Feature Writer: JoeDreamer
Feature Title: The Devil Buys My Soul


The Devil Buys My Soul


“Wow!” My head was spinning in reaction to the kiss.

“Oh my,” Sandy said with a smile as she stepped back.

“That was better than I remember.”

“I still can’t believe it,” I said with a shake of my head. Sandy’s smile turned into a laugh.

“Me neither,” she said, leaning forward and hugging me.

This was beyond my wildest imagination. My friend Ted insisted that I go to our high school reunion, but I figured it would be a waste of time. Actually, I was certain that it would be worse than a waste of time because I was recently divorced, currently unemployed and quite a bit heavier than I was back in high school. I might as well have put a big loser sign on my back.

Ted thought it was funny when I told him so. His reply was typical Ted.

“What are you bitching about? At least you still have your hair!”

That was Ted. He was the most carefree person I ever met. It was one of the reasons why I called him first when I moved back home from the west coast. I needed to get beyond the depression of the last few months. Of course, I didn’t expect that he would drag me to my high school reunion the first weekend home.

“What are you thinking?” Sandy asked. I looked at her and smiled.

“Just that I owe Ted a big one for convincing me to come tonight,” I replied. Sandy laughed again. I was mesmerized as I watched her.

Sandy was my high school sweetheart and my first love. We never consummated that love, but we used to do a lot of heavy petting in my father’s car. She was still just as gorgeous as she was the first time I saw her cheering for the football team. I can still remember her expression. It was a bitterly cold day, but she and the other cheerleaders did there best to get the crowd into the game. 

I remembered how she smiled at me when I jogged off of the field. I wasn’t one of the star players. I was just an offensive lineman. There was no way that one of the cheerleader captains would be interested in me. At least that’s what I thought until Sandy came up to me at the victory party that night.

We were inseparable the rest of the year. I couldn’t remember why we went our separate ways after high school. I leaned forward to kiss Sandy once again. She did the same, but we were interrupted before our lips met.

“What are you doing with that loser?”

The voice asking the question was unarguably beautiful, just like the woman it came from, yet the tone was anything but pleasant. Shelly Colbert was the other captain of the cheerleaders back in high school and Sandy’s best friend. She was also one of the most self-absorbed people I ever met. It amazed me that Sandy could be friends with her.

“Nice to see you too, Shelly,” I said, with a false smile. Most men found it hard not to stare at Shelly when in her presence. She was blond, big breasted and as I said earlier, beautiful. It took time for people to realize that her outer beauty hid the real Shelly. I guess it took a whole five minutes for the slower witted ones.

“I see you stopped playing sports after high school,” she sneered as she saw how much weight I gained. “And I love that beautiful florescent green skin tone. Don’t you ever get out into the sun?” 

Shelly received the ‘Biggest Bitch’ award in the unofficial senior awards back at high school. I would have lobbied hard for her, but there was no need. Shelly was in a league all her own. She took it as a complement when the award ‘appeared’ in her locker. She wore the ribbon all day.

“You look well Shelly,” I said with a half smile.

“How is the singing career going?” It was a cruel question. I knew for a fact that it never really took off. The shame of it was that she had the talent. I was certain that it had to be her personality holding her back.

“It’s fine,” she snapped, not doing well at hiding her irritation. I started to grin in satisfaction when I noticed Tyler walking over. My grin turned into a grimace. Tyler was the football quarterback and the star of every sports team he ever played on. He was also Shelly’s boyfriend throughout most of senior year of high school. I always wondered why they never got married. They were perfect for each other. They even looked alike.

“Hey, is it true your wife dumped you?” Tyler asked. Shelly’s smile returned. I wondered how Tyler had heard about my divorce already.

“Fat and divorced. I told you he was a loser,” Shelly said to Sandy. Sandy just stood there. She looked unhappy, but she didn’t defend me.

“Unemployed too,” I replied, watching Sandy as I spoke. I wasn’t even sure why I volunteered the information until Sandy once again didn’t react to the abuse Tyler and Shelly began to heap on me. I sat silently until they were done. It didn’t last very long because I wouldn’t respond.

“Let’s go Sandy,” Shelly finally said.

“Tommy Geskin is looking for you. I promised you’d dance with him.”

Tyler and Shelly turned without another word and left. Shelly didn’t bother to glance back to see if Sandy was following her. She knew already.

“Talk to you later,” Sandy said as she stood.

“What a shame,” I sighed as she turned to follow the others.

