Feature Writer: Mark Gander /
Feature Title: THE HONEY DEW LIST 3 /
Published: 01.12.2016
Copyright: © 2016 by Mark Gander

Story Codes: MF, FF, MM, Bi, Drug-use, Hypnosis, Paranormal, Incest, BDSM, Anal, Pegging, Pregnancy, Squirting, Voyeurism, WS, Violent /

Synopsis: A little play on words here. Damien Martin is right on the verge of dumping his rather demanding live-in girlfriend Cassidy Lassiter, when she surprises him with a new “honey-do list” that isn’t so bad after all. /

The Honey Dew List

Chapter 3

Supper turned out to be a Middle Eastern beef kebab with plenty of rice, pitas, falafel, and hummus, as well as a very excellent Greek salad (including kalamata olives, yogurt sauce, and feta cheese). Unlike Damien, who was newer to this, Cassidy and Tammy had grown up eating a lot of kebab, shawarma, falafel, and similar foods, because of Maryam’s Syrian origins. Even so, Damien being Damien, he had a fondness for exotic and foreign cuisine that allowed him to embrace this cosmopolitan approach to culinary matters, one of the things made Maryam like him almost instantly. The fact that Maryam and her daughters now cooked in the nude, as did Damien, only added to the sensuality of the moment.

It didn’t take long for Damien and the Lassiter girls to eat until they were stuffed, of course, especially having worked up the appetite through cooking and sex. While they ate, the foursome talked, joked, gossiped, and even brought up work, such as Damien’s job as the youngest and newest editor for an independent newspaper called the Volunteer (it being Tennessee). Maryam told him outright that she always liked that he was a journalist. To her, having seen as a child what a gagged press was like, it was a pretty big deal to show respect for newsmen and she saw them as defenders of objective facts against propaganda and lies.

“Mind you, my schedule is much more regular, more Monday through Friday as an editor than it was as a reporter, I can tell you that, Mom. It’s much better hours for someone raising a family, as we will all be. By the way, I loved that you went back, got your GED, graduated college, and became a pharmacist. That’s pretty cool! Plus, it gives you access to a lot nice perks, such as the potency pills,” Damien assured her, while she began playing footsie with him under the table.

“Yeah, well, there’s more where that came from, I swear! You’re our stud. Gotta keep your stamina high for the ladies, so you can breed us all as you should! Wonder what would happen if you ran for office, right? I can see the scandalized looks on people’s faces if you ran as an open polyamorist. Then again, if Donald Trump can run and win despite making such taboo comments about Ivanka on Howard Stern’s show, I suppose that the silver lining is that no one will really be barred from seeking public office on the basis of sex scandals, will they? I find the man abhorrent, but at least he opened that door rather wide! Anyway, I’m going to love the big, happy family that we’ll have together,” Maryam assured Damien while Cassidy and Tammy each made out with me in turns.

When Cassidy started kissing her own sister on the mouth, slipping her some tongue, Damien knew that the kinky fun was about to resume. That was especially true when Maryam joined in the kisses, and while they were hot and bothered, began to lick her younger daughter’s pussy for the hell of it. While her mother munched on her, Tammy started really eating Cassidy out, showing Damien that she had no compunctions about incest at all. It was soon an oral daisy chain, with Damien sampling Maryam’s twat while she ate Tammy, who licked Cassidy good until she was about to scream her lungs out.

For Damien, tasting Maryam was a very sweet thing, but so was licking Tammy when they swapped places, and then Cassidy in turn. He made sure to eat more than just their slits, of course. He went after their asses as well, loving the sweet flavors of their bottoms as well as their cunts. There was something about getting to lick that olive skin, that sleek, swarthy flesh, which really turned him on, of course. That didn’t even count the fact that he genuinely enjoyed the taste of them, as they did of him while licking and sucking his cock and his ass.

“Oh, God, you’re so yummy!” Cassidy told Damien as she pushed him to the kitchen floor and started impaling herself on his dick.

“You’re not so bad yourself,” Damien did a Groucho Marx impression while she rode him, making her laugh a bit more.

“I’d agree with that,” Tammy said, planting her pussy on Damien’s face, so he could taste her while her sister used him cowgirl-style … she also began making out with Cassidy while they shared their man.

