended on the twin orbs that were revealed. Rebecca’s nipples were unremarkable. They sat perfectly centered on her boobs; they were the size of silver dollars and shone bright pink.

What made the older teens tits breathtaking was the coloration. The skin was so pale white that the blue veins returning depleted blood back to her rapidly beating heart for a fresh infusion of oxygen shone through the translucent epidermis. The alabaster skin had a rosy pink glow and the medium to heavy smattering of freckles between the seated girl’s collar bone and her breasts were the product of the exceptionally fair pigmentation.

All feelings of terror that had gripped her when she’d seen missus Koch enter the room dissolved under Rachel’s ravenous assault. What gripped her now was the urgent need between her legs. When she’d been sucking on her friend’s spectacular nipples her pussy had been pounding so hard that she had to back off and rub herself. Becky had really thought that she would cum in seconds but it didn’t happen. After stroking her vulva for a minute and watching her friend do the same she’d decided to give it a rest in favor of tonguing the brunette’s furry mons. Now the urgent need was back and she put her hand between her legs again in search of her blessed moment.

Agnes had removed her last remaining article of clothing and put her hand on Rachel’s shoulder to get her attention. Reluctantly the missionary’s daughter looked up at her mentor. “Let’s get her on the bed” the older woman suggested. Working together they quickly deposited the confused but incredibly hot red head on the more comfortable and accessible surface. Rachel returned to the road map boobs. Pushing the pliable pan caked flesh up as she worked the doughy mounds over. the preacher’s wife turned her attention to the text book cunt.

A small patch of reddish gold hair, an inch wide and two inches long above the neat crease was all that remained of its natural camouflage. Both sets of lips were in view and looked to be exactly the same length. The inner labia glowed a much deeper shade of pink paralleling the thicker outer ones. The older woman knelt at the foot of her ward’s bed and wrapped her arms around the prone teenager’s thighs to pull her hips closer to the edge. Agnes’s initial exploration was light and gentle as she ran her tongue up and down the delicate tissue collecting the sweet cream that was dribbling out.

Becky grunted and tried to thrust her hips toward the tantalizing sensation but the experienced raven haired woman had a firm grip with her arms around the teenager’s thighs that allowed her to control all pelvic movement. The kneeling woman was enjoying the feel of the hot spongy tissue under her tongue just as much as she delighted in the delicious fragrance that filled her nose. Barely touching she continued to go around and around the trembling girl’s vulva.

Agnes so wanted to plunge her tongue into the hot slick recesses and suck on the fresh adolescent meat but instead she selflessly looked up at her ward and decided it was time for another lesson. Rachel had repositioned herself so that she was sitting on the pillows above her classmate’s head. Her hands were still massaging the awesome white mounds and squeezing their hard red centers while she enviously watched her guardian.

Their eyes met over the length of Rebecca’s nearly naked body. Her nakedness marred only by the plaid skirt that now looked more like a wide belt across the teen’s midriff. The quality of telepathic communication that they had developed in such a short time was astounding. The chestnut haired teen wiggled herself out from under her playmate’s head, slid off the bed and joined her mentor between the writhing red head’s legs.

The sight took Rachel’s breath away. She was sure that it was the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen. She wanted her coochie to be as neat as her red headed friend’s, but even more she wanted to feel and taste the delectable gash. Agnes was ready for the hasty move and barred her access with her left arm. “Slowly honey, and very softly” she instructed. Her right arm was still looped around Becky’s left thigh, her fingers resting on the reddish gold landing strip. Rachel looked at her tutor with understanding so the older woman moved her left arm to clear the path to Becky’s not so hidden treasure.

Now the older woman gripped the reclining girl behind her right knee and lifted. She wouldn’t have been able to do much from this awkward position if the red head hadn’t responded to the pressure and bent her knee. The preacher’s wife lifted the girl’s right leg until the teenaged foot, with the cute little ankle sock, was resting on the bed right beside her butt. Becky’s other knee was resting on Agnes’s right shoulder so the effect was to tip her pelvis way back. Simultaneously she pulled up on the plump vulva and used her finger tips to promote the separation of the pubescent labia. Rachel was following orders like a soldier very gently tracing the pinkness of the pried open slit.

