The Importance of Masturbation – Non-Fiction

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Subject: The Importance of Masturbation

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The Importance of Masturbation

“Jilling”,  “Jacking Off”,  “Flogging the Log” … The Importance of Masturbation in One’s Relationship with the Dark Lord.

An article written by me in the past but re-blogged with some editing in response to another question about masturbation as a response to arousal and fantasies. It never ceases to amaze me that the old myths about masturbation causing blindness or is a sin resulting in “instant damnation” continue to be used today as threats to force a person or persons to avoid a perfectly normal sensual response.

I had an interesting online chat with a guy who is dealing with his xian faith and masturbation. He had a conference with his pastor and finally queried the man of God on the topic and was told that  masturbation was a sin, it was better that he “cast his seed in the body of a whore” than “cast it on the ground.” The problem for the guy was he realized as I would have at the time if I had been there (and I’m sure I wouldn’t have because, first of all, I’m and woman and, second, I’m a pastor’s wife) that the pastor was, in truth, advising a “bigger” sin in order to prevent what the young guy considered a “lesser” sin. I don’t know if the xian God weighs sins differently. I suppose you have to decide which theologian’s opinion you want to use because everyone picks out his favorite verse to support their varied opinions. Sins are still sins.

Why did he ask me? Well, he had been referred to me by someone who read my tumblr. Know this,  I am a slut  and not a psychologist nor am I a theologian. I’m not in the business of finding phobias and providing solutions which don’t take into account our natural selves. I don’t see sin behind every tree. Labels applied by doctors in either field  are not my thing. For me, masturbation is a fundamental solution provided to us to be a way we are able work out our sensuality and sexuality as we grow up, mature and endure our life experiences and as a way to deal with stress and arousal. Masturbation is part of who we are.

As a follower of the Dark Lord, I enjoy masturbation and realize that it is a “gift” given so that I may enjoy my imagination’s creations and desires in a way that is acceptable because doing so does not involve anyone other than myself. As I have traveled the left hand path, the Dark Lord has shown me that masturbation is an act which allows me to give serious thought to all things sexual and sensual so that I can work out within myself my true feelings about this or that sexual experience or “depravity” for those that  want to use the word. Of course, everyone may enjoy masturbating without following the Dark Lord or any god at all. However, in my experience, those who do not follow the Dark Lord often see the action as wrong, to be hidden and never talked about. It is that sinful action that lonely women or wives engage in to meet a need which results in a continuing “multitude of sins” which gives rise to continued mental conflict concerning “right and wrong”. The clash with the Ten Commandments (the mental clash) over coveting and adultery and stealing (yes, that slice of cake or cookie you took, the white lie, etc) all create those feelings of guilt and anxiety which never is erased even after much prayer or denial. Those that don’t believe in the The Commandments feel the same way (again my experience) because of peer related and personal morality when it comes to sex and the sensual i.e. sex related equals wicked.

For followers of the Dark Lord, masturbation forms a fundamental for each of us because we can, without all the bullshit grief, enjoy all manner of thoughts and dreams which help us to not only realize our “real selves”.  Masturbation and our minds help us to engage these thoughts in a way that can actually help us to make informed decisions about those decisions we need to make where we want to go for the “real” … that decision to stray, the decision to screw our neighbor, screw our boss … to engage in bisexuality,  you name it. And it’s not just sex. The decisions to “be real” can involve many things that are life changing and some aren’t readily discernible by others, at least at first.

They can include spending time watching porn even to the point of what some call addiction. It includes what we wear, what we drink, the food we eat, the material we read, the places we go, how we really feel on a topic. How to deal with friends who are devout and religious. And we share. What new friends we make. How we see the people and the world around us. How we deal with lust when we see lust is a result of our makeup and not something to be ashamed of. The list is endless.

If you’ve read my articles I trust you have at least started to grasp that following the Dark Lord gives one that truly indescribable freedom to engage your mind openly and freely without fear, like having to close and lock your bedroom door when you were a child and had impure thoughts about your sister, your mom, your dad and your brother or anyone else. What did you do? Masturbate. And masturbation doesn’t take place in a vacuum. You don’t masturbate just to do it. There are always the underlying thoughts and desires that are too often denied or never admitted even to one’s self. We women are good at that. I’ve listened to women talk about masturbation because they missed their husbands who were away in the military or working away from home. At first it was I miss my hubby. Not long after would come the admission she was having fantasies about other men and women and more. And these fantasies come about because of the most mundane matters, listening to a soap opera, watching a chick flick reading a romance novel and hearing gossip about other women who are having their brains boffed out by any number of men. Again, I can go on but I won’t.