Judging from the way that Damien went to town on Tammy while Cassidy took him deep inside her twat, the sisters had chosen well in terms of bringing him pleasure. Tammy started moaning with her climax, while Cassidy began whimpering, sighing, grunting, and even cussing in response to the delights of having her man inside her cunt. Maryam, for her part, brought out a camcorder and started filming the threesome between her own daughters and their guy.

It wasn’t too long before she was so excited that she rested the recorder on a tripod and decided to join the action, mostly by sucking his balls while her daughters enjoyed his tongue and his dick. She had to admit to herself that the appeal of sucking his balls was in the submissiveness of the act, plus the idea of surprising him with the extra sensation, but it didn’t hurt that his balls were cleaner thanks to the shower. She also decided to see if he would be opposed to her shaving his balls or finding another way to remove the hair, which would make them even cleaner and allow her to enhance of the pleasure for him.

Of course, the extra stimulation from having his balls licked and sucked only made it tougher for Damien to hold off on his release, while awareness that they were being taped added to the excitement for the ladies. Pretty soon, they were frantic in their use of their lover, their hips moving in ways that were unmistakable, especially after Damien let his tongue slide over to Tammy’s ass for a bit of rimming that pushed her over the edge.

First Tammy let out a very loud moan as she finally came in a massive orgasm, and then she rose to let her mother take her spot. When she started licking Maryam’s tush while Damien ate her twat, Maryam lost all self-control and creamed herself on Damien’s face. She rose and watched as Cassidy had her own moment of rapture, scant seconds before Damien erupted into her pussy at last. Cassidy wobbled to her feet, even as her mother began sucking Damien’s dick clean of her juices and Tammy went down on her to taste his seed from her sister’s snatch.

“You know, I really like being taped. What about you guys? Want to start making our own series of amateur porn flicks? Stephanie knows the business. She might even give us pointers,” Cassidy suggested, while Damien fondled her ass.

“Works for me. If you want to keep taping, though, it’s time to pound somebody over the kitchen counter. Wouldn’t you agree? Who wants to volunteer?” Damien proposed.

“That would be me,” Maryam offered herself, bending over the counter to offer him a chance to hit it from the back.

“Here’s a pill, stud,” Tammy gave him another blue pill, as enough time had elapsed by now, and she wanted her future brother-in-law to do her mother justice.

“Wow, this is incredibly hot, isn’t it? Our man, doing our mother like that. That’s super fucking sexy! See, our man just isn’t cut out for monogamy. He never was and he never will be. He’s made to bring pleasure to many,” Cassidy told her sister, who nodded while fondling her ass.

“You know, Sis, the more you talk like that, the more you turn me on, too. Damien’s hot, but so are you … and so is Mom. Just look at how much she puts her back into the sex. She fucks him back every fucking bit as hard as he fucks her. Thank you for wizing up and treating us to your man … making him OUR man, as you said. I love our little incestuous family. It’s a beautiful thing. One man and three women, just for a start.

“Oh, God, Mom’s really getting the pipe laid this time, isn’t she? I still think that it’s sexy that Mom’s a Muslim girl doing things forbidden in Islam like that. It only adds to the taboo fun. Mind you, a proper Muslim girl wouldn’t have married a Christian, even a lapsed Methodist like Dad. I’m glad that she did, though. We wouldn’t be here if she hadn’t and Dad was such a great guy. Then again, so is Damien. I’m so glad that he is going to marry you and fuck all three of us, plus his own sister, our cousin, Vera, and Umberto. Is Umberto really an Italian?” Tammy asked her sister.

“Yep, well, he has American cousins, the Pezzos, but, yes, he’s Italian all the way. The Pezzo family are also related to Uncle Payne’s old business partner/boss, Adam Slater, of course. Frank Pezzo is head of that family and rumor has it, he invited Umberto over and acted as his sponsor with ICE. Did you know that his wife’s Australian? Becky Pezzo. Very cute woman, from what I’ve heard. In any case, he’s all kinds of sexy. Too bad that he doesn’t swing both ways, but, we ladies can still lust for him from a distance, maybe even do things to Damien while he buggers Umberto, things to make it even hotter,” Cassidy told her sister, even as she returned the favor by caressing Tammy’s bottom in turn.