“Lick a little lower sweetie,” the coach encouraged. The lapping girl reached the very bottom of the vulva and heard her mentor whisper “lower”. Rachel knew what came next and backed off enough to view her expected path. The pinkish brown pucker of her classmate’s anus was the next feature she’d encounter. The brown eyed teen wasn’t sure about it but ‘I followed missus Koch’s instructions this far, so…’ having made her choice she tentatively applied her tongue to a place she had really never expected to go.

She was pleasantly surprised first by the fact that there was no objectionable taste as she’d feared, partly because the little rose bud was already liberally coated in pussy juice. The second pleasing revelation was how interesting the asshole felt under her tongue. The firmness of the puckered ridges was in contrast with the soft sponginess of the vulva above. Third was the ecstatic reaction of her playmate. Rebecca positively wailed at the never before experienced stimulation. Spurred on by all of this the teen explored and probed thoroughly.

“You see up here” Agnes said drawing the novice’s attention to her prying fingers “this is her clitoris. It’s the most sensitive place of all.” She explained as her middle finger hovered over the red head’s exposed nubbin. The kneeling teenager had backed off again to be at a distance where her eyes could focus. “Remember yesterday when I told you to rub higher up on your pussy and it felt so amazing?” the missionary’s daughter nodded, “Well that’s when you were rubbing your own clit.”

“Should I lick it?”

“You can lick it, and you can even suck on it but sometimes it will make your partner have an orgasm too fast” seeing the somewhat puzzled expression on the girl’s face the teacher explained; “An orgasm is that wonderful moment when all of the pleasure peaks and you feel that incredible release. It’s also called cumming.” Rachel was pleased that she now had a name for the blessed sensation.

Rebecca raised her head and shoulders to look down between her breasts at the two heads between her vertical thighs. They seemed to be having a conversation down there. The prone young woman wanted to yell ‘for fuck’s sake eat me!’ the words were in her head but she couldn’t get them to come out of her mouth. When missus Koch’s middle finger contacted her stiff love button thunder rolled through her pelvis, a lightning bolt shot straight to her head and she collapsed back on the bed moaning. Agnes looked up at the teenager’s pleasure distorted features and whispered “she’s ready now sweetheart. Go ahead and lick it.” At the same moment the preacher’s wife wet her index finger in her mouth.

Rachel dutifully applied her tongue to her classmate’s exposed clit. The firm little peg felt wonderful so she lapped and moved her tongue all around it. She was now beginning to understand what it was that Becky had been doing to her when she was sitting in the desk chair and tried to mimic those motions. In seconds the red head completely lost control. Agnes knew the girl was reaching the pinnacle. when experience told her the summit had been reached she inserted her lubricated index finger in the puckered orifice below.

She didn’t push in very far, not even to completely insert her finger nail to the cuticle. It was enough to send the red head crashing through the ceiling of the maximum pleasure she had thought her body was capable of and send her thrashing and screaming all the way to another world.

The preacher’s wife recognized the signs of completion from the girl on the bed and tugged at her prot�g�’s shoulder. Rachel looked at her tutor with those wide brown questioning eyes again. “Often after you cum” the minister’s wife explained “you just can’t stand anymore stimulation, it almost hurts.” The brown eyes reflected an understanding and something else Agnes couldn’t put her finger on. Her ward was feeling a deep appreciation for her guardian’s help and guidance. The gratitude was so deep that the youngster realized it felt like love.

Rising from her haunches Rachel applied her pussy juice smeared lips to her mentor’s mouth and began to emulate the kissing tutorial she’d had with Becky. The pubescent tongue forced its way between her mentor’s lips and teeth, a deep thrill raced through the older woman and the thought occurred ‘where did she learn that?’ The thought was fleeting because the girl’s soulful kiss was the most tender she’d had in quite some time. The pussy tremors that had brought her upstairs in the first place were back amplified by the soft little mouth that was attempting to swallow her tongue.

The face sucking continued for several seconds but Agnes’s forty year old knees were starting to complain about the hardness of the carpeted floor. The pastor’s wife gently collapsed sideways pulling her adoring student with her. With Rachel on top they both enjoyed the feeling of their naked bodies writhing together. The girl’s narrow chest with its significant mounds fit between her guardians large splayed boobs. The teenager parted her legs and straddled Agnes’s hips when she finally had to come up for air.