Masturbation is a basic and why it is a “sin” I can’t understand. As a pastor’s  wife I understand the “Onan situation” this way. Sex is for procreation not pleasure. Therefore it can be assumed that getting with a whore may at least result in pregnancy. Now think about that. I don’t know if my theological reasoning (whatever that may be) is THE solution as to why. At least it is an informed reason from a conscious reading of the scripture and not some angry assumption by an ass who is angry with the church he doesn’t attend and a god he doesn’t believe in. Who the hell can expect God to get involved in their lives in any way when you don’t believe in him in the first place. Then you bitch because he doesn’t do as you think he should. Don’t expect anything, much less good things, when you don’t believe, seriously believe, in him. Going to church when you don’t believe isn’t weighing in the scales of the almighty at all. That’s what people refuse to understand. God isn’t going to give a damn for unbelievers in the end. So they shouldn’t complain but they do all the time. Let me end this paragraph this way. The Almighty and the Dark Lord have a track record … credibility when it comes to the supernatural. Everyone else and every other group or religion have none. That’s one of the reasons I believe in a very real Dark Lord in my life.

And masturbation, which is an open solution to my addressing my physical desires and dreams, is part and parcel of my existence and should be enjoyed often as one discovers themselves as they mature. Like me, if you are a mom and have children, in my case daughters and especially with daughters who are quite different from men, I am going to  make sure they understand about masturbation and adopt my position as to its practice and do so often. The Dark Lord wants his followers to fulfill their dreams and experience happiness as well as see that as part of their purpose. Personal pleasure is part of our purpose for being.

12 thoughts on “The Importance of Masturbation – Non-Fiction”

  1. Shame?? PRAISE SATAN! FUCK!, I have never felt so at peace with lust in my life and with such UNHOLY desires!! Thank you DARK LORD FOR the perversions every time I see a nice ass of a woman and your pleasures of thoughts.praise the Lord Satan….

  2. So well written
    These are lessons that should be distilled and incorporated into a comprehensive life awareness education for all young boys and girls. Imagine their peace of mind if they were encouraged to accept and enjoy their natural instincts, their craving for all things sexual
    The Dark Lord wants us to be able to seek out and fulfill our desires. Sadly, we are indoctrinated from youth with messages that inhibit our natural impulses. This needs to change. We are doing our youth a great disservice.
    Satan can help us. If you have children, do right by them. Bring Satan into their lives. Praise Him

    1. Lord Satan I want. Unholy. Sex with my brothers and sisters and I want to know how a DICK feels in my ass while I’m eating a girls ass hole while praising my Lord and master

      1. That would be a dream come true. I can feel the pulsing dick in my ass the seed of Satan entering my body mixing with my blood. All while I taste the sweet cunt juices, of the young flesh beneath me.
        Give thanks to our Master for freeing us to live to please him and be our true to our list filled nature.
        Welcome Satan into your life.

        1. Satan is hot and my girlfriend and I crave His sweet cum as we kiss him and his asshole.I was just talking to him on a spirit board about giving us a boy to dress up as the lord God Satan and suck him dry as we worship Satan with sexual deprevity.

  3. I was molested as a child, which turned out to be very good thing as it set me on the path to my Dark Lord. It turned me into a sex addict, which in turn made me a lifelong masturbation addict, which in turn made me a lifelong porn addict, which in turn brought me to Satan as porn is the leading gateway to Him. I love masturbating every day not only because of the obvious physical pleasure it brings me but also because Christians consider it a sin and I am a blasphemy addict as well I in NO WAY advocate child molestation. That is clearly wrong and a serious crime. But for me, it was a blessing. And I thank my Lord Satan every day for causing it to happen AVE SATANAS.

    1. Hail SatanWorshipper — thanks for sharing — sin is pleasure — maybe one day you can share more about your early experiences? XP

  4. I am a male now in my 70’s. My teen years were 1960-1966. I was unfortunately a member of a sexually repressed family. Sex was considered ‘not quite nice’, so whenever I gave into temptation and masturbated there were tremendous feelings of guilt post orgasm. My most memorable event was at 14 being forcibly masturbated by two other boys at a weekend camp at an old army camp when a pillow fight developed into a mini orgy. As I was free of guilt since I was not the instigator, it remains one of my most enjoyable sexual encounters. My big regret was that I didn’t have more sex at that time. If I was a teen in the present timeI would be a terrible little slut. I very much regret the demise of Craig’s List. I think tht’swhy I hate the church so much as it reinforced the guilt that was my Albatross at that time.

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