Feature Writer: amandablonde

Feature Title: The Good Wife

Published: 01.11.2020 / RAVISHU FORUMS

Story Codes: Rape fantasy

Synopsis: The family that rapes together stays together

Disclaimer: The characters and events depicted in this work are fictional. The author does not condone or promote any unlawful activity such as is depicted in the story. By continuing to read this work you acknowledge that you are an adult who wishes to read works of fantasy and fiction for the purpose only of fantasy.

The Good Wife

Amanda and Todd were the perfect couple. They had met at law school and immediately there were fireworks. Amanda loved to be dominated in bed and Todd loved to dominate so they were a perfect match. They fucked like rabbits, and Amanda was up for anything Todd wanted to do, or so it seemed. They did anal and every pussy position they could manage. Amanda loved being fucked from behind, her ass raised and her legs splayed, with her face pushed down hard into the bed. Amanda never wanted to be treated gently by Todd.

She always told him, “Do not protect me. Give it to me hard!”

Amanda also gave the best head that Todd had ever had. She worshiped his cock, sucked like a vacuum cleaner and drank down ever drop of his cum.

“I love the taste and it just slips down,” she would say with a smile.

They married and bought a house. Todd developed a successful criminal defense practice and Amanda worked for the city administration. They were comfortably off.

All that the couple lacked was children. Amanda wanted a son and Todd wanted a daughter. They tried and tried, and even went through years of IVF but nothing came of it. It was a major sadness in their life. By the time they were in their forties they had given up. Amanda and Todd looked after themselves and still made an attractive couple. Amanda in particular still looked stunning with her long blonde tresses and her model figure. Having no kids at least kept her figure perfect and her pussy tight.

But over time their sex life waned. There was only so many positions they could try. Todd wanted to spice up their sex life with porn, and Amanda went along with it. Todd brought more and more porn movies home and they would watch them in in bed. Todd would fuck Amanda doggy style while they both watched the movies.

Amanda would say, “I love it when you fuck me from behind while I am watching porn.”

The porn was mainstream and in the end that proved to be the problem. Todd brought home more extreme material. Amanda began to be challenged emotionally by what she was seeing. Things came to a head, as it were one night when Todd brought home a child porn movie that he had been given by a grateful client he had successfully defended. Todd was clearly enjoying the movie but when Amanda saw the image of a preteen girl being led naked on her hands and knees, a dog collar around her neck and a chain in the hands of a statuesque woman, Amanda began to freeze. She imagined the child she and Todd had been unable to have. As the woman led the child to a man sitting naked on a chair, stroking his cock, Amanda cried out: “No, oh God no Todd, turn it off.”

Todd was disappointed. He turned off the movie and put it away. Nothing further was said. They went to bed and lay silently, back to back, not sleeping for a long time.

Their sex life tapered off after that. Todd began going on business trips to the Philippines and Thailand. Sometimes he made trips to Africa and Central America. He began to work later and work. At home he worked later and later in his den. Sometimes he would get up at night and go quietly down to his den where he would stay for hours. Amanda was saddened by this. She was losing the husband that she loved so dearly. Amanda reflected on how things had come to this pass. How could she win him back?

Amanda realized that the rot had set in when Todd had brought home that movie and she had made him turn it off. Amanda came to the realization that that kind of material had become important to Todd and if she wanted him back she was going to have to embrace his wants and needs. Amanda suspected that the very successful sex crimes defense practice that Todd had developed had introduced him to some very extreme material and that this had become the barrier between them. Todd had locked her out after she had rejected that material and now Amanda needed to unlock that door.

Amanda decided to act the night Todd slipped out of bed around 1 am and tiptoed out of the bedroom. Amanda knew that he was headed for his den to watch one of those movies. She waited twenty minutes and then slipped out of bed herself and walked silently down to Todd’s den.

The door was ajar and, opening it a little, Amanda could see Todd sitting naked in front of his computer. His back was to the door. He was wearing headphones but Amanda could see images of a child being savagely gang raped by around six men. Even more shocking was that behind the men stood several women urging the men on and holding the child down while she was being raped.

Amanda watched for several minutes. She refused to look away. She wanted to understand what excited Todd and she fought back her revulsion. Perhaps she could learn to enjoy this material as well she thought to herself. Amanda slipped out of her nightdress and began to masturbate as she watched. She was determined to win back her husband’s affections and she had decided to train herself to orgasm while watching it.

With one hand she caressed her breasts and with the other she rubbed her clitoris. Soon her hips began to move in an erotic motion. Amanda pictured in her mind herself holding down that child as Todd raped her. That helped. Amanda’s arousal began to grow. She stared at the screen, imprinting the images in her mind; forcing herself to enjoy them. Amanda knew that if she could teach herself to gain pleasure from this material that she could breach the gap with Todd.

Silently she worked on her body. Her arousal built and built. She could see that Todd was edging; keeping himself just below climax to prolong his pleasure. Amanda imagined Todd ejaculating over the child as Amanda held down her shoulders, shouting encouragement to her husband. That did it. Amanda bucked as her orgasm swept over her in a wave of delicious pleasure. Amanda was breathing heavily. Todd was still staring at the screen. He had not seen her.