“Sis, you really like my ass as much as I like yours, don’t you? And we both like Mom’s, I think. I believe that she likes ours as well. But the best thing is knowing that Damien loves our butts as much as he does … almost as much as he loves us. It’s going to be great, living together, sharing Damien, serving him, pleasing him, etc. I’ve got all kinds of ideas for Christmas, for example. I can easily picture him dressed as Santa, while each of us get to sit on Santa’s lap,” Tammy answered, making Cassidy snicker and nod with delight.

Meanwhile, Damien was really giving it good to Maryam, making his future mother-in-law see once more just what Cassidy had been unable to resist. For his part, he could definitely see the genetic connection between Mrs. Lassiter and her daughters. She was every bit as kinky deep down as Cassidy and Tammy, though it had been buried in her past. She certainly wasn’t a “good Muslim girl,” and didn’t even pretend to be, at least not these days. She had left that behind along with her hijab a long time back. She had found that “being bad” was a lot more fun, especially as she was pronged by Damien and his thick cock.

It wasn’t too long before Damien bottomed out inside Maryam, while the camcorder captured the whole scene, including her moans and sighs of ecstasy as she took him balls deep in her pussy. She gave it several more strokes with her splendid hips, while her future son-in-law pounded her harder than ever, finally unable to stop herself from creaming all over again. She also screamed in Arabic as she felt his glorious cock hit the right places from behind. The sound was captured perfectly on tape, too, as was the pulsation as he pumped her full of spunk and the sight of his jizz as it leaked down her swarthy thighs.

“Oh, God, Mama! You’re a sex goddess!” Cassidy told her mother with a kiss to her bottom as she knelt and began licking the cum off her legs.

“Yes, can’t let you get up until we’ve cleaned you up, Mommy!” Tammy said as she joined her sister on her knees and began her end of the oral cleanup, clearly designed to make Maryam squirm.

Before Damien could relax too much, both ladies rose, kissed their mother on the lips with a good amount of tongue, and then knelt to suck and lick his freshly used dick. When their mother saw that, she turned the camcorder around and began filming herself as she fed her tits to their man, letting Damien taste her erect nipples. She alternated between that and sucking face with him, just so that he knew how much she desired to be his … and to share him with her daughters.

“Don’t forget … Tammy’s next,” she told him, while said daughter and her sister continued to blow him.

“Oh, I could never forget Tammy, girls. Or any of you, for that matter,” Damien told them with a wink, “Thank you for welcoming me into your family with open arms.”

“Don’t you mean, ‘open thighs, ‘ dear?” Tammy said as she now planted herself on her sister’s fiance’s lap to take him inside her twat.

“Honey, you’re not just part of the family. You’re the boss, the head of the family, in case you forgot. We haven’t forgotten, that’s for sure. Oh, God, my baby sister’s really riding you good, isn’t she, in that chair? Here, let me rim her while she does that,” Cassidy parted Tammy’s cheeks to lick her butt-crack again.

“Oh, God, yes … I’m going to get all of that man-meat inside me, Sis, but your tongue feels really good back there, too!” Tammy exclaimed, while her mother kept making out with Damien and feeding him her tits.

“Wow, you girls really prove that the family that plays together stays together!” Damien joked between licks of Maryam’s bosom.

“Well, as Cicero once said, ‘Incest is the game that the whole family can play.’ Unlike Cicero, though, I don’t mind playing it at all. I intend to keep playing this game for many years to cum,” Cassidy declared, before she resumed lovingly licking her sister’s butt.

As for Damien, he soon couldn’t say too much, not with his mouth full of nipples and his cock buried deep inside the youngest Lassiter lady. For Tammy’s part, she kissed his neck and chest while riding him, proving once again how much she adored her future brother-in-law, her lover. She was very much in love with him and she knew that her mother and sister were as well. They all worshiped Damien and she always did … from the first day that Cassidy had introduced him to them. To have him inside her again was the reward for her loyal and loving ways toward him, her determination to please and seduce her sister’s boyfriend. She had wanted him for so long and her sweet sister had obliged her. She had proven that blood really was thicker than water.


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