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Feature Title: The demons want to play

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The demons want to play

Do you feel Satan’s lust demons inside you? Isn’t it incredible? You feel power that excites your cock. You will get to know the Demons very well because, they want to play. You can feel them making love to you, healing you of your worries, fears, doubts, and excuses. They control your cock and ass. You might even feel them sucking your cock. Feeling lips sliding up and down your shaft and it feels so fucking incredible like lips gliding along your monstercock.

Fuck it feels so big that Satan would give you such a huge cock. Fuck the Christian that says it’s wrong to use what The supreme being gave you to use, to play with, to pleasure yourself with. It’s not only pleasurable, it’s right to feel lust burning in your heart like the flames that burn bright in the eyes of the Demons that make love to you. They penetrate you. They control you. Your cock is hard. Look at it. So big, so huge. Bigger than you have seen before.

You can’t believe how good it feels. Give thanks to Satan for his gift. He is real. His Demons are real. This is what you are looking for. Sodomizing for Satan, the powerful name that controls the elements, the wind, the rain, the thunder bellows his name, the air whispers his name.

Telling to embrace the dark so you can see the light and be at peace in his glory as you call out to him, “Tasa Reme Laris Satan, Ave Satanas.”

He will answer and fill you with lust in your heart. As you read this, you don’t know what to make of yourself. All you know is to keep looking. Time drifts away and all you think about is the cock Satan gave you. There is nothing better. Even your Christian values are being discarded and left behind. Dead and gone.

You think to yourself, “Hail Satan! Fuck the father of Abraham, Fuck Christ! And fuck the Holy Spirit!”

Take Joy in the power of Satan. He is our father and we are his sons. Awake you children of Satan and receive the mark of the Beast that Satan has placed on you since birth.

He chose you, you did not choose. Your cocks are hard. Your cravings are heavy. Acts of Sodomy are upon you like never before because the Demons Want to play.


Go ye therefore and sodomize your brothers and sisters.

8 thoughts on “The demons want to play – Non-Fiction”

  1. My being a Franciscan Friar and Priest in the Roman Catholic Church of course I believe in Satan and all His Demons. I can’t believe that there are persons that don’t think Satan and all His Demons exist. I have felt my struggles throughout life. I admit I have given in at times to the pleasure Demons give me it is very very real when it happens. Sometimes if I drink a little too much in the evenings they really gang up on me in bed when I try to go to sleep. I’ve been continuing my Priestly Ministry but there has been my opening up to allow the Demons to play with me. I have willingly offered my holes to them especially when I am lonely in bed at night. I’ve been reading stories in this web site littlesally666 they are having an effect on me I feel like I’m right in the stories especially when it involves a Priest. It will be interesting where I journey from here as I am open and to be honest getting addicted to all this Satanic porn and stories of Demons

  2. Sodomy is such a sweet gift from Satan! It feels so good and the act is so pleasing to Father Satan! Hail Satan Hail Sodomy and hail lust!

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