Feature Writer: mypenname3000

Feature Title: THE DEVIL’S PACT 8.4

Published: 22.02.22

Story Codes: Demonic

Synopsis: Sister Louise is closing in on Mark and Mary

The Devil’s Pact 8.4

Chapter Four

Operator: FBI tip line. What is your name sir?

T. Willard: Theodore Willard. I robbed my bank today.

O: Did you say you robbed a bank?

T.W.: Yeah. I’m the branch manager at American Bank in Parkland, Washington. And I robbed my bank. I gave all the money in my vault to Mark Glassner.

— Transcript of the FBI National Tip Line, June 10th, 2013

Mark Glassner — South Hill, WA

I robbed two more banks, another American Bank and a Manhattan-Credit. I figured if I was going to rob banks, I would hit only the national banks and spare the local credit unions. I filled up all the duffel bags with cash, barely having room between the trunk and the back seat. I also enjoyed two more bank tellers: a feisty Latina woman and a very busty blonde who gave me an amazing titty fuck.

Violet needed clothes, so I swung by the South Hill Mall on the way back. “There’s a lot of money in here,” Violet whispered, staring in the backseat.

A paranoid fear shot through me. Stealing all that money was hard work, and I just knew if I left the car unattended, it would get broken into.

“Hey, you guy,” I ordered to a group of young men hanging out, smoking cigarettes.

“What you want?” one asked with a sneer.

“Watch my car and defend it with your lives.”

“Sure, man,” he shrugged.

Violet smiled.

“You can do anything, can’t you, Master?”

“Anything,” I nodded. “I could make you walk naked through here.”

Her cheeks colored.

“Do you want me to get naked. I will, Master.”

As fun as that would be, it would mean stopping every five seconds to give instructions.

“Not today.”

We entered the mall, striding through the crowded shops. In a few minutes, we reached Goth Topic. Lillian was working the register, looking just as hot and sexy as she had last week. My cock stirred with the memory of fucking her behind the register.

“You’re back,” Lillian said, beaming, “I could use some more training!”

I laughed.

“I bet you could use a refresher.”

Today, Lillian was dressed in a black, transparent dress decorated in white flowers. Underneath, she wore a black slip that was quite visible through the dress. Black, thigh-high, heeled boots added spice to her outfit. The black lipstick and eyeliner contrasted with her pale face and gold rings that glinted in her lips and eyebrows.

“Violet, go get some slutty clothes. Whatever you want,” I told her, “I’m going to be training Lillian.”

“Oh, yes,” Lillian shivered, her eyes sparkling with lust, “I’ve been thinking about my training all week!”

When I lifted her skirt, Lillian wasn’t wearing any panties.

“I need to be ready to be trained,” she giggled, flashing me a coy look over her shoulder.

“I’m glad I left an impression.”

Her cunt was wet and tight when I slipped up inside her and I fucked her hard.

“Oh, yes,” she moaned, pushing back, “Train me hard.”

“Like this?” I thrust deep into her, pushing her against the register, “I’m going to pound your cunt.”

“Oh, fuck!” she moaned, trying to stifle her gasps as her pussy squeezed tight about me, “People are going to notice.”

“Isn’t that hot?”

“So hot!” she moaned.

I really fucked her pussy, slamming deep into her. I wasn’t trying to be careful and unobtrusive like last time. I wanted people to know Lillian was getting the fucking of her life. I reached around and pawed her breast through her dress and slip, pinching her hard nipple through the fabric.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she gasped.

People passing outside Goth Topic noticed. I grinned at them, squeezing Lillian’s tit and making sure the salesgirl squealed like the whore she was. Her pussy gripped me tight, my cock tingling with pleasure as I violated her tight cunt.

It wasn’t long before Mall Security showed up along with a Puyallup Police Officer.

“Sir, get away from the girl and stand against the wall,” the cop yelled.

I gave them the standard orders, and they left me to fuck this goth angel in peace.

“Oh, fuck, you are as powerful as they say,” moaned Lillian. “Oh, yes! God, that’s hot!”

Her pussy convulsed about my cock as the cop walked away. I savored her rippling pussy, reveling in my power.

When a customer walked in, I would tell them just to shop. I enjoyed watching Lillian trying to ring them up as I fucked her hard. She gasped and trembled, her body quivering with orgasms as she reveled in being watched.

Her fourth customer was a cute, punk-rocker girl buying a pair of black thongs. She wore a black T-shirt with skull-and-crossbones printed all over, and a pair of tight, stonewashed jeans, artfully ripped to show off her pale, inner thighs. Her black hair was spiked up into a mohawk, the tips dyed red.

The punk-rocker smiled as she watched us fuck, her nipples were clearly hard through her shirt. My balls tightened. I groaned, my cum about to boil out. I ripped my cock out of Lillian’s cunt and shot my load across the counter. My spunk landed on the punk-rocker girl’s black T-shirt, molding the fabric to her breasts as it trickled down her body.

“Fuck!” she exclaimed in surprise, fingering a glob of cum over her nipple.

“Your customer’s dirty,” I told Lillian.

That was all the prompting she needed. Lilian bent over the counter and licked my cum off the punk-rocker’s t-shirt. The woman’s nipples hardened beneath the cotton of her shirt. Lillian pulled the girls t-shirt up, revealing a pair of small, pale breasts with hard nipples pierced by silver rings. Lillian’s lips found a nipple and sucked.

My cock stirred.

“That’s it, slut,” I laughed and buried my cock back into Lillian’s cunt.