“Turn around honey,” the reclining woman suggested. Rachel was confused and her eyes showed it. “Put your knees here,” Agnes indicated the floor beside her head with the back of her hand. The girl dismounted and with firm guidance from her teacher’s hands maneuvered into the classic sixty-nine position. Her confusion about the change of position was immediately explained away when she found her head a foot from the intricately folded dark labia she’d explored the day before. Supporting her weight on her left arm she began to separate the slippery folds with her right hand.

Searching for the little bump the one missus Koch had told her was the most sensitive spot ‘What did she call it’ Rachel was trying to remember but her mind as well as her vision were clouded by the intense pleasure emanating from what her tutor’s tongue was up to between her own intricate folds. She was of course searching too low. When Agnes’s tongue hit her pleasure center she squealed and realized that she was too far down the crease.

Working her way back up she found the flap of skin that formed to apex of the thick lips. The experienced, not to mention talented, tongue that was manipulating her vulva had created the surging feeling that the youngster was beginning to recognize as the precursor of an orgasm. She knew she needed to hurry. Pulling at the flap the red jelly bean appeared. Rachel dove for it sucking it into her mouth and rolling it with her tongue.

Agnes had begun to think her ward was going to be content just using her fingers and she was a little disappointed. So when the darling little girl wrapped her lips around her clit it came as a big surprise. The older woman screeched and attacked the teenager’s pussy with renewed zeal. Rachel was trying to hold on but she knew the battle was lost when she felt the massive wave of heat sweeping up from her pelvis. The woman on her back instinctively recognized the impending climax and regretted that she still felt some distance from her ultimate moment. That’s when she felt the lips on her breast.

Glancing toward her chest her view was partially obscured by Rachel’s leg but she was able to see enough to know that the red head had joined them on the floor, had taken her right nipple in her mouth and was doing a fabulous job with it. The added stimulation was just what she needed for Agnes to catch up with her partner. Barely a moment later both partners in the sixty-nine dance were wailing as they continued to suck and lick. The electric sensations that enveloped her left the girl on her hands and knees spent. She collapsed on the guardian’s groin. She did manage to keep her hips in the air which kept her from smothering her mentor who needed all the air she could get.

The next thing she knew her school chum was licking her face like an affectionate puppy. The chestnut haired girl lifted her head off missus Koch’s belly and engaged in a proper kiss with her playmate. As Agnes’s head cleared she watched the teenagers exchange spit and suddenly realized ‘I’ve become missus Mitchell!’

Agnes smiled at the love birds who were now cuddling on the bed as she collected her clothes and left for her own room. After a quick clean up she returned to the kitchen to put the finishing touches on dinner. She was carving the bird when Pastor Sydney Koch planted a wet kiss on the back of her neck. “Mmmm,” the raven haired beauty responded to the unexpected sensation, “Call the girls to set the table, will ya?” she asked.

“Girls?” Syd questioned the plural.

“Yeah, Rach has a friend over and she’s staying for dinner.” The minister had a moment of distress. I think I can eventually manage to get used to one nymph inadvertently teasing me but if there’s going to be a procession of them… I’m screwed… or not as the case may be’ and away he went to get the nymphs.

Syd noticed from the outset that Rachel’s friend looked a little uncomfortable. He didn’t think it was unusual; she did seem pretty shy and was dining for the first time with these strangers. Agnes persistently worked at drawing the girl out asking where exactly she lived, did she like the neighborhood, did she like her house how long had they lived there and it seemed to work by the end of the meal Rebecca seemed much more relaxed.

Unfortunately the opposite was true for the pastor. The pretty red head with the impressive chest and the scandalously short skirt had his pecker jerking regularly. When the women started the clean up he excused himself claiming he had a couple of calls to make. The truth was that he knew, if either one of the teenagers bent over in the course of the stowing of the dinner dishes, he’d have had a woody that would make it impossible for him to leave.

In his study, behind his desk, the man of God began soul searching. He sincerely thought he had tamed the beast, or at least had it well under control. When he graduated divinity school and got his first job as assistant to the pastor of a large congregation he was full of the confidence in his faith that only youth and inexperience can provide. He felt prepared for any temptation. ‘How wrong I was!’ the solitary man groaned with his head in his hands.

Within the first month a widow had relieved him of his virginity which at the overripe age of twenty four was not such a sinful thing, consenting adults and all that. When his lover brought her teenaged daughter into the bedroom games however, Sydney didn’t even recognize the slippery slope ’cause he was enjoying the sex way too much. Before he knew it he was involved with a couple of the teenager’s classmates. Things went badly down hill from there.