“I remember now why we broke up. It was your taste in friends.” Sandy paused a moment. I thought she was going to say something, but she finally dropped her head and followed Shelly without another word to me. There was definitely something odd about her relationship with Shelly. 

I made my way to the bar and ordered a double. I probably should have done something when Shelly and Tyler were laying into me, but it just didn’t seem to matter at the time. This was exactly what I was afraid would happen. I should have known better.

“So, how is it going?” Ted said with a smile as he joined me at the bar.

“About as I expected,” I replied. Ted laughed.

“It can’t be that bad!”

“Oh, yes it can,” I replied. Ted slapped me on the back and changed the subject.

“Have you seen Freddy yet?” he asked. I frowned.


“Yes, Freddy!” Ted said in exasperation.

“You know, the guy who always had the best Halloween parties. He says he still does it! He’s so drunk he’s inviting everyone he meets to his next party.”

“Halloween is six months away,” I said. Ted shrugged and smiled.

“It would be fun to go to a costume party again. It’s been years,” Ted replied before wondering off again. I sighed to myself.

“It would be fun,” a voice said from my other side. I turned and saw Bart Halburg sitting. I caught myself before I sighed. There were almost three hundred people in my graduation class. Why did I keep bumping into the jerks?

“Hello Bart,” I said, hoping he had changed since high school, but I doubted it. He was wearing a very expensive suit and plenty of jewelry. He was filthy rich and a bit of a snob.

“You could go as an Elephant or something,” he said. It was actually more of a slur. Bart was pretty drunk. I felt a strong urge to punch him in the mouth, but instead I downed my drink and left. I could feel my anger growing as I looked for Ted to tell him I was leaving.

Freddy bumped into me quite literally and slurred an invitation. He was probably worse off than Bart. I nodded in thanks and continued looking for Ted. It wasn’t just jerks I was attracting tonight. It was also drunks.

I was surprised at how angry I became. I was mad at everyone and everything, but mostly myself.

“How did I let myself get this way?” I snapped aloud. I got strange looks from a couple of people near me, but I was past them too quickly for them to react further.

Ted was nowhere to be found and I was feeling a desperate need to leave the reunion before I did or said something stupid. I gave up on finding Ted and went to get my coat. There was no one at the desk. I waiting a moment and then angrily walked around the counter to get my own coat.

The room where the coats were stored was l-shaped. I found my jacket easily enough. It was close to the front. I was just turning to leave when I heard moans coming from the back of the room. They were not sounds of pain. Normally, I would have smiled and wished the couple a good time, but I was so angry that I couldn’t.

I assumed the coat check girl was busy with one of her fellow employees or one of my classmates. I rounded the corner angrily, not really sure what I was going to say, but it didn’t matter. It wasn’t the coat check girl. It was Sandy.

She was leaning over a cabinet while Tommy Geskin was slamming into her from behind. She saw me and turned pale. She even started to move, but froze when Shelly yelled at her.

“Stay still!” Shelly snapped.

“I promised Tommy you’d give him a good time. His uncle is a record producer. This might get me the break I need!”

“Besides,” I heard Tyler add.

“I like to watch.”

I forced myself to look away from Sandy. Shelly and Tyler were sitting off to one side. Tyler’s cock was in his hand while Shelly’s hand was down her own pants. I did a double take because Tyler’s cock was huge, but the thought quickly fled as I looked once more at Sandy and Tommy.

“Tommy,” I said coldly.

“Get out now.”

“Mind your business!” Shelly snapped. Tommy took one look at my face and pulled out of Sandy. He left quickly. Sandy started to get up.

“Stay!” Shelly snapped and Sandy did. She remained laying over the cabinet with her bare ass sticking up in the air. I never saw Sandy’s ass before and I didn’t really look now.

“Sandy, I’m leaving. Come with me,” I offered. Sandy shook her head no. I sighed. Shelly saw and grinned.

“Since Tommy’s gone. Why don’t you have a go at her?” she asked me. Shelly knew very well that I wouldn’t take her up on it.

“You are a sick woman!” I growled.

“Yes, I am,” she replied with a shrug, and then smiled cruelly added, “But I’m also Sandy’s master. She does whatever I say.”

“Mind if I have a go at her?” Tyler asked.

“Are you crazy!” Shelly replied.

“The last time you were with a woman you almost killed her! That monster of yours is just too big.”

“I know!” Tyler moaned as he continued to stroke himself.

“But it’s been so long!”