Amanda tiptoed up behind her husband and removed the headphones. Todd started and then froze. His face went white. Amanda was quick to reassure him. She put her arms around his neck and whispered in his hear.

“Sssssh my darling it’s alright, it’s OK. I understand. I am not angry. I just want to have you one hundred percent. I don’t want you hiding from me.”

“But you hate this stuff?”

“I was wrong my darling. I know I was wrong. Whatever you like I like. Whatever you want I want. Whatever turns you on will turn me on as well, I promise!”


“Really. Now unplug those headphones so I can listen as well as watch with you.”

Todd was excited. He pulled out the headphones and immediately the child’s screams filled the room. An obese man was grunting as he rammed his cock hard into her. The men and women gathered around were talking animatedly. Two women held the child down while the fat man raped her. The rest were encouraging him to rape the child harder and more brutally. Todd explained to Amanda that this was a live event, webcast on the darknet.

Amanda watched, now fascinated. She sat down next to Todd and began caressing his cock as they watched. In return he began to probe her pussy with a finger. Amanda leaned into her husband, laying her head on his shoulder as they masturbated each other slowly, lovingly and tenderly. “I love you Todd” whispered Amanda. “I love you too my darling” responded Todd. Together as they both watched the gang rape of the child Amanda and Todd edged each other for a long time.

They brought each other to the edge of orgasm and then allowed their lust to subside, only to slowly raise it up again. After the girl on screen was raped unconscious Todd went to the menu of the site and he and Amanda selected a new girl to be raped. Todd gave instructions who he wanted to see rape the girl and returned to the main screen. In moments the girl he and Amanda had selected was dragged into an empty room in a warehouse somewhere.

One man and one woman dragged the child to the center of the room. Todd activated the web cam on his computer so that the couple could see and hear him and Amanda. This was to be a virtual rape directed by Todd and Amanda. Amanda was genuinely excited now and gave Todd’s cock a squeeze. Amanda told the couple that she wanted to see the woman lay on the concrete floor with the child on her belly. Then she wanted the woman to guide the man’s cock into the child’s cunt and hold her as the man raped her. Todd smiled. Amanda was hooked on this experience.

Todd and Amanda were breathless with excitement as they watched the couple carry out their instructions. Todd knew that this service was fiendishly expensive but he was wealthy and could afford it. The child was screaming as the man ploughed savagely into her and the woman held her on her belly, arching up her hips to force the child’s cunt more deeply onto her rapist’s cock. Amanda’s chest rose and fell quickly as she watched, her heart beating furiously as her lust rose. Todd began to masturbate her more strongly now, frigging her pussy and clit furiously. Todd wanted to make Amanda cum as she watched this rape, a rape choreographed just for them.

Amanda was moving her hips now, and murmuring … “YYYEEEESSSS, oh fuck YEEEEESSSSS!”

Then as she came Amanda shouted into the mike for the benefit of the raping couple.

“Give it to her! Give it to her harder! Tear the bitch open!!!”

Amanda shuddered then as the wave of pleasure swept over her. Never in her life had she cum so hard.

When the rape was done Amanda whispered to Todd that he should select a scene that he most wanted to see.

“Dont tell me,” said Amanda, “Choose something really nasty, something that you think I still could not face. Then blindfold me. I want to suck you off as you watch the most depraved and violent child rape you can imagine.”

Todd keyed in instructions on his computer and tied a blindfold on Amanda. For good measure he put ear plugs in her ears. Amanda slipped down under the desk and knelt between Todd’s legs. She began to worship his cock with her hands and lips, running her tongue around the head and along the shaft. When the rape began Todd tapped the back of Amanda’s head.

She immediately took his cock into her mouth and began to suck him, her cheeks hollowing and her tongue lashing its full length. As the rape reached its climax Todd put his hands on the back of Amanda’s head, forcing her head deeper onto his shaft. Amanda deep-throated him then, continuing to suck until he came, shooting spurt after spurt of warm sticky cum deep down into her throat and down into her stomach.

It took some time for their excitement to subside. Amanda continued to suck on Todd’s cock until it softened and then emerged from under the desk. Todd kissed her passionately. He had turned off the computer. Now he picked up Amanda in his arms and carried her upstairs to the bedroom. They pleasured each other for the rest of the night. In between the sex Amanda asked Todd to install a smart tv in their bedroom so that they could live stream the rapes each night and watch in bed. Amanda was thinking ahead. She had her husband back now and she wanted to keep their relationship vibrant and dynamic. The dark web would keep him satisfied for now but Amanda knew that sooner or later Todd would want the real thing. Todd would want to rape a girl for real with Amanda’s help. This time Amanda was determined to be there for Todd. She wanted to be his true partner in crime.

After all, thought Amanda, the family that rapes together stays together!


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    1. Hail G Nic — fuck yer — but where to look? I think there’s about two dozen of us that want one

  1. Mmmmm love this one a lot xp, must get more of these to stroke to, husband’s and wife’s into to pedophilia and beastiality are the hottest stories to read, it’s so taboo and perverse I wish we could have heard about the rape he picked while she sucked satanic juice from him hard wet cock, mmmmm

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