Word was starting to spread, just rumors, but the pastor suggested that it might be better for all concerned if he just moved on. Armed with a very complimentary letter of reference he had no trouble securing a similar position in another state. ‘I was determined not to make the same mistakes… and look what happened’ the reverend wallowed in his remorse.

At the age of twenty-six, having had a taste of the pleasures of the flesh and then having that outlet suddenly cut off, left him extremely vulnerable. Once again it started innocently he was dating a divorcee who had a teenaged daughter. The woman he was dating was religious and had no intention of engaging in sexual relations outside of marriage. Her sister was another matter all together. The teen seduced the horny minister and had him begging for more.

That’s when things really took a diabolical turn. He was experienced enough now to become a predator. At first it was to prevent his girlfriend’s sister from having so much control over him but later he realized that he was now addicted to sex with young, sometimes very young partners. He manipulated and seduced girls insatiably, and he knew it was wrong. The fact that he had become quite good at it was not a consolation.

When the opportunity to lead his own church came along he once again vowed to follow the straight and narrow; make a fresh start in a new town. He figured if he could just get married he’d be able to stop his philandering ways. At his very own church he wooed and won a lovely young member of the congregation. The marriage lasted over twenty years until her death five years ago. During that time, although certainly not sexually satisfied he was able to stick to his vows. Fewer temptations were thrown his way as the women he encountered saw his as “taken” so only the most depraved even flirted. Then came Agnes, beautiful sexual Agnes, and that was OK too because although she’d reignited his passion she was also more than willing to satisfy him much more than he’d ever been since he’d become pastor of this congregation twenty seven years ago.

Syd tried to figure out what had gone wrong. ‘How had the old demons resurfaced and gained so much control?’ he knew the answer; ‘Rachel!’ The wonderful, pretty, unbelievably naive nymph was under his own roof, under his control, so to speak. ‘I managed to keep the devil at bay by avoidance. I just didn’t put myself into the path of temptation. Now temptation had come to live in my home; not for a week or a month for a whole completely intolerable year!’

He knew he couldn’t expect help from his wife. ‘She’s the one who invited the girl into their bedroom during a sexual encounter and used it as a training exercise. Sure I slipped a little by peeping on the girl but…’ Syd did not recall the incident very clearly. He remembered things fairly well right up to the point that Rachel had joined them in the bed. He could recall being naked with a huge hard-on that Agnes had been sucking in her usual fabulous way, then the girl… everything became fuzzy and surreal after that. He did continue to savor the orgasm which was one of the most powerful since he met Agnes… ‘Was that because it was Rachel who got me off?’

The only thing he knew for sure was that he had to come to grips with this; to somehow deal with it or he’d go mad. The memory of the orgasm at the hands of his ward was creating a stir in his pants when his wife’s face appeared around the door post.

“Sydney, darling, could you be a dear and take Rachel’s friend home?” the pastor was ripped out of his arousing day dream.

“Uh, sure… sure sweetheart” he agreed adjusting his wandering meat before rising. Just then the phone rang. Syd was glad for the distraction and picked it up.


“Oh hi Zack” then a pause, “Why don’t you speak to her yourself” he said before extending the receiver toward his wife. The conversation was brief. Agnes handed him back the receiver with a look of disappointment on her face.

“He’s not going to be able to come and finish the moldings tomorrow; something about a special practice and film session before their big game.”

“Too bad” the minister said as he headed for the front door. Rebecca was still upstairs collecting her things and saying goodbye to Rachel so the pastor went out to start the car. When the red head got in Syd’s jaw dropped but something else went up as if to compensate. The girl’s long slender teenaged thighs were exposed up to an alarming level because of the shortness of the plaid uniform skirt. He tried not to stare but when he finally looked into the teenager’s face and those beautiful green eyes he knew he’d failed. His ward’s friend had one of those ‘I saw you looking smiles’. The pastor could feel his pulse pounding in his dick and he asked

“Where do you Becky?” He was trying to look her in the eye but she had put her backpack on the floor between her feet which resulted in the little kilt riding even higher until he was sure he caught a glimpse of the white panties beneath.