“Sandy, you don’t have to stay with her. I’ll protect you if you come with me now,” I said, almost begging her to leave with me. I was doing my best to ignore Shelly and Tyler, but it wasn’t easy.

“Sandy, crawl over here and give Tyler some oral satisfaction,” Shelly said as she watched me carefully.

“Thank you!” Tyler sighed. I watched as Sandy crawled to him. I wanted desperately to leave, but I couldn’t make my feet move. Sandy started licking Tyler’s cock. Seeing his dick next to her face made its size even more impressive. There was no way she was going to take it all into her mouth, but she used both hands as she pleasured him. It wasn’t long before Tyler cried out and came. He sprayed all over her face, hair and chest. She was covered in his cum, but it didn’t seem to bother her.

“Sandy, why?” I asked. She looked at me, but didn’t answer.

“Answer him!” Shelly snapped, surprising me.

“And make sure you tell him the truth.”

“Because Shelly wants me to,” Sandy said.

“So what?” I snapped. “I love you. I always have! Don’t you care for me?”

“Yes,” she answered, but her tone was controlled.

“I was very sad when you stopped calling me back in high school. I thought you were the one.”

“Then why won’t you leave with me now? We can make this work if we both care enough.”

“I can’t leave Shelly,” she replied, looking at me oddly.

“Why?” I cried.

“Because Shelly is my master,” Sandy said succinctly.

“Following my master’s orders is what my life is all about. Pleasing her pleases me.”

“You mean you like what Shelly makes you do?” I asked in amazement. I stood there listening, but only half believing.

“My own likes or dislikes don’t really matter. If my master is happy, then I am happy.”

“You brainwashed her!” I snapped at Shelly as I realized the truth.

“Something like that,” Shelly smiled evilly.

“Only you can’t deprogram what she’s been through.”

“My God!” I cried in shock.

“Quite the opposite actually,” she laughed. It wasn’t a pleasant sound.

“I could take her from you!” I said angrily.

“Don’t bet on it,” Tyler said as he recovered.

“Tyler, you were a jerk in high school and you’re still a jerk! Don’t let that big dick of yours make you think you could stop me.” 

Tyler stood quickly, stuffed his cock into his pants and buttoned them. His semi-hard dick traveled down one pant leg, almost to his knee. I shook my head and ignored the sight as he replied,

“Why don’t you just try it fat man and we’ll see what happens?” 

I took a step toward him, but was interrupted by Sandy.

“No! Please! I don’t want anyone hurt.” I looked at her in surprise. She met my eyes and continued, “I won’t go with you even if you win. I can’t bare the thought of being away from my master.”

I stood staring into her eyes. I could tell she meant every word she was saying. I was also certain that somewhere deep down, she hated herself because of it. I was lost. I had no idea how to handle the situation. I stood there a moment longer before turning and walking out of the room. I could hear Shelly and Tyler laughing.

I left in a daze and made my way to Ted’s house. I was staying with him for a few days until the apartment I leased was available. I arrived and sat on the couch in the dark.

My life was already threatening to fall apart before the reunion. The abuse I received while I was there was bad enough, but seeing Sandy and losing her to her sick friends all over again was too much. I didn’t even understand half of what Shelly was implying, but none of it sounded good.

I stood and went to the refrigerator for a beer. I drank it quickly and pulled out another. I don’t remember taking it out of the draw, but suddenly I realized that I was holding a very large knife. I shrugged to myself and continued to stare at the blade carefully.

“Thinking about killing yourself?” Ted asked with a smile. I wasn’t sure how he got in the house, but it didn’t matter at the moment.

“Yes!” I snapped, but then shook my head. “Not really.”

“Thinking about killing someone else?”

I frowned as I realized that subconsciously I was thinking about killing someone. It might have been the beer or the rough time of it that I had of late, but I was convinced that Sandy and I were meant to be together. The only thing keeping us apart was her friends. There was something wrong there and although I couldn’t put it into words, my natural instinct was to try and help her. My gut told me that Tyler and especially Shelly were hurting her.

I looked away from the knife and met Ted’s gaze. He was smiling as I replied, “Yes, I was.”

“Need help?” he asked, still smiling.


“I asked if you need any help,” he replied calmly.

“You’re serious,” I said, half to myself. He nodded and I slowly started telling him about what happened in the coat-check room.

“And you want to kill Shelly and Tyler for that?” he asked.

“You don’t seem surprised by any of this,” I replied, ignoring his question.