Lillian unsnapped the punk-rocker’s jeans, snaked a hand inside, and fingered her.

“Oh, god, this is nasty!” the punk-rocker moaned, “I love it.”

The punk-rocker girl panted, writhing on Lillian’s fingers while I fucked the goth slut hard from behind. A group of college-aged boys had gathered outside the entrance to Goth Topic, filming us fucking with their smart phones. Lillian noticed too, and her cunt convulsed about my cock as she came.

“Finger my twat, whore!” The punk-rocker cursed, “Oh, fuck! I’m gonna cum! Shit!”

Her head tossed back as she came, writhing her hips on Lillian’s fingers. Lillian’s pussy milked my cock, convulsing about it as the goth slut came. My cock ached, my body tensed, and then my cum erupted into her pussy.

“Wow, that was so fun,” the punk-rocker cooed, “I’m Zelda,” she said, and bent down and kissed Lillian, “When do you get off?”

“Five,” Lillian said, licking her lips.

“Then I’ll see you at five,” Zelda purred, “I would love to return the favor.”

Lillian grinned. “I’d love that.”

Zelda pulled on her cum stained shirt and sauntered out of the Goth Topic to the applause of a bunch of horny men. She blew them kisses, and sauntered off. I slid my cock out of Lillian’s cunt and found her asshole.

“Fuck my ass,” she moaned, pushing back. “I love it up there!”

“What a slut you are,” I laughed, my lubed cock sliding into her asshole, “Lillian, you’re going to be my sex slave. And you will be my fiancee, Mary’s, sex slave as well.”

“Oh, that’s sounds fucking awesome,” Lillian panted as I reamed her ass.

I pounded her hard as another wave of customers walked in and watched us fuck. I smiled at a cute woman in the crowd, her cheeks blushing red.

My cum erupted into Lillian’s ass.

“When you fuck Zelda, film it with your phone. When you’re finished, go to this address,” I told her, writing my new address on a piece of paper.

“Yes, sir,” Lillian purred.

Mary would love the slut.


Sister Louise Afra

I waited in the living room of the Fitzsimmons house for the Warlock Mark to return home, my stomach tied in nervous knots.

I had five of his Thralls under my power, immune from his commands.

After imprinting the redheaded Fiona in the changing room of Navy Republic, it was simple to get the other two. Fiona lured Xiu into the changing room, and we easily held the Asian girl as we molested her. Unlike Fiona, Xiu did not fight. From the moment we grabbed her, Xiu was excited. Apparently, the girl really liked to be dominated and hurt, and she came quickly as Fiona pulled painfully hard on her nipple piercings.

That left only Korina. But with Desiree, Fiona, and Xiu imprinted, we easily overpowered her in the ladies room. Now I had all but two of Mark’s thralls imprinted and immune to his power. God had answered my prayers. I ordered the woman to return to the Fitzsimmons home, and followed them in my borrowed car. I gathered all the Thralls I had imprinted in the living room–Alison, Desiree, Xiu, Fiona, and Korina–and I told them the plan.

Alison was at the entrance to living room off the short hallway that led to the front door, while the other four ladies were spread about the living room, Desiree clutched a baseball bat and Korina a rolling pin. I clutched my furry handcuffs in sweaty hands. When Mark came through the door, we would be ready. Alison would grab Violet, and the rest of us would beat and wrestle Mark to the ground.

Then I would exorcise him and free these poor women from his lusts.

A car pulled into the driveway.

“It’s time, ladies,” I said, standing up.

I crossed myself, my heart hammering in my chest. Please, Lord, let your servant free these women from evil.


Mary Sullivan

I pulled my Eos into the driveway, excited to be home. This afternoon had turned out to be far more pleasant than I had planned. Alice and I had made love twice more after we talked. The second time was sweet and loving. I was comforting my friend as she dealt with the problems of her marriage. She seemed a lot happier after I gave her a few more orgasms.

As we lay in the mused sheets, I told her about my plan for the abandon housing development behind the Fitzsimmons house. “I’ll get in touch with the owner and make an offer,” she said, her voice skeptical.

“You don’t believe Mark has the money?”

“This is the same Mark wanted by the FBI,” she pointed out, a worried look crossing her face, “I just hope you’re not caught up in the crossfire.”

“It’s a misunderstanding,” I told her again, “You know I wouldn’t be mixed up in anything like that.”

Alice flushed, her hand toying with my breast. “No. You wouldn’t. But…”

“Please, Alice. Trust me.”

“I will,” she sighed, then kissed me again.

After I dropped her off at her office, I sped home.

I couldn’t wait to tell Mark about Alice. Preferably while in bed, him on top, and his hard cock filling my pussy up so deliciously. I grew wet just thinking about it and squirmed as I exited the freeway. Traffic was terrible as everyone headed home. My poor pussy was on fire the entire time.

Finally, I reached our new home. I pulled my Eos into the driveway–I didn’t have a garage door opener yet–and climbed out of the car. One of the sluts could pull my car into the garage.

I didn’t see Mark’s Mustang so I pulled out my phone and sent him a text.

“Hun, just got home. Meeting with Alice went well, tell ya all the juicy details later! 🙂 When will you be home? Love, your naughty filly! XOXO”

As I walked up to the front door my phone buzzed. It was a text back from Mark.

“Home in five. Mare. Love, your randy stallion!” it simply said.

I couldn’t wait to get Mark in bed and tell him all about the fun I had with Alice. I put my phone back into my purse as I walked up to the front door. I was so happy, I hummed and shook my hips. I grabbed the door and walked in.


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