“One twenty one Maple,” Rebecca replied watching his eyes on her crotch. The mischievous teen moved her legs again, deliberately, and now there was on doubt, the crotch gusset of her underpants was easily visible. The minister cleared his throat to cover the groan

“I know where that is,” he croaked as he began backing out of the driveway. Twisted around with his attention focused on the back window Syd didn’t see his passenger steal a peek at his groin. The sizeable lump was obvious and Becky felt her coochie flutter. She did sooo love to tease.

It was a short ride, easily walk able were it not for the lateness of the hour. Rebecca thanked him as she exited the car and headed for her house. The sight of the pert butt swaying under the plaid pleats sent fresh tremors through his now fully engorged member.

The round trip took only about fifteen minutes. The pastor sat in the car after turning it off, trying to get the vision of the teenaged vulva wrapped in white cotton out of his mind. The harder he tried the harder he got. Realizing he was fighting a loosing battle he went into the house worrying how he was going to hide his now painful erection.

Agnes and Rachel were on the couch in the living room. Syd leaned around the door post using it to shield the bulge in his pants and announced “I’m gonna turn in, so goodnight ladies.’ They both smiled and his wife blew him a kiss. Up in the bedroom he stripped and slipped into his bed more conflicted than ever. He wrapped his hand around his throbbing penis and considered jerking off to relieve the pressure.

He was on his side holding himself and reveling in the hardness that he couldn’t always achieve anymore when he heard his wife come in; moments later she was behind him spooning. Her hand slid up his torso until it reached his chest. Searching through the grey hair she located the hard pebble of his nipple and tweaked it. The arousing sensation shot straight to his balls. He used to be embarrassed about how sensitive his nipples were but Agnes had made him feel OK with it. More than OK she actually seemed to enjoy toying with the quarter sized dots on his chest. His wife’s hand slid down and located the rigid pole standing parallel to his body.

“Oooo she really got you worked up didn’t she?” Agnes observed stroking his rock hard cock. All the pastor could do was moan. “It’s alright sweetie” she assured as if she were reading his mind, continuing to work his penis up and down. “It’s perfectly normal to get turned on by those gorgeous young bodies” she’d added a little swirl over his hyper sensitive dick head to her stroking motion. Each time her dainty hand passed over the smooth purple bulb a shock wave hammered into his nuts and he could not suppress the groan. He wanted to tell her how wrong he felt about it

“But… but… ugh!” he started.

“Think of it this way,” she advised “they’re gonna do it anyway if they have those desires, so if we help them along at least we can make sure they learn properly and stay safe” she was whispering in his ear with a considerable amount of tongue action. Instinctively Syd knew there were enormous holes in her logic but he couldn’t think of a single counter argument at the moment. He felt the pressure on his shoulder rolling him over on his back. Agnes flipped the sheet away and straddled her husband.

Using her right hand to open herself and her left to guide the turgid penis she lowered onto the steel hard pole very slowly. The heat of the slippery velvet soft tissues enveloping his organ sent waves of pleasure rolling over him. The kneeling woman enjoyed the filling feeling in her cunt as she received his length into her depths.

Riding his cock like a rodeo cowgirl she put her hands on the furry chest and thumbed his rigid nipples. Syd reached up and captured his wife’s wobbling melons, squeezing the pliable flesh hard as he felt the tension in his balls reach the critical point. With a grunt and a final upward thrust the minister deposited the contents of his raging testicles and prostate in the flooded cavern.

It was far too short for the raven haired woman to achieve climax but she was OK with it; this time. She leaned forward resting her hooters on the softness of his matted chest hair and briefly ground her semi hard clit against his pubic bone. When his breathing had pretty much returned to normal she dismounted and went into the bathroom to take a pee and clean up. She used the warm wash cloth and towel she’d returned with to clean his flaccid member and tossed both into the hamper before slipping back into the bed by his side.

The pastor in the warm after glow was dozing and near sleep. Her words were turning over in his semi conscious mind ‘it’s OK… they’re gonna do it anyway… we’re keeping them safe” and then he was asleep.

Syd slipped quietly out of bed so as not to disturb Agnes the next morning. When he was comfortably seated in the living room and half way through his first cup of coffee he decided he felt better than he had in a week. There seemed to be a weight lifted from his shoulders. The original incident with Rachel in her missionary parent’s house was only the tip of the iceberg. The pastor had felt his control slipping long before that. His reaction to the relatively mild erotic stimulus sent him to his knees to pray for guidance and deliverance.