“I’m not,” he shrugged. There was something in his expression that caused me to pause. I stared for a long time. Slowly his face began to change. There was nothing drastic in the change, but Ted no longer looked like the happy-go-lucky man I thought I knew. I felt a chill deep down. I tried to shake the feeling, but it remained. Ted’s features were a bit frightening, yet they didn’t explain the feeling of dread that washed over me.

“You’re not human,” I said in realization. Ted smiled showing rather large and pointy teeth.

“No, I’m not,” he replied.

“Are you from another planet?” I asked. He laughed.

“Not even close,” he said, and then added, “Maybe this will help.”

As he spoke two horns crept out of his hair and a tail seemed to appear out of nowhere. He looked like any one of a hundred pictures I remember from growing up. My feelings of trepidation grew.

“You’re trying to tell me you’re a devil?” I asked in disbelief. He laughed as the horns and tail disappeared. His face and teeth remained changed.

“The Devil, not a devil,” he replied.

“Bullshit,” I said in disbelief.

“I was the one who gave Tyler that large dick. His equipment was undersized and as soon as he turned eighteen he all but begged me to take his soul in exchange for a large dick.”

“He sold his soul for a bigger dick?” I asked in amazement.

“To each their own,” he said with a shrug.

“And what’s this about eighteen?”

“You can’t sell your soul until you’re of age,” he replied. I couldn’t help myself. I started laughing, almost hysterically.

“Hey, I know it’s silly, but that’s the deal God and I have.”

“You must be kidding! There are plenty of people I know that were well on their way toward hell before their eighteenth birthday,” I said, trying to stop my laughing.

“Of course, but why would I make a deal to get their souls? They are already mine,” he replied. This sobered me and I stopped laughing.

“I only offer deals for those who wouldn’t normally go to hell.”

“Tyler wasn’t already going to hell when he sold his soul to you?” I asked in surprise. I’d known Tyler since we were kids. He was a bully even when he was a child. He didn’t bother me because I was too big, but he did pick on some of the others.

“Oh, come on! He wasn’t that bad growing up,” he replied with a laugh. “I’m not saying he was going to be a saint or anything, but evil enough to go to hell? I don’t think so.”

“Fine, but what about Sandy and Shelly? What do they have to do with you?” I asked despite my disbelief.

“You were actually a lot of help with Shelly back in high school,” he said in reply.


“Yes, you!” he said, laughing again. For someone who was supposed to be pure evil, he laughed an awful lot. Of course, the wash of menace that came with each laugh didn’t make it a particularly contagious sound.

“I barely knew Shelly until after I met Sandy,” I replied.


Exactly,” he smiled. “And when you came into the picture everything changed. Sandy and Shelly were best friends growing up. They slept over each others houses and did the typical exploring that many young people do.”

“They fooled around?” I asked in disbelief. He rolled his eyes.

“Like I said, it’s not that uncommon. It was just kid’s stuff. In fact, even you…” he began, but I cut him off.

“Let’s get back to the point.”

“As you wish,” he replied, but he smiled knowingly.

“I was already close to making a play for Shelly’s soul. She really wanted to be a singer. She jumped at the deal when I offered to throw in a better body and Sandy as her slave.”

“God let you do that?” I asked, and then added in disbelief, “You’re not going to try and convince me that Sandy was one of yours?”

“She wasn’t,” he replied with a shrug.

“And?” I asked. He shrugged again and refused to discuss Sandy any longer. I stood numbly for a few moments until he interrupted my thoughts.

“So how about your soul for the deaths of Tyler and Shelly?”

I had enough. The conversation was interested and it was amazing what he did to his face and teeth, but there was no way he was the Devil. I refused to think about the horns and tail that appeared and then disappeared.

“I don’t know who you are, but I think it’s about time you leave,” I said. He sighed.

“I can prove that I’m the Devil, but you won’t like it very much.”

“Go ahead, prove it,” I replied.

I can’t remember what happened next. I only know it was too horrible for my mind to grasp.

“What happened?” I asked between gasps. I couldn’t remember much other than the fact that I was thoroughly convinced he was who he said he was, the Devil.

“You’ll find out eventually,” he replied cryptically, before changing the subject.

“So, would you be willing to sell your soul for the deaths of Tyler and Shelly?”

“No,” I replied as I had a sudden flash back to my childhood in Catholic school. I saw sister Bethany as she told about the dangers of evil. She always was my favorite teacher.


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