The prayers, so far as he could tell, had not been answered. The peaceful post coital sleep had given him a new perspective. Supported by his wife’s opinion on the subject the minister simply concluded that it wasn’t that bad. In fact, based on Agnes’s point of view, it was actually helpful, not sinful. He was recalling the delightful times he’d had before he turned over the new leaf twenty-seven years ago. How could that much joy be wrong? He had rediscovered the ‘off’ switch on his conscience.

Pastor Koch picked up the Friday morning edition of the local paper and was checking the obituaries when Agnes, sleepy eyed and yawning poked her head around the corner. “Did you sleep well stud?” she quipped.

“Just great dear” he responded watching the alluring rear end disappear toward the kitchen and the coffee pot. Friday was the pastor’s day of rest. Actually it was a day to clean up personal business like the household expense pay the bills and all the other things that occupy your life outside of work. He usually stayed in his PJs unless he had to go out. His wife joined him on the couch with her java and picked up the front section of the paper. “I’m gonna run some errands today” she announced between sips “I kinda let them pile up so it’ll probably take all day”.

“I got financial stuff to work on and if there’s time I’ll tackle that leaky tap in the laundry room.”

“That would be great! It is the hot water so it’s probably pouring money to heat the water right down the drain” they both returned to their newspaper browsing until Rachel came down and then they joined her for breakfast. Syd was less self-conscious about watching the teenager’s pert little butt as she poured herself a bowl of cereal at the counter. He was still wondering how the principal let these girls run around the school with the skirt waistband rolled up to the point that it just covered their ass with about an inch to spare, when Agnes called from the front hall.

“Rach if you want a lift we gotta get going.”

“Coming!” the chestnut haired girl called as she scrambled to collect her things.

“See ya later honey,” his wife called as she went out the door.

“Have a good day ladies” the pastor returned. He filled his coffee cup for the third time and headed for his study.

Rachel gave her guardian a peck on the cheek as she got out of the car. “See ya tonight sweetie” she called as she drove away. The girl paused to watch the car disappear around the corner. She was feeling so conflicted she really didn’t know what to think anymore. Her whole life up until a few days ago she’d been taught to be ashamed of her body. Told she must never touch her private parts. Sinful, sinful, sinful, it was all sinful. Then missus Koch had told her the pleasure was a gift from God.

She couldn’t believe God would make something wrong feel that wonderful. She’d touched her guardian’s private parts and let missus Koch touch hers. She’d even touched the pastor. Then yesterday with Rebecca she been so excited; it was so new and thrilling to be with someone her own age, to be accepted. They’d gotten naked, well almost naked, and played with each other’s bodies, was it wrong? Would she be punished?

Her feelings alternated between guilt and rapture. The morning announcements were all about the football game. It was then that she remembered she had a double science lab this afternoon and her teacher was one of the coaches. She asked around and sure enough the period was going to be turned into a study hall. ‘I’m not hanging around for that’ she decided ‘I’ll just go home instead’

The morning was uneventful but seemed extra long because now the chestnut haired teen knew she was going to leave at lunch time. At her locker she decided not to take any books home for the weekend. It was a pretty long walk and she didn’t want to cart any unnecessary weight. By twelve-thirty she was toting her nearly empty backpack down the street and headed for the Koch’s home; her home. She opened the front door just after one. Her mind was still in turmoil. During her walk she’d gone over, under, around and through everything she knew and everything that had happened but the conflict remained.

‘This is a question of morality and spirituality’ she determined. ‘And who was supposed to provide guidance and advice on such questions; a minister of course. Oh excuse me; I happen to have one right here.’ The thought made her giggle. She would go and state her concerns and confusion to Pastor Koch. ‘What about the incident after my bath the other day?’ she paused to wonder. ‘Well what ever happened and why it happened didn’t matter he was still the pastor.’ Rachel found him right where she expected to, behind his desk in his study. Standing in the doorway she waited to see if he would look up but he didn’t. She cleared her throat to get his attention. “Rachel, you’re home early!” he exclaimed. “Is there anything wrong?”

The teenager skipped over the fact that it was a loaded question. “No; afternoon classes were cancelled on account of the football game so I came home” it wasn’t far from the truth. “Could I speak to you for a moment?”

“Certainly honey, anytime, come on in,” said the spider to the fly